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Private/Closed My Hero Academia: New Class In Session

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Shounouchi sighed, discouraged that nobody seemed to hear his question. He couldn't blame them, however. Their conversations did seem to be quite engaging. With that, he stepped over to a corner at the back of the room, and stood there silently, quietly observing and looking at the people who would be his classmates for the foreseeable future. He saw a few interesting characters, to say the least, but he felt like he would get along well with most of the people here.

    After a while, a man in a sleeping bag arrived, announcing that he would be their homeroom teacher.
    ...'Aizawa'? Oh no.
    Shounouchi had heard many rumors about U.A. That it was tough. That the staff and students alike took no excuses for transgressions and/or misbehavior. But most of all, how severe some of the teachers could be.
    And there was one teacher in particular who made students' lives a living hell. Or, so he heard.
    Legend says that he once expelled an entire class of students because he deemed that they were not good enough to be at U.A. And if this same teacher was the one being assigned to this class, then...

    What hope did they have? What hope did he have?

    After having pondered enough, Shounouchi reluctantly grabbed a suitcase and disappeared into the male changing rooms, emerging out soon after, fully changed. Instead of heading outside to the training field, however, he remained just outside the changing room, walking back and forth, whispering and mumbling to himself in fear.
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  2. Kenny was sitting at his seat until he noticed their homeroom teacher showing up. "Huh, Aizawa? that sounds familiar but I can't quite tell exactly who he is." He thought to himself before grabbing his suitcase and moving to the locker rooms along with the crowd. He stepped out wearing the school's gym uniform and made his way to the training field.
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  3. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jurou calmly changed into his P.E uniform, being almost carefree. He has heard about the stories of Mr. Aizawa, including him expelling an entire class of students, however, the hero-in-training knew that stories are just that, stories. Until he heard Eraserhead make good on his word, Jurou was unconvinced about all of this. Once he finished changing, he turned to the student who introduced himself as Hikaru, to which he decided to follow suit.

    "The name's Kouta, Jurou Kouta. You will likely remember that name, how you remember my name is up to interpretation,"
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  4. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka looked behind him. Blood Boy wasn’t that bad, “Hey there. It’s good you got in. You’re a nice guy.” He grinned comfortably at Tashi. He knew they’d both become pretty good friends. Suddenly, his consciousness snapped back to Aizawa, “.....Should we be socializing currently, I mean...uh...” He pointed his head towards Sir Aizawa. He also felt a bit guilty. Tanaka felt a bit rude, when he thought about it.
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  5. Tashi

    "Im trying to be a Hero, keeping a friendly, calm demeanor with the injured or scared is part of the job." He replied, his head cranking in the direction of Aizawa as Tanaka gestured towards the teacher, an uneven look on his face as he analyzed the man
    closely, slowly turning his head back to Tanaka.
    "Just introductions, nothing more. Its Tashi, by the way." He said with a smile and nod, turning his attention to the field ahead.
    "No easy way to say I know how most of this is gonna play out I guess...." The boy thought to himself, unsure if Aizawa would even care about the quiet talk, considering the topic of the conversation.
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  6. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru took a suitcase and walked into the locker room, getting over what Mr. Aizawa was like. He looked at the metal case as he walked.
    "This looks like a heavy-duty uniform case.... Could it be?"
    He drifted back to around a week earlier, to a scene of him sketching something on a piece of paper.
    Dekiru sat down in the locker room, popping open the suitcase.
    Expecting something else, he was greeted by a navy blue jumpsuit with some letters printed on it. A "U" was boldly written in white across the chest. Across the lower torso was another boldly written letter; a "U".
    "This isn't a costume..." he thought. "Damn. I was looking forward to wearing that suit..."
    Then he realized what it was. He then drifted to watching the Sports Festival.
    "This... this is a UA Physical Education uniform... like they wear in the Sports Festival. It looks good," he thought.
    Later, he met everybody outside, now in a new uniform.
    "So..." he asked. "Does anybody know what's going on?"
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  7. Kouki glanced at the Pro Hero Ace, who had walked into the room. They looked around, smiling at the place. "Snazzy," the American Number One Hero said. "So, this is where you work now, Mr. Amachi?"

