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Ked's Kreations

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ked, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Ked


    I do know how to spell, I just like the name like that.

    So I started drawing some Pokemon recently and wanted to post them here.
    I might start drawing other things sometime, but for now only Pokemon (plus that awesome turtle)!

    Requests are: OPEN/Closed

    Anyway, here are the pretty pictures!









    And last but not least, my favorite...

    And here's the only non-Pokemon one, an awesome turtle...

    I will really appreciate some feedback on these.
    I'll add more as I make them. Requests will be open soon.
    I can't make them tranparent, so I add the black border to make them look nicer.
  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Goodness me, the cuteness of all these nearly killed me :D

    Zorua has to be my favourite, the shading is perfect and I love that expression ♥

    Mijimaru's pose is brilliant. I'm loving the attitude. I also like how you've taken your 're-head' idea from your spriting thread and transferred it over to your artwork. They're very good. I like the shading style very much and how you get a little bit of personality into each one~

    I like turtles~
  3. I see squee...

    These are CUTE. Love it. But... Buneary's arms look a little short. And Manaphy's head looks a little lumpy, and one of the eyes is a little long... BUT... Manaphy is my favorite. I also love Skitty and Umbreon.

    Supah Cool Miji is supah cool. And the turtle... So cute.

    So much cute in one place, I don't even. Keep making arts. Please. And you'll get better. Bai. ;D
  4. Ked


    Thanks guys! ;D
    I actually didn't remember the re-heads when I made these, they just look cuter with big heads.
    Manaphy's head is lumpy because I didn't use the circle tool thingy when I made it. *cough*unlike the others*cough*
    The one eye is shorter because it's supposed to be farther away, on the side.
    Little Miji is based off of a drawing I made in black and white. It's supposed to be like, "No cameras PUH-LEEZ!"

    And Magpie, please don't say "I like turtles.", or anything relating to zombies or Jonathon because I really don't like that, and have to deal with my brother saying that ALL DAY.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    That must suck :V

    "No cameras PUH-LEEZ!" fits that Mijimaru perfectly. I still want to hug him though :3

    As for making the backgrounds transparent, I think they look quite nice on the white background with the black boarder. It makes them stand out more. What programme do you use for drawing these?
  6. Ked


    Yeah, it does, so please don't make it worse.

    You can hug him, unless you are a camera, which I doubt you are.

    I think they look nice on white, alot of members here just make their things tansparent though.

    As for the program, I use Paint. >_<
  7. Ked


    I just finished this cool little Miji avatar for myself!
    Here, check it out.


    It kinda reminds me of those little Mystery Dungeon things that show up when a Pokemon talks.
    I might put these up for requests soon...
  8. D'awwww Ked I love all of these ♥

    Everyone looks so cute with their big heads. Drifloon, Piplup and Mijumaru are my favorites. And that turtle's pretty frickin' cute too.
  9. Ked


    Thank you Mag O' The Pies for removing that ;)

    Anyway here's a little thing I did as a present for Magpie.


    These little thingg will be availible for only a short time! I'll make 5 requesters one of these little things with a Pokemon of their choice, otherwise they're for select members ONLY!

    Next little thingy like the one above will be a Spinda, for Virgil.
    #9 Ked, Sep 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  10. >>


    Well, if you are taking requests for those freaking adorable little things then I will have to make one.

    Just an Umbreon, please. I loffles my Lunara.

    As a note: I loffles your Umbreon too, the expression is so freaking cute xD

    These are all really well done too, which makes me jealous since if I tried this on Paint it'd turn out to be a bunch of horrible squiggles eating the page alive. So I'm really glad to see that even on Paint they're really well done. As far as my favorite goes.... I'd have to say Mijumaru, it's just such a win pose ^_^

    Keep up the good work =D
  11. AWH! I see nothing but SQUEEEE!

    Okey-dokey, let's see... Your Miji avatar is, like... Perfect. Just PERFEEECT. I like his little mouth, and the way he's just, like, all adorable.

    OMG. Magpie's Manectric... cute. I love that little wink... I just love that little mouth... NOTHING BUT CUUUTE.

