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Open Pokemon Gijinka High School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. So, an rp I made called The Ones Who Guard Us was really interesting, and I've decided to make a pokemon version. In this, you are a human with the ears, tail, and wings of a pokemon. You go to Akuza high school and there is drama, romance, etcetera etcetera. Here are the rules:
    1. I allow romance.
    2. I allow swearing, not too much though.
    3. Dont be too violent.
    4. You can't be the same pokemon as another gijinka.
    5. If you want to be siblings with someone, tell me in private conversation.

    This is the form:
    Name: (no explanation. ..)
    Gender: (is your character a boy or a girl?)
    Species: (what kind of pokemon gijinka are you?)
    Age: (must be between 14-17)
    Personality: (what does your character act like?)
    History: (what was your character's lofe like in the past?)
    Appearance: (what does your character look like?)

    This is mine:
    Name: Phoenix
    Gender: Female
    Species: Flareon
    Age: 16
    Personality: Phoenix is a very loyal girl and very affectionate at times. She will be kind at one moment, but then as angry as a Camperupt.
    History: Phoenix is an only child, her mother is a Glaceon and her father is a Leafeon. This will be her first year of school because she was homeschooled. She doesn't have many friends and her only friends are wild pokemon.
    Appearance: Phoenix has long black hair with it turning the colour of a Flareon's fur as it goes down (sort of like an ombre). She has blue eyes and she wears the usual school uniform but at home she wears a white jacket and a purple shirt, she has black shorts and orange shoes. She has Flareon ears and a Flareon's fluffy tail.

    Now to the rp!

    Her tail swished from side to side as she walked into the school. "So this is my first day..." Phoenix looked at the other gijinkas. "Ugh... I need to lay down, I was awake all night.." The Flareon Gijinka stated. Looking at the entrance to the building, she entered, chose a locker and put in her stuff. She walked back out and sat against a wall, bringing out her phone and playing games.
  2. Name: Midnight
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shiny Umbreon
    Age: 16
    Personality: Midnight is a very lonely male, although he is quite popular, he ignored it and would rather be by himself.
    History: Midnight is an Only Child, his parents are unknown, as most of his childhood. His closest friend is Amethyst, an Espeon who has been there since he was small.
    Appearance: Midnight has an Umbreon's ears and tail, a blue ring wrapped around them. Midnight has Black hair, and Yellow eyes. He wears his School Uniform most of the time, of course changing clothes when needed. Midnight also wears a Blue Scarf.

    May I add a second character?

    Name: Amethyst
    Gender: Female
    Species: Espeon
    Age: 15
    Personality: Amethyst is mostly upfront and likes to be involved in things, mostly things that don't concern her.
    Appearance: She has pink cat ears and tail, which is split at the end. She also wears her school uniform. A Red and White Dress, with a Skirt, not very often, changing clothes as soon a possible.

    Midnight sighed. He placed his items into his locker, then walking back outside. He was mostly discomforted by his Uniform, it not matching his style. He sighed, wrapping his Scarf around his neck.
  3. Phoenix stopped playing games and looked up, she put her phone in her pocket. The Flareon girl saw a Shiny Umbreon Gijinka and blushed. "H-Hi!" She approached him. Her tail was around her leg, she had her hands in her pocket, her ears were embarrassingly down, and her blue eyes were sparkling. "M-My name is Phoenix..."
  4. Midnight lifted his head, being greeted by a Flareon Jjinka. "Uh, Hello Phoenix. It's nice to meet you." Midnight kept a straight face, then reaching out for a Handshake.
  5. She saw his facial expression, then looked up, not embarrassed anymore. "By the way, have you any soul?" Phoenix asked, shaking his hand. "Not to be rude, but... the wild pokemon I've met are jolly... so-" She was interrupted by her phone ringing. "Sorry, got to take this" Phoenix took her phone out of her pocket, backed away, and answered her call. "Hey mum.... uh huh... that's great you are doing well! What? Really?! Do I get to name him? YES! Thanks Mum!" Phoenix put her phone back in her pocket, then smiled at Midnight. "My mum has bought a Poochyena puppy and I get to name it when I get home!" She giggled.
  6. Hi! Do you mind if I join?
    Name: Hotaru
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vulpix
    Age: 17
    Personality: Hotaru tends to come off as stubborn and easily angered, but she really isn't depending on how you treat her. She is usually friendly and talkative; if you treat her well she is very affectionate and playful but if you treat her badly then she can cold and sassy but only on rare occasions (she treat you the same as she would anyone else).
    History: Hotaru grew up caring for the child of a rich family and was home schooled with him but has been going to the gijinka high school for three years. She cares deeply for him and is his school buddy until further notice.
    Appearance: Hotaru has auburn hair which is usually tied up (and very curly), whether it be a bun or a ponytail, and brown eyes. She usually wears the usual school uniform but also wears an pale brown snood for the cold days; but not always. She has Vulpix's tails and ears.
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  7. Name: Kagura

