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Private/Closed My Hero Academia: New Class In Session

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Ayato returned to his apartment, once more checking his designated mailbox provided outside of his flat. Unfortunately, the mismash of various letters seemed to be… ordinary, to say the least. Electric bill, a notice about an expired magazine subscription, multiple instances of advertising mail, a letter from UA, a tiny package that he had ordered weeks ago, a wrong address, more admail…


    He fumbled the pieces of paper in a desperate attempt to thumb back through them. After several papers (and his keys) fell to the ground, he gave up, collecting his belongings and heading to his apartment to sort out the mess. Upon turning the key in the lock, he was immediately greeted by a cacophony of loud mewling. In response, Ayato quickly closed the door behind him, dropped the stack of envelopes down on the floor, and gently picked up the creature responsible, speaking to it in a whisper.

    "Shh, keep it down. These walls are really thin and I'm… pretty sure they don't allow pets here."

    The tiny perpetrator, seeing as it was a cat and therefore didn't understand Japanese, didn't heed his words, continuing to loudly vocalise at its own accord. Ayato quickly turned to plan B, setting the kitten back on the ground and tossing a handful of cat food from the pantry into a small plastic bowl. The kitten happily padded over, greedily digging into the contents of the makeshift food bowl. "What am I going to do with you…"

    Ayato sighed, returning to sort through his mail. Quickly, he plucked out the letter labelled with UA's school insignia, tearing it open haphazardly. A small, metallic device fell to the floor with a muffled clink. Unfortunately, the letter didn't seem to contain, well, much of anything else, but if the badge on the front was any indication, then this had to be important.

    Ayato ran his thumb over the side of the device, eventually reaching a raised bump; a button. Almost on instinct, he pushed inwards, the device's holographic presentation flickering to life.

    "Greetings, young Minami! It is I, All Might! Symbol of peace!"

    …the hologram was upside-down.

    He quickly turned the device over, listening intently to the hero's speech.

    "-in the entrance exam a week ago! You scored thirty-five points—not a bad score, if I say so myself! Unfortunately, such a score isn't high enough to qualify you for UA. However, not to fret! Those points weren't the only thing we took into account. In fact, I'll allow you to get a glimpse at your actual total!"

    The top ten roster glowed brightly on the screen behind All Might. Ayato's eyebrows raised as he glimpsed his own name in seventh place.

    7th place: Minami Ayato; 35, 30 - 65 Points

    "Now, you may be wondering where those other thirty points came from. Those are your hero points! The board here at UA witnessed your heroic deeds, notably saving young Aria, and took those into account! With a score of sixty-five, in addition to your results on the preliminary exam, I am pleased to announce your acceptance into UA Hero Academy's Hero Course! I'll see you in class!"

    All Might's message winked out, replaced instead by a list of supplies; including a mandatory sketch of a hero costume.

    It took a moment for Ayato's brain to process what had just happened. He, Ayato Minami, had just been accepted into UA, the most prestigious hero school in all of Japan; hell, the most prestigious hero school in the world. Not only that, but All Might was teaching there. All Might was going to be one of his teachers.

    Ayato frantically searched for something to draw on; ideas for a costume had flocked to his mind, but he knew they would be gone in a fleeting second if he didn't put pencil to paper. He reached across his room to grab a pencil, accidentally knocking over the cat's food bowl in the process. The brown and white kitten shot him a glare before continuing to chow down on the food that had scattered across the beat-up hardwood.

    He stopped in his search, muttering a quick apology to the cat before grabbing his phone out of his sweatshirt pocket, shooting off a quick text.

    A pad of paper was, thankfully, nearby, drowned in the mess of envelopes that he had slammed onto the table moments before. Ayato sat cross-legged on the ground, pencil in his hand and notebook in his lap.

