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Ask to Join One Piece Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Elio took a large inhale, savoring the salty scent of the ocean that vastly differed from the polluted smell of the mainland. The quite area of the beach he had cleared the trash from was the only place on the entire island that didn’t seem like a wasteland. His eyes looked longingly out at the vast sea as he dreamed of adventure while staring into the horizon. He fantasized of fantastic exploits, diamond cities, fights with giants, voluptuous seal women with hula-hoops.
    ”Well that was weird.” Elio muttered to himself before shaking his head to snap him out of the weird turn his fantasy had taken. However, when he looked up again all he could see was a voluptuous seal woman. Elio squinted his eyes at the horizon it couldn’t be he whispered before dashing off towards the strange dancing figure.
    “Oiyyyyy! My name’s Elio. You aren’t from around here are you? Nobody ever comes here! Do you have a ship?!” The boy shouted while he ran at the girl, waving in excitement. As he neared her, his foot stabbed into the sand, causing him to lose his footing and fall face first into her bosom. The force of impact knocked the two of them over and ended with Elio laying on top of the mysterious girl with his face planted in her chest.
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  2. Harphina's whiskers twitched in the wind. The most sensitive part of her body, the long, spindly whiskers were the Seal-Minks primary means of sensing the world around her. At the moment they were attuned to the cool ocean breeze and the many other tidbits of sensory tingles that rode along with them. Her snout twitched at the scent of salty brine, her ears fluttering to the sound of waves crashing against the beachfront. Everything was peace and quiet...until it wasn't.

    Even before Elio had very rudely disturbed the tranquility of her golden-sand haven, Harphina's whiskered had already begun to tingle with bad premonitions. Not being a stickler for superstition, Harphina dismissed the feeling. After all, it was likely nothing more than her whiskers been twitchy again. In fact, her twitchiness was the whole reason she was out here, to begin with. The ringmaster had seen she was getting a little bit too hyperactive and had decided to give her an early break, "For Neptune's sake you furred freak! Go bumble around with your beach balls or stuff that empty head of yours in the sand, I don't care! Just get outta here!", he'd said. His voice had been a bit strained while he'd berated her, but she wasn't quite sure why he'd been angry. Perhaps because she'd knocked over the flaming ring and almost set fire to the whole tent? Or was it the tiger whose cage she'd accidentally left open (her fingers couldn't adjust the latch correctly)? Maybe all of the above?

    Whatever the issue was, she'd been booted from helping with the Circus set-up and told to burn some energy. Thus she found herself on the beach, dancing vividly to the lull of the waves, while her hula-hoops danced around her waist and arms. She hadn't even gone a solid five minutes before Elio had appeared, crashing onto her much like the waves against the shore. The wind was knocked from her lungs as the world tumbled around her, ending with a rough impact on the gritty sand, and a certain something or, rather someone, diving for pearls in the ravine of her bosom.

    As the girl opened her eyes and regained her bearings, she found herself face to face with her assaulter —a wooden plank. Harphina was stunned; was this one of those freaky devil fruits she'd heard about? A person with an oar for a head? The pinniped was at a loss for words. As she struggled to displace her assaulter, she felt her foot slam against something hard, and cylindrical. Definitely the stiffest piece of wood she'd ever felt. The sudden bump caused her to freeze-up, and it was only a few moments later when she felt Elio's hot breath against the fur of her chest, that Harphina looked down and everything clicked into place.

    "Oh! You do have a real head! And thank god that's not actually your wood— well, I mean, it is your wood, but not your wood, you get what I mean? It's like wood wood, but not wood wood, like, not human wood? Well, you are human right?"

    Seeing Elio's head buried in her chest, it clicked to her that the plank that was currently infront of her face, was actually just apart of the oar he had strapped to his back, and the firm piece of wood she'd brushed against was the pole-arm handle of said oar...not the other thing...

    "Um...how long do you plan to stay down there? I heard humans can have really weird tastes and be into other races, but I also heard they can be really crafty! Are you just enamored by my splendid mink? Or are you just playing dead so you can fondle me? I'll bite you! ...You didn't knock yourself out with that thick piece of wood, did you?"

    Like a machine gun, she rattled. The tone in her voice shifting with almost every phrase. Shock, suspicious, proud, threatening, disbelief, curiosity...the girl was clearly going a mile a minute, only pausing at the end to await some sort of response.
  3. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Elio laid in the warm cushion of fur a bit longer before Harphina’s endless berating was able to snap out the trance his delightful mistake had put him in. He lifted his head and planted his hands in the ground on either side of the mink’s face, essentially sitting on her chest as he unassumingly stared at her.
    “Hehehe.” Elio grinned as he laughed at the strange situation he found himself in. With no regard to the discomfort the girl would surely be in, Elio innocently proceeded in stating his interest in the mink. “Sorry about that! You look so different than everyone here, you must’ve came from somewhere else! If you have a ship, join my crew! I’m going to be a pirate captain! We’ll get rich and I’m strong so I can protect y...

