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Ask to Join Pokemon:Lux et Tenebrae Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by DragonSam98, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Thanks! What is the quickest way of travel from Cannonport to the capital?
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  2. From Cannonport? By boat. The boat would head through a waterway and let off at a station near the square.
  3. Before we get to far into the RP, I want to remind everyone that Pokemon can speak to other pokemon. Their dialogue should be italic, and that humans cannot understand pokespeak, but can guess from body language and tone. :)
  4. @DragonSam98, What about psychic types, using psychic to speak with their trainer outside of challenges? Just a thought, but if not then I will forget that I mentioned it. Also I am surprised that no one mentioned Storm playing music at the fountain.
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I'm on a boat so...
    Is it fine that Barnard can lead Stacy through streets while she's reading? I think it's something the two do often.
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  6. Sorry forgot the italics thing and a punk Rock drummer wouldn't be interested in that music
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  7. @EmoKitty21 Psychic types can if they know how. Same with humans with a lot of practice. I don't think it should be super common though. Also, I'm sure someone will. :)

    @ThePlayfulFox That should be fine. :)
  8. @DragonSam98, thank you for letting me know that. Aura has been with Storm for a very long time, and their bond is very strong compared to that of trainer who just caught that pokemon. I was thinking that they would have a connection to where they can speak to one another, but only to one another.

    @Hecotoro, Storm has actually recorded a few songs, a few of them are in the rock genre, so it is likely that he might recognize the music if anything. It is more of the acoustic version, but it would still be considered rock.
  9. @EmoKitty21 That should be fine. Lauren might recognize it, but cleaning coffee off of her clothes comes first.

    @Hecotoro No worries!
  10. @EmoKitty21 not with a Punk sorry, they go against anything that isn't their style.
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  11. For those of you that haven't RPd with me before (which is only one of you, IIRC), this is how I usually format dialogue.

    "Human speech"
    (mainly for Psychic-types, I don't have any telepathic human chars)

    Is this OK?
  12. That should be fine. :)
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  13. Got it! ^>^
    Where is the best place to put my character in an interaction? She's fairly extroverted so I'd like to get her interacting asap.
  14. Right now, they can either greet Storm, who is playing a song near the fountain, or they can help Lauren near the shop. She spilled her coffee.
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Or be on the boat with Stacy. I'm kinda the only one there.
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  16. Hiya, DragonSam. I'm not here to request joining yet- but I wanted to let you know that you've hooked my attention with the amount of effort you've demonstrated in the original post. For now, I'll just ask: would you consider "on standby" applications, in which someone is allowed to join for the purpose of replacing someone who leaves?
  17. That sounds okay. There is one slot still available if you wanted to join now. Otherwise, this will be fine. Thank you for your interest! :D
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  18. Sorry I haven't replied, I decided to wait on the others, cuz I reply a lot if given the chance and have to slow myself down xD
  19. I'm going to be on the boat with Playful's character. Just so ya guys know.
  20. @Hecotoro, I hope you do not mind that I gave homage to your character in my last post. I thought it might be fun to see Ron's reaction to Storm singing an acoustic version of his song.
  21. @EeviumZ I think that's a good place to start!

    @EmoKitty21 That was funny! I'm now wondering the same thing.
  22. Oh I will get creative xD
  23. Well, before anything else, I'd first need to get approved. Here's what I've put together since last night.


    Name: Cody Manwe

    Gender: M

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Nothing special; just another face that blends with the crowd.

    Outfit: Wears an outdated "cooltrainer" Letterman jacket no longer recognized by the League, ever since the official implementation of the "Ace Trainer" status. (The imitation is a symbol of fandom rather than status, sort of like a Jerome Bettis football jersey.)

    Personality: Like a child who constantly challenges others to races, contests to see who can jump the highest, or who can hold his breath the longest, etc, Cody constantly seeks to both prove and improve himself. For better or worse, he is highly motivated, impatient to get things done, yet determined to do them the right way, without skipping steps. He regards his fellow pokemon trainers as curiosities and potential allies instead of roadblocks or stepping stones, and avoids fights with them when he can. In training and actual battle, he has no sense of restraint, and would rather see true enemies utterly incapacitated than allowed a second shot after observing his battle style. A team player with people, but not with pokemon, Cody utilizes only a single animal combat partner.

