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Open Pokémon Canyon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Azurea, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. a Group of young Pokémon, Including you, have woken up in a mysterious canyon with no memory of your life before now. All you can remember is your name, type, moves, Ect.
    Now, you must Work together using each other's Abilities and Strengths to escape the Dark Maze.
    (Flying Pokémon can't Fly out)

    Nature:Gentle and Modest
    Other:She wears a Green Pearl necklace around her neck

    ^My O.C ^
  2. Name: Kathleen
    Pokemon: leavanny
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Shy but likes to help others
    Other: Has a purple flower in hair

    Kathleen woke up in a large canyon. 'Where am I' She thought getting up, 'any why cant i remember anything?' Kathleen looked around hopping to find someone but instead found a Large headge maze. 'What is going on!' She thought.
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  3. Name: Zeta
    Pokemon: Porygon Z
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Modest
    Other: Has a star shaped point at his tail.

    Zeta awoke in the canyon like the others confused and trapped. "H-hello? Oh great where am I at now?!" He panicked and looked around until he noticed a Brionne as well as a Leavanny trapped with him as well and quickly darted over to them to see if they were friendly.
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  4. "Aaack!" Angie Flinched when Zeta Flew toward her. She then realized she was in a canyon with two other Pokémon.
    "Do you know why I'm here?!"
    She Prepared to use Disarming voice on Zeta
    "What about you?!"
    She Flipped her head to Kathleen
    "Do know why I'm here?!"
  5. "No..." Kathleen said softly. She ingnored the 2 pokemom as She looked back to the maze and then looked around the canyon. "I....dont think there is not other way....out then that maze there...." Kathleen replied as she turned back tword the 2 other pokemon.
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  6. name: Adrien
    Pokémon: Abra
    Gender: male
    nature: calm
    Other: wears a orange headband

    Adrien woke up somewhere in the canyon." where am I?" he thought to himself. he then saw a group of Pokémon in the distance and decided to teleport over there to see if they knew anything about this situation
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  7. Name: Thorn
    Pokemon: Helioptile
    Gender: Female
    Nature: Naive
    Other: Has a Trapinch skull necklace and a scarf tied around her tail

    Thorn woke up in a small ditch with a pile of leaves surrounding her. "Where am I?" she thought. She got up, her foot aching from something. She looked around decisively and used Electrify on herself to speed her up, as she was sleepy for some reason. She heard talking in the distance and walked towards it, mumbling "hello" whenever she turned a corner.
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  8. Angie heard a quiet hello and she Turned toward an exit in the area
    Angie Turned into the Exit and almost walking into Thorn
    "aack! Oh, sorry!"
    She stopped to brush off some dirt
    "I'm guessing you don't know why I'm here, either?"
  9. Adrien suddenly appeared among the crowd." Hello I'm Adrien, I overheard and I suppose no one here knows why any of us are here then, Mind if I tag along your group of merry band?" After that request, Adrien looked around to see there's a porygon-z and a leavanny nearby." I see there's quite a few Pokémon here."
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  10. Angie hears a loud noise, and before Thirn can respond, she dashes back to the centre
    "More Pokémon?!what is happening?!"
    She Runs into the middle of the group and Uses disarming voice to get everyone's attention
    She glanced around to make sure everyone was paying attention
    "We must work together to escape this Rock Prison!!"
    She looked down at everyone from the water spout she was standing on
    "Now...Psychic,Ghost,Bug and Dark type Pokémon in that corner!"
    She pointed to the far corner
    "And Grass,Electric,Ground,Normal Pokémon in that corner!"
    She blew water toward the other far corner
    "Fighting,Fire,Water,Fairy and Rock in that corner!"
    She dropped a waterfall in a closer corner
    "And dragon,flying,ice and Steel over Here!!"
    She Pointed at the last corner,then Slid down the Water spout and jumped off the wall at the closer corner
  11. Kathleen shifted uncomfortably at the command. "is it wise to split up?" She asked uncomfortable with out being in a large group, "I mean.... if we all want to leave...wont it not be....a good idea to move into different...groups" Kathleen pressed her flowers together and let the smell waft into her nose, it helped calm her down.
  12. Adrien walked up to Kathleen." Don't worry my lady, we will be fine as long as each of our small groups look after one another. Now, we should really get going if we want to get out of here as soon as possible." Adrien's voice has a soothing tone.
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  13. "Yea, but...If one group finds a way out....How will the other groups find it?" She asked worriedly. The idea of being lost for days, months, or even years scared her.
  14. Adrien thought for a second then got an idea." If any of us get into trouble, we just have to launch our brightest attack toward the air and the other will come to our aid, and don't worry I'll stick with you"
  15. She looked at the groups
    "I just want to see how our types varies.."
    She jumps up and summons a Water spout to land on. She Looked at the groups. She sighed
    She dropped and landed on the ground.
  16. Adrien looked at Angie who seemed to be worried about something , after she landed he went over nd asked: " What's seems to be the matter, you look kind of worried."
  17. "It's the Maze..."
    Angie Gripped the necklace and closed her eyes.she looked up and opened her eyes slowly.
    "It's getting dark...We should make beds or something and try sleeping.."
  18. Kathleen nodded and looked around the area. There was a large tree with healthily large leaves above them. It wasnt very hight up and it stook out of the canyon like a sore thumb. "We could...use that tree...for shelter and i can use x-scissor to get it down....if you would like" The leavanny sugested noting her sissor like-hands arms.
  19. "I don't think we should cut down the tree...It's our only source of shade.."
    Angie looked around
    "We can make nests under the tree with the materials around us,our moves and abilities!"
  20. "Oh I have a suggestion!" The overly energetic Porygon Z shouted as he proceeded to use flash and brighten up the darkening canyon. "Now we can see what we're doing even at night!" He suggested as the light illuminates the entrance to a dark and dangerous looking cave.
  21. Name:Steven
    Pokémon: angladesh
    Gender: male
    Other: has a green blade and purple shield
  22. Name: Ivan O.
    Pokemon: magcargo
    Gender: Male
    Nature: calm
    Other: None

    "Great, only one source of shade. At least if it gets cold I can be of use." Ivan said to the group
  23. Name: Leaf
    Pokémon: Bulbasaur
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Hardy
    Other: His bulb is a rusty red.

