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Pokecharms: The Green Grimoire

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Satoren, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Chapitre 1- At the Gates

    A sudden gush of wind blew across the fields as a lone figure ascended a small row of hills neatly formed in the middle of the light green plain; the long blades of grass all around him danced at the whim of the breeze. He closed his eyes gently, feeling the cool air tickle his face and preventing the bright rays of sunlight from blinding him. Placing a paw on his brow, he lazily opened one of his eyes. With a shade over his eyes, he scanned the surroundings now as he was at the highest hill of the field. Directly in front of him lay the very place he had been looking for. The small creature was an Eevee; a petite Pokemon with a brown pelt and a lighter beige ruff of fur wrapped warmly around his neck. And the place he had been searching for was a rather large and strangely built fortress known as the Charms Explorer's Guild. And indeed, for a young Evolution Pokemon such as he, the Guild was unlike any other guild he had ever seen.

    The structure was built directly into the bottom of a mountain, and bulged out like a smooth yellow dome. From it, several long and narrow green spires jutted out in an organized row. Tiny dotted holes were lined neatly at the upper hemisphere of the building; and at the very top, a peculiar object stood proudly sticking out. It looked like a gigantic green leaf, with a purposely rounded cut made into its side that somehow made then entire guild seem strangely familiar. At its base, a large wooden gate connected it with the road and stood tall and proud, and the entire place was surrounded by trees and shrubs growing around the area, with the long dirt road clearing a path towards the grassy plains where the Eevee stood. This Guild seemed more like an impenetrable fortress than a place for Pokemon to commune. In fact, the elders at the nearby village were rather worried as to why they built such an intimidating construct, fearing that it might be some sort of military base or asylum of some kind. The Guildmaster had addressed the situation, claiming that no one these days would know of such things, to the point that the younger residents would even wonder what the words 'military' or 'asylum' would mean. This eventually lead to the elders ranting about the good old days when there was more action and adventure everywhere, and how they never had to look for trouble seeing as it would always find them. Lost in their memories, the Guildmaster promptly left their council, knowing that he had magnificently dodged a rather nasty setback.

    The Building was by no means an intimidating one, and that was just its purpose. The Charms Explorer's Guild had recently gained region-wide acclaim for the efforts of its Explorer and Rescue Teams during these peculiar and slightly troubling times. Several areas all over the region were beginning to change. Strange forces seemed to alter them constantly, further warping the mapped paths and opening new ones. Worse still, these strange changes are beginning to take their toll on the environment. Pokemon who once lived in these areas began to suffer from the stress of the abrupt alterations to their lifestyles. They became moody and aggressive towards travelers who attempted to enter these areas, only to find that there would be no way out and that the paths continued to spiral towards a dead end in the deepest portions of the area. These areas now altered by strange forces have been labeled by the public as 'Mystery Dungeons.'

    Under normal circumstances, these Mystery Dungeons are to be avoided by any and all travelers. Warnings have been issued, and the Dungeons are monitored closely in hopes of discovering just what is causing them to behave so strangely, and if there is any way to stop them. Still, there are those few ignorant souls who dismiss the regulations as talk to scare the public (even if there is a severe lack of any figure that would want to scare the public in the first place.) Perhaps it is a quest for adventure and the chance to do something with their lives that draws these Pokemon into the gaping maws of Dungeons. Perhaps they are in pursuit of the treasures that can only be found with their mysterious walls. Whatever the reason, many have stressed their want to reopen these areas in favor of exploration. Those entrusted with the Law founded by the Pokemon were responsible for upholding the it, and keeping those who abided by it safe from any form of danger, even their own foolishness. That, however, is easier said than done, for while they had the power, they sorely lacked the numbers; and many were beginning to gather at their headquarters to issue complaints. After several hours without a response, they tried again, and expressed their suggestions this time via forceful entry and the eventual unconsciousness of three law enforcers. Safely out of reach, the most esteemed leaders of the Law had begun to contemplate what they should do. This then lead to their own interpretation of the good old days where trouble apparently never tried to find them, and that the olden days were so dull and peaceful. It was clear that the enforcer's noble leaders did not get along very well with the village elders.

