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Private/Closed Naruto AU: Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shen: King of the Mist, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Speechless. Truly and utterly speechless. Mei stood in blank shock as the Yuki poured out the village gates, the lot of them like a flurry of snowflakes on the wind. Just as the wind, they came and went as they pleased. Just as the wind, they were fickle and prone to change.

    The Mizukage lowered her head, tipping her hat forward ever so slightly. The wide-brimmed head-dress obscured her vision, blocking the Yuki to whom she paid no more attention. Instead, she returned her attention to the ailing village.

    "Heed my orders; the Karatachi shall quell the chaos in the village. Take a census of everything! Every injured person and every damaged building should be reported to be upon my return. Furthermore, reinforce the village defenses. Better safe than sorry—" She gave a sharp glance at a messenger, sending the man scurrying off into the village.

    "—In addition, the Hoshigaki clan shall sweep the civilian towns nearest to the danger zone. Evacuate civilians in high risk areas and minimize the possible damage to the Country's livelihood. After-which reinforce the border as a second line of defense. Do what you can to protect the country!"

    Her voice abruptly cut off, following by the beat of steps against the muddy road. With a frustrated hum, she reviewed her orders. 'The village should be more prepared if anything occurs in my absence...but i'll leave the Earthen Canopy open just in case. The civilian towns should also avoid any irreversible damage...I'll need to send shinobi to survey them later. Crop damages and the like can make for future eye-sores.'

    The gears of her mind turned, each cog working to produce another string of orders to stabilize the situation. Herbs were prepared, the people were informed, the village was primed and its vulnerabilities hidden...

    Just like that, 15 minutes passed in the blink of an eye.

    "...this is the most I can do on such short notice."

    Slowly, Mei took her departure. At first glance it would seem to be a crowd of three —Mei, Chino and Shoshitsugetsu. However, closer inspection would reveal that as the ladies took to the water, the very ocean beneath them seemed to rally in allegiance —the Hōzuki Clan.

    With a steady advance Mei would proceed, the majesty of the ocean roiling behind her.
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  2. Meanwhile...

    Crystal Team Guren had successfully moved off the island, using the other clones as a deterrent to any followers.
    Upon reaching a dense forested area in the middle of the next island, Guren stopped abruptly, staring at the ground beneath her.

    "Its time." The crystal nin spoke, but not any of the clones, not even the one carrying Henshina. But another Guren, buried in a crystal orb several feet underground, along with the rest of Team Guren.
    "The clones were a success. We'll have enough chakra to retreat in due time." The newly revealed original Guren continued as the crystal orb residing deep in the earthy ground, rumbled violently as it reached the surface, before cracking open to allow the shinobi squad to exit there crystal cacoon.

    "Worked like a charm, Lady Guren. But we shouldn't stop to celebrate, I'd rather get back to Iwa as soon as possible." Original Katsuo spoke up, stretching out his arms as he stared off at the distant shoreline.

    "Yes, but it appears the waters tainted with some kind of substance, and it appears to be spreading...." The crystal nin trailed off, looking to her broken crystal orb with delight, "Let's leave in style....Katsuo, could you provide a propulsion system?" She added, casting a few hand signs, which caused the two half orbs to slowly meld together, forming a new construct.

    "Uh...yeah, I suppose I could. What do you have in mind?" The younger shinobi questioned.

    "We're gonna set sail."
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  3. Misa scoffed at Pakura who still didn't say why she had stepped in her way in the first place. "If you don't have any to do with me then why did you appraoch me then." She spoke with annoyance in her voice. Misa let out a sigh as she hopped off the muscular man. "I though something was going to happen, but nothing's happened after the inital assault." She said to herself before returning the man beside her back into a scroll. "If you don't mind, I'll be taking my leave. Unless you've finaly found what you want from me." She said towards Pakura with a snarky tone.
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  4. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “The meek...shall inherit the earth...! Inherit...!”

    Yukimaru’s instincts began to act up. The saiken cloak turning towards the remnant of it’s chakra within kin. The source of kin’s Chakra was moving...she was either alive, or somehow Mobile. Either way, Yukimaru could NOT stand for it. He growled, his eye twitching as he swerved over towards team Darui.

    “You DARE defy god?!?”

    With that, the three tails became mobile, leaping across the islands in several great bounds. Saiken’s cloak erupted out towards Darui and their aerial team. Eight separate tendrils of red chakra reached like veins to reclaim kin. Two of them swerved to slice at everything around kin, including Kenji and aisha, while another darted like a scorpion tail to slam into Darui.


    “Well hello Kakashi dear.”

    Hama revealed herself from the treeline, several octagonal panels layered stacked on top of each other, acting as a large foothold. She floated closer to him and pakura, clearing her throat.

    “So, there’s quite a big issue here. This beastie won’t just stop here, but will rampage until it is defeated. Might as well make it here and now.”

    She looked over to Damos, who was still staring in an unreadable way towards misa, waited upon her return. She then looked back to Kakashi.

    “Call it a hunch, bue the mist will send reinforcements to aid us.”
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  5. "Oh, you want to fight that thing? I admire the bravery Hama but me and Kakashi here are in the middle of some...private talk. So your timing is a bit intrusive." Pakura replied as her little preposal to Kakashi had not considered well...dealing directly with the giant beast as Kakashi cast a lone eye Hama's direction.

    "Well, I can concede that this creature should be dealt with....but going to pick a fight with a Biju historically has gone very poorly. Especially for a group of 3...." Kakashi said, as he was certain to not even consider using his team or any of the younger subordinates as he provided his skeptical answer to Hama.

    Madoka had not known what to make of the new arrival, though she remained openly cautious in the event of a fight even if Hama seemed to propose the opposite. Sakura herself seemed to have her eyes widen out as she was all too familiar with this new arrival and had some bad memories...

    Oh great, it's this psycho!

    T-this could not get any more awkward...

    If you just jinxed us I swear you will never hear the end of it!

    Takato himself had looked on in silence, though he glanced over and happened to note a certain red-haired figured that seemed to cautiously approach them. Takato figured that she'd have try to bail, but it seems this entire situatio combined with the lack of Oto presence had discouraged that thought. Or so he guessed he wasn't a mind reader.

    "So, seems you lagged behind. Figured you'd have try to bail by now." Takato said, with an air of skepticism.

    "Go fuck yourself, you can question loyalty all day long once we are off this island of fucking death fucks." Tayuya replied in an always eloquent tone.

    Naturally, the sight of this abomination of a monster that shot after them caused Kenji & Aisha to panic as they took to high in the sky while Kenji unconsciously would move to work Taji up with them just in case.

    This had been without question the single most terrifying thing he had ever seen, and even if they managed to escape death by the skin of their teeth his widened eyes told the entire story...

    "Voltage Jump Jutsu!"
    With a boom as a shockwave shot behind him, the electricity from Darui's legs he had prepared blasted behind him towards the best. This electric surge would not even phase the great best nor the pair of flash bombs he had left in place before it shot out more than at best a minor monetary distraction.

    But it needed to be nothing more.

    The jolt was a mere surge, a boost of momentum that shot Darui forward like a rocket as he moved at high speeds away from the monstrous Tailed Beast. This shot him a hundred feet out, but this was a limited jump and he needed to act quickly as he covered himself and Kin with smoke bombs while he formed hand signs.

    Within the stagnant smoke, a trio of Daruis seemed to emerge, one that headed to the north of the smoke, the other to the west and the other to the east as they each seemed to carry an identical Kin around as they worked to move as far apart from each other as they could and away from the monster with whatever time they had...

    "Nah, we're fine. Have a wonderful day~" Pakura said to Misa as the Akatsuki seemed keen to leave the situation and she had not been prepared to make her second guess her choice as she turned to Hina and motioned for the Hyuga to follow her. It was time to group up to decide where to go from here.

    Tomiko listened to Guren as she seemed to focus on Katsuo as he seemed to be hand selected for helping propel their vessel across this rather contaminated water.

    And that's when Tomiko became inspired as she cracked her knuckles and slammed her gauntlets together.

    "I can help give you a boost." Tomiko declared with pride as she moved by and made a couple hand signs; first, she stomped the ground and produced a slab right behind the boat as she then produced a quick Earth Clone as it moved behind the slab as it reared its gauntlet fist back and prepared to strike.

    "Fair warning though, this little technique comes with a bumpy ride." Tomiko said with a cheeky grin to Katsuo and the group.
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  6. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Hama looked up above as the sound of booming was heard. She was met with the sight of Darui, thick in combat with the tailed beast, even if it wasn’t him engaging directly. She smirked, looked down towards the pair of jounin.

    “Make that four~” she chuckled. “Besides, you think he’s just going to let us go? We can stall for time for our teams to escape while we distract. By then, reinforcements would have arrived and you all can go on your merry way, sound good?”

    “Um....” Kou stepped back a couple steps. “W-who’s this lady?”


    Yukimaru hissed upon the lightning distraction coming into play. Out of the confusion, three distinct daruis carrying kins emerged, a clone trick. But how would the bjuu amalgam deal with this confusion? Simple. By not being confused at all. He sniffed out the real kin immediately, detecting her unique chakra signature left from saiken. the three tails puffing up it’s cheeks before firing a thick stream of water, which flew through the saiken shield. Upon flowing through the shield, it was encased in the red energy, becoming a pulpy, red chakra, beam mixture, aimed directly at the real kin and Darui.
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  7. Hinagiku

    "Already ahead of you."

