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Private/Closed Geminos: ~Threads of Uncertainty~ (Role Play Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kyuukestu, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. “Alright bud, get some well earned rest.” Levi got back to his feet after calling back Elekid and turned to face Ellen, who he had expected to leave after the battle.

    “Thanks for the tip, but, you see, I just got Elekid the other day. I wanna form a stronger bond with my Pokemon as to learn about there personalities before choosing a name.” Levi shrunk his pokeball down to pocket size and put it away, before turning to face Newt.

    “So, looks like Dunsparce enjoyed the battle. You on the other hand....?”
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  2. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Newt gripped the tails of his hoodie, not sure how to formulate his opinion into words. Looking to Dunsparce, who wagged his tail eagerly, Newt sighed.

    “I don’t know...forgive me if I’m a bit hesitant to get a pokemon poisoned...”

    Pokémon battles could get brutal. Sure some were in good fun, but when would enough be enough? All it would take is one steelix getting carried away for life to be taken. He wasn’t sure he could take that risk.


    He was interrupted as a strong gust of wind blew through the trees, his hoodie flying back as a storm of leaves rushed by, blown by the wind. What the...? He was taken aback as the sun grew slightly dimmer, all sound drained out for a few seconds...only one thing heard...


    A large shadow emerged from the wood line. Two bulging red eyes with an intense gaze, the furious black pupils with veins stretching to it and all around the eyes, twitched and changed what they were looking at every quarter second.

    Two large wings, much larger than human height flapped, making huge gusts of wind every time it flapped it’s wings. Upon getting closer...it appeared to be a grotesque Venomoth. Scars all over its body, blood soaking it’s mouth and claws, and several strips of leather around it with vials of an unknown substance around it.

    “VRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!” The sound boomed from its mouth.

    A figure appeared to be behind it, a man dressed in black pants, a black and white checkard vest, and several red handkerchiefs tied around his arms, neck, and several other parts of his body. He carried a big black sack that appeared increasingly heavy. He roared in laughed.

    “Destroy them. Give me those Pokémon...!”


    Suddenly, it made a violent flapping of its wings, a powerful gust being thrust into the zone. The wind easily tossed up logs and uprooted small trees, the grass dissapearing from the ground in a plume of debris. Newt was horrified, stricken by fear.

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  3. Backing up while being assaulted by the fire Pokemon, Ken eventually hit a tree. “Crap, Geb use Bubbles!” Jumping in between his trainer and the wild pokemon and let out a barrage of bubbles, stopping the Charmander as it came to a halt in front of the attack. “Thanks Geb, I wonder what cause it to get so angry.”

    As the Charmander raised one of its claws to scratch the bubbles away, an Ember from a different pokemon suddenly came out of the bushes which made the Charmander jump back to dodge it. “Ah, there’s my prize.” The voice of a gruff man was heard as a man wearing a camo patterned tank top, brown pants and boot walked out with a Houndoor.

    Ken tensed his eyes when he saw the man. “Poachers!” He mumbled to himself.
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  4. Levi would not run.

    The sudden surge of thoughts that passed through his mind were more than one could track.
    He hadn’t the faintest idea who this man was, what he wanted with everyone’s Pokémon, or even how powerful he may be...but for some reason, his body wouldn’t allow him to run.

    “G-guys! I need your h-help!” Levi grit his teeth as the wall of wind struck, gradually causing his body to slide backwards along the smooth grassy earth from its sheer force.
    Thankfully, his cry was heard. Not by his nervous comrade, who had more than likely ditched him, but by his Pokémon.



    The ragtag duo consisting of Levi’s only pokemon emerged in a blinding red light, both immediately taking guard in front of Levi.

    “Pinch!” Rigel grunted, sinking his teeth deep into the earth to keep himself grounded.

    “Kid!” Elekid cried, coating its body in the familiar white glow of Barrier to withstand Venomoth’s wind.

    “R-Rigel! Try and stop the wind with S-Sand Tomb!” Levi commanded his Pokémon unevenly, digging his feet into the earth in an attempt to get more grounded and stable.


    Rigel activated Sand Tomb in silence, as it’s mouth was currently full. A large, thick vortex of high speed sand began taking shape around Venomoth. Sadly, Gust was simply to powerful, and the sands stability couldn’t be achieved. It was enough to ease the wind, but not fix the problem.

    “Okay...now what do I do?”
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  5. It all happened in an instant. Ellen found herself at a loss. As the gust kicked up, it easily swept up Cordelia and Aveta, who were infront of her, carrying them along as it slammed into the petite girl, and plucked her up along with the debris. She held tight to the only thing within grasp, Cordelia.

    The steel type, unlike its trainer, was a bit calmer. She wasn't called Courre de Lione for nothing. She acted out, whipping her jaws in a 『Fairy Wind』 that deflecting incoming debris. Then as she and her trainer tumbled through the air, she bit down on a thick tree, her steel jaws digging into the bark and anchoring herself and trainer in place.
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  6. Devin himself was naturally curious as Sandra came over with her...curious hairstyle, seemed she had an interesting morning though Terra seemed to think it was amusing as she happily barked Sandra's way as if to say hi. Either way he was soon asked whether he was ready to go as Devin gave a sheepish nod as he had a small smile; equally nervous as he was excited for the journey to come.

    "Y-yeah, let's get going." Devin said to the two as he took a deep breath...but as Terra climbed up on his shoulder he found a new source of confidence as he would take the first steps forward ready to go with the group to Route 1.
  7. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    Newt was hurled up in the air, Dunsparce getting dizzy as they were tossed in a circular motion. The young man cried out as they were freefalling from fourty feet in the air.

    “Dunsparce! Dooooo somethiiiiiiing!!!!”

    Dunsparce struggles, stabbing Newt’s hood and flapping his wings. The ground came closer and closer, Dunsparce not being able to fully raise his weight. The fall began to slow due to dunsparce’s efforts however, as they came to the ground in a tumble rather than a crunch. He rolled down next to Levi...who seemed to be handling himself well.

    As Sandra was Thrown aside but weighed down by her pokemon, Newt cringed at the hit, but was grateful she wasn’t thrown up into the atmosphere. He looked up to Levi.

    “Come on...! We need to go. We can’t fight that!”

    The man looked at the reflect sand tomb strategy used by Elekid and Rigel, giving a loud scoff. He adjusted a handkerchief tied around his mouth and gave another loud scoff.

    “Nyhehehe! Well lookie there. Some dumb luck in action!” Came his giggling voice. “Looks like i’ll Have to pry them off your cold dead corpses! Venomoth! Take care of them personally!”


    Venomoth’s wings flapped harsher as it broke out in shocking speeds towards Levi, it’s six arms opening and swinging its body in to grab him. They were trying to remove him from the picture!
  8. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Rowan chuckled at Sandra's Magnemite, the aspiring hairstylist as he proceeded on route 1.

