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Private/Closed My Hero Academia: New Class In Session

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru jumped, the external force pushing him up, almost higher than the boulder. All of his energy was sent back into his left fist, as the aura faded and his arm glowed with power.
    "Everything I've got," he muttered, "is in this shot!" He looked towards the machine, falling towards the people.
    "Nobody dies today!"
    He wound up his punch, as he could feel his energy building up like a spring, anxiously waiting to be set free. Thoughts of being a hero drifted into his mind, as he, amused, thought this would be his first time saving people. Like them. Like All Mi...
    Think later, do the right thing now. He let loose the attack, what he proclaimed his first Super Move as a hero-in-training.


    He let the punch loose, as the energy was released and the spring had unloaded. At this point he was higher than the rock, and released a downward punch.
    The vast pool of energy he had left was sent spiraling into the rock, as it propelled forward at maybe, five times its original, high speed.
    Dekiru could feel his hand scratching, being cut from the enormous object, but at that moment he was too engulfed in the situation to care.
    The machine's head was decimated as the rock burst into it, as the force caused it to fall back the other way. It hit the ground with a shockwave of wind, and it was then that the recoil took place.
    The blow-back sent Dekiru higher into the sky, as he finally felt the toll of his energy get back at him. His energy was sapped. His arm, not broken, but it might as well have been, was bleeding and sore. His legs, also not broken, were sore as well, but his right leg had taken the most damage out of the two.
    All of this hit him at once, and he looked back one more time at the others to make sure they were alright.
    He started to fall, and he began to lose consciousness hoping somebody would catch him.
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  2. Yuki had successfully evacuated the area, when suddenly she heard a big booming noise. As she looked up, Yuki noticed a giant rock being hurled into the robots head and successfully destroying the machine devastatingly. Though, Yuki could see something off in the distance. It was some dude falling!?

    Yuki quickly increased the muscle input into her legs, and jumped into the air in the direction of the falling guy. Once she was close enough, she would grab Dekiru and prepared herself for an impact landing by increasing the muscle area around her entire body, which cushioned her landing.

    Yuki quickly decreased the size of her muscles, and put Dekiru down safely. She then started to pant, she had used up quite a bit of her quirk in this exam, but she was able to get 41 points, which was the important part. She was sure she would've been able to pass with that, so she fell unto the floor, relaxing to catch her breath.

    Speaking of getting points, that was still Tokoyami's main objective as he kept crushing as many robots as he possibly could. He was already at 74 points, and he didn't feel like quitting, until he suddenly felt a change. It turned out that he reverted back into his normal state, and his animal transformation had just reached it's 10 minute point.

    Tokoyami scoffed. He would've had to wait another 5 minutes before being able to transform again, so he decided to lay low until then.
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  3. Sophie lead the girl away. Aki ran at the robot. The robot attempted to smash Aki. Though luck was with him, though if the blows had been closer, he'd have been seriously injured. Aki went around to the back of the robot. He jumped onto the robot's back, then proceeded to climb up it. He got to the part of the robot that was receiving commands. He used some tools he had with him to cut a hole in the robot. Once this was done, he demolished the "receiver". The robot stopped moving. Aki came down from the robot. The nine year old then passed out from exhaustion. The girl with lavender hair created a mattress out of lavender hard light constructs to keep Aki from hitting the pavement.
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  4. Sylvia sat down obediently at one of the cots in the hospital-resembling office. She wouldn't stop shivering, making things a little bit difficult, but Recovery Girl merely gave her a warm smile and walked up to her. Sylvia flinched as Recovery Girl stepped closer, but didn't move away, understanding what had to be done.

    "I'm only going to check your heartbeat for right now," Recovery Girl said to the girl.

    Kouki translated for her before explaining that Sylvia only spoke English and not Japanese.

    "Ah, I see," Recovery Girl said. "In that case, please do. She will be comforted with you by her side."

    Kouki nodded and gave Sylvia a reassuring smile. "You can try and breathe, can't you?"

    Sylvia nodded. Recovery Girl pressed a cold stethoscope to her chest as Sylvia attempted to breathe. Unfortunately, breathing was harder than it looked for Sylvia. She coughed a couple of times, sticky, goopy blood splattering itself from her mouth onto her small, skinny hands. Recovery Girl frowned and pulled away.

    "You said she was diagnosed with chemical pneumonia?" Recovery Girl asked Kouki.

    Kouki nodded. "Yes, ma'am. The doctors there estimated the remainder of her life to be around eight or so months. I don't think I could take it if that was true."

    Recovery Girl held her chin in thought. "Well, I'll proceed with my checkup and see if there're any other problems."

    Kouki nodded. It didn't take long for Sylvia's checkup to be over with. She was very weak, clearly, and Recovery Girl diagnosed Sylvia with anemia based on her past eating habits (or rather, lack thereof). Partnered with her chemical pneumonia, it meant Sylvia was even weaker than Kouki had thought, which was a scary realization. He didn't dare tell the other kids about it, though, or else they may start to cry again (and he didn't want to think their sister would die faster because of it).

    Unfortunately, as Sylvia had wanted to be a hero, this meant that her dreams would be crushed. She could never work as a hero or do anything else physically taxing such as firefighting, police work, or anything that required moving around more than simply walking. Recovery Girl told Kouki to consider getting her a wheelchair with blood packets attached so Sylvia wouldn't waste energy on walking and continue feeding her an iron-heavy diet.

    For the time being, Kouki agreed, and Sylvia was hooked up to some tubes and pricked with needles (though she did get a big lollipop as a reward for being so brave) and her siblings stuck to her side like glue. Recovery Girl decided to roll Sylvia to the spectator's room and have them watch some cartoons in there while the applicants fought robots. She learned that Sylvia and Lucy were big fans of My Little Pony when she gave them the Internet to do what they wished with, while Jack watched the applicants fight and kill robots. He seemed very fixated on some students that had recently felled the biggest robot somehow. They occupied themselves with whatever made them feel happy (or in Jack's case, more determined to become a hero for his sister's sake).

