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Private/Closed Geminos: ~Threads of Uncertainty~ (Role Play Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kyuukestu, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Hearing some sort of explosion coming form the direction Ellen went, Ken turned his attention away from Adam momentarily. "Hmm? I wonder what that was." He turned back towards Adam shortly after as he spoke. "Yeah I am new around here, that would be a great help thanks." Ken thought for a moment. "Well I'd like to know how to get to city hall, and I think that's it for now."

    Geb looked at the Qwilfish hopping around him with a slight look of amusement. When Korei tapped his shoulder, the Squirtle turned his head around to see who did it but not before the Gastly turned invisible, therefore Geb didn't see anyone. He shrugged before turning back to the Qwifish
  2. "These heels are gonna be the death of me..."

    Ellen grumbled. Evidently, she'd underestimated the need for speed and now, her ankles paid the price in pain.

    Stumbling through the doors of City Hall she made haste for the information desk. The soreness in her feet was returning with a vengeance, and she wanted to get this out of the way quickly.

    "Good Evening, would you be able to tell me a bit more about the Geminos region?"

    "What would you like to know?"

    A perky attendant responded and Ellen noted as she pulled a brochure from beneath her desk and slid it over the table. Ellen eyeballed the panels from the corners of her eyes; mainly cities paired with concise descriptions.

    "I think I'd like a map, please. Would you happen to have a version compatible with the Poketch?"

    Raising her wrist, she displayed her Poketch which elicited a slightly troubled expression from the attendant.

    "I'll have it checked out for you, anything else?"

    The question gave the Canalavean pause, then she asked; "So...what are the main attractions of the Geminos Region?"

    As far as Ellen knew, Seafare was a frequent of tourists and vacation-goers, but beyond the borders of the City..? She hadn't a clue.

    The attendant was more than happy to fill those gaps in her understanding.

    "The main attractions in Geminos are the Geminos League and Grand Festival, other attractions include...well, we'd be here all day if I had to explain them all. We actually sell travel booklets for 50 Poke...though, I'll see if we have a digitized version."

    "My gratitude."

    Ellen gave a quick bow and then stepped away from the info desk, her place quickly filled by another inquisitive tourist. The looked around for a few moments, finding a set of couches which she decided to occupy. The attendant had said they have travel booklets, and Ellen seriously considered buying one and perhaps anything else that caught her eye. But, even before that...

    "The Geminos League and Grand Festival..."

    She caressed the cool Pokeballs at her waist, finding their buttons at the center and triggering them with a click. Cordelia and Nynyve appeared amidst the Halls of the City, and Ellen turned to them with her chin resting in her hands.

    "What do you guys think?"
  3. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    "Hmm, in that case let's get going. It's not too far away but there's no reason to waste time, right?" Adam gestured towards his Pokemon to follow him and they kept behind him as he led Ken to the City Hall.

    As he was walking along he noticed a Drowzee and Stunky fighting in an alleyway. He stopped for a moment to look at it and the Drowzee's failed attempts to attack the Stunky with Psychic attacks before being attacked himself. He was wondering whether or not to step in when he realized they weren't exactly doing much damage to each other since the only moves the two Pokemon could do were very weak.

    Maybe I should catch a Psychic type?

    "Hey Hiruko try Aqua Jetting that Drowzee," he asked of his Pokémon. The Qwilfish got into an attack stance and rushed the opponent with his high speed water offense but at that same moment the Stunky screeched causing him to accidentally move towards the sound and miss his target. The Stunky looked angry at Hiruko for a moment but then turned its direction back to the Drowzee having the mentality to finish one fight first.

    It performed a Fury Swipes attack against the Psychic Pokemon dealing more damage than normal since it had previously Screeched. Adam used the opportunity to send a Pokéball to Drowzee but when it neared him, he used Headbutt in retaliation, accidentally hitting the Pokéball to Stunky.

    Surprisingly the Poison type was caught by the device which caused Drowzee to declare himself victorious before moving back to the darkness of the alleyway. Adam looked confusingly at what had transpired but moved to pick up the Pokéball.

    I don't need another Poison-type... plus it's quite weak. Should I even keep it..? Hmm... Might as well for now I guess...

    He looked back and realized Ken and Geb was still there being led to City Hall.

