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Ask to Join Pokemon:Lux et Tenebrae Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by DragonSam98, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. South of the mainland the Omnia region presents an irresistible challenge, for trainers looking to become champion. The Omnia region is home to the Omnia Pokemon League, which specializes in close knit bonds between Pokemon and Trainer. Before a Trainer can even acquire a gym badge, they must complete a test of their bond with their pokemon. To become champion, one must face fierce challenges, and incredible odds. The Omnia Region is also home to the Alvarius Project, which is responsible for many of the technological marvels seen in the region. Other than the occasional protest, this region is very peaceful, and rich with great challenges and even greater rewards for those who look to be the best.

    Will you accept the Challenge?

    This RP is about exploring the region of Omnia and becoming the champion of its league. As well as investigating the conflict between the Alvarius Project and its biggest detractors Team Tenebris, and Team Lux Right now the story is very open ended, and badges can be obtained in any order.

    What makes this different from playing pokemon is that you will be posting for both your Trainer and their Pokemon and, giving both of their perspectives on what is happening. Character development is a must for later.

    1: Pokecharm’s rules must be followed.

    2:Leave Actions open ended to give others time to respond. If you want to do something without in game consent, you must get permission in OOC or private.

    3:If you want to derail the plot, then please message me so that I can approve your idea.

    4:Trainer interactions are written as normal, Pokemon interactions, namely dialogue are written in italics. Important interactions are bold.

    5:Adding to the rule above. Pokemon can communicate clearly with other Pokemon, but not their Trainers, and vice versa. Pokemon and their trainers can understand each other through body language, tone, ect, but cannot understand pokespeak unless approved.

    6:Be good to each other, characters not withstanding.

    7:Have fun!

    NPC characters.

    NPCs are characters not under control of the players, and exist to move the story along. These can be anything, from townsfolk to wild Pokemon. Gym Leaders also fall into this category. If you have an idea for a character, or want to control a NPC, you must PM me for approval. Named NPC’s cannot be controlled. Wild Pokemon, if caught will become a part of your characters group.

    Character Forms:




    Appearance: (height, weight, build, and hair, also go here.)



    Brief Backstory:

    Inventory: (Any items the character has on hand.)







    Favorite Moves: Pick between 4 and 6. (This section is by no means a move limit. As long as a move falls under a pokemon’s type, then it can be learned and used. This is mainly for the moves a pokemon uses most often.)

    Notable Locations:
    The Omnia Region is home to a great many attractions as well as a thriving Nightlife. The Region itself is divided into four districts. The central district, Alpha is in the center. Most of the Omnia region is heavily industrialized, but also surprisingly clean. In addition, many areas of nature have been preserved and rest mostly untouched with many hiking trails leading to beautiful forests and natural waterways.

    Alpha holds the capital of Omnia, Tietokone City with three major routes branching out into the other three districts Beta, Delta, and Gamma. The Alpha District also contains several attractions such as the Pokeoplis Amusement Park, as well as numerous museums, galleries, clubs as well as the Ultradome where the League Tournament takes place. The Alvarius Project’s main facility is also here, as well as the Omnia Leagues Elite Four, and Champion.

    Route 10 leads northwest to the Beta District, which contains Microsoor City, Aerodive City, and Sansoon City. Beta District is the entertainment hub of the Region. Theatres, Dancing, and shows are big highlights. There are also several festivals here to celebrate the different types of Pokemon. Team Tenebris’s stronghold is also in this area.

    Route 20 leads east to the Delta District, which is the industrial part of the region with cities like Batteira City, Geatine City and Cannonport City. Delta District holds many businesses that specialize in manufacturing, and engineering. Several virtual arcades are also present, as well as the Pokepolis waterpark near the coast of Cannonport City. The region’s power plant is also here.

    Route 30 leads south to the Gamma District, which is the regions center of agriculture. The most prominent cities are, Agri Town, Simustine City, and Sonseer City. The Gamma District differs from the rest of the region in that it has the least populated areas. Farms and markets are common sights, with the big attraction there being the Poke Fields Sanctuary, where numerous Pokemon live in peace. Team Lux’s stronghold is also in this area.