    Rippling and wavering, the heat-daze image of Hinagiku collapsed. The crunched foot-prints in the frosty ground led off into the distance, as Hina had already been in the process of making her way towards Kakashi. She scrunched her brow together, brooding at the sight of the Biju's rabid assault against Darui. It wasn't that she cared for the kumo shinobi but instead, the question on her mind was—


    With such power being thrown around, it was only reasonable that she pick up on as much as she could. Any tidbit of information could be the difference between life and death. 'That said I'd better keep the Byakugan active.'

    With her enhanced ability to perceive chakra and microscopic details, it was only a matter of time before the double-jinchuriki revealed himself to her.


    "Phew~ Well aren't you a big boy?"

    Just on the horizon, Aesir could already see the hulking figure of what appeared to be...two tailed beasts merged into one? The leader of the Valkyries had certainly seen some strange things in his day, but this? This was easily in the top 10.

    "Some sorta super-turtle slug thingy I reckon..? Reginleif, analysis?"

    While tossing the question to one of the nine ladies behind him, Aesir continued to closely inspect the creature. At the very least, it appeared to have Water release. His feet pattered against the ocean below him — 'troublesome.' Exactly how troublesome this beast was could be determined after Reginleif's analysis.

    The daughter of the gods was the resident archive of information, and her judgement was generally sound. Aesir knew, without doubt, that he could trust her to "—Those tentacles...and the way it writhes...I don't wanna touch it..."

    As murmurs of agreement bubbled form the girls behind him, Aesir sighed.

    "Hlokk, Kara —take point, Eir, Hrund, Herja —rear. Bryn, Regin, Waltruate —Darui and his team are still in there, right? Get them out. The rest of you, arc formation. Link on at 1 knot!"

    The only response Aesir received were the splash of boots against the water and the silhouette of the five Valkyrie's who were to be the vanguard. Soon enough, her and the other 4 Valkyrie's would follow.

    As it stood now, they were but a few kilometers away.
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  8. "Impressive, not even a scratch!" Mori noted as he went towards his crystal clone. "The colors do clash a bit, I'll just stick to red and brown. Purple isn't really my thing." He quipped as he not only took the ninja tools that he gave the clone, but also the King Mori card he gave it in case they needed it. If Lady Guren would've found out, he'd be in serious trouble but he was willing to take the risk. He threw a glance at the encased jinchuriki, intriqued by her. So this was our target, guess Absurd was right about the description of her. This woman controls incredible power, and our team captured her!

    The mole genin turned to the rest of the group, pale faced and far from amused. He did not want to cross the water, especially now that it was tainted. Sailling?! Are we crossing that water? Why don't we just fly with that dragon or even the Light-Weight Rock Jutsu? I have another Military Rations Pill if Lady Guren needs it! These thoughts never left his mouth though, instead they were hidden away in the corners of his mind and he resigned to the fact that he would have to cross the ocean.

    The sight of Tomiko's little 'boost' didn't instill him with confidence either. In fact it made his jaw drop a little. Oh for the love of Kami, why?!


    Taji was not looking back towards the chasing abomination, and she didn't want Kenji to do so either. She nudged her teammate to catch his attention. "Don't look back, it will only slow you down!" She appreciated Kenji's help, but she didn't want him to get hurt because he got paralysed with fear. "Lord Darui knows what he's doing, we need to follow his orders and reach Kumo safely! The forces there will be able to do something against this thing, especially the Valkyries!"
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  9. Sagisō ~~~Flashback

    "Oh, it's a reason you're all too familiar with —Power."

    Tracing her nails over the leathery cover of a book, she wondered if her words had come off a tad...harsh, accusatory even.

    'Of course not.'

    There was nothing wrong with seeking power. Despite it being the underlying motivation between both Kiro's actions and Nadeshiko's custom —and her clear discontent with both— the motivation itself was not at fault.

    "Two powerful shinobi can, naturally, produce a more powerful child. It's in the best interest of the village if all the Kunoichi marry shinobi more powerful than they, that way, the next generation can surpass the previous. We're a matrilineal group, after all, our limited opportunities to...coupulate, are taken seriously."

    Shiftily, she scanned the hallways. Checking for eavesdroppers —like Shura.

    If her mother caught wind of her mention of such 'crass' topic as this one...Sagisō shuddered at the thought. The coast was clear, and she continued.

    "Nothing wrong with that, but...you know. My life, my body, my terms. Simple as that."

    A simple reiteration of what she'd once said —anything was fine, so long as she didn't regret it.
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  10. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Kai. Flashback

    Kai, in the middle of his training in the nearby Yuki cemetery, had been moving in an elegant fashion, balancing an ice sword in one hand and proceeding to use several long and precise strokes as smooth as the sea. Suddenly, he jerked, ceasing up.

    It was like there was a great disturbance somewhere far away going down. He had no idea why, but it had probably involved the Sagiso...somehow. Kai shook his head out of the topic. He knew that Kiro couldn’t be enduring that much pain in his capture...could he?
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  11. Sagisō ~~~Flashback


    Her nose wrinkled with distaste. The nerves irritated from her sneeze. 'Strange...'

    She hugged herself, rubbing away the cold as it seeped into the cell. It was nearing the end of autumn, and the chill was approaching. 'Sneezing...and now a sudden chill? Someone's got me on their mind...' 'Some dutty badmind...'

    Two superstitious signs in a row, and that persistent chill...
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  12. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    The rouge-nin took a small amount of pride in his response to the voice, similar to how one feels satisfied after making a good point in an argument. That feeling soon vanished after the voice responded.

    “Y̷̨̮͉͙̠͚͒̿̈́́͜͝ỏ̷̥͖̞̯̘̹͑̚u̸̧̘̪̺̭̘͋͗͗̿͐͒ ̷͓̣́̀̇̇͌s̵̳̀͐̀͊̽̐t̵͖͕͍͍͂̈ͅó̸̲̦͖̗͝ṕ̵̢̮̠̲̇͒̑̔p̶̝̌̌͗͘e̶̡̥̬̟̍͆̄͌͆͗̌ͅd̸̢̫̠̗͈͛́̒͋ ̸̠̃̽̂̍͘ẁ̵̛͓̪̌̄̾̂́h̴͎̟̝̜̘͋͊͐̔̏̌̾ẻ̷̜̠̤͚̜̜̑̅͋̽n̸̤̲̼͔̹͛̃̏̆͘͜ ̵̨̫̤̙̬͐̄y̷̲̮̲̗̏̒̑ȯ̶̜̟͗̀̌͋̓u̶̯̫̻̍̈́͜ ̶̬̘̪̤̺̹̤̎ẅ̶̢̦̥̼̮̯́̈́̈́̏̉̑o̴͓͔͎̥̯̽̈̾̕r̵͕̪̝̫͚̯̥͗̒̋e̵̮͊́͂̀͘͝͠ ̵̯̠̟̘́͌̈̈́̋͌̀a̴͎̺̓́ ̵͎̺̘̹̄c̶̱̹̺̙̮͆̃̄ö̶͈͈͚̮́͋̈́̍͘̚ļ̸̣̉͛͊̌̏̂l̶̖͒̔͐̌̉͘ą̵̖͓̥̣̮̠͐̉̀̊́̈̄ṙ̶̡͓̹̟̳̈́̂͘ ̶̗̬̀̋̈́̐a̸̘̓̈̋̽̀͑ͅņ̶̺̘̫̓̈̀̔̃̏͜d̴͕̺͖͂̓̐͜ ̸̢̡̱̠͖̦͑͑̀̏̋͝͝d̵̺̰̒ȏ̵̜́̆̄͒͒̓n̸͚̮̬̤̄͂̏̾̋̃̿ń̶̫͙̠̤͙̱̊̎̎ͅe̴̡͔̗̔ḍ̶̙̩͈͙̀̔ ̸̀̃̾̍͜t̴̗̞̺̂͒ͅh̴̡́̏́̾̅́̀e̶̫̝͒̔͠ ̸̡̢̡̠̑t̵̜͎̆i̷̥͕͌t̴͖́̃̈́̈́̓l̸̢̧̜̥̗̮̱̽̆̄̓̿̓̕ẽ̴̦͗̌ ̶̓͜ͅő̷̖̰͈̕̕f̵̰̯̼̪͇̀̒ ̷̭͎͕͒̋s̴̨̛͖͖͎̖̪͊͛̑̎͋̆l̷̹̀̅̔̋̅͋ạ̵̥͒v̶̢̡̨̺͙̋͌͘͝ͅȩ̴̛̹̩̬̮̥͖͑̏̾̽̃.̵̼̮̤̑.̵̳̍͊.̵̛͖̬͒̿̏̈́̕!̴͍̪͔̫͔̍“

    Seiun took a moment to ponder on what was said to him. He looked down to his collar and suddenly felt an immense wave of anger surge over him. Truth was, he was surpressing histrue feelings about being a slave, hoping that becoming this complicit faithful servant would earn him his freedom. To add insult to injury, the boice went on, now sounding more furious and unified.

