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Private/Closed My Hero Academia: New Class In Session

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    All sign-ups must go into the discussion thread.

    Five forty-five.
    That was the time that Dekiru set for himself.
    Six AM.
    That was the time that Dekiru set in case he slept through the first alarm.
    Six thirty.
    That was Dekiru's last resort.

    Dekiru woke at seven thirty.

    He cursed up a storm as he booked it to the closet. He yanked open the sliding door, grabbing an already-prepared UA "Plus Ultra" shirt, a pair of jeans, and a navy jacket. He quickly combed his hair, brushed his teeth, and ran out of his house with a bag of chips and a pair of high-quality sneakers.
    He ran down the streets as he ran to the arena.
    Today was the day he had been waiting for for so long.
    The day he had trained eight months for.

    Today was the day of the UA entrance exam.

    Of course, he had come an hour early. More time to eat and stretch. Oc course, he finished his food on the way here. Well then, an hour to stretch and think of a battle plan. He recalled the words from the day before.
    The UA entrance exam will consist as such; hundreds of robots will be released into the city-like arena. Your job is to destroy robots and earn points. The mechanical fiends will be worth one, two, and three points based on their appearance and battle strategies. Eventually, zero-pointers will be released. It's best to avoid them, though you can fight them if you feel like it, though it's essentially pointless. The most points by the end of the exam assures you a spot in the Hero Course.

    Dekiru continued to stretch.
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  2. Harper entered the arena, tucking her hair behind her right ear. She was dressed in her highschool's latest marching band tee-shirt, which was greyish in color and advertised a show with the theme "Mecha Mayhem!" in white lettering, gray jeans, and black combat boots. She had chosen the outfit partially in irony, since there would most certainly be some mayhem and the enemies were in fact mecha, but for the most part Harper chose it because it was practical. Gray colors would allow her to blend with the urban surroundings. Her hair and eyes had also been changed to gray-blue colors, though that was more to fit the theme of the outfit. It was still short like she liked it, though. Harper saw the other boy, waved, and approached him. "Um, hi," she said, "looks like we're the only ones that showed up early, huh? My mom had work and my dad was already at work, so I had to get an early ride. Harper Rose," she introduced herself, sticking out her hand for a handshake. She appeared friendly, maybe even a little carefree, but Harper was inwardly cursing herself for the 'I had to get a ride early' comment. Shut up, don't ramble, ahh, maybe he doesn't even want to introduce himself!!
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  3. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka was at the arena by six forty five. Not really ideal for him, but it wasn't cause he was a perfectionist or anything like that. It had made him just wait, think of a battle plan, and contemplate anxiously about the results of the entrance exam. He remembered last week so clearly. All that joy of succeeding the prestigious UA High School written exam. He had fathomed the entrance physical exam to be beyond difficult, as the students had to wait a week before attending it. In the UA registration paper, he remembered he had to fill out a biograph. His name, his age, his gender his quirk and other essential needs. Three things he remembered clearly were that he had to think of a prompt about heroes and quirk use, whether he truly wanted to attend the Hero Course or not, and, of course, his heritage. He hesitated whether to make his father's identity known or not. He wrote 'Divorced', with a dash over it, just so he would be accepted.

    He woke up from anxiety land, and looked at the people around him. Well, there were two people, who seemed to be conversing. Should he have taken part in the conversation. He had to get his anxiety off his chest anyway. He got closer to them, and looked at them, and then said, "Uh, hi there!" He said, maybe a bit too awkwardly loud, "Um, uh, my name is Tanaka. And..." His brain cells scrambled to ask a decently relevant question, "How do you think you're gonna do in the exam?" He said, trying to not look shy. That question was okay. He was making progress. But there was one major blunder.

    He forgot to do a freaking handshake.
  4. 6:00

    In a large building asleep was a young white haired girl who was supposed to to be taking the hero exam today...
    On the second floor inside a very messy diveresed colorrc bedroom, a small digital alarm clock began to ring, suddenly waking the girl "ah!" Shouted Miu who nearly fell off her bed when she awoke.

    Miu looked at the clock and immediately jumped from her bed and began to get dressed. She took off her pajamas, put on her usual attire, did her usual morimor routine, but in a more hasty fashion. She then sprinted out the door, holding a small black ribbon that she used to tie her ponytail.

