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Private/Closed My Hero Academia: New Class In Session

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. As soon as the timer went off, Yuki had no hesitation acting up her quirk as the muscles in her legs expanded in size which gave her a big boost when she jumped. She must have at least jumped a distance of 100 kilometers. Yuki decided that she would start attacking multiple robots at once, expanding her muscle mass on each one of her limbs.

    Her quirk was powerful enough to destroy each robot with a single punch or kick, and she kept jumping from one destroyed robot to create another. She must've hit dozens of 1 and 2 pointers. Though she wasn't going to stop there, she kept leaping from one area to another, finding more robots to destroy.

    Tokoyami, just like most of the other students, rushed into the exams, but not before checking his belt. He carried multiple DNA samples from the pets he kept at home, and chose his first sample, shedded skin from his pet Boa Constrictor. As soon as he touched the snake's shedded skin, he immediately transformed into a snake-human hybrid. He then started slithering around, using his newfound strength useful in crushing robots.

    With him having the abilities of a snake, Tokoyami could sense the heat signatures of everyone that was in his view of sight. He would use the sneakiness of a snake to sneak behind robots that were about to be destroyed by some students, and destroy them himself before the students even got the chance too. He would keep repeating this tactic as he went along, and crushed any robot that got in his path.
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  2. Some time has passed, Miu had defeated several robots, that varied in points, bringing her point total to the mid twenties. she began to feel a little exhausted, so she ran behind a building into an alley way, in an attempt to regain mana. "This is going allot better then I expected,if I can keep this point rate up like how it is now, I may have a shot of passing the exam." Miu thought to herself while regaining her energy, in the corner of her eye she could see a boy near the entrance whom she hasn't seen before, so he must've arrived just a second ago...
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  3. Cliff runs towards the open gate, and creates a megaphone from thin air. "YO, YOU! CHICK WITH THE HAIR! WHAT'S GOING ON-" He trips, and catches himself on a pillow. He gets back up, the pillow disappears, and he jogs up to her.
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  4. Ayato had been at the forefront of the entrance exam for a while, although he, admittedly, hadn't made any attempt to interact with anyone else there. He'd been sitting cross-legged at the gates, tapping away at his phone's screen when the entrance exam's start was announced.

    "30, 29, 28, 27…"

    He stepped up to the gates, gritting his teeth. "I should've picked something more offensive; I'll probably break my bones if I use this to manoeuvre myself. I'm not sure if this extends to copying the whole negation of fall damage thing. Then again, if her primary abilities that I can copy stem mostly from a piece of technology…" Ayato murmured under his breath, placing his phone in the pocket of his sweatshirt.

    "5, 4, 3, 2…"

    "I have around six hours total… this should work out alright."


    Ayato, instead of dashing off into the arena at full speed, calmly meandered into the ring. He surveyed the damage that had already been caused, eyes meeting with a stray one-pointer and three-pointer; the former of which looked as if it was about to be decimated by several other contenders.

    He opened the palm of his left hand, firing a blue ball of energy onto the building nearest the robots. Without wasting a beat, he blasted a similar ball of orange energy directly onto the ground below him.

    With a gust of wind and a momentary bout of vertigo, Ayato was next to the one point mech, standing directly in front of a blue-tinged portal at the base of the tower's wall. Suddenly, the one-pointer was kicked to pieces by a girl with what looked to be… he couldn't really tell what her quirk might be. Quite frankly, it didn't matter. However, the untimely destruction certainly made things a lot easier.

    He quickly aimed the blue energy at the ground below one of the larger pieces of flying rubble, shooting the orange energy at the top part of the building adjacent to the three-pointer.

    The shrapnel fell through the newly-opened blue portal, emerging out of its orange counterpart at full speed mere moments later. It smashed directly into the three-point robot's head, felling the mech within a matter of moments.