    Seeing the ruthless tenacity of the public they swore to protect, the council decided to modify the laws, realizing there was no point in staking your life over foolish young Pokemon who gladly wanted to go out on an adventure and eventually injure themselves and others in some manner. Thus, the Mystery Dungeons were now opened and ready to be explored by anyone. With the alterations to the rules however, compensations were required. These compensations being the sole reason why this one little brown Eevee was now approaching the Charms Gates.

    Only upon actually standing at the foot of the fortress gates did the young Eevee realize just how vastly huge the Guild was. The doors, upon closer inspection, were not only made of wood, but had intricate carvings all over them. Designs and symbols that looped, curled, and intertwined rather gracefully. And while he admired this finely crafted barricade, he began to realize that it was in fact a barricade, and that it was at the moment keeping him out of the Fortress he had hoped to enter. The question now was how exactly was he supposed to do that? As he looked around for a small opening or even a hole to peep through, he placed a paw lightly on the wooden threshold he had been so amazed of only minutes ago. As he did, a sharp yell caught his attention and promptly caused him to leap slightly and plaster himself against the gates in shock.

    He looked around wildly, trying to find the source of that strange noise. It seemed to be a prolonged scream of terror, and by its sound he could judge it was fairly far away, possibly even inside the Guild. Soon it slowly faded away and there was silence for a while. The Eevee felt his heart's pounding subside as he became puzzled over what that was all about. Then suddenly, he heard a second voice, this time quite clearly speaking. He looked wildly around again and then realized he hadn't looked upward. Sure enough, directly above him, atop one of the green spires, a silhouette of a creature with a single long and pointy ear could be seen. A paw or limb of some sort was waving madly from it.

    "BE GONE WITH YOU! AND COME BACK PERHAPS WHEN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR BRAIN, OR PICKED UP ONE AT LEAST TWO SIZES LARGER THAN YOUR HEAD!" The tan colored creature shrieked furiously. Its green paws were coiled into a fist of sorts and were shaking madly towards the direction in which the scream had been catapulted off to, along with the Pokemon who owned it. The catapult in question stood right beside him, its springs unwound and its contents now hurdling through the sky at an alarming velocity. Where those contents landed was of little importance to the catapult, or the Pokemon who had launched it. "Honestly," he groaned. "It's Pokemon like those that keep getting perfectly normal Pokemon stuck in those miserable dungeons." Miles below him, the Eevee gawked, not realizing what had just happened, but fairly confused and horrified at what he saw. The Pokemon atop the spire sighed, and was about to return inside when he noticed a small brown speck at the bottom of the fortress. He looked down on it, but could only make out that it was not actually a brown speck, but a brown and beige speck. The color scheme alone allowed him to surmise that like him, it was a member of the Eevee family of Pokemon. "You there!" he called down to it. The Eevee blinked back, still confused. "What business do you have at Charms?" the Leafeon asked.

    The Eevee remained silent for a long while, and then it stuttered. "I...I'm..." of course from their distance, it couldn't be heard, and so he steeled his courage and shouted back. "I'd like to join this Guild, sir!"

    This time a long silence came from the Leafeon. It only added to his frustration at the moment. How convenient that just as he had jettizoned the latest attempt at being a Guild member, a new one arrives. He glanced at the catapult next to him, and considered winding it up again. But as he did, another voice called from behind him.

    "Stel, there you are!" said a green Pokemon as it dashed over to the Leafeon. This Pokemon stood on two legs, its claws orange in color. His head had a peculiar shape to it, with a green cap-like structure sitting comfortably on top of it. "I was wondering where you went with that recruit," he was saying, but as he did, he noticed the catapult next to Stellarwind, and that it had been launched. "Oh." he finished after a brief pause.

