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Male, 27, from Utah

Dark Psychic
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    About Me:
    I just love writing Music and being Gay
    I usually find myself gaming most the time, I love playing Minecraft, Fire Emblem, XCom, and of course Pokemon. I also love playing classic (Retro) games. Everything from Pac-Man, Super Mario, and Donkey Kong Country to Duck Hunt, Galaga, and Doom.
    I enjoy writing in both music and words. I don't really share many of my works. That is why I started my Youtube Channel to push myself into sharing my music. I have been writing music for the past 13 years, admittedly it did not start easy. But as I continued writing, I continued to improve my skills. I currently play 27 instruments, and love each and every one of them.
    My parents are very religious and didn't accept me when I came out to the back in 2012, but they don't run my life and I am proud to be out.
    If I have one confession with my life it is that I have never been to Comic Con.

    My Music:
    Check out my Youtube Music Channel HERE

    Favorite Pokemon:

    My Alakazam I have traded up from my 'Pokemon Yellow' and still have with me in my 'Alpha Sapphire'.

    Pokemon History:
    I have loved the Pokemon games since my first 'Pokemon Yellow' game back on Christmas of 1999. Those were the days.
    After playing yellow for years, I moved up to 'Pokemon Gold'. Didn't really get into it and continued on my 1st gen game.
    I didn't get another pokemon game until 'Pokemon Fire Red', in which, I relived my original love for pokemon with all the updated graphics and new pokemon.
    It was in those moments when I realized my love for these creatures. I began my learning into the programming of the games and how all pokemon fared with each other.
    I dove into the depths of pokemon myths with my 'Pokemon Pearl' and 'Pokemon Platinum'. I began to understand the origin of each species and what their names and designs are based off of, and I continued this love through my 'Pokemon Soul Silver'.
    I realized, I could not truly love pokemon without understanding the true nature under which they were made and began learning Japanese.
    After finishing my 'Pokemon Black' I began planning on how I could get these games in their original glory, as they are always region locked. I soon received my 'Pokemon White 2' in Japanese and had the Elite 4 beat before the English Editions of the games were released.
    With the announcement of the Worldwide release of the 6th gen games I was thrilled. Not only could I play it in Japanese, but I wouldn't have to pay extra for overseas shipping, but I could have fun with the rest of the world all at once.
    Now I have beaten X and Y, and I have just started the Delta Episode on my Alpha Sapphire. I have Really started hitting Competitive Battling hard.
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    1. Bairaisu
      Finished and Posted :D
    2. Bairaisu
      Finally got all my Pokemon transferred up to my Pokemon-Y
    3. Bairaisu
      So Pumped for Mega-Lopunny!!!
    4. Bairaisu
      leveling up my Pokemon using daycare hax. Around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around...
    5. Bairaisu
      abusing the daycare system with a penny ;P
    6. Bairaisu
      Breeding for a shiny mudkip! Wish me luck!!!
      1. Thomas Runner and Da Freezah like this.
      2. Thomas Runner
        Thomas Runner
        i chose Mudkip for my starter in R-E-S and OR-AS
        Mar 14, 2015
    7. leafyflareon
      1. Bairaisu likes this.
      2. Bairaisu
        Jul 24, 2014
    8. Bairaisu
      time for bed after a long day of studying to get back into pokemon competitive battling again.
    9. Bairaisu
      Im kinda new to forums, and just looking for some cool pokefriends
    10. Bairaisu
      time to EV train my azumarill
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