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Pokemon Trivial Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello, everyone! This is my first shot at creating a game, so if you could bare with me...I would deeply appreciate it!

    Okay, the name of the game's Pokemon Trivia or Pokemon Trivial Game. The rules are as follows:

    1. The first person, in this case would be me, asks a Riddle, or a Trivia, question. The next poster answers the question.
    2. The next poster than asks a question and the one after that answers and so on...
    3. This is JUST FOR FUN so it is irrelevant if you get the question right or wrong! :)
    4. You can ask a TRIVIAL question or a RIDDLE ONLY


    Robot 1: What is the Japanese name of Pokemon?
    Robot 2: Pocket Monsters! (Or, for wrong answer) Pocket Dudes! Okay...What type has the most in it?
    Robot 3: Water!
    And so on...

    Let's get crackin'!

    Riddle: I am pink and large, fluffy are my hips, curly are my ears. What Pokemon am I?
  2. Wigglytuff! What pokemon has the highest base HP stat?
  3. Answer was Blissey, but great answer anyway!

    I'm not even gonna answer that, because I have no idea...
  4. So no question? Oh well.
    I may be this, I may be that, but still, I'm not really it. I am not ditto. What pokemon am I?
  5. Keckleon?

    When I am born, I have to come up from the ground. What am I?

    Also, the answer just so happened to be Blissey.
  6. Lol really? XD


    I am one of two. I have a second of me that is totally different than I. I do not have 7 of me. What am I?
  7. Nidoran o->, Nidoran o+, Nidorino, Nidorina, Nidoking, or Nidoqueen? I don't know.

    I will take care of other pokemon. Which pokemon am I?

    @Zoroark: No. The answer is Zoroark, the ILLUSION pokemon, but good try.
  8. Nope, Azurill :p Azurill evolves into Marill, a completely different type. The other is Eevee, who evolves into 7 different, TOTALLY different, types :)

  9. Again no question? Eh, oh well. Yeah chansey. WAIT! You asked two riddles? I was thinking about eevee.
    I evolve from a nearly useless pokemon. You can always have a chance to find me in HG/SS. Who am I?
  10. Sorry, forgot the question. No, I wasn't asking two. I was just trying to eliminate the wrong answer to make it easy.

    Um, Gyarados?


    I am the only one that evolves this way. The only possible way is by block or cake. What am I?
  11. The answer to mine was Larvitar. It's in the pokedex, I think.

    Maybe... Munchlax? I have no clue.

    I am small and I have four legs and are the electric type. What am I?
  12. Nope. It was Feebas.

    Um...Well, can you be specific? There is Minun and Plusle, both small and have legs. Electrike. Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu. They all have four...Ampharos, Mareep, Flaaffy...

    I'm going with Mareep.

    I'm as if I'm a real electronic. I am not of the electric type, however. What am I?
  13. The answer was electrike. Hmm... Metagross?

    I am small, blue, and have one red eye. What am I?
  14. Beldum?

    I am the only starter with a secondary type. Who am I?
  15. @Zoroark: Nope, Loudred. Electronic=Stereo or surround sound


    I have a fierce rival by nature. I like rats by nature. What am I?
  16. Zangoose?

    And pokemonfreak, spot on.

    I am a pokemon that can create voids to another world, and my form changes from world to world. What am I?
  17. What the...? Oh, Giratina!

    I am a fish. I have no arms. But when I grow up, I have more. What am I and what do I evolve into?
  18. Remoraid - Octilery

    ............(Acts like is in a box getting smaller).................
  19. Close. Seviper. And while I was posting, he posted and got the answer. I said a whole bunch of stuff, but each one was wrong -_- T_T

    DARN IT! I was about to answer Giratina, but Kerauno was faster...

    Um @Kerauno: Poliwag>Poliwhirl?

    DARN IT! Everyone is posting faster than me...>_<@Pokefreak

    I am first in line, anytime you flip or slide it open nationally. What am I?
  20. Bulbasaur?

    I have an identity crises. I can look like this one minute, then like something else the next. What am I?
  21. Ditto? And Keruano nailed it.

    My first form is cute, but I am cool. I have also been mixed with The Legend of Zelda. What am I?
  22. Yes!

    @Doubled: Ditto!

    People are posting SO FAST T__T I don't think I'll even post anymore

    @Zoroark: I don't know T_T

    I am slimy and grimy. No one likes me, yet I stay. Lots of bikers have me. What am I?
  23. Grimer or Muk And what about my riddle.
    Yes it's a riddle. What pokemon acts like that or is close to acting like that?
  24. @pokemonfrak, correct! Also, Mr. Mime?

    @Zoroark: Raichu?
    @ Prof. Hibiki: Grimer? Muk?

    I am strong, despite my size. I am enduring, despite my size. If you startle me, you'll be sorry. Who am I?
  25. @Pokefreak: Sorry, Mr. Mime

    @Kerauno and Pokefreak: Grimer

  26. Yes I was a ditto.

    Prof: Grimer!

    PkmFreak: Squirtle?

    Kerauno: Machop?

    I have 1,000 arms that I have shaped things with. What am I?
  27. ARCEUS!

    I am only the third pig pokemon in existance. What am I?
  28. Lol, no. Riolu.

    @Porf. hibiki: POKABUUU! I think...

    No riddle? Okay... What is blue, lives in the sea, can breed, but it's eggs can't evolve?
  29. Manaphy

    I am small and proud. I hate others getting more attention. What am I?
  30. @Doubled: Jigglypuff?
    @Prof. Pokabu?

    @Prof. and Kerauno: Yes, Mr. Mime.
    @Doubled: No Mr. Mime

    I have no name but the others do, who am I?
  31. The rock pokemon from the originally unnamed trio?

    I look like the type that is stong against me. I am not from Generation IV. What am I?
  32. People quit posting so fast! I am so sad...

    @Doubled: Jigglypuff

    @Pokemonfreak: Yes, Pokabu

    I have no idea@pokemonfreak


    I don't know@Zoroark

    ...I am mistaken for something else all the time, something not pokemon. I am a different type than usually thought. What am I?
  33. Pkmfreak and Prof: No. Piplup

    Pkmfreak: unown?

    Prof: Voltorb?

    I am small and cute, but grow up to be big and strong. I die if something happens to my tail.
  34. Charmander!

    I am small and blue and round and have a round tail. What am I?
  35. IDK
    @Everyone: No, that pokemon from the unknown trio.
    I have yet to figure out my evolution. Who am I?
  36. PKMfreak: Eevee?


    I always seem to have a rain cloud over me, and I hate the one whose sun smiles upon.
  37. Kyogre!

    I am blue and have leaves on my head. WHat am I?
  38. Oddish.

    I sleep 18 hours a day, but can warp away.
  39. I don't know
    @pokemonfreak: Abra
    Okay, this is my last post since my internet is apparently slower and I can't get ONE FREAKING comment out.

    I am the most beautiful pokemon in existence. I have marvelous scales that shimmer. What am I?
  40. @Doubled: Abra!
    @Prof: Ho-oh?
    @Doubled: No Tsutarja.
    I am the heaviest pokemon.
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