    "Ruko, good of you to join me," Stel said, completely ignoring the mental image the Breloom was now forming in his head. "As it just so happens, I need your help with something." The Breloom looked pensively at his fellow Grass type, and Stel chuckled at this. "Look down there," he told Ruko as he pointed to the bottom of the balcony. Ruko obliged, and as he did he noticed the same brown and beige speck that Stellarwind was speaking to.

    "Is that a client?" The Breloom asked.

    "No, he is seeking membership," the Leafeon growled.

    "Ah," Ruko replied matter-of-factly. "You'd better just let me handle this then," he told him.

    Stellarwind nodded to this with some satisfaction. He stalked towards the staircase from which they had entered. As he did, he suddenly thought of something. Leaning over the balcony's rafters, he called back down to the Eevee. "You, boy!" The Eevee looked nervously upwards towards the Leafeon. "Have you any coconuts?" he called down. Ruko stifled a chuckle as he heard this.

    "Um...n-no. I don't think so," the Eevee replied weakly. Stellarwind, a little disappointed at this, gave him a sigh.

    "Ah well, that's a shame," he told him. "If you bang them together they make a nice trotting sound." With that, the Leafeon made his way towards the staircase. He had left the Eevee quite puzzled, and that felt somewhat enjoyable. The little Evolution Pokemon's ears twitched in bewilderment and then looked back at the Breloom.

    Ruko was snickering under his breath at Stellarwind's comment, but now noticed the confused little Pokemon below him. "Uhhhh....I'd rather not waste my breath here," Ruko called down to him. Just come in once the front gate opens and look for Database," he instructed. The Eevee blinked back at him. "He handles the Member Registration. Hard to miss," Ruko explained. Without another word, the mushroom Pokemon followed Stellarwind towards the staircase and out of sight.

    For a long deafening amount of silence, the Eevee stood there. He had thought that he had gone mad by now. But there was no such luxury for him. He will have to go mad the same way everyone else had at the Guild, with well-placed effort and dedication to the cause. He did not know it now, but this little Pokemon may very well be destined for something more grand than he could ever think possible. The gates grunted loudly, a heavy dragging sound could be heard from them. Gears churning from somewhere groaned loudly and chains jingled as the doors opened slowly and steadily. They heaved with every effort and the sounds of their toil were loud, but had gone by unnoticed by the many Pokemon that littered the Charms main entrance.

    Special thanks to Pheonix, who took time and effort to help me with corrections and generally make this fic even more awesome. Pheo, thou hath my thanks
  2. Love it. As soon as you mentioned the Leafeon, it was quite obvious who was in charge of the catapult. Your paragraphs seem massive, but that's only for appearances on forums, on paper they wouldn't seem so imposing.

    Critically I have little to say yet, other than I'd first assumed your character was a Buizel. I can't think why.

    Nice Monty Python reference, too bad about the lack of very bad french accent XD

    I suppose a African Swellows are non-migratory?
  3. Magpie

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    Staff Member Moderator

    What an awesome idea. Pokecharms Guild = win
  4. The coconuts... that must be a quote from somewhere. Mustn't it? Monty Python or something? :p

    Classic stuff, RX, bloody brilliant. Not much else to say really, 'xcept the obligatory joining of the waiting line to read the next installment. :p

    Edit: Just read Tatile's post - aha, I was right :D
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Good grief. XDDDDD

    What do you mean, an African Swellow or a European Swellow? XD
  6. Gosh, I feel so idiotic from watching the movie with those references, and not knowing it was from it ;_;

    Anyway, I simply love this
  7. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Ahahaha. When I saw the phrases "be gone" and "COME BACK PERHAPS WHEN YOU'VE FOUND YOUR BRAIN, OR PICKED UP ONE AT LEAST TWO SIZES LARGER THAN YOUR HEAD!" I immediatly knew it was Stel. Only he would only say something like that in such a dramatic way. XD

    I must say, very good job. I'm looking forward to reading more of this. Just make sure you actually CONTINUE with this one, RX, unlike the past, what, 5 stuffs you have abandoned? Including role plays? *glares*

    I find it quite coincidental that this happens to be my 2nd anniversary of joining Pokecharms, and I happen to see that you've written about an Eevee that wants to join a guild that seems to be based on us.
  8. Wow. This concept is amazing. Are many regulars going to be featured, or just the mods?

