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Ask to Join New Beginnings (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Jul 7, 2018.


Who/what should be the antagonist?

Poll closed Jul 14, 2018.
  1. A person

  2. Nature

  3. Nothing

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  1. if it’s hidden power, that’s bs
  2. oh man that was funny XD
  3. Not Hidden Power, check his egg move list. :\=|:
  4. Lemmie guess: Thunder Punch?
  5. Does that mean I can have water spout *eyes shine*
  6. Yeah; I was wondering if my Axew could have a move or two to counter it's main weaknesses.
  7. Yo so can we get egg moves?
  8. Zac is smuggling
  9. nope I am not but it is close.
  10. Druggling?

    Also when we get there will there be a dock/port or do we have to ride a tender or a dinghy straight to a beach?
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  12. Not druggling either.
  13. @Yusa now i am the one waiting on a response.
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  14. I’ll post tomorrow, just be patient for now
  15. Question: Are Pokemon required to have a four-move limit in this roleplay? Sometimes, they aren't, and I'd like to confirm that this is that kind of roleplay before I go outright and use more than four moves.
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  16. No, they can have more than four.
  17. In that case, I arrive.

    Name: Collax Edgerigo [khol-axe edge-reego]

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A decent-looking teen who stands at about 5’6”, as to say, not very tall. He wears a deep green-brown coat over a blueish shirt, a pair of very average-looking jeans, thick-soled boots, and, often, a greyish trilby hat on his head. His face is dotted with pale freckles, though it is often shaded by his hat and his brown, neck-length hair.

    Personality: Collax is a kid who has a tendency to tie himself into situations that he didn’t start nor is he capable of dealing with. Often considered clumsy and slightly narcissistic, Collax actually only ever wants the best for others. Though he doesn’t quickly show his support for people, he’s usually there to help with others when they feel defeated or generally just bad. He doesn’t often accept the same kind of support from others, though, and prefers to deal with his own problems by himself, even if he obviously can’t. Aside from these traits, Collax has a seemingly split personality, as in some situations he would be energetic and very passive about tough situations, yet in others he would be notably withdrawn and sensitive. His personality at the time usually depends on who he’s in the company of.

    Likes: Collax is partial to nature, specifically tropical forests and beachsides. He loves the outdoors, despite his winter-esque clothing, and will often go trekking out into the unknown with little regard for personal safety. Which leads to obvious problems. He also enjoys delicacies of any kind, and will take any chance he gets to be the first in line for food. Other than these, Collax enjoys fishing, bouldering, generally breaking things, and conversation.

    Dislikes: Collax is one of those people who often hates standing still, but also loves the peace and quiet at times. A mixture of sluggish and outgoing, Collax will do everything he can to avoid boredom, and has a constant problem with landscape that isn’t vibrantly green or inviting. He also seems to hate Pinap berries (for whatever reason), avoids drama/romance, and shows very distinct hatred of injustice.

    Starter: Phantump

    Skills: Bouldering/exploration, fishing, decency in Pokemon training, moderate skill in martial arts

    Goals: Experience. He simply wants to explore and experience the new region for everything it’s worth.

    Other: Collax’s Phantump is named Barkley, and reflects the split personality of his companion. Barkely can either be timid and shy at times, or outgoing and brave, more often than not also reflecting Collax’s tendency to get involved in sticky situations. Collax and Barkely are closely tied to each other, and the two are nigh inseparable, having been companions since Collax was 4. The two think very much alike, and on occasion, Barkely already knows what Collax wants, and in return, Collax often knows exactly what Barkely is saying.

    Name: Barkley

    Gender: Male

    Species: Phantump

    Personality: Barkley is a Phantump with a split personality, thanks to his trainer and lifetime companion: Collax Edgerigo. Often reflecting the personality of Collax, Barkley can, at times, either be outgoing and brave, or withdrawn and timid. No matter what the circumstance is, however, he will always stick with Collax, who would likewise never leave Barkley to his own.

    Characteristics: Barkley is a normal Phantump, save for one detail about the twigs on his head. The branch sticking out the left side of his head is slightly shorter than the other, and only holds one leaf. Besides this, Barkley is passable as any other Phantump.

    Backstory: Barkley started life in the same mysterious way Phantump always are, whether it be possession of a tree stump or simply hatching from an egg. Barkley was rather incapable on his own, not entirely sure how to take on the wide world without support, so he would often mimic children's cries in order to lure in humans who might be able to help him. Unfortunately for him the short experiences he had with other trainers didn't end well, until he accidentally found the attention of a small, 4-year-old boy name Collax, who, rather than be afraid of Barkley, found him to be cute. Barkley and Collax immediately connected with each other, and the young Phantump found himself being brought to Collax's home, where he was quickly inducted into the family. Collax and Barkley grew up together, and when Collax reached the age of 7, he gave the Phantump his name. From there, the two took on life together. Collax began a short-lived training in the martial art of Karate, Barkley started to learn to fight in his own way, and occasionally the two would watch each other and learn exactly how the other would think. By the time Barkley and Collax were both around age 15, the two had minds that thought almost exactly alike, and were an inseparable pair. Collax's dream is to travel about the world and see everything there is to see, eat everything there is to eat, and simply experience the entire world for as much as he could possibly experience, all as long as Barkley was with him. Barkley shares this dream, and wouldn't miss out on it for anything.
    (Statistics, levels, move power, power points, and the like are simply for visualization, not for actual, mathematical values. If Pokemon are living, thinking, and breathing animals, they wouldn't have set values to their strengths or weaknesses, and thus these are not to be taken as exactly correct, nor even closely correct.)
    Level - 5
    Hp - 20
    Atk - 13
    Def - 11
    Spec. Atk - 11
    Spec. Def - 12
    Spd - 10