    “Yo̷̺̦̯͕̠̓̅̈́̾͘ͅų̴͉̪̞̘̥͎̏̏̎͑ ̵̡̧̹͈͕̲̭̓̏g̵̨͙̺̰̥̊͐͂̇̏̚͝r̸̨̥̖̽̿͠o̴͓͙͉̓͊̒̚̚̕͘w̴̧͉̟̲̟̯̉̂̿͜͝ ̶͙͚̤͓̊̃̑c̵͖͈͆o̷̯̣̾̚͜m̸̢̺͎͚͉̺̅̏̑́̿͛f̵̳͙̩͍͝o̵͇̞̱͂͌r̸̰͎̔t̸̜͓̱́̅̐̂ą̵̣̝̺̀̿̾͝b̷̖͋̌l̷͓͇͓̣̈́̅̎ͅe̸̳͎͂̏͌́.̵͎͎̖̜̰͐͌͑̅͗ ̶͚̲̳̃̎͂̓͝C̷̫̯͚͙͙̬̺͐̈́́ǫ̵͔̠̘̩̔̈̅̒̀̓m̴͕̺̆̐͆̕͠ͅp̴̗̲̖̳̩̟̣̎͗́̓l̵͉̳̩͎̤̣̣̀a̸̡̹̟͎̩͖̟͋̑̂́͝c̴̖̟̽̀̆̈̚ȩ̶̏̚̕n̸̯̣̟̕ṫ̸̯̹̱̻͔̝́.̴̞̥̉͋̋͑̀͑ ̵̩̝̉̏͊͆͝O̴̠̦̾͊ù̴̢̘̝̦̠̦̈́̂̃̄͝t̶̹͓̪̄̽ͅ ̶̛̥͊ò̶̧̩̤́f̴̦̭̖̽̔̔ ̶̗̱̯̮͋̔͌̿̚͝ť̷̢̗͚̼̽͛̃̿͊̒ū̸̯̒͆̇̈́̃̓n̸̮̻̋̒̋̌̐̀̃é̵͍̫͂̒̎͌͘͝.̶̡͓̬̟̳̣̇̒̆“

    As much as the missing-nin wished to deny these claims, he knew them to be true, only adding to the rage that was swelling up within him about his position as a slave.

    “B̶̺̮̏̓u̵̥̝̐͊t̷͕̐̿̓ͅ ̸̣͐̔Í̶̢͎͝ ̴̭̪͒̔̚s̴̖͑͜è̷̝è̵͖̼̣̽ ̷̧̈́̿ý̸̥͈̌o̵̰̘͊̐ů̵̻̰͍̄̏ ̶̡̱̺̓à̷̞͈͠s̴̻̺͑̈͝ ̷̦̲͛m̵͖̥̞͐o̸̢̧͊͜r̶̟̳̈͛̉e̸̦͠.̵̠̿̓̈́͜ ̵͉́̑Y̶̬̪̿̆é̴̤̒̉s̸͔̊͂̀.̴͍̮̘̏̀̾ ̶̖͇̍Y̷̰͕͇̏o̸̡̨̪̐́͒ú̷̖̥͖̕ ̸̧͕̗͘a̸̪̬̓͘r̵̨̓e̶̞͓̯̐̿̆ ̵͖̹̀ư̴͓̐͒n̵͓͘ỉ̵ͅq̵̟̳̀̎ṵ̴̱̭̅̾͝ḛ̵̜̀͑̀,̴͉̞̠̊͑̕ ̷̺̩͗̇S̸̟͒e̴̱͒̑i̶͍̼̹͐͑̚u̷̮͇͌n̵͔̼͐̈.̶̨̀̔͝ ̴̠̣̹͂R̴͙̩̪̆ă̷͚͜͝r̸͕̹̚e̶̢̛̤̲.̵̻̆ ̷͓̙͔̚I̴̧̛͙͙̿ ̷͚̱̖̐l̸̫̳̃ĩ̴̭͌k̴̨̗̝͐e̴͈̜̋͐ ̵̭̞̍͜y̶͉̮̔̾ȍ̶̠̱̕u̸̞͇͒̾.̷̢̩̳͆̂ ̸͙͐̏̊Į̷͎̈́͊ ̶̧̧̞̊́͘c̷̖͋à̴̫͖͎̊ṅ̴̖͛͘ ̸̛͇͖ḥ̸͚̒̀ẻ̷̢̼̇l̷̬̬̆͒p̵̬̍̒̑ ̴͇̥̹̌y̴̜͚̽̉̕͜o̵̢̮̳̽̓̕ů̴̢͝ͅ ̷̞͎͉̓̄a̶̜͐̔̕c̵̢̦͐̎͝h̶̨̛̖i̶̢͕̹͊é̷̢̩͜v̷͕̋ḛ̴̼́̓͜͝ ̶̖̥̀͐g̴̝̭̬̈́͠r̵̞͍̚͜e̷̞̅͠a̴̟̅t̶̤͓̜̏̚ň̵̨̔e̴͕͂ṣ̸̓s̷̹̣̔̓͝.̸̧̺̏ͅ.̶̧̊̄.̸̗̜̉̃ï̵͉̱f̶̮͐̾͝ ̴̛̯̭̾̄y̸͔͔̎́̕͜o̶̻̅ȗ̷͎͌̕ ̷̥̫̙̂͝ȯ̴̰̞̓ṋ̵̔͝͠l̸͕͎͓̽y̶̧̫̑̽̚ ̶̛͓̺̣͌͛s̶̨̎a̴͓̙͋͝ȳ̵͔̻̯͠ ̸̬̮̜̋y̴̯̆̾e̸͕̳͌͝s̶͖͂͒̕.̵̨̛̙͈̈́́“

    The offer cut Seiun's rage as smoothy as a kunai slicing through butter. Once again, he took a moment to think on this mysterious voice's offer; the mist had nothing to offer him, where as these complete strangers wanted to help him, likely for their own gain, but help was help nonetheless.

    Do you have a contract, cause I wanna know where to sign?
  13. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The voices in seiun’s head grew quiet, before a uproar of elated voiced flew around in laughing, crying, and giggling.

    “G̵̤̟o҉͙̜̤͖͈̘̩o̦̻̣̯̰ḓ̩̱̟̘̤͉,̻̀ ̲̹͈̼̺̝̖G̹̻o̕o̙̦̦͍͢ͅd.͎͓̹́.̨͔̣̫͈̬.̧ ͏̙̠͉n̗̗̝͠ow̻̞̠̻̠͍. ̤̼͡A͍l͜ḽ̡̪͕̼ ̧͙̖̫̮̬͔y̶͍̺̜̣͍o̙̞͎̫͉͈̻u̵̱̙̳ ̫͜n̷͔ͅe̙͈͚̦ͅe̯̯̹͕͈̻̱͘d̵̙̤̪ ̻͓͟f̺͍̜͔̱̙͙o̬̞͇̱͎̲r͍̗͍̪͎̣̘ ͏̪͙͇̠m͙̪̯͕̹̖y̰̳͓ ̡̤͉̠̤̗̬̻h͍̞͟e̹͈̥̟͙͉l̺̦̠͎̬̦̠p̫̭̝͙̘͜,͉̩̼͓̼̱ ̹̙̘̤͟a͖̦n̙͔̙̰d͔̠͓͖ ̜͖̹͚̺y͓̲͞o̺̹u̳r̫͈͠ ̩͍ti̘͔͍c͙k̺̙̦̟̙e͙̫͙̭͡t̗̗̣̘̹̙̟ ̻̥̦̯͚͘t̷̠o̧ ͝yo͟u̗͚ͅr͓ o̬̱̮̠͚͉w͖̗̞͕̦̟n̰ ͖͡f̻͕̫͕͉r̘̪͉͙͠e̴e̹̹̙d̡̪͈̩̮̺̜om̖̰̣̠̟͘ ̙̖̥̕a̸͍͉̰̩̟̦̖n̝͉̝͉̣̘͚d ̵͉̭g̻̤̝̳̮͙l̳̝̝̞̬̘ơ̙̙͙͍r͙̺̮̦͙y͕̞͝.̴ ͍̯̺͚́I̜̞͍͟s̘͕̦͝ ͇̙y͕̫̩͖ͅe̛̮͍̪̦s͡.̵̥̖̪͇̰̮̩ ̮̮̲J͢u̸͔̺͍̯̻s̛̻͕t̙͞ͅ ̯t͓̺̥̞̪̦̱h͚̜͍̺̟̬̰͞a̻̼̯̘̠̰̺tͅ ͎͈̠͎̀w̫͜o̸̲͇̟̺ŕ̖̝̮̝̙̫d.̺̞͓̝͔ S͏a̠̟͈̙̭y̷̻̦ ̵̬̮͍̻̗̜̳t̖̬̹͕͈͕͉͢h̵͉͉̖̫̰̝͖e̺̹͎ ̢̹̘͚͙͎ẁo͎͖̭̠͇̫r̨͙̤̰̝̙̲̻d̤̱̻͕ ̻͎Ý͉̹̦e̸̤͓̗̗̯s͠ ̡͇̞̩ͅͅa̙̪̻̕ͅn͙̺̬d ͖the͞ ̼d͕͙o҉o̻̯̱̬ͅr҉̘̦͕͍͕ ̼͎̳̖̟ṣ͓̤͖̙̩͇h̟a͏̞̲l̲̜l͓̜̠͓͞ ̝̖̦̞͜be ̱̯̩͖̱͓̣̀o͘p̖͖̘̝͎͔̰ȩ̞̠n̛̙͇̹e̪̥͖͖d̳̥̕.͚̘̭̬“

    The voices sounded reinvigorated, heavily focused on seiun and no one else. Something that he wasn’t given in the mist, as Tsuki was his superior
  14. Flashback


    The Uchiha was unsure why he hadn’t come to that conclusion sooner. It was simple biology. All the Nadeshiko were doing was expediting that process for their own benefit. Right under the noses of the great nations at that.