    "Oh sorry about that... I got distracted. Well our destination is pretty close now so that's a good thing," he said, pointing towards a white building with a sign indicating what it is.

    "So I guess I wasn't too bad of a guide, despite my lack of focus near the end of our 'trip.'"
  4. After traveling to two different stores trying to find a sleeping bag, and looking for a good location to set up camp on Route 1, it was nearly pitch black outside, leaving Newt and Levi with no time to spare.


    “Ah, there we go.” A freshly started fire licked up towards Levi’s face as he cheered, the dry timber he had stacked into a small pile taking to the heat nicely.
    The fire was narrow and high, allowing for plenty of light to be cast around the camp site.

    “Won’t lie, I’m pretty proud of how well that turned out.” Levi noted with a sheepish grin whilst unrolling his sleeping back a short distance away from the fire pit.

    “Alright, come on out and stretch your legs, guys.” A bright red flash of light had quickly washed over the immediate area, leaving Rigel and Elekid in its place.

    “You guys hungry?” Levi ran his hand along the inner lining of his jacket as he spoke, quickly pulling a large handkerchief from his hidden breast pocket. Said handkerchief was unfolded several times, growing drastically in size, before being placed flat on the ground in front of his waiting Pokémon.

    “I’m pretty sure I know what your taste is like Elekid, and I think you’ll enjoy this.” Levi quipped as he pulled a large bag of homemade Pokémon Kibble from his backpack, before pouring a large helping of it onto the handkerchief.

    “Pinch!” Rigel exclaimed, scooping a large mouthful of food from the pile with glee.

    “Ele?” Elekid glanced down at the strange food, uncertain if he should really try some. He was used to fresh berry’s and plants after all, so this stuff seemed strange.

    “Trapinch.” Rigel nodded to his new comrade, surprisingly relaxed around this new face despite his previous showings.
    The reality of the situation was, if Levi trusted him enough to capture him, Rigel had no reason to worry, and he knew that.

    “Eleee...” Elekid was weighing his options, but shrugged it off as he popped a piece of the kibble in his mouth nonchalantly.

    “Elekid...” The judgmental electric Pokémon’s expression soon changed, a look of surprise washing off the usually stern mask he constantly wore. This food was great. Without a second thought, he grabbed a small fistful of kibble and took a seat next to Rigel.

    “So. How do you feel about challenging your first ever gym?” Levi spoke up once more, slipping his shoes off as he did so.
  5. "Mommy mommy look, it's a Pokemon battle!"

    By now the trio of trainers and their battles along the coastal city streets had attracted a bit of a crowd of curious onlookers who kept their safe distance but stood to watch the display. Not that Devin paid them mind for now as his focus was on the pesky Porygon

    I will travel across the land,
    Searching far and wide.
    Each Pokemon to understand
    The power that's inside!

    "Tackle!" Devin called out as Terra charged ahead, and it seemed Porygon had the same idea as it charged forward and both Pokemon slammed head first into each other.


    Gotta catch em' all!

    Bam! Bam!

    It's you and me,
    I know it's my destiny!

    Bam! Bam! Bam!


    Oh, you're my best friend,
    In a world we must defend!


    Both Pokemon jumped back from their tackle duel as both seemed to show signs of the stiff exchange, shockwaves lightly shot out behind each collision as both panted, which caused Devin to realize this was going nowhere and he needed to try out a new tactic.

    "Terra use Sand Attack!" Devin called out as Terra nodded and kicked up sand to knock it forward as it quickly hit Porygon in the eye as it began to try and shake out the irritation in the eyes as an opening had been made.


    Gotta catch em' all!
    A heart so true...

    "Use Bite!" Devin called out as Terra charged with her jaws open aiming to get a piece of the partially blinded Porygon; who in desperation fired a Psybeam but missed due to the Sand Attack. This gave Terra a chance as the Rockruff jumped up and bit at the Porygon as it groaned and tried to shake off the Rock-type.

    ...our courage will pull us through!
    You teach me and I'll teach you,

    Porygon tosses Terra off feeling the blow of the bite as Devin grins seeing his chance even as Terra was flung midair.

    "Now use Rock Throw!" Devin called out, as Terra fired several rocks as it flew to the Porygon, who just managed to get the sand out of its eyes as they widened upon seeing the rocks as it tried to call for Psybeam but was a step too slow.

    Gotta catch em' all!

    Gotta catch em' all!

