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Ask to Join Luna~sun High School (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Princess Lilia (Lilly), Nov 18, 2018.

  1. It um.. It's during the same moment Ann and Aster are talking XD I'm not even sure if that answered your question BUT you can go ahead and do whichever you feel would be better! I'm ok with either!
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  2. Oh, no rush then. Asher can take a beating or two, flirting with Ann is far more important lmao
  3. Haha XD I feel tho. Honestly I think I'm gonna have Ann give Aster that painting of the flowers as her "Confession of love" :nom:
    I don't know though I'm just throwing out ideas at this point lol
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  5. Im dying, im done, ive just... that was so perfect and somehow when i wrote that it went right over my head X’D
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  6. Aster: Wait -no! I mean, yes! But NO! I meant repeat the kiss not what you were saying! *distraught* :(
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  7. Oohh!!! That makes sense!! Aww poor Aster XD my confusion resulted in no kiss thats so sad

    Alexa play despacito

    Edit: Now i have despacito stuck in my brain someone help :(
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  8. Happy Valentines y’all!! :love:
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  9. Well that was a sudden timeskip. Good thing vampires don't need sleep.

    It'll just be a bad sunburn, nothing big
  10. Lol i know... but ive had really bad sunburns and although its nothing life threatening it sure hurts like hell xD
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  11. First post in a month. Might dip soon.

    You can keep going with whatever you wanted to do in the early morning and treat my post as happening later, after Asher's out the ER, if you want.
  12. Sure. Also yea idk how much im going to be replying right now as theres kind of been some stuff going on irl so im trying to deal with that first lol
  13. Worry not, I'm packed for the next...3 months.

    Got exam in 2 weeks, then National exams in May soooooo~
  14. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    good luck @kyuukestu

    sorry for not replying much.. i dont know what my character could do right now
  15. Can i still join?

    Character Profile: Despite coming from a family of hunters Pierre's mother admired vampires and decided to get him into a school for them so that he could grow closer to them. Though Pierre has nothing against them he finds it uncomfortable being the only human. Since birth he has been trained to be able to fend himself off of any vampire attack.
    Full Name: Pierre Jean-Basquat
    Appearance: Pierre is dark skinned has hazel colored eyes and isn't buff but he is muscular noting the fact that he has abs from always being trained by his family. He sports a curly man bun for his hair since his sister never let him cut his hair. He wears a white dress shirt with a black neck tie and blue jeans with a Hermes designer belt and black dress shoes. He also wears black glasses. He says that it makes him look nerdy but people say that he looks cute with them since he has a curl that hangs out of his bun and over the side of his glasses. Pierre also has a violin case hung over his shoulder that houses a Japanese sword.
    Club: None yet
    Age: 15
    Crush: None yet whoever wants to
    Species: Human
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  16. :love:

    You may ABSolutely join!
  17. Full Name: Lukas Whitewick
    Appearance: he has dark raven hair and emerald green eyes. He wear a long sleeve white hoodie with a black long sleeve shirt with a pair of light gray pants. And he wears collar around his neck beause of his family’s bloodline of being servants of vampires. He wears a katana staraped to his back.
    Club: None ( yet
    Age: 19
    Crush: none ( yet
    Species: human
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  18. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    ,i smelled the RIP sign long ago

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