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Ask to Join Luna~sun High School (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Princess Lilia (Lilly), Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Whatever color you want deary~ Rakshashi are Shapeshifters. Well, if you want a solid answer, then they're Dark Brown.
  2. Which vampire are you talking about?
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  4. I hope its ok to join still!
    Full Name: Ann Lewis
    Appearance: long red hair usually in a braid down her back, tied with a green bow. She looks 14years old, and she usually wears a dark green dress and goes barefoot everywhere. Her skin is paper white, and her eyes are a light grey color.
    Club: coloring club
    Age: 140
    Crush: N/A
    Species: vampire

    Full Name: Asher Lewis
    Appearance: Red (almost blond) hair, grey eyes, freckles, pale complextion. He is Ann’s half brother, although they look more like twins. He usually wears a black sweatshirt and dark grey jeans (really embracing his darker vampire side unlike Ann lol) and black tennis shoes.
    Club: coloring club
    Age: 14
    Crush: N/A
    Species: vampire/ human
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  5. @OtisRolePlays Rain is totally afraid. I’m saying Otis is the one who isn’t afraid.
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  6. Okay, I’ll edit my post.
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  7. Omg my character is so racist :-O
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  8. Is it possible to join two clubs? I thought about the clubs and I thought it would be good for Otis to be in the Cooking and Gaming club, though I thought at first that we could only choose one club, so I chose the Cooking club in the meantime.
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  9. Yeah, it's possible to join two clubs.

    Because I said so, and @Princess Lilia (Lilly) hasn't been on in a week. XD
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  10. Okay! And your right, she hasn’t been online for about a week.
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  11. Hungry Badass

    Hungry Badass Previously Iazy guy who loves to eat

    Why ...just why
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  12. Because I said so, and @Princess Lilia (Lilly) hasn't been on in a week.
  13. Sorry that I've been away for so long! Everyone who posted a bio is accepted.
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  14. I don't even know how to start posting in the roleplay, since I missed so much stuff!
    I was thinking of being the Headmistress, Ms. Heavegates, for a while.
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  15. Well, Lunch just ended and the next class has begun.

    You probably insert both your characters by having an Opening Ceremony? Just to welcome new students to the academy and say something positive about human-vampire relations.
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  16. Ah, straight outta the CoDA playbook.
  17. Btw, Ms. Heavengates is also part Angel, So she's a Human, Vampire, Angel Hybrid.
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  18. Sounds like an intellectualized innuendo XD

    Similar to this
    Pretty sure this Stel post is years old (speaking of, happy late birthday, I heard). How did I find it? I don't know. I see everything. #SnakeEyes

    Now we wait for @Princess Lilia (Lilly) to begin the assembly. @ThECoRgiGaL , you're accepted.

    Mr. @BlueMew392 hasn't posted once though he was accepted, so I guess he must not be very interested in this role play at the moment. I understand, things are relatively calm and slow right now. But that's how everything starts. I'll introduce escalatory developments for Rain later on in the RP.​
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  19. Ah, I forgot to put this in my last post, and editing in tags doesn't work. @ScorchPlayz also joined but hasn't replied yet. I remember when he joined Ukjent and no one tagged him with a reminder, then the RP got to point where it was impossible to jump in.

    I'm pinging you now so that doesn't happen again.
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  20. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    it's still possible to join?
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  21. yeah it just started, why wouldn't it be. Ded lmao
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  22. I have posted once, but I've procrastinated on posting more ever since. Are you sure it's not too late to hop back in?
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  23. Ah, you're right. You have posted once. Nothing's really happened yet, so it's not too late to jump in. All the students were called to the auditorium for a welcoming ceremony so it doesn't matter what you were doing before. You could've posted 0 times and still show up at the welcoming ceremony and be fine.

    I should tag @Barefoot_Kittens and @Kiraru while we're on the subject of people who have posted just not in a while. Probably just busy. I relate.
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  24. Oh... this still exists. I've been super busy. It must've slipped my mind, also I don't think I've gotten notifications. Lemme pop on over and check the thread out.
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  25. I wish my assemblies were that quick.