    Ayato returned to scanning the city arena for more targets. Three points down… several more to go.
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  5. Miu certainly didn't expect the newcomer to call to her so loudly. She hoped it wouldn't have any repercussions on her or the boy, but before she could even finish the thought several robots peaked around and began to charge at Miu in the enclosed alley, thankfully it was hard for them to move due to the small size of the alley. of course the 3 pointer was able to fire many missiles towards her, and without anyway to run Miu only had two options, Block the attack or attack them back. Miu thought for a moment before initiating her attack, she used her divinity to grab the missles and curve them back around, making them fly back at the robots and cause a large condensed fiery explosion. Thankfully Miu somehow managed to be out of the blast zone. Having to stop the speeding rockets and successfully fire them back took allot of energy, She fell on her hands and knees and began to pant. she then turned her head to the boy and saw another robot heading towards him "h-hey! watch out!" she shouted tiredly
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  6. Cliff turned around and noticed two 2 pointers closing in on him. He created a large red target on the one closest to him, and created a large ball under the foot of the one without the target. The robot rolled on the ball and crashed into a building, while the other looked at the target on his chest. Another 2 pointer ran around the corner and saw the large target and punched a hole through it. "Bull's eye!" Cliff yelled as he blinded the robot whose fist is stuck.
  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    As soon as Tatsuya had been released he saw a three pointer standing right in front of him. He grinned, "This should be easy enough." Tatsuya sprinted over to the robot, once he got all the way over to it he jumped and held onto it's arm. Tatsuya then created some electricity using the palms of his hands. He used quite a bit of energy and took the robot down.
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  8. Jet stepped forward onto the battlefield in a location yet to be found by some of the others. He had formed a weapon using his quirk and the leftovers of a destroyed robot stuck on the top like a mallet. Around him was a decent amount of robots, a mix of level ones and twos. Things that would be smashed easily. Jet willed another pipe into his hand, it materializing from nothing, and threw it like a javelin into a nearby 2 pointer.
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  9. Surprisingly, Aki moved quickly. He wasted no time in dismantling several two pointers. Sophie stuck to three pointers, having taken out three, working on the forth. The two were making progress splendidly.
  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Time was passing, points were being accumulated by Jurou, who was now a decent amount of points in and a headache began to form due to usage of his quirk. Compared to the migraines he usually got, this was nothing and as such, the aspiring hero continues on his way, taking down a three pointer and two pointers in tandem.
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  11. Miu made her way to the newcomer who seemed to handle the robots quite well on his own, but in a particularly strange way "woah, what's your quirk?" She asked, before turning towards the previously blinded 2 pointer and fired a small purple beam at it, first piercing its metal body then combusting into an explosion. Miu was trying to regain energy so she was trying not to put much Mana into the beam.
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  12. Harper was a bit on the lower end of the points scale, but she kept pushing through. She dodged a flying piece of shrapnel from a girl who seemed to have buffed herself up a considerable amount. If this keeps up, I might not even get the chance to get many hits on these things, she thought. Harper landed another blow on a two-pointer and continued.
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  13. Cliff noticed how the girl took out the 2 pointer with ease. "The name's Cliff, Cliff Archie." he said as he covered a 1 pointer with a tarp and lit it on fire. "My quirk allows me to create up to three non-living objects, and a bunch of other effects." he answers while dropping a bowling bowl on top of a 2 pointer and then creating weights in his gloves to punch through the robot, finishing it off.
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  14. Miu looked surprised at how such a strange quirk could exist, but was somewhat enjoying Cliff's comedic attacking motions "oh, so that target was made from your quirk, interesting." Miu's head started to pound, meaning she must have used her quirk too much, and she needed to regenerate more of her mana, so perhaps sticking with Cliff could be a good move, since he's more than capable of defeating these robots and would provide a guard in case something tries to attack Miu while getting her energy back.
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  15. Tashi dashed around the vast arena floor, taking incredibly fast swings at any robot he saw, his brass knuckles tearing clean through them. After every heavy punch, Tashi would stumble to a halt behind the mangled remains of the bot to regain his barrings.
    "Damn, these things take quite a bit of force to destroy without recoil, my reserves wont hold out much longer at this rate. Better make a few more big points." The young man talked himself down, his mind a bit jumbled from all the high speed attacks he'd been making.
    As the burgundy haired fighter rounded the corner of a partially destroyed building, two 3 point bots became visible, walking in the opposite direction of one another.
    "Here we go." He muttered, knocking his metal knuckles together, kinetic energy beginning to pool up inside them as charged the first robot. He threw corkscrew punch at a joint in the lower part of the robot, his fist accelerating into a blur as it tore clean through the bot, dropping it on its back.
    "On to the next one!" He yelled, diving towards the other, now very alert, 3 point bot.
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  16. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru abandoned his weapon, using it to impale a three-pointer, then ripped a long, narrow piece from the wreckage of another. He fought his way through.
    "Twenty! I got this!"
    He spun the metal piece as a staff, using it as such. His favorite weapon. Dekiru shish-kabobed a three pointer, slamming it into a two pointer. He noticed somebody fighting back against a three-pointer, to no avail. His Quirk seemed to be Sonic Scream, which did nothing to the mechanical war machine. It was about to deliver a blow, until Dekiru roundhouse kicked it in the side, albeit with his bad leg.
    "DO IT NOW!" he said, tossing the kid the stick.
    The guy grabbed it and took the machine out.
    "Thanks," he noted, before running off.
    Dekiru smiled, rubbing his leg. He yanked another shaft from the three pointer, using it as a crutch.
    "I have to stop using my right leg," he thought. "My left leg is fine, and I can always use my arms. Wonder when the no-pointers will show...