    "I… think I have some ideas."
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  2. Satsuke looked down when Miu mentioned she was glad to have her as a sister. Why? Satsuke just couldn't understand it. She doesn't remember anything that would make Miu remotely like her. Satsuke had always been quiet, and tended not to talk or show any feelings, which made her drift away from her most social interaction. Not to mention Satsuke can only think of bad things she has done to Miu instead of good.

    Though, even though Satsuke couldn't help but feel glad for her sister, she did not expect her sister to tackle her down unto the floor. Usually, if anyone else were to do what Miu did they would've either instantly been burned or been frozen, but Satsuke decided to hold herself back and let her sister have this. After all, it was the least she could do.
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  3. Miu soon realized what she did and climbed off of Satsuke "oops, I got a bit carried away there hehe" she said giggling a bit. Miu looked back to the holographic screen which was now a still checklist with supplies that would be needed for class. One of which was a sketch of your hero costume, this caught Miu's curiosity which led her to ask Satsuke... "A costume sketch? Satsuke, since you were recommended into UA did you already make your hero costume...or the sketch of it I mean?" Miu asked...
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  4. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    1 Week Ago
    Just as the exams finished, Jurou had slain the last of a patch of 5 two pointers which were left completely unguarded. Since he was unable to do anything to the 0P, the aspiring hero thought it would make sense to get some more points to keep himself busy. He never visited Recovery Girl, as he had medications for everything except for paralysis at home, so a trip would waste both her and his time. He also never saw the others, including the one that was leading the charge against the 0P, sadly, since the first thing on Jurou's mind was getting home ASAP. He arrived home slightly late, but since his parents seemed to be even later than he was, he was able to take a nap without being interrupted.
    Present Day
    Now being fully recovered from his efforts at the entrance exam, Jurou was still waiting for something from U.A, he was rather on edge and his parents were beginning to notice, comforting his worries when required. The aspiring hero went to the mail box in hopes of something and there it was, the letter from U.A.

    "Mom! Dad! It came! It's here!" He covered his mouth out of embarrassment for his childish behavior as his parents came down to support their child. The young quirk user opened the letter and was greeted with a message from the one and only, All Might.

    Greetings, young Kouta!" the Number One hero bellowed with a smile. "I am here! To provide the results of the UA Entrance Exam! You, young man, have earned yourself 40 Villain points, an exceptional score indeed," At this news, The Kouta parents tightly embraced their child in pride of his accomplishment.
    "As such, you have been qualified to attend the shining star of school U.A High School. We'll see you at our school, next week! Remember young Kouta. STAY! PLUS! ULTRA!!!!!" And so all that was remaining was a list of students who had unrecognizable names to Jurou and a list of requirements that must be fulfilled, most notably the issue of s sketch for a hero costume.

    "Well, we'll leave it to you honey, I'm so proud of you for getting into that hero school, you're gonna do fantastic!" His mother kissed him on the cheek as she left with her husband, and the now hero-in-training working on his hero costume, possibly the first of many.
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  5. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.


    Late to get up, early to arrive.
    Story of Dekiru's life.
    People were barely getting there as he arrived to class.
    He had normal classes, like English, and History.
    Finally, he got to Class 1-A.
    Hero Class.
    He looked at the massive door with the letter "A" on it.
    "Here goes nothing," he sighed, as he pushed open the door.
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  6. The time had passed too quickly. Kouki wasn't ready to begin teaching, but he had no choice either way. He wasn't willing to leave the kids on their lonesome in the apartment, so he took them with him to work once again.

    Over the past week, Kouki had memorized the layout of the school (at least, according to his schedule). He knew where the teacher's lounge was and frequently spent his time there analyzing, tweaking, and rewriting lesson plans, as well as filling out paperwork or just writing for the fun of it, while the kids had some yen on them so they could use the vending machines to buy some snacks or sodas. Sylvia and Lucy drew and watched cartoons, while Jack occasionally joined them, but Jack seemed pretty distracted doing his own things, possibly just interested in a good book or story of his own. Kouki didn't know what went on in that kid's mind, but clearly Jack had an agenda of his own to follow.