    This is a very funny fic, too, and I love Stel's Pokemon self. He's so cute!

    *huggles Leafeon*

    I love the dramatic StellarWind comments.

    I want to know more about the Eevee. Who did the Eevee use to be?
  9. KoL

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    Heh, I didn't even know you did fan fiction RX, but I really like the way you wrote that. Stel as Leafeon, with even the infamous "Rocket Lawn Chair" making a cameo appearance of sorts in the form of that catapult. Ruko being a Breloom surprised me a bit; I was expecting a Smeargle, but Breloom does fit him quite well - both of them are infamous for Spore and have strangely shaped heads.

    I'll definitely be keeping up with this one, because this looks brilliant so far.
  10. ...Bwahahaha xD
    Leafeon-Stel = Win. *huggles plushie*
    I can totally picture this fic as of now. Awesome job, RX.
  11. The Rocket Lawn Chair was cameo ossumsauce. I think Stel's lines nearly gave me a laughing-induced heart attack XP

    I will be watching/reading this fic like a vulture to roadkill. Write moar, I says, moar!

    BTW, keep it up.
  12. XD Awesome beginning RX. I do feel bad for the Eevee a little, being stared down upon by Stel, plus the coconut reference xD

    This flows very nicely, and I love everyone's lines xD I can't wait to read more, keep it up :)
  13. Psycho Monkey

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    Oh where to begin?

    I nearly died of laughter twice at Stel's lines and the Monty Python refrences.

    I'm interested in seeing how each member of 'Charms appears in Pokemon forme (have to add 'e' when refering to Pokemon :p) is this fic.

    Writiing style: Elegant, pretty, awesome, and fluid.

    All I have left to say is that I'll be back when you have more.
  14. Oh dear... how did I forget to comment on this before I went to sleep last night. I should have had the first one. ><

    Even with all the stuff I told you as I was helping edit, this is an awesomely solid start. Great introduction to the world the PMD occupies and awesome descriptions of the Charmsians who do make up the guild. ^^

    I actually feel a little guilty now that I get to read this all before everyone else does just so you can post it in near perfect awesomeness. :3 Either way, I hope you give us a really good storyline with this and hope to see more and more Charmsians make their appearances. ^^
  15. Ha, I dig how you wrote Stel. Fits him perfectly.

    Other than that, well, not a whole lot has happened; nonetheless, I will be keeping an eye on this. I like your writing style.
  16. Chapitre 2- The Main Entrance

    The Charms' main entrance was flooded by a sea of colors. Pokemon of all types, shapes, and sizes had gathered for reasons as diverse as the species they represented. The Eevee widened his eyes in amazement at the collection of creatures that moved busily about the main entrance. Several of them conversed in smaller groups, showing off their wares or giving out information. Others were madly rushing about, as though searching for something they had misplaced; while others still madly rushed about as they themselves had been misplaced. The little brown Pokemon could only recognize a handful of the species that congregated before him. And there were many more that he had never seen in his entire life. Then he realized that among them was the Pokemon that would grant him membership into this wondrous place; the Pokemon strangely named Database, as instructed by the Breloom he had met while at the front gates.