    Gym Leaders:
    In order to obtain a gym badge in Omnia. Trainers must complete a bonding exercise to show that they and their Pokemon, trust each other completely. Then they must battle the gym leader to complete the challenge.

    Bonding Exercises can be extremely varied, and will challenge the trust and loyalty of a pokemon and it’s trainer. An example is having a pokemon lead it’s blindfolded train through an obstacle course, to show that a trainer is in tune with their pokemon enough to understand it’s instructions, in spite of the language barrier.

    List of Gym Leaders.

    Name: Darcel

    Hometown: Microsoor City

    Type Specialization: Dark

    Name: Agni

    Hometown: Sansoon City

    Type Specialization: Fire

    Name: Bruce

    Hometown: Cannonport City

    Type Specialization: Water

    Name: Nariko

    Hometown: Batteira City

    Type Specialization: Electric

    Name: Stanley

    Hometown: Simustine City

    Type Specialization: Rock

    Name: Basil

    Hometown: Agri Town

    Type Specialization: Grass

    Name: Sibyl

    Hometown: Sonseer City

    Type Specialization: Psychic

    Name: Heron

    Hometown: Aerodive City

    Type Specialization: Flying

    Name: Belladonna

    Hometown: Geatine City

    Type Specialization: Poison

    Other notable groups:
    The Avarius Project: The Alvarius Project is responsible for the vast majority of the technological wonders in the Omnia Region. Their main facility is in the capital Tietokone City. It is also when the Elite Four of the Omnia Region reside, alongside the Omnia League Champion.

    The Elite Four:

    Name: Isa

    Hometown: Tietokone City

    Type Specialization: Ice

    Name: Isolde

    Hometown: Tietokone City

    Type Specialization: Steel

    Name: Victoria

    Hometown: Tietokone City

    Type Specialization: Fighting

    Name: Doryu

    Hometown: Tietokone City

    Type Specialization: Dragon

    Omnia League Champion

    Name: Tiera de Noir

    Hometown: Tietokone City

    Type Specialization: Ghost

    Tiera is also in charge of helping the Alvarius Project with their current research. The Alvarius Project is currently attempting to understand how the bond between human and pokemon can brighten the future. As such the science team is very strict with who is allowed to assist their work.

    Team Tenebris and Team Lux: Team Tenebris and Team Lux are two rival factions that are made up of former Alvarius employees, that split from the project due to their ideals.

    Team Tenebris believes that humans are superior to Pokemon, and that they are not needed for the future. In battle they favor Dark, Steel, and Fire type Pokemon

    Team Lux believes that Pokemon are superior to humans and that nature should be allowed to take its proper course. In battle they favor Fairy, Grass, and Water type Pokemon.

    Both teams share two things in common. The means to their goals are contained within the Alvarius Project, and most people in the region dismiss them as a nuisance at worst.

    Battles: Woo! Almost done! A big thumbs-up if you've made it this far!

    Battles in this roleplay will be broken up into two categories Field Battles and Story Battles

    Field battles will occur when the group either encounters wild Pokemon or Team Tenebris and Team Lux. Field battles are Improv free-for-alls we're both Pokemon and trainer are involved and can be attacked. You must work together with your fellow players to emerge Victorious.

    Story battles are more organized and usually act as a normal Pokemon battle. These can be arranged between players and are also the final test of a gym battle. These also function as boss battles with named NPCs

    The way these will work it's at the beginning of the battle a player has the option to take the first turn. They will then write their actions in a way that is left open ended for their opponent, who will then write a response detailing their Pokemon’s reaction, and counterattack.

    The outcome will be determined by the creativity of the battle, The interactions between the pokemon and their trainers, and how the Pokemon's moves are used to its advantage.

    Points can be removed by having the Pokemon perform moves that it either does not know, does not fit into its move pool or are simply out of character.

    Extra points can be rewarded by properly performing a two-turn move. Namely the first turn is used to prepare for the second turn and, also by taking pokemon types and strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

    I think that will just about do it. If you are interested, or have any ideas you would like me to use, let me know! I am open to suggestions, questions, and any other tions!


