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Ked's Kreations

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ked, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Sorry to drop in, but I love Ked's Kreations! May I request a Shinx Avvie?
  2. Ked


    Sorry guys, I forgot you requested!

    Anywhos...on with the artz~!

    Last night I felt like making a sig with this text, and this picture of Manaphy I found suited it perfectly :'D

    Then I made this one liek, 5 minutes ago c:
    Also: Woo! Rounded corners, and watermark~! Find it if you dare D:<
    It was originally gonna be Altaria, but I couldn't find any good Altarias, so I just switched to Butterfree because I loves it~
  3. Uwaaaa ♥

    Adorable sigs Ked!! ://D
    I especially like the Butterfree one- rounded edges look good!~
    The Manaphy sig is so cute! Nyuu~

    Great job! <33
    Kasu-nyan xxx
  4. Ked


    Thanks Kasumi ♥

    Yes, rounded edges looks good. It's a pain to make though D:

    More art(s)~!

    I just noticed that my avvie looked too Christmassy, so I tried a new style to make a new one :'D
    I'm thinking about darkening it, the colors turned out lighter than I thought they would. Things really change when you're zoomed in o.o
  5. ohmigoshthat'ssocutee!! :///D

    It's a chibi Pikachu~Nyaaaa!<33
    That looks great, Ked!
    Your colours are perfect, and because they're light it makes it look softer~
    Great job!

    It's positively adorable <33

    Kasumi xx
  6. Hey Ked. If it's at all possible, could I have a Sceptile wearing a bowler hat? (I like bowler hats and Sceptiles.... so I guess this just makes sense.)

    Doesn't matter how long it takes. I'll be here! Thanks.
  7. Ked


    Meh, I'm not in the request making mood right now. Sorry guys~!

    But I just felt like scribbling down any old Pokemon, so I picked a random one and got Gengar. Then I was like, "I should make a super-adorable Gengar for Kasumi since she is so awesome and stuffs~!", so I scetched it down and went over it on GIMP ♥

  8. Oh wow, Ked!!~
    That is absolutely adorable!! What a cute little expression! She's all... squeee and stuff |D

    Ohmigosh, how to you come up with these things?! It is simply fantastic and I adore it!!
    Uwaaa <333

    That little blue bow is adorable! How can you draw ribbons so greaaat nyaaa D//:

    Thanks so macch!
    Kasumi xxxx
  9. I just dropped in to say how awesome you are, Keddy-chan, and how superbly adorable that Gengar for Kasu-nyan is. :>

    The eyes are like the most moe things ever |D
    The eyelashes are really cute and exaggerated but well that's what makes them cuter, amiright~? ;D

    The little bow on her head is so adorable and perfect, nyehehehe <33
    I like the tuft of hair it's been tied 'round. S'adorable, yusyusssss. c:

    But yeah that's it~! ♥
    Keep on arting my chuuuummm <3333
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  10. Ked


    Thanks guys~ My ribbons and stuff are nowhere near as good as yours Kasumi~! ^^

    More request putting off. I really should stop doing that :p

    Anyways, I drew a Hitomoshi or whatever they're called, scanned it, and put it in GIMP for plastic surgery~
    Feel free to use it for any of your desired uses, with credit of course~
  11. Utsyrsyrxurxududtuuxdffffsshhhhh

    That Hitomoshi is the single cutest Hitomoshi I have ever seen :'D
    Hitomoshi is probably one of my favourites Gen Vs (beside shiny Koaruhii ♥) and it looks so immensely adorable there~ As in, like, SO immensely o:

    Keep on arting my lovely Keddoroonoes :>

    Muchlove ♥
  12. Awwwwww I love your Hitomoshi, Ked :3

    I love how it's in kind of a sketchy-but-clean style from the scanning and plastic surgery-ing :>
    It really is adorable and I love how it's waving and ilu ♥

    Okay bye!
  13. Ked


    Still haven't gotten around to the requests yet, buuuut... I made some other stuff~

    A Swablu sig I made. I just found out how to use filters, so there are a few of them in here~
    And this is my new OC Candy, and yes, she usually does have a mouth~
    And a Bulbasaur I made for a friend~
  14. Ked


    Now, to keep y'all occupied while I be all lazy and put everything off, Cotton Candy:
    She was my first shiny on GPX, so I just wanted to draw her, even though she is a Flaafy and soon-to-be Ampharos now ;3
  15. Awww<3!!

    Ked, Cotton Candy is simply adorable! ://D
    Her little face is all... round and fuzzy and content! x//3

    and I love her poofy pink fluff :'//D
    She is just like a bundle of cotton candy! ^//^
    It's so cute!