    Kouki's jaw dropped nearly to the ground and his face exploded with color. "W-w-wait, h-how come you're even here?!" he exclaimed. "D-doesn't America need you?!"

    "Dude, I'm exhausted. Got coffee?"

    "NO! I'm not giving you coffee!"

    "Ms. Ace!" Lucy exclaimed excitedly, running up and giving the muscular hero a big hug. Of course, Ace's legs were so ripped and Lucy was so small her arms barely went halfway around. "Welcome to Japan!"

    Ace was the Pro Hero who had rescued Sylvia and her siblings when they were in danger. Upon first meeting, Kouki had quickly developed a somewhat of a celebrity crush on them. Ace Jumper was the top hero and the most popular example of self-expression in all of America, possibly the world. Ace's hero outfit made it clear that they had the body of a male, but they grew out their hair and used the pronouns "they/them" and "she/her", often being referred to as Ms. Ace, and became America's symbol of peace and freedom. Ace, as a proud American, obviously wore red, white, and blue on their uniform, and became the new "American flag" for the country, despite their tyrannical president. Some voted Ace to be president, but as Ace wasn't even running for president and doubted their ability in leading a whole country, Ace remained a Pro Hero instead.

    Of course, as Chicago was the third biggest city in the country, and as Ace had happened to be there for a meeting of some kind, when they heard someone in trouble, their first instinct was to "jump" in and save them. Unfortunately, in Sylvia's case, they may have been too late, but Ace was still determined to use their connections and the money they earned to save Sylvia's life. She only had a few months.

    Ace had slick black hair and brownish skin, but their eyes were a radiant purple, different from Jack's dark, wise eyes. Their eyes, unlike his, were bright and energetic, like the hero themself. Kouki could never help getting lost in them, so instead, he avoided eye contact from the hero, turning his amber gaze to Sylvia, who gave Ace a small, but vivid smile. It was rare to see the once bouncy and energetic girl--someone who was so much akin to Ace themself--smile anymore, ever since her injury. Perhaps since it became harder and harder for her to laugh or feel happy. Any kind of stress that stimulated her heart made her lungs burn. Sylvia could only show small hints of joy anymore. It wasn't that she didn't want to, either. Her hyperness just drained away against her will.

    It wasn't fair.

    "A-Ace... what're you doing here?" Kouki asked, finally locking eyes with the hero.

    "I came to support you and Sylvia," Ace said simply, rubbing their tired eyes. "Man, jetlag's gonna be awful... How long have you been working? A week?"

    "Yes. Ace, how much have you slept?"

    "Two hours. Never mind that--"

    "TWO HOURS?!"

    "--you haven't slept a wink either, hypocrite."

    Kouki blushed and turned away.

    Ace's expression turned serious. "Sylvia's only got four months at this point, right?"

    "It's been two months... She should have six," Kouki said, shaking his head.

    "According to Recovery Girl's latest records, she'll only live 'til August 28th," Ace said sadly. "She's going to need some serious help and fast. If Recovery Girl can't do it, then who can? We've tried some of the best doctors in America and now Sylvia's afraid of hospitals..."

    "There's nothing we can do," Kouki said. "A-at least, I don't think... if Recovery Girl can't, and if you don't know anyone, then..." He buried his face in his hands, hiding his tears from the Pro Hero and the children. "W-what... what'll we do...?!"