    On the other hand, Kouki and Nedzu were now alone and could finally have their job interview.

    "Now, what did you say your quirk was again, sir?" Nedzu asked after offering a cup of tea.

    Kouki graciously accepted Nedzu's offer. "Language Barrier, sir. I can speak any human language and I have high cognitive skills in the means of symbols, new languages, and other sorts of similar happenings."

    "I see. And what do you hope to achieve from obtaining this job?" Nedzu continued.

    "Well, I know it's impractical, but earlier you saw just how sick and weak poor Sylvia was. I'm mostly doing this to gain the proper means to take care of my children," Kouki confessed. "However, I've always wanted to be a teacher, and teaching all sorts of languages is essentially what I was made to do, it seems, given my quirk. I know how to teach languages as well as speak them, and many different ways of remembering or learning based on other people's styles of obtaining knowledge, be it the Internet, friends, writing, songs, or whatever else. It's important to make the students feel they are important to the teacher and for the teacher to thus be important to the students. While I'm at it, I would also like to teach my kids Japanese, since they will live here in Japan from now on, and I firmly believe it would be a wonderful learning opportunity for both them and the students--so long as no one is getting hurt."

    Nedzu nodded. "I agree wholeheartedly! Making students feel special in a teacher's eyes is a very important and valuable opportunity to bond, and that will make them grow more confident in their abilities, thus improving their academic performances! That's just one of many pluses of good confidence and morale."

    Kouki took a sip of his tea. It was really a nice tea, just sweet enough but just fruity enough. He thoroughly enjoyed it, but that didn't stop his nagging worry for the children, despite knowing they were in safe hands.

    "Now, I don't suppose you'd be willing to wake up early, would you?"

    "Oh, certainly," Kouki said. "I'm afraid I would be too frightened to call a babysitter for the children, though, especially Sylvia. Our apartment is only a train ride away, but the children get antsy."

    "I'm certain we can make arrangements that are to your liking. Have you ever lived in a dorm before?"

    "A dorm, sir?"

    Nedzu nodded. "Yes. We've been considering a dorm system for the students for a while now, to protect against villains. Of course, since All Might has been around, not many people have complained about villain attacks, but it still is better to be safe than sorry."

    "Of course," Kouki agreed. "Of course, and I'm sure the kids would appreciate the protection plan, especially since..." He trailed off. He didn't want to mention it.

    "Tell me more about the incident, Kouki," Nedzu requested.

    Kouki swallowed a lump. Explain the incident? How was he to do that?
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  5. As the machine began to tip, Tashi rolled to his back so he could slide down the track guard, nearly getting is feet taken off by the machine as he reached the bottom.

    "Oh...Oh! Im still alive! Haha!" Tashi yelled as he stumbled away from the bot surprisingly unscathed, only to drop to his knees mere moments later, clutching his shoulders as he folded in on himself.

    "Damn! I absorbed to much." The young hero cursed internally as electricity began coursing through his body and the earth around him. He rolled around on the ground in tremendous pain, forced to wait for it to stop. Nearby scrap metal attracted the arcs, leaving dark sing marks on its surface as the electricity danced across it. After several moments of this, Tashi went still, the electricity fading as he did so.

    "I.....cant do things like that anymore."
    He scolded himself, silently and unsteadily pulling himself to one knee, then all the way up with a heavy sigh.

    "I could probably overload a few of these bots and make some more points....but I dont really need em'. Shouldnt get involved in any solo action right now. Ill go do some support in the meantime." Tashi steadied himself, saying his plan allowed to help clear his foggy head.
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  6. Harper was knocked backwards by the shockwave, and she toppled over, returning to her less muscular default form--not the one she had used to get here, but the baby blue haired, turquoise eyed girl that she was. Getting up, she looked at Tanaka and rushed over to him. He looked to be in incredible pain, but Harper had no way of knowing the full extent of his injury. "A-are you okay?" she asked, then added, "That was incredible, by the way." The adrenaline from the fight was wearing off, and Harper was not only exhausted but also worried about what everyone else thought of her again. With the way I did, they probably won't accept me anyway, she thought. If it had been a spying operation, I might have stood a chance...
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  7. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka was knocked away from the shockwave, as well. He flipped over, unable to land like he usually did, partially because of the broken arm deal. Hence, he landed on his back. And what a shitty landing it was. He let out a yelp as he hit the ground which made him flinch a bit. He made T pose, as he was lying on the ground. He was heavily panting. All the pressure that was put onto him was too much. Fuck....I only have 38 points and even if I pass, I'll be known as 'The Catapult Kid'. Well, it was more badass than 'Underdog'. He tried to get up, making small grunting noises, only leading to him partially falling on the ground again. Guess I'll wait till someone helps me up. He thought seldom hopefully.

    He tilted his head to the side of the ground only to see the person he had tried to converse with before the exam, He was pretty surprised, "Whoa! Okay-hi..." He giggled a bit at his sudden reaction, "Uh, sorry about that.....but....I need some help..." He referred to him getting up. He heard the remark of him being 'incredible'. "Thanks.....passing out..." His quirk had put quite the bit of strain upon him which led to him passing out. He wasn't gonna wake up anytime sooner, by the way. This would need proper healing technique.
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  8. Harper tried to help pick Tanaka up, but she just wasn't strong enough. "Crap...I'm gonna need some help..." she said to no one in particular and wishing she could do it by herself.
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  9. Tashi slowly shuffled over to Harper and Tanaka, staring at the boy with a fixed expression.
    "....ill take em'. He helped me out in the end, technically." Tashi muttered, wrapping the unconscious arm of the boy around his neck. He proceeded forward to the entrance, Tanaka's feet dragging on the ground behind him the entire time.
    "One hell of a quirk this guys got. Definitely gotta keep tabs on him." He thought, his gaze still locked on the unconscious face of Tanaka as he slowly slid him down the wall into a seated position by the entrance, before proceeding to do something no one had expected to see in a timed tournament. Tashi took as seat next to him and began relaxing, the others may disagree, but he knew his work was complete.
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  10. "NEVER FEAR, FOR I-" Cliff started to say before noticing the destroyed robots and weakened students. "Crap. I was late to the party and I didn't help much and I'm a big idiot and..." He started beating himself up, but then got the idea to count for students, so he did."Wait, where's that chick with the hair?" He looked around for a while and panicked, but finally found her and decided to carry her unconscious body. "You da real M.V.P., kid."
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  11. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    A massive buzzer echoed throughout the arena.

