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Ked's Kreations

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ked, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Hey! I like your art very much. Your style is... very cute and unique. Could I have an ampharos avvie please?
  2. Ked


    Sorry, I won't do your request. Here's why;

    I only take requests from young ones and higher, unless you PM me asking for SP and I say yes. I will also not make you anything if you are watched, moderated, don't have SP, or have spammy posts around 'Charms.

    You aren't a Young One, nor do you have SP from me.

    But thank you for the compliment, I always appreciate them ♥
  3. Oh sorry I missed that better get to work then! Thanks anyways!
  4. Ked


    No problem ;)

    Anyways, I was getting tired of my old sig so I made a new one~!
    As you can see, I already made it mine, so no stealy for you!

    Tell me what you think, and keep that feedback comin'!
  5. You're work just keeps getting better and better (something more vivid and lively would be nice but thats just me)
    Also, glad to see you are kedpeanut again because that other thing doesn't suit you. Keep it up and ill eagerly await more, bye for now!
  6. Ked


    I made some more sigs, and this time they're more vivid~

    First I made a Politoed sig, and I think it looks pretty nice.

    And then I made a Luvdisc one~!
    I was playing around with borders on this one~
    I also didn't play around with Luvdisc either.

    Tell me what you think ;)
  7. Those are great! Your signatures are among the best here! Only, I can sort of see that the Luvdisc is enlarged, but they, you can't help that. Bottom line excellent. I may request sometime in the near fututre! Nice work! Nice work indeed!
  8. Ked


    I wouldn't call myself one of the best. I'm nowhere as good as LoN or Red~

    Yes, I did enlarge the Luvdisc, but only because the only good quality one was way too small. I mean I didn't put any gradients or something on it.

    I also started playing around with avvies on GIMP, manily with sprites. So far I made a Munna one for myself, and a Bulbasaur one for myself. The Bulbasaur one was originally a sig, but I smallerized it into an avvie. The Munna one was always an avvie.
    I was thinking about making the Munna one bigger, maybe 100x100? Right now it looks a little small.

    Keep that fedback comin'!
  9. You're really good at this! You're style is very unique, and you can always recognize an original Kedpeanut avatar. Also this thread is a pretty happy place ^^ It has to do with all of the bright colors and the style of your avatars. Whenever I'm feeling down I click up this thread, and it really helps ^^

    On a side note, Politoeds are way underrated. Nice siggie ^^
  10. The original mijimaru painting was better but I think these two are good too! I'd like to see another one of those cute paintings that you do because they were better than the original pokemon themselves!
  11. Ked


    Thanks guys~!
    I love it people comment in my works ^-^

    That comment really made my day! I happy to be of assistance~! Also, Politoed is underrated :c

    @DJ Luke
    Thanks? I don't really understand your post.

    Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming~! ♥
  12. Oh sorry if it was confusing im bad when it comes to choosing words which I will demonstrate right now
    Anyway I said I would come back so here I am. Instead of an Ampharos could I have a Chatot with a musical note coming out of its beak like this ♪ please?
  13. Ked, I cannot describe how much I love your art! */// 0 ///*

    It is so super frickin' adorable and I want to snuggle every single picture >/// u ////<''
    I adore Virgil's Spinda, with that heart on it's head that made me "D'awwwww" 'til the cows came home~ Not to mention Luxray!
    You are the bomb at cute Pokemon icons!

    Are you taking requests currently?~
    If so...and if you're not busy... could I ask for a Gengar chibi wearing a little blue bow tie please?~
    *insert giant Mijimaru eyes here*
    o/// u ///o
  14. Ked


    Since DJ appears to be banned, I'll just skip his request (which is a good thing since I didn't make it).

    I made your request Kasumi, and it looks pretty good, imo.
    You didn't say what shade of blue, so I assumed you wanted light blue. If you see something you don't like, or want anything changed, just tell me so I can fix it.
  15. O.O G... G-Gengar? You think it looks pretty good? It looks epic beyond words. Seriously. That there Gengar is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. How. Do. You. Do. That? I have nothing but untainted praise for that. Wow. I hate these situations when I run out of vocabulary.
  16. Seconded!!
    Thank you so much, Ked ://D
    He looks so freakin' adorable- it's perfect!! ^// 3 //^

    His little bow tie... and spikey hair...and huge chibi eyes... *//_//*
    You are amazing at this! Oh I love you so much right now!