    "Thanks for the offer Sandra, but if I wanted a hairstyle as cool as yours," The alolan then pulled out a pokeball and revealed Sulum, "I'd just get this guy to do it for me," The Electric type made a noise of confirmation as his trainer addressed him. After he finished his sentence, Rowan took a while to allow some silence.

    "You guys hear that?"
  9. The gust died down as the giant bug took to charging Levi, rather than keeping up the wind-pressure. Ellen and her Pokemon dropped from their wooden anchor, landing in various states of disarray.

    Ellen landed on her rump, but Cordelia landed on her feet.

    “Ow, ow...Bloody hell, what in the name of Arceus is that!?”

    Her Pokedex responded soon after.

    『 Venomoth, the Poison Moth Pokemon.
    The powdery scales on its wings are hard to remove from skin.
    They also contain poison that leaks out on contact. 』
    The grotesque cross between moth and muscle man sent shivers of disgust down her spine. It’s pokedex only caused and increasingly creeping distress. How would they deal with this...thing if it was spreading poison everywhere?

    She herself would be mostly fine, she was covered almost head to toe by her clothes, but her Pokemon were...all immune to poison. Ellen blinked, the realization dawning on her. For the most part none of her Pokemon were adversely affected by the toxic scales. Cordelia and Aveta were immune to the effects of poison, and Nynyve had a shell to protect her from the spores.

    Her eyes gleamed behind her glasses and she noted Newt and Levi’s Pokemon...they weren’t as fortunate.

    “Looks like...we’re got to do something.”

    Ellen released Nynyve from her pokeball, and slipped her bag under her arm carefully protecting her package. The baby Cubone was still in her bag, and it seemed to be struggling to poke its head out.

    “Lay low little one, it’s not safe.”

    Pulling the ruffled neck of her blouse over her mouth, she commanded.

    “Cordelia, help them out! Nynyve 『Whirlpool』! Aveta 『Disable』!”

    The Mawile rushed into the thick of it, her jaws snapping ominously. Behind her, the budding whirlpool was being created and soon it was skating across the ground aiming to trap the Venomoth. Finally, formless psychic power was emitted from Nidoran’s eyes, seeking to seal the creature’s ability to use 『Gust』.
  10. “Flame charge now Growlithe!”

    A nearby voice shouted as a Growlithe, cloaked in flames, charged straight towards the Venonat at great speeds after the whirlpool. That command had come from one of the few police officers who had just arrived on the scene. A Manectric, which stood a few good feet away, had lightning crackling through it’s fur. It seemed prepared to strike as soon as an opportunity arose.

    “You kids need to get out of here!” One of the officers shouted as another commanded a Croconaw to attack the trainer of the Venomoth with a water pulse. The final officer had her Tangela on standby for Levi, ready to pull him to safety with it’s vines. Safety for the civilians was always a priority. Now hopefully they would be able to handle this situation before Officer Jenny arrived from wherever she was.

    “Listen Ma’am, I’m clean. I promise. There’s no need for you to take me into the station.”

    For the past few minutes, Tyler had been trying to plead his case to Officer Jenny. She had been waiting for him outside the city hall, leaning against her motorcycle with a sidecar. At least, he had a Pokédex along with a map now. Froakie let out a croak as it stood on the ground, seemingly bored. However, that changed when a particular pokemon came near.

    “Alright, I’m going to ask you once more to please put your Pokémon in their balls and come along peacefully.”

    She spoke in a stern voice, basically commanding him to follow her orders. Tyler shook his head as he pulled out Froakie’s pokeball and looked down. That’s when he saw a Ralts just standing beside his partner pokémon. Tyler blinked his eyes a few times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Either way, that wasn’t his Pokémon so Tyler wasn’t too concerned about it yet.

    “See you later buddy.”

    Tyler received a soft cry of farewell before the red glow from the pokeball consumed Froakie. After shrinking the pokeball, Tyler looked at Officer Jenny for her next orders. All he received was the same piercing gaze directed at his deadpan expression. It wasn’t too hard to figure out what she was thinking.

    “Yo listen, that ain’t my pokémon.”

    “Don’t tempt me!”

    “But like seriously—!”

    Without warning, a pokeball that was attached to the belt on her waist burst open and out came an Arcanine, giving him an intimidating glare. Smoke blew out of its nostrils as it seemed to take an aggressive breath.

    “Must be that time of month.” Tyler, shaking his head, mumbled to himself as he knelt down and pulled out a pokeball. The capsule enlarged before he brought it closer to the Ralts. Hopefully the possibility of being captured would be an incentive for it to get moving. Instead, the pokemon seemed to be confused as it tilted its head slightly.

    Using it’s tiny hands, the Ralts actually tapped on the pokeball. The red light enveloped the Ralts and sucked it up as it opened. Once it closed, Tyler expected it too immediately pop back open. To his dismay, the reverse happened and the ball didn’t even shake once, signifying it was caught immediately. For Officer Jenny, it looked as if the Ralts was his all along.

    “So lying to an officer as well? That’s another offense I’ll have to take into consideration. Now get in the seat!”

    Speechless, Tyler didn’t even bother to make a comeback. He just grabbed the pokeball and hopped into the sidecar completely dumbstruck. Not even Cryogonal meth could explain what the hell was going on. The Kalos native just sat in his seat, completely still as if he was on some Shrooms. Which he wasn’t. After fixing her hair, Officer Jenny returned Arcanine before getting on the motorcycle.

    “Hope you’re buckled in kiddo.”


    He didn’t even get to react as Officer Jenny stepped on the gas, harshly knocking Tyler’s back onto the seat as they burst forwards at a high speed.
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  11. As Ken came to face the sudden appearance of a poacher, a moderately strong gust of wind was felt coming from behind him. He turned around in a bit of surprise. "What is that? Where is this gust coing from?" He said to himself. Meanwhile, the poacher was chuckling to himself. "Hah, looks like that guy is having fun with his new toy." He turned towards Ken. "No need to worry, I'll be taking this savage pokemon off your hands now. Houdour use Bite!" The Dark Fire type dog pokemon charged at the Charmander, bearing its fangs. The Fire type took a step back, ready to defend itself until...

    "Aura Sphere!"

    A blue energy sphere rammed the Houndoor in the side, knocking it away. Ken walked up in front of the Charmander. “Now I see what up, I should have noticed this Charmander looked hurt.” The fire type did indeed have bruises on its body. “You’re why it’s so aggressive right now!” Ken shouted while pointing at the poacher. The Charmander looked up at the trainer, a look of wonder in its eyes. The poacher gritted his teeth. “We could have ended this without any issues, but if you want to get in my way...” He pulled out a vial and sucked it’s content out with a syringe. “Guess we’ll do this the hard way.”