    Ace's expression dropped suddenly. They reached out, hesitant at first, but with a gentle touch they removed Kouki's hands from his face. "Hey, hey... we'll get through this. Actually, I'm here to work alongside All Might and find you guys a proper healer. All Might's my close friend, remember? For now, you and I can work on earning money for the kids and getting them what they need, but you just need to worry about caring for the kids and working for now, okay? I'll take care of any medical business regarding Sylvia. Besides, you need a babysitter at home, and I left a babysitter for America. The US is in good hands, and even ol' Donald can't do anything to mess this up. I made sure of that."

    Kouki flushed, but he wiped his tears and nodded, unused to being so close to someone (especially his crush).

    "Ace," Jack finally spoke up. "Where's 1-A? I just saw Eraserhead leading his class outside. Can we go see?"

    "Oh, yeah! About that," Ace said, beaming. "Jack, Eraserhead's interested in you! Call him Mr. Aizawa, though, okay? Mr. Aizawa likes your determination and your powerful quirk. He wants to test you after school. Will you be okay with that?" They turned to Kouki. "You're gonna have to be the translator between them, though, okay?"

    Kouki nodded. "I'm alright with this. Jack's strong, and I'm certain he'll be a great hero in no time."

    Lucy hadn't been paying attention to Kouki and Ace's exchange until the two finished talking about the serious stuff, in which case Lucy kept raising her arms up and asking to be carried. Finally, Ace caved in and lifted her up. Jack led the way outside, but Sylvia was only slow enough to be left behind by everyone but Kouki.

    "I'm gonna die in four months?" Sylvia asked Kouki.

    Kouki's breath hitched. "Ace w-won't let that happen, sweetheart," Kouki said. "I adopted you all because I wanted to keep you alive, and Ace is doing their best as a hero as well. Ace is super, right? They'll make sure you stay alive. I already have your eighth birthday gift planned. You'll just have to wait until December, alright?"

    Sylvia nodded, but it was an empty nod. Kouki hadn't lied, he had the gift planned already. He just hoped he could give it to her later than just August 28th.
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  8. Hikaru grinned at Kouta's confidence. At least he wasn't a nervous wreck like some of the other students. Hikaru had to admit, he'd started to feel a bit guilty about how he felt compared to how some of his classmates seemed to feel. After all, how could he be more self-assured than someone who had actually made the top 10? "We'll see how the cookie crumbles, but that's definitely the attitude to go into this with," he said. Hikaru took note of the uniforms. He'd remembered seeing them from past UA Sports Festivals that he'd watched eagerly with his family. "Mr. Aizawa's definitely got quite the reputation. I guess we'll find out which rumors are true and which ones are false today, huh?"
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  9. Vel stood in the uniform, he kept tugging at the neck of it, it was too tight at his neck, he hoped it wouldn't irritate him in any physical activities they were doing, he hated being seen as the lazy one in P.E classes and everyone idolizing the athletic one back before he came to U.A
    "Wow DANIEL, you can RUN FAST, wow, everyone cares so much"
    Vel obviously had some pent-up emotions about his last school, but that wasn't important now, he was about to do his first school activity at U.A, it was an invigorating thought, one step closer to being a hero, SCHOOL WORK!