    Dekiru struggled to open his eyes. The pain was intense, as he raised his arm. He thought for a moment.
    "U-under twenty points..." he thought, the pain swelling up. "I'm not getting in."
    The sudden realization shattered him.
    He tried to use his legs, but he only fell back and took heavy breaths.
    "C-crap," he thought. He looked over at Yuki, on the floor as well.
    "T-thanks," he managed to sputter. Then he started laughing.
    "Y-you guys know what's f-funny?
    "We haven't even started and we're already saving people."
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  12. Yuki chuckled back, and responded, "It was nothing. Just doing the right thing."

    Yuki struggled to get back up as her muscles were sore from exterting her quirk too much, but she knew they were going to be just fine after she got some rest so she didn't worry. She squinted and groaned as she sat straight up and was able to stretch her neck and arms a bit.

    Yuki then chuckled again, and said, "That's what makes a hero a hero, after all. Heroes are there to save people, and give anyone and everyone hope. This school must be pretty stupid if they don't accept you guys into it, since you all showed what it takes to be a hero."

    Tokoyami heard the buzzer ring, and decided to get out of his hiding. 75 points. Not bad, but he wondered how he faired against the other students. Not that he actually cared, however. After all, there was no way anyone was going to get a higher score than him. He's too good for anybody at this school, and before they know it, he'll be the number one hero. Tokoyami was extremely confident.
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  13. Recovery Girl sighed, watching the monitors. Half of the children had over exerted themselves to the point that some of them couldn't even stand. They cared too much for others and not themselves. She turned to glance at the white-haired boy, whose midnight purple eyes were glued to the screens. She didn't think she would be able to talk to him, considering she was rusty on her English (she had only learned it about sixty or so years ago) but wanted to make an attempt anyway. However, it was the boy who spoke first.

    "So this is what a Hero's like..." Jack said. "I knew it. They're all just like Ace."

    Recovery Girl didn't understand most of what the boy had said, but she understood he was impressed and inspired by them--a bad sign.

    "Dey hult too much," she attempted.

    "Their sacrifices were for other people, though."

    She couldn't understand what he said, so the conversation had ended there. Sighing, she stood up from the chair she was sitting at and made her way to the exit. She had a job to do. "Stay," she said, finally getting a word right. Jack nodded and watched the monitors again. Students were helping each other out, some leaning on others for support, and others lying there with others watching over them, making sure everyone was okay. There were several outlying students who didn't do anything to assist, of course, but that was true of the whole world, not just them. Jack didn't stop watching the monitors.

    He had to become just like them for the sake of his sisters.

    Sylvia and Lucy, meanwhile, were still distracted watching their favorite cartoons. They had no idea of what was going on in their big brother's head.
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  14. "Thanks," Harper said to the boy that helped carry Tanaka away, and she closed her eyes as the buzzer sounded. "We survived," she muttered, looking around, and heard Dekiru's remark and Yuki's reply. "...Yeah," was all she said.
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  15. "FINISH!"


    Ayato stood motionless in the faux city, droplets of blood beginning to bead on his wounded palms. "No, no, no… that… is it enough? That can't be enough," he muttered under his breath. Thirty-five points. Unfortunately, there was no time for second-guessing, the buzzer had already sounded. Seeing as UA didn't release their students' scores to the public, it was impossible to tell if his was feasible.

    No, thirty five had to be enough. This was his only shot at getting into UA. He'd already passed the preliminary exams. He'd come this far. If he didn't make it… well… that was a faliure on his part. Then what would happen?

    Fighting the urge to collapse to the ground, Ayato gritted his teeth, waiting for the official signal to leave the area.
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  16. "Those who can move, please file toward the exit. Recovery Girl will reach you shortly. Those who cannot and those assisting them, please standby while Recovery Girl walks around and heals the injured. Once you have recovered, please make your way toward the exit."

    Recovery Girl sighed. With this many students pulling an All Might, she was certain this would be a long year. Not to mention that as soon as Kouki got accepted, his children would be yet another secret the school had to keep. At this point, she supposed she should've been used to it, but hero work wasn't an easy task and she didn't like that kids wanted to grow up far faster than they needed to.

    Recovery Girl walked up to the first several students and gave them nice, long kisses to get them to feel better. As Recovery Girl worked, Jack watched from the screen.

    Sylvia and Lucy finally looked up from their cartoons and watched Recovery Girl work her magic. Lucy beamed. "Wow! Recovery Girl is so cool!" she exclaimed. "Even though she's not a girl but an old lady." She turned to Jack. "You think she can help Sylvia?"

    Jack shook his head. "People with quirks like hers would hurt her before they help her. Speeding up the kind of damage Sylvia has is dangerous," he said. "And she probably wouldn't survive because of how delicate her wounds are. Damaged lungs aren't something that can just be magically sped up. Sylvia doesn't have a whole lot of stamina to give up, so she wouldn't be able to heal properly. That's why Recovery Girl didn't do anything, and that's why the other doctors back home didn't either."

    "I thought it was 'cuz we're broke."

    "That too."