    It was a commonly accepted idea that the next generation always surpassed the previous. Of course each generation had those who were superior to the rest. Their custom was basically a process to weed out those select few and harvest their offspring. Theoretically, if the Nadeshiko continued at a constant rate, there would come a point where they would be home to a far superior race of shinobi.

    What was their goal? World domination? However, there was one flaw Kiro considered that could hinder this devious plan…


    And just like that, the Uchiha’s train of thought abruptly crashed upon hearing Sagisō sneeze.

    “Bless you Sagisō.”

    Out of courtesy Kiro responded rather quickly, slightly wondering if her sneeze was due to the cool blanket that had suddenly enveloped the area. He did sense an air of familiarity to the chill, causing his heart to freeze for the briefest of seconds, recalling the cold feeling of that one night only a few months ago.

    Kiro silently cursed as his body involuntarily shivered. The drastic shift in temperature wasn’t doing him any favors in recalling where he was at. He needed something to jog his memory.

    ‘What was it she said? Copulate? Oh yeah that.’

    “Well I must admit, that is a clever way of amassing power. Cruel, maybe, but a very effective strategy. From a power standpoint at least. But there is one significant problem that may hamper this system. You can’t just go around fighting and then expect to… you know. First you need consent from both parties.”

    Unless the Nadeshiko were into rape or some other form of reproduction, then their whole system should also rely upon the willingness of the male partner. No consent should logically equate to no child.

    Though this did make him wonder about Sagisō’s origins. She was clearly a Hyūga. However, she also called Nadeshiko her home. Was it her father who was a Hyūga? No. The Hyūga Head was her mother. That must mean her father hailed from Nadeshiko. But that also wouldn’t work considering they seemed to be a village of only women. Perhaps he had a variable missing or just completely wrong. It was truly a head scratcher.

    “By the way Sagisō, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up in Nadeshiko?”

    The Uchiha gently ran his hand through his hair as he found himself briefly pondering if he should’ve been more careful with the question. He was mindful of the fact that the topic could be a touchy subject for her.

    ‘Nah, it should be alright.’
  15. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Silence; that was what Seiun heard after he agreed to let the voice help him achieve greatness. Fourtunately, the short-lived silence was broken by an uproar of laughter, cheers, and giggles. This caused the rouge to clench his head in pain, much to the worry of his mistress. The pandemonium shortly died out and was replaced with more instructions from the dubious speaker.

    “G̵̤̟o҉͙̜̤͖͈̘̩o̦̻̣̯̰ḓ̩̱̟̘̤͉,̻̀ ̲̹͈̼̺̝̖G̹̻o̕o̙̦̦͍͢ͅd.͎͓̹́.̨͔̣̫͈̬.̧ ͏̙̠͉n̗̗̝͠ow̻̞̠̻̠͍. ̤̼͡A͍l͜ḽ̡̪͕̼ ̧͙̖̫̮̬͔y̶͍̺̜̣͍o̙̞͎̫͉͈̻u̵̱̙̳ ̫͜n̷͔ͅe̙͈͚̦ͅe̯̯̹͕͈̻̱͘d̵̙̤̪ ̻͓͟f̺͍̜͔̱̙͙o̬̞͇̱͎̲r͍̗͍̪͎̣̘ ͏̪͙͇̠m͙̪̯͕̹̖y̰̳͓ ̡̤͉̠̤̗̬̻h͍̞͟e̹͈̥̟͙͉l̺̦̠͎̬̦̠p̫̭̝͙̘͜,͉̩̼͓̼̱ ̹̙̘̤͟a͖̦n̙͔̙̰d͔̠͓͖ ̜͖̹͚̺y͓̲͞o̺̹u̳r̫͈͠ ̩͍ti̘͔͍c͙k̺̙̦̟̙e͙̫͙̭͡t̗̗̣̘̹̙̟ ̻̥̦̯͚͘t̷̠o̧ ͝yo͟u̗͚ͅr͓ o̬̱̮̠͚͉w͖̗̞͕̦̟n̰ ͖͡f̻͕̫͕͉r̘̪͉͙͠e̴e̹̹̙d̡̪͈̩̮̺̜om̖̰̣̠̟͘ ̙̖̥̕a̸͍͉̰̩̟̦̖n̝͉̝͉̣̘͚d ̵͉̭g̻̤̝̳̮͙l̳̝̝̞̬̘ơ̙̙͙͍r͙̺̮̦͙y͕̞͝.̴ ͍̯̺͚́I̜̞͍͟s̘͕̦͝ ͇̙y͕̫̩͖ͅe̛̮͍̪̦s͡.̵̥̖̪͇̰̮̩ ̮̮̲J͢u̸͔̺͍̯̻s̛̻͕t̙͞ͅ ̯t͓̺̥̞̪̦̱h͚̜͍̺̟̬̰͞a̻̼̯̘̠̰̺tͅ ͎͈̠͎̀w̫͜o̸̲͇̟̺ŕ̖̝̮̝̙̫d.̺̞͓̝͔ S͏a̠̟͈̙̭y̷̻̦ ̵̬̮͍̻̗̜̳t̖̬̹͕͈͕͉͢h̵͉͉̖̫̰̝͖e̺̹͎ ̢̹̘͚͙͎ẁo͎͖̭̠͇̫r̨͙̤̰̝̙̲̻d̤̱̻͕ ̻͎Ý͉̹̦e̸̤͓̗̗̯s͠ ̡͇̞̩ͅͅa̙̪̻̕ͅn͙̺̬d ͖the͞ ̼d͕͙o҉o̻̯̱̬ͅr҉̘̦͕͍͕ ̼͎̳̖̟ṣ͓̤͖̙̩͇h̟a͏̞̲l̲̜l͓̜̠͓͞ ̝̖̦̞͜be ̱̯̩͖̱͓̣̀o͘p̖͖̘̝͎͔̰ȩ̞̠n̛̙͇̹e̪̥͖͖d̳̥̕.͚̘̭̬“

    Yes: a three letter, one syllable word indictating approval. That was all that Seiun had to think in order to change his life for the better, although Tsuki walking over to check on him may put a wrench in the plan.


    "Hey Seiun...are you okay?"

    The missing-nin was startled to find his Yuki mistress next to him, her voncerned look only furthered the stress Seiun was working to hide.

    "Yeah...I'm fine," A quick response, one made haphazardly in hopes that attention woukd be diverted away from the speaker.

    "Are you sure?" Tsuki comtinued to press on, the all-too-quick response from her servant only serving to worsen her concern.

    "Positive," The rouge attempted to feign security, before attempting to change the subject, "So what now?"

    Fourtunately for him, Tsuki decided to drop the subject and answer his question.

    "I'm...not entirely sure, maybe we just stay here, I dunno,"

    "Well, if you find out anything, please let me know,"

    "Okay," The yuki-nin then left, allowing relief to settle into Seiun, which also gave him the freedom of mind to converse with the voice inside his head.

    Sorry about that, but now that we're partners, I have a question: Who are you?
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  16. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Kai analyzed the battle, looking from Tsuki, Seiun, to hyo. He cleared his throat, just barley being able to stagger to a stand. He cradled his injury Kin had given him. He looked across their faces. Uncertainty. Anxiety. And...confusion? He understood these all too well. He took it upon himself to address these.

    “We must find Hama. We are sitting ducks. Hyo, have any genjustu that you can spell upon everyone in the area to mask us?”

    “G͈̼r̛̘͇e̙̬͇͍̙à͓t̵̯̮̹.̗̘̺͓ ̸͔͔P̼͓r͈͖͈̱̀ͅȩ̰pa̻̯̰̣̗r̳̬͙e͕ ̢̦f̲̩̱̟o̙͉̜̦̥̺r̯̮̺̙̳̜͡ ̴̣͔͈͈̳̼̺m̴̻̜̥̯̬̫i͔̟̘̙n͎̭͉̝̥͖͖͘o̳̱̟̰͓̤̠r̞̕ ̰̖̙͝d͏̫̖̩͍̦isc̴͍̫͇͇̫o̞͕͍͈͈̙͖m̰̫̰̫͈̖͠f͉̤o̮̹̟̲̥ṛ̘̳̹̩̞̼t̤̠̪̮.̙͇̣͔̪͚̼͝”

    Suddenly, seiun’s brain suffered spasms, a sharp pain almost invading his brain and causing suffering. When it got to almost unbearable, it suddenly stopped. A dark, glitchy figure had emerged, only being capable to be seen by seiun, as it was a product of his mind. The purple, blackish like figure materialized, reality seeming to slightly static and glitch where it went. A single yellow crescent shaped eye emerging alongside a wide thin smile.

    “A͟l̛low ̧me to ̷ìnt́rodu͝c̴e ́myself.͠“ the figure spoke in a far more clear manner. “͏I am ́th̡e b̷i͠o͢lo̧g̡ic͡a̛l ope̡r̛a̴ting͢ sy͘ste̛m e̢ni̵g̨ma Co̶n̢s̛t͟ruc҉t.̶ B̧ut yo͏u͡ ̷m͞a͠y ͜r̵ef̡er ̨t̕ǫ ͡m̸e a͟s ̵B.Ơ.͟S̛.E.̛C͠. O͜r Bo͟şe̵c.”