    Though energy had been surging through his veins due to Harphina not only representing an object of attraction, but much more- Elio’s greatest desire: a ticket off the island; the spark from his excited wide eyes quickly faded and his voice trailed off as a nearby wave pushed a small sheet of seawater forward and connected with his hands, draining Elio of all energy. The once ambitious boy lost all the strength in his arms and once again, he collapsed onto the mink’s soft fur.
  4. Harphina stared slack-jawed as the furless freak, Elio she remembered him calling himself, propped himself up with no regard for her and 'sat' on her. She immediately felt the effects of his weight on her stomach, and though her muscles were hardy and very well-accustomed to immense pressure as a result of a life of deep-sea diving, that didn't mean she found his actions comfortable. Harphina opened her mouth to first, object, and then second. get him off her chest, but Elio seemed to have other plans as he took a nosedive right back where he'd started —the wrong place.

    The seal mink knew what she had to do. Making true on her earlier promise, she bared a mouthful of fangs and immediately sunk them into Elio.
  5. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Ow mother of —“ The small wave had receded and he had gained his senses back just in time to feel a sharp pain on his right shoulder. Elio’s fighting instinct kicked in and his left fist was surrounded with glowing white spirals that moved in an orb like shape. He swung his fist, connecting with the bottom of Harphina’s jaw and sending her back into the sea.

    “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Elio gushed as he realized what he had done. Without thinking, he began running towards the girl he had just launched into the water. An incoming wave had different ideas as it crested while ramming into Elio’s legs, draining his strength and causing him to fall face first, leaving him drowning in knee deep water.
  6. Everything swam as Elio's fist connected with the furry underside of Harphina's jaw. First, her vision swam as the sky and earth were overturned as Elio's punch sent her flying, and as she landed in the ocean, she also swam. With an underwater flip, she reoriented herself, her whiskers already tapping into the flow of water currents around her. They'd locked onto Elio's position before her eyes had, noting the plodding steps he took into the surf.

    Harphina hardly knew what was happening, but this lesser mink wanted a fight, and he'd most certainly found one. The girl's snarls were lost to the waves as she shot forward into the shallows, she waddled through the surf with ample speed, and even as Elio began to crumble, she lashed out with a kick, intent on returning the flight she'd been sent on with one of her own.
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  7. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Elio coughed water as the kick connected with his gut and forced everything in his lungs out of his mouth. Gasping for air, Elio slowly rose to his feet, noting the angry looking mink in the water. His pain quickly turned into pleasant surprise, even enjoyment upon seeing the girl (and not because her clothes were wet).
    “Wow! You’re super tough!” His eyes sparkled. “Most people die from my punches but here you are! And look at how far you swam in such little time! Now you have to join my crew. What will it take to convince you?” Elio was so ecstatic with finding such and interesting girl that he didn’t even notice the extreme pain brought on by him tearing the bit wound as he waved his arms, cheering in excitement.
  8. "Most people die..? So you were trying to kill me!?"

    Her rage burned even hotter. Many people had often called Harphina some variation of crazy broad, but clearly, they had no clue what crazy was. She wasn't crazy, but this guy in front of her definitely was. After face planting into her chest and then punching her in the jaw he still had the nerve to— "Who the hell wants to join your crew!?"

    Her dark brown eyes stared viciously at Elio as he seemed to dance with excitement. A fierce hiss rattled her jaws, as the electro in her muscles began to charge.
  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Nonono, that’s not what I meant!” Elio shouted, somewhat flustered by the accusation and a little fearful of the growing power he sensed. He took a deep breath and began speaking in a much calmer manner, holding one hand out in front of him to symbolize a stoppage.
    “I’m very sorry for the way things turned out. This was all just a big mistake on my part. I actually have no interest in your body.” He chimed cheerfully before remembering that could also be taken the wrong way. “That’s not to say your body isn’t nice-it is, but it’s not what I care about. I really don’t want to fight you and I’m sorry for hitting you, it just happened as a reflex after you hit me, but it is a testament to your great strength that you fine.” Elio realized he was hopelessly rambling on and decided it would be best just to wrap things up. “ The point is you’re very interesting, pretty, and strong and I’m trying to put together a crew so I’d like to get to know you. I caught some fish earlier and I was going to start a fire if you’d care to join.”

    Without waiting for a reply, Elio began gathering various pieces of wood and piling them up.
  10. The electro in Harphina's body had reached its peak, jagged arcs leaping across her fur and even across the surface of the water. Elio's sudden gestures and rambling had once more caught her slightly off guard, and the slight pause she'd made was more than long enough for her to catch the single most important word he'd said all day —fish.

    Leerily, the seal-mink watched as Elio began to set up a pile of wood. From the looks of it, he was making a fire to start a fish roast. And while Harphina was certainly still cross with the lesser mink, she was also a sucker for some nice, succulent fish, and the offering Elio appeared to be setting up would do well to appease her anger.

    The crackling arcs of electro retreated into the depths of her muscles, and Harphina very cautiously made her way onto shore. She'd stayed a distance away from Elio, not quite trusting him completely, but at the very least, she wouldn't press her assault any further. As she waited for the lesser mink to set up the fire and present the fish, Harphina crossed her arms as she thought back to the other, less important, words he'd been spouting.