    Gender: Female

    Species: Skuntank

    Age: 16

    Personality: Kagura is shy and easily frightened, thanks to years of teasing, because of her species. She has a hard time making friends, due to the fact that she is a selective mute, who will only talk to the people who she trusts. When she is forced to communicate, she writes what she wants to say on a notebook, which she carries around everywhere. She loves sweet foods and ballet, and she is a lesbian.

    History: Kagura is the child of a single father, and she was home-schooled for one year, before her father forced her to attend public school, believing that his daughter needed to go out and make some friends.

    Appearance: Kagura has short hair, which is mostly purple, except for a cream fringe, which hangs over her left eye. Her eyes are dark purple, and she often wears a beige cardigan over her school uniform. She has a bushy skuntank tail, and small purple ears on top of her head.


    Kagura took a deep breath, her feet scuffling the floor as she dragged them into the school's doors. Her eyes scanned the corridor anxiously as she looked at the other gijinkas, her eyes falling on a vulpix.

    Hugging her notebook tightly to her chest, she wandered past the vulpix, too nervous to say hello. She sure was pretty, but...She didn't have the confidence to just go up and say hi! Oh, she knew that this was a bad idea...Tonight, she'd go home and cry to papa, and beg him to home-school her again...
  8. (OOC - I accidentally forgot to write a response when posting the form, sorry about that)

    Hotaru was at a table helping a young Sentret gijinka with a question he was stuck on, being a few years older than the Sentret, she had a good idea as to how the question should be answered. She didn't give the answer away, but helped him work it out on his own. Maths was never her strong point, but she was decent at it and that's all that mattered.

    Upon waving the Sentret goodbye, she felt a pair of eyes on her and so she curiously glanced around. She soon noticed a Skuntank gijinka and smiled softly, carefully standing up.
    "Hey there!" Her tone was friendly as she meant no harm.
  9. Kagura trembled. Someone was talking to her. Someone was actually talking to her.

    Ok, relax...It's no big deal. It's no big deal. It's no big deal...

    Whipping out a pen. she jerked around, to face the Vulpx gijinka. She scribbled something in the notebook, and showed it to her.

  10. Hotaru kept a soft smile on her face and read what the notebook said.

    Seems that you're shy... Don't worry, you have nothing to be afraid of.

    "I'm Hotaru, it's nice to meet you" The Vulpix gijinka introduced herself
    "What's your name?"
  11. Kagura turned her notebook back around, snapping her head to the side.

    "Kagura," she wrote in small lettering. Her hands were shaking so much, that she almost snapped her pen in half...
  12. Hotaru nodded but took notice of how much her hand was shaking, she really was shy.

    "Kagura? That's a nice name"
  13. A little heat rose to Kagura's cheeks. No one had ever called her name nice before. In fact, she didn't remember being complimented by anyone, except from her ballet teacher.

    She hid her face with her notebook. And then she looked back at the Vulpix gijinka. And the, in a rare, spur of the moment act of bravery, she wrote something far more courageous than before on her notepad. She had to. She really had to do this; somehow, she felt that she'd lose it if she didn't.

    "What's your name?"
  14. So cute...