    He pondered what they could be doing, he had heard from his sister that her class did a short test of skills, maybe that's what they would be doing? it would make sense to test everyone's skills before starting any actual work, if we didn't then Aizawa wouldn't understand where any of us are at
    Vel got tired of thinking about it already, It had seemed his classmates had already formed small friend groups, they must have been at the same test arena, different from the one Vel went to, now Vel was faced with a different issue, how could he stand out and try to get some people to talk to him? maybe crack a joke?
    "Hey guys, BORE RAGNAROK!"
    Nah, that wouldn't work, they would just have a short laugh then go back to their groups, Vel had been so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn't realised he had made an around 17cm stick with his quirk and was twirling it around his fingers and flicking it up into the air due to pure boredom and how much he had spaced out, each time it hit his skin it would make a tiny little burst of energy that would envelop his fingers, it was something he would do a lot at home to have something to distract him, he had gotten very good at it but maybe this was a bit much and could attract too much attention, He was thinking too much into this, he just eased and continued to twirl around the stick
    "I'll just wait until some activity where we're put into groups" Vel quietly said as he scratched his back with his left hand and focused on his surroundings
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  10. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru looked on, as somebody walked up next to him.
    "Hey," said Faroke, who walked up next to him. "You're Number Four, right? I watched. You guys were awesome! Wish I could've gotten in on that.
    "Thanks," said Dekiru. "People have been talking to me about that a lot. Who are you?"
    "Faroke Knieroto. You?"
    "Oh, Dekiru. Dekiru Parokuro."
    Emerging from the girls' locker room, Laura stretched her arm up in the air.
    "God, it feels good to get out of there!" she said, grinning. "Who to mess with today?"
    Laura walked up to Dekiru, though she had no idea of what his name was.
    "Hey! You're cute."
    He could have melted right then and there.
    "Just kidding! Though you are cute."
    He looked over at Tanaka.
    "HELP. ME."
    He didn't say it. His face did.
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  11. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jurou stretched briefly to relax both his muscles and his mind, trying to relieve himself of any unnessesary worry that clouded his judgement. He turned back to Hikaru, a warm grin which could be confused for a less arrogant smirk.

    "So it would seem, so it would seem," Kouta told his acquaintance as he left the locker room, only to see the sight of a girl who seemed to be flirting with Dekiru, only widening the already existing grin-smirk.

    Well looks like we already have a ladies man, then again, taking down a giant robot is a little hard to ignore. This will be a very interestsong semester, I can garumtee that, and I'm just glad I got the opportunity to experience this.
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  12. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka just stood around watching everyone talk with each other, until he saw Dekiru look over to him with a super scared expression as a girl seemed to be flirting with him.

    Ah, crap.

    Tanaka almost had the same expression as Dekiru. This would define if he was a good friend or not. He walked clumsily over to them, “Hey, guys. I’m Tanaka, what are your quirks? Wanna be friends?” He said awkwardly.
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  13. Yuki had grabbed her uniform and quickly changed into it. She was excited to do whatever Mr. Aizawa had planned for them. Even thiugh he didn't really leave off a good first impression, but he was a teacher at UA so he had to know what he was doing in order to be there. Anyway, Yuki knew she had to her best if she wanted to become a great hero.

    Tokoyami also got his uniform ready, but he didn't share the same enthusiasm as most of the other students. All he cared about was being the best in his class, which was clear he already was. Scoring the highest in the entrance exam surely gave him a big ego boost. Though, from rumors he heard, there were two students who were recommended into the school. Not that it matters, they had an easy pass. Tokoyami got in with actual hard work, and he wasn't afraid to show off his hard work to anybody who doubted it.

    Satsuke also got readied, though she was the most silent out of all the students. She tended to stay by herself, and it seemed as if though Mia had already made some friends in the class. It was better for Satsuke just to leave her sister alone, though, as she may ruin her sister's life more than she already has just by interacting with her in class. Satsuke stayed strong-willed, however, and made it to the field with the rest of the students to get ready for what Mr. Aizawa had planned.

    With the students ready in their uniforms and in the field, Mr. Aizawa still in his sleeping bag announced what the class was going to do.

    "So on your first day of UA, we will determine what your physical capabilities are," Mr. Aizawa said, "In middle school, you lot weren't allowed to use your quirks to make the fitness test fair for those who didn't have one, but here in UA we are here to test your quirks capabilities. So, we'll be having a fitness test to test out what your capabilities are with your quirks so far." Mr. Aizawa was silent for a while when he glared all the students down and in an extremely serious tone said, "And if any of you are to score the lowest in this fitness exam, I will personally have you expelled from this school."