    My Characters

    Name: Lauren Lyonelle (Lori)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Tall at about 5:10 and slender at about 130 pounds. Lauren has shoulder length, light brown hair, usually pulled into a ponytail. She has dark green eyes, and cream skin with moderate tanning on her arms and legs. Her frame is not muscular at all. She also has small freckles on her cheeks.

    Outfit: A dark grey tank top with the logo of an obscure indie band called the Pokeloution. A dark purple skirt, white and purple boots and matching fingerless gloves. Purple rimmed glasses, a light blue backpack, and a purple locket around her neck.

    Personality: Somewhat shy and reclusive due to not knowing anyone from the region. More outspoken with people she knows but is almost always serious about everything. She also loves to gossip, and enjoys quiet days, observing pokemon, or reading a good book.

    Brief Backstory: Lauren is the child of a researcher in the Kanto Region. She was sent to the Omnia Region as it seemed like a great place for her to learn how to work with others and their pokemon. Lauren is apprehensive about it though, as she has hardly learned to work with her Sylveon, Amber.

    Inventory: A Pokedex, a day’s worth of food for her and Amber both, headphones, some money, a couple of her favorite books, and a pokeball for Amber to rest in. It looks like a love ball but is just a normal pokeball.


    Name: Amber Tate (Amber)

    Pokemon: Sylveon

    Type: Fairy

    Personality: Optimistic, and fun loving, treating life and battles like games. Extremely hyperactive, and has trouble staying still because of her habit of using her ribbons to sample coffee, and sweets that the humans around her are not watching. She is also a total tease around any male pokemon.

    Backstory: Amber Tate originally belonged to Lauren's Father, but was given to her as a going away present to celebrate Laurens new adventure in Omnia. Amber appreciated the change as it was better than staying in the house, not doing anything all day…Even if her new trainer has a stick up her butt.

    Favorite Moves: Attract, Draining Kiss, Swift, Play Rough.
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  2. Hey! I love a well-organized RP like this. I find your system for deciding the battle winner very creative and fair! ^.^

    I can't write a bio right now - homework calls - but can I reserve a spot, in case this takes off? (Which may very well happen - this seems super cool!)
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  3. Sure! Thanks for the feedback!

    Right now there are five slots available. I will hold one for you! :)
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  4. Thanks a million! Much appreciated ^.^
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  5. Hey I have a question. Would it be ok to have a character who starts out as someone who is not trainer, but learns battle with their pokemon throughout the RP? I was wanting to make a breeder who would travel along with the group of trainers to help out, but I can always just make a trainer if being a breeder is out of the question. Also are there limits on the type of pokemon a person can have? Also what about starting pokemon, are we only alowed one, or can we sat have two or three?

    I can honestly say this is an interesting idea for a region and would love to be apart of it.
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  6. Hi, and welcome! :)

    Yes that sounds fine for your character.

    You can bring in any type of pokemon barring legendaries. Also If a pokemon is rare, or hard to obtain, then it needs to fit with the character.

    I will say three pokemon MAX. It's allowed, but you will not be able to catch a wild pokemon if you have three from the start. :)
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  7. @DragonSam98, so we are only allowed to have three pokemon for the whole RP? Also is there a rule about having shiny pokemon?
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  8. @EmoKitty21 For the beginning of the RP, yes. This limit is in place to make sure that I can keep track of everyone's characters. Once we get moving, I can probably tweak this rule.

    As for shinies? Shiny pokemon are rather rare, but they have the same moveset as their normal forms so I think it would be okay sparingly.
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  9. Ok then I would like to reserve a spot as I am a bit busy at the moment, so I can not write up my character now. Thank you for answering my questions.
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  10. @EmoKitty21 No worries! :)

    There are now three slots left!
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  11. Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Allie has bright blue hair extending to her shoulder blades. She has brown eyes and no defining marks. She has a slim build, is of caucasian descent, and is of low average weight.

    Outfit: Typically, her outfit consists of a navy-blue tank top and black skirt with a thin light grey sweater (no zipper, it remains open). On her feet, she usually wears white tights and black combat boots or running shoes. She occasionally wears jewelry, such as a simple crystalline pendant.