    Eventually she made it to the large gate that led into the fake city, the destination for the UA exam. She stood in front of it trying to catch her breath, but for some reason still attempted to say hi to the other soon to be students, which only came out as a *wheeze*.
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  5. It was at 5:30 when Jet woke up. 5:50 when he left. 6:20 when he arrived, and thats where he sat, waiting for the exam to begin. His breakfast was something light, mainly because after it he would chow down on some healthy metal iron stakes.

    As Jet sat down next to the large gate, popping what's left of his breakfast into his mouth, he noticed how a young girl seemed to have raced up to the group. She seemed quite out of breath. Jet then got up off his lazy butt and walked over to the girl who ran on up.

    "So, what's the rush? I mean, spend at least more than ten seconds on your hair. Looks like you ran here right after waking up. Bet you didn't even eat breakfast yet, by how you look."
  6. Before the boy with dark blue hair could respond, Harper heard the girl that entered wheeze loudly. She looked incredibly out of breath, and Harper assumed that she had woken up late and rushed here, though why she would hurry so much to arrive an hour early was beyond her comprehension. Harper rushed over to the winded girl. "Ohmygosh, are you okay?" she asked, brow creasing with worry and putting a hand on the stranger's back.. Then she heard the other newcomer make a rude remark and whipped her head around to face him. "Shut up, at least she had the foresight to wear something she could actually move in," Harper retorted, acknowledging the boy's dressy and likely quite uncomfortable attire.
  7. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru took the handshake. "Oh, uh, Dekiru Parokuro."
    When the second one arrived, Dekiru smiled.
    "I'm Parokuro. I hope I'm gonna do well."
    Then the girl arrived, he was about to help her, but the girl he had shaken hands with got there first.
    He then heard the remark, turning. The guy appeared to have gotten there first.
    After her retort, Dekiru turned towards him, holding his hand up as if to say, "Stop. I got this."
    Dekiru looked at him, sizing him up.
    "So then. I'm just gonna go out an a limb here and assume you're the 'high-school richboy bully' who's only enrolled here to make us all feel worse about ourselves. So what's your Quirk, Mister Fancypants? Being arrogant?"
  8. Miu finally caught her breath and was suprised to see a boy in front of her, and even more that he talked to her. Miu didn't want to be rude so she perked up, and replied to the boy "hehe, I'm fine really, I thought the exam would be earlier-" she was then cut off from the rest of her sentence when two more kids stepped up to her and assumed the boy made a rude comment "ah n-no he didn't say anything mean" she studdered feeling flustered with all these people around her
  9. Jet took out a breakfast bar from his pocket and gave a slight toss over to Miu. He then turned over to Dekiru, looking dead in his eye. While doing so, Jet took out a strand of copper wire, taking a large bite into it and eating before commenting.

    "Let me guess. You have some kind of trick quirk. Something that involves flashy stunts. And you hope that just because you can do that you can 'save the world' huh? Well, let me say this. Actual hero work isn't all fun and games, to which you can just assume who's your friend or foe. Now, if you don't mind, how about you to walk away and stop bugging the girl. From her looks, she's probably tired and doesn't want to see a fight break out." Jet then turned around to Miu. "Enjoy." Before walking away.
  10. Harper watched Jet leave, frowning. Maybe I did jump to conclusions, she thought. That said, the guy did come off as a cocky jerk. She turned back to the girl. "Sorry, I just...thought he was trying to insult you, and I really hate when people do that. I'm Harper, if you didn't overhear."
  11. Miu sighed in relief as one of them realized what happened and apologized, when another one showed up and tossed a food bar to her "phew, thank you harper. Oh and thanks mister" she waved to him before opening the bar and gnawing on it a bit. She realized that she forgot to introduce herself, which made Miu almost choke on the bar she was eating " s-sorry! I should have introduced myself. I'm Miu Aria, the daughter of Endeavor- eh" Miu froze up "oh no! Why would I say that I'm Endeavor's daughter, it'll make me come off like a narcissist...this isn't my day.." Miu thought to herself nervously...
  12. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru thought for a minute. "I guess I overreacted. Probably a joke; what he said to that girl. He seems like a nice guy. I should maybe apologize after the exam if I get some time."
    He heard the girl talk. When he heard the second part, he lost it.
    "W-whoa, seriously?! Endeavor, the Flame Hero?! The guy who's ranked as the second greatest hero in the world? He's incredible! He's only second to All Might himself! You gotta tell me, what's he like?!"
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  13. "huh, he doesn't think I'm a snobby person, he's curious?!" Miu was a bit suprised at first " um...well he is very strong and very rich as well, but I don't know that much about him...we never really get time together away from the dinner table that often, and he prefers not to talk to me since I'm a weakling..." She said is a distruaght tone.
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  14. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    After Miu's statement regarding who Endeavor was as a person, he was incredibly interested until...
    "Um... well, he is very strong and very rich as well..."
    "Okay, knew that. Must be incredible to have a life like that with such an amazing hero!" He thought.
    "...but I don't know that much about him... we never really get time together away from the dinner table that often..."
    "Makes sense; he probably has a lot of Hero work!" He continued thinking, enthralled in her description of the guy.
    "...and he prefers not to talk to me since I'm a weakling."
    Dekiru's entire sense of innocence fell from his brain, bounced around a bit in his body, and hit the sole of his shoe, where it melted into the ground like a block of ice in a wildfire.
    He managed to say one thing.