    "You said something about creating a crew?"
  11. That morning Alarich swam in the ocean looking for fish ,and as soon as he saw a big one he lunged out after it. He swam full force after the fish ,and as he did he noticed they were going closer to the surface and closer they got. Alarich then lunged out of the water with his fins extended outwards which almost looked as if he were flying. Now that's a frightening thought, a flying shark-man?

    He then slowly began descending towards the water ,and as he did he saw a seal-mink and a human getting intimate? The human was laying on top of the mink. Alarich was slightly confused, but wasn't going to judge.

    As he spashed back into the water where he remembered he was after the fish. He swam after the fish catching it with both hands as soon as he got on land he walked slowly adjusting to land. He noticed he was on the same island as the other two ,but they were now fighting. Alarich just assumed the two were having a lover spat. Alarich wasn't about to get involved with that ,and just stayed where he was at. In the meantime he did eavesdrop and overheard the word "crew" mentioned. Alarich was curious ,but not overly curious enough to ask. Alarich was all for getting freaky ,but these two just seemed like a couple of weirdos.

    In the meantime Alarich looked at his fish ,and began pondering ways to cook it.
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  12. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Ging wandered the cursed island that he abandoned himself on or was it the ship owners. He'd never know who exactly put him on this island cause he was still on the living embodiment of a trash can. It felt like hell walking around on the island, never knowing if someone would come after him or forcing himself to search for food. Heck! He didn't even grasp the concept of time before he got to this isolated, deadbeat, good for nothing, island so he doesn't know how long it's been. All this drove him mentally insane, the only thing that could bring him down from his high horse would be a source of food, any food source.

    Speaking of food, smoke rose into the sky from a great distance in front of him. Ging had enough knowledge in his head to put 2 and 2 together. Smoke = fire. Fire = Cooking. Cooking = Try to make good heated food. FOOD = FOOD. Each thought may not have connected very well but he knew well enough where there was smoke there is people and people can also be eaten.

    As he got closer to his destination he saw a giant fish. He might have started to hallucinate quite a bit cause this fish was huge and he was above water. His eyes seemed to be stuck to this abnormal fish, the appearance of this fish seemed to persuade him more than the smoke. Big Fish = Last Longer. Last Longer = Don't have to get food. Ging shook his head as though he was trying to get rid of them. He had 1 main focus and it was the smoke.

    At long last he got to the location he thought he saw the smoke at. There wasn't even any smoke but there were 2 humanoids. He might of imagined the smoke but the human and some sort of man beast were definitely real. The human was gathering wood to start a fire and the dog looking thing was being useless. He needed to approach them without causing a fuss. Then he lifted his hands to scratch his head as he started to think.
  13. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Yeah, I wanna get out of here and just be free! I think the best way to do that is becoming a pirate.” Elio’s deep brown eyes sparkled with excitement as he couldn’t help but envision amazing exploits whenever he spoke about his dream.

    “But unfortunately last time I went to sea I ended up getting stranded here for two years, so before I even think about setting out I’m going to need a crew. That’s where you come in.” He looked up at the mink again and a devilish grin broke out on his face. Simultaneously, Elio used his powers to quickly vibrate a piece of wood, creating enough energy from friction the ignite a fire. Grabbing his oar, Elio concentrated the wave power to the tip and horizontally swung it out into the ocean. Moments later a large wave came crashing towards the shore, displacing fish and launching them into the air.

    The boy pulled out two wooden skewers and held them up to the sky as two fish where perfectly pierced on the stick, a method young Elio had perfected throughout the years as it was his only consistent way to obtain food. After stabbing the skewers into the soft sand and angling then towards the fire to cook, Elio sat down and began wrapping cloth around his injured shoulder.

    “Anyways, I know what brought me to this shithole, but you don’t look poor or hopeless, so what brings you here?”
  14. As Alarich sat there he noticed a half crazed looking boy wander around ,and moments later he heard a large wave crash with fish on the shore, "what in the... how in the world?! Could that be a devil fruit ability?" Alarich though to himself. He looked back at his fish which was still pretty big. He then walked over ripping branches from a nearby tree then using his cleaver to cut the thing down. He then rubbed the two branches together starting a fire. and used some spices he gathers from the ocean as well as the big pinnate leaves to wrap up his fish to trap some of the smoke. within minutes Alarich could smell the seasoning he used. After the fish was cooked just right he quickly took it off the fire ,and taking it out of the pinnate leaves. He began chopping it up ,and placing it on pikes made from branches then stuck in the ground so not to get dirty from the sand.
  15. Harphina remained skeptical. Her brown eyes were filled with doubt as Elio explained his would-be plans to seize a ship, recruit a crew, and then sail the seven seas as a pirate. Frankly, she didn't see it happening. With his temperament, it was already considered good if he managed to stay out of the marine's prison cells. The seal mink dismissed the boy's ambitions as the ravings of a lunatic, he certainly fits the bill.

    While he began to cook his own meal, Harphina tore through the scales of her own meal, a raw fish she'd snatched when Elio had so casually tossed them ashore. She scarfed down the whole thing in no more than one or two bites, freeing her mouth to respond to Elio's question.