    Walking over to his pokemon, the poacher injected the Houndour with the stuff. As soon as the injection was complete, the pokemon began whittling and yelping in pain before hopping to its feet. It opened its now glowing red eyes as a purple aura began appearing around it. Ken and Geb looked at the scene, speechless. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” The pressure caused the trainer to begin sweating a bit.

    When the Shadow pokemon suddenly charged at Ken. He pulled out 13’s pokeball and sent him out. “Get ready guys.”
  12. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The Venomoth, upon diving in for Levi, was interrupted by a pillar of water from clampearl, a whirlpool. Now this would only serve as a distraction...growlithe came up from the rear, cloaked in flames. While the water tickles around Venomoth, it swerved over to growlithe as it closed in. Since gust was disabled, it used psybeam at close range of the little guy, sending him at dangerously high speeds back toward the ground, the flames blown out like a candle as it draped in violet colors.

    The growlithe was driven across the ground, shredding the dirt and grass with it’s body. It whimpered, heavily injured before it lost consciousness. Taken out in a single blow. Water pulse raged toward the man, the pulse of psychic energy weakening the water attack, so as it got to him, he braced for impact, skidding back only a couple feet. He let out a heart laugh. The handkerchief covered man chuckled, looking at the officers.

    “You blue babes think you can handle this? Think again! My names Zoon baby, and your little defense force is goin’ BOOM! Show ‘em what we mean Venomoth, shoot to kill!”

    Venomoth’s Red pulsating eye’s darted in many directions. Now not concerned with catching the officer’s pokemon, it charged up a powerful bug buzz attack, a extremely high pitched sound enjoyed from the moth, thick green rings of green energy pulsates towards the officers, all sound being drowned out in turn for the wicked sound.


    The rings keep coming, one after another, each more intense than the last. The wrathful look in the pokemon’s Eyes said it all.
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  13. Before Levi could react, the Venomoth was approaching. Rigel and Elekid charged forward, ready to defend there ground.


    Unexpectedly, Levi and his Pokémon were saved at the last moment by a group of Officers who arrived on the scene just moments beforehand.

    “Hooof-!” Levi was caught off guard by Tangela wrapping its vines around his waist, before dragging him away from the scene forcefully.

    “Rigel, Elekid! Return!” He shouted, managing to recall his Pokémon while in the midst of being dragged away.

    “Who the hell is this guy?! My Sand Tomb did nothing to him, and he’s fending off all these Officer’s...something’s not right here.” After being pulled away from the immediate danger, Levi watched in shock as a ruthless assault continued, not quite sure what he could do to help.
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  14. Well...that seemed to have worked!

    Ellen was somewhat surprised at how many of her attacks had actually landed, but the surprise was mostly pleasant. Another pleasant surprise came when the whirl of sirens heralded the arrival at the Police force. Ellen expression brightened as a flash of red slammed into the Venomoth.

    "We're sa—"

    And then the pokemon was slapped across the grounds, sent into a retreat even faster than its initial charged. The gladness drained from her face.

    "—screwed, we're completely screwed."

    She eyed the arriving detachment of Officers, noting that there were no Officer Jenny among them. They seemed to have a varied array of Pokemon, but judging from their most recent performance, she wasn't sure if it would help. Still, she pointed her Poketch at each of the Officer's Pokemon while the red-scarfed hooligan began to cackle about something incomprehensible.

    『Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. Growlithe has a superb sense of smell.
    Once it smells anything, this Pokémon won't forget the scent, no matter what.
    It uses its advanced olfactory sense to determine the emotions of other living things.』

    『Manectric, the Discharge Pokemon.
    Manectric discharges strong electricity from its mane.
    The mane is used for collecting electricity in the atmosphere.
    This Pokémon creates thunderclouds above its head.』

    『Tengela, the Vine Pokemon.
    Tangela's vines snap off easily if they are grabbed.
    This happens without pain, allowing it to make a quick getaway.
    The lost vines are replaced by newly grown vines the very next day.』

    『Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokemon.
    Once Croconaw has clamped its jaws on its foe, it will absolutely not let go.
    Because the tips of its fangs are forked back like barbed fishhooks,
    they become impossible to remove when they have sunk in.』

    While some of the pokemon seemed to be clearly more reliable than others, they all seemed to be getting a...somewhat decent job done. Notwithstanding the fact that they were already one down, the Officers seemed (maybe) capable of holding their own. Perhaps it was time for her, as a civilian, to retreat to safety.

    Ellen gestured silently to Cordelia, telling the Mawile to take some distance in case they needed to make a break for it.
  15. Devin walked as they moved towards Route 1, and was about to speak when Rowan asked for silence. Devin paused as he tried to listen in, he heard some...distant sound, but it very well could have been the wind and as such he was unsure what he was supposed to listen to.

    "W-what? Did you hear some..." Devin started to say, before Terra's ears perked as it seems the dog Pokemon heard something. Understandable given she always had sharp senses, and before Devin could react she took off ahead towards the direction where the source presumably had been.

    "T-terra! Wait!" Devin called out as he quickly gave chase.
  16. "Ooh, a Voltorb! You caught it then? That is nicely done, especially since Voltorb are known for two things. Their speed and their tendency to explode without any reason. Guess I can expect to see you one day with black skin due to it exploding." Sandra chuckled at the thought of it. "Let's go, we haven't got all day!" She recalled her Pokémon and followed Devin onto Route 1. Her curiostity was piqued when Rowan asked for silence, but all she could hear was the wind. There was something out there though, as Terra picked something up and decided to give chase. "Oh dear, let's go Rowan!" She chased the Puppy Pokémon, curious to see what she picked up.
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  17. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Right!" Rowan said firmly as he put away Sulum. As he was giving chase to Terra, the young man couldn't help but think about the recent news.

    A guy killed by his own Pokémon...thats brutal. I couldn't imagine Mantì just turning on me like that...maybe I shouldn't've come here. I may find a little more here than just a Pokémon League...
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  18. “Growlithe! ”

    The panicked officer shouted before his voice was drowned out by the deafening bug buzz. All of the officers covered their ears in an attempt to defend themselves from the noise. Tangela, being weak to bug types, lost it’s grip on Levi while being knocked back from the effects.

    “Manectric use thunderbolt now!”

    One of the Officers yelled as loud as he could with a command before falling to his knees. Luckily, the Manectric had already been prepared. The thunderbolt, having its power doubled due to the use of the move charge, shot out from the canine like a bolt of lightning towards the Venomoth.

    Last but not least, after failing to take down the trainer with water pulse, Croconaw attempted to go after him with a crunch. Unfortunately, it was nearly overcome by the effects of the bug buzz and had fallen to one knee. Only it’s willpower allowed it to stand back up. With a ferocious gaze, the Croconaw bared it’s glowing fangs before attempting a last effort attack.