    Terra's rocks slammed into the Porygon as it created a dust cloud when dirt was kicked up as Terra landed on her feet and the pair waited to see if they had beaten the Virtual Pokemon.

  6. “Thanks for the assistance.”

    Ken followed Adam as they wasted no time moving towards the City Hall, that is until Adam noticed two fighting pokemon.

    Ken watched the other trainer attempt to weaken and capture the Drowzee but due to circumstances ended up catching the Stunky. “Well it might not be the one you wanted to catch but at least you got something.” He said.

    At Adam’s apology for getting distracted, Ken raised one hand in front of him. “Oh don’t worry about it, we didn’t mind right Geb?” The Squirtle nodded in response.

    Ken looked at the white building Adam was pointing at. “Thanks, you were a great help. I think I’ll be alright by myself from here so thanks again and goodbye.” The trainer began jogging away on his own.
  7. "Watch out! Dodge it! Minimize!" Sandra shouted at Astraea, who was getting close to being struck by the Thunder Shock. The Star Shape Pokémon glowed a pinkish-purple and shrank in size, causing the Thundershock to barely clip the tip of Staryu's limb. "Good going, now use Water Gun!" The now small Staryu fired a spiralling stream of water from its top-most limb, hitting the Magnemite in its face. "Alright! That's how you do it!"

    Sandra looked around and saw quite the crowd gathered around to watch their fights, and she cracked a grin. It felt nice to see people watch and possibly cheer for you. "Let's go Astraea, show them the star that you were meant to be!" Astraea themselves were floating down rather slowly due to its smaller stature, whilst the Magnemite looked at it. "Magnemiiiite!" The Magnet Pokémon let out a screech as multiple transparent rings fired from its eye towards its target. Sandra realised the threat, but couldn't do anything in time. Due to Astraea's smaller size, they fell slower than usual and got hit by the Supersonic.

    "Uh oh, that is not good. Astraea, try another Water Gun!" Sandra ordered, hoping that Astraea would listen. The Staryu leapt in the air and spun around, before slamming itself facedown into the pavement. "That's not good, snap out of it Astraea!" The Magnemite's body became surrounded by sparks of light blue electricity. Its magnets flashed light blue and multiple light blue orbs of energy got fired at the Staryu, detonating on contact.

    "Astraea!" Sandra cried out as her Pokémon got struck by Magnet Bomb. The starfish-like Pokémon lied on the floor, not moving. It appeared as if it was all over, when all of a sudden the core of Staryu flashed bright red and they slowly stood up again on shaky legs. It reared itself upwards as it got outlined by light blue and the core began to shine light blue as well. "What the...ASTRAEA NO! YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME!" Sandra shouted, trying desperately to stop her Staryu from attacking on its own with Psywave. The last time it happened, the attack backfired and hit Astraea instead of the target. Astraea refused to listen, it was angry at the Magnemite and shot light blue rings at the Magnet Pokémon.

    Magnemite had no idea what was coming its way or how to counter it, and got hit directly by the Psychic type attack. A large dust cloud with branches here and there shielded Magnemite from any prying eyes, though if Sandra's Pokégear working again meant anything, it was pretty clear that the Magnemite was pretty much done for. "Return Astraea, you did brilliantly." She complimented as she recalled her starter before running into the cloud, finding the Magnemite barely able to keep itself afloat.

    "Y'know, for such a small Pokémon, you caused both a lot of trouble and put up a good fight. I think that you'll like it with me, I'll give you plenty of opportunities to battle. What do you say?" She asked the Steel type, who although incapable of possessing facial expressions, somehow managed to convey a smile by making the ends of the magnets glow red and blue and closing its eye. "Then it's a deal. Rest up." A Pokéball hit the tired creature and engulfed it with a red glow, snapping shut soon after as the Magnemite was both too tired to fight back and it had no reason to.
  8. On his way towards City Hall, Ken was suddenly struck by a familiar heavy smell. He moved his hand in front of his face, Geb blocked his nostrils with his hands as well. “This smells like the stench a grimer produces.” Looking around, Ken saw multiple spot of purple slime scattered around as well as a central lump of purple goo. Remembering the explosion from earlier, Ken made the connection. “Oh, I assume that was what it was.”