    "That's because I'm neither poor nor hopeless." The former was technically true, she didn't actually own much as her traveling troupe covered her food and lodging.

    "I'm an acrobat in a traveling circus troupe and we stopped on this island for a while to resupply and maybe earn a bit of cash."
  16. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Elio stared at the girl in awe as she showed her sharp fangs and tore the flesh of her raw fish. The hole in his shoulder ached as he was reminded of what she had previously done to him.
    “Well if it’s money you’re after you should definitely come with me. I’m going to conquer the sea and it’s vast riches.” Elio tried his best to seem genuine as he spoke. While it was true that he would likely conquer many in his quest for revenge, he couldn’t care less about riches and titles of power, but if that’s what it would take to gain a crew he was okay with it. Elio bit into the soft flesh of his charred fish while he awaited the response, noting the presence of at least one other man.
  17. 'Conquer the sea and it's vast riches? With just him?'

    Harphina almost choked on her fish. She held back a scathing retort, instead, wiping the bits of fish from her mouth, and dusting the sand from her fur.

    "Well...good luck with that! I'm not rich, but I'm no pauper. How do you even plan to conquer the sea? You're a devil fruit user, right? I've been around the block, my troupe's traveled a few places and I've heard a few things. You lot can't even swim, right? And you said you were looking for a boat? You don't even have a boat and you can't even swim! Forget about conquering the seas! Look, tell you what, how about you build a few sandcastles and conquer those? I'm not interested! Anyways, thanks for the meal, it was your pleasure."

    That said, the seal mink stood up to leave, collected the hula hoops she'd scattered across the beach earlier and waddled across the sand. It was best the returned to her troupe, at least there she could escape psychos like this guy.

  18. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Hahaha.” Elio open mouthed laughed at the insults that were just thrown upon him. “If I let stuff like that bother me I’d have given up long ago.” He muttered to himself, determined not to let other’s words keep him down.

    He sat in the sand, enjoying his meal by the warm fire. When he had finished, Elio stretched his arms back behind his head and yawned “Well I guess I better get back to training. I need to become stronger if I wanna be a pirate.” The boy jumped up quickly to his feet and trotted over to a nearby cliff that overlooked the ocean.

    Elio gripped his oar with both hands and held it to his right side as he loaded up and charged the end with energy.
    “Tidal!” He swung the oar, colliding with the cliff and passing through it like water. The impact sent shards of rock shooting downwards to crush Elio from the top of the cliff.
    “Whirlpool.” He gripped the middle of the oar with his left hand and held it above his head, quickly rotating it as he send waves upwards, shattering the rocks and turning them to pebbles as they feel to either side of him. Elio smiled, satisfied with the strengths of his attacks.

    Then, something strange happened. He caught a scent. Not a scent of trash or salt- the only two things he ever seemed to smell here, but something rather enjoyable- something tasty. He licked his lips and followed his nose to a nearby fire where a fishman appeared to be cooking something.
    “What is that? It smell tasty!” Elio chimed and grinned as he waved to the strange man.
  19. Alarich took a big chunk of the fish and began eating his meal ,and as he ate his meal he began thinking of ways he could improve or alter the meal with various seasonings or how the meal would taste if he had cooked with more seaweed ,and he continued thinking about this while he ate. He then got a sick twisted idea of how he could use various parts of the head as well as some of its organs mixed with coconut copra and banana to make a fiendishly disgusting food, "I should cook that the next time I get a volunteer..." Alarich thought to himself as he tried to hold back his laughter. He continued eating his meal then a few moments later.

    As Alarich had sat there he heard a voice ,and as he turned his head he noticed it was the boy from earlier, "Silver carp... caught it just a few minutes ago." Alarich said as he looked over ,and as he finished he decided to just leave the leftovers there, "I'm guessing your a pirate or something? The names Alarich by the way... Alarich Sommer. And you are?" He said calmly as he stood up facing the boy.
  20. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Yep! My names Elio, I’m just on this island until I get a crew and a ship!” Elio reaches over and grabbed the man’s leftovers, scarfing it down his throat in mere seconds. The combination of seasonings was nothing like anything he’d been eating on the island the past two years. His eyes lit up with excitement as he realized he had found a man he would want to be his chef.
    “Wow! Sooo good!” He cheered as he swallowed the large volume of food and cleared his throat, “You should come with me, every crew needs a chef.”
  21. "You? start a crew?"Alarich said scratching the top of his head. Alarich was confused as the boy looked young and very inexperienced ,but Alarich didn't really have much going on in terms of pay. Most of the dishes he cooked were often just given away. heck. Alarich didn't even mind the boy eating the leftovers as Alarich was just happy to see it didn't go to waste. He was still very skeptical that the boy could successfully captain a pirate crew devil fruit or not ,but Alarich had nothing better to do. Plus he might actually make a profit which means he can buy more seasonings and more seasonings means more experiments. "And just how are you going to get a crew. There is a boat not too far from here ,but the little thing doesn't look that impressive. I guess I could tag along for now..." Alarich said. He wasn't all too concerned about how this would turn out as he assumed it would likely fail spectacularly ,and plus he could just swim off the island any time he wanted so he wasn't all too concerned about being a pirate. Alarich did like the idea of being a pirate as he could see all sorts of sights ,kill all sorts of meat ,and create all sorts of devious dishes, "I suppose the pirate life might be interesting...." Alarich said smiling.
  22. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    To Ging's surprise everyone seemed to have went off on their own terms while he stood there looking like a fool. More importantly all the food was gone and he was still hungry. Things took a turn for the worst, now he actually had to go with his second option.