    “Hm. Route 1?... Giant Venomoth?... Children?”

    Shamelessly, Tyler listened in to the conversation Officer Jenny was having with presumably another officer through the communication device on the motor cycle. From what he had interpreted, it seemed there was a man who had a giant, powered up Venonat on Route 1. According the report, it had attacked a group of kids and even attempted to eat someone.

    ‘Giant man-eating Venomoth? What type of drugs do these people have their Pokémon on?!’

    It seemed even in Geminos, Tyler couldn’t escape the drugs...

    “Alright, contact the rangers. I’ll head there myself as well.”

    After the call ended, the fact that he would be going with her quickly sunk in. Tyler couldn’t have come to that conclusion any sooner. Without even a warning, the vehicle swerved to change direction. Had he not been wearing a seatbelt, his body might’ve flown out of the sidecar due the high speed they were going at. Officer Jenny seemed to have forgotten he was there when she looked back at him with a somewhat confused expression.

    “Oh. Change of plans dear. There is something I need to take care of just stay safe.”

    As she said this, a Sawk, which had been attempting to show off a few techniques to another trainer’s Mienshao as it crossed the street, turned when it heard a noise. With confident grunt, Sawk turned to face the oncoming challenger in a fighting stance. It didn’t take long for the blue karate Pokémon to recognize this opponent wasn’t planning to stop. Tyler watched as the Sawk jumped out of the way and tackled a nearby Machoke in the process. Last thing Tyler saw was the Machoke pushing Sawk to the ground before squaring up.

    Tyler didn’t even know why he should be surprised anymore. Officer Jenny didn’t even seem to notice and brought her focus back to the road like nothing happened.

    ‘What is this woman smoking?’
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  19. Terra continued to sprint ahead, hearing more and more voices which became an irresistible call though just as quickly she came to a sudden stop which caused Devin to halt his run as well.

    "C-come on Terra, don't just run off like..." Devin started to say, before he noticed Terra growling by a bush that seemed to be moving as if something was inside of it. Devin became curious if not cautious, and it seemed to be the right decision as sure enough a orange blur jumped out and revealed itself to be a Growlithe.

    The Growlithe seemed to be drawn to Terra and the group of trainers as it gave a bark, as if to give Terra a warning who barked back, and while he knew in the back of his mind it may not be wise to go for a scan now he figured it was better to fully know what he was dealing with.

    "Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. It is very protective of its territory. It will bark and bite to repel intruders from its space."
    Devin had to pause once he got that information as this seemed to be an issue. Seems that whatever noise Terra was drawn to had caused them to wonder to this Growlithe's territory. And given Terra seemed raring to go it seemed a battle was inevitable, which caused Devin to fight given whatever got the group's attention earlier would have to wait. Least on his end.

    "I-I think I am gonna be stuck here. You two can go ahead. I-I'll catch up." Devin said to Rowan and Sandra as this situation was a bit spontaneous for his liking but at the same time he needed a team and this was as good a chance as any as both Growlithe and Terra stared down intensely.

    However, his request seemed a bit...complicated. As it turned out this Growlithe was not alone. No it seemed there was a full pack as a pair more appeared by the one that stared Terra down who growled with odd intensity. As it seemed Terra's focus was as much on what was behind the Growlithe trio as it was them.

    There seemed to be a few more Growlithe just beyond the bush. One that seemed to try to encircle a lone Kangaskhan who seemed to be isolated as the pack growled aggressively at them. This situation just got a lot more dire than Devin expected and while Terra would not run he knew they couldn't win this alone.

    C-crap. What do I do? Come on think think!
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  20. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “Levi...?? Aren’t you going to answer me?!”

    Before he was responded to, Levi was dragged off by an officer jenny’s tangela. Oh GREAT. Where does that leave me??


    He scrambled to his feet, Dunsparce in tow. He ran behind a tree nearbye the jenny’s...and good thing he did, as a violent bug buzz roared across the zone, Newt having to hold his ears because it was so loud. We need to get out of here!

    Manetric cut through the waves of energy, the lightning cracking as it smashed into the insect. It fluttered erratically, trying to stay airborne, staggering back and hitting a tree trunk. Twitching, the Venomoth spring from the tree, damaged, but far from defeated.


    Venomoth screeched, tearing toward its attacker, manetric. It’s fangs grew neon green, Bug bite lighting them up. It yanked it up into the sky, gripping it with it’s six arms. It screeched right at it before biting down with it’s jaws, not even attempting to suck it’s blood quickly, aiming to crack down on it’s neck.

    Meanwhile, a gutsy move from croncraw snapped onto Zoom’s arm, drawing blood as it soaked his sleeve. Zoom laughed in the pain.

    “Aha!! You need to know your place! No one bites the Zoom!”

    At that moment, he yanked out the handkerchief covering his mouth, revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth, mimicking that of a shark. He retaliated on the water pokemon, biting croncraw back right on it’s eye.
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  21. Levi smacked his hands over his ears as the intense Bug Buzz rocked every soul on the field. He was so preoccupied with the powerful attack, he hadn’t even realized Tangela let go of him, nor did he notice Newt’s voice during all the commotion.

    Upon Bug Buzz finally ending, Levi rolled towards the tree line, Newt now in his sites.

    “Are you okay?!” He shouted, quickly crawling towards his ally.
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  22. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "All right now what was Terra on ab-" Rowan interrupted himself when he saw the situation at hand. A pack of growlithe seemed to emerge from the presence of the singular, and all the Puppy Pokémon looked rather hostile towards Devin.

    "Damnit," Rowan muttered under his breath before continuing on due to Devin's request.

    Something tells me that this isnt even the worst of it...
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  23. "Wow, I don't know what happened to it but that Houdour sure got powerful." Speaking in a voice that was out of breath, Ken, along with his two pokemon, had many bruises and burn marks scattered on their body. “Hah, there’s no way you’re beating me! If you give up now and hand over that charmander I might consider sparring you!” The poacher shouted with a smug grin. “And let you do whatever you did to your pokemon on it too? Sorry but no.” The poacher shrugged. “Oh well, doesn’t matter to me. Get him!” With the command, the Houndour rushed at Ken.

    “Geb use Withdraw and spin to the right, 13 curve around the left!” Ken’s two pokemon ran off in their respective directions which distracted the Fire Dark type. “Ignore them! Go for the trainer!” It focused back towards Ken.

    “Now! Confusion!”

    “Hah fool, did you forget Houndour is a dark type? That psychic move will do nothing!”

    “I never said to use it on your pokemon.”