    Recovery Girl worked fast, healing students left and right. She had already healed the fools who took down the 0P robot, so by now she was heading to the exit, where she was to examine students for any injuries and heal them.
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  17. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka woke up a few minutes after Recovery Girl had healed him. He had a properly painful headache, and he was feeling ridiculously tired. He looked at his right arm. It was healed. He furrowed his eyebrows, confused. He never knew that people could have healing quirks. That was his own stupidity though. He looked beside him, with his hardly opened eyes. He saw a burgundy haired boy sitting beside him, relaxing. He was, yet again, confused. Why was this boy relaxing? Was it some sort of tactic? Tanaka didn’t know the exam was over, but had to ask, nonetheless, “H-hey...is the exam over?” He asked curiously as he straightened his back, and held his forehead, which still ached quite a lot. “And how is my arm healed? It was broken a short while ago...” He bothered to ask yet another question. This was a time where he’d forget about his anxious and polite personality, and jump straight to the questions. He was always the type of person to ask two questions at a time, though. “Also, did you carry me here? Thanks.” He grinned a bit. Make that THREE questions at a time.
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  18. 31 points, eh? Well if this hero business doesn't work out, I can always go back to being an entertainer, although I wanted to show that the Archie's powers weren't just for parties. Cliff walked around shaking the hands of everyone he fought alongside. "Good job." he said to all of them.
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  19. ....A long thought traveled through Miu's head whilst she eaw unconscious, thoughts of endangerment, how she would cause the downfall of other students if she somehow made it into UA, thoughts about her father and what he would say 'pitiful! You couldn't even stay away for the whole exam, your the reason I left your mother you weakling...' in what sounded like Endeavor's voice echoed through her mind. More thoughts rushed by and left when more took there place, until suddenly.....she was awake.."..huh...
    a-ah!! Wh-wh-where am I!?" Miu shouted in shock after waking up so suddenly, she looked in front of her, recovery girl was there "I guess she must have woken me up.." she thought to herself "be careful now, I healed your wounds. But I must go help the other students." Recovery girl said before walking off to the other students.

    Miu sighed and looked around, she realized that she wasn't standing up ..or on the ground? She looked up a d saw Cliff holding her "Ah!! C-cliff!" She said in suprise, moving around so much that she fell out of his arms and hit the ground "w-why we're you carrying me Cliff!?"Miu was so confused about what happened while she was unconscious, seh did see that the exam finished and the zero pointer was beaten, based on the rubble and how students were acting...
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  20. As Recovery Girl made her rounds, healing anyone who requested or obviously needed to be healed, Tashi put his hand up, denying her offer for a refresher after the electrical overcharge. Tashi had studied the signatures quirks of UA and knows the repercussions of her overusing her power. His injuries werent severe enough for her to put forth the effort.

    A short time after he was healed, Tanaka came to, looking up at Tashi who had already locked onto the now stirring boy. His series of question's made Tashi smirk slightly, knowing very well what was running through this boys head right now. He was pretty sure it was the same thing going through everyone else's head at the moment.

    "Yeah, the exams over." He replied quietly, pausing to lay back against the wall, his arms now tucked behind his head, "Recovery Girl, the school nurse used her quirk to heal you. And yeah, I only carried you because your body probably wouldve been crushed by a bit of ruble or set aflame by a stray exploded bot." He added, his tone still calm, even if his words did seem a bit on the blunt side.

    ".....dont worry, I believe theirs more to this test than smashing robots. You and I both, id say we've got a fair shot of making it in after that." He added, his mind clearly clouded by the thoughts of his test results.

    "So, that's how much of currently capable of huh? Please let me be right, I need this."
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  21. Yuki felt so refreshed after Recovery Girl healed her and everyone, it was as if she was born again and her muscles had never felt so relaxed after using her quirk. She quickly jumped on both of her feet and exited out of the entrance exam area as instructed too. She headed back home with a confident look on her face.

    Tokoyami had exited with those who could move, though he didn't seem as tired as most, which only made him snicker. These losers were trying to hard to make it into this school, when it should be obvious that they won't ever be able to. Their abilities hardly compare to that of his. They should all just quit where they're at. He also went back home with a confident look, though it seemed a bit annoyed, but that was usually Tokoyami's style.
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  22. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru stood up, relaxing his muscles. He slowly walked towards the exit. Dekiru gazed at his hand, not scarred, nor scratched. As if there was no damage ever done to it. Naturally, it healed stronger. He clenched his hand into a fist, watching his repaired appendages.
    Dekiru walked off back to his home, ready to reconsider everything.
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  23. Since Aki had merely passed out from exhaustion, Recovery Girl wasn't needed. The girl with lavender hair created a gurney out of solid light constructs to put him on. After she helped Sophie put him on the gurney, they wheeled him out. After finding out where he lived, the two let their parents know they'd be home late, and why. They took him home, told his parents that he'd passed out from exhaustion, then headed to their own after putting him to bed.
  24. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka snickered at the boy’s chatting style, “Thanks again. I guess I need to get going now. “ He had almost left with a smile until a thought struck his mind, and he turned his hand into a fist and slapped it upon his other hand’s palm. “Oh, I didn’t catch your name! Uh, I’m Tanaka. “ He introduces himself before putting out his hand for a handshake.
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  25. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru managed to smile, accepting the handshake.
    "I'm Dekiru. Well, See you in class."
    That last statement was one he was sure was a lie, but kept a straight face.


