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Ask to Join Luna~sun High School (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Princess Lilia (Lilly), Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Everyone in @Killerbunny ‘s neighborhood just gave up on life
  2. I don't see how it was necessary to tag me in here
  3. I have a really bad fever, so I wrote that while my head felt like it was on fire.
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  4. Jeez way to sock it right in the Pride xD

    You're definitely one of the best writers I've ever seen on charms, you've got a way with words that's quite frankly simply a pleasure to indulge in. Though I must say @ThECoRgiGaL also has quite a was with expressing Ann's thoughts in a way that's distinctly different but just a pleasing an indulgence. I must say those are easily some of the most pleasing posts I've read all week. I tip my hat to both your literary talents.
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  5. @kyuukestu Is it weird to say im super jealous of yours and @E.K.A.N.S. writing abilities? Because i am definitely jealous of your guys’ writing abilities XD
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  6. lmao, I don't know. I feel like your posts come together better than mine though. Like...the overall flow is better? Totally jealous of EKANS though xD
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  7. Woke up, fever’s gone. Don’t know if it’s cause of your praise or the medicine, but I should be feeling better soon XD

    Anyway, let me praise you in return mr. kyuu cause where writing style is concerned yours is more detailed, like in HZ you go so far as to describe little droplets of water coming down Rairah’s calf, each and every contour of her muscles, which makes her so IRRESISTIBLE while I don’t do this, I just throw Jay’s tits around without zooming in to her attractive features which is why cat girl is HOTTER and a REAL LIVING BREATHING WOMAN!!! :love: XD

    And I enjoy Cordy’s shit because the posts do flow really well, it’s concise, and our characters complement each other. You’re both frickin awesome and I love you. As for the Disciplinary Committee, we don’t need to petition its creation, let’s just say it already exists but Heavengates neglected to tell you about it because she misunderstood what you were asking. The student council members, president and everyone, do engage in disciplinary committee duties, but she left that out because she had a preconception that you were interested in the representation side of the job. You’d still run in the elections though (or just join the committee without needing one?) How’s that sound?

    Here’s what you’re both good at, threesomes, thanks for eating me out and I hope I did a good job eating you out too. There’s just one problem... ARE WE THE ONLY THREE??? (Come on Nebby!)

    If so let’s make this bitch great (Come on Nebby!)
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  8. I still need to think of a good post... (And seeing your posts makes me want to think even harder, yet your posts are too good and make mine look concise...) ...and I'm kinda lost as to what everyone's doing.
  9. Before I post. I noticed Rain was in the Gardening Club's room, so should we take it that the school day has ended and it's time for clubs?
  10. You don’t needa make shit long and detailed, long as it moves the plot along it’s great. Idk what a good post for Clyde would be, I mean what Cordy did is give Asher a goal “I want to be more like a vampire” and developed her character that way, whatever you can think of to develop Clyde besides classes works. Clubs work. Goals, aspirations, etc. Like idk, his last name’s Acula, maybe his dad’s a doctor (cause Dr. Acula lmao XD), Dr. Acula gets transferred to the hospital that Rain’s dad works at, now Snow’s gotta work with a vampire and hates his guts, meanwhile Rain and Clyde become friends (good luck w that, she’s scared of vamps, plus her blood’ll make you wanna be more than friends <.> ) while the parents hate each other, etc etc etc. Just one of the many directions we could go

    As for what everyone’s doing, Ann and Aster were talking in the hallway on the way to their next class, but then I timeskipped to after-school clubs so classes have ended. Rain’s in the gardening club

    @kyuukestu Sorry kyuu, that answers your question, I didn’t have time to post here sooner. But yes.
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  11. I doth believe that nary a single fair maiden be in the same club as myself, or in clubs with the other -verily, whatever shall we do?
  12. I'm thinking there's a way we can all become friends. Let's say Aster's looking for even better flowers to give Ann. Where would he find them? The gardening club. Some other time, though.

    I was considering pitching you the idea to go there now, but I decided against it only because you just tried the flower trick not long ago.

    @Princess Lilia (Lilly) Here's an idea. You're in the cooking club. Maybe they'll have a massive bake sale somewhere down the line, Bella tries to take Rain's delicious blood and put it into her recipes to make massive profits, all while pretending to be her friend. If you're willing to play a villain.

    @Red Gallade Feel free to make a short post of you being in the Gaming Club, could be with NPC's if no other RPer is in it, and the games you play could be thematically related to art, cooking, or gardening. Like the object of the game is killing plant enemies, the boss is a giant plant, the protagonist whacks them with a paint brush, pencil, or all kinds of different artistic weapons and has colorful combo moves. That might give our characters a reason to interact somewhere down the line. There are also gonna be real life boss battles taking place in this RP that we can fight as a crew, if we become friends​
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  13. Bella doesn't put human blood in her recipes, she mostly puts animal blood or no blood.
  14. In fact, Bella is nice to humans and prefers animal blood.
  15. Well, so much for that story arc.