    "Holy crap."
    As if on cue, a metallic roar filled the city. Dekiru looked up in shock. It had no legs, and in place were tank treads five times the size of an actual tank. It's massive upper body was the size of a skyscraper, like one of those giant robots formed from six tigers or something that you would find in a manga. It had to be at least fifty meters tall. It looked bigger.
    It crushed cars placed there, swinging its massive appendages to remove buildings at the roots.
    The worst part was that Dekiru was going to be its first victim. It placed its many eyes upon him as it rolled forward. In its wake, more sounds were made that could be heard for kilometers.
    He energized himself. Nowhere to run with his leg. His aura consumed his Jump Power, the silvery flames stretching up to seven feet above him. His leg wouldn't be easy to lug, and the thing was certainly faster than his damaged body. It crushed three cars in mere seconds.
    "Dammit!" he muttered, where he thought nobody could hear him. "I can't run from this thing without being crushed. All I could be able to hope for is that somebody would help out. Even then, I would slow them down and vice versa. If I used my Quirk, then I could make one jump. But what then? I'd have to hope I would land on my left foot or my hands. I can't land and rebound in time with only one leg, and even if I used my hands I would be in the same situation, being forced to land on my feet. Crap, all I can do is fight this God damn thing.
    If nobody shows up, I can ride the tread to the top of its lower half. I can beat my way inside from there if it doesn't spot me, and remove wires to make it malfunction. But if I use my Quirk to slowly back away, that'll give somebody more time to find me. Though there sin't much I'm riding on. I have to hope for the best."
    He raised his fists.

    "And expect the worst!"
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  17. At this point Ali had caught up to Dekiru. At least, he had distance wise. He had been in the area long enough to see Dekiru injure his leg. So while Sophie took on a two pointer, Aki closed the distance between Dekiru and himself. He hoped he could get there in time.
  18. Harper had been in the process of taking out a one-pointer, having accumulated points ranging in the mid to upper twenties by the time the mega-bot showed up. "OHHHH MYGOD," she said, not a yell but close. Her moment of distraction and revealing her position gave a nearby robot the opportunity to attack her general vicinity and land a blow on her side. She stumbled sideways, then saw Dekiru. He was right in the way, and it looked like he was favoring his right leg. OHMYGOD HE'S GOING TO GET CRUSHED WHATDOIDO?! Harper's thoughts screamed. She brought down the camouflage and rushed over, wincing at the pain in her left side as she did her best to dodge attacks from robots of varying point value and not pausing to fight one. Other people had already started closing in on him, but Harper's adrenaline drowned out her logic. She just hoped she could reach him in time, maybe help him get out of there or do...whatever they could.
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  19. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    By the time the test was taking place, it seemed like it was going to end. He had exactly 38 points, right about now. He mostly got two pointers. Yeah, his luck wasn't exactly at the best scale, to say the least. As he was running around, he saw that the area was getting a bit emptier. The robots seemed to be cleared for most of the place. Not much more than a little while ago, he had saved a kid who was taking a breath under an unstable building. The hunk of rock was going to fall on the rock, but Tanaka was quick enough to push himself and the kid away from the rock. They had separated by then. Now, he was just running around until he heard a roar which had echoed all throughout the whole city. He saw the mega bot come out of a separate gate not too far away. He saw two other kids in front of the robot. One who seemed to be frozen in fear and the other seemed to be having an injury in their left leg. Ho..ly...Crap....!! He thought as he looked at the gigantic robot in fear and awe. Not too soon though, he found himself thinking. I want to run away, and then I wouldn't fail the exam nor get injured, but....