    "T-the guy's a JERK."
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  15. Miu heard Dekiru's somewhat angry words. But began to get nervous talking about it, so made an attempt to change the subject "um...so what's your quirk? Oh sorry I should ask your name first right" Miu giggled a bit, with an unsure tone in her normally soft calm it it jittery voice.
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  16. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru snapped out of it. "Well, my name's Parokuro. Dekiru Parokuro."
    He looked at his hand. "As for my Quirk..."
    He concentrated, and soon, his entire body began emanating a silvery blue aura.
    "Essentially, my Quirk gives me increased body speed and agility. My senses are also increased in terms of speed. Because of it, it lets me hit harder too. Think of it as springs built into each of my limbs."
    He relaxed, and the glow faded.
    "What about your Quirks?" he gestured the the three that were there.
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  17. Miu looked fascinated at the boy's blue aura "cool! So yours is like ehancement type quirk" she smiled at the boy, but her face turned to a slight frown when he asked of her own quirk "well...it's not as cool as yours..." She said out of self-doubt "my quirk, I call 'Divinity' it basically uses my life energy or 'mana' to allow me to telekeneticaly grab stuff, and focus it into a blast of some sort" she then attempted to show off her quirk by turning toward several small rocks about the size of her hand and held her hands in their direction. Miu's hair began to raise and the purple highlights started to iluminate as the rocks lifted up and circled Miu with a thin purple aura around them, before releasing her ability which caused her hair to return to normal and the rocks to fall to the ground.
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  18. "That's awesome," was all Harper had said in response to Miu revealing who her father was, but she furrowed her brows and nodded with Dekiru when he said that Endeavor was a jerk for not spending time with his daughter for being a 'weakling'. She didn't want to actually say anything, lest she accidentally upset Miu. "Those are both awesome!" she said when both Dekiru and Miu showed off their Quirks, genuinely meaning it. "My Quirk's kind of basic, it just lets me change my appearance. Watch," Harper explained, then began to transform. In seconds, she could easily have been Dekiru's identical twin. "Tada~!" She changed back into the form she had chosen for the day and smiled. "I can also blend in with my surroundings, like camouflage."
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  19. Miu smiled feeling a little flattered by Harper, but she became interested in his quirk "ooh, so your quirk doesn't have much fighting capability right? But it could be used amazingly for tons of things" Miu began to chat on which certainly was more outgoing then normal for her introvert personality
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  20. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka looked at the three kids conversing, as the other kid who walked away just sat there after giving the girl his breakfast. Tanaka almost walked away to wait for the exam to start. But then he heard he boy whose name was Dekiru ask about his quirk, "Well, um. I can shoot out blood from my elbows and make shapes with it." His explanation was super vague, since he didn't want to explain the other side of his quirk, otherwise they'd find out about his villainous father and think he's a spy. It seemed he was talking to thin air as the three students before him seemed to be already engaged in another conversation.
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  21. Aki had arrived as soon as possible. He had been their awhile when he had overheard a conversation mentioning Endeavor. He approached the group. "I'm sorry if it seems like I've been eavesdropping, it's hard not to have it seem that way since I have pretty good hearing. And I say that just because he doesn't like the way you are, or what your Quirk turned out to be is no excuse to reject you in that way."