    I see no flaws... None. They're perfect! ;)

    Requests? Must make... Lessee, Lucario, if you please. Ares will look nice in cute form... Thanks in advance, and keep makin' cute arts. They're awesomesauce.
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator



    Thank you so much, it's way to cute for its own good. Especially with that cheeky little wink ♥
  13. Ked


    I have completed your requests!

    First up is Lunara for Chad...

    And the code...
    Next up we have Kerauno and Ares!

    I believe this one came out quite well for my first ever attempt at drawing Lucario.
    The code...
    I hope you guys like them! If you want anything changed tell me ;)
  14. *super hyperventilate* ohemgee........ So much...Squeeeeeeeee.....

    Except... (It PAINS me to have to complain...) Can you make his eyes red? That's all. Nothing else. Thanks. ;)

    ahem. That is totally adorable. Thank you so much! :'D
  16. Ked


    You're welcome!! ;D
    I'm glad you like them!


    I changed it to be red-eyed!

    I hope you like it ♥


    *ahem* Thank you so very much. I love it! ;)
  18. Ked


    I'm glad yu like it Kerauno ;)

    Personally I like the black-eye version better, but oh well.

    Anywho, I just finished that little Spinda thing I said I would make for Virgil.

    The colors I used for the dark part didn't come out dark enough -_-

    Hope you like it Virg!
  19. Ked, those are among the cutest pics I've ever seen and definitely the best chibi scratches of all time.

    I'd have to say Manectric is my favourite, it looks so... Squee! All of them do, actually~

    Could you perhaps do an Absol one for me? Seeing as he's my signature PokeMon along with Mightyena and Houndoom~
  20. !

    That Spinda is so cute! I love her disheveled expression and cute little heart spot ♥

    Your little portrait Pokemon are really fun and adorable :3

    Thanks Ked! <333
  21. Ked



    Wow, I just have so many famous Charmsians coming in here!

    Weird, I started making these less than 5 days ago and they're the best (as of Black Rock Shooter's opinion).

    Anyhoo, I'll start working on Absol later. I'm just warning you that it might not be too good because I've never attempted any Absol-related drawings.

    There's only 2 more request spots open for this limited time offer! Order your chibi NOW!*

    *Rules and regulations apply. Please limit one request per person.
  22. Dia


    haha love that hidden text at the bottom there XD
    You're little guys are just so freaking adorable!! the eyes and the shading, my God just way too cute!! ^^

    the frames also give a nice touch :p

    I hate picking favorites but I have to pick the mijumaru ♥ love it so much

    I was kinda...er...hoping that maybe I could possibly maybe request one of your superadorbale Pokemon? :'D

    A raichu! With a tuft of hair like the one pichu brother?


    pretty please :D -mijumaru eyes-

    ehem. keep up the superamzingcuteness!!
  23. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    D'aaaaaw, the avvies are sooooo adorable, Ked ♥ I wub them so much! I really like the way you do the eyes, how they're all moe~moe like and bubbly and cute and fweeeeeeee! Your shading's also really well done too. ^^

    Dunno if I count as a "famous" 'Charmsian, since most new regulars these days don't really know me anymore, but I just kinda, y'know
    want an avvie
    with a cherry on top?
    of a shiny Eevee?
    so that I could advertise for you?

    Yeah, keep up the good work!
  24. Ked


    Thanks for the comments guys ;)

    I've been busy today so the requests will be done tomorrow, maybe around noon or later (EST).

    And Shiny Eevee, to me you're famous since I've been stalking 'Charms for YEARS and see your name all the time.

    Which version of shading do you guys like better? Smooth (like the avvies) or scratchy (like the pictures)?



    I'll still be making pictures and other stuffs you can use though.
  25. Ked


    I finished your requests!
    They would've been done earlier but I had my first soccer game.

    Anyhoo, here are the avvies!