    Either way, he couldn't worry too much about it now. It was the beginning of school, and after homeroom, the first period would begin, which meant he would go straight to Class 1-A to begin grammar lessons. While he was gone, another teacher would look after the kids for him. After what happened in America, he was afraid to leave them without an eye or two to make sure they were safe.
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  7. Harper and Hikaru were already in the classroom. Harper was listening to music, trying to calm her nerves. Hikaru was reading. He looked up upon hearing the door open. "Hey, it's another one of the kids that took down that zero-pointer," he remarked, dog-earing his page and getting up. He walked over to Dekiru and extended his hand for a handshake. "Hikaru Yoshida. Great job in the exams, by the way," he said, a friendly look on his face.
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  8. Aki had arrived early to class. Sophie was just arriving. The girl took a seat. She then pulled out a sketchbook. Sophie then started to do a sketch of one of her OCs.
  9. Cliff was T-posing on a desk yelling at another student. "AND FURTHERMORE-" Cliff stopped and gave a wave at the kid who had just entered...and then yelled at the student again. "ALL MIGHT WOULD BEAT SAITAMA 11/10 TIMES!"
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  10. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru took the handshake.
    "Thanks; Dekiru Parokuro."
    He sat down and pulled out his phone. On it was a picture he had taken of his suit sketch.
    He designed it to be athletic. Something not too bland, not too flashy.
    And if one paid attention to details, they would notice a small reference to All Might.
    Dekiru wasn't ashamed of somebody finding this. In fact, he was proud of it.
    But the entire thing wasn't a copy of the Number One Pro. The other ninety-nine percent of it was all him.
    He closed his pictures and took out his stuff, when he heard the argument.
    "Wow," he thought. "I'm not the only anime fan in here."
    He looked at who he was sitting next to, seeing that girl Harper from the exam. He tapped her shoulder, giving her a wave.
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  11. Ayato had arrived fairly early. Granted, he wasn't the first one to step through the doors of Class 1-A, but he certainly wasn't going to be the last.
    He took a glimpse at the map provided with his schedule to make sure he was in the right place, before pushing open the door.

    He knew he was early, but… there was barely anyone there. Was he really in the right place?

    He shrugged. If UA had decided to label a completely different classroom in this wing with a large A, that seemed like an accident waiting to happen. Someone was bound to walk into the wrong class that way. Ayato sauntered over to an unoccupied desk to the right side of the classroom (which was, conveniently, also fairly close to the back), sitting down and kicking his feet up onto the table. Taking a quick glance to the clock, he reached into his pocket, pulling out his pink 3DS and immediately continuing where he had left off in his game mere hours before.

    Of course, the peace and quiet could only last for so long. Moments later—or so it seemed—he found himself in a somewhat heated debate with another student, who had taken to shouting at him from a standing position; not on the floor, but on a desk. The one right in front of desk.

    Ayato didn't bother looking up from his game to meet Cliff's gaze at all during the dispute, despite the fact that he was a part of it, much less take the time to acknowledge Dekiru's entrance into the classroom.


    "I see your point, but I'm simply saying that All Might could lose on account of the fact that, well, Saitama isn't a real person. He's a fictional character. His powers are presumably stemming from some sort of magical ability—plus all his training, of course—not a quirk. Quirks almost always, if not always, have some kind of limitation because they're also physical abilities, but with Saitama's powers… we don't really know. Fictional characters with powers can't really be compared to real people with quirks like that, so there's really no way to determine who would win in a one on one fight. I'm not saying that All Might would definitely lose in a scenario like that—for all I know, his quirk… whatever it is… doesn't have a weakness at all, and he's fought incredibly tough villains before—just that it'd be a pretty close match. It'd probably end up being the physical circumstances that would dictate who would win in a fight rather than just raw power alone."