    Would I be really better than my father, then...? He asked himself. No....REAL heroes don't run away from problems! REAL heroes don't care about success! I can fail the fucking exam, for all I care, I'm saving them!!! He thought to himself with a furious face, and hen he snapped back into reality, he found himself sprinting towards the robot. Adrenaline. Definitely. He had to think of something fast. Boulder or Car? BOULDER OR CAR?! BOULDER! He decided. He shot out a lot of blood from his right arm, which formed a minimized version of an arm of a catapult. He sighed. He had to use it then. He increased the corrosivity and amount of his blood to make a much bigger arm of a catapult. He put it under the boulder. He tried to lift it upwards. But he was a 15 year old boy for heaven's sakes. He needed someone's help to do this.
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  20. Aki saw someone else heading towards Dekiru. In seconds he had a plan. "You get him." He called to the other student (Harper). "I'll take care of the robot." The robot attempted to smash Aki, which he somehow managed to dodge. He went around to the back of the robot. He jumped onto it, then started climbing. He looked more like a squirrel than a dog at the moment.
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  21. "Now I've never been scared of robots or anythin', but that....that's a scary robot." Cliff said aloud to no one in particular. Cliff, without thinking, created a flare gun and fired it directly at the robot's head.
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  22. Miu was still behind Cliff, her mana had regenerated quite a bit, thankfully no robots have tried to attack her in that time, which made the situation better then it should have gone. Miu looked up to see the gigantic zero point robot in front of them "wh-what!?!, How are we supposed to avoid something like that?!" Miu began to examine the Lim of the robot, the giant square head, The steel arms it had, the massive tank treads, Miu's eyes were in shock, the same kid from the gate was injured near the tread, and other students were Panicking and anttempting to take out the robot. Miu was too scared to move
    "I...I cant do this...heros do this thing on a daily basis and I freeze up when I see one badi that can't be beat with a simple attack. I'm never going to make it as a hero" Miu put on a sudden determined expression "But that doesn't mean I will let someone die!" Miu surrounded herself in her purple aura, her hair rose up and she lifted off the ground, using her quirk Miu carried herself next to the monstrous machine "If I can slow it doqn, that will give us more time to defeat him!" Miu flew to the top of a large building and landed, she held both her arms out at the zero pointer's left tread, and soon a large purple aura appeared around it, Miu was trying to tear the tread off with her do. She pulled her arms back in hopes of helping her ability, eventually large Sparks and metal banging sounds could be heard, before it finally came flying off "I...did it..." Miu mumbled before her hair fell back down and she collapsed, falling over the edge of the building. Just before she hit the ground she used her quirk to soften the blow, but still caused a large amount of damage to her body, Miu was out of commission for the rest of the exam...
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  23. Harper nodded to the boy that spoke to her. You can do it, come on runrunRUNRUNRUN!!! She thought to herself, picking up the pace. She reached Dekiru and grabbed his arm. "Come on, we need to move!!" she shouted, her voice cracking a bit from panic.
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  24. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru moved with her, but not until he noticed somebody from the exam. That kid with the blood Quirk. He was preparing something. The catapult. Surely that attack would put a huge dent in the thing. He turned to the girl.
    "Hold on," he said, as he stopped. He charged his arm with JP, flinging his staff at the robot. It impaled the metal; but did no overall damage. But a boulder of that size...
    "I have an idea." he said. "I think we can take it down. Quick, you see that guy over there with the catapult? Help him lift it. If he launches that rock, then I can jump up and give it an extra push with my Quirk. The force from the catapult combined with the force of a loaded human spring,"
    He gestured to the hunk of metal he had impaled the thing with.
    "The thing will do a hell of a lot more then get through the outer shell."
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  25. "You guys do realize I'm on the back of this thing, right?" Aki called from his spot on the robot. "If you're going to go through with that plan of yours, let me hop off first." He shook his head. "Can't a guy dismantle a robot safely anymore?"
  26. Alright, this… isn't going exactly as planned, but at this point I should be somewhere in the low thirties. There should be enough time left in the exam for me to bump up my score just a bit higher.

    Ayato's hands stung as if hundreds of hornets had embedded themselves in his palms. Whatever kind of energy his quirk was currently generating was definitely not designed to be rubbing up against bare skin; much less for a prolonged period of time.

    Wincing, he fired the blue and orange blasts next to a two pointer and just in front of his feet, deflecting the missiles aimed at him back at the robot's head. They battered against the metal, sending the two-pointer down in a barrage of shrapnel and smoke. That should be thirty…five. Just a bit more and I might…


    What. Was that.

    Around the corner emerged a mech that could only be described as titanic, dwarfing the comparatively feeble one, two, and three pointers. It seemed to gaze menacingly down upon the city, a large, white 0 painted boldly on its side.

    From there, time almost seemed to slow down. A boy had become injured, crouched down in front of the titan's monumental path. Blood sprayed and dripped around the scene, solidifying into a catapult that lifted a boulder towards the hulking beast. Sparks blazed around the monster's treads, stopping the device dead in its tracks. The girl responsible stood up, trumphant…
    …before passing out cold to the ground in a slump.

    Ayato gritted his teeth, knowing full well that any more exertion—used counter-intuitively or not—could result in nasty concequences.
    Quite frankly, he didn't care.