    When he turned in the other direction he saw that the male human was with the big fish eating food. He couldn't just stand there and watch as this guy eat the food that he so desperately needed. Ging got on all fours and began to charged towards the fish.
  23. A stubborn one, she'd give him that. By the sound of his hearty laugh, her words hadn't been taken to heart. While she was reluctant to admit, stubborn persistence could sometimes yield results. Not that it alone could change her mind.

    Tossing her idle thoughts and thoughts of the encounter to the back of her mind, Harphina made her way to the grassy clearing where her troupe had set up their tent. She could hear quite a ruckus being stirred up behind the tent's flaps, but that wasn't anything new. This was a circus after all, and if there was one thing circus people knew how to do, it was to make a fuss.

    However, as the girl drew closer and closer to the tent, she was able to distinguish the sounds a bit more clearly. Savage howls and hoots, the sound of ringing steel, panic-stricken screams...

    Her expression contorted into one of terror as a sense of foreboding settled in her heart. Without another moment's hesitation, she rushed into the tent with all the speed a waddling seal could possess. Ripping away the tarpaulin that blocked her path, Harphina was immediately greeted with the silver flash of a steel saber.


    The seal-mink sucked in a sharp breath of air, sliding under the blade and then vaulting to her feet.

    "Ehhh, didn't think you could dodge that...A Sea-Mink? Hehe, your kind is pretty rare! You'll sell for a good price!"

    The caravan was under attack and by the looks of it...Slavers? Considering the circus crew did have an assortment of different races and uncommon creatures, being targeted by slave traders wasn't a huge surprise... Just like Harphina, many of the circus troupe could hold their own in a fisticuff, and the current deadlock was a clear sign of that.

    Harphina brandished her hula-hoops, electro beginning to build in her muscles.

    "Two psychos in one day? Must be bad luck..."

    Snarling, the pinniped lashed out with her hula-hoop, and soon her bestial growls blended into the cacophony of the battlefield.
  24. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Elio zoned out all the minor jabs and insults, fixating only on the last words the large fishman spoke. His eyes turned wide as he overflowed with joy.
    “Really you’ll join!? Yay! We’re gonna have the best adventures you and I!” Elio jumped up and down, pumping his fists in the air. Unfortunately, his celebrating was cut short by a most curious sight.

    Elio was no stranger to the homeless who tried to steal food, in fact, that was a large percent of the population on this island, but this was something much different. Initially Elio thought it was a rabid dog, kicking up sand and charging towards them, but as the wild figure neared, his eyes could make out the scruffy hair and ragged clothing of a human.
    “What the hell?” Elio muttered under his breath as the figure aggressively approached. “Splash!” He quickly swung his oar vertically, sending a wave through the air that also distorted the ground, creating a wave the flowed in the same motion directly at the odd assailant.
  25. "I never cooked dog before ,but I suppose there is a first for everything..." Alarich said as he placed his hand on his cleaver. He looked at the ragged boy run towards them ,but then noticed Elio swing his ear creating a wave. Alarich then lowered his hand as he was now just waiting to see what would happen.
  26. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    The male human had hit Ging somehow, someway, by an otherworldly force. It was like being hit by a quick breeze except this wind was pretty strong. For Ging who was on the other end of the fight he landed pretty hard on his head. His head must not have been ok though because for the first time in what must of been years, he actually wanted to talk it out.

    This was the first time he tried to communicate with people in while so he had to it put in a way they could understand. He got back up and pointed at himself then the Fishman then his mouth. More things seemed to click in his head at a rapid rate as he was trying to talk to them. "Yuh... yuh- ooo... (you) guh... iv (give) fooo- duh...? (Food)"
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  27. "I am not house breaking that thing!" Alarich said looking down at the feral boy. As the boy began speaking Alarich managed to decipher the world "food" ,and just that moment Alarich had a heinous idea. He had some food on him. Some of it was of great taste and quality ,but he also had some shrimp boiled with various ingredients giving it a pleasant smell ,but a foul taste. He extended the food out hiding his sadistic grin behind his extended arm, "The poor thing is just hungry... eat up young pup..." Alarich said politely.
  28. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    (I'm assuming you meant to give the horrific food)

    Ging couldn't help but hesitate, on one hand he (The Fishman) didn't seem to like to much, on the other food is food. He moved a bit closer so that he could eat the food off of the guy's hand. The food was nothing like anything he hunted for, it had a certain taste, flavor, almost as though someone tried to make this. It was down right delicious. Ging went in for more but found that he was tasting something new, the Fishman's hand.
  29. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    What kind of weirdo did I just let into my crew? Elio raised an eyebrow as he stared at the strange sight of a fishman feeding a homeless guy like a dog. However, indulging the view did not last long as something else caught Elio’s attention. Past the beach and various piles of scrap metal and junk, a large puff of smoke pierced the blue sky like a gray serpent.

