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Heart Gold / Soul Silver to come with the brand new PokéWalker device

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [IMG align=right]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w88/DoctorOak/PokeWalk.png[/img]As detailed in this week's Pokemon Sunday, HG/SS will come with a brand new device bundled in with the game called a PokéWalker.

    The device is a pedometer that is reminiscent of the Pokemon Pikachu toys that were around at the same time as the original Gold and Silver and played a large part in the mystery gift process back then, too. It also keeps the basic monochromatic look - but seems to be in true black and white, rather than Gameboy green.

    The major difference here, though, is that the PokéWalker will let you transfer one of your Pokemon from HG/SS, and as you walk it will gain experience and happiness points as you go about your daily business - effectively removing the obstacle of grinding within the game in the traditional sense.

    Also featured are a few little extras - such as finding items while you walk, that you can then send to your HG/SS game, or encountering wild Pokemon - although it's not currently known how that specific function works. Maybe you can even battle and capture Pokemon with the device? Or maybe it just makes your next encounter in HG/SS the Pokemon you found with the PokéWalker? Either way, the options available make it truly revolutionary for the games.

    Obviously, as HG/SS doesn't have an American announcement, yet, this device can't be confirmed to be going outside of Japan. It seems unlikely, however, that it won't. Afterall, the Wireless adaptor served even less purpose and was still bundled with Fr/Lg everywhere...
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Jun 7, 2009.

    1. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      sounds cool mate. I wana get one. Such a pity that It will take ages untill the game comes out itself.
    2. pokemongod4213
      Wow, that will make leveling pokemon so easy! But couldn't someone shake it?
    3. Tatile
      You make it sound like an Etch-a-sketch. If you mean shake it and break it, considering that the Pokemon games still seem to be aimed at child's market (look at the European Platinum for evidence of this), then the Pedometre will likely be made of sterner stuff.

      I like the idea of being able to happy-up my critters while doing my daily chores. I'd just need a way of wearing it at work without anyone noticing...

      Thanks for the news on this Oak, not to mention your views that it could be like the Wireless adaptor for Fr/Lg.
    4. CrystalCore
      Oh yeah! I could have a Feraligator or Typhlosion at lv.100 before the first gym!
    5. twYANGzii
      Let's see if you can even control them then ="= .

      &&. It sounds cool ;D But I sure hope the games come out faster first .
    6. QuilavaEmperor
      God this year is getting better, first Platinum comes out in Canada, then my favourite generation is being remade, the trainer card maker is back online :p then the news that you don't have to grind your Pokemon to pwn others! Gawd! All I'm saying is, I can't wait for this game to come out!
    7. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      me neither. it is a good year
    8. Linkachu
      Hahah... I had two Pokemon Pikachu and one of the G/S variety, so this announcement is pretty funky. Being able to raise your in-game Pokemon in such a device is both a great addition to the games and a nice encouragement for people to walk more. I love that it has happiness increasing and item finding capabilities, too.

      If this does get released in NA, I'll be sure to abuse mine XD
    9. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      I'll be sure to wear it when doing press ups sit ups, my daily work out etc. haha
    10. Nemesis
      Nice. Maybe the Pokemon you have transfered to the device is the one that follows you around in game?
    11. KoL
      Hm, this idea I like - I had one of the Pokemon Pikachu toys many years ago and I remember clocking all the 1,000,000 steps needed to complete it. Guess we'll have to wait and see how much of an impact this makes on the games themselves.
    12. Luconray
      Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this device. I never imagined they would ever have something like that Pokemon Pikachu thing again, and here they are making it apart of the actual games! I really do hope this gets released outside of Japan, because it really is a great way to train your Pokemon when you can't play the game itself.
    13. Sem
      I will be wearing this. Everywhere. Just so you know.
    14. RLRL
      My only thought would be it'd have to tell you when you've levelled up to learn a move, otherwise it could be a bit like levelling up in daycare with the moves just shifting upwards one, I always have my pokémon's moves organised, losing one and having to relearn it for a move you don't want would just be annoying..

      I will however probably will be wearing mine a fair amount, or just sticking it to the side of a blender so it clocks up hundreds of steps while i'm online.

      Why do I have a blender in my study you ask... The same reason I have a cocktail shaker, chopping board, tequila and triple sec.... All I need is ice and citrus fruit and i'm wasting away in Margaritaville!
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    15. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Gosh, this sounds good. The only thing I may be worried about is the Pokemon in the said PokeWalker device learning moves you don't want to or not learning moves you want it to or evolving into some random Pokemon you don't want it to (This goes for Eeveelutions, like you want an Espeon but it evolves into Umbreon, or the other way around), along with EV training it. But then, once I've EV trained a Pokemon enough and it can't EV up anymore, this would be a good way to level Pokemon up and make them happier. Yesh, easier way to evolve happiness-based Pokemon.

