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Ask to Join New Beginnings (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Jul 7, 2018.


Who/what should be the antagonist?

Poll closed Jul 14, 2018.
  1. A person

  2. Nature

  3. Nothing

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  1. What, do you not like her? XD

    Lol I know the answer to that.

    But yes please, Sterling, Lisa, and Collax teamed up so I thought Madison and Ray could, since she's the only one she could sort of tolerate.
  2. Hmmm ok, I was gonna have Ray catch up to kiri
  3. Would you rather have it your way? Madison can go it alone too
  4. I said ok, Madison should catch her first pokemon in the forest
  5. There's your answer... [​IMG]

    We're Team Jungle, everyone else is Team Forest. Cause we take it to the next level of survival right @Zixal ? :\=|:8)

    I fucks wit it, here's mine
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  6. Only as far as you can bring it, mate.

    Choose Team Jungle! 'Cause it's a real jungle out there!
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  7. Well that took me long enough. Also I just noticed Ray and Madison are like, opposites in terms of their hair and clothes. And personalities.
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  8. Ekans? I thought you was givin me a shout out XD

    But then
  9. You think he should've been more specific on what kind of shade of purple? lol
  10. *100 damage to Ekans' self-confidence

    Sorry to wreck your expectations, but I'll stick with the bug.
  11. Madison is a billboard
  12. It means she is: a large outdoor board for displaying advertisements, because she is one
  13. Oh, so you're literally calling her a billboard. Ok? I don't know if you're just being random or trying to make a statement about her personality.
  14. her personality is a billboard and she is the reincarnation of bad karma
  15. Expandeth thou mind, Ekans. In the sense that Madison holds similarities to a billboard, which she does, she may also hold discernibly similar traits with that of a toaster.
  16. Collax is a screwdriver
  17. In more ways than one. ;)

    But moving on from that subject, is the area where everyone landed an island or part of the region's mainland? I'm getting a little confused, everyone's calling it something different.
  18. I need a good screw to excite my drive

    Fasho, I was confused about that too and for the longest time in the RP I was afraid to use the word "island," but then Storming used it and I ran with it. We're compelled to think of it as an island due to the connotations of words like "uninhabited." I'm also thinking small, so I picture an island, not too large so are characters are still close enough to interact.

    Or maybe Lasryn itself is an "island region." Could be as small as a catdick or as big as Greenland, meaning the mainland is an island and the two aren't mutually exclusive. Or we could make it an archipelago. There's room for worldbuilding.
  19. I always liked the concept of an archipelago in Pokemon, and Alola more or less hit the nail on the head. Whether they hit the nail with a mallet or a glass wine cup is up for debate.

    So far, we've been presented with a palm beach, oak forest, and a thick jungle all within close proximity to each other. Given how quickly the biomes are changing, this could easily signify a small environment to begin with, and they're only on, say, the first out of many islands, possibly one larger island functioning as the "mainland" of the archipelago without being actual mainland. Could very well be a big "island region" as Ekans said, possibly surrounded by smaller islands all over the place, the small islands being about, say, fractions of the size of Alola islands, and the big one being multitudes larger. The entire Lasryn region could very well be a Hoenn, or even Sinnoh-sized archipelago, or a mirror image of Alola.

    Or maybe it's just one weird-ass continent that can't make up its mind on what it wants to be.
  20. The rapidly changing biomes must be a clue to the dark truth about Lasryn
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  21. Nah, we ain't dead. I just couldn't think of a good response until now. Sorry for the wait.
  22. Well shit, because I'm going to be inactive for a week.

    But I'm gonna toss in a retort from Collax first.
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  23. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "RP Discussion" does not mean 'meme images and XDs'. It means actually discussing the role play. This is still a forum board and not a chat room, and basic forum etiquette/rules apply.
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  24. Is this still accepting characters perhaps?
  25. Yes, still accepting. Probably not for too long, though.
  26. Name: Sarah Watt
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Very short and chubby. She usually wears her long, waist length hair in two French braids. She wears an orang sweater dress and black tights.
    Personality: stubborn, cold, takes persistence to see the real her, over exaggerates, doesn’t wanna deal with your BS
    Likes: Pokémon, drawing, singing, dancing.
    Dislikes: people, Pokémon battles, bad singers, bragging, you
    Starter: Vanillite
    Skills: Fake Crying, Drawing, Singing, finding and preserving food.
    Goals: to sketch every Pokémon on the island.
    Other: She hates you
  27. Name:Andy Richter
    Gender: male
    Long Khaki pants that have quite a few pockets, with the leg sections going down to the sneakers, a light blue polo long sleeve shirt black sneakers with a Pikachu tail thunderbolt design. Andy also packed a pair of blue jeans, a thick sweater that's mainly gray with red sleeves and tan leather boots for Tundra-like areas. As long as the clothes are clean, Andy isn't one for fashion though he could resemble a walking kaleidoscope to some. Aside from that, he will always strive to look presentable. His hair is black of medium length done in a buzz cut.