    Suddenly, the shell spinning Squirtle performed a sharp turn, glowing with purple energy, and nailed the Houndour on the side of its face. “Corner it with Headbutt!” 13 ran in and sandwiched the hound’s head between the two attacks. The poacher looked surprised and annoyed. “Shake it off!” The Houndour then flailed his head to the sides and shook off its attackers before using Roar on the Squirtle, who was sent back to its pokeball. Ken’s third pokeball began glowing as it’s content was unleashed. “Oh crap, Nidoran is still new and I haven’t figured out a good tactic with her. Oh well, no better time to figure it out than the present.” Ken decided, which was why he was surprised when Rhyhorn stomped onto the field. “Wait what? Oh, my pokeball must have gotten mixed up with Ellen’s when we fell earlier.”

    Before he had time to think any more, the Houndour ran at 13 with a Bite attack. “Oh crap! Quickly Disable!” The Drowzee performed the move, stopping the element of the attack but not the motion. 13 held his arms up and blocked the normal bite, flinching in pain. “Uh oh this isn’t good.” Ken looked at Rhyhorn. “No time to figure this out, I need to act. Umm, Rhyhorn use Horn attack?” Calling out the attack in a questioning manner, the Rock Ground type pokemon reacted, beginning to run at the opposing pokemon.

    The dog pokemon saw the attack and began pulling away. “Oh no you don’t! 13 use Confusion!” 13 used the move on Rhyhorn, making it move a lot quicker as it reached the Houndour and rammed its horn on the opponent’s underbelly, sending it flying away. Ken ran up to his Drowzee and handed him an Oran Berry. “I’m running low on Oran Berry on me.”
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  24. Upon being ferociously bitten by the Venomoth, the Manectric let out a cry of pain as blood splurged out of its neck. However, the strong physical contact allowed its ability Static to activate, which should paralyze the Venomoth. With the sound of the bug buzz finally fading, the officers were able to regain their hearing.

    “I’m sorry Manectric but if you can hear me use discharge now!”

    Tears could be seen in this officer’s eyes as he clenched his fists before giving what could possibly his final command to Manectric. A barely audible grunt was heard as the Manectric managed to give a slight grin to its trainer before choosing to go out in a blaze of glory. Manectric attempted to light everything around it up with electricity from one final discharge before falling to the ground.

    On Zoom’s end of the field, Croconaw gave a terror-stricken shriek as the eye was ripped out of its socket. Blood streamed down one side of its face due to the injury. However, that didn’t stop Croconaw from increasing the pressure of the crunch. It was called the big jaw Pokémon for a reason. Using its hidden ability sheer force, the amount of damage was increased by removing the side effects of the move.

    Already having teared through tissue, the fangs now reached bone. Cutting through it would be as easy as slicing butter. If Croconaw was going to lose an eye, then it would take an arm. In a feral rage, Croconaw clamped down and aimed to tear the arm right off. All Tangela could do was watch as it’s old partners began to fall one by one to this menace as the officers began gathering their medical supplies for emergency treatment.

    Meanwhile, a vehicle going at top speed blew past the city limit and was now heading directly towards the Venomoth. The one driving this vehicle was none other than Officer Jenny. In the sidecar sat Tyler, who was basically petrified due to her crazy maneuvers. He could see the Venomoth growing in the distance, along with the officers and trainers.

    Officer Jenny, however, showed no signs of slowing down. In fact, she seemed to speed up as her hands now had an even firmer grip on the hand controls.

    “Are you high?!”

    Tyler shouted while reaching for one of his pokeballs. He had to get away from this woman now. Inadvertently, when they hit one of the many bumps on the path of Route 1, Tyler activated the pokeball of the Ralts. The pokemon spawned in his lap and just looked at him with its usual confused expression. Unsure of how else to react, all Tyler could do was return that confused gaze for a moment before pulling it close so it wouldn’t fly off the vehicle.

    Officer Jenny hadn’t even bothered to acknowledge his question. Instead, with one hand, she pulled out a pokeball and held it out to her left side. It opened to release Arcanine. Immediately, the pokémon began sprinting alongside them, easily keeping up. When she spoke up next, Tyler immediately recognized the shift. In a somber, almost wishful tone he hadn’t yet heard, Officer Jenny gave her request.

    “Please make it in time.”

    Her unusually soft voice seemed to have lit a fire from within the Arcanine as Tyler soon felt a sudden burst of sweltering heat wash over him. The pokémon was soon enveloped by a cloak of scorching flames. It’s speed seemed to grow at an extraordinary rate as they were quickly left behind.

    “Drugs? No. This is...”

    Losing itself in the fiery blaze, Arcanine burst towards Venomoth at blistering speeds. Seeing flare blitz, one of the most powerful fire attacks, for the time was truly a remarkable scene that would be forever burnt into Tyler’s memory.
  25. The buzzing was beyond belief, the fearful frequency stinging at Ellen's ears until she was forced to crouch behind her tree. She plugged her ears as best she could with her palms; grounding her teeth to distract herself. Her Pokemon suffered even more from the horrid buzzing, and she fumbled with their pokeballs, trying to return them while keeping her ears covered.

    The baby Cubone thrashed within her bag, struggling until it freed and arm, then both arms, then it's head, as it tried to leap from her bag and flee the scene. Ellen snatched it as it leaped; she didn't want the baby Pokemon to become the mothball's next target. Fortunately, the Venomoth soon stopped buzzing. Unfortunately, that was because it was now occupied ripping the Officer's Manectric to death.

    The splash of blood across the grass caused Ellen to pale with terror. Fortunately, the Officer's Croconaw had latched onto the Venomoth's trainer. Unfortunately, the trainer was— inhuman.

    As the Croconaw's eye went spiraling through the air, it bounced with moist squelches, rolling until it came to a stop not even 5 ft from Ellen. The Canalavean locked eyes with the disembodied eye, holding its glassy gaze for just a moment. Then it all came surging to the forefront; her breakfast stained the grass. A feeling of sickness sunk to the now emptied chambers of her stomach, the threat of death and the grimness of the situation settling in.

    But that was when it happened— cloaked in a coat of majesty and valor, a single Pokemon burned across her vision. It stepped across the plains like the wind through the clouds, free and unfettered. As if a creature from legend, it showed absolute disdain to all who opposed it.

    Ellen's already feeble footing crumbled, and she slumped to her knees, star-struck.

  26. Sandra caught her breath as Terra and Devin finally stopped. "Wh..at did she...find?" She asked in between ragged breaths, though all it took was a quick glance around to see what the ruckus was about. A pack of Growlithe was hunting down a Kangaskhan, and by the looks of it the Normal type was losing.