    Someone’s cooking something! The ever hungry boy surmised while excitement swelled inside him. Immediately he took off running, in part due to the temptation of yet another meal, but primarily to escape having to deal with the dog-boy.

    “I’ll catch up to you later! Have fun with your new pet!” Elio looked over his shoulder to wave at Arashi while his hunger driven sprint upturned the sand beneath his feet.
  30. *Huff Huff*

    Harphian's sizeable bust rose and fell with each of the deep and heavy breaths she drew. Her snout twitched. A putrid odor filled the air and filled her lungs; the smell of carnage, a mix of blood, smoke, ash, and sweat. Her eyes flickered. Bodies lay strewn across the circus floor, still and lifeless, and yet even more shuffled across the blood-stained land, locked in the battle for survival. The ring of flames lay overturned, its flames licking at the tent flaps. Her ears perked. Her own heart beat thunderously, muffling the agonizing screams around her, of former companions driven to desperation, now trading injuries as they fought. From what her senses could gather, the circus troupe had fallen to the back foot. For all their capabilities, they were as they were —a circus troupe. How could they compare to these mercenaries and traders who lived by the blade?

    "You're a feisty little bitch aren't you?"

    A gruff voice caught the Seal-mink's attention, crass words stoking the flames of anger that already smoldered in her chest. She refocused her senses, training them upon the bulky man that strode in front of her. He drew a fine cutlass from the sheath at his waist, the weapon forged from steel, clearly a cut about the machetes and sabers of the other slavers. Where their blades were dull and lined with rust, his shone with a sharp polish.

    "Didn't think you'd last thing long, must be that mink blood. You'll fetch a high price, tsk, too bad those idiots scratched your face..."

    When Harphina had remained silent, the man had taken it as some cue to continue his monologue. His eyes scanned her body, sizing her up as if she were a slab of Grade-A meat. Her skin crawled with disgust. If she'd been another kind of mink, her hair would've stood on end. As fate would have it, seals didn't possess the necessary muscles that would erect hair follicles. This was rather fortunate for her, as her unruffled appearance, when combined with her icy silence, allowed her to appear more confident than she actually was. She returned an unyielding stare, taking note when the man looked to the ground around her, where three of his subordinated lay sprawled. His face darkened an ugly scowl on his lips. As the man leveled his cutlass in her direction, he appraised her seriously for the first time, not as merchandise, but as a fighter...as a threat.

    "What's your name?"

    Harphina sneered, gleefully drinking in the man's distress over his fallen subordinates. Her tongue peeked through her lips, circling her lips. The sweet tang of iron enticed her taste buds. It was blood. Her own blood. A dodge that'd been a few centimeters short, the resulting laceration on her face overflowing with crimson nectar. The taste of blood excited her, reignited those primal predatory urges contained within her bloodline. She turned her nose up at the man's question, pinning him with a look of disdain.

    "What's it to you? Stop your blathering! Does a walking corpse need to run its mouth so much?"

    The man snarled, thrusting forward with his cutlass. "Hope you're just as feisty in bed!"

    As Harphina leaned to the side, she raised her hula-hoop to defend. As the weapons collided, she released a surge of electro. Arcs of energy danced across her fur, surging across her fur and into the metal. A split second later, it had transferred to the man's cutlass running down its blade, a high-way right into his body. Sneak attacks like this one are what had allowed her to so 'easily' defeat her previous three opponents. They'd been caught unprepared and had been swiftly overwhelmed once they'd been zapped. A confident smirk grew on the girl's lips, a smirk that froze as the electro rushed down the man's sword and was halted by his gloves. He returned her smirk, clearly, he was a bit experienced in hunting minks, his gloves protected him from their electro-based attacks.

    Reacting quickly, Harphina twirled her Hula-hoops, swinging them around her body as she slipped into a perky dance. The man retreated a few steps. His earlier encounter with her hula-hoops had clued him in as to their deceptive weights. He most certainly didn't want to take a hoop to the hip, even if he didn't break a bone, the injury would be enough to tip the scales of the fight. However, as he stepped back the mink vaulted forward, one of her smaller hoops going air-borne. In the blink of an eye, she'd vaulted into a hand-stand, catching the hoop with her leg as she swung it at the man's head. He deflected with the flat of his blade, just in time to deal with the second small hoop which she'd thrown at him like a chakram.

    Endless attacks had been strung together with dance and acrobatics, the seal-mink ever in motion and fueled by seemingly inexhaustible energy. Harphina knew herself well, no normal human could compare with the ridiculous reserves fo stamina she possessed. Even if she couldn't defeat him through her shocks, she could perhaps outlast him. However, even if she could outlast him, the same couldn't be said about other members of the troupe. She would've won the battle, and yet lost the war.
  31. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Awe that’s not food.” Elio disappointingly whined as his eyes settled on the smoking tent that failed to give off the tasty scent indicating food which he so eagerly desired. He was just about to turn around when he noticed the large ship docked on the shore nearby. A length at about 30m with plenty of room for storage, and each high bow equipped with a flag, this was a slave ship.