    He continued, still fixated on his game whilst his thumbs rapidly flickering between twitching the joysticks and pressing buttons. "But seriously, there's kind of, uh, no point to this argument. So can you not shout at me like that? I don't have much time left to beat this game, and I kind of don't want Termina to get crushed by a giant moon. …Again."
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  12. Vel entered the room in a hurry, chewing a piece of gum, he was worried he was late, how could he be late on his first day?
    "Hello!" He said loudly as he entered the room, he felt ready to start his day off great
    He was not ready for what would come next
    "Which desk will I pick?" Vel thought, oh god, this was the first test, should he sit at the front so he could hear the teacher better? should he sit next to the window for a good view? he was standing in front of the door for more than 5 seconds having a mental crisis, he needed to move, he could be getting in the way of other people entering the classroom.

    Vel hastily moved to the middle of the classroom and took a seat at one of the desks, his other classmates were "interesting" to say the least, It was stunning that one of them was actually cultured, the T-pose was nearly perfect, He could have cried at its beauty, maybe he was going to actually like his class this year, not like last year, god Samantha, no one cares about how your quirk makes you into a kitten.

    Vel took one thought about where he was sitting and he quickly got up and moved to the cliche back of the class next to the window, he felt as if this spot was right, he eased into the chair, he put his earphones into his ears and starting playing music while making a weak void beam with his finger, writing "Vel" in the bottom right corner of the desk so...... he wouldn't forget which desk is his?

    Vel just decided to wait and listen to the music, the teacher would be here soon, trying to talk to people would be a waste of time right now anyway, day one is for figuring everything out and catching glimpses of your future best friends through the crowded lunchroom, day two is for actually meeting them and becoming friends, right? Vel had been watching way too much anime...

    "Am I sure this is the best desk?" Vel thought as he looked at the ceiling, he quickly created a bind with his quirk around his arm, tying it to the chair
    "I am not moving again"
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  13. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka woke up from bed, and took a taxi to school. The driver seemed pretty careless as he was talking to his phone in a foreign language. Not any of what Tanaka could speak. He was Japanese, yet was somewhat skilled in English, his word pool wasn’t very large, though.

    He got off from the taxi, and looked at the gigantic gate of the school, which had dwarfed the 15 year old boy. He took his ID out of his black sledge bag and the gate slowly opened. He got into the school. Just as he stepped in, the gate instantly closed, making a large ‘THUMP!’. Looks like UA was really cautious of press conferences.

    He entered the hallway, muttering ‘1-A, 1-A, 1-A....’ as he moved around quickly throughout the corridors of he school, scanning all the doors. Finally he found after a few minutes of walking. It was huge! The door was almost 9 feet tall! Well, he wasn’t THAT surprised. What if someone had a quirk which made them twice the size of an average person? He opened the door, which freaked a little and a smile instantly struck his face.

    The nice people he met at the entrance exam passed and were in the same class as him! This ultimately put his mind at ease. He quickly chose a chair, beside the person who had a quirk which changed their appearance. Her name was Harper, he remembered since before the exam he heard one of the other kids mentioning her name as they conversed.

    “Hey there! It’s great that you all passed.” He greeted enthusiastically, waving his hand.
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  14. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Once again, Jurou was late to the party, although considering the behaviors of others, he really wasn't missing much. He got dressed in unfirom and everything as he headed off to school, the sketch for his hero costume in tow.

    "Let's see...1A, 1A, where are you 1A?" The hero-in-training skimmed across the walls to attempt to at least find the classroom, when he finally did, and it seemed to be near another class called 1B.

    Wonder what goes on in there....eh no matter, time to begin my trip to make my place in the world as a respectable hero.
    He opened the door and discovered multiple things, some were conversing, some were drawing and others were being complete and utter morons. Soon, Dekiru came into Jurou's line of vision, jogging the latter's memory.