    I can change it to have black eyes if you want.
    Raichu (who is raichuz)...
    And Shiny Eevee for Shiny Eevee....
    I hope you like 'em guys! These were my first time attempting to draw those Pokemon, so hopefully they're what you wanted and not deformed or anything!
  26. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Omgomgomg I luffles it, Ked! It's, like, big-headed and puppy-eyed and makes me want to go all squeeeeeee! ♥

    Thankies! :D
  27. Ked


    You're welceez! I'm glad you like it!

    Whenever I post one of those avvie things, feel free to use it even if you didn't request it, As long as you give credit (shown previously by Shiny Eevee).

    I might start making new things soon, I'm un-decided.
  28. When/if you start to do new ones, can I have a Luxray?
    By the way, the turtle is AWESOME.
  29. Ked


    I decided I love making these things so much I'll just take requests full time now~

    Here's you're Luxray AnSo (do you mind if I shorten your name like that?)!

    I hope you like it! I never drew a Luxray before, so tell me what you think.

    And a surprise present for...

    I added you hearts for cuteness~
  30. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    These are quite the adorable little pieces of art you have here, Ked. You're style is very unique and appears to be quickly becoming very popular around here. You put a fun little spin on the Pokemon and adapt them to your style, something that I really enjoy when artists do. -^^-

    Also, the way you draw eyes is very squee inducing. :3
  31. Wow dude, these are pretty awesome! 8)

    The avatars seem to come out really cute, my favorites would have to be mijimaru (sp?), Umbreon and the Lucario ones. If only there was a Quilava one :-\ While the other ones came out portrait like, I gotta say they look really good. I took a bit of a liking to that awesome turtle haha. Would like to see how a legendary pokemon would come out :D

    Keep it up man, can't wait to see more ;)
    #31 Silent Angel, Sep 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  32. That is the best thing I have ever seen, and yeah, shorten my name all you want, haha. I'll change it in a few days- I have to keep my avatar until Wednesdsay cause someone is doing a sprite based on my current avatar. You're epic.
  33. Ked


    Yes, I am quite epic.

    Anyway, I just finished my first sig!
    And here it is...


    I would like some feedback on this ;)
  34. can i have a rilou please ked ?
  35. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    For your first sig, that's not bad at all. I like some of the styles you did, and the background is very nice. And the sparkles (which appear to be done with the Sparks brush) are a nice touch. I'd just suggest adding a border and you have yourself a nice little sig there. -^^-

    If you're going to continue to make sigs, I'd suggest taking a look at a whole bunch of tutorials and learning various different styles and techniques, and then implementing them in your own unique ways. It's some of the best advice I can offer to anyone who's getting started at making sigs. You certainly don't want all of your sigs to look the exact same, you wanna branch out and try different things. -^^- I'd suggest taking a look at LoN's tutorial in the sticky at the top of the Artworks section. -^^-

    And welcome to the ranks of 'Charms sig makers. :3
  36. Ked


    Thanks Red!

    I did look at LoN's tutorial somewhat to make it.
    Most of it was just me playing aroung with some of Gimp's features, which are new to me because I just downloaded it.

    Pokefin, I'll get working on you're request tomorrow.

    Sigs are available for requests to Padawans or higher, along with Mods.
    I put alot of work into that sig and don't want people that joined 5 minutes ago getting 'em.

    Seriously, it's very cool. Very bright, and sparkly, and pretty~ One thing to say: A border. Black works best, but you can do whatever cuz it is your sig. ;)

    On another topic, your recent avvie's are sooo cuuute. Especially the Luxray, and the shiny Eevee. Cuuute, and excellent work, as always.

    That is the cutest way possible to draw a Dark-Type PokeMon, Ked! I Absol-utely *boom tish* love it! I'll definitely use it as my avvie, but yeah, I'd rather that you turned the eyes to black. The red is cute too but it doesn't suit the face very well IMHO.

    Thanks so much~
  39. These are utterly adorable. You can probably take any Pokemon and make it squee inducing. MUST HAVE!
    Can I please have an avvie of (you guessed it) Mothim? I can't wait to see him look even cuter!

    Also, the text on the sig thing looks a little off. The background is amazingly pretty though and I feel that you have a future in sigs.
  40. Can i have a latias?And teh piplup is CUUUUTE!!!! :3

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