    Kasumi xx
  16. Ked


    Thanks Kasumi-chan ♥
    You are too kind. ^^

    That's why her name is Cotton Candy; because she looked like Cotton Candy. Unfortunately, she shedded during the evolution process... I should try drawing her in her semi-bald Flaafy form, and then her completely bald Ampharos form when she evolves :'D
  17. If you did that I wouldn't know wether to laugh or cry! x'//D

    I'm sure it'll turn out adorable, anyway~
    No doubts! ♥

  18. Ked


    I finally finished Cotton Candy, in her current semi-bald form~!
    I hope her next, completely bald form is easier.

    Just the sig I made for the SoTW Competition.

    Cotton Candy evolved, so I drew her, again~! This time was the easiest, since she doesn't have any fur or big details.
  19. Ked


    Guess what Ked did~!
    If you answered requests, then you were right!

    Yep, I finally did those requests, so enjoy~
    Tell me if you want anything changed, and leave feedback~!
  20. I'm guessing the top one is my Camerupt? :D It's beautiful in every way. Just one thing, could you perhaps make it look a little lazy? That would make it even more awesomesauce :) Thanks
  21. Ked


    Yup, the top is your Camerupt~!
    Sorry about how it looks. I did it, saved it, and then used the frame for the Shinx. Then I saved the Shinx over it. The first one looked alot better, but I'm happy you like this one.

    I'll get right on lazifying it for you ;)

    I finished~!
    I tried to make him look tired by half way closing his eyes and making him yawn.

    I am so glad I made a dA account yesterday. ^^ I accidently saved over the old Camerupt, but I still have the old one on there. Phew...
  22. you know what I just did?
    But Ked thank you so much wdbkjsbgjahvfgjadsk it's beautiful!
  23. You're really quick Ked :) The new version is superb, keep up the good work :D
  24. Ked Ked these pictures are great~ I love the shading and the expressions xD

    I love that sig, it looks so mystical and uses loads of lighting effects and fjsbfdgvfbl
  25. Ked


    Thanks for the comments guys :)

    So these are Kwaqua and Packitree, starters of my Fakemon region. When I come up with the design for the fire-type, I'll add it to the picture. I just noticed how bad Kwaqua looks :>

    Feedback, requests, all that stuff is appreciated~!
  26. Wow Ked! Your arts are so cute ♥
    I love the shading, it makes it even more cute
    How are you so awesome!?
  27. Hm. The water type seems to be based off an axoltl, and the grass is an elephant. I like the pastel shading, but it really doesn't allow a lot of detail. Will a more detailed picture be up later?
  28. Ked


    Yes, Packitree is based off of an elephant. Kwaqua was actually the result of me playing around with other Pokemon parts, but I can see where you would think that.

    I really should make a more detailed picture. Maybe I should try that later today :)
  29. Ked



    I tried playing around with different fonts and filters and whatnot on this. Overall the sig is pretty horrible, but I tried. Plus the render was just so adorable to use ♥

    Requests are still up for these and chibis, so feel free to ask for one~

    Also, what should be behind the leaves~?
    Whoever's idea I use gets it personalized for them to use :>

    I think it is your elephant grass starter Pakitrees' evolution. Great work on the sig; it gives off a nice retro effect!
  31. I love the sig Ked, it's so awesome! I love the effect, and the colours used are just awesome ^^
    I must get more posts so I can request one of your awesome avatar things~
    But for now Ked, I'll just say that I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work~
  32. Ked


    Two new sigs~!

    I don't really like this one that much :>

    And then there's this Lilligant one~! I really like this one, especially how the text and background turned out :'D
  33. Dia


    o,o oooo these are great! I especially love the Reshiram one OvO​
  34. Ked


    Thanks, Dia~!
    Glad you like them~

    So, Louie wanted me to personalize the Lilligant sig for him to use, and here's the result;
    I couldn't find the font I used last time, so this font will have to do. I hope the text looks alright, I didn't want it to stand out too much, and plus this way it matches the style. ^^

  35. I love both the Reshiram one and the Lilligant one! The colours and background effects that you chose for them are amazing, just like you are ^^

    Anyways, I have a request for you, could you please make me an Excadrill avatar drawing thing? Thankies in advance ♥
  36. Haven't been on here for quite a while, good to see you're still making and posting your art :)

    Looks awesome, will make it my avatar once I get my laptop back (it got a virus, have to use PS3 for internet until then)

    Noticed you said you have a DA account, mind telling me your username so I can follow your work on there as well?
  37. Ked, if I may say your art is A W S O M E with a capital beast!!! May I please have a Sawk avie if you don't mind? with a border, and if so I would like Sawk to have a "ready to fight" look on his face :)
  38. Ked


    Revival :'D
    That is all~
  39. How is cuteness like that even possible!?
    I love eet ♥
    I was wondering when you were going to post in this thread again~
  40. Dia


    can I just take it home with me?? : D

    too cute, too cute ♥​

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