    Oh yeah, that's the guy who lead the charge against the 0P, I'll go give myself a formal introduction, he seems like the type to look out for.
    "Hey, you're that guy who took down that massive robot before. Impressive I must say, the name's Kouta, Jurou Kouta, a pleasure to make your acquaintance,"

    Seems to have a bit of a crowd, looks like I might be on to something...
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  15. Harper looked up upon someone tapping on her shoulder. It was Parokuro, who she remembered from the exam. She waved back and took her earbuds out, making sure to pause the song that she was listening to. "Oh, hey!" she said in greeting, then Tanaka sat down on her other side. "Looks like we're all in the same class, huh?" Harper was glad that she was placed with people she knew, even if she didn't really know them well. It was a heck of a lot better than being in a class full of complete strangers.

    Hikaru sat back down in his seat, rolling his eyes at the two arguing about whether All-Might would beat a character from an anime he had never watched. The one playing the game had a point, though Hikaru couldn't really judge. Again, he didn't know anything about that character and therefore couldn't make his own guess.
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  16. Sitting at his seat, Kenny watched his classmates enter the room and begin to interact with each other or just keep to themselves, Kenny was part of the latter. He suddenly sighed as he thought of something. “I had 46 points in the exam, that was one off from getting in the top 10. Oh well, it snot like it’s going to affect my performance here or anything.” He thought.
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  17. Shonouchi stood outside the U.A compound, glaring at the letter clutched tightly in his hands.
    "I still can't believe I actually made it in. Here I was, thinking I failed the exam..." He thought, his mind flashing back to the moment he got his acceptance letter. The faces of pride and joy he saw on his parents that day, he would not soon forget.
    "Well, enough standing still. How about we go and meet our new classmates, hm?" He thought to himself, folding up his letter of acceptance back into it's blue envelope, and slipping it inside his blazer pocket, before strolling into the compound, eyes widened with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.

    After a bit of trial and error exploration of the hallways, Shonouchi eventually stumbled upon a classroom labelled '1-A' .
    "Here we are." He thought, gently pushing open the door, already seeing a multitude of students interacting with each other. He saw a few faces that seemed familiar, but he didn't know for sure.

    "O-Oh, am I late?" He asked nobody in particular, hoping at least one person heard his question.
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  18. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    "Oh, hey! Looks like we're all in the same class, huh?"
    Dekiru grinned at Tanaka. "Guess we are."
    "Hey, you're that guy who took down that massive robot before. Impressive I must say, the name's Kouta, Jurou Kouta, a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
    He looked back. "Thanks, though I didn't do it alone. If it wasn't for everyone else there, I would have bitten the dust for sure.
    Dekiru took out a piece of paper. "I hear our teacher's the Pro Hero Eraserhead."
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  19. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Thanks, though I didn't do it alone. If it wasn't for everyone else there, I would have bitten the dust for sure," The fact he was sure that the robots couldn't kill him brought the sentence into his mind, but the second part was what made it stick.

    We'll I was there and in case you didn't remember, I did diddly squat, sure I score points for myself, but I couldn't help you, I might have even been a hindrance. But I was definitely right to take interest in this guy. Whoever you are, I'll enjoy taking classas with you...

    "By the way, what's your name? I've already introduced myself, so I think it's only fair if you introduce yourself,"
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  20. I wonder where the teach is, they should be here by now, most of us are. Cliff stopped T-posing and decided to sit directly in the center of the classroom. Best seat in the house! he thought to himself.
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  21. The first day at UA

    Miu woke up in her bed, with messy bed hair and pajamas, it was like every other morning, but this day was the day that the semester of UA began. She did her morning routines and walked by Satsukes room, making sure she was up as well "wake up sis! School starts today" she said in a cheery tone. Miu continued to get ready, she had on her school uniform, and left for UA.