    As implied, it was a week later. Dekiru was in his room, doing leg pull-ups in his doorway.
    "Dekiru, can you get the mail?" his mother called from the living room.
    "Sure thing Mom," he said, dropping, landing on his hands, somersaulting back up.
    Dekiru shut off the lights, then walked outside to unlock the mailbox. He found several things inside of it.
    Some letters to his mother and a few to his father, who was on a month-long business trip.
    Stacks of coupons.
    A letter to him from UA.
    Et cetera.
    He grasped the letter, immediately activating his Quirk. He dashed back into his house, dropping the other letters. He leapt up the stairs with two jumps, dropping the letter into his room. He didn't even bother to turn on the lights. He closed the door, and opened it.
    A holographic message. He placed it onto the table. He held his finger before the button.
    Now all he had to do was press it.
    "Should I?" he thought. "I already know the outcome. Nobody could have done worse than me.
    He pressed it, and a screen popped up in front of him. Somebody was standing there. In a yellow suit. "No, it can't be..."
    "Greetings, young Parokuro!" said All Might with a smile. "I am here! To provide the results of the UA Entrance Exam!"
    He placed his hands on his hips. "By now you must have already figured out that you finished with a score of fourteen points!"
    Dekiru sulked back into his seat. "That bad?"
    He looked up, depression in his eyes.
    "We haven't forgotten to consider what you did for the other students. Which is why we kept the other part of our Exam hidden!"
    Dekiru knit his eyebrows.
    "The second part of the Exam features what we call Rescue Points! Every time you help out a student struggling with the Exam the judges--actual Pro Heroes-- award you extra points!!"
    His heart skipped two beats.
    All Might straightened his tie. "As a teacher of UA Hero Academia, I personally am here to award you!"
    Dekiru's heart started beating faster.
    "For saving that young lad from that Villain Bot..."
    He stood up, pushing the chair over.
    "And preventing the robot from falling, crushing students in its wake..."
    Dekiru's eyes started twinking.
    "I! The Symbol of Peace! As well as all of UA! Award you 56 Rescue Points, bringing you up to fourth place in our Entrance Exam!"
    Dekiru fell to his knees and started crying. So this was him. The beginning of his adventure.
    "Now then! We'll see you at our school, next week! Remember young Parokuro. STAY! PLUS! ULTRA!!!!!"
    The transmission ended, the top ten scores remaining on the screen.

    1st place: Tokoyami; 74, 0 ( 74 )
    2nd place: Tanaka; 32, 40 ( 72 )
    3rd place: Yuki; 41, 30 ( 71 )
    4th place: Dekiru; 14, 56 ( 70 )
    5th place: Miu; 39, 30 ( 69 )
    6th place: Harper; 28, 40 ( 68 )
    7th place: Tashi; 36, 30 ( 66 )
    8th place: Ayato; 35, 30 ( 65 )
    9th place: Sophie; 19, 30 ( 49 )
    10th place: Aki; 17, 30 ( 47 )
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  26. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    While Tanaka was at home, on his phone, his mother entered his room. He didn’t really look up from his phone but something was off, he felt. He looked up and saw his mom in tears, rolling down her face. He instantly threw his phone on the bed and sprinted towards her, “What’s wrong, mom?!” He asked curiously. His mom smiled a bit, “Nothing, honey...here...” She said as she gave him the UA letter, seeming to be already opened. She left the room. He insnatly felt like a ridiculously hot ton of Iron was dropped upon his chest and back at his he same time. He felt really nervous, and judging by his mum’s reaction. He looked at the hologram button and pressed on it.

    A hologram screen popped up from the little button, showing a muscular, blonde figure with a heartwarming smile, in a fabulous yellow suit. Tanaka’s eyes twinkled and widened with excitement and anxiety in the same time. He gulped, “Greetings, young Tanaka!” Said All Might with a heroic grin. “As you have probably guessed, I am here to work at UA, and help you and your classmates in your hero work! And to present to you your results as well, of course!” He said as he strikes ridiculously amazing poses. At least they seemed like that to Tanaka. “You may remember that your points were in the thirties! That’s not bad, but not quite enough to get into UA!” Tanaka looked down with a depressed face, “BUT!”
    “How could such a prestigious school for heroes not accept such grace and daring heroes such as you and many others! For that, there was a surprise for everyone in the exam! RESCUE POINTS!” Said All Might as he straightened his tie. Tanaka jumped upwards out of instinct, tears almost coming to his eyes, as he saw the clip of him catapulting the boulder away. “And so! We have given you, drum roll, please!” All Might said as a drum roll took place, “40 RESCUE POINTS, PUTTING YOU IN SECOND PLACE!” Tanaka instantly burst into tears after hearing he was in second place. “WE ARE ALWAYS PROUD TO ACCEPT SUCH BRIGHT STUDENTS LIKE YOU! NOW, HAVE A GOOD DAY!” The hologram message closed, showing Tanaka the leaderboards. He was mouth opened in surprise and happiness. 72 Points!
    He burst out the door and instantly hugged his mother, as they both fired tears of joy.

    Finally. Dreams did come true. He could finally defy his father and become a true hero.
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  27. Harper had just come back from a grocery run with a friend of hers, and was carrying a bag in each hand. She opened the door to hear her mother and father scream. "WHAT THE HELL?!" she exclaimed, dropping the groceries and running in with her friend hot on her heels. They rushed into the kitchen to find...Harper's parents hugging each other and jumping up and down? "Wait, what?" Harper asked, confused.

    "Yeah, you two just..." her friend set her grocery bags down on the counter and scratching her head. Harper's mom looked at them, smiling, and wiped a tear--presumably of joy--aside with her sleeve.

    "Harper...you made it in! You're going to UA!" she exclaimed. Harper stood there, stunned. She'd...what? Then it set in. I...I made it into UA?! she thought, then ran to her parents and was wrapped in a huge hug. Harper's friend joined in, flinging herself into it and knocking everyone onto the floor. Not that anyone minded, though, and everyone laughed.

    After everyone got up off of the floor, Harper's dad handed her the letter. "Watch it for yourself," he said, eyes brimming with joy. Harper pressed the button, and a holographic image of All Might appeared.

    "Greetings, young Harper!" the holograph of the Pro Hero exclaimed, "I am here to deliver your results, and to teach in the upcoming school year at UA! You may or may not know that you managed to accumulate 28 points in the entrance exam, but fear not!" Harper looked at her friend with a what-can-I-say-?-I-suck-at-beating-up-robots expression, then turned her attention back to the hologram. "We kept a certain aspect of the exam a secret: RESCUE POINTS! For showing heroic qualities, you have been awarded 40 RESCUE POINTS AND ACCEPTANCE INTO THE UA HERO PROGRAM! WE WILL SEE YOU SOON, CONGRATULATIONS!" And with that, the message closed and a display of the top 10 of her class appeared on the screen.