    "Oh man, just my luck! I hope I don't miss anything!" Sophie ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She stopped to take a breath once she got there. After she had done this, she looked up. When she saw the crowd of people and breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't missed anything.

    Grace had already joined Recovery Girl at this point. Though she hoped that there were no extreme injuries, it was probably asking for too much. After all, that was part of why Recovery Girl was there. It was also part of why she was here.
  22. Yuki Hase, a muscular and blonde girl, had just arrived at UA. She was jumping with excitement, literally, as she started cart-wheeling, front-flipping, and other gymnastic stunts around the school. Though, Yuki decided to take a deep breathe and calmed down. Calm down, girl. Can't have myself seem this excited. I have to show that I can take things seriously! After all, this is my first ever big oppurtunity.

    Yuki then noticed a group of people, and started flipping her way towards them, even though she told herself she'd calm down.

    "Hi, there!" Yuki exclaimed, "I assume you're all here to take on the entrance exam! I am too! I'm Yuki Hase, and it's nice to meet you all!" She seemed to be pretty excited.


    Though, in the background stood Tokoyami Aki, a student who got one of the highest scores in his middle school. He scoffed as he noticed many the group of students conversing with each other and being pretty excited. He was going to walk past them, but, instead of doing it politely, he just walked straight through them pushing some of them aside.

    "Out of my way losers!" Tokoyami said, "I'm here to pass and get accepted into UA! I don't need you third-ranks to get in my way!" He then entered the academy's building.

    These bastards are full of themselves if they actually think they can compete with me! I'll show them! No one, and I mean no one, can outrank me.
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  23. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka looked beside him as he saw a girl who seemed to be pretty hyper about getting into UA. He couldn't blame, but he, for one, felt more anxiety than excitement. The girl seemed to be pretty athletic, he moved aside a bit, being a bit cautious of not being hit by one of her flipping legs. She seemed nice enough as she introduced herself. Yeah, she looked pretty approachable. "Uh, hi! I'm Tanaka Uranine.Nice to meet you too. Um, uh.." There was some awkward silence, as his brain cells staggered yet again to search for a relevant question. He put out his hand for a handshake, and instantly asked, "What's your quirk? How do you think you're gonna do-!" He got pushed aside, by a guy who seemed to be pretty strong. Huh, maybe I should just die-wait, no! He snapped back into reality as he quickly got up. He glared at the guy who pushed him aside and the words he said.

    Tanaka? Nah, he probably won't become a hero. He'll be a villain just like his father was! That wasn't going to happen, he thought.
    A weak villain at that! We're gonna become pro heroes and whoop his butt when that happens! He still didn't know why they said things like that.

    All thought from middle school flooded his mind. He clasped his fist and looked in front of him, "Hey, you! Mister My Chemical Romance! You're the one who got in our way, you know that?!" Tanaka didn't quite know what he was getting into, but still wanted to settle scores.
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  24. Before Yuki could respond to Tanaka, a guy with long black hair pushed Tanaka and others around so that he could get into the entrance of the UA building. She then looked at Tokoyami the same way Tanaka did, but there was nothing more either could do as Tokoyami had already entered the building.

    I swear I'm going to teach that guy a new one! He can't just treat people around like that!

    Though, since Yuki couldn't do anything as of now, she instead decided to face Tanaka and answer his question. "My quirk is Muscle Augmentation! It allows me to increase the muscle mass in my body and gives me a big boost in power! Though, I'm saving it for the exams!"
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  25. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka kept glaring at the guy, and then heard Yuki's answer to his question. He inhaled a bit, trying to calm himself down a bit. "Yeah, I getcha. I almost can't use my quirk for show without me turning into a train wreck. Th-that's a metaphor, by the way.." He explained just in case the girl wouldn't get it, "Jeez, it's so nerve racking! All these people around us competing to be in one class! In addition to us waiting a week before the entrance exam! That's UA for ya, as they always say, I guess." He seldom laughed, as he held his hands around his head. Wait, was he getting too comfortable in the conversation?! He instantly snapped back to reality, "U-uh, sorry! I forgot to tell you of my quirk! So, I can shoot out blood through small pores of my body, and can turn it into weapons and other stuff. Not too great at ranged combat though.." He tried to explain his quirk briefly. It was really complex, he wanted to save it for the exam, he didn't want anyone to get suspicious that his father was a villain and he didn't want anyone to take advantage of him, even he had understood that. His father wasn't known too much, unless someone searched up 'Uranine' (Not in the real universe.) His father's villain name was Redcell.
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  26. Harper listened to their conversation, hesitant on joining in. She didn't want to bother, and they seemed to be getting along pretty well..."I mean, I can add some muscle if I need to, but only to a certain point. But you're right, it is useful in a lot of other ways." She said this in reply to Miu, of course.
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  27. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Tatsuya got up from bed at around 6:10, and then started making his way to the arena at around 6:30. He arrived there at 6:45. Once Tatsuya arrived he walked around and looked for a place to stretch. He eventually found a spot so he started doing his stretches. "I wonder what everyone here is like, I also wonder what their quirks might be." He thought as he started to look around at everyone around him.
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  28. miu pushed aside by another person, who spat rude words towards all but him. He seemed to be here for the exam as well, Miu held her head down towards her feet with a saddened expression
    "That's boys probably right, knowing the other students here are probably going to exell at the exam, while i'lI be at the bottom of the board...and I won't make it...."