    If for no other reason than to test his power's limits, he aimed his left palm at the comatose girl, his right palm facing towards a building a ways away that seemed out of harm's way. Concentrating, he fired both at once, hopefully opening up a portal below the girl and one at the base of the building beyond to transport her to safety.

    Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to check. Those two portals were the straws that broke the camel's back.

    Ayato's hands erupted into pain, a series of electrical burns boiling upon his palms. He bit down on his tongue in an attempt to stifle a yell, squinting up at the zero-point behemoth that rose up before the scene. A few more points'd better be enough. I don't think I can handle much more, if any at all.
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  27. Tashi looked on in aw as the massive robot rolled out in the center of the arena, most of the nearby participants running the other way, but a few looking on at it like a prize to be won. One boy in particular appeared as if he were about to cause massive damage, preparing a catapult of sorts to launch a giant boulder at said robot.
    "No...whats he doing? If he knocks that robot down with such a heavy boulder, the impact of both giant objects would cause a widespread shockwave of damage for sure." The burgundy haired boy tried his best to turn away, but his worrisome personality wouldnt allow him.
    "Dammit." He muttered quietly, turning on his heal and taking off towards the young man.

    "Hey you! Stop what your doing. Making that thing crash down will only increase the damage!" He shouted as he dashed past the boy, smacking his knuckles together, the last of his energy reserves pouring into them.
    "Wait for it......" He whispered, closing in the on the massive bots 'feet' without restraint.
    "....NOW!" He yelled, now only a few feet away from the zero pointer as he slammed his right fist into the earth below him, propelling his body well over thirty feet in the air.

    Tashi barely managed to clip the edge of the goliaths wheel guards, scrambling to pull himself away from the edge.
    "Whew.....that was horrifying. Time to see what we can do here..." He sputtered, dusting himself off as he walked towards the lower section of the robots main body, silently raising his left fist and smashing it into the large plated metal. His attack barely managed to cause a small puncture in the robots heavily armored body that just allowed him to get his arm through.
    "There goes the last of my reserves.....time to juice up." With that final thought, Tashi grabbed one of the several massive metallic cords running along the inside of the bot, tearing it free from its rightful place.

    "OoooOoOooOh tHeRe iT iS!" Tashi roared in a shaky, almost vibrating voice, the torn cord now streaming massive amount of electricity through the young mans body. After several moments of this, the robots treads began to slow before creaking to a stop, silence filling the air.
    "......did it work?" Tashi questioned unevenly as he crumpled over, visible steam rising from his body. Almost on queue, the bots arms dropped to its side, its head going limp as the last of its power supply drained away.
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  28. Both Yuki and Tokoyami made it to the other side of the built-in-city, so they failed to notice the zero-points robot and continued to destroy one-three pointer robots.

    Not that Tokoyami cared about the zero-point robot, anyways. After all, he aimed to get the highest score in this test, and he was going to get it. He tallied up his points and he was already at 59, and it didn't seem anytime soon that he would be stopping. I'm going to prove to these losers that I'm going to be the strongest hero! Tokoyami kept slithering around the false city, and kept crushing robots as he went.

    Yuki, however, was a raging pinball, literally. She kept bouncing from one destroyed robot to another, destroying each one with a single blow. Yuki then decided to rest and tally up her own points. She has gotten around 41 points. Not bad, but she didn't feel like quitting just yet.

    Though when Yuki was about to acquire her next robot targets, she looked up and caught a glimpse of the zero-point robot. She immediately fell into shock. She couldn't believe the size of that thing! Why would a robot that could cause so much havoc only be worth zero points!? Though, a thought immediately went into Yuki's mind. Is anyone out there safe against that thing! Yuki immediately increased the size of her leg muscles to it's limit, and made her way towards the area.

    Yuki arrived as soon as she could. She noticed many students were facing off against the zero point robot, and she couldn't help but smile. Those guys definitely had the heart for being a hero, which made her even more excited about getting accepted into this school. Though, Yuki quickly snapped herself back and reminded herself of why she moved from area.