    Ken rolled up his sleeves. “The slime a grimer leaves behind has a possibility to turn into other grimers, their population could become overwhelming if left unchecked.” He sent out 13 beside Geb and looked at his two pokemon. “Well guys, this could become a problem if someone doesn’t do anything about it.” He let down his bag and pulled off 3 Pecha berries growing in one of his berry pots attached to his bag. “This isn’t pleasant work but someone has to take care of this before the city gets overrun with Grimers.” He handed one berry to each pokemon and ate the third one.

    Surprisingly, despite only being recently caught, 13 quickly stepped up to the task without any objection. He began moving the scattered goo back to the main body with his Confusion while Ken and Geb worked on their end with reforming the Grimer.

    After some time, they finished their task of preventing a flood of Grimers. Ken and his Geb were washing their hands in a stream of water the Squirtle was creating. “Don’t go causing any trouble now.” Ken directed the newly reformed poison pokemon before continuing towards the City Hall.
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  9. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Mantì, you know the drill, Fury Cutter once more!" The fomantis nodded as its appendage shone a darker shade of yellow-green than it had previously. All the eyes were now on him since Sandra's and Devin's battles had reached two seperate conclusions.

    The Voltorb had dodged and proceeded to counter the grass type with a tackle in a fluid motion, much to Rowan's amusement. Mantì was able to dodge the attack and now awaited her trainers next command.

    "Leafage, now!" The grass type fired some leaves at the Electric type, which was surpisingly effective. The Voltorb was trying to charge energy, but it was interrupted by the toss of a Pokeball It shook thrice before coming to a halt, the Voltorb had been caught.

    The young man wore a satisfied grin on his face as he sauntered over to claim his prize. The sound of applause came from the small crowd, prompting a bow from Rowan and Mantì.

    Now what am I gonna name this Voltorb..?
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  10. Cordelia PoV

    The world shook, darkness retreating in a spontaneous flash of light. Cordelia lurched slightly, then steadied herself. The trip to-and-from the Pokeball was always a bit nauseating. It hadn’t been much of an issue before, she lived with her humans in a large city and, for the past few years, had never really needed to frequent the Pokeball.

    Now that they were in the Geminos region, she’d been called and recalled from the contraption more times in the past 2 days than she had in a year at Canalave. She now found a growing distaste for the Pokeball.

    Her eyes narrowed savagely, a suppressed 『Growl』 rattling her iron-jaws as she eyed the offending contraption. She resolved to have her human remove it posthaste. However, that would have to wait. Her human had, once again, come to seek her advice, and she had to make herself dignified to receive her.
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  11. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    After a lengthy process of purchasing a new tent, Newt was exhausted. He pitched it up nearbye Levi, sighing. Maybe this was all a big mistake. Maybe he should have stayed home, it was far easier than roughing it out in the wilderness. No. No I can’t think like that. If I give up like that and come crawling back, they’ll never take me seriously...

    Newt was deep in his thoughts, that’s until he saw Levi take out both his pokemon companions, Rigel and Elekid...which he didn’t believe had a name yet. He shuffled in his bag, grabbing a pokeball which Wynaut was in. Dunsparce was already out so he didn’t need to get him out. Wynaut was shot out in a stream of red light.

    “Wynauuuut.” It said, touching the ground with it’s back in a revolving motion.

    Dunsparce was sound asleep underground in his little snake’s den, and Wynaut bobbed in place. He looked to Levi and his pokemon, who he was feeding. He blinked and looked over to Wynaut.

    “So have you eat-“

    Wynaut all of a sudden began to rumble, the buldge at the top of his head began to squeeze, berry juice dripping down from it. It stuck out it’s tounge and slurped down the fluid, reeling back it’s tounge and swallowing as if it never happened. Newt blinked, shocked.

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  12. Cordelia looked a bit annoyed as she was summoned, but the steel-type composed herself a moment later. Ellen thought to question it, but Cordelia didn’t seem too bothered, and so she let it pass.

    Posing her question again, Ellen allowed her Pokemon to mull over it.

    Nynyve seemed to have no opinion on the matter. The Clamperl’s shell opened and closed without an utterance, and Cordelia seemed to be of the same mind. The Mawile shrugged nonchalantly.

    “Ma Ma Mawile”

    Cordelia presented her arms levering them up and down as if weighing choices, then she simply pushed both arms to Ellen.

    “You’re saying I should try them both first?”