    She rose her head. Miu held her hands behind her back and kept her mouth shut for a few seconds, to her it felt like a whole hour, but suddenly she held out her hand and smiled to Harper and the others. "I'm sure we'll all do well in the exam, don't let his words get to you" she said kindly, of course she felt deceptive, saying this when she knew that she herself wasn't going to pass.
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  29. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Jurou had arrived late to the exams due to poor planning on his part. Heh had overslept and beat himself up over it, only causing him to be later than he already was, so thay was a good way to start the quirk users morning.

    Well godammit, hope I'm not too late, cause if I was, then that would suck so hard that I'd repeatedly punch the nearest wall.

    Fortunately for him and the infrastructure of the nearby wall, Jurou arrived before the entrance exam had started, and he had yet to miss his chance to become a hero.

    Phew, very well then, suppose I should listen in on the others to see how their quirks stack up against mine.

    The quirk user caught up to the small group of his peers to listen in on the going one of it all. His eyebrow raised in intrigue when Muscle Augmentation was brought up as someone's quirk.

    Interesting, although compared to my quirk, theirs is simply a feeble imitation. However I shouldn't over or underestimate someone based on how good or bad their quirk is.
  30. Yuki nodded after listening to what Tanako had to say, and responded, "Your quirk actually sounds amazing! I bet with practice it could become really useful! Don't worry, we're all going to do just fine! After all, we've all worked hard in middle school to be even be able to make it to this point! Let's all go beyond our limits in this exam! After all, as All Might always says, 'Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!'"

    Yuki then started repeatedely shouting "Plus Ultra" to get others to join in her enthusiasm. She had just met these people, but she noticed some of the students lacked some confidence. She felt obliged to help them to become more confident! After all, that's what she felt a hero should do!