    "My name is Hotaru" She answered calmly. The redhead tried her hardest not to hug the Skuntank gijinka, she was just too cute for her own good. That alone was reason enough for Hotaru to think that others will like her too. However, she hadn't seen Kagura around within the three years she had been going to the school; so she had to ask the question out of curiosity.

    "Are you, by any chance, new?"
  15. Kagura nodded. "First day," she wrote. Somehow, she'd managed to stop trembling. She was slightly less afraid, now that she knew who this vulpix was, but her trust was not easily won. She wasn't about to tell this...Pretty girl...Who she'd just met exactly why she was here. Everything was going so well, so she couldn't mess it up this early on...
  16. "I had a feeling that was the case" She stated honestly but smiles, her brown eyes glistening slightly. She wanted to be able to help the Skuntank in whatever way she could, may it becoming her friend or introducing her to new people.
    "But I'm not here to judge"
  17. Stepping forward, Kagura's lips were pursed, and her eyes were wide.

    She dug through her bag, and checked her timetable. Food technology was the first subject of the day, and what luck, Hotaru just happened to be in her class for the subject.

    This is completely crazy. I can't do this, wait no, yes I can. I have to try. No, I can't. No, I must...

    "Shall we walk to class together?" she wrote. Kagura's handwriting was barely legible, but at least she'd written it down...
  18. Hotaru nodded in response and started walking, at a slow enough pace so Kagura could catch up.

    "Do you have food technology first?" She asked out of curiosity upon seeing the timetable. Food technology was an alright subject, nothing was wrong with it other than the strict teacher that taught the subject.
  19. Kagura nodded, clutching her notebook to her chest. Her heart thrummed at a steady pace as her cheeks burned brightly, tailing Hotaru as closely as she could. Her bushy tail swung from side to side, in tandem with the fanned tails of the vulpix tail gijinka in front of her.

    She sort of knew what food technology was; Be taught how to make something one lesson and then make it yourself the next. So what would it be today? Hopefully something with Yache berries. Kagura loved Yache berry mousse...
  20. Hotaru's tails bopped up and down as she headed to the classroom, a few times she'd check back and see if Kagura was behind since she didn't want her to get lost on her first day.

    After a good minute of walking and passing through people, they had made it to the food technology classroom. Hotaru had a feeling that she and the rest of the class would get scolded at for their poor performance the last time they cooked. She remembered being told that one of the fire-type gijinkas nearly burnt the classroom down, but she wasn't too sure since she was absent that day.
  21. The classroom was quite big, and laid out with ten work surfaces, designed to seat two or three pupils each. A huge interactive whiteboard was at the front of the room, along with a beady eyed altaria gijinka, with fluffy white wings.

    She cleared her throat, silencing the chatter of the classroom. "Everyone, before we begin, I'd just like to remind you all of last week's incident. You bake pecha berry pie in an oven, not with your attacks," and she glared at a charizard in a corner.

    "But miss, I did bake my pie the fastest," the gijinka in question pouted.

    The teacher shook her head. "So, today, I will be showing you how to make kebia berry pudding. And before we begin, I'd like to introduce our newest student. Say hello to Kagura."

    Kagura looked at the ground as she felt the eyes of her classmate staring her down...

    "She's a mute and does not speak, so please be aware of that. Now, follow me to my workstation, class."
  22. Hotaru smiled and lightly patted Kagura's shoulder before heading to the workstation. So that's why she speaks with her notebook... She pondered, it did make sense though.

    "Don't worry about them," She stated, "They really aren't bad once you get to know them".
  23. Kagura nodded and smiled back at Hotaru, and as their eyes met, her smile only became wider.

    The teacher was very thorough in her lecture about how to make the pudding, first going on about how to cut the berries, and then telling the class exactly how much matcha powder they should add to the caramel sauce.

    But once she was done, there were six perfectly formed, shiny kebia puddings on the table, with melty caramel matcha sauce.

    "Now, would anyone like a taste?" She offered.
  24. Hotaru looked around to see if anyone would. Nobody rose their hand. She thought somebody would since they looked so delicious, for that reason and because she always did, she rose her hand and grinned sheepishly.