    He didn't know where to begin searching. The masses of Pokemon at the main entrance would probably be made up of several guild members and clients. He thought of how he should approach this. He was told that Database handled Guild Registration. Therefore, he should be important enough to be identifiable by the other guild members at least. If he could find a guild member, odds are he'd be able to find Database. The plan was simple, and possibly time-consuming. The Eevee considered the difficulty he was already burdened with, and how it was unlike the process he had imagined. He had hoped he would be able to join in a heartbeat, but recent events had caused him to surmise that getting into Charms wasn't as easy as he had assumed.

    May as well get the Spheal rolling, he thought to himself, and approached a nearby Pokemon. The Pokemon was purple in color with tan highlights on his face and belly. His hair was wildly unkempt, and stood up like a row of spikes on his head. He had a rather interesting tail, which the Eevee had initially thought was a third leg, before it wagged about in a snake-like motion. The Evolution Pokemon had no idea what sort of Pokemon this was, but strange as he seemed, he also looked rather friendly.

    "E-excuse me," he spoke softly. The purple Pokemon turned over to him and flashed a cheerful smile.

    "Oh, hello there," he said ecstatically, his clawed tail jerking from side to side.

    "I-I'm looking for someone," the Eevee stuttered. "Could you please tell me where a guild member named Database is?" he asked.

    The purple Pokemon looked up and thought about this. As he did, his tail bent over and began scratching his head for him. "You're looking for Petey, huh? I think I might be able to help you out," he replied.

    The Eevee grinned at this. "R-really? You'll help me out?" he asked excitedly.

    "Sure, it's no problem," the purple Pokemon said. "Now let me see," he placed a paw against his chin. "I'm sure I saw Petey somewhere," he mumbled to himself.

    As the Pokemon pondered, the Eevee relized that for him to seemingly know this Database character would mean that he was a guild member himself. "Hey, so are you a guild member here?" he asked in order to confirm this assumptions.

    The Pokemon was slightly startled at the question. "Yeah," he answered confidently. "Sure am. I've been in this guild for a fair while," he declared. At that moment, the Eevee's hopeful grin grew wider with amazement. It startled the purple Pokemon again and caused him to blush slightly. He chuckled before suddenly asking "So wait, you're going to register today?" he asked. The Eevee nodded in reply, and the purple Pokemon suddenly looked worried.

    "W-what's wrong?" The Evolution Pokemon asked.

    "Well, we better find Database as soon as we can then. Otherwise, you'll have to come back here next week just to register," he explained. The Eevee's jaw dropped in surprise at this remark.

    Next week?! I can't come back next week after finally getting the guts to even come here, he thought to himself. Ignoring the reasons as to why a deadline suddenly decided to reveal itself, the Eevee quickly thanked the stranger and rushed off.

    The Aipom wanted to suggest that they look together, but the Eevee had already disappeared into the crowd. He swerved his head from left to right, but could no longer find him. The Pokemon heaved a sigh. "Ah well," he told himself. "Petey's bound to show up to make the morning announcements anyway. Unless he has half a brain, I'm sure he can figure out what to do." No longer investing any of his time with the concern, the Aipom happily resumed his previous chores.

    The Eevee swiftly passed from Pokemon to Pokemon, asking as to the whereabouts of the apparently elusive Guild member. Some were friendly enough to him, but unfortunately knew little to nothing as to where Database was. Some looked at him with a sharp glare and the intention of doing something rather uncivilized if he had continued to mingle with them, and so he gave up asking around entirely. He considered calling out for the Pokemon in charge of Registration, but then remembered what the Breloom had told him.

    Hard to miss was how he had put it, but how to interpret that was now the problem. The little Evolution Pokemon looked around again, any of these multitudes of Pokemon could be this Database. Would he have to go and ask every single one of them just to find him? This wasn't the case though, as a few feet away from him, a strange sight was setting itself up for a very important matter.