    Meanwhile, in the UA building, Tokoyami had been waiting on a bench for the entrance exam to start. He felt as if though the entrance exams were taking a a bit too long to commence, and was starting to get bored.
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  31. Harper was hesitant at first about joining Yuki's chant. After all, that was the kind of thing that was likely to get her a lot of judgement. Harper shook her head, remembering a friend's words of encouragement. 'You're gonna be a hero, I know it! Don't let someone get you down because they don't like the way you act; chances are, they're just as nervous as you and are trying to vent. Now go kick butt!' That friend hadn't made it as far as Harper had for some reason, though his Quirk was only about a thousand times more useful than hers. She joined in, though she certainly wasn't at top volume.
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  32. Sophie joined the chant. Not long after that, Aki joined in. Aki's tail wagged in excitement. Sophie's flicked in anticipation. Everyone was waiting for the exam to start.
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  33. Jet watched the doors to the city, observing the city from what he could see. From what he could tell, UA didn't have a budget. They did whatever they wanted to. "So, strategy for this situation would be..." Jet said to himself.
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  34. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    As more and more people started stepping up to the building (NPC's), Dekiru started to grasp how many people wanted to get into this school. Everybody was here. It was time. The speech began.
    "Welcome, everybody, to the UA Entrance Exam! As you all know from yesterday, your point total depends on how many robot you smash into oblivion! I hope you all are ready, 'cause you have thirty seconds before the doors open!"
    Dekiru looked back at everyone he had met.
    "Good luck you guys," he said, grinning determinately.
    "I'll see you all in the Hero Course."
    Dekiru powered up his Quirk to the max as other competitors did as well, his silvery blue aura spiked up from his head to his feet. He took a running position as he could hear the door locks pull open.
    His Quirk, like a spring, built up in his legs.
    The gates swung open as Dekiru charged. Immediately, a battalion of robots stood in front on him. He went for a huge three-pointer in the middle. This was it. His chance to shine. He built up power in his dominant, left hand.
    He threw the punch as two forces countered each other, as his JP-powered fist immediately disabled the machine.
    He leapt, bounding off of the top of the broken mechanical war machine, somersaulting and bringing a dropkick down on the one behind it, disabling it as well.
    "That's six!"
    Dekiru bounded off into the rest of the city, hoping the other entrees could take the rest of the first wave.
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  35. Sophie leaped at a three pointer, attacking with her claws. Aki went for a different one. He used the confusion to get a three pointer. After he got past the outside, he started working on the inside.
  36. Harper nodded to the people she had been talking to. "Good luck!" she said before the gates opened, and she immediately went for a three-pointer with a running start and a high kick. It was down for the count, but not without giving Harper a reason to regret kicking metal. That was stupid, she thought to herself, dodging an attack from an incoming bot. A robot arm came flying in her direction, and she ducked to avoid it. The disembodied limb managed to take out a one-pointer. I could use that as a weapon! Harper thought, and she rushed for it. She picked it up and went for a couple of one-point robots, camouflaging herself to avoid them seeing her. She contemplated the sheer luck that the arm happened to be gray as well.
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  37. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    And just like that, the exams have started, and his test to prove his worth had begun. Jurou inhaled sharply and checked for his pills to treat his migraine. Since he had to use his quirk, level one seemed reasonable, and as such the red-purple electricity began to surge around him and he was off. It wasn't long before he found himself faced with two two pointers, or two pointers squared. Due to his enhanced strength and also not skipping out on leg and arm day, the aspiring hero was able to make quick work of the dual robots, earning him four points.

    This is a good pace, just don't freak out, and you'll be sitting in the classroom in no time.
  38. Miu was caught off guard as the countdown began "eep! I guess I wasn't keeping up on the time. I know I won't get in, but I should at least try my hardest." Miu took in a deep breath and ran through the opened gates, immediately she saw a 2 pointer climbing on the wall of a small building. Miu acted quickly and held out her hands, her hair raised and a light purple ball appeared in her hands, before firing it in a thin beam of purple light. a small hole was pierced into the head of the robot, and then suddenly began to exert electric currents before exploding into pieces. Miu suddenly felt a bit more confident about herself, Miu deciding to use her divinity to float herself off the ground and move quickly to a horde of robots, landing to prevent constant consumption of her mana from floating. "Okay, I can give it a shot!" Miu shouted, ready to fight the horde
  39. Cliff wakes up, and checks the time. It's 7:30. "HOLY MOLY! I"M GONNA MISS THE EXAMS!" He's about to rush out of the house when... "Crap, I can't commit public nudity on the first day!" He puts on his tracksuit, and his shoes. "And now it's time to go." Before he left he felt that something was wrong... "Oh yeah, my trusty cape, can't leave without it!" He runs up and notices that the gates are open."WAIT" Cliff shouted. "Jesus Christ, I can't believe i'm this late. I knew I should have bought an alarm clock instead of dumpsterdiving for one."
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  40. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru used his Quirk, moving through some parkour that let him get up high, where he managed to get the jump on a few more robots from above. He slammed into one, using the recoil to propel himself into another one behind him.
    "Heh. 'New Hampshire Smash', am I right?" he thought, immediately turning around and roundhouse kicking it, putting a huge dent into it.
    "CRAP!" he screamed, his leg damaged from kicking metal, even with his Quirk.
    He could still stand, which meant he could fight. He turned.
    "Come on," he thought. "One of them had to have been using a melee weapon or something!"
    A one-pointer. A part of its claw. It had a blunt edge, but if it was removed...
    Dekiru grabbed it, ripping it off and using it as a weapon.
    "It was designed good enough so that there was a narrow section to it," he thought, gripping it with both hands. "I can hold onto it here and use it like a club or a sword!"
    He swung, taking the head off of one.
    "That's twenty-five! No matter what..."
    He continued to run, despite his damaged leg.
    Dekiru hacked away at the machines, the tension eating away at his bones.

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