    "...Sixth place...? I didn't even expect to get in..." Harper murmured, more shocked than anything.
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  28. Cliff was pacing around his house because he knew today was the day that results came in. That number kept going through his head. 31...31...31...31... there is no way in heck i'm becoming a hero. He checked the clock on the wall "2:30, the mail has definitely arrived." He went out and saw his future in the mailbox. "Might as well be disappointed now then later." he pressed the button and All Might appeared.

    C:"So tell me how bad I did, big guy."
    AM:"As you should know you only scored 31 points in the exam. So..."
    C:"I fail."
    AM:"You pass with a D-"
    C:"I did what now?"

    I-I passed? Cliff began laughing. "I might not have gotten top 10, but that only pushes me to work harder. PLUS ULTRA! PLUS ULTRA! Get ready world! Cliff Archie is coming!"
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  29. A week had passed. Kouki was hired on the spot right after his interview. The kids were allowed to stay with Kouki, who had been provided a nearby apartment to live in, almost right next to the school.

    Kouki was recording some of the students' scores, giving unfortunate news that they had failed the exam and encouraging them to try again next year. Being thrust into his new work was certainly surprising to him, but he couldn't complain. He had already been paid exponentially, giving him plenty of money to settle in with the kids, buy them food (and Sylvia proper medical equipment) and still have some to spare. Every day he had been thinking up lesson plans with the help of some of the teachers, teaching language of all kinds--Japanese, English, and even some foreign ones like Spanish and French. He had to teach not only the Heroics Department, but also the General Education Department and Support Classes.

    "Hello, Azami-san. I am Kouki Amachi, a teacher here at U.A. High School. I would like to inform you of your score during the practical exam. Unfortunately, you only received 14 points. You did manage to save someone from a falling 1-pointer robot, so that increases your score by seven, but that still means you only have 21 points. I'm very sorry to say that unfortunately, you have failed this exam. However, I would very much like to see you try again next year. By improving your powerful quirk and understanding the limits of yourself and your opponents, I am certain someone with your incredible mind and quirk can be a hero in no time. I'm counting on you to continue doing your best."

    Kouki had to repeat something similar to every other student who failed, encouraging them to try again, telling them what they did wrong, how to make it right, and explaining how they can help themselves grow.

    On the side of the children, however, Sylvia had yet to see Kouki the day she had heard the person next door pretty much cry from having been rejected by the school. Jack groaned. "He's always working," he complained. "Last night I heard him come in at midnight and I don't think he even changed out of his clothes before collapsing in bed."

    "Why were you awake at midnight?" Lucy asked the important question.

    "I was going to the bathroom," Jack answered. "I also may or may not have been caught up in training my quirk..."

    "Is that why it was so warm when we went to bed?" Lucy asked.

    "Was it uncomfortable?"

    "No, it felt like a big warm hug."

    "Good, that was the idea."

    Sylvia listened to the two converse, saying nothing as she doodled on her sketchpad with some crayons. To many people's surprise, in all of Sylvia's time on the streets, she had used road chalk to learn how to draw and became a strangely fascinating artist. Her style improved every day and she was certainly remarkable for someone who'd only lived seven years total.

    Although she may not live to see her eighth birthday.

    Sylvia's wings fluffed slightly, but no one noticed. It was a small gesture of her discomfort, but it could've meant several things, and when Sylvia kept her expression emotionless the way it was, no one would be able to tell if she was suffering or not.

    Except, her resting face--her emotionlessly neutral face--looked sad.
  30. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Dekiru clutched his heart, as he gazed upon the screen. His mother had comforted him. He called his father. He stared at the score.
    "Hundreds of students got into this school. Among them, I hit fourth place," he said, looking up. He swiped at the screen, coming across another list.

    Things you'll need for UA High School

    1) Uniforms
    Obviously, you will need to follow the school's dress code. This includes suits, ties, dress shirts, dresses, slacks, and socks. Shoes are complicated, and you can wear any appropriate footwear You can find it here;
    There was a link to a uniform specification and purchasing website.
    2) Textbooks
    You can pick these up at UA early, or on the first day of classes.
    There was a list with things such as utensils, money for lunch, etc. What got him was the last item on the list.
    15) A sketch of a Hero Costume
    This sketch will be looked upon by a Hero-Suit designing company. It will be constructed and edited for practicality. This suit will be used by you in field work, mock combat, and might even be your official Hero Costume should you make it to a Pro Hero status, which will be highly likely under our wings. Remember to be specific in the design.

    He looked solemnly upon it, thinking about it.
    "This has to be something people will look upon and see peace. They have to see help. Salvation."
    He thought of All Might, and his costumes. "But they also have to see me."
    Dekiru pulled open a drawer, and started sketching ideas.
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  31. Miu was still a bit loopy even after recovery girl healed her, so miu devided it would be best to head home and wait for the results...

    Several Days Later

    Miu was sitting in her room, lying on her bed while looking through a scrapbook full of pictures of pro heroes in action, events and battles happening in the city, and other pages of normal shots of birds, animals, and other natural things...but even so, there wasn't a single picture of Miu with another person other then her mom and sister....