    "ATENSHUN DUELISTZ, MAH HEAD HAZ AN IMPERTANT ANUNZMENT!" The strange spectacle of a Pokemon cried out. Its dark, pink head bobbed a few inches above its suspended body, a neck to connect the two parts was sorely missing. This allowed the creature to spin its cranium wildly about as it continued its announcement. Several Pokemon near him gathered around him in order to hear the news as clearly as possible. The young Eevee's ears shot up, he too was eager to hear what this strange Pokemon was saying.

    "THIZ ANUNZMENT IZ ONLY FOR TEH NEW RECRUITZ WHO HAVE SIGNED UP TODAY! ALL REGULAR GUILD MEMBERZ; PLZ CARRY ABOUT YER BUSINEZZ, KTHX," it yelled out. The Pokemon had a strange voice that sounded like it was trying to speak whilest underwater, and doing so effectively. The accent felt strange at first, but was not that difficult to understand.

    "NEW GUILD RECRUITZ ARE TO PROCEED TO TEH ARMORY TO RECEIVE YER BASIC KIT. AFTER WICH, PLZ PROCEED TO TEH MAIN LOBBY FOR INSTRUKSHUNZ," it continued. Basic Kit? Main Lobby? What exactly was going on here? thought the Eevee to himself.

    "IF THAR IZ ANYWUN ELZ WHO WISHEZ TO SIGN UP FER TEH GUILD MEMBARSHIP TEST, PLZ APPROACH ME NOW FER REGISTRASHUN, KTHX," the Pokemon announced. "I REPEAT, ALL POKEYMANZ WHO WANTZ TO JOIN TEH GUILD MUST REGISTER BEFORE TAKING TEH INISHIASHUN TEZT, THAT IS ALL." And as soon as it had finished, the crowd around the floating Pokemon began to disperse in every which way. Some nearby Pokemon drew even nearer to register. Those who were already enlisted were dashing towards another large gate at the opposite end of the main entrance. They were about to proceed to the armory themselves as instructed. Everyone else who wasn't dashing towards the Porygon-Z or the back gates had resumed their previous endeavors, and the air of casual business returned to the significantly emptier grounds.

    Among the compressed throngs of those late for registration, the Eevee struggled to keep himself from being squashed and suffocated. He was fortunate to have heard Database's announcement when he did. Much like the others around him, he would have had to go home empty-handed if he couldn't enlist in time. However, he considered the forthcoming events. What did they mean by initiation test? He wondered. But as he contemplated, he had almost been knocked to the ground by a large Pokemon next to him. As he breathed heavily, he decided the questions would have to wait until after he had registered. He wasn't too sure of what was going on, but a nagging sense of tenacity would not allow him to just give up before it had even begun. With a forceful push, the Eevee began its own battle to get closer to Database.

    note: Unless that Aipom implodes, you won't know who he is. And that's your clue :V
  17. OH OH I KNOW WHO THE AIPOM IS(Who I previously thought was an Arbok or something...)!


    All silliness aside, I was actually wondering what Data would be portrayed as. And then as soon as I read this, I found myself feeling exceedingly stupid for not guessing that >> I also loved the YGO Abridged reference here~

    Anyway, I command you to write moar :3
  18. Another great entry. Gotta love where you are going with this, keep up the great work. You can count on me to help with the edits any day! ^^
  19. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Database as a Porygon Z was awesome. Especially the way he spoke. XD

    I feel sorry for the poor Eevee, though; all the people here are so, well, weird, but then again, that's how it always is, amirite? Too bad that Aipom hasn't become so weird, but then again, he hasn't been here as long as some of us.

    *stabs you* glad you actually got a second chapter up, now let's see if you can actually write six more. :3
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Lawl, Typo-laden Porygon-Z. Perfect Data? XD
  21. Magpie

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    Data = perfection in a can.

    Loved this chapter, simply loved it. The typos were just epic and the characters wonderfully done. Can't wait for moar awesomeness
  22. Wow. Just wow. Data was perfect, as was our imploding Aipom friend. :p

    I think you captured our obvious uniqueness very well with every appearance, and I believe you'll continue to do so. Can't wait for the next one :p
  23. Teapot

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    ... RX, I love you. So much. My character is effing perfect - and I LOVE Porygon-Z, so you've picked the perfect Pokémon for me :D I love my way of speaking, as it were.