    Andy is eager to observe the world around him and somewhat inquisitive. That inquisitiveness has made him very bright in terms of knowledge of nature but has also led to an unhealthy sense of danger because of it. Due to still being young, he is still a little naive, which results in him falling for pranks, such as April Fools pranks. However when this does happen, he will see it as a learning experience and, in fact occasionally going along with it knowing full well that it’s a prank for the sake of humor. One example of this comes from Ratattas or other prankster pokémon hiding his items all over Mahogany Town, the pokémon themselves belonging to other trainers. The scavenger hunts don't bother him as he sees the pokémon as being playful or silly. Andy has high morals and won't allow anything to happen to his friends, going out of his way to try and settle disputes between other locals, even though it's clearly none of his business, telling the truth whenever he does something wrong, or just being around for people that have had bad days. This does lead to him getting into some sticky situations however, such as people ignoring Andy during a dispute, at which point he will leave them alone.

    Andy will start out shy to any person or pokèmon but will gradually warm up to them as time goes on and strive above most things to keep his friends happy, beware he will run away from anyone that lashes out at him. Battle wise Andy favors being more on the defensive side, envisioning pokémon battles to be more like chess matches rather than matches of power preferring to pick his opponents apart with strategy instead.

    Likes: Being outdoors, picking berries, exploring
    Dislikes: People being sad around him. learning through books (he prefers to actually do stuff),
    Starter: Azurill
    Skills: Adaptable, god with medicine (think like a blooming Nurse Joy)
    Goals: Looking to be more of a breeder or Ranger type and explore the region.
  28. Some shit is supposed to go down in the desert, but I also think it's too soon in the RP for it to go down
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  29. That is true. We're kind of rushing all this expedition. We're hardly on page three of the forum and we already found a forest, jungle, and desert. Maybe we shouldn't enter the desert until later on, and just stick with the jungle for an IRP day or so until it's reasonable to keep exploring.
  30. Who’s on the desert?
  31. @Yusa Brandon, Collax, Sterling, and Lisa.

    And to answer your previous question, forest, jungle, desert, tundra, mountains, plains, lake, beach, underground tunnels, and volcanic.
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  32. @Zixal I see where you're going and I agree we should wait a bit more. Maybe we go to the desert when we're up to 5/6 pages.
  33. Well now Cobra's emote has me all worried, but jamming into the desert would probably kick-start something else, and again, that would be happening too quick. So we'll be sticking around the previous areas for a bit?

    Edit, @StormingCobra55 dude, so much just happened in one emote that it's nearly impossible to follow up any of it. For the sake of preserving the speed of roleplay and making sure people are still able to make sense of the situation, I think it's best if most of that emote was cut off until later. So much could have happened in the same amount of time that took place in the single emote that it would be unfair to everyone else in the roleplay to rail everything, especially deciding outcomes before any of us have even finished reading the emote.

    I'm not trying to mini-mod here, I know that's against the rules, but I need to bring that up.

    I mean, one moment, everyone's doing fine, then in one single emote, we went from that to Jax getting up, sending out a Weavile to search for everyone while he dealt with someone else, the weavile was already in the tunnel, Brandon suggested that we hide, the Weavile already saw everyone else after Brandon hid, Chimchar attacked it a couple times, Brandon was already out of the tunnel with Chimchar, fought a Blitzle, knocked it out in a single hit with Dig, and caught it.

    Meanwhile, nobody else has even had the time to emote a blink. Just saying, it get's a little confusing.
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  34. I will remove Weavile jumping down. That will appear in my next post. The Blitzle catch will stay.
  35. I haven’t looked at the roleplay but I’m back now from a certain incident irl, so what’s going on currently in the rp?
  36. Thanks for reminding everyone that I exist! ;_;
    I luv chu :3

    Collax x Madison...…………………………………………………………………………………….

    Madison x herself

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