    After a while she made it to UA, the size of the building made it impossible to miss, she walked through the doors in awe of everything in her vision as soon as she passed the front gate, she made her way through the hallways until seeing a small sign that said "1-A" on it, she remembered that the device she received mentioned something about class
    1-A , so she took a deep breath and entered the door to the classroom. Immediatly she was caught off guard, most of the students she seen at the exam were in the classroom, and she nearly fell over when she saw Cliff T-posing and shouting "eh!?! Cliff!?" She said in suprise before walking over to him as he sat back down "uhh, I heard Saitama...." She was familiar of the popular anime, but was unsure of what Cliff was talking about. This definitely was not what the first moment in UA Miu was expecting...
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  22. “...” Sudeni stood in the doorway, not sure how to interpret the given scenario. She heard what was going on inside of 1-A, and she was uncertain if this is where she was really supposed to go. She opened the door and stepped into the room. “Sudeni Haru. Age 16. I await our time together eagerly.” She said with a grim look on her face, studying everyone in the room. She took a seat in the middle of the room, slightly to the left of the exact center. “Fuu...lets do this.” She said to herself.
  23. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru grinned, rubbing the back of his neck.
    "Sorry," he said. "That's my fault. Dekiru. Dekiru Parokuro."
    His mind drifted back to the exam.
    "Wow," he muttered. "If everything goes like this, I might be known as the kid who fell from the sky."
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  24. Miu decided to make her way around the classroom, seeing familiar faces from the exam, she took a breath and walked up to Dekiru and Tanaka
    "h-hey, I remember you, Dekiru right, your the kid with the blue jumpy aura"Miu said hastily

    "Blue jumpy aura!? Really, that was like the worst thing I could have called it, I could have just said jumping instead of jumpy!?"

    Miu stared at him dumbfounded for a second befire shaking her head smiling softly. Trying not to make the moment awkward
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  25. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru almost laughed, smiling a little bit.
    "Huh," he said, amused. "Never really thought about it that way before."
    He grinned at the thought.
    "Yeah, though. That's me. You're Aria, right? Miu Aria?"
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  26. Harper smiled. "Hey, another familiar face!" she said, greeting Miu. She was still nervous about the other people that she didn't know, but Harper began to feel the slightest bit at ease. Seeing people that she recognized made things a little bit easier, though she couldn't help but wonder if they thought she was an annoyance or not.
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  27. Man, this class is filled with- "Chick with the hair!" Cliff yelled pointing at Miu. "You're the one who took out a whole tread on that 0 pointer, but I never did catch your name."
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  28. Miu looked at Dekiru and gave a slight wave, before stepping back so she could talk to all 3 of them. "Oh, sorry about that, I'm Miu Aria" she luaghed a bit and looked at Harper "heya, Harper right" she said with a sligjtls unsure tone.
    Miu blinked and looked back at Dekiru "wait? How did you know my full name, I don't remember telling you it at the exams?" Miu was confused, despite the fact that there was probably an obvioio reason for it that she was overlooking.
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  29. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka looked at his fellow classmates talking with each other, most who were interested in Dekiru. He grinned a bit and thought, ‘Guess we know who the popular kid is gonna be then. Underdog, though? Yeah, that’s definitely gonna be me.’ He thought while being a bit hopeful that it’s gonna be different but at the same time he felt things weren’t gonna change. He just spread his hands out his table and laid his head down.
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  30. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru looked at her.
    "Yeah, at the exam," he replied. "You said, you were Miu Aria, the daughter of... you know."
    He didn't want to namedrop Endeavor, since... well...
    That was the day he found out the second greatest Pro Hero was a complete and total ass.
    He wasn't sure she would want the attention, and he didn't want to tell everyone that he was a jerk.
    "Guess we know who the popular kid is gonna be then. Underdog, though? Yeah, that’s definitely gonna be me."
    Dekiru turned around to face Tanaka. "Honestly, I don't know why YOU'RE not the one they're swarming."
    He pointed his arms towards himself.
    "I mean, I took out a 0-pointer, but only because you were there with that catapult. And, seriously; I was fourth place!
    Then he pointed both his hands towards Tanaka.
    "You came out SECOND place!"
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  31. Harper waved. "Yep, Harper Rose," she said in reply to Miu, then nodded and looked at Tanaka. "He's right, without your catapult we would have had a lot more trouble taking that robot down." She wanted to say something about the fact that he strained himself a lot, maybe ask if he was feeling better, but stopped herself. Recovery Girl had taken care of that, so there really wasn't much to worry about. Still...Harper couldn't help worrying about him.
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  32. Tashi