    "I am not letting you deal with this alone, go Astraea!" The Johtonian girl tossed a Pokéball up in the air and the Staryu that got released let out a war cry. "We'll all try to take out the Growlithe, I'll then try to calm the Kangaskhan. Be careful to not hit each other, or to get hit by any attacks the Kangaskhan, otherwise we might get in serious trouble!" She ordered her new friends, hoping that they would listen. Normally she would let the pack attack the Kangaskhan, just because she was a vegetarian didn't mean that she would force Pokémon to become vegetarian too. Nature was cruel, there was no way around that. But she would be damned if she or her Pokémon were going to end on that menu.
  27. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “I’m not dead...so I guess that’s something.”

    He cringed as the sound of battle raged on, Dunsparce clinging onto his hoodie tightly. He frowned, shaking his head. We shouldn’t be out here.

    “We should make a break to aquamarine city! Let’s go as quick as possible!”

    Paralyzed by the Static, Venomoth gave a large wing beat, munching down on manetric. Upon hearing the trainer’s cry for using discharge, the Venomoth, using its grip on it’s neck as an anchor point, hurled it toward croncraw. If it knew one thing about discharge...


    ...it didn’t discriminate friend from foe. It zapped croncraw super effectively, stopping it from furthering it’s biting move. Zoom, while partially zapped by the attack, was far better off due to not being weak by it. He tossed aside a charred handkerchief and pulled croncraw off him with his razor sharp teeth. He had a bloody wound on his arm, which wasn’t good by any means. The first wound one this little trip.

    “Tch, watch out its one on two, and we ain’t letting up until we tear through you!” He rhymed.

    Tanglea, bring the last mon standing, was now the only target for Venomoth. Venomoth didn’t seem to care about collateral damage, as it fired another round of ear splitting bug buzzes, which tangela was very much weak to. The window of escape for the crew was thining
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  28. “What are you doing you worthless mutt? Get this over with!”

    The Houndour began barraging Ken’s party with embers, they had taken cover behind Rhyhorn who was wincing in pain. “Damn those are powerful embers, even with a resistance Rhyhorn is still taking significant damage. Have to find a way to end this quickly.” Pulling out Geb’s pokeball, Ken let loose the tiny turtle pokemon once again. “Aura Sphere!” Charging up a blue energy orb, Geb threw it at the Houndour who retaliated using Ember, causing a smoke screen.

    Through the smoke, Rhyhorn charged in with a Horn Attack. The Houndour jumped over the charging rock Rhino answer was met with another blue energy sphere. As it was about to blast it away, the orb suddenly curved around it, glowing a slight tint of purple, and nailed the pokemon on its back, sending it falling back down.

    “Now! All out attack!” Ken’s 3 pokemon all began charging at the falling Houndour, aiming to finish it off. All looked good until the Houndour’s eyes suddenly opened up. It let out a Snarl which stunned and knocked away all its attackers before landing back on the ground and making a dash at Ken, aiming to maul him. The pokemon all looked up, unable to get themselves to move fast enough while their trainer held up his arms to brace for impact. “Crap! This is bad!”

    Suddenly, from behind Ken, a few running footsteps was heard as the Charmander run up from between the trainer and the fire dark type dog pokemon. A draconic aura covered it body as it rammed the opposing pokemon away. “That’s Dragon Rush.” The Fire dragon looked back with a confident look in its eyes, Ken’s expression changed from concern to determined as he returned the look with a nod.

    Meanwhile, the knocked down Houndour’s body began twitching, a bit of foam formed around its mouth as the purple aura around it began fading slightly.
  29. "Yeah, b-be careful." Devin replied to Sandra as the plan seemed fair enough even if he felt she didn't need to risk herself or her partner in this. Not that he had not appreciated it. Either way don't get in each other's way and don't get the Kangaskhan involved seemed simple enough to follow. While they were outnumbered by the pack, Devin & Sandra did carry a type advantage which while never the sole decider of true battle should allow the scales to even out if nothing else.


    The Growlithe were quick to respond with a call, as four of them charged the pair of trainers. Two of them focused on the Astraea as one of them gave an intense glare; using Leer in an effort to try and nerve the opponent to drop its defense. While the other opened its mouth and fired several small flame spheres as it used Ember on the Staryu.

    the pair of Growltihe that focused on Devin seemed to adopt a more simplistic approach. One charged ahead and bared its teeth as it tried to bite at Terra while the other readied itself in the back for a presumed follow up move while the other would work to pin it with its jaws. But Devin had no intention of letting the plan come to fruition.

    "Terra, jump and use Rock Throw!" Devin called out as Terra jumped up just before the Growlithe could clamp down with its jaws as she focused on the pair before her and fired several shots of rocks at the fire types as the pair were pelted by the super effective strike; which caused cries of pain to escape their lips as Terra landed back down.
  30. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    As Rowan ran away, a feeling began to settle in. It was like a cramp, it made his stomach hurt, and it caused him stress. That feeling was guilt: guilt over leaving Devin and Sandra to possibly die, and guilt over not being brave enough to stand by them.

    No...its not too late...I still have a chance to remedy this...but only if I act right now.

    A newfound determination in his heart, Rowan bolted back the way he came from, releasing his Eevee and his Voltorb from their Pokéballs.

    "Sulum, use Swift! Acommo, you use Swift as well!" The result was a small shower of stars that were aimed at the growlite pack, much to his satisfaction.

    Hmm, what if i shouldn't've come back..? Ill worry about that later.
  31. Tangela could only watch as Manectric and Croconaw were simultaneously taken out. Both of them were gravely injured. Due to Zoom’s position, two of the officers were hesitant to get to their Pokémon and give them emergency treatment. Another officer was still busy tending to the injured Growlithe with tears streaming down her face.

    Once more, the bug buzz picked up as Venomoth had now chosen the cowering Tangela as it’s next meal. Hope seemed all but lost until a being shrouded in a majestic blaze burst onto the scene. Letting out a powerful roar as it shrugged off the bug buzz, Arcanine blitzed the Venomoth with great speed. It aimed to deliver a direct and, hopefully, final blow to this menace.
  32. The Poacher was getting really frustrated now. He walked over to the Houdour and kicked it. "Get up you useless mutt! This is one guy and you're still not done with him?!" The Houndour stood up, gaging some foam and legs shaking greatly. Ken couldn't help but get angry at the other trainer after seeing how he mistreated the Houdour. "Come on guys, let's end this quickly." Ken's pokemon shared the sentiment as all of them took a stance.

    The dark fire pokemon once again ran at Ken's party, barring its fangs, though a lot clumsier this time around. "Aura Sphere!" Geb once again created a blue energy ball and launched it at Houndour, this time aiming much lower, baiting the Houndour to jump. "Now use Withdrawal and Confusion!" Covering Geb in psychic energy, 13 curved the shell spinning Squirtle curving towards houdour who was charging an Ember. The attack hit and threw off its aim, though the Ember wasn't completely discarded as it burned half of 13's face due to the Drowzee's not moving away fast enough while controlling Geb's trajectory. "Hold on 13." Taking out a Rawst Berry, Ken began treating the brun wound by squeezing the juice from the berry on it and feeding him the rest.