    The figure glitched out of reality and appeared far closer to him. It’s head turning to the side, clipping out again and reappearing like static.
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  17. Well, so much for that wishful thinking...

    Darui internally cursed though remained focused as the Jinchuriki seemed to have a homing means with Kin which made this all the more annoying. Soon enough a powerful surge was fired upon the pair as Darui knew there was no way to dodge the blast as he formed hand signs and soon enough, he and Kin were engulfed in the wave as they seemed to have been reduced to nothing.

    Only for a log to appear in its place.

    The replacement technique moved Darui further away from the best, but that was a non-factor as it had a trace on Kin’s signature by this point, so he had to act quickly. Since support had not arrived yet, though they were closer than Darui guessed as he produced a clone to carry Kin off as he needed to fall back and regroup as he tried to distract the beast.

    Kenji and Aisha both had worries for Darui but the words of Taji were heard loud and clear as they both realized that she was right. They had to trust Darui here as they needed to focus on flying towards the border.

    “Much as there is much to talk about before we go guns blazing, I do agree we need to get them out of here and out of here now.” Kakashi said to Hama as Pakura had a grin on her face.

    “Once we are all gathered up, I can lead the group of young ones to another island. The real Pakura will be with Hina soon.” Pakura explained to Kakashi and Hama by extension.

    And sure enough, as the real Pakura followed Hina’s generated path they saw Kakashi and his team ahead and the group the pair back as Sakura had some growing relief. Surely with the two teams coming back together and Suna offering aid and…oddly Hama, even if Sakura had her trustful doubts, they had to be in better position, right?

    "Uh, she is....someone to keep an eye on. Just try not to have her notice you." Sakura whispered to Kou as she offered her suggestion to him about Hama.

    Madoka simply eyed the distant but unfortunately not too distant Biju with focus and worry though she worked to keep her composure.


    This guy is weird...

    Tayuya only had that comment to make as he began to walk off and she figured there was no reason for herself to stick around, so she began to walk in the opposite direction. Back to that lifeless "guest" room. Though even with her open criticisms about Shura and his...attitude being a curve ball to deal with, Tayuya would have to make one confession about him she'd never say otherwise.

    ....but all things considered, one of the least annoying ones I've had to deal with...
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  18. "Everybody load in. We've gotta move." Guren announced as she pushed the newly formed crystal boat into the water. Ushering for her team to climb aboard.
    "Ready everyone?" She added, actually cracking a small smile for the first time today.

    ~Woosh!~ Tomiko's earth propulsion system had launched the group out into the ocean at a surprisingly significant speed, really showing the force behind her technique.

    "Very good, Tomiko. That was quite the power you used there," She commented, passing the Iwa ninja a wink before turning her attention to Katsuo, "Can you utilize that move you performed against Absurd to wet the area at a constant rate?"

    Katsuo arched an eyebrow, suffering from a brief moment of confusion before the flip switched in his head.
    "Oh, Fish Spit? Definitely. I dont have much in the way of chakra reserves, but thats an easy one to maintain. Although..." He trailed off, looking at the petrified Henshina positioned in the middle of the boat, "Ill need to release my hold on the seal in order to maintain my chakra supply. Ive already used up quite a bit just to get here." Katsuo cast two quick sets of handsigns all at once, the first to cut his bond with the sealing jutsu, and the next to prepare his technique.

    "Tomiko, Mori, please link your chakra with the seal. We need as much time as we can buy." The traveler nin added, before shooting a thin, compressed stream of water behind the boat to aid in maintaining its momentum.

    "Hey now, its my job to give the orders, kid," Guren's head shot over to Katsuo as he spoke, only for it it slowly fall back against the edge of the boat where she went still, "But yeah....do that. I wouldnt mind some help." She added with a light chuckle.
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  19. Hyōryugetsu

    Batting her eyelash and giggling, Hyō started, "Genjutsu..? hehe~ Was being inside me really that good~?"

    "I'm flattered~"

    With one hand, she brought her sleeve to her mouth and with the other, she alluringly hooked a finger to the hem of her dress. A slight pull revealed her skin in all it's liquid glory. Coquettishly she offered, "You can have as much as you want—"

    The fabric of her dress fell as she released it. "—but save it for later, now's not the time for your drug addictions."

    Her fingers had moved into a set of familiar hand-seals, ones so common even the lowest level academy student should've been able to produce them. Academy students in the Mist anyway.

    "Water Style: Hiding in Mist Jutsu."

    The mist formed and thickened unnaturally fast, even for a Mist shinobi. The weather had been under her control for quite some time now. The soft rains that scattered on the leaves and across the dirt now shattered into a fine mist. A mist thick enough to obscure vision had formed almost instantly.

    "You're proficient enough in Silent Killing to move..?"

    The question was less for Kai, and more for Tsuki. The Yuki-born hunter-nin should have no issues navigating the near-zero-visibility mist. However, Tsuki and her pet didn't seem as savvy with the Mist's techniques.
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  20. Reluctantly Mori jumped aboard the vessel, barely standing after the propulsion that Tomiko used. "This is the worst sailng experience ever, I'll fly the next time." He muttered as he collected chakra in his legs, using the chakra to stick to the boat if you could call it that. He was surrounded by water, and it frightened him. Nonetheless he made his way to the petrified Henshina and poured chakra into the seal, taking over for Katsuo after reading his lips. As he kept the seal in place, he looked down through the see-through crystal and turned pale. The ocean below him seemed bottomless, if he fell in he was done for. Forcing himself to tear his eyes away from the bottomless abyss below him, he turned to Guren.

    "Lady Guren, with all due respect, could you reach into my left pocket once Katsuo starts to show any signs of fatigue? I have a Military Rations Pill there and I can't really leave without weakening the seal. We'll slow down for a minute or so without propulsion, but it will be worth it." The mole genin said as he looked up at the sky, keeping his eyes as far away from the water as possible whilst still seeing things. If I make this trip back, I am not going to rest until I can swim! That is a promise!
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  21. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Kai blinked several times, narrowing his eyes at hyo. He couldn’t tell if she were trying to hit on him, were drunk, or were taking whatever drugs were in her system 24/7. Either way, he didn’t tolerate any of them.

    “You sound like Auntie Hama.” He sighed, putting his hunter nin mask on. “And that byakugan freak.”

    Examining the mist that was put into play, Kai already felt more at ease and in his own advantage. Like he was back in the mist. But now was no time to ogle. He looked toward hyo.

    “Excellent work. Perhaps this will give us the advantage we need. Everyone ready?”


    Damos’s Head turned for the first time since he had gotten here toward the mist that had just plumed up. A technique unique to mist ninja. Coincidentally, the village he just came back from. Silent, he awaited Misa’s return, though with his focus set upon the mist in front of him with unknown intent
  22. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Due to not having a voice of unknown origin in her head, Tsuki was able to answer Hyo's question quickly.

    "No, I don't remember Hama-sensei going over the technique with me, and I haven't even attempted it," The Yuki-nin's face flushed a little as the words came out of her mouth. Who in their right mind would send a kunoichi who has been practicng for only 3 months and has had no other field missions save for this one? Meanwhile, Seiun was attending to...other matters.

    “G͈̼r̛̘͇e̙̬͇͍̙à͓t̵̯̮̹.̗̘̺͓ ̸͔͔P̼͓r͈͖͈̱̀ͅȩ̰pa̻̯̰̣̗r̳̬͙e͕ ̢̦f̲̩̱̟o̙͉̜̦̥̺r̯̮̺̙̳̜͡ ̴̣͔͈͈̳̼̺m̴̻̜̥̯̬̫i͔̟̘̙n͎̭͉̝̥͖͖͘o̳̱̟̰͓̤̠r̞̕ ̰̖̙͝d͏̫̖̩͍̦isc̴͍̫͇͇̫o̞͕͍͈͈̙͖m̰̫̰̫͈̖͠f͉̤o̮̹̟̲̥ṛ̘̳̹̩̞̼t̤̠̪̮.̙͇̣͔̪͚̼͝”

    The missing-nin nodded to himself as he allowed the mysterious voice to do what it must. Unfourtunately, the voice found it best to induce a splitting headache upon its 'partner'. Naturally, Seiun reacted with a cry of palpable pain and tight clenching of his head, something he had unfourtunately grown used to. Fourtunately, the pain subsided, but in its place, a shadowy, glitchy figure emerged.

    “A͟l̛low ̧me to ̷ìnt́rodu͝c̴e ́myself; I am ́th̡e b̷i͠o͢lo̧g̡ic͡a̛l ope̡r̛a̴ting͢ sy͘ste̛m e̢ni̵g̨maCo̶n̢s̛t͟ruc҉t.̶ B̧ut yo͏u͡ ̷m͞a͠y ͜r̵ef̡er ̨t̕ǫ ͡m̸e a͟s ̵B.Ơ.͟S̛.E.̛C͠. O͜r Bo͟şe̵c.”

    The fact that B.O.S.E.C was speaking in a clearer manner was palpable, and it provided a minor deal of satisfaction to the missing-nin.