    Tashi was seated in the center back row of the class and had been the first to arrive at 1-A this morning, his hand was hovering over a small silver coin that was spinning atop the table. Unlike most of the others, he had actually set his alarm an hour early as to not be late for the first day of the rest of his life.
    "You'd think people with such powerful quirk wouldnt be so.....rough around the edges." The hero in training lied to himself, talking down his classmates in order to help regulate his anxiety. The coin on his desk began increasing in rotation speed.
    "I made the top ten.....ill be okay....ill....ill be a great hero!" He whispered words of determination to himself as he cleared his mind of the continuous cloudy thoughts that had been looming over him for the past week. With a twitch if the finger, the coin went from spinning at blurring speeds to a complete stop, still standing on end, but halted almost instantaneously.


    Among the faces at the head of the class, a dirty black hood was visible at the closest desk to the teacher, planted firmly against the tabletop. The unsteady voices of several prepubescent pests talking with one another all around him.
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  33. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka was alarmed when the boy had heard. Crap! Now he felt like he was just an attention wanting guilt tripper. And he got most alarmed when Dekiru mentioned he was in second place. “I’m, uh-thank you all of you really, but seriously! With that much power you had, you could’ve destroyed that robot no problem. But in the end, I think we all helped each other take down that robot. And, we’ll...” He looked beside him while grinning a bit.

    “I’m sure this is gonna be a great year.” He said as he smiled at all his classmates in general.
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  34. "o-oh....right, hehe" she blushed and rubbed the back of her head embarrassed at her naievity, she sat down in a desk behind her, and faced tanaka "he's right, we all did our part to help take down the robot, some more then others" she said looking down at her hands which were fiddling together.
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  35. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru grinned, looking around at the classroom.
    So many different people. He wondered what the teacher was going to be like.
    Dekiru was a hero fan, though he didn't know much about Eraserhead.
    Guess he just had to sit and wait.
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  36. Satsuke had arrived at the same time as Miu, but unlike her sister, she decided to stray herself from the students in the class and sat in the desk number she was assigned to. Luckily, it seemed as if though everyone was in their own conversations and wouldn't seem to bother her.

    Yuki and Tokoyami both arrived late, however, but for completely different reasons. Yuki arrived late because she had overslept, but had the determination to continue her daily workout regime, while Tokoyami honestly could care less about being class or not as he knew that he was going better than anyone in this class as he ranked number 1 in the entrance exams.

    Tokoyami immediately took his seat and put his legs on top of the desk, though Yuki decided to look around the classroom. She recognized many of the students from the entrance exams, especially those who help fought the zero-point robot. She was glad they were able to make it, though she was confused not to see any teacher.

    "Huh? Where's the teacher? I was pretty sure I arrived late. Maybe I lucked ou-!" Yuki said outloud when suddenly heard, "Why aren't you in your seat?" And looked behind her to see... A DUDE IN A SLEEPING BAG!? Yuki was so confused but she immediately took her seat. The guy gave off a tense vibe, even though he wore a yellow sleeping bag.