    "I would!" She exclaimed. To be honest, because she was quite loud, she was always a little unsure about what the teachers thought of her. She usually got good reports, but only because she worked hard in class - because her family was strict about grades.
  25. "Yes, I do have a soul. Thanks for noticing." Midnight ftiwned, he was as sarcatic as it gets. His ear twiched, hearing a phone ring. He turned to Phoenix, her phone ringing. He sighed, Phoenix exsusing herself. He frowned, her coming back, saying the most weird things. "Cool, but I gotta go to class, so bye." He sighed, walking off. He didn't look back, he just kept going.
  26. Luck seemed to be on Hotaru's side as she was allowed to try only one of the six treats, usually the teacher would ignore her. As it was a Kebia berry, the pudding was dry but with the caramel kicking in, the pudding had a nice taste. It was too bad that she wasn't fond of dry foods.
  27. Kagura, meanwhile had no such guts. She hung back as Hotaru ate, waiting for the teacher to give out the recipe card to everyone. Because of the effect that kebia berries had in battle, she'd probably get sick if she ate one of the puddings, being part poison type...

    "Next lesson, when you make your own puddings, you may switch out the kebia berries with berries of your choosing."

    Great, so she didn't have to use kebia berries after all! Tomorrow, she'd make a tasty, yache berry pudding...

    She scribbled on her notebook, "What berries will you use tomorrow, Hotaru?" And waited until she'd finished eating to show her the page.
  28. Hotaru had finished eating rather quickly and glanced over at the notebook. Berries... She didn't know of too many berries but she knew of a berry garden not far from where she lived.

    "I have no idea," The redhead answered honestly, as long as it wasn't dry like a kebia berry then she wasn't too bothered.

    "What about you?" Surely Kagura knew a bit about berries.
  29. "Yache berries, of course! I get them from a family friend's farm shop," the note read, "They're cool and sweet, and they go great with ice cream~"

    The Skuntank gijinka suddenly ripped her page out, crumpled it, and threw it in a nearby bin. How dare she ramble on about berries for that long! She'd probably bored Hotaru half to death...
  30. Hotaru grinned, seeing someone being passionate was always a nice sight - as long as it wasn't to the point of obsession. She thought a little bit more about it and decided on a berry.

    "Now that I think about it..." She looked forward as they exited the classroom, "Maybe I'll use Shuca berries, berries that are sweet and spicy are real nice with caramel--" She quickly paused.

    "Or is that a bit too sweet?" She lightly scratched at her cheek with her pinkie finger and laughed softly.
  31. "It's a matter of personal taste," the Skuntank answered, with her notebook.

    Ok...Maybe public school wasn't too bad. The first lesson had turned out ok, and now she maybe had a friend...Who she also maybe had a crush on...
  32. Hotaru nods and shrugs lightly, taste was not the Vulpix's best topic.

    "What class do you have next?" She asked, suddenly changing the topic as it was time for the next subject. Her next class, as far as she was aware, was Mathematics. But she'd walk her new-found friend to her next class if need be.
  33. Kagura showed Hotaru her timetable. Mathematics was next, and then battle theory, and the final lesson of her day was dance. Was Hotaru going to be in all of her classes?
  34. Hotaru checked her timetable and quickly compared them,
    "So we have Mathematics and Dance together and different classes for Battle Theory..." She was quite happy to be sharing some classes with Kagura, as usually she doesn't share classes with her other friends.
  35. Mathematics went by without much of a struggle. Kagura hated the subject, but...At least she had Hotaru to keep her company.

    Battle Theory was fine too. Kagura kept to herself as the more powerful pokemon showed off; the only attack of hers that was really noteworthy was her toxic, but she couldn't use that in class, as deliberately poisoning classmates wasn't allowed.