    Mr. Aizawa then pointed at Yuki, and asked, "What was your score for the ball throw in middle school?" Yuki was kinda shocked that she got chosen, but she scratched her nose in arrogance and responded, "30.6 meters." Which wasn't hard to believe considering her body was built just like an extreme athlete.

    "I want you to use your quirk, and throw this ball," Mr. Aizawa demanded, "And don't hold back." Yuki took the ball from Mr. Aizawa and increased the muscle mass on her arm as much as she could, and threw the ball with such force that it caused a bit of a burst. The ball landed, and Mr. Aizawa recorded the data. "710.1 meters," reads Mr. Aizawa. Yuki scratched her nose once again, as she was extremely proud of what she made.

    Tokoyami went next and got a score of 24.9 meters, while Satsuke went afterwards and got a score of 705.4 meters.
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  14. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru was up next, happy to get away from everybody, but not until mouthing "thank you" to Tanaka.
    "I don't know how many tests there are," he thought. He recalled his fight with the robot. A full-power punch launched that boulder an intense speed, with intense power. He needed the same intensity, but on a smaller scale.
    "A boulder is about 150 pounds per cubic inch. Probably one thousand cubic inches; so about 150,000 pounds," he thought. "It looked like the speed of a baseball, which is about eighty miles per hour. That's about 5,250,000 newtons of force; that's my full power. Nice. If I crank that down... Okay, okay."
    He backed up, reaching the edge of the throwing circle. He used some of his force to launch his leg forward a little, giving him a running start in five inches. Then he whirled around, throwing the ball with incredible force. He looked over at the meter.


    Not having much time to celebrate, the recoil pushed him back a few meters, falling back on his butt. He still grinned as he walked back to the rest of the students.
    After was Laura, who landed a 60.3.
    After her was Faroke, who got a 26.4.
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  15. Tashi

    Tashi watched as the huge gap in scores began to grow, making him worry that he may fall on the short end of the scale.
    "Up next.....okay, here we go. Time to show off..." He mumbled to himself, stepping forward into the small circular pitching station, ball gripped firmly in his left hand.
    "Perfect, now let it well up." He added, his eyes closed as he concentrated on the ball, stored energy flowing forth into the object, which was now lightly vibrating in his hand. The young hero reeled his arm back, a nervous sweat beginning to build along his brow line as he lurched his body forward, launching the ball skywards.
    The moment his hand broke contact with the ball, the kinetic energy in it spilled out, a loud air sucking noise being heard as the ball rocketed forward into the sky ahead, launching Tashi backwards along the ground from the residual energy.

    "530.09 Meters!" The machine beeped aloud, bringing an uneven smile to Tashi's face.

    "Its a shame.....I was really hoping to show the top dogs from the entrance exams a real challenge. Wish I couldve put more energy into the shot..." The boy scolded himself internally, rubbing his now rather sore forearm.


    "All these wannabee's....trying so hard to show off there quirks." The rather unkind individual remarked, stepping forward to take his turn at the podium.
    "No point trying that hard...." He added quietly, flinging the ball forward without much build up, the limb used blurring slightly from the drastic increase in speed that had occurred.

    "386.02 Meters!" The machine beeped out once more, signifying the slightly lower score.

    "Hahaha......hahaha! Wo-how! And to think I though about powering up...." The boy laughed aloud, this rather unsightly display being his first real introduction to the other students. With that final thought, Katsu stepped to the back of the class where he'd been standing before.
    "They think they all have so much potential....gimme a break."
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  16. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Crap, everyone's so good! I knew everyone would prove they were good enough by other means than the entrance exam....
    He thought to himself as he spaced off a bit. He watched everyone get to really high scores. He felt pretty anxious, since he didn't have a flashy energy-blasting-super quirk like them. The worst scenario was....

    He was next. He seldom walked awkwardly to the pitch and picked up a baseball. This is REALLY unoriginal, but I have to do what I have to do to win. He made a little catapult, fit enough for the baseball. He placed the catapult on the palm of his hand, readied to throw the baseball. He knew that with the kinetic energy his throw would get it would get quite far. He threw it off into the farthest he could go.