    Knocking Geb away with a Snarl, the Houdour continued it track with a Bite ready to chomp, but Ken was ready for it. "Rhyhorn!" Moving in, the stone rhino blocked the bite, wincing a bit as the dog pokemon's teeth sunk into its rock skin. "Damn it can even sink its teeth into a rock type's defence?" Ken thought in disbelief before quickly snapping out of it. "Now! Metal Burst!" Absorbing the force from the Bite, Rhyhorn unleashed a metallic energy wave, blasting the Houndour back. Lastly, Charmander dashed up beside it, casting a glance towards Ken who returned the look. "Alright Charmander! Finish this with Dragon Rush!" Surrounding itself with a draconic energy, Charmander rammed into Houndour.
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  33. Astraea, though lacking in facial expressions, suffered from the Growl and the Leer, giving it a disadvantage from the start. The Leer made it a little nervous, but Astraea was more of a ranged attacker anyway so the promise of pain that the Growl made clear was not really bothering it. The Ember however would bother it when they would hit it. "Water Gun, and fast!" The Staryu obeyed without question and sent a spiralling burst of water at the fire attack, extinguishing it and kept going towards the Growlithe with the remaining force. The type advantage was nice, but they were still heavily outnumbered. If they wanted to win, they needed more than just a Rockruff and a Staryu. Beepbeep was weak to Fire, so he was out of the question.

    Drat, what does Devin have again? Just Terra? Come on Sandra, think! As Sandra was thinking at a pace of a mile per minute, stars flew past her and went for the Growlithe pack. She completely forgot about Rowan and his Voltorb, though he also seemed to have an Eevee. It didn't matter much, they were not weak against Fire moves and could fight! "Nice timing Rowan, now let's make them feel it!"
  34. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Adam continued on his way to his destination after saying his goodbye to his short lived friendship he had acquired yesterday and eventually reached his destination, Seafare's very own Aquarium. He paid the 100 Poke entrance fee and was kind of surprised at the price.

    Damn, and this Aquarium is in one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the world. The owners must be rich getting paid thousands of dollars every day...

    He continued along however and looked around. He saw many Water-type Pokemon of many regions, they had some of the more popular ones mixed in with others and also had sections for specific regions. He first went to the Kanto section since it was his home region and looked at the familiar Pokemon, not needing to use his Pokédex to identify them.

    He then advanced to the Johto section and took Hiruko out of his Pokéball in case he found another one of its kind. Sure enough the Poison/Water Pokemon began hopping up and down in happiness as it found another Qwilfish. Adam smiled at the interaction and began feeling kind of sad for him since Hiruko could no longer see his friends back in his life in the ocean. However as his mood began changing the Pokemon he was thinking about actually came to him and looked happy. It returned its spikes and gave a cuddle like motion to his trainer.

    Adam went down and picked it up, now smiling.

    "So despite seeing Pokemon just like you, you're still happy being with me?" Hiruko nodded and said, "Qwil, qwil!"
    "Haha, I guess it's that you just appreciate me treating you to see these guys. Well, don't worry. I'm gonna help make you become strong enough to impress any Pokemon you see with how cool you are, if you wish to do so." The Qwilfish jumped up and down in happiness when Adam felt a tap on his shoulder. He placed his Pokemon down and turned around saying, "Yes?"

    "Excuse me, but I heard that you're going to make that Water Pokemon there stronger, no? Then I assume your a trainer?" Adam looked down and saw a bald, pudgy man in a suit with a mustache was the one that asked him this.
    "Uhh... yeah?" Adam said confused.
    "I see, would you be so kind as to follow me?" Adam nodded, and although he was suspicious he followed the direction of the man and entered the Hoenn section.

    "You see I have a task to ask of you. Would you care to go and catch some Pokemon to add to this section? You see we're in need of a Wailmer and a Carvanha and can't import some from other regions at this moment. We'd catch our own but the only nearby ones in the region are quite aggressive. Of course, you'd be paid for your services."

    Adam thought about the job and if it was worth it. He could use the money, plus he is a trainer which usually catch Pokemon.

    "I'll take you up on that offer," he finally said, looking at the Aquarium owner.
    "Excellent, just follow me and someone will tell you where the two Pokemon can be found."
  35. Astraea would successfully overpower the Ember as it blasted the Growlithe that tried to fry it which knocked it back as the other regrouped with other Growlithes that advanced to the position of the two. Devin noted it seemed to be going well enough so far, but they were even more outnumbered as others joined the fray

    "Sulum, use Swift! Acommo, you use Swift as well!"
    Suddenly a ray of stars came and struck the pack as they cried out in pain before they moved back a step as Rowan had returned in dramatic fashion and provided much appreciated aid as his Eevee and Voltorb joined the action. Devin saw this as a chance and aimed to take advantge of their momentarily stunned opponents.

    "Terra use Sand Attack! Hit as many as you can!" Devin called out as the Rockruff barked in understanding before she turned and began to kick up dirt and sand to send flying the pack's way; one by one a number of the Growlithe were struck stunned from the Swift as their vision grew irritated by the sand in their eyes which would should provide opening that Devin aimed to capitalize on.

    "Now use Rock Throw!" Devin called out as Terra produced several floating rocks and fired them at the pack aiming to blast as many as he could.
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  36. Levi froze up as Newt planned his course of action, unsure if he should follow.

    “But all these Pokémon...” Tears welled up in Levi’s eyes for a moment, his gaze drifting across the blood coated battlefield.

    “I’m sorry...I’m so sorry...” The awestruck teen mumbled towards the group of Officers currently fighting for there lives, just so Levi didn’t have to.

    While bearing a heart heavy with regret, Levi clumsily jumped to his feet and took off towards Aquamarine City, making sure to get ahead of Newt before finally allowing the tears to flow.

    “I’m a coward.”
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  37. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    The Venomoth was hit directly by flare blitz, being hurled back and skidding across the ground. The giant bug face planted into the dirt, it’s wings dropping. Zoom seemed very frustrated by this, stomping and growling.

    “What?? You gotta be kiddin’ me! I knew officers were packing heat, but this isn’t what I meant!”

    Venomoth twitched and stirred, hissing as it got up from the ground, not looking the best of conditions. Zoom looked at the situation around him. Bah, coppers always ruining my fun. Picking people off one by one is easy, but a whole team of coppers and trainers? No thanks. At that moment, he jumped up on Venomoth’s Back, laughing manically.

    “Let this be a warning, the Oryx Boulders will Smash all of you! Don’t think you’ll be safe just cause you got numbers! Next time, I won’t be alone! Muhahaha!!!!”