    Ability & Nature:
    Nature - Docile (Neutral)
    Ability - Natural Cure (Barkley will recover from status effects on his own)
    (Due to questions about the relevancy of logic in both the Pokemon anime and theoretical reality, Barkley has more than four moves. If this is against any rule that I seem to have missed, inform me of it and I will fix this immediately. Take into consideration that the "power" number is only to help visualize how strong the move would be if used right, not as an actual, predetermined value of damage, as a living being wouldn't have a set amount of health or a set amount of damage per attack.)
    Move --|-- Power / Effect
    Tackle | 40 / Tackle the target, obviously
    Confuse Ray | -- / Generate an odd ray of energy that fuddles the mind of opponents into confusion
    Astonish | 30 / Barkley startles the opponent to deal a small amount of damage and possibly cause them to hesitate
    Grudge | -- / Barkley sets a ghostly grudge on his opponent. If he is defeated, the opponent is drained of their ability to use whatever move they had to defeat him
    ( Lvl 8 ) Growth | -- / Barkley temporarily grows exponentially, increasing his Attack and Spec. Attack. If the sunlight is harsh, he becomes twice as strong
    ( Lvl 13 ) Ingrain | -- / Barkley roots himself into the ground, which means he cannot switch out, but will slowly regenerate his body
    ( Lvl 19 ) Feint Attack | 60 / Barkley approaches the opponent disarmingly and throws an unmissable sucker punch
    ( Lvl 23 ) Leech Seed | -- / Barkley scatters seeds about the field that entangle the opponent, slowly draining their health and restoring it to Barkley
    @StormingCobra55 ((Given how nobody has responded with anything, I assume I may join the roleplay...? Or am I still waiting for approval?))
    #58 Zixal, Jul 14, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  18. Hey @Yusa since @StormingCobra55 hasn't responded, why not battle my character instead? If you want to go this route, it would make sense for Madison to come to your character not the other way around because she's pushy like that. I'll make these things happen in my next post if you think this is a good idea, we gotta do something anyway or else it becomes a private RP between @Red Gallade and @The Quiet Zubat . The show must go on :p

    Also @Zixal I know it doesn't mean much, but I like your bio. Not that I can accept it though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  20. Lmao no worries, I hit a dead end anyway
  21. ok will do it your way than
  22. I hope the RP doesn't die, y'all are a good group. Don't think I've ever actually finished an RP battle before.
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  23. Can I make another bio?
  24. Sorry, i was focused on something else and forgot to go on Charms! @Zixal accepted, @Yusa yes.
  25. Name: Kiri Aquario
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: blond hair, blue shirt, black shorts
    Personality: Calm mindset, annoyed (arrogant reasons)
    Likes: Ray, dragon Pokémon
    Dislikes: arrogant people (*cough* *cough* Madison*cough)
    Starter: Dratini
    Skills: cooking seafood, 1:20 Seconds holding breath (in water)
    Goals: to become the best dragon tamer
    Other: sibling of Ray Aquario
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  26. Likes dragons? Dislikes arrogant people? Wants to be the best dragon tamer? Sounds like he's here to start some shit with Madison :\=|:

    @Zixal Is Collax supposed to be Irish?

    And why does my brain keep picturing Lasryn as an island when it's a whole region?
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  27. Don't worry, you're not the only one who considers "island".

    And no, it wasn't my goal to make him seem Irish, but who knows. He might be. He just talks with a slang out of habit rather than accent.
  28. Googling that turns up some freaky images
  29. What in the jeezus paint-huffing christ
  30. I just want toeach land and be the best villian >:D8)
  31. Can I use a random Pokémon generator for the water Pokémon?
  32. Can I give kiri a treecko? (btw: one worded post are banned on discussions)
  33. I'm so confused by your recent post. Who won exactly? And I definitely took into account that Aqua Jet is a fast move, but fighting the slippery slope would make it lose some of its speed so no, I'm pretty sure Gible fell faster
  34. Nobody won, and Ray just says what she wants
  35. that works I guess
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  36. I can change it if you want?
  37. it's fine i'll run with it, no point drawing out the battle and getting mired down in the details right? fight scenes are actually my least favorite things to write so let's end it there and move on
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  38. Oh? Are Ray and Madison teaming up?

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