    A nod confirmed it.

    “Well...I guess it wouldn’t hurt.”

    As the short conversation wrapped up, she was paged at the info desk. It appeared that her things were ready. A few minutes later, and Ellen was scrolling through the new apps downloaded on her Poketch. Some were free, and some she’d spent a bit of cash on.

    All in all, she’d gotten a Pokedex app, Geminos Map app, and a travel guide book.

    Since Ken still hadn’t arrived, she decided to test out the new gear. Directing her Poketch at Nynyne, she flipped over to the Pokedex and scanned the Clamperl.

    『Clamperl, the Bivalve Pokemon, despite its appearance, it's carnivorous.
    It clamps down on its prey with both sides of its shell and doesn't let go until they stop moving. 』

    Known Moves:
    『Water Gun』
    『Whirl Pool』
    『Iron Defense』
    『Aqua Ring』

    • 2830 Poke
    • Pokeballs x 2
    • Poffin Case (Poffins x 4)
    • Poketch
    • Book of Sinnoh Mythos
    • Geminos Travel Guide

    Cordelia (Mawile)
    Nynyve (Clamperl)
  13. After getting distracted by the previous matter, Ken and his two pokemon finally arrived at the city hall. The place wasn’t as packed as he had imagined, sure there were a lot of people and Pokemon moving around in crowds but not nearly as the trainer had imagined would be at a place like so. As such, he had little trouble finding his companion and her pokemon near the desk.

    He walked towards them and leaned on the desk. “Hello, I would like to know if there’s any way you can download anything important I need to know on my Pokegear, like a travel guide and a map for example.” He handed his device to the attendant before turning around, back leaned against the desk. “Hey, I’m glad I found you so quickly. If I didn’t I would have thought you already left or something.”
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  14. As the dust cleared, the Porygon sat slumped and defeated as Devin let out a sigh of relief. The fight was....a mixed bag to say the least, one one hand he and Terra one their first battle here in the new region and it seemed their timing on their moves was flawless even if it was but an early wild encounter.

    But on the other hand, as his two travel mates each captured the wild Pokemon they fought, Devin was stuck with nothing to capture as he lacked Pokeballs. His "authentic" experience already proving a pain but he made this decision himself so there was little room to complain. Merely as Terra moved over with her tongue out and tail wagging happily, Devin simply enjoyed the victory and crouched to pet Terra on the head.

    "You did great~!" Devin complimented, and that is when clapping was heard as he finally took notice of the crowd that applauded the display of the three trainers in the rather dazzling encounters. Devin had a slight blush as he honestly spaced out during the fight and merely had a sheepish expression as he rubbed the back of his head nervously.

    "H-hehe, guess we attracted attention." Devin replied as he and Terra walked over to Sandra and Rowan. "So u-uh, ready to go to City Hall?" He asked the pair.
  15. "I'm ready to go, though a visit to the Pokécenter wouldn't hurt. Astraea and Magnemite need to get healed." Sandra had a big grin on her face as she looked at her Pokégear. "It's working again, let's go to City Hall and try to find a hotel or something. It's getting a bit late, and I've learned to not stay outside after dark when in a strange city." She turned to Rowan. "Hey, you coming? I want to hear all about how you two used some Alola power, since neither of you lost."

    In her mind, she began thinking about how to nickname her newly caught Magnemite. Jasmine has two, and she's always talking about how to be kind to Pokémon. That's it! I'll call you Beepbeep. Content with the nickname, she grinned smugly at the reactions she was expecting to see.
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  16. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “So. How do you feel about challenging your first ever gym?”

    Newt perked up when he heard these words, looking at Levi and blinking several times, trying to formulate some kind of valid response before he his half his face in his hoodie.

    “Erm...I don’t really know. It’ll be a first for me. I just hope no one gets hurt to badly.”
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  17. Levi could hear the nervous undertone in Newt’s voice, and started to feel somewhat guilty for persuading the boy to try out gym challenges.

    “Don’t worry about it to much. Gym leaders are professional battler’s who care a lot for all Pokémon in general, they wouldn’t let a battle go to far. Plus, even if one of your Pokémon did get hurt, Nurse Joy could fix em’ up no problem.” The weary boy attempted to sooth his new comrades nerves. He knew that nothing truly dangerous would happen during a gym challenge, but he couldn’t simply convince Newt of that with words. He’d need proof.