    "97.3 meters!" The little robot beeped out, which cause Tanaka to seldom smile.

    ......I-I mean, who could beat the 700s? He walked back with a fake smile, while sighing deep down. This wasn't too bad. Pros risk their lives and sometimes have to watch people die. This was nothing compared to that. He looked upwards remembering what his mum always said.

    "The first step is always the hardest." He accidentally thought out loud.
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  17. "Damn, these guys are pretty good, I wonder who's going to be expelled? I doubt it would be any of these 700 people
    Vel was next, he was sure he could come within maybe top 4? top 6? he grabbed the ball and began to think of a plan, guessing how could he would be was wasting time
    "I could try using all of his energy reserves and just waiting ten minutes, yea, it would probably take around 10 minutes but then the rest of my scores would be slightly lower in the rest of the activities because I won't have as much energy, It's like raising one stat and lowering others in a video game, ah to hell with thinking of doing it, It's time to act!" Vel thought

    He stepped back and positioned his arm behind himself, he put a large amount of energy into his arm, long, silky strips started to float around his arms, nearly hiding it from sight because of their number and size
    "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET" Vel yelled as he threw his arm forward then creating a giant blast of energy from his hand as he let go as the ball, the explosion was blinding

    "723.8 Meters!" The machine beeped

    "Ha... ha... that was a bad idea..." Vel said, he sounded exhausted, his entire body had turned pale and he looked like he had seen a ghost "I can't feel my arm" Vel quietly said as he returned to the crowd and held his arm, now he just had to wait for his energy to come back, well, half of it, the more he goes overboard per day, the more it gets halved

    "I AM VERY OKAY!" Vel yelled, putting his thumb up, he was pretty delusional after that, it was obvious he was even having trouble standing up "just ten damn minutes" Vel added, a side effect of using all his power is thinking out loud, emphasize on loud
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  18. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jurou inhaled deeply, attempting to clear his mind of all worries and doubt that he had ad he stepped up to take his ball.

    "Well, no use in holding back, this is to be a test of abilities, might as well use them to the fullest," The hero-in-training closed his eyes as he was surrounded by an emerald green aura of electricity and his hair adopted the color of the lightning. He opened his eyes as he threw the ball with as much power as he could put into it.

    "700.9 meters," The robot beeped, almost on cue as Jurou began to clutch his arm, he felt it becoming numb but since throwing a ball was such a minimal task, it didn't exert too much energy.

    "Hey," Jurou spoke directly to Katsu, a cold, unfeeling icy edge suddenly took over his calm, warm tone, "There is a point in trying as hard as we can, to give each other the most accurate assessment of our abilities. If you don't have much power to show off, then that's fine, but don't be a total sick about it. So, either prove me wrong or get off your high horse and join the rest of us in the real world," In truth, Jurou was an observer, and he wanted to get under Katsu's skin in order to potentially observe what power he had, if any at all.
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  19. Katsu

    Katsu simply stood there observing each student go up and take there turns, the unimpressed look never leaving his already smug face. After scoring the highest range another student approached Katsu with a bit of fire in his eyes from the Mummy's words.
    Katsu's icy eyes slowly slithered to the corner of his vision as the boy began to rant and rave about his off-handed comments, his eyebrow twitching the moment the boy began to speak.
    "Pft." The small noise just managing to escape his mouth as he turned his attention away from the fellow student.
    "Wannabee's......just like I said. Cant handle it when someone on there side doesnt play the noble goody two-shoes everyone else. These arent heroes, there cartoon characters."