    Leaf opened an eye to find he was in a canyon of some sort. He then drifted back to sleep. All the bulbasaur seemed to care about was snoozing through the day. Then his stomach growled, and he shook off any hint weariness. Noticing some pokemon he decided to approach them. "Is there any food near here?" he asked.
  24. "There is, but it Doesn't look like there's a lot." Ivan said sadly "I think we're gonna have to eat one of us eventually." He said, staring at the ground
  25. Name: Void
    Pokemon: Absol
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Calm
    Void heard voices. He woke with a start to see other Pokemon murmuring to each other.
    "Hey, does anyone else know where we are? I can't remember a thing, except landing here."
  26. Name:Shadow
    Other:she wears a small necklace with a megastone attached to it

    Shadow huffed as she tried to push herself up "Ow!" she was confused and dizzy looking around she saw the group of pokemon and finally got to her feet "Uhm whats going on" she said kicking the dirt slightly
  27. Void looked at the newcomer. "I don't know. Some kind of canyon. Do you remember anything before you landed here?"
  28. "So far I'm thinking we eat the bulbasaur..." Ivan whispered to himself. "How many people are even down here?" Ivan said aloud
  29. "I don't know," replied Void. "But judging from the new Pokemon we've seen, there are more coming."
  30. "Indeed. So far it seems I the only pokemon from johto, that's kind of weird." He replied
  31. "Hey, don't worry," Void nudged him cheerfully. "I'm sure you'll see some familiar faces soon. For now, let's go see if there's food around here."
  32. "Cool. Some pokemon over there were talking about a tree, maybe it has some fruit?" Ivan suggested
  33. Name: Card
    Pokémon: Zubat
    Gender: Male
    Misc.: Yet another vision-less Zubat well-adjusted to a cavernous lifestyle and not much else.

    At their feet, a most sorrowful creature splayed, laid in such a way that indicated a tumultuous landing. They were collapsed, face up, wings out and wrestling about with anxious fervor. The Pokémon themselves admitted a stringent, voluminous voice from its void-like mouth which overwhelmed the immediate area. "W-what's going on!? Where am I!? Where are the voices come from!? Auugh! I can't see!"

    He gathered the impression that the other Pokémon around him were planning to depart and grew louder. "I can't see! Help me, help me! Where is this place!? Is this the cave!? This isn't the cave...!?"
  34. " Let's try it." Absol agreed. The two walked over to the tree. "Look! Oran berries! Let's take some back to the others."
  35. The Magcargo he just talked to ended on an eerie tone. Then again it could just be that Leaf was a grass type and the magcargo was a fire type. Since food seemed scarce, Leaf decided to search for a sunny spot to hopefully gain some energy that way.
  36. name: jack
    pokemon: pancham
    gender: male
    nature: relaxed
    other: a necklace with a sharpedo tooth
    wait... where am I pancham asked himself while staring at other pokemon. pancham looked around hungry looking for berries.
  37. "Help me, help me! I can't see! Don't leave me!"
  38. Steven got up and aim his blade at the other Pokémon " who where what where am I " Steven asked the other Pokémon "and how did I get here
  39. pancham ignored Steven and looked around finding a bush with a bright red berry poking out of it ready to bite until he noticed he was in a canyon then he stopped walking and looked for other pokemon finding an absol and then asked do you have any idea where we are?
  40. Card, in the midst of his raving and panicking, managed to lift his little body off of the ground. With his wings beating ardently, his piercing cries died away into pants and then into , seemingly, nothing. Only those whose ears were sensitive to an incredible degree could detect the high whistle leaking from the creature—to those Pokemon, coincidentally, it would also be incredibly grating. The whistle darted from Card's mouth, collided with a distance surface, and trickled off like rippling water.

    A similar strategy occurred several times over, the Zubat growing gradually desperate with each, as the cries would crash against various angles, swerving and jolting in multitudinous directions. Card couldn't make any sense of it and, before the Zubat knew it, the voices of the Pokemon evading his earlier plight were far behind him.

    He was lost in the depths of the maze.

    It was the only discernible aspect he had about where he was, that this was a maze. Not literally, of course, but he had no other words to describe this coiling, tangled mess in which he'd been dumped without any relevant memory. He was lost, frightened beyond belief, and indignant, too. What had he done to deserve this? Had his rejection of Moltres caught up to him? Was this a god's doing?

    Most notably, Card was blind, a very obvious attribute but never a debilitating one. It was, at this moment of frustration and utter fear, that the Zubat recognized having no eyes in which to see was damnable. He was at the utter mercy of his enigmatic environment.

    With his panic at its peak, now, the Zubat invested all his faith into the only organ he could trust—his wings—and surged upwards, escalating higher and higher, panting harder with every beat, praying to collide with the craggy ceiling of his beloved cave and plummet back down into his only home.

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