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Mega Slowbro And Mega Audino Leaked

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The official Pokémon site for Korea has accidentally leaked two new Mega Pokémon for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

    The two new Mega Pokémon are Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino. Very little is known about the two currently, but we do know that Mega Audino is a Normal and Fairy type with the Healer ability. As far as Mega Slowbro goes we know is that the Pokémon now has the ability Shell Armor and keeps its Water and Psychic typing. Mega Audino gets a boost in Defence and Sp. Defence, while Mega Slowbor has a boost in Defence and Sp. Attack.

    It's unclear when the Pokémon will be officially revealed considering they weren't in this month's CoroCoro and that the official site has gone off-line in order to remove the two, but no doubt they'll turn up soon.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Aug 12, 2014.

    1. TheGamingRemote
      Poor Slowbro, being eaten by the shellder
    2. Magpie
      Mega Audino gives us a Gen V Mega Pokemon... promising for others to follow maybe?

      I'm not too fussed about Mega Audino, but Mega Slowbro makes me smile :')
    3. seel129
      I LOVE slowbro's face

      O MY HELIX
      slowbro will be are gift to mega helix....also:halo:
      mega audino HOLY TYPE or LIGHT TYPE or fariy type ....plz :'|
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    4. Teapot
      Mega Audino is Normal/Fairy. They're not going to introduce a new type in ORAS :p
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    5. Mr.Munchlax
      As happy as I am that we finally have a Gen V maga evolution, I for some reason just can't believe that Mega Slowbro & Mega Audino are real. They both just look like mediocre fan art to me, or at least mega evolutions designed by pokeluka from deviantart
    6. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      *look at Mega-Zoroark fan-art* And now I/we wait.......
    7. Teapot
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    8. Linkachu
      I actually quite like both of them! :) Design-wise Slowbro's upgrade is subtle but it works conceptually (and looks quite amusing), and Audino's definitely screams Fairy-type. I've never particularly cared for Audino in general but I find this Mega form rather cute. :x

      Honestly, the most interesting part of this news leak is that, if it's legit, Audino is the first Unova Mega Pokemon to be releaved... which I can't say I ever saw happening.
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    9. Mr.Munchlax
      I can definitely agree with you there. In all honesty, the first Gen V pokémon that I thought would receive a mega evolution would either be Meinshao, Zoroark, Golurk, Scrafty, Zebstrika, or Krookodile. This has to be an even bigger curve ball than Mega Lopunny was
    10. Jeydis
      The Audino feels off, none of the megas change the color scheme that much so far. Making a branching mega for Slowbro seems like an odd choice as well considering Slowking has been around forever. Also the pose for M-Slowbro doesnt really make sense he would be too top heavy to support himself that way. For it to work he should be horizontal.
    11. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I'm not sure how I feel about these megas, and a part of me keeps thinking they're fake. Of the screenshots, the Audino one feels especially off to me :x

      If they are real... well, I can't say I'll be using Mega Slowbro much. I really like having Regenerator on regular Slowbro with Leftovers, though I guess Shell Armor is kinda nifty. If that's what Mega Slowbro looks like, imagine what Mega Slowking would be. XD

      Not sure when I'll EVER use Mega Audino, since I don't really do double battles. At least, not yet. But eh, we'll see~
    12. Keleri
      I was ready to say these were fake! They're super cute and rather exciting-- Audino means we might see more 5th gen megas. Mega excadrill c'monnnnnn

      Slowking evolves from Slowpoke, not Slowbro, so unfortunately it's not a branching mega-- which is too bad, I'm still hoping for Mega Dragonair :)
    13. YueliaBreeze
      I feel like it maybe fales i don't know i haven't checked but didn't the site that leaked this got shutdown for a few even GPM11 just said at the time there was 3 or something new mega forms but these look good i can't wait for these games already keep up the updates :)
    14. Jeydis
      Ah true I misremembered that. Still an odd choice overall. Also I still cannot get over the design... we Beyblade now.

      Still keeping a reserved judgment on these. With the addition of Audino I am starting to worry that they will over saturate Hoenn with non-Hoenn 'mons. One of the reasons I really like Hoenn was that for the most part all the Pokemon were from that generation and it didn't have as many from the previous then for example Johto did.
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    15. Linkachu
      I was thinking the same initially but then I remembered Mega Gardevoir. Assuming that Slowking didn't receive a mega evolution now or anytime soon, poor Gallade is in the same boat.
    16. Bocenzo
      It was said that a lot of Pokémon were gaining a mega evolution, and because of Groudons and Kyogres Primal reversion all fossil Pokémon could get one. Aerodactyl already has a mega so he could be a leading light to developers, more rough looking and cool Pokémon and they seem to have put it in slowbros design
    17. theclownfish
      im fine with mega slowbro but WHY MEGA AUDINO!!!??? we all know audino is stupid
    18. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      Tell that to yourself.....

      Anyways,with Hoenn being overflued with other gen Pokemon,i don't think that's a bad idea.As long as they don't add THAT much,that is...
    19. 0w0panty
      If you look at her deviantart her mega slowbro/slowking mega evolution looks like this: http://pokeluka.deviantart.com/art/Mega-Slowbro-Slowking-413387064 instead of the one shown here. I personally like hers better but you know she doesn't work with Nintendo...
    20. Alexxander
      Audino is absolutely adorable I don't know why people are complaining.

      While I'm not a fan of Shell Armour on Slowbro it looks hilarious and it might push me to actually using one :'D
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    21. ben123
      Mega audino looks like a girl pikachu
    22. 0w0panty
      your representation of a girl pikachu is off then.
    23. Bairaisu
      I am not liking the design of these Pokemon. I'm really hoping they're fake.
    24. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Mega Slowbro just makes me laugh. I can't take the poor thing seriously! XD Mega Audino on the other hand invokes Goddess Madoka in my mind for some reason. I agree with Jeydis though, I would rather all of these Megas be post game Pokemon because I'd prefer Hoenn's biodiversity to remain how it was with the only additions being the evos and pre-evos introduced in Gen IV and a few extras to possibly round off the dex.
    25. Alexxander
      I'm thinking maybe around 30 Pokemon from each generation (less for Gen 1) will be added just to fill some routes up as some routes only have 3 or 4 compared to the 6 or 7 in more modern games. They'll also need some for like shaking bushes and hordes. Only way to avoid it is if they add a system like Sinnoh sound from HGSS.
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    26. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Well that's pretty much what I meant. Have something like Safaris, Swarms, and Radars or new areas where the newer Pokemon can be found post-game. I'm expecting Kalos Pokemon to be virtually nonexistent to encourage trading with XY.
    27. Doubled
      I love both, especially slowbro's face. He's like "Welp. I'm in a pickle." and that makes me laugh so hard for some reason. Also Audino is really cute, okay? Like I probably won't ever use either but ITS SO CUTE.
    28. Nightmare_Ryan
      I've never really used either of them, but Slowbro is a beast no doubt!, but Audino? .... to be honest, i just used the to grind faster in BW/BW2
    29. Midnight Ace
      Midnight Ace
      Audino, does anybody actually use that Pokémon on their team? Design reminds me of something you will see from Digimon. Hopefully we'll see more Gen 5 Pokémon getting mega forms.

      Am very shock about Slowbro getting a mega form. The design I can't but feel sorry for Slowbro...so many memes have already been made about making fun of its mega form.

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