    I'm lying to myself lmao. I wanted them drag on as long as possible to keep me out of class. XD
  26. I wish my school days were that quick.
  27. Oof, so um... I'm behind. Any ideas how to just pop back in?
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  28. Pop back in? Like a dislocated knee cap?

    Maybe you could've been in the nurse's office and returned to class. That might be a good idea for @ScorchPlayz , who hasn't replied yet

    As for you, you've got triplets, and they're not hurt or anything. Maybe you could have them head to class, since the assembly just ended (you missed it, but assume that they went to it and were there the whole time. It doesn't matter.) Who knows? Perhaps Rain and your triplets could all be going to the same class now. However, I can't really do anything atm, since I need to study for this final I have tomorrow. So there's no rush for posts.
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  29. Okay, thanks @E.K.A.N.S. for the help. Are we all going to the same class now? May I ask the subject?
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  30. Well, I doubt every RPer's character will be in the same class. But if you want yours to be with mine, then:

    U.S. Foreign Policy, Statistics, International Relations, or Macroeconomics (well, that class just ended in the RP so maybe not). Those are all the courses I'm taking this college semester. Any one of those sound interesting to you?

    If not and you've got anything else in mind, go for it.
  31. So classes are going on now?? Can we just make classes up?? Like the ones im taking this coming college semester?? XD
  32. Pretty much.

    But I'm thinking we should decide on a few classes that some of our characters have in common, and other classes that we take with other characters. Divide up our schedules that way. Maybe Rain has one class with the triplets and someone else, then her next class with different RPers, so on and so forth.

    So we shouldn't throw ALL our classes in there, or else it becomes a giant clusterfuck where we're all taking our own things and never get to interact with anyone. Decide on a few, make your character's schedule, post it in this discussion if you want. Great way to plan XD
    Go for it. I might learn something new XD
  33. ok XD im gonna throw in criminology and psychology if those havent been included yet lol
  34. ugh...I don't wanna actually have to do Physics in RP,:'|:( Guess for the classes I'm throwing in I'll stick to Math and Chemistry.
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  35. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    I think a good set would be... psychology, math, chemistry, business, European history? I don’t know tbh
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  36. Stirring in my sleep, the ever-intensifying "Flight of the Valkyries" playing in the distance, I woke up to a massive 30-alert drone strike
    kyuu flew in and opened the assault with 4 likes, then the main Nebby force took over with 22 likes and burned my alerts to the ground cause Scorch ain't playin around, the final wave came from Otis with an additional 4 likes to secure a decisive victory. A 30-like devastation :-O

    ^^^^^^^I wish my school days were that exciting XD

    Who knows, might be the lil boost of confidence I need to pass the econ final later today. ^^^^^^^Not saying I want to bomb it XD
    As for my classes in the RP, we all know Rain's taking macro first, so

    Macroeconomics ( @Ilikewater 's character is in this class too. Nebby said business, and this is basically a business course so you can put Nick here if you want), Psychology (who's down for 2nd period psych? Nebby and @ThECoRgiGaL both had this one on their list), Math (3rd period with Aster or Nick or anyone else who wants it), and uh, International Relations.

    Don't know if matching our characters into classes is needed/too structured, but there's my schedule. I realize Nebby could fit in a lot of places. Sticking to four, unless we need more. Of course we don't all have to have these classes, or we can take them at different times. I know @ThECoRgiGaL is taking criminology which Rain isn't. Gonna rely on others to RP the math teacher since I'm mathematically challenged lmao

    If we ever feel like timeskipping the class to move the RP along (or skip class altogether lmao x'D), we can do it. Of course, we might need to agree in the discussion before implementing timeskips that'll affect everyone's characters

    Clubs are where the good shit starts.
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  37. Sorry, I had to make sure to secure our winnings so that we win the Like battle XD. But I did wake up to a lot of notifications like you, I had 3 less than you. (27 Notifications) And I’m pretty sure I know where most of the notifications came from. Scorch...

    Edit: Wow I just checked how many likes I have so far, I now have 299 Likes... thanks guys.
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  38. So is that why I just woke up with 18 alerts?
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  39. Well, maybe, what were most of the alerts about?
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  40. Basically a bombardment of likes.
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