    Miu sighed and put the book away, see stood up off her bed and looked out her window, a man was walking up to the door step carrying a bag of mail "huh? I didn't know the mail ran today, may as well go see what he has" she said to herself before making her way out of her room and down the stairs and hallways of her familie's large house, she eventually made it to the door, her father was already their taking a handful of mail from the person before shutting rhe door, he shuffled through the small stack before coming to a letter with the UA symbol on it "Hm? WhatsW this for, satsuke is already recommended into UA, why would there be a lette-" Endeavor stopped himself and turned to see Miu standing next to him "...Did you take the exam, Miu" he asked in a deep stern voice. Miu looked down at the geoigr and back up to her father
    "y-y-yes, I took it the other day along with a bunch of other students..." She said a bit nervous, Endeavor looked at the letter for a moment, before taking a hold of it in his left hand and combusting it into flames "you've failed...don't waste your time getting all might to break it to you" he said with no emotion, a metal device hit the ground next to Miu, it was burnt and half melted. Miu stood still, looking at Endavor with a face of lost hope, that simple thing was enough to break her spirit "and don't stuffer when speaking to me" Endeavor added, he then turned away and began to walk off "your...." Miu mumbled, she rolled clenched her hands into a fist and spoke up "YOUR A JERK!" She shouted "Do you really think so little of me that you can't even let me look at the results of something that could change every aspect of my life!! I didn't care if I failed the exam, I just wanted to finally think of myself as someone who was strong, and someone who you could finally look at you and not think that she was a !!" She shouted with tears rolling down her face. Endeavor looked a little suprised, but quickly returned to his normal expression and walked off.

    Miu reached down and grabbed the melted device and ran upstairs. She ran directly passed her room and ran into Satsuke, her sister's, room. She held the device depite the fact that it was burning her hands....
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  32. As soon as he discovered the letter from UA, Aki ran to his room, nearly hitting a table in the process. Once he was there, he opened the letter, not bothering to turn on the lights. It was a holographic message. Aki set it on the table. He took a deep breath before pressing the button. A familiar figure in a a yellow suit appeared on the screen that had popped up. "Greetings young Aki!" the figure said with a smile. "All Might!" Aki squealed in shock. "I am here! To provide the results of the U.A. Exam!" All Might continued. Aki's mind was racing a bit. "As you may already know, you scored 17 points." Aki groaned at the mention of this. He put his head facedown on the table. "However, …." Aki's ears perked up, and he lifted his head. "There was another part of the test that you were not told about, so actions would be genuine." All Might went on. "For saving a fellow exam taker, you have been awarded 30 Rescue points. Putting you in tenth place in our Entrance Exam!" A look of relief crossed Aki's face. "Congratulations, Aki! You have made it into UA!" The screen then showed the top ten scores. Aki swiped the screen, seeing another list after doing so. After he had read it, he got out a piece of paper and a few pencils. It was time to get busy.

    Sophie had gotten a similar message, telling her about the Rescue Points she had scored. After seeing the top ten scores, she swiped at the screen. Another list appeared. After she had read that list, she got out multiple pencils and pieces of paper. She had many ideas for her costume. It was time to get them on paper, and decide which one to go with.
  33. A week had passed since the exam, and Tokoyami and Yuki had both recieved their exam results. They had both passed, yet they both had completely swaying responses.

    Yuki was well beyond excited that she started screaming in excitement. It could be heard all around her apartment complex. "SHUT UP! I'M TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP!" one of Yuki's neighbors exclaimed. "Sorry, Mr. Hiromoto!" Yuki shouted back to her nieghbor. Though Yuki kept squealing in excitement. She was so glad that she made it into UA.

    Tokoyami, however, was unamused. It was obvious that he was going to get into UA in his eyes. It didn't even surprise him that he made the highest score on the exam, because of course he did. This just proved he had the highest potential than all of the other students. He was going to graduate from UA and become the number one hero in no time.

    Both Yuki and Tokoyami were put in Class 1-A, and they both got readied for the upcoming school year.


    Meanwhile, back in the Todoroki household. Satsuke Todoroki could hear someone enter her room and was surprised to see Miu. She could see the tears rolling down her half sister's face, and made her ways toward Miu.

    "Is everything alright?" Satsuke asked, when she looked down at the melted device in Miu's hand. She could easily put two-to-two together and realized that her father was at it again with his cruel antics.
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  34. Takako noticed that the scoreboard could be swiped to the side. "Hey, looks like there's more," she said, and moved her finger across the screen to reveal the school supply list.

    Harper read the list aloud. "A...hero costume sketch?" Her eyes widened. "Crap, I have no idea what to do for that."

    Her father, who she had inherited her Quirk from, grinned. "What about something similar to the mimic octopus?" he asked, getting a blank look from his daughter. He sighed. "It's a species that can change not only its color, but it can change its texture somewhat."

    Harper thought for a second. "That's actually a really cool idea. And there could be a headpiece--something different though, like a headband, that communicates with the suit to get it to do that." And the family--plus Takako, of course--bounced ideas around, getting out paper and sketching rough ideas, not deciding on anything too specific for the time being.
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  35. Vel laid on his bed, he was exhausted, he was actually going to UA, the place he had always wished he would be at, he had got his uniform and his textbooks and had already finished the sketch of his hero costume so now he had nothing to do but to wait
    "Now what the hell do I do..." Vel sighed as he grabbed his costume sketch and looked over it again

    "Hero Costume Sketch, The Void Prison!"

    Vel chuckled a bit at the costumes name, he came up with it when he was twelve so of course, it had to sound cool, He didn't know why he still used the name though, the costume wasn't anything special though, just a grey jumpsuit, a purple and white jacket, a utility belt and a retractable beam focuser on his right arm, He couldn't think of anything that would actually boost his quirk aside from the focuser, He had got the idea of the focuser from his sister Kawzi, She was a pro-hero who had a similar quirk to his, she had the ability to create beams of different elements such as fire, ice, wind, acid etc

    "Hey kiddo, Dinner's ready," Vel's mother said as she entered his room
    "Hey... I have a question" Vel asked as he got up from his bed, still holding the hero costume sketch in his hand
    "What is it? is there something wrong?" Vel's mother replied, a concerned look on her face
    "Do you think I'll become a good hero?" Vel asked, he was nervous, he usually didn't care what other people said but he needed this advice
    "Your sister asked the same question to me right before she went to UA, If you set your mind to always improving and saving people, You'll go plus ultra in no time" Vel's mother replied, putting her hand on his shoulder
    "Thanks..." Vel replied as she left the room, it wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear but it still motivated him