    Yuki then quickly started rummaging through rubble that was caused by the gigantic robot, and started helping people that got injured from it to a more secure area. She would even warn some people to stray from the area as it was way too hazardous. She kept repeating her actions until she was for sure the group of students she noticed earlier had defeated the zero-pointer.
  29. 'What am I even here for?' Aki thought. He jumped off the robot. As soon as he did, a faraway scream was heard. He shrugged. "Welp, they aren't going to dismantle themselves." He then started to run towards the sound.
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  30. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    "Oh," Dekiru managed to mutter before power walking along. It was going just fine...
    ...until the thing started falling.
    "Oh. OH. OH CRAP!"
    The off balance tire tread made the thing off balance, as it leaned towards Dekiru, Harper, and everyone in the vicinity. His mind raced back to his previous plan.
    He poured the rest of his ever-regenerating JP into his body; into his skin and blood, into his bones and muscles, into his ligaments and tendons, down to the last allo-human cell.
    "Help the kid over there! Get that catapult online!"
    He focused all of the energy into his left fist, as the entire force made the skin glow silver, with a windy blue aura surrounding it.
  31. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jurou was essentially playing some elaborate game that involved massive robots, if he passed and lived, he won, he failed and lived, he still won, but if he failed and died, an extremely unlikely option, he lost. He was around 35 points into his trial when the behemoth known as the Zero pointer or more accurately, 0P, or OP, for overpowered. Jurou used his enhanced speed to arrive to the now falling robot.

    Well, that's gonna be a problem, better put a stop to that.

    The lightning that surrounded him went from a red-purple to a golden yellow, indicating his transformation to a new level. With his newfound abilities, the aspiring hero went over to Dekiru, a warm smile on his face.

    "Hey, looks like you could use some help taking this guy down. Fortunately, I feel like helping someone today,"
  32. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka got a bit salty no one was trying to help him but he understood, until he heard someone calling other people to get the catapult online. He looked around. Everybody......

    They were trying to destroy the robot with him. The mere thought of people being so heroic just brought a tear to his eyes. Plenty of tears, actually. He kept on pulling. EVERYONE HERE IS TRYING TO DESTROY THIS ROBOT.....AND I'M HERE.....JUST.....HELPLESS?!! That thought also brought even more tears to his eyes. As he was lifting that boulder, he kept crying and crying, until the boulder was a bit in the air, it could've fell any second though. He heard clicking noises from his left arm. Oh. Oh no. No, no, no, no, no! He felt the pain of his muscle fibers and bones being stretched apart, giving him an even more immense amount of pain. This wouldn't do He had only one choice. He had to knock himself out. He kept increasing and increasing the corrosivity of his blood, lifting the boulder a bit more every second, that he began to feel a massive aching pain in his head and dizziness. No....I...can't fall back now.... He thought to himself. Little did he know.....

    The boulder was....quite high in the air to say the least, it could've fell any second though. The robot looked straight down on Tanaka. Well, 'looked' wasn't the best word to use since the robot was practically falling. Tanaka knew that as he felt the increase in anxiety as well as the shadow of the robot, dwarfing everybody around it. He got even more salty though until he just said, "I NEED A LITTLE HELP OVER HERE!" He said, referring to the students around him. He knew that the boulder would make a great shockwave, knocking everything away, but at the same time, there was no other way, and the boulder wasn't like, 3 stories high or something, plus the shockwave would've helped, as it could knock the robot aback, while also sending the students away, which could aid them quite a bit, actually, "IF WE KNOCK IT AWAY HEAD ON WE CAN-NNNNGHH!!-BE...SAFE, WHATEVER, JUST HELP ME!!" He had struggled to even talk because of the weight of the boulder.

    Tanaka didn't even realize he was exerting too much weight and pressure from both his quirk and the boulder. All this would make him drop unconscious for a really, really long period of time, and have to eat a neutralized diet for a about a month or so. Not only that, but he was also risking his freaking life.
  33. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru returned the smile. "Yeah. You see that kid over there? With the catapult? I think that I can add enough force to the rock with my Quirk to blow the hell out of that thing. Or at least, you know, knock it back so it doesn't hurt anybody. Here's my plan. Some of us help hin with setting the thing up. Once we launch it, I'll use my Quirk to hit the rock back at the thing."
    When he saw the guy about to get crushed, he panicked.
    "GO! Get him!"
  34. Harper rushed towards the blood-manipulator, and she nailed a two-pointer with her current weapon while doing so. Her eyes were wide with panic, and she was...totally helpless in this situation. But she was running nonetheless. WAIT!! Harper cast aside the arm, increased her height and gave herself a little more muscle to help the boy move his boulder into the catapult. Thank God for leverage. It was still a herculean task, though, and she was going to have a very difficult time doing it alone.
  35. If you really think about it, how would they be able to make robot that size and have it..."leaning?" That's when Cliff remembered the girl on the building. "Don't tell me that girl blew a tread off that thing. I gotta go find everyone else." He began making his way towards the robot, with a smile on his face. "So this is what it's like to be a hero... a lot blander than I expected."
  36. Meanwhile, in the area the scream had come from, another 0 pointer was wreaking havoc. A girl with lavender hair had tripped and fallen onto the ground. It was about then when Sophie and Aki showed up. "You get the girl." Aki called to Sophie. "I'll take care of the robot." Sophie gave him a skeptical look, then ran towards the girl.
  37. It had been a bright day and a week before the school year was to begin, the current day marking the day the students would be tested to see who would make it into U.A. Academy. Kouki was preparing himself as well, wearing his dark suit and dark green tie. He had his briefcase beside him, holding documents he needed, as well as his resume, for his interview with Principal Nedzu.