      This seems like a big leap, and I'm quite looking forward to using that little device. It'll definetly make me want to excercise more just for one little (or big Waillord-sized) critter. Plus, it'll be fun to have around. Almost like a real Pokemon of yours, besides the fact that you can't really interact with it, but meh.

      I wonder if this works with eggs as well; easier way to hatch them. XD
    16. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      I just can't wait, I'll be doing 500 pressups a day as aposed to 100
    17. Dragodden
      This is great! I used to have my lil Pokemon Pikachu and take it all over my evil middle school.

      I love the idea of raising happiness, being able to find items, gain experience.. and especially the fact that you can put ANY pokemon from your game in to it! This little device is a dream. One I doubt I could have thought up before it was mentioned. Still, I wonder HOW it'll work.. bluetooth capability? Hope we wont have to carry our DS's everywhere we go.. (Even though I bet most of us do. ;p)
    18. Midnight Shadows
      Midnight Shadows
      This is amazing. Considering how much I walk in a normal school day. xD I agree that it is a big step, I can't wait to try this out ^^
    19. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Ooh, I like this! Like Midnight, I do a lot of walking at school (my college is so spread out!) But yeah, I'll be wearing mine while on campus, at home, at church. Pretty much wherever I'll go.
    20. ulises87g
      Wow- this makes me really excited. I will also be wearing mine everywhere I go- I have a big campus too and I also run marathons! So it looks like i'll be taking pokemon on my runs with me... ;D ;
    21. Newprofile001
      Maybe I'll mount it to my mum's truck's suspension so it would constantly shake while the truck was being driven.


      *goes to mount the PokeWalker to the truck's suspension*
    22. Linkachu
      I was thinking about that, too, and it wouldn't surprise me if that's how it worked (daycare-like with added happiness boosting). That'd definitely make it a bit less appealing for some, but I could still find lots usage out of it for PokeDex completion reasons and the like (I've never had an issue with leveling up my actual teams). Guess we'll see.
      Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
    23. POH!KEMON
      I gotta admit that the PokeWalker could work if I decided to use a Chikorita on the first gym; but what would be the fun of that? Of course it would be beating the first Leader... :-\
    24. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Well, of course you don't have to use the PokeWalker; it's just a good way to level up Pokemon, finding items, and making your Pokemon happier. As well as making more people more motivated to excercise.

      And I don't think I said this in my last post, so I'll say it here. If I ever get a DS and HG/SS, then I'll definetly have this around with me wherever I go. High School is going to have me running everywhere, what with such a huge campus and stuffs. Plus I can show off my Pokemon to people without actually bringing my DS.
    25. Lucario454
      I bet you it beeps when your pokemon learns a move and asks you to decide what to delete, or if you even want the move. It does have buttons. It might beep rapidly when the pokemon is evolving, once when it levels up, and a slow series of beeps until you decide what to do about the move it wants.
    26. Dragodden
      I think you should send your theories to the developers, Lucario454. ;D I for one'd like that.
    27. Lucario454
      I just want to know what the buttons do. If you look at the pic, the pokewalker has three buttons. I don't want to annoy anyone asking them to do anything that's already done. I can't really ask either, because I don't know Japanese and I'm sure the American developers would go beserk wondering how we know these things. ;D
    28. OranRi
      I like the idea of getting the happiness points for your Pokemon, since I don't like happiness evolutions very much. It sounds like a nice gadget to have and seems pretty interesting.
    29. poke kid
      poke kid
      i would use this when i get eevee it get one of the happines evoulition.
    30. baratron
      I have a feeling that the American developers may know of this thing called the internet... ;) I know it's unlikely, what with being a video game company and all ;D.
    31. Lucario454
      I have a feeling that the American developers may know of this thing called the internet... ;) I know it's unlikely, what with being a video game company and all ;D.
      I know they would figure it out. ;D They wouldn't tell me anything though.
    32. POH!KEMON
      I have found an image of the PokeWalker, but I'm not sure if this is real or fake...but i'll show it anyway:
    33. ulises87g
      it looks real- that's the one that I've been seeing everywhere. i'm pretty happy about its announcement.
    34. cool jeff
      cool jeff
      well i want to know if people can make your own pokemon
    35. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Not on any official capacity. Also, what does that have to do with the thread?

      Welcome to PokeCharms! Please read the rules before making another post. Your warning will decline in time, before you ask.
    36. Xatu
      Purely speculation, but I feel like it could work similar to purifying Pokemon in Colosseum. Maybe when you transfer the Pokemon back to HG/SS it will receive the experience on arrival and proceed to make the necessary changes.

      At least, I'm hoping that's how it's gonna work.
    37. Djmo76
      I don't get it.
    38. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      I don't get why you post SPAM either. Read the rules, mortal.

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