    The boy had felt a little broken, seeing two scores of 800+ back to back right after his attempt. The tension only grew as the boy with the furthest score seemed to be starting trouble with the dark clothed recommendation.
    "These guys.....its like being a fish in the shark tank..."
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  20. "..Ah, fiddlesticks." Shounouchi mumbled, making his way over to the front of the class.
    Remember, I don't necessarily need to throw far. Just far enough. Alright, you got this, Shono.
    He crouched down, picking up the ball, and getting a general feel for it.
    This'll do fine. He thought, now leaning back into throwing position. His eyes began to glow a faint white, before he released the ball, sending it flying at a reasonably fast speed.
    Nice! It worked!

    Shounouchi had made the ball an electromagnet while he was holding it, causing the glow in his eyes. What's more, is that right after he let go of the ball, he had used his quirk to repel it as far as he could away from his arm, resulting in some extra distance.

    "213.76 meters!" The machine announced.

    "Eh, I'll take it." Shounouchi said in relief, digging his hand into his pockets and disappearing back into the crowd of students.
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  21. Tokoyami had noticed Vel's score. He had noticed that Vel has scored the highest so far in the ball throw, yet Tokoyami thought that idiotic of him. It was clear to see that he used a lot of his power to have his ball be thrown so far, but he obviously wasn't thinking long-term. There were still more tests to come up, and he doubted there was going to be enough time for Vel to recharge his quirk. Vel had basically thrown his chances away.

    Vel wasn't the only one, however, as Tokoyami also noticed Jurou clutch his arm. While Jurou may have not forced himself as much as Vel, it was clear to see some kind of draw back. If Jurou kept going the way he was now, Tokoyami doubted he would score high on the list. Though that wasn't to say he was going to get last, which was the least he could say unlike Vel.

    Mr. Aizawa had also taken note of Vel and Jurou's performance, and didn't seem impressed in the slightest by their scores.

    Yuki, on the other hand, was in awe of Vel's score. Amazing! He was able to get a higher score than me! But dang it, I wanted to get a higher score!
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  22. While the kids all took their tests, Jack watched from inside the building. Ace had Lucy up on their shoulders so Lucy could see easier (and it was just more fun for Lucy that way). He analyzed the quirks, their effects, their aftereffects, and the way the students used them. some weren't that smart, going and giving their all right off the bat. Others, however, were conservative of their strength. They knew what to do and how, so Jack paid them more mind.

    "These guys are pretty tough, aren't they?" Ace asked Jack.

    "Yeah," Jack said. "They're more capable than almost everyone else in the world."

    Ace smiled. "Yeah, that's why they're here."

    "I have to be like them." Ace looked down, giving the boy a confusing look, though Jack didn't glance back up to meet the trans Hero's gaze. "I have to protect Sylvia with their kind of strength and mind."

    "I wanna protect my sis too!" Lucy chimed in. "I wanna make her happy and feel better and keep her alive so she can be a Hero with us!"

    "She shouldn't be a Hero," Jack interrupted her. "She's too weak. Even if we heal her, she wouldn't be able to fight right away..."

    "Well, why can't we say the same about you? You're still recovering from that attack, aren't you?" Ace asked. "Poison doesn't go away in a couple of weeks; not this kind, anyway. Besides, you are all still weak from living on the streets. I'm not letting you do anything strenuous until I'm sure you can handle yourselves."

    "We're not stupid," Jack grumbled under his breath. Ace heard, but didn't respond.

    "But Sylvia can be a Hero too, right Ms. Ace?" Lucy asked.

    Ace sighed, staring back out the window. "Ask me again in a couple of months, Luce. I'm sorry, but I don't have an answer for you."

    Lucy found her mood too heavy to talk again. The two kids and Ace just stood and watched at the window, unaware of a skeleton of a man (not unlike Sylvia's own physical form herself) walking past them in a yellow-black striped suit.
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  23. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru watched with interest as people continued the exams. He turned around and looked back at the building, watching intently at the school he was in.
    "I got here because I was one of the best," he thought. "Though that's hard to believe, I did it."
    He clenched his fists. "I'm not going home."

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