    "C'mon, we're going to be late," the man urged the three children. Sylvia, the pink-haired angel girl, whose little backpack held an oxygen bottle that was connected to her nose to breathe, was already set to go, and so was Jack. It was Lucy who couldn't seem to get her shoes on on time.

    "Here, lemme help," Jack said, moving to help his mint-haired baby sister. Jack had a head of white hair with sharp, dark purple eyes. Lucy was the youngest of the three, with mint-green hair that went down to her chin, and opposite of her sister (somewhat), she had two dull ivory horns protruding from her head, white scaly wings, and a similar white scaled tail with a pointed tip (although if one were to touch it, it'd be very soothing to feel). When Jack had helped Lucy with her shoes, the three kids were finally ready to leave their small apartment. Kouki knew it'd be difficult to take care of the children as a single dad, especially when he had only recently adopted them, but he wasn't going to let Ace's hard work go to waste. The kids deserved the best, after all.

    After a long trip from the train to U.A., Lucy was restless, Jack was impatient and irritable, and Sylvia was as calm as ever, maybe even nervous. With her, it was usually pretty easy to tell how she felt, but Kouki couldn't help wondering if maybe he had made the wrong choice in bringing the kids with. Normally he'd've called a babysitter to take care of them, but he wanted to get Sylvia the proper medical care she needed, and America certainly didn't help in that regard. Perhaps Recovery Girl at U.A. could somehow assist Sylvia's... predicament.

    Kouki flashed his pass to the gate, which opened for him and the kids. The gates closed, however, with a loud bang when the family walked through, causing Sylvia to jump out of her skin and cling to Kouki like glue.

    Kouki pat Sylvia's head and walked inside the school. He turned toward the main office and sat down with the kids beside him. Principal Nedzu should be arriving very soon.
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  38. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru transferred one quarter of the energy of his fist into his entire body, and he could see his skin slightly glowing with power, and vibrating even; as if a hundred tiny springs were bouncing around, waiting to be released. It would be hours, maybe even a day until he had the ability to use his JP again. But that didn't matter. What mattered was saving everybody around him from being crushed into oblivion. That's what it meant to be a hero, right?
    The plan was simple. The boulder would be released, he would make a leap of faith up to the rock, and he would slam into it with full strength and Jump Power, essentially spring-loading it. If the staff had enough force to bust metal, then the boulder would have enough force to penetrate all the way through. All he could hope for was that somebody would catch him on the way down.
    "CHARGE!" he yelled, his body one again glowing with that intense aura. His left fist had the most power, swirling and shaking with blue wind-like energy.
    He turned back to the others, who had loaded the catapult.
    "LET IT FLY! NOW!" he yelled, getting into a jumping position.
    The robot was getting closer and closer.
    It was now or never.
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  39. Nedzu came into Kouki's view. Sylvia was playing with a feather that fell from her wings as she walked, taking gentle whiffs of its aromatic rosy scent and feeling its soft texture, akin to that of a flower petal. Lucy was opening and closing her wings, trying to entertain herself in how the light from the fluorescent light bulbs danced across her scales. Jack, on the other hand, without any extra appendages to play with, instead cooled and warmed the air around him, using his quirk to train himself in certain concentrations of area and energy (and also finding an excuse to entertain himself).

    "Ah, Amachi-san," Nedzu said calmly, brightly grinning. "How pleasant to see you. I see you brought your children?"

    Kouki nodded. "Yes, sir. I hope it's not a concern... I simply cannot think of a better place to keep the kids safe than with Recovery Girl, especially since..." he trailed off. It was quite a traumatic experience for the four of them.

    "Yes, your previous email explained everything," Nedzu confirmed. "Recovery Girl is awaiting the children's arrival. She wishes you to know she welcomes your middle one with open arms."

    At that, Sylvia perked up slightly, glancing at Nedzu for a second before flickering her attention back to her feather (only when Nedzu made eye contact with her).

    "Good," Kouki sighed. "Then please, I'd like to walk them off to her before going. I need to know they're in safe hands."

    "Of course. Right this way."

    The creature led Kouki and the three kids to the nurse's office, where hospital equipment was visible. As Sylvia walked inside the room, she clearly tensed, recognizing the equipment from the several hospitals she's been in and out of in an attempt to fix her torn lungs. She gripped her feather tightly and extended her wings, fluffing them up defensively.