    At lunchtime, Kagura decided to slip off her boots, and instead, put on her purple pointe shoes. Perfectly blocked, they were the ideal shoes for showing off to Hotaru just how well she could dance. She was going to play the female lead in her ballet school's production of Don Quixote that year...So maybe, she cpuld show off her solo in dance class! Hotaru would surely be impressed...
  36. Hotaru's third class was Physical Education, and dodgeball was the chosen sport. She was never put in the tidiest of classes or the most fortunate and she quickly came to accept that after raging with a Gyarados gijinka about it. The Vulpix gijinka had volunteered to tidy up the hall as someone managed to sneak in popcorn and make the bag explode, which was honestly amusing, and nobody had owed up so she took the risk and said it was her - effectively earning a detention.
  37. She sighed. "Well... nobody's perfect..." Phoenix shrugged. Then the bell went, as she was walking into school, three tall boys came and started teasing her, hmm, a Houndoom gijinka, a Haunter gijinka, and a Tyranitar gijinka. "Leave me alone.. I'm warning you..." The Flareon gijinka growled. "Oh no! The little Flareon is going to scare us! How will you do that, exactly? Are you going to hurt us? Hahahhaha!" The Haunter gijinka teased. "Exactly..." Phoenix turned into a Flareon and used Fire Blast on them, the three boys were blasted to the wall. Phoenix left them, and went to her class.

    She looked at the door, turning back into her human self. "Class 25, this should be it," She said, walking in. Immediately she bumped into someone.

    Name: Storm
    Gender: Male
    Species: Jolteon
    Age: 17
    Personality: Storm is an overprotective but humorous individual. He can be a bit flirty but he is very kind.
    History: Storm was born with an older sister, a Vaporeon called River. His parents are a very nice Espeon and Shiny Jolteon.
    Appearance: Storm has spiky yellow hair, Jolteon ears. He usually ears the school uniform but at home he wears a singlet and some jeans, with a cap. He also has a Jolteon tail.

    "Gah! A-Are you ok?!" Said a voice. He helped pick up Phoenix' stuff. "T-Thanks..." Phoenix looked up at the Jolteon boy. "Sorry.. My name is Storm, what's yours?" He asked. "My name is Phoenix, thanks for helping..." She said. "Your welcome.. wanna sit with me?" Storm asked. "Sure!"

    After class, Phoenix and Storm were talking on a lunch table. "So, you're getting a Poochyena puppy?" Storm asked. "Yup! I'm going to name him Dakota!" Phoenix answered, wagging her tail. "Nice!" Storm responded.
  38. Midnight made it to Lunch class, a worried expression on his face. He sighed. He turned, finding Phoenix and a Jolteon. He walked over. He was aware that an Espeon was lying on his shoulder. He walked over, then sat across from Phoenix. He smiled, hey Phoenix. He was in a better mood then earlier. Just then he felt more pressure on his shoulder. The Espeon on his shoulder shapeshifted back into a Jjinka. She was sitting on Midnight's shoulder. She smiled, jumping off his back. She jumped next to Midnight, a happy expression on her face. Hi Guys!" She smiled.

    Midnight frowned. "Amethyst, really?" He asked. He turned to the Espeon. "How many times are you going to do that?" He asked. The Espeon Jjinka smiled. "A few more times, its fun." She smirked, a frown coming to Midnight's face.
  39. Phoenix turned away from Midnight, facing Storm. "Umm... hi? Who are you.. I'm Storm by the way.." The Jolteon gijinka said. He asked Phoenix why she didn't seem to like Midnight. "Mr. Doesn't-care-about-anything. That's what," Phoenix said, standing up and moving to another table. Storm got up and followed her.
  40. Midnight growled. "Wow, first day at school and I already got someone ignoring me. Great." Midnught sighed. He comed his hair with his hands, pulling it back. He let out a sigh. He turned to Amethyst who had walked off with Phoenix. "Ugh, Amethyst!" Midnight growled. He got up from his seat, then started walking off.

    He was then met by an Zoura. The Zoura was teasing him, using his Shape Shifting abilities, transforming into Phoenix. He crossed his arms and turned. Midnight was full with anger. He simply ignored it, then walking off. He found a group of Pokemon Jjinka, a Haunter, Houndoom and Tyranitar. They had some burn marks, and were quite ingured. Midnight walked over.

    "Um, what happened to you guys?"

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