    I’ve been highly unmotivated to RP which explains the delay.
  16. I'm kinda just writing a filler post, I want to put some time between Aster wandering the halls and him finding the Gardening club. I might check out some other club's in the mean time.
  17. I thought you'd go to the gardening club when Rain was there, since she's currently out. Or maybe she’ll find you there later/on a different day. Or maybe you were planning to go in, swipe her flowers, and continue doing this for days, giving the beautiful flowers to Ann while she doesn't know where you keep getting them. Meanwhile Rain notices her flowers are mysteriously disappearing, and you're the antagonist. But that's just another possible direction. We could also take the first one and be friends like I said before
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  18. Asher and Rain can chill and talk for a bit as they walk through the halls :blush:
  19. Lol ok sounds good :) ill try to reply back as fast as i can, as i hate leaving RPs unanswered lol, but im just trying to come up with something that makes sense. My head is a bit foggy as im a lil sick right now :'| also we need to come up with like.. something intense for a story. Do we even know who is still wanting to RP??
  20. So many posts, so quickly ~w~

    Alright, gotta focus and churn out something in a couple hours.
  21. Sorry, lack of motivation and bouts of inactivity.
    Yeah, we do. But that probably won't happen in the next few posts. I normally don't tell anyone what I come up with though

    @OtisRolePlays @Red Gallade @ScorchPlayz Are you three still interested?
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  22. I've got a post typed, but parts of it kinda hinge on Rain still smelling like Vampy Bait. Care to clarify that for me, @E.K.A.N.S. ?
  23. Can you clarify your “can you clarify?” XD

    What do you mean? What do you want me to answer?
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  24. Lmao yea, I want to know if her scent still has a compulsion of vampires.
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  25. Oh. Yeah. I get what you’re asking.

    Vampires are still compelled by her. I suppose you’re wondering that because Asher got used to it as he spent time with her, but remember he’s a half-vampire. Aster is a 100% vamp, plus he’s young and horny, so it should be harder for him to resist. That’s why half-bloods and older vamps like teachers are less affected by it.

    In other words, it’ll be harder for you to control yourself around Rain. Or it’ll take you much longer to eventually get used to it, if you’re going that route (which I have no problem with). So please be gentle, I mean, civil <.>
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  26. NNOOOOO MY ALERTS DECIDED TO NOT TELL ME THIS RP WAS ACTIVEEEE AGAIN. But I am still interested! Can someone tell me what has happened in the RP so far? My alert was a jerk and didn’t notify me you guys were posting... a lot.
  27. This reminds me of an old status I posted before I got modded. Those were the days... :(

    *Pictures my character nude and oily* ._.

    You could’ve not noticed her scent in the lunchroom for the same reason as the science section, too many smells, but different foods instead of strong chemicals ._.
    Classes have ended and everyone’s at their clubs. You said in your bio that Otis wanted to join the Cocking and Gaming clubs, so that’s where you could put her

    Red Gallade’s character Clyde is in the gaming club too, though I asked if he was still interested and all I got was crickets. Snakes don’t eat crickets ._.
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  28. I honestly hope my post was easy to follow XD I had a lot going on as i was expressing my writing abilities lol so sorry if it sounds redundant/ confusing @.@
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  29. Don’t be sorry, you express your characters’ thoughts and internal stuff so well that they have way more personality. As for flexing your writing muscles, that’s fine, but I’m personally trying not to do too much of that for this RP. I joined this as a chill thing with the intent of keeping my posts short, but just like every other role play I’m in, my posts get fatter and fatter and then it becomes a pain in the ass. I'm tryna downscale @.@
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  30. I feel that lol. Idk i feel like if i try to make mine short i wont get everything across, but i also dont want to make mine too long for obvious reasons. Im sure ill figure stuff out but its fine ill just be a mess until then XD
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  31. @kyuukestu I'll let you decide which flower it is. If you'd rather I delete that post and beat the crap out of each other, I can do that.

    @Princess Lilia (Lilly) Everyone's at their clubs in the RP right now. @OtisRolePlays 's character just arrived at the Cooking Club and is interested in joining. She wants to speak to Bella, who's in charge of it, so you might wanna reply.
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  32. I'm very sorry that I'm not replying, I've been very busy and I'm glad that I have people in this roleplay to keep it alive.
  33. *Raises eyebrow*

    I was going to brush off the hostilities, but now I'm kinda itching to pick a fight. Well, I'll pass because this isn't a combat RP...buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I think I'll take a shot at that elsewhere.
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  34. Alright, I'll be taking a good section of my post to describe Rain and I might take a few liberties. If you wanna give me a more accurate description feel free to after I post @E.K.A.N.S.
  35. That was the scariest thing ive read all day??! I havent been reading at all today but to be fair you got me to gasp at the biting thing @kyuukestu here is a pirate for making my heart race >>:arr:
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  36. Yeah, I can see that. Describing perspiration on my character and autoing where her hair goes. I'm not providing a "more accurate description" because that will bog down my post with things that are unnecessary.
    True. Highly controversial, but it accomplished what it needed to.
  37. Eh, they were super minor details. I meant more like if you wanted me to change anything in the description that I gave.
    sankyuu sankyuu, sounds like a positive reception then :D
  38. May I join? This looks fairly interesting

    Full Name: Xaciline Saphire
    Appearance: Tends to stick to a more casual style, wears a sky(heh) blue hoodie and black trousers. She has long, red hair that she normally lets fall over her shoulder, and her skin appears relatively healthy for her species. She has equally blue eyes and stands at around 5" 4'
    Club: Art club, photography club
    Age: 17
    Crush: N/A (right now, at least)
    Species: Vampire

    Look I like the blue colour scheme, okay?
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  39. Oh, Sky's a lady this time around? This I gotta see <.>

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  40. Pfft, you thought I was a chick for a little while, it shouldn't be too hard to get used to

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