    Personality: Bright, bubbly, and filled to the brim with charisma, Allie's the person to talk to if you want a friend. She's very caring and kind, albeit a bit oblivious sometimes. She tries to avoid social strife - but tends to be rash and rushes into dangerous situations without a thought.

    Brief Backstory: She is the younger sibling of twenty-one year old Talia Silverstone, renowned performer and music artist. She decided to go on her own journey after meeting Eve the Eevee, hoping to one day make a name for herself. She is typically recognized wherever she goes as "Talia's younger sister", so she hopes to be recognized for her own self one day. She's dabbled in performing a bit in Kalos so she might have a bit of fame for that, but she one day dreams of having her name next to her sister's.

    Inventory: (She might have some other assorted non-Pokemon related items but these are the main ones)

    Crystalline Pendant (A simple but elegant necklace, given as a gift by a sister. It seems to be purely cosmetic, but that's beside the point.)
    3 Potions (A spray-type medicine that restores the health of a Pokemon a little.)
    5 Pokeballs (It's thrown like a ball, comfortably encapsulating the target.)
    National Pokedex (A device used to document the various Pokemon of the world.)

    Name: Eve

    Pokemon: Eevee

    Type: Normal

    Personality: Similar to Allie but much sassier and even more flamboyant.

    Backstory: She refuses to tell a soul. Not Pokemon, and certainly not humans.

    Favorite Moves (At the moment): Covet, Veevee Volley, Glitzy Glow, Charm, Bite, Sappy Seed
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  13. Here is my character @DragonSam98. If there is anything that needs to be changed let me know.

    Name: Storm Cromwell

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Storm is very short for his age as he is only 5' tall. It also does not help that he has a small build, that is toned from running and swimming. He has a very androgynous look to him and most would confuse him with a girl. His hair is bright pastel purple with a stark white streak in the bangs. His hair is straight, and comes to the middle of his back. In his nose he wears a pink crystal stud. His eyes are a bright green that seem to complement his very pale skin. On his right arm he has a tattoo of forest sunset. There is a mightyena howling at the moon that could be seen further up his arm. As someone's gaze travelled up the tattoo, they would notice a change from the sunset to deep night surrounding the shining moon.

    Outfit: Storm tends to wear clothing that he feels very comfortable in. His favorite outfit is a pastel pink dress that has an asymmetrical hemline as it is longer in the back then the front. There are lace flowers that cover the hem. He pairs this with a black cardigan, and a pair of black combat boots that have a painted flower design on them. On his neck is a black choker that has a heart shaped rose gold ring in the front, and a heart shaped locket. The locket contains a picture of Storm and his grandparents when he was younger.

    Personality: Storm is very kind, and a bit of bookworm. He can always been seen reading a book. Though that does not stop him from pursuing other hobbies, as he is very active runner and swimmer, ans is known to play a song or two on his guitar or violin. Singing is also another thing that he enjoys doing.

    Brief Backstory: Storm is a son of two very respected breeders. He actually comes from a long line of breeders who have helped many pokemon find a home of their own.

    When he was little Storm was very active in music and learning the robes of being a breeder. He spent a lot of time learning to play a few different instruments. At the age of 10 he was able to take the test to get his license to study breeding the field. He has since traveled to three other regions, Sinnoh, Kanto, Kalos, and his home region Galar.

    He has dabbled in contests and enjoys them a lot. Though they have taken a bit of a back seat to his music, as he has recorded a couple of songs that are well known. Though most do not expect him when they think of the artest of those songs until they here him sing.

    • Violin and Guitar. He never leaves home without them.
    • About 20 pokeballs of various kinds.
    • First aid kits, he knows how to treat both pokemon and human injuries
    • A couple of his favorite books.
    • A state of the art camera.
    • Paints and canvass. They are put into a special travel kit as to not get damaged.
    • Breeders kit. Includes guides on how to care for different types of pokemon, cook books for various types of pokefood, and an egg carrier

    Name: Aura

    Pokemon: Galarian Rapidash

    Type: Psychic/Fairy

    Personality: She is very calm and loves to be groomed. Though she does have a bit of temper when she is being insulted. She loves to perform.