    Well hello, B.O.S.E.C, I'd introduce myself, but you already know me. I'd love to continue this conversation, but first I gotta go somewhere private.

    "Hey Tsuki..." Seiun began, trying his best to sound confused, "I think I'm hallucinating, could you give me a raincheck?"

    The news came as a surprise to the Yuki-nin, but not one massively large that she couldn't prepare for it.

    "I will grant you this request, but know this," Tsuki proceeded to inhale, as if she was about to deliever a massive speech, "Your collar has a tracker installed into it, if you ever try to wamder away grom the mist, I will send your coordinates to the best hunter-nin the mist can produce with the sole purpose of fining and perhaps, killing you. Do I make myself clear?" Her stare grew colder than any ice that she could muster,with her servant attempting to match.


    The two nodded as Tsuki went to regroup with her team and Seiun headed out to 'clear his head'.

    "Sorry about that," The latter began again as he walked, "Now, shall we continue our conversation?"
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  23. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Three separated talons of B.O.S.E.C’s traced along Seiun’s shoulder, of course only he could see it. It encircled him, like a ghost circling around a haunted victim. As the mist rolled in, it wasn’t obscured from Seiun’s vision in the slightest. As if it couldn’t be blocked.

    “Sh̷e ͠t͏h͢reatens̀ y̷o̸ur ̛d͡eath ҉on͢ ̴t̸h͟e daily. ̢De̢a̸r ̵m͟e̷. Ḩow͢ coul͠d ̶yoų have̶ ev́er̴ ͝th͟o̢ug͘h͟ ͠y͝o̸ų ͠c̵ouĺd͢ ̛b̶e ͏equ͏aļs̨?”̨

    B.O.S.E.C. Chuckled, flashing to a nearby tree branch, the spectral form seeming to prop it’s head up using it’s floating talons, even though it had seemingly the ability to levitate.

    “̕Bu̢t̛ ̶that’s ęnough҉ a͞bo͏ưt̨ ͢ţhe̸m. ̡L͞e̶t’s ̷t̨a͜lk a̴b̵óut̀ ͢yo̕u.͜ Tèlļ ͞m͢e͢. ͡W̵h͘at̷ ͢i͝s͏ i͢t̵ ̵you ͝tŕul͢y͡ d̢es͟ir̵e҉, ̨Se͡i͏un? ͠W̛h͏at ͘i̶s̴ t͢h̛at d͟a͡r̛k̕, ̵pit̨ ̧óf ̧wa͝nt҉ing ̡th͡at’͞ş ̶s͟o ͘vi҉le͝ and ̡tu̷cke̡d ͝a͟w̸ay ͘th͘aţ ͟yo͢u͢ ͜c̀ouldǹ’̶t̨ ͜te͝l͘l anyo̵n҉e?”
  24. Sagisō ~~Flashback

    "Are they all as innocent as you..?"

    Sagisō set her elbows on her knees, following up by propping her chin against her palms. She scoffed at Kiro's words. That naivety seemed to run along with the shinobi of the great nations. Though, then again, they had the power to hold such a point of view.

    "Consent would be Icing on the cake...just that. Are we to roll over and die if no one consents? Traditionally, you would've been kidnapped and then..."

    Words gave way to silence, the perfect environment to churn the cogs of imagination.

    As she allowed time for Kiro to think, she mulled over his follow up question. 'How did I end up in Nadeshiko..?'

    "You know about the four divisions of the Clan, right? Within the Xuanwu —the serpent-turtle— there are those black-clothed members who maintain order, but they are the turtle. My birth-mother, she was in that Snake division."

    She pondered for a moment, collecting both what she'd heard from her mentor, the previous Skillful star and her aunt turned mother.

    "...it was a family vacation to the Land of Water but they were attacked. By a twist of fate, a small group of Nadeshiko was passing through the area, but by then, I was the only survivor."


    "Hoho! Looks like you all have been busy."

    After waking Sagisō and Kiro, Hina's focus turned to Kakashi and Pakura as she commented off-handedly on the Oto-shinobi they'd managed to capture. He would prove useful.

    "I've marked the other girl—", She threw a gesture in Darui's direction, referring specifically to Kin, whose body had been marked by her own chakra.

    "—but since you're all gathered here, you've got something big in mind?"

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    Tomiko let out a cry as they had been blasted by the boost of their clone, clearly fear or worry had not been on the mind of the Iwa Genin as she seemed to almost take this for a ride. Though even with all this adrenaline through her veins she had been mindful to listen to Guren's instructions though it was oddly Katsuo's instructions that proved to be more vital.

    Without hesitation she quickly moved her hand over to the seal, as Mori had done the same and she quickly filled it with her chakra to form that link. "Alright you got it!" Tomiko assured Katsuo.

    "Well, seems the gang is all here." Kakashi said, as quickly he moved over to the advancing Hina as he gave her context to the preposal outlined by their Kiri guest as well as general analysis of the situation.

    "I think we should work to get them out of here. My little dopple can provide some escort while we cover them." Pakura added on as she offered what she viewed as a sensible solution to this mess.

    Madoka herself had been focused on the beast as well as everything else around her. Though this curious feeling entered her mind....

    I've seen Konoha, Kiri, Oto and of course we are here. Iwa has been....oddly quiet. I wonder if they managed to sneak with something, or bothered to show up at all. I wonder how Tomiko is doing...

    As Darui's clone carried Kin and was bound to get the attention of the Tailed Beast, he worked to try and regroup. Curious if that "calvary" boss assured him about was set to come.

    Though as he moved to position, he noticed in the distance as he gained some a group that began to form....seemed the Konoha/Suna allies were coming together, which in most cases would have been bothersome but in this might have been of benefit if the Valkyries were a bit slow.
  26. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Koki'o, while not the most elegant, did state Amari's concern much better than she managed to. Pakura's "reassurance" did not help much either. If all she had was an idea then they were basically done for. Of course, she had no reason to sit there and argue with Pakura and keep her from making a plan with her associate. She decided to just listen to the conversation for a while. While she didn't gain much of a clue what Pakura was actually planning, she honestly didn't care at this point. What was important was that it seemed like they were planning on getting the genin out of there. Amari realized this was truly the only part of the plan that mattered. As long as someone was alive to get the hawks to them for Nadeshiko, and they didn't have to fight that monstrosity, she could care less whether this seemingly half-baked plan worked or not.
  27. Slowly regaining his consciousness, Kiro was able to vividly recall the scene that had played out in front of him a short while ago. Some crazy old man had charged up to them before exploding into a wild flurry of pitch black sparks. Kiro could only watch in shock and awe as the frequency and intensity of the chakra vibrations increased to a speed far beyond his sharingan was capable of tracking and memorizing. It was the closest thing he had seen to the true lightning of nature.

    ‘Black lightning… and great. I’m fucking soaked.’

    As Kiro ran his hand through his messy wet hair, he took a quick scan of his new surroundings. Sagisō looked alright. He could also see the other genin nearby along with Kakashi, Hama and Pakura in front of him. What really caught him off guard was Zaku’s presence and the horrible shape he seemed to be in.

    ‘Who could’ve done that? Kakashi? Maybe Raiku or Taiyo?’

    Making a mental note to ask about that later, Kiro removed his drenched jacket as he continued to listen in to the discussion the jonin were having. With the ‘Kaiju’ not so far in the distance, Kiro was now interested to see how the Hyūga Head specifically would play her hand. He was pleased to hear that she had placed a tracker on Kin. Now it was just a matter of how the jonin planned to recapture her. As for the rest of them, it seemed he along with the genin were going to move in another direction.
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  28. Hinagiku

    "Of course."

    Her consent was simple and for all members of her team, final. They would depart, no two ways about it. "But first, let me take care of that." Flexing the ethereal muscles of her chakra network, guided by a few hand seals, she swiftly left both Sagiso and Kiro as dry as could be —she checked it herself. Not even a droplet of water remained on their bodies.

    "It's best to stay dry when amongst water-users." She threw a slight gesture towards Yukimaru.

    Turning specifically to the Hyuga within the group, she added. "Keep constant perimeter up, 200m at minimum. Watch the ground and...watch the skies. And...before you go, report. What happened?"

    She knew for a fact that the group of children held more information between them than all he Jonin present. After all, the girl jinchuriki had been found in the presence of Sagiso and Kiro. The sequence of events that lead up to this situation was just as —if not more— important than the actual situation.


    "As ready as we'll ever be."

    She created a hand sign, a single wispy apparition of herself appearing in the mist. A mist clone. "Just follow my clone Tsuki, she'll guide you." Initially, the girl had only intended to create a single mist clone but... "He won't be able to find us through the Mist."

    Discontent and annoyance bleeding through her voice, she gestured in the direction Seiun had walked off. "Are you fine with leaving him?"
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  29. Hopping down from the trees, Shura made his way to the rest of the group. He took a quick glance around as he noted the presence of everyone present. “Alright, it does seem everyone is present.” He thought to himself. Looking over at Kiro and Sagiso who just woke up, the Hyūga witnessed the calm head instantly dry the duo off. “I didn’t know Miss Hinagiku could do that. Her abilities are on a whole other level.” He thought until Hinagiku began giving orders. “Hmm, understood miss Hinagiku.” Shura responded after listening to the clan head.