    Anger swelled inside the young boy and he began charging towards the tent, determined not to let a single person be captured. Slavers drew their weapons drew their weapons in an attempt to stop him, but their efforts proved futile against the powers of a devil fruit.

    “Tidal!” The wave of energy bursting from the swung oar was enough to handle the first line of enemies, but there were still more to fight as he neared the tent entrance. He was locked in a parry with three men just outside the opening when he was able to make out the memorable figure of the seal girl stuck fighting a man who had said something about taking her in bed.

    Rapidly spinning his oar in a whirlpool technique, Elio was able to disperse his assailants and enter the now flaming tent.

    “You know that might not be the best idea.” He cheerfully called out to the brutish looking man. “I mean she’s got all that hair, and look at her teeth! You couldn’t pay me to go in bed with her. But beyond that, she’s a future member of my crew. You and your men hurt her so now you’re going to pay.” Elio’s voice shifted from his light hearted jest to serious, almost sinister- something he hadn’t been in years.

    “Jet Stream!” Jabbing the oar forwards, Elio unleashed a focused wave of energy right at the man’s belly.
  32. As the feral boy bit Alarich's hand he flung the boy off to the side. When Elio ran off Alarich followed him which he noticed the smoke rise which looked much darker than a campfire. As they approached the burning tent Alarich stood there in shock. As the slavers came out he saw Elio jump into combat ,and not wanting to be showed up he pulled out both of his cleavers and began taking on several of the slavers. Alarich was hacking, slashing ,and bashing as he took on the slavers. Alarich didn't have too much trouble as they seemed pretty incompetent so far. As one of the slavers trusted their sword Alarich turned his back causing the sword attack to slide off Alarich's plate on his back. Alarich turned back knocking the sword out of his hand, "tenderizing time!" Yelled Alarich punching his then immediately hitting him with his elbow then shoulder.

    As the slaver fell back Alaric ran into the tent where he saw Elio as well as the mink woman from earlier. The air felt different in the tent as there was less moisture due to the flames. Alarich wasn't about to let that stop him as he continued he jumped up ,and kneed one of the slavers in the stomach before driving his foot down the slavers leg stomping on his foot. As the man leaned over in pain Alarich pushed him to the side ,and ran past him.
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  33. 'Member of his crew? Since when?'

    Elio's sudden appearance was almost as shocking as his domineering words. She didn't remember agreeing to join any crew of any sort, and more importantly— "Bah, what would hairless rat like you know? My fur is the most beautiful thing about me!"

    As she sprung backward to avoid the splash damage from Elio's attacks, she snarked back at him. Clearly, he had no standards for taste in women. As expected of a lesser-mink...she supposed. A pained wail brought Harphina's attention back to the fight as the Slaver boss had swiftly defended himself against Elio's attack with a human shield.

    "A devil fruit user? Haha! You lot are even rarer than the Minks! I'll make a good haul by putting you both in chains!" Clearly, he saw Elio's arrival to the fight as less or a threat and more of a business opportunity. With a fleet-footed maneuver, he flipped a fallen spear into the air. With another display of nimbleness, he grabbed it by the shaft, and gave it a twirl, orienting its sharp head towards Elio before he gave it a mighty toss.
  34. As Elio and the mink talked, "You two sound like an old married couple" Alarich said as he was fighting one of the slavers. As the slaver boss talked about capturing Elio and the mink Alarich slammed his elbow into the slaver he was fighting causing him to hit a support beam, "You call yourself hunters? Pathetic... Your men lack discipline... and you seem to lack the wit" Alarich said as he turned his gaze towards the slaver boss.
  35. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Tidal!” Elio swung his oar horizontally along the ground, the dirt base of the tent was distorted upwards, creating a shield that intercepted the incoming spear. A sly smirk crossed the boy’s face.
    “I can say for certain that your hair definitely isn’t the best part of your looks.” He joked back to Harphina before looking towards the slaver leader and maintaining the same grin.
    “You know it’s not often that there are strong fighters around here. I’m excited.” Gripping his oar, Elio channeled energy to the tip of his oar and ran at the man, going in for a close range attack to prevent him from using human shields again.
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  36. Despite his gruff appearance and crass words, the Slaver Boss, dubbed Atreo, was a clever man. One didn't build an oppressive business empire by being dumb and gullible after all. When Elio deflected the spear he'd tossed, the ground itself rising in his defense, the man had mentally taken a note.

    'So its some sort of energy?'

    He noticed Elio's Devil fruit had sent attacks through the air and through the ground. This eliminated the chance of Elio being a Logia or Zoan user. It would've been quite the issue if the boy had been a logia user with control over air, thankfully, that hadn't been the case. Devil fruits were a strange thing, and the boy wonder appeared to be a Paramecia, the strangest of all the devil fruits. With an oar as his weapon, Atreo imagined the boy wasn't the most nimble of fighters, but he likely packed a wicked punch behind each swing. This assumption, combined with the still unknown attributes of Elio's devil fruit, deterred him from making any reckless moves.