    Backstory: Aura is the very first pokemon that Storm had. She was a gift from his grandmother after he had bonded with Aura from their first meeting. Aura and Storm seem to have a conection to one another because of their long relationship. Though she may not look it, but Aura has also won a few contest because of her grace and beautiful way about her.

    Favorite Moves: Fairy Wind, Dazzling Gleam, Healing Wish, and Psychic.

    Name: Frost

    Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix

    Type: Ice

    Personality: Frost is very sassy and tends to not like being around new people that much. Though she may have a tough exterior, once you break through that, you are her friend to the end.

    Backstory: Frost was the first pokemon that Storm met when he arrived in Alola. She was abandoned by her trainer because she refused to battle. Though she may have been tough acting, she did not like to be alone. It was Storm who was able to help her regain her trust in human again after he saved her from a swarm of angry beedrill.

    Favorite Moves: Powder Snow, Aurora beam, icebeam, moonblast.
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  15. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    Thanks for the tag Eevium! But my hands are kinda full with the 10 rps I'm in XD
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  16. No problem, just thought you might enjoy. I understand though, I'm having quite the hard time myself juggling 15+ RPs xD
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  17. Wow, that's a lot of RP's

    Also, thanks! XD
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  18. And I've still gotta reboot my own (The Conversion Crisis) on top of all that! xD

    Hmm... @Sparkling Emolga, you might like this.
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  19. No worries! That sounds like an interesting RP, what's it about?
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  20. It died fairly quickly because the plot wasn't going anywhere, but basically it revolves around a villainous team broadcasting a transformation wave across the region, seeking out people with a specific gene. These people, when making contact with the wave, were transformed into Pokemon. They seemed to have more power than normal and were being targeted by my evil team. I'm planning on rebooting it over winter break, if anyone of my current group drops out then I'll tag you =)
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  21. Yay I was tagged, I'm gonna have vacations soon so I can take a other RP. Save me a slot please, I will make my character later today.
  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I'll think about it. What exactly are Light types, BTW? Once that is answered, I might make a bio. Until then, reserve please.
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  23. @EeviumZ Sounds cool! Thank you. :)

    @Hecotoro Will do! :)

    @ThePlayfulFox Huh, I didn't realize their was no light type yet...I wonder why? XD

    Thanks for pointing that out, I think I will swap the type with ground. ;)
  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I think you were thinking of fairy... anyway can you please place me on reserve? Or am I already on reserve? I'll make a bio once I'm out of school.
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  25. @ThePlayfulFox Probably. XD

    Sure, I can do that! :)

    There is one slot left!
  26. Okay here we go:


    Name: Ron Towers

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Height 5'11, weights 140 lbs. He is a thin built, but he is somewhat worked out. He had a mohawk as a haircut, all shaved except the middle part, which is his dark blue hair. He has dark red eyes, almost look brown and always looks like he is mad. His right arm has a colorful tattoo of a Quilava, Raichu and Leafeon. He has a light tanned skin.

    Outfit: He wears a sleeveless black shirt with a sleeveless jean vest over it, that has the logo of his band on the back, Monferno with a guitar with the name, "Flaming Monfernos". He wears torn black jeans and black ankle boots, that look worn out. He has three piercings on each ear and one on his nose on the right side.

    Personality: Ron is lazy, rude and tough. He will never back down from a fight. He is proud, too proud. Although, he secretly enjoys spending time with friends, he will never admit it out loud.

    Brief Backstory: Ron and his mom lived together, always. He worked to provide and she supported him anyway she could, even letting him practice his drumming in late hours of the night. Ron has always worked hard and done his best to become somebody, but he never succeeded. When he was 16 he fell in love with the vocalist of his band. They were together for 2 years until she left him to go on her own career. Ron couldn't go because of his mom and stayed behind with the band. They play at local bars, playing Punk Rock, but nobody notices their talent. He decided to become a trainer to try and gain some fame.

    Inventory: Drum sticks, money, pocket knife.


    Name: Furia

    Pokemon: Quilava

    Type: Fire

    Personality: Furia is serious and very competitive. She cares deeply for her family, but keeps emotions to herself, only being understood by Ron. She loves to battle.