    He was ready for UA, he was going to go PLUS ULTRA!
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  36. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Tanaka read over the school rules. His uniforms and textbooks were already there, so that was a start. He scratched the back of his head and yawned as he read over the other not-so-important school rules. But the final rule caught his eye. A sketch of his hero costume, huh? He looked around him, got off from his bed, and went to his desk. He took a little dark red coloring pencil. He kept drawing a rough sketch of what he thought would’ve had good aesthetics and would’ve been useful in his mind. After he would finish drawing, he would write a note behind the paper, explaining what he wanted the costume to be made out of, and what it would be best used for and how it should’ve worked and it all seemed like a pretty solid plan in his head. He kept scribbling away.
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  37. Hikaru read the list of school supplies while his sister rushed out of his room, probably to go call their parents. He smiled at the last one; Hikaru might not have been the best artist, but he knew that his sister would be ecstatic if he asked for her help with the sketch. She was actually a pretty good artist. The boy ran his fingers through his hair and let out a long sigh, getting up off of the end of his bed and setting the letter down on his desk. He thought about messaging one of his friends about being accepted into UA, but decided against it for the time being. Hikaru then flopped back down onto the bed, letting lose a large sigh.

    He had been waiting for a week for his test results, worried about his point total. It had been low, but he had just barely gotten in on "Rescue Points" according to the hologram of All-Might. He had earned them by noticing another exam-taker's troubles with a few robots and taking a hit for them. Not that it had done too much damage, though; that was the beauty of his Quirk. By the end of the exam, Hikaru had lost all feeling in his arms and had come home utterly exhausted. Now, he could finally rest easy. Satisfaction swirled with disappointment in himself for not getting more points to make a strange feeling that was akin to having warm metal settling in his heart. You can do better. So improve, he thought.
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  38. Miu stared at the device, crying, till she heard a familiar voice, Miu turned to see her sister, and then looked back at the melted device, less tears dripped from her face "as much as I beat myself up about how I can't pass the exam, or ever become a hero, I had a small hope that I would be accepted. But even that was destroyed by dad...if I wasn't so weak, maybe he wouldn't have divorced my mom, or treat me like I'm worthless..."she wanted to hug Satsuke, but couldn't let go of the device, for some reason she didn't want to release her grasp on the melted peice of metal

    After a moment of silence, the device began to jolt small Sparks of electricity, before a holgraphic screen appeared above it, a still image with a grey play icon in the center of the screen, it flickered on and off showing that the machine was damaged partially.

    Miu stood still, and looked up at the screen, the tears stopped, but Miu didn't move "it....it works.....S-Satsuke it works! Miu said in a sudden hopeful tone after turning towards her sister and hugging her tightly...
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  39. Satsuke felt shock that Miu would hug her. She had always felt guilty about the circumstances of her half-sister. After all, it was their father's crazy ambition that led to Miu having to be forced into a terrible life. Their father had divorced Miu's mother in order to find someone with a more compatible quirk, just so he could create his "masterpiece", or Satsuke in this matter. It also didn't help that Satsuke didn't really have to work to get into UA, as Endeavor had recommended her to the school, so she didn't have to work as hard.

    She had no idea why Miu seemed to care about her so much. Satsuke felt as if though she was a curse that only ruined her sister's life, yet Miu for some reason still goes back to her. It confused Satsuke, and she didn't know what to do. She just stood there, allowing her sister to hug her but didn't think she should do much herself.

    "That is good to hear," Satsuke told her sister, "Now, let's see what the message has to say." Satsuke then headed towards her desk, where she motioned for Miu to have a place to sit and put down the device.
  40. Miu felt releived that the device managed to work somewhat. But was still a little worried about what the recording would say...
    Miu say the recording down in front of her and crossed her legs, listening to her half-sister, she held up a finger to the holographic screen and was about to press play before turning her head to Satsuke and saying.."Um sorry for saying that earlier, even though dad left my mother because I wasn't the ideal child...if that would have never happened...I never would've gotten a sister like you" Miu hugged her sister quickly before releasing the hug and pressing play on the screen hopefully.

    The screen lagged a bit after Miu pressed it, but after a few flickers the video began to play and a very familiar person in a yellow striped suit appeared on the screen "h-huh? All might?" Was all Miu could mutter. The video continued to play

    "Greetings young Miu, I am the symbol of peace all might. as you may know from the entrance exam that was held several days ago that if you defeated enough robots and earned enough points that you would be accepted, you yourself had 39 points"

    Miu looked to Satsuke and smiled a bit "that's not that bad... I think"
    The video continued

    "...but, those weren't the only points in the exam, another important factor in the exam were rescue points, which are determined by pro heroes watching your test, adding these points in total brings you to 69 points.
    You attempeat to protect Cliff from a 2 pointer, and quite your most notable action during the exam was tearing off the tread of the zero pointer, that's quite a feat for most untrained quirk users, and while the act did cause the machine to lean and narly fall over, you stopped the movement of it, which prevented many of your fellow examees from being crushed under the robot.
    I'm well aware that your sibling Satsuke was recommended to UA by your father Endaevor, it's strange that he did not recomend you as well based off your performace. But anyways after reviewing your part in the exam it makes me happy to say, welcome to UA!"

    Miu listened until finally hearing those last few words, before jumping up in Glee and nearly tackling her sister in an attempt to hug her. This was the first time in her life that Miu acted like how she did just then "I made it! I made it into UA!" She said happily.

    Miu's shout of Glee was louder then expected, through the long hallways of the building echoed her cheer, which faintly reached Endeavor's ear "hm? ....she made it in?..." He muttered, a tad bit shocked, but not nearly enough for him to show expression of it...
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