    “Besides...” Levi paused, plopping down onto his soft sleeping bag before slipping his shoes off to stretch out his toes, “even if you don’t like gym challenges, you could always try out as a coordinator.”
  18. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “I hope your right...”

    He was only slightly put to ease by Levi’s words. Sending pokemon out to fight othe pokemkm for sport sounded harmful for them in every respect. He could only imagine what something like a steelix would being capable of doing to Dunsparce. Before he could think too long on the subject, it changed into a more Contest tone


    He just pictured it. Standing on a stage in front of thousands of people, lights everywhere and being in the center of attention...a fate worse than death. The thought made him shudder, trying to scrub the thought from his brain.

    “I’ll take a pass...”
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  19. The realization set in a bit late, but Levi soon realized the flaw in being a coordinator when Newt visibly shuddered at the suggestion.

    “Yeah....guess that doesn’t fit your personality.”

    “Pinch!” Rigel exclaimed, attempting a sneak attack on Levi after he had finished his meal.

    “Oh you want some?!?” The chestnut haired boy shouted as he and Rigel went rolling off the sleeping bag.

    “Pinch!” Rigel shouted once more, attempting to nibble at the top of Levi’s head.

    “Hey! It takes me a long time to get that casual looking hairstyle!” Levi grabbed hold of Rigel, lifting the Pokémon in the air above him, similar to how a parent would play airplane with there child.
    “Ha. Gotcha.”

    “Eleee...” Elekid gave Rigel a passing glance as he popped the last piece of food in his mouth, before turning to face the other direction. Why would Trapinch act like that? Acting as if he were a pet, or a friend. Elekid was here to achieve his goals, nothing more.
  20. "I wanted to leave, but I had to wait for you and my Poketch Apps to be prepared."

    Since Ken had arrived, it was about time for things to get moving.

    "I'm going to check out route 1, see if I can catch anything interesting."

    Reaching to her waist, and the Pokeballs at her waist, Ellen was stopped by a vehement refusal from Cordelia. The Mawile snapped her jaws loudly, forming an 'X' with her arms.

    "You...don't want to enter the Pokeball?"

    This was a surprise to Ellen, Cordelia had never had a problem with her Pokeball before but...

    "I guess it wouldn't hurt."
  21. “That was nice of you to wait.”

    Turning to the counter, Ken retrieved his newly set up Pokegear. “Thanks you very much.”

    Hearing Ellen, Ken turned to his pokemon. “The city air is pretty crowded, how about we go out and explore a bit too.” Geb and 13 both looked to be gesturing in agreement. “Awesome, lets see if we can grab some berries while we’re at it.” He began walking out, his pokemon following him.
  22. The city air is pretty crowded...

    What a convenient excuse to follow her.

    Secretly rolling her eyes, Ellen started out on the trip to route one. She wanted to catch something big, or something that could evolve into something big. That way, she'd have something to ride whenever she needed to go long distances, and she could take some weight off her feet. The walk wasn't long, and shortly after she spotted a herd of massive, lumbering rock-horse-thingies.

    She flipped open her Pokedex;

    『Rhyhorn, the Spiked Pokemon. Rhyhorn's brain is very small.
    It is so dense, while on a run it forgets why it started running in the first place.
    It apparently remembers sometimes if it demolishes something.』

    "Well then..."
  23. Moving out of Seafare city and onto route 1 right outside it, Ken began looking around for any berry bushes or new pokemon. He saw an Oran Berry bush not too far off towards the left. “Ah, there’s one.”

    Ken moved towards the bush and proceeded to reach in to pick the berries, until a prick on his hand Kaden him jump back. “What the?” A Nidoran jumped out of the shrub, looking at Ken with an aggressive air. “A Nidoran, I must have disturbed it’s feeding time.”

    Behind him, the trainer’s pokemon quickly moved in between him and the aggressor. While passing, 13 used Confusion to grab a Pecha Berry from Ken’s berry pot and Geb knocked it to Ken with his tail. “Thanks guys.” Ken caught the berry and bit into it.
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  24. Albeit a bit stupid, Rhyhorn seemed just as good a Pokemon as any to ride on. Her contemplation was paused, however, when she heard a small cry of surprise from Ken.

    'Three seconds in, and he's already been poisoned...Arceus be damned if this kid makes it through the week.'

