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Nemesis Generation #013 Sheilug

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Welcome back to the Lab! Today, I present Sheilug!​

    #013 Sheilug
    Bug/Steel Type​
    Shield Bug Pokemon​
    Even some of the toughest Pokemon have a hard time breaking through the metal shell of Sheilug! Well, all apart from Fire Pokemon, of course. As they grow older, the metal part of the shell is said to grow, eventually covering the whole Pokemon. They pride themselves in their shells, and use their Harden, and at higher levels Iron Defense, attacks to strengthen them as much as they can. ​

    This handy shell gives Sheilug the Shell Armour ability, which stops the foe from being able to land critical hits. They may be lacking in attack power, but no one can say Sheilug is an easy Pokemon to defeat in battle. Well, once again, apart from when faced by the heat of a fire type. ​

    Due to their nature, Sheilug tend to hide away to avoid battle rather than actively seeking it. The younger ones, with less of their shell covered by metal, blend quite well in to long grass. The elders, however, obviously stand out with their mostly metallic shells! Sheilug's small legs start out weak, but have to strengthen very quickly in order to lift the weight of the shell. This ultimately results in evolution.​

    So join us tomorrow to meet the grappler Pokemon Armight!​

    Thanks again to Rain!
    And now for the Dex Entry for Sheilug



Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Nemesis, Jul 8, 2009.

    1. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Hehehe. Nice work, Rain, you took an already cute little arthropod and made it even cuter. ^^

      Nem - I assume that this PokeMon has, for comparison's sake, a Shieldon-like stat-distribution, in the sense that it's almost all defenses and very little else?
    2. Nemesis
      Basically yeah. Although, as you know, it's evolution is quite different.

      I've always had a thing about shield bugs, so I too love this thing.
    3. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Honestly, I think this is the weakest drawing of the Nem Gen so far... mostly just because it's so wobbly-lined and generally unpolished. Just my opinion...

      Personally, this is one of my favourites of yours, one of the handful I'd really want see in a real game. Almost certainly I'd have one of these on my team.
    4. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Gotta say, Sheilug is adorable indeed, and, like Alex here, I would really want to have it in my team if it was real. ^^

      Just wondering, how do you pronounce that name? I keep saying SHY-lug, but I have a feeling it's pronounced something like SHEEL-lug...

      Anyways, great job so far on your Nem Gen thingies. I've really enjoyed reading everything you say about each of your creations.
    5. Dragodden
      I love its idea. I doubt I'd have it in my team since I'm more a hard-hitter than a patience waiter. Cute nonetheless! Can't wait to see its evolved form.
    6. SoIHerdYaLiekAnime
    7. Power Metal Maiden~
      Power Metal Maiden~
      For future reference, I was asked by Nem to draw all of these in my "scribbly" style. That would, therefore, contribute to the "wobbly-lined" aspect that any of the drawings may contain.
    8. ozmer
      Why is it the same background every time. And honestly, i see no point to this nemesis generation thing. No offense, but its not like any of these pokemon will actually get made.
    9. baratron
    10. POH!KEMON
      I'm actually doing some in the Artwotk forum, fi you wanna check it out (look for POH!KEMON's Pokemon Reigon).

      Back to this. Not the best work, but a good typing. About ime we get another Bug/Steel (and not a Wormadam form.).

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