    Anyway, fawning over myself aside, this fic is shaping up to be really quite fantastic. The other characterisations are distinct and really clever, and I am looking forward to more.
    #23 Teapot, Jun 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2014
  24. XDDD I found myself giggling all throughout this chapter. This is another amazing one. Typos for the win, as well as Data portrayed as Porygon-Z.

    I know who Aipom is~ And that's another perfect match right there :p

    Can't wait to read the next chapter for more epicness ^^
  25. I love it!

    It's really cool how you used a "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" Approach to the whole thing. My favorite is Breloom. Can you guess why? *Huggles the Breloom*
  26. Lesse: awesome/hilarious charries, an imploding monkey, Data as Porygon-Z, and YGO ABRIDGED REFS?! This can only mean that RX wrote another chapter!

    I'll agree with Middy on laughing the entire time while reading this, because it was really hard not to XP

    Keep up, you should, the good work...hmmm?
  27. The force, may it be with you hm? This is awesome. I wish that I could be way more popular so that I could make it into this. It would be awesome. And I like to say awesome. Isn't that awesome?!? It's super awesome, I know.
  28. Chapitre 3- The Library

    The guild's library was one of the largest repositories of knowledge in the region; mostly because only a rare few would have thought to even have repositories of knowledge in the first place. It was housed in a large hall near the main lobby, with two curved doors for its users to enter and exit through. Near the doors stood a counter for the staff to work behind, and lined neatly across the room were several tables, each with 10 or so chairs for those who wished to read inside. Cushions were also set on the floor near some carpets for larger Pokemon. Its walls were lined with a myriad of written works, but were blocked by several other shelves containing even more items to read.

    Some of its documents had been written by the Guildmaster himself, chronicling his travels and of the wonders he had encountered during these journeys. Others were written works from the most knowledgeable of Pokemon and contained a variety of useful subjects that were fated to be overlooked by the library's visitors, despite their significance in the grand scheme of the world's order. This was due to the immense popularity of the books and documents compiled by the Librarians themselves, regarding the myths, legends and farfetched tales of mysterious and fantastic places both near and far. Another section of the library dealt with the compilations of odd ramblings written by certain members of the guild. These ramblings were long, furiously written and bled sarcasm and immense loathing that focused on a single, largely unnoticed facet of life. These works were by far the most popular literary pieces the library had.

    A young Pokemon was eagerly about to immerse himself in such a piece and took it to the librarian to be checked out. The librarian was short and pink in color, and seemed to sparkle magnificently from behind the desk. A large fluffy ball of softness bobbed to and fro on her head, while similarly large, puffy pompoms at the ends of her arms placed the borrower's book on the counter. She had brilliant red eyes that looked at the borrower kindly as she signed his name along with the lended book's title on a list behind the counter. With everything checked out, the young Pokemon excitedly left, a copy of Where Arceus Went Wrong tucked neatly under his arm. The Jumpluff watched as he departed, then moved from behind the counter and over to a table where several other familiar Pokemon had gathered.

    "So, what were we talking about again?" She asked her friends.

    "Hey there, Carmen," said a tall, black Pokemon from across the table. She had an orange muzzle and two horns that curled backwards. Her jagged tail wagged happily at her friend's return to the discussion.

    "We were just talking about the initiation test today," added an equally tall, blue Pokemon seated next to the Jumpluff. He had spiked, orange cheeks and a tall grey fin sticking out of his head. His large, almost flat paws were crossed on the table.

    "Ah right. Today's initiation test for the new recruits," Carmen said, going over what they all knew was a fairly important event of the day. "Isn't that why Zacky's not around today?" she added.