    As Elio hoisted his oar and charged, Atreo dodged out of the way. His eyes locking onto a third opponent who'd been lurking in the background.

    "A mink, a devil fruit user, and now a fishman? Must be my lucky day!"

    His cutlass dug into the dirt, flipping upward and spraying the blood-splattered earth at Elio's eyes. Having already gotten a read on the mink-woman, and unwilling to risk too much with this devil fruit user, he'd decided his best option was to attack the fishman. As he rushed toward Alarich, he raised his cutlass and prepared to cleave down on his scaley foe.
  37. Zandia sat with her legs crossed and her tail wrapped around her waist over a boulder, watching the mess that was going down at the circus site. It was a pity, she had really hoped to see a show or loot some good fruits and items. She yawned as she watched the different fights go on, trying to spy anything worth stealing. She got up, stretched and began moving around, hunting for loot.

    After avoiding enemies and minks, she made her way into a big tent. That's when she saw them. Hula hoops. Some seal girl was using them to fight, but Zandia could have lots of fun with them. She walked around the edges of the tent, keeping out of sight and waited for an opportunity to strike. A playful smile spread across her as she imagened the escape route into her secret hideout.
  38. As Alrich turned his gaze towards the slaver boss he was quickly interrupted by a slaver swinging an ax at him. Alarich slid back into a fighting stance avoiding the hit ,and grabbing the ax weilder by the hand squeezing it tightly. The man yelled as his hand still gripped around the ax was squeezed. Alarich turned his hips thrusting his knee into the mans gut sending him back causing him to fall to the ground.

    As Alarich looked around a large man behind him held his fists up, "Hey fish-boy! your fight is with me now! Put those butter knives away and fight me like a real man! unless your too scared and need your little weapons" Said the slaver chuckling. Alarich turned his eyes as the man spoke ,and then turned around putting his cleavers back on his hips, "Don't worry mince meat... Time to tenderize..." Alarich said hitting his knuckles together. He held his fists up as the two squared up and began exchanging blows. While the slaver was busy throwing punches wildly Alarich was mostly blocking and deflecting, "how long are you gonna hold up fish? your running low on fumes aren't you?" Said the man just moments before Alarich launched his counter barrage of hits before getting a clean hit with a hay-maker punch to the sweet spot(boxing term for ideal target) behind his jaw knocking the man clean out. Alarich chuckled at he nudged the now unconscious slaver with his foot. He then turned to see the others fighting the slaver boss.
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  39. Although Atreo had been interrupted by his own subordinate getting in the way, in the end, it'd worked out towards his benefit. As the first slaver was disarmed, Atreo snatched up the dropped weapon. The ax felt nice and heavy in his hands, it would work excellently for his purposes.

    The slick schlick of footfalls in puddles of blood alerted him to an attempted sneak attack from the Mink. With a mighty push, she vaulted into the air, hooking her hula-hoop over one of the supports of the tent and then swinging into a flying kick. Rolling forward, Atreo slipped under the attack. Her oriented his body so he could face the devil fruit user, and then launched his assault. He lashed out with his cutlass, slicing horizontally, and hefted his ax in preparation for a downward cleave. The two weapons had varying tempo's the cutlass fast, the ax slow. This would allow him to throw the boy offbeat and prevent his own swings from becoming predictable.
  40. Well, this could be interesting...
    How and way Morgan ended up ended up here was a bit on the irrelevant side of things, though if one asked the crew of sailors he snuck aboard on they'd likely have a differed opinion. His aim was to make a quick raid in and steal some goods before he'd bail, but unfortunately the ship sailed faster than he expected and he had been caught with the proverbial hand in the cookie jar by the crew.

    Morgan managed to deal with them easily enough, but then a local navy patrol ship caught their SOS so he'd need to bail or he'd be in for a rough time, so he managed to take a small bag of his assorted or newly "earned" goods and a life boat and sailed away from the ship. Where? Who cares so long as he'd avoid the pesky navy that is what Morgan rationalized to himself.

    Eventually he managed to lose the navy, as he of course took pride in his ability to escape their grasp even if it seemed more likely they lost interest once it was clear the scale of his theft had not been worth the trouble of chasing out to rough waters to get; and rough they had been as Morgan's life boat had been caught in a strong current as he crashed and washed up on this wasteland of an island. With no way back to sea, he'd need to try and find an ulterior way off the island as he had began to explore only to come across a curious sight.

    A group of people, who seemed to identify as slavers, along with some other presumed washed up "guests" to the island of various and rather interesting characters though what he managed to pull from an distant observation was limited. A battle even seemed to break out. Now the smart thing to do would be to lay low and perhaps try to see what valuables either side had and work to snatch them while they had been busy with each other. Buuuttt with a sudden audience a smirk began to creep up on Morgan's lips as he felt inspired.

    "Yo! May I ask what this little hot topic is all about?"

    Perhaps not the ideal words to say among slave traders, but Morgan slid down a nearby elevation and appeared with a carefree grin as he had made his presence known to all who were present. He passed looks to all who were present, some cuter than others who required his "focus" before he faced the general bulk of both parties.

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