    On the subject of the report, Shura thought for a bit. “We... were separated from the Jinchuriki during the chaos with that Kaiju beast.” He looked down slightly. “Last I saw her, she was being attacked by what looked like Iwa ninjas.” He explained. Turning around, Shura pointed towards a direction. "This happened around that area, about 500 or so meters away."
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  30. Hinagiku

    "Iwagakure..? "

    Hinagiku expanded her range of vision, shortly thereafter she locked onto the section of forest which had been wasted by the battle. She could confirm much of what Shura said as Guren's chakra was still fresh in the area. A pillar of crystal half-buried in the mud, small craters where someone's earth chakra had yanked stone from the ground - if she remembered that chakra was similar to Iwa's girl shinobi.

    It appeared they'd done things with haste, not even covering their tracks. The foot prints led...

    She shifted her gaze zooming across the forest. 3km away... 5km away... 10km away...

    Eventually her vision landed on another island. She couldn't scan it from here... but she didn't need to. Right there in the waters was a vibrant stream of chakra, water release. Katsuo's water release.

    His fish spit had left a line of chakra, glowing on the Byakugan's vision, and leading Hina in team Guren's direction. But... they were too far, catching up at this point would prove impossible.

    "...They're too far gone. If it's as you said, then the Kumo Jinchuriki is a lost cause. Anything else you can tell us about these other jinchuriki?"
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  31. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Yukimaru closed the distance incredibly quick, given the strides of his larg body mass. He made it to the clone carrying Kin to an unknown destination. Six miniature saiken faces appeared through the chakra cloak, symbolizing the six tailed beast. They all fired six individual red beams, all focused upon clone Darui from all those different sides. All the while, the three standard tails of the three tails swiped at the real Darui to keep him occupied.


    “Yes let’s go...” Kai looked toward Tsuki. “Tsuki! Get your slave. We must go.”

    I questioned why she was brought to this mission. I suppose I didn’t know she had medical prowess. Otherwise I’d still be bleeding. Hm. Perhaps Hama was right. She has potential. Seiun however is much harder to read...
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  32. It had come as a surprise to the Uchiha that Hinagiku was capable of performing such a feat. The Uchiha had been holding out his jacket in front of himself before he was completely dried off. All it took was a quick inspection for him to come to the conclusion that Hinagiku was also a portable dryer.

    In return for the favor, Kiro decided to offer up the knowledge he had on the jinchuriki. Of course since he was still a prisoner, there was a good chance his information would just be brushed aside. Though that fact didn’t really bother him as he went on to explain what he knew with a rather casual tone.

    “Well I guess I can confirm they’re both Sound shinobi. Their mission was to retrieve and bring me to that snake. The girl is the six tails jinchuriki and the boy has the three tails.”

    He was able to discern that fact due to the giant spiky creature Yukimaru had transformed into. The main body had three tails and the cloak of red chakra around it had six.

    “The female jinchuriki is able to spit out some type of acid capable of melting through even the Nara’s shadow technique. The other one has water and earth release from what I can tell. They were also capable of forming some type of chakra cloak around themselves.”

    Kiro didn’t have to consider much to assume their cloaks were triggered by rage. Yukimaru himself seemed to have a lot more resentment in him than he let on. Something that was made clear by his outburst. Kiro glanced over towards the direction of the Kaiju before he began to put his jacket back on.

    “As for that monstrosity, I believe the girl’s chakra was absorbed and combined with the three tails jinchuriki. That created some type of abomination using the body of the three tails along with the chakra of the six tails. Though I figure with your byakugan, you can probably determine that much better than me. There were also two cloaked figures on the beach…”

    The Uchiha paused as he recalled the man standing over some type of black water with immense killing intent radiating off of him. However, Hinagiku had only asked about the jinchuriki so he didn’t go into much more detail on the two.

    “But yeah, I think that’s about it. The girl was severely injured and out cold when I got to her. Not dead. So there may be a chance she’s still being hunted by whatever that thing is. That’s just my speculation. Take it how you will.”

    As Kiro finished speaking, he brought a hand to his hair to try and make himself look somewhat decent.
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  33. After being asked about what he know about the two Jinchuriki, Shura was thinking about what to answer when Kiro took over for him. The Hyūga looked towards him and listened as the technical prisoner briefed the info they knew to Hinagiku. “Hmm, yeah that’s pretty much it. His judgments on the situation are pretty accurate.“ He thought as he glances back towards the Hyūga head. “That’s pretty much all we know about them, Kiro here probably explained the situation better than I could have to be honest.”

    Walking away from Pakura, Misa casted one last glance behind her in the event something would come up before turning back and walking to the waiting Damos. “Well, that was a waste of my time.” She glances up at her partner. “We can report back now. Unless you still have something to do here like...” She nonchalantly pointes towards the Kaiju Yukimaru with her thumb. “... get that thing or something.”
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  34. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Damos didn’t turn his head to Misa and her ongoing speech. He stood in silence as Misa complained about the waste of time. She then pointed toward the kaiju, who which Damos didn’t even make a motion toward acknowledging it’s existence.

    Damos, instead of responding to Misa, walked away from her, his Akatsuki cloak fluttering in the wind. His figure seemed to fade away in the thick mist, an unspoken order to follow being had. His black water followed, water not even rippling with his footsteps. The mist appeared to slowly appeared to be turning red around the area Damos entered.


    Even without the ritual Deimos mask on,
    all within the tavern knows his occupation,
    evidenced by his massive frame
    They yield a fearful wide berth to him,
    no one sits in the seats around his hulking presence

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  35. Tayuya opted to say nothing, Kiro had made a pretty begrudgingly good guess about the Jinchuriki and everyone else seemed satisfied with it. Including Takato who had nothing more to add beyond a nod of confirmation on the accounts of both Kiro and Shura. Madoka herself had no commentary to make nor Sakura as they had not been associated with the Hyuga team to this point and were more focused on how instantly everything became dry from

    "Flashy." Pakura mused with a toothy smirk. Though her eyes were on the monster ahead of her.

    "In any event, stay together and clear of this island. We will join up with you as soon as we have opportunity." Kakashi said as he wanted to urge the group on as Sakura gave a nod and gathered up with the other Genin.

    "For a Kiri-nin you seem to know a lot about these Jinchuriki. Seems your time with them was not wasted." Madoka casually said as she moved by Kiro, as his info along with the fact he and the Oto-girl were grouped up with Konoha nin had been curious about just what he had picked up from Oto. She had not known much about his relationship with them apart from Tomiko's word that he had joined them for...reasons.

    "Seems they are ready. Shall my clone lead the way~?" Pakura asked Hina, Kakashi and even Hama though not directly.

    Course, even with the Jinchuriki off my hands it still wants to destroy me. Just my luck...

    Darui mused his fortune or lack thereof as he jumped back as the chakra tails focused on him and he worked to keep himself one step ahead of him. Darui would fire a quick voltage shock towards the three tails that swiped at him; this attack had no chance to do much damage, both on account of its power and his own conservative approach. But it needed not to, as it had just been a paralysis method so stall the tails long enough to get that step to gain distance from them.

    Darui's clone meanwhile had one focus, to survive as long as it physically could. Nothing more.

    So with some electricity at his legs, he jumped from branch to branch as he worked to evade the blasts from the mini-mouths fired upon him; using his enhanced speed to try and stay just a step ahead of each blast. But this was set to last only a short period and it appeared ever grim for the clone to keep Kin from destruction.

    Soon enough, Azumi led her little trio towards what appeared to be yet another inconspicuous section of the forest. However, with some sources she had gathered when she got wind of this little caravan. Including some curious tells about this forest that seemed to come at the same time as their arrival.

    A pair of trees right by each other, and what appeared to be a deer sleeping in front of it.

    A Genjutsu? Hard to say all I know is that is what I am looking for so they have to be around here...

    Azumi would make a non-verbal gesture to "wait" in the foliage to both Baiyan and Reaver. She would then turn to them and quietly address her theory.

    "According to certain sources I met in Taki, the caravan camps by a place marked by two trees and a slumbering deer. Seems we are in the right spot..." Azumi said with the gentlest whisper to the two.
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  36. Valkyries

    Rushing towards Darui at full speed, with him also rushing in their direction, the distance between Darui and the Valkyries closed twice as fast as either could've accomplished alone. Within those few minutes, the scant few kilometers that remained between them had been shortened to naught.

    The first of the Valkyries to arrive were, of course, Hlokk and Kara. The Dynamic duo entered the fray, pausing for a short while to give Darui a moment to prepare. Upon seeing the duo, especially, Hlokk, Darui should've been able to guess and prepare for their opening actions. Stepping forward was Hlokk, weaving together a mix of Spiritual chakra and Lightning Natured chakra that began to vibrato along the length of her fingers.

    She tapped her toe against the ocean, counting off three beats as she played a stanza of hand-seals. On the third beat, she snapped. That single action, as if multiplied a thousandfold, produced deafening rumbles of thunder. Hlokk's specialty was genjutsu. She was quite skilled with her craft, but her favorite arts were a little queer. Rather than the usual genjutsu, which infiltrated a shinobi's body through subtle and fine chakra control. Hlokk's genjutsu was more a sudden explosion of sensations, seeking to overwhelm the opponent's body for a short instant.

    This type of thunder-based audio genjutsu was directed at scrambling the beast's senses. An attack to the semi-circular canals in the ears would be enough to, however temporary, make anyone lose their bearings. Those delicate organs that controlled one's sense of balance could be harshly jarred for an instant, leading to flaws in one's attacks or defense.