    Backstory: Furia was given to Ron when he was 5 years old, as a starter. But Ron soon left that career. She has been with him and his mom ever since, helping Ron win battles for the prize money.

    Favorite Moves: Flame wheel, quick attack, wild charge, smokescreen.

    Name: Marley

    Pokemon: Raichu

    Type: Electric

    Personality: Happy and angry. She switches between those two emotions very quickly.

    Backstory: Marley joined Ron and Furia as a Pichu. She remembers being left in a box in the middle of the forest and Ron picked her up and took her home. She evolved through battles and then a thunderstone Ron's mom gave her for her birthday.

    Favorite Moves: Iron tail, thunderbolt, faint, nuzzle.

    Name: Evan

    Pokemon: Leafeon

    Type: Grass

    Personality: Evan is relaxed and cool, he is very patient and kind.

    Backstory: Evan found himself digging through Ron's trash, trying to survive the streets. Ron began to leave him food everyday until suddenly he was part of the family. One day walking through a forest, without noticing it, he had evolved.

    Favorite Moves: Leaf Blade, Synthesis, Sunny day, Arial ace.

    Done! Let me know if I have to change anything!
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Quick question, where is the library of the region? Once I get that information, I can release the bio once the backstory is finished.
    #30 ThePlayfulFox, Dec 3, 2019
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  28. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Is it alright that my character is a native of the region?
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  29. That'll be fine! :)
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  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47


    Name: Stacy Willams

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Long dirty blonde hair in a ponytail and ice blue eyes, Stacy stands at five-foot-two and weights one hundred and five pounds. She is very skinny, despite her high food intake, suggesting a high metabolism. Her face is angular, and has a naturally friendly facial expression.

    Outfit: Starting with the head, she wears a light blue headband that keeps the remainder of her hair out of her face. She wears a light pink blouse with a white hem. She also wears light blue jeans and white tennis shoes. Her light pink socks are hidden underneath her shoes.

    Personality: (ugg, hate these sections) Stacy is a brilliant mind. She is someone who would do research on what she was dealing with first, then make her mind. Because of this, she is terrible at going off script and figuring out unknown topics with an original solution. She is a very caring soul, when she isn't absorbed into her books, and tends to be careful in her approach with others due to their unpredictable behavior.

    Brief Backstory: Stacy lived in Cannonport City all of her life. She never really left town before, so this experience is new for her. However, she read the biographies on multiple different successful trainers. Basically she lived a normal life without to much trouble and now she is heading out into the world.

    Inventory: Books- it's like she's carrying her own personal library!
    Pokeballs x10- gotta catch them all!
    Potions x10- the better to heal you with, my dear.
    First Aid Kit- never leave home without one!
    Sunscreen- protection from them rays!
    Rope- now we can tie them up!
    Murial doll- don't make fun of Mr. Chethersworth!


    Name: Barnard

    Pokemon: Hoothoot

    Type: Flying/Normal (but really it should be single flying)

    Personality: Mind over matter people say, and this bird delivers! Barnard is an intelligent avian that stays close to Stacy. He seems to be pretty shy, even fearful of other Pokemon. Because of this fact, Barnard, while he doesn't show it, is pretty lonely, Stacy being his only friend.

    Backstory: About seven years ago, a small Hoothoot tried to steal food from a girl about nine years of age. He thought he was clever, but he was caught. The girl brought him home and explained the situation. The father of the girl suggested that she take the bird as a pet and 'teach it some manners'. She did. The Hoothoot was Barnard and the girl was Stacy.

    Favorite Moves: Peck, Confusion, Hypnosis, and Echoed Voice. This will change as Barnard gets stronger.
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  31. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Thanks for tagging me EeviumZ.

    But I am not sure if I would able to keep track with the others during the RP, so I don't think I will join.
  32. That's okay, I understand =)
  33. @ThePlayfulFox Looks good! Welcome! :D

    @Sparkling Emolga

    There is still one slot open if you change your mind. ;)


    Alright guys! I think we will be getting started today!

    Right now I have to go out, but I will post the thread when I get back. :)

    The one slot will remain open for now.
  34. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Are there any trains to the capital?
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  35. Yes, and also boats.
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