    Brief Backstory: Once a member of Johto's Blackthorn Gym, Cody is currently on a leave of absence. Ever since he went over Leader Clair's head, and appealed to the Dragon Master for the right to train a True Dragon- which was accepted after trial- Clair has been on bitter terms with him. His sojourn to the Omnia Region was less about accepting the Champion challenge, and more about letting Clair cool down while reestablishing his worth as a dragon tamer. (This backstory is based on an actual story I wrote on PokeCharms: "The Dratini Trial Letters.")

    Inventory: Pokedex/phone, wallet with PokeCenter Health Insurance Plan card, several changes of underclothes, water purifier & jars of peanut butter, aspirin & disinfectant, map/compass, Book of Proverbs, Book of Herblore, a large and EXTREMELY resilient umbrella.


    Name: Dratini (No nickname)

    Species: Dratini

    Type: Dragon

    Personality: Typical to his species, Cody's Dratini overflows with life force, regularly exhibiting all the terrible energy of a dozen toddlers. He is always moving, doing aerial flips, or charging his immediate area with crackling elemental power. Those naive enough to consider him "cute" tend to change their opinion after a few stressful minutes around him (at any rate, they can better appreciate why Cody only trains one pokemon). Dratini enjoys almost any physical task, no matter how painful, pointless, or seemingly impossible; however, he despises anything mundane, subtle, or requiring patience. Dratini is perpetually cheerful outside of battle, but in combat, the natural pride of dragons transforms him into a berserker. His die-hard durability goes far beyond what mere appearance would suggest, but his inability to check his limits sometimes puts him in real danger of death before fainting.

    Backstory: After completing a somewhat lesser version of the Johto Journey with a different Dratini, Cody was eventually permitted to fish his own from Dragon Den. The struggle took ten hours. Dratini warmed up to him almost immediately after the initial encounter, given their similarity of temperament, but made it painfully clear why dragons are such a task to train. As a parting gift of mercy to Cody, the Dragon Master taught his Dratini TM-025 (Thunder) purely for the sake of temporarily exhausting the little creature's energy now and then- at least, to a manageable level.

    Favorite Moves: Thunder, Thunder Wave, Surf, Dragon Rage.
  24. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember battling a cool trainer named Cody in Pokemon Crystal
  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    @EeviumZ, I'm waiting for you before I make my next post...
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  26. Oh! Sorry. I’ve been super busy. I’ll post within the hour.
  27. Can we change the name of this thread? I confuse it with the main rp xD
  28. I was thinking the same. XD This should work better!
  29. xD I'm really looking forward to Ron and Storm interactions.
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  31. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I am, but I'm waiting for Eevium...
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  32. I am as well, but I have been a bit busy with things.
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  33. Tis the season for busyness and weight gain! XD

    It's cool I just wanted to check in.
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  34. I am unreasonably happy to see this message posted. It shows me that you want this RP to be a hit; that you want to not only try out a couple gym leaders, but possibly, even the Champion one day, after all the dreaming you put into it.

    How badly do you want it?

    If you can draw the others through, at least to the end of the first gym challenge, I'll join you, now that you've accepted me. Moreover, I will be as active as you, and never fail to post as long as you've posted, within 48 hours. You have my word on that. I'll work with you, plan with you, encourage you, make time for you. I want to be in a roleplay that sees the end, for once.

    But you gotta want it with me.
  35. Sorry, dealing with a lot of anxiety right now. I'll post when I can figure out a response.
  36. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    @EeviumZ please post when you can. I'm waiting for you. I'm locked in interaction with you right now.
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  37. Sorry! I'm trying to formulate something without it either sounding O.O.C or making your character hate mine a bit ._.
    I should be able to post soon-ish.
  38. Thanks so much you guys! Let's try and keep this going! :D


    I'm thinking about introducing one of the more prominent NPC's. Since Storm is on his own, would it be okay if they interact with him?
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