    Naturally, such an abrupt, sound-based, technique indiscriminately hit regardless of friend or foe. It was for that very reason that each of the Valkyries, Hlokk included, has custom-made ear-buds which canceled out sound.

    Simultaneously, while Hlokk had stalled to prepare her genjutsu, Kara has rushed on ahead. At her waist, she held 4 holsters each lined with a specialized blade. These were a set of 4 katana all made to the specifications of the Super-Vibrato swords. Each blade would resonate wildly when imbued with lightning chakra giving them a cutting power that was said to surpass even that of Wind-nature.

    However, for Kara, the Valkyrie who wielded both lightning and wind, there was no comparison. The high-frequency vibration from her lightning chakra would give the blade an incredible cutting edge, but on top of that very cutting edge was an even thinner edge of wind-chakra. She was an offensive specialist with chakra-flow as her main technique.

    The layering of wind and lightning chakra not only allowed her to achieve an unheard-of cutting edge but the layer of wind chakra also insulated the lightning chakra, trapping it tightly within the blade. Like that she was able to force-fully trap her lightning chakra within the blade allowing her to reach vibrational speeds even higher than what her level of chakra control would allow.

    All the factors meant that each of Kara's swords was beyond deadly. The likes of steel and armor were nothing more than paper beneath her blade. She hit the island's shore and simply kept running, taking to the trees. In moments, she had a visual of Darui. With a sleight of hand, she sent three of her blades flying. The lightning chakra running along their workings concealed by the wind-edge that covered them. She planned to take advantage of Darui's slight stunning attack to pin the three tail of the beast with her sword.
  37. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    As Seiun was walking, he noticed that B.O.S.E.C's chosen method of traveling with him was clenching onto his shoulder. While it did feel uncomfortable, the shinobi thought that the construct had its reasons for doing so.

    “Sh̷e ͠t͏h͢reatens̀ y̷o̸ur ̛d͡eath ҉on͢ ̴t̸h͟e daily. ̢De̢a̸r ̵m͟e̷. Ḩow͢ coul͠d ̶yoų have̶ ev́er̴ ͝th͟o̢ug͘h͟ ͠y͝o̸ų ͠c̵ouĺd͢ ̛b̶e ͏equ͏aļs̨?”̨

    Seiun chuckled, the construct clearly stopped paying attention to his life after he was enslaved. Regardless, he let B.O.S.E.C continue with its speech.

    “̕Bu̢t̛ ̶that’s ęnough҉ a͞bo͏ưt̨ ͢ţhe̸m. ̡L͞e̶t’s ̷t̨a͜lk a̴b̵óut̀ ͢yo̕u.͜ Tèlļ ͞m͢e͢. ͡W̵h͘at̷ ͢i͝s͏ i͢t̵ ̵you ͝tŕul͢y͡ d̢es͟ir̵e҉, ̨Se͡i͏un? ͠W̛h͏at ͘i̶s̴ t͢h̛at d͟a͡r̛k̕, ̵pit̨ ̧óf ̧wa͝nt҉ing ̡th͡at’͞ş ̶s͟o ͘vi҉le͝ and ̡tu̷cke̡d ͝a͟w̸ay ͘th͘aţ ͟yo͢u͢ ͜c̀ouldǹ’̶t̨ ͜te͝l͘l anyo̵n҉e?”

    The construct had distanced itself from the missing-nin, the former seemed to be using its arms to keep its head up, even though it looked like it could levitate. But that was irrelevant to Seiun, for he was ruminating in his internal well of desire. Finally, the missing-nin had come to a conclusive answer for his new 'friend'.

    "I want..to be free. And I mean free in 5he sense that I'm not a prisoner, I'm not a slave, and I'm certainly not dead. The only way I want to live is by my own desires, wild and free. That is my truest, deepest desire,"

    Meanwhile, Tsuki found herself looking for her own slave in the forest that she allowed him to seek refuge in. Fourtuanelty, her chakrs was connected to the tracker in Seiun's collar, so it wouldn't be long until she found her slave.

    He better not've gotten lost, and if he's dead, I'll kill him...where did that come from?
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  38. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    B.O.S.E.C Chuckled in a distorted manner, seeming to disappear in a flicker and reappear near the base of the tree. It put it’s mass leaned on the tree, the it’s four floating talons resting on an appearant half formed purple arm of it’s right side. Like it was attempting to cross it’s arms.

    “Don҉e̷. B̛ut̕ t͞hat͘ ̕is but͞ ́a s̷t͜epp͡i̶n̛g̡ s͞t͜one̛.”͟

    It then whirled close to seiun, looking into his eyes with it’s crescent shaped ones, it’s talons grasping his hand in a delicate fashion.

    “̡I am ̶youŕ ̷gol̀d͜e͏n͘ g͏ǫos͘e,͞ ͢y̨oùr g͝r̛eat͏ ҉w̨an͜t̕inģ.͏ ͟A̴nýth͟ing you w҉ąnt, ̸I̢ ̴can̡ ͜ģiv͡é y҉ou.̶ ͞Al͏l̴ ͝ýou n͡e͏ed͟ ͢to ìs ̶as̡k̕,̢ ͟a͡n͘d ͏I̷ will̀ d̕e͟liv͠ȩr. No ͠tàs͟k̸ t̡o̴ ̡g̕r̵eat ҉for us͠ to ̴a̢c͡hie͡ve҉. Don͟’̕t y͞o̕u şee̕? ̸W͏e͝ a͡re un͢st̵opp͞a̶b͝l̀e͘..̡.i͘f yo̷u ̕j̛u̵st fol̡low ̸m̷y̶ pat̸h͡ ̸t̶o̴ g̛èt ̢i͠t.҉”

    “Seiun!” Kai called out into the mist. “We are leaving.”


    Yukimaru lurched, his senses going haywire. He could have sworn he saw many figures enter the fray. He couldn’t snap back to attention to attack...but what if...he didn’t have to? Yukimaru closed his eyes, his body wriggling and spasming. Then, he flapped open his eyes to reveal they had changed to the same eye color and pattern to the three tails.

    “You fight not one, but two forms! You think that mortals can defy god?!”

    Before the wind blades could reach Yukimaru, the three tailed beast wrapped itself into a ball, it’s shell coming over any exposed part of it’s body. The wind attacks hit through the chakra barrier by only made light scratches in the thick armor. Suddenly, The three tails, now curled up in a ball, began to spin in place. Not too soon after, it let loose a ferocious roll towards the valkries, laying utter devestation in it’s wake. Absolutely everything that has went under him was pulverized to less than dust.


    A large raider caravan had reached their objective. It appeared to be a raider settlement, a large rustic looking structure looked ahead. It appeared someone had begun to construct a castle, but ended up creating a tower that was simply connected to a large main hall and chamber. Inside chamber, which was far behind the hall in a special door, several seats were littered in the room as well as a long iron clad table littered with maps, drinks, and poker chip like objects.

    *click* *click*

    A wobbling, slender frame sat in the main chair. The figure was draped in a black cloak from head to toe. He carried a long, hold and silver staff with several bolts, gears, and prods sticking out of it, serving an unknown purpose. The only visual features about the man himself was that he had a long white beat protruding from his chin and an elder, wrinkled face with a golden Masquerade mask covering the upper half of his face.

    The old man grinned wide, several bolts and iron debris replacing half of his teeth. His eyes gazed upon the other men at the table atop an iron throne of metal and rusted scrap.

    “I’m sure you are all wondering why you have been called...”
  39. From the sound of things, it seemed his explanation had been well received. Though he didn’t show it, Kiro was grateful to a certain extent that his words weren’t completely dismissed. Even as a prisoner it seemed he still had some credibility. That being said, this was but only a small step in what he was hoping to achieve here.

    Upon hearing Madoka’s passing comment, the Uchiha finished ‘checking’ his hair and looked over to her. He immediately remembered her as the puppeteer from Suna who had taken part in the exams and was also part of the team that had caught up with Zaku and him during their escape. Kiro casually brought a hand down into one of his pockets as he took a brief moment to settle on an adequate response.

    “Contrary to the belief, I wasn’t given much information when I was ‘with them’ as you would put it. I only saw them get placed into some containers. But if I recall, they were also the targets that escaped capture from the teams sent to chase the Sound. Of course my being here is proof that your mission was still a success.”

    What Kiro didn’t mention was that he still firmly believed most of that success was attributed to the strings Sagisō had pulled on them. The other red head standing a short distance away also played a slight hand in his capture. However, that was another can of worms Kiro didn’t feel like opening again.

    “Anyways, I’d prefer to leave what happened in the past for now. Plus there’s much more… bigger matters to deal with.”

    The Uchiha calmly finished, referring to the large raging abomination in the distance.
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  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Kou examined Zaku’s condition. After sakura’s treatment, the blood had been stopped. Kou just thanked his lucky stars that no one was killed on either side. But he had begun to get more concerned by the more and more people that had begun to show up. From the pervert Madoka, to a weird woman. He was about to ask Sakura if they were a part of the team too until he saw someone he didn’t expect.

    It’s that guy...!

    He looked at kiro, who he remembered traveling with him and Zaku on the way to the sound. He was a friend...probably.

    “Hey! You!” Kou waved at Kiro. “Can you help us out??”
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