    "Hello, everybody, I am your homeroom teacher, Mr. Aizawa," he introduced himself to the class, still in the sleeping bag, "Congratulations. You all made it into UA-" Yuki then interrupted him by cheering the remark on, but was then glared down by Mr. Aizawa which caused her to quiet down. "As I was saying. Congratulations. But! Don't you dare think this is going to be easy. I and other teachers will train you in order to be the next generation of heroes, but we will need to make sure you're all ready to take on that task."

    Suitcases then popped out of the walls in the classroom, and Aizawa told everyone to take them, change into them in the locker rooms and meet him out in the field.
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  37. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jurou waved to Miu, since he had never known her prior, there seemed to be no reason to continue or even initiate a conversation. He turned his attention to the newest arrival in the room, Sudeni, and began to observe her. She seemed to be doing the same but on a class wide scale, which was an unusual behavior, but not necessarily unpleasant.

    I should try talking with her, everyone else seems to be speaking with each other.

    However, before he had the opportunity, he was forced to sit down as his teacher explained the activities for the day, as well as giving them praise. Jurou seemed to be the first to do so, as he soon headed to the locker room to change.
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  38. Hikaru listened to Mr. Aizawa as he gave his "speech" and, once the teacher was done, grabbed his suitcase and made his way into the locker room He caught up with another student, the first one to grab his change of clothes. "Hey," he said, offering his hand in greeting again. "I'm Hikaru Yoshida." Hikaru wanted to socialize with students in his class. Hopefully, he would be able to make some friends. If nothing else, he'd know their names and Quirks for any competitions.

    "...He's our teacher?" Harper whispered when the man in the sleeping bag introduced himself as Mr. Aizawa. I mean, don't judge a book by its cover and all, but still... The hero-in-training gott up to get her suitcase when Aizawa told the class to do so. "I guess we'll see you guys out on the field, then," Harper said to Tanaka and Dekiru. She waited for Miu to grab hers and head out. After all, she would be a lot more comfortable walking with someone she knew, even if only a little bit, than she would going by herself.
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  39. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Sure, yeah." He said in response to Harper as he stood up, grabbed the suitcases provided by their homeroom teacher, who looked a bit....scruffy? To say the least? He shrugged it off. He was probably going to show some real skill and power later, he thought. He went into the boys' locker room, and changed his clothes. The P.E Uniform looked like a reference to All Might's hero costume. He stepped out of the locker room and went to the field. There, he found Sir Aizawa just looking off into the distance. He seemed to be the first one to come to the field, which made him a bit anxious, being all alone with his scruffy homeroom teacher. He felt nervous. Since their first class was a field test, it was going to be a bit embarrassing since everyone was going to see their fellow classmates' abilities. And, of course, he didn't want anyone to know how 'bad' he was.
  40. Tashi

    "Shota Aizawa......" The young warrior looked on at his homeroom teacher in amazement. While its true that he'd met many of heroes in the past, Shota 'Eraserhead' Aizawa wasnt one of them. Unlike the students around him who's faces were filled with skepticism and confusion, Tashi's eyes were illuminated with excitement at the mere prospect of getting a chance to talk with such a pro.
    "Yes sir, Mr. Aizawa!" Tashi complied, retrieving a gym uniform from the suitcase before disappearing into the locker room to change.
    After a few minutes, Tashi stepped out onto the training field in his newly adorned uniform. Tanaka, the boy he'd helped in the entrance exams, was one of the only students already outside.
    "Hey, look who it is. How's it going Blood Boy?" Tashi questioned him in a lighthearted tone as he looked towards Aizawa, who was completely still, just standing there waiting.


    Katsu swiped the last uniform up as the other's exited the class, a grimace appearing on the boys face as he looked down at the bright blue and red colors dancing along the material.
    "This'll be a problem..." He mumbled, hesitantly stepping into the locker room behind everyone else.

    Several minutes later, Katsu could be seen coming up behind the crowd that had gathered around Aizawa. His legs were adorned with the bright athletic wear provided, but his torso was covered by the black hoodie he'd already been wearing.
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