    Could I ask that you make his eyes red please, instead of black? If it isn't too much trouble that is .//u//.
    He is so cute! Thank you again! You are the BOMB<333
  17. Ked


    Haha, thanks~
    I wasn't expecting you guys would like it that much!^^

    I knew I should've made the eyes red when I started it! Oh well, I did it now~!
    I also fixed up the shading and gave it more depth and stuffs, along with changing the eye color~

    Personally, I like the old version better. That's just my opinion, so maybe you'll like it more.
    Tell me how you like it :3
  18. Uwaaa~<333
    He's adorable!!
    Tnak you so much! <33
  19. Ked


    You're welcomes~!
    I is glad you like it~

    I feel like drawing another thing, but I can't decide what! :<
    Meh, I'll decide sooner or later :/

    [me=Kedpeanut]tries to decide[/me]
  20. You should try a Driftblim ://D

    I'm sure you'll ake it awesome~♥
  21. Ked


    I drew the Driftblim, even though it turned out horrible D:

    And a present I made for Linky~

    If you didn't notice, these are smaller than the usual size and the outlines are thinner. I just forgot to change the size on Paint from 100x100 to 130x130. Oh well, I'll just call these ones minis.
  22. Ohmygoshhhhhhhhhh that Drifblim is adorable :'D

    You probably know that Drifloon's my favourite PokeMon; and Drifblim is my second favourite <33

    Ifffff you wouldn't mind ... I have a r-request ... ? o:

    Could I get a Drifloon with a top hat? c:
    If not, then s'okay~!

    I think I'll stalk this thread more often now :'D
  23. Ked


    Of course you can have a request Tun~!
    How do you like it? I even made it shiny, just for you :3 If you want the background spruced up a bit, just say so. I just saw how boring it looks D:

    I also added my new watermark thingy. If you see that mark out of 'Charms, or another website where I go, just tell me. You should be able to make out the letters "KD", but they're connected. It's just a little thing I make it easier to find art theives D:<

    Llama :3
  24. Daww ^^

    That's a cute little Drifloon you have there. For me? Why thank you! (sorry Tun but I just totally stole your Floon, no offence ♥)



    *returns Floon :(

    But it's really cute. Cute and simple. But Floon with a top hat always works :>

    And the Linkachu one? Epic cuteness. The little :3 face... Argh, why do you have to be so gooodd? ♥
  25. Oh my GAWD Ked that is just ... that is just ... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    * Tun fangasms

    I think I love it ; A ;

    Now to find that revolving avatar site so I can put it in there .... ♥
    (also Weeds gtfo D:< (ilu))
    #105 Tunolipede, Dec 8, 2010
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  26. Ked


    Glad you like it Tun ♥

    Here's a sig I made a while back. I felt like making a Chatot sig, and I couldn't find any good pictures of it on Google, so I just drew one~!
    It got so fuzzy when I resized it o.o

    Here's the full Chatot if you want to see it:
  27. Awohohoooo!~

    That's a nice little Chatot you have there! ^^ It makes me so happy to look at it. It's adorable! :D The sig is coolio and the background is very nice. Also loving how Chatot looks a bit chubbier in the siggy xD Very nice effect :)
  28. Ked


    Thanks Weeds ♥
    I actaully didn't try to make the Chatot any fatter, it just came out like that~

    And here's a little sig I made as a present for Magpie, featuring her lovely Murkrow, Omen~
    Hope you like it Magpie ♥
  29. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator


    OMG I'M totally speechless. I love it ♥ That background suits her so perfectly, and so does that font. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

    It must go in my signature immediately :D

    Thank you so much :'D
  30. Ked


    Haha, glad you like it~!
    I tried to make it look more plain and grayscale because the branches were that way.

    I like using stars in my sigs :3

    Just a little heart I drew for no real reason. It is now residing in my sig~
  31. Whoa. Epic sig is epic. Personally I LOVE the snow in that. It feels like I could look out the window and see a Murkrow sitting there (it's really dark and snowy here). That sig actually perfectly describes winter here, cold and dark, but you still gotta love it xD

    And everyone likes hearts :)
  32. Ked


    Thanks Weeds~!
    They're actually stars, but you can think of it as snow if you want to ♥

    And yes, everyone does like hearts :)

    This is a just a little sig I threw together. It's pretty bad D:
  33. Are you kidding me? It's awesome! Scyther is a Pokemon made of win, and I've always loved that picture, and it's my favorite color, green, and blah blah blah... Point is, it's made of win :3




    May I use it? :>
  34. Ked


    Sure, you can use it. As long as you give credit.

    You actually like it? Hmm, I thought it came out terribly >_<
  35. I really can't imagine why you don't like it. It's just awesomesauce ^^ Anyway, thanks a lot, it's securely in my sig now along with the credit :)
  36. THEY ARE SO CUTE!i could just hug them!

    :) ;) :D ;D cool craetions:flutter shy
    #116 flutter shy, Dec 23, 2010
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  37. those r cute pokemon(exept the turtle)but i thought make a poke comic!

    ~flutter shy~
    #117 flutter shy, Dec 23, 2010
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  38. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Please don't double post, use the edit button in future. Also, no need for the smiley abuse~
  39. i got a question. why did u draw a turtle?anywho i like turtles anyway!

    ~flutter shy~
    #119 flutter shy, Dec 27, 2010
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  40. Haven't seen this thread until now, and I must say: really good work! :D

    Could I perhaps ask for a request? If so, I would like a Camerupt avvie :)

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