    Trying his best for a stereotypical villain laugh, he rode Venomoth in a retreat. The giant shadow pokemon skipping a wing beat now and then because of the paralysis, but otherwise a safe bet he’d get away.

    Glad that’s over... newt though as the brute announced his departure. He gave a long sigh of relief, glad that he didn’t have to hide behind the tree any longer.

    “Hey Levi, are you oka-“

    He looked over to him, seeing that he was missing. This was unusual. He blinked several times, Dunsparce giving a cry and gesturing with his head in the direction of the path. There Levi was, running head... running? Didn’t he know the battle was over?

    “Levi....? Levi! Levi wait!”

    He stumbled a bit, scrambling to chase after him. Something had gotten into him...and he didn’t know what. Unbeknownst to Newt, the bloodstained battlefield remained...the permanent damage inflicted to the officers was brutal, and a grim reminder of who they just encountered.
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  38. As the Houndour laid on the ground motionless, the dark aura around it faded away. The poacher was furious now as it stomped towards the downed pokemon. “You useless dumb dog! That was one guy and you couldn’t even take care of that after getting injected with the serum? What good are you!” He pulled out the vial and syringe again. “Maybe you need more of it before you can do something useful.”

    Meanwhile, Ken watched as the poacher planned to inject the serum into his downed pokemon again. “Stop it! Can’t you see your pokemon is already unable to battle?” The other man laughed. “Hah! Just you wait, when I inject this mutt with more serum and power it up again, you’re a goner!” He showed as he pocked the needle into Houndour.

    Soon enough, the purple aura once again flared back to life and the Houndour jumped to its feet. Growling and barking in a crazed manner, the Houndour had spit dripping down its mouth. “Now go and finish this already!” At that command, the dog pokemon instead turned towards him, looking at his trainer with a crazed look. “What the hell are you looking at? I said g-“ Before he could finish his sentence, the Houndour leaped up and bit into the man’s neck, beginning to maul him. The poacher let out loud and agonizing screams of pain. “Gah! What are you doing!?”

    Seeing the horrifying scene in front of him. Ken thought quickly. He looked towards his pokemon who were all visibly weak. “Geb can you make one more Aura Sphere? 13 redirect it at the Houndour, quickly.” Crawling on the ground, Geb held up his arms, creating one more ball of blue energy and sent it in a staring line. With a flick of his finger, 13 curved the Aura Sphere sideways. The attack nailed the crazed Houndour on the side and sent it flying away, the weakened Houndour did not get back up from the attack as it finally fainted.

    The poacher stood up after stumbling a few times, holding his neck that was leaking blood. “I don’t know why you did that but don’t think I’ll thank you for it.” Ken looked at him with a look of judgement. “I would prefer not seeing someone get mauled to death in front of me. Besides, you need to be held responsible for your crimes.” He pointed at the man. The poacher chuckled. “Yeah right, who’s going to stop me from getting away? You and your pokemon are all too beat up to do anything!” Laughing maniacally, the poacher turned around to flee before seeing something which wiped the grin off his face.

    Standing in his way, was none other than the Charmander who had snuck around him. “Uh, be nice now. I was just doing my job.” The poacher rambled as he backed up. Charmander began running at the poacher which made the man panic. “I’m sorry!” He shouted as the fire type pokemon scratched his face, three red marks appearing on it. Unable to take the pain added on top of his severe neck wound, the poacher let out another scream of pain before falling to the ground, unconscious.
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  39. Beautiful and powerful; Ellen was enamored. The 『Flare Blitz』 slammed into the oversized bug, quite literally bodying the creature. As Zippity Zam Zoom Zippity Zoom Zoomed away, Ellen finally released a sigh as relief washed over her body. She watched, somewhat fearfully as the monstrous duo took to the skies and seemed to escape beyond the horizon. She dropped her gaze; which landed on the carnage left behind by the Venomoth's rampage.

    She felt her guts tightening, but at this point, she had nothing left to spew. Her body shivered and swayed, figuratively shook by the preceding events and literally shook by Cordelia. The steel type was not steely-eyed and iron blooded, trying to snap Ellen out of her reverie.

    "Ma Mawile Mawile!"

    Ellen looked down at Cordelia, faintly comforted. She soon, however, realized that comfort was not all Cordelia was trying to convey. The Deceiver Pokemon make several gestures to Nynyve's pokeball, and then circular motions with her arm, before pointed towards the damaged Pokemon the scattered the battlefield.

    "Oh! You're right! We have to do something. Nynyve, come on out and use 『Aqua Ring』"

    She attempted to rise to her feet, but she'd not yet regained full facilities and stumbled a short distance before her legs gave-in. Opting for the next best thing, she released the Clamperl as close to the injured Pokemon as she could. Glistening aquamarine rings of water manifested around the Clamperl before they shattered, spraying the surrounding Pokemon with the regenerative water.

    This wasn't exactly how 『Aqua Ring』 was supposed to be used —according to her Pokedex— however, it was the best she had right now, and she just hoped it would do something.
  40. “Get back here damnit!”

    Shouted Officer Jenny in frustration as she finally arrived on the scene. It was no use as Zoom and Venomoth had already made their escape. She let out another curse as she saw the officers and their injured Pokémon before making another call. Presumably it was for backup and emergency services.

    “Damn, what the hell happened here?”

    Tyler questioned to no one in particular as he took in his surroundings. Right now, along with help from the aqua ring, the officers were attempting to heal their Pokémon with potions. From what he could tell, the man-eating Venomoth had completely obliterated them. Ralts tried to take peak by trying to climb up Tyler but he quickly pulled it down.

    “I don’t think you want to see that.”

    His voice was a bit softer than usual. Perhaps that was due to the brutality he had seen. Tyler already did not want to be in this position and now he just wanted to leave. When Officer Jenny went to check on her officers, Tyler took this opportunity to pull out the Pokédex he had received from city hall. He used it to do a check on Ralts. He looked over the information for a moment before finding something particularly interesting.

    “Teleport huh?”

    An idea soon began to formulate in his head as he looked back to the officers. Right now, along with help from the aqua ring, the officers were attempting to heal their Pokémon with potions. After questioning some of the them, Officer Jenny found that most of the information pointed to Ellen and two other boys had been the ones assaulted. Along with Arcanine, she calmly walked over to Ellen.

    “Are you okay young lady?

    Seeming as if it were checking on them, Arcanine wore a gentle expression as it watched the Mawile and Clamperl. Officer Jenny knew this scene was probably a traumatizing experience for the girl and continued to speak in a considerate tone.

    “I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to take you in for some questioning if that’s fine. Also, did you happen to know those two boys who ran or if there was anyone else who may have been nearby?”
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