    "Kal too," the Blue Pokemon replied. "Seems like Nem's giving the recruits a real run for their money today," he said. The Marshtomp frowned briefly at this thought.

    "Well, it's not like they have to actually beat them," the black Pokemon noted. "Just try and get past them and they'll pass the test."

    "Besides, Zacky's too nice to the recruits," Carmen said. The three of them chuckled at her comment. "He might bring his sword for the test though, just to scare them a little," she added.

    "Meh," the black Pokemon sighed. "I don't think I'd like to volunteer for the tests anymore. The kids over at the nursery are a handful these days," said the Houndoom.

    "Speaking of which," the Marshtomp interjected. "Shouldn't you be getting back to Lyni? It's not very fair, leaving her all by herself with the kids."

    "Shush, Pheo" the Houndoom said haughtily. "Lyni's fine. The children just love her. Still, as an Eevee, she can be overwhelmed by the larger kids," she explained. "The Baby Onix are a real handful since they don't realize how heavy they are," she added. At that point, the Houndoom envisioned a small fluffy tail sticking out of a pile of rocks. "You know, I think I will head back there."

    "I'd like to go with you, Middy," Carmen said thoughtfully. "It's been a while since I went to the Nursery, and I'd love to see some of the eggs hatch; but I can't switch with Pheo until later this afternoon," she told the Houndoom with disappointment.

    "It's no problem, Carmen," Pheo said. "I'll switch with you now, if you like. But you'll have to work my shift along with yours all day tomorrow in return." he told her as he grinned mischievously.

    "Alright, I'll take you up on that offer," the Jumpluff replied happily. Being stuck in the library all day wasn't going to be too bad. I need to work on that new compilation of Legends in the Northern regions anyway, she thought to herself. As the Marshtomp moved over to the counter to serve another Pokemon, Carmen followed Middy out the door. As the Houndoom told her of the types of eggs they had at the nursery that day, several Pokemon passed them. None were familiar to them, so they assumed them to be the new recruits. They quietly looked on at the long queue of eager young Pokemon as they entered the main lobby. A few of them caught their interest, probably because they had not seen a Pokemon of that species entering the ranks of the guild before. Middy noted a fair few of them looked significantly older than the others. Carmen on the other hand perked the small leaves on her head at the sight of a small blue Pokemon with intimidating red eyes passing by.

    "Whoa," Middy whispered. "There sure are a lot more than yesterday, huh?" she asked Carmen.

    "Yeah. But with registration closed on the weekends, I guess they decided to apply now rather than wait over the weekend," Carmen answered. The two waited for the crowd of new registrants to proceed towards the staircase down the hallway. As the last Pokemon scooted off, Middy and Carmen walked over to a door across the main lobby which would lead them to the Nursery. "Do you remember when you first applied here?" the Jumpluff asked her friend cheerfully.

    "I try not to," the Houndoom replied weakly. "I was so full of myself back then. I'm sure there were a lot of instances where Stel or some other Mod wanted to kick me out." Middy thought about this with dread. Invoking the wrath of any of the Charms' senior members would be of catastrophic results.

    Carmen chuckled at this answer. "I'm sure that's how we all felt when we first joined the guild. It took me quite a while before I could even get the courage to talk to Stel and the others. It's actually kind of hard to believe how far we've gotten since we first joined. I mean, I can barely remember how my first test went," she said with another giggle.

    The two continued down the path towards the nursery, lost in memories of their earlier days in the Charms guild. The two had been members for a fairly long time; Carmen being a notably older member than Middy. And as they felt amazed at how different the past had been from the present, another Pokemon was beginning to worry about his future with the guild.

    -Clearly Pheo's other forme is not available for certain reasons, therefore this.
    -My Chapter Titles are boring me D:<
    -Pheo is awesome as usual for being my Copywriter/Editor
    -My Chapters are getting noticeably shorter D: ACTION AND ADVENTURE WHERE ARE YOU?!
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