    Kouki took notice of this and knelt to Sylvia's eye level. "Sylvia, this is where that nice healing hero lady stays to take care of the injured. Remember the healing lady?"

    Sylvia nodded shakily, but she wouldn't stop shivering. "N-no surgery... p-please no surgery..."

    "There's no surgery," Kouki assured her. "No surgery, I promise. She's just going to look at you. No surgery, just a quick look. If anything hurts or you don't want to be looked at, you can say so."

    "No looking..."

    Kouki hugged the frightened girl. He gave Nedzu an apologetic look. Nedzu hadn't understood the two since they spoke English instead of Japanese, so Kouki had to translate for him. "She's scared there's going to be a surgery and she doesn't want to be examined. I don't know what I can do to help her. Her siblings are close, but there's not much they can do to quell her fear; Lucy's only five and Jack's nine."

    "I understand," Nedzu said. "It was a very tough experience for them all, and for you too, I'm sure. You can stay with her while Recovery Girl is here. After all, health is more important than a job interview."

    Kouki nodded and gave him a grateful smile. "Thank you." He turned to Sylvia. "I'm going to stay here with you for a little while. I can be here while Recovery Girl comes and looks at you. That way, if you're uncomfortable, I'll be there to support you. Does that sound good?"

    Sylvia shook her head. "Noooo.... I-I don't want them to look. She-she can't see me. I don't want to her see me--um, her to see me. I don't want it..."

    "Sweetheart, you're going to have to. She's a doctor."

    "She can take her lollipops and eat 'em."

    Jack had spoken up then, arms crossed. He was clearly defending Sylvia and was growing angry. "If Sylvia says no, that means no."

    "Jack, none of you have a choice in this. If we don't do this, Sylvia could--" Kouki bit his tongue. He didn't want to make his kids cry.

    "Sylvia could what?" Lucy asked the taboo question far too innocently.

    Jack didn't seem to get it either, which was strange. Jack was the smartest of them all, a kid genius who learns things very fast. But before Kouki could bite his tongue again, he had to let it slip.

    "She could die from the damage alone."

    The three siblings stopped what they were doing and exchanged horrified glances. "Sylvia's gonna DIE?!" Lucy exclaimed, tears welling up.

    "Y-you jerk, no she's not!" Jack exclaimed.

    Sylvia cried silently, but nodded nonetheless. "....o-ok..."

    "Look, I-I didn't mean to make you cry. But reality isn't fair, and that villain wanted you kids dead. She was only stopped because of Ace--thank God for them--and now Sylvia's alright. But all I'm asking you to do is let Sylvia be examined by Recovery Girl so that we know what we can do to keep her from dying. Do you understand?"

    Jack recovered quickly, but he was still angry with Kouki. He wiped his tears and huffed, turning away and refusing to speak again. Sylvia nodded again, finally agreeing to being examined, and Lucy still sobbed. She curled up and hid herself with her silvery wings. Nedzu gave the kids empathetic looks.

    "I don't understand what you said, but I'm assuming they now know the weight of the situation?" he said.

    Kouki sighed. "I didn't know how else to get them to listen. We don't want Sylvia dead, and I really didn't want to tell them about her situation, but despite their ages, they're still siblings. They deserve to know so they can understand how to take care of her."

    Nedzu nodded. "Yes. How unfortunate. Ah, here comes Recovery Girl now."

    And of course, the door opened to reveal the small old woman, frowning at the children's crying faces.
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  40. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka smiled as the girl with the transformation based quirk had helped him out. It was then when heard a loud scream from a boy upwards who had seemed to jumped quite far. He had closed his eyes and just hoped for the best. "BOULDER IN THE HOLE!" He said that bad pun as a replacement for 'fire in the whole'. Yeah, it was a horrible pun.

    The catapult's arm, swung off into the air, throwing the catapult right in front of the boy who had jumped. Just as he had threw the boulder, he let out a scream of agony and pain. His right arm was broken and he had used the corrosive side of his quirk too much. Some of his muscle fibers were torn apart too. The boulder appeared right in between the robot and the boy, "NOW! KICK IT WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT!" He said with a bit of a high pitched voice as his arm was broken, and, of course, because of the heat of the moment, anxiety really kicked in.

    This moment had it all. This would decide whether the students would be accepted or not, whether or not they would live and whether or not they'd become heroes. Tanaka was just filled with a mix of many hyper emotions and feelings. Adrenaline, Excitement, Anxiety, Fear, Eagerness and Confidence.
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