    While she hadn't seen what had poisoned Ken, it seemed to take a backseat as his cry of alarm spooked the Rhyhorn. The herd immediately took off running, barreling toward the northern plains. Pokemon scattered in all directions, but none appeared to get harmed.

    One more glance at Ken showed him eating a berry. A 『Pecha Berry』. Nurse Joy had told her about those, and they cured poison. Seemed like Ken would but fine after all.
    Deciding it was now or never, Ellen locked onto one Rhyhorn that straggled behind the rest.

    "Cordelia, lure it over with 『Taunt』! Nynyve, trap it with 『Whirlpool』!"

    She'd spend the short trip looking through the Pokedex descriptions of the few moves her Pokemon had at their repertoire. Particularly, the moves Nynyve had, as she was already familiar with Cordelia's moves. It thus didn't take her long to think up a simple plan to trap the Rhyhorn.

    Her pokemon moved, and everything seemed to go according to plan. The Rhyhorn veered off its path and charged right into a 『Whirlpool』, apparently too stupid to even try and dodge. The Rhyhorn flailed in the whirlpool with surprising power, threatening to shatter the vortex of water in moments.

    The Type checker on her Poketch told her Water-type moves had quadruple the effect on Rock/Ground Types like Rhyhorn, so she poured on the water.

    "Cordelia, 『Fairy Wind』! Nynyve, 『Water—』, wait, no, use 『Brine』!"

    Admittedly, she had no actual reason for choosing 『Brine』, she'd just never seen the move before and was curious. Ellen watched intently and Nynyve's shell rattled, a spray of high-speed droplets crashing into the Whirlpool-trapped Rhyhorn along with the Fairy Wind.

    It didn't look too strong...but it seemed to do that job well enough. Within moments, the Rhyhorn collapsed and soon after, it was in a Pokeball.

    "Hmm, well then, what shall we name you?"
  25. Glancing to the side, Ken witnessed the sudden Rhyhorn stampede that had erupted before turning back towards the Nidoran facing him. “Look, I’m sorry for intruding on you so could you calm down?” In response, the poison pokemon began shooting poison stings at them. Ken and his party began moving to the side to avoid the barrage of poison needles. “Guess not. Something needs to be done to calm her down.” Thinking quickly, Ken pulled out his Pokegear and accessed the pokemon database app that was now on it. He checked 13’s moves. “Let’s see... ah that will do. Use Disable!” 13’s eyes glowed as he waggled a finger at the Nidoran before said pokemon found herself unable to use her attack anymore.”

    “Now Geb, Bubbles!” Letting loose a stream of bubbles, Ged attacked the opposing pokemon with his water attack. “13 use Confusion.” A slight glow surrounded the Nidoran before getting flung into the air. Ken pulled out a pokeball. “Now!” He threw it.

    The ball landed on the airborne poison pokemon and absorbed her before landing back on the ground. Three shakes later, the Nidoran was caught. “Alright we did it.” Ken exclaimed with a fist pump.
  26. Ellen strolled over to retrieve her Pokeball, deciding to think of a nickname for the Pokemon as soon as she'd gotten back to city hall. As she picked the Pokeball of the ground, she hair the weakened cries of a Pokemon a short distance away. She looked around closely, eventually spotting a small...praire-dog thing, that appeared to have...a skull on its head?

    She pointed at it with her Poketch;

    『Cubone, the Lonely Pokemon.
    On its head, Cubone wears the skull of its dead mother as a helmet.
    Because of this, much of its actual face has never been seen.』
    'Oh Arceus, Ken killed its Mother in the Stampede!'

    The thought was ominous, and having been the one to bring Ken to the plains, Ellen felt rather guilty about the Cubone's loss. She swept the Cubone up in her arms and decided to turn it in to an Authority at the City Hall. At least then, it would have someone to take care of it. Returning Nynyve to her Pokeball, Ellen broke out into a jog back towards town.
  27. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Well it wouldnt make sense if I just arbitrarily stopped now would it?" Rowan playfully said as he jogged towards Devin and Sandra.

    Hmm, I think Sulum would be a good name for an Voltorb.

    "Well if you think i did well against that Voltorb, you havent seen anything yet. I still have an ace in the hole," The Alolan said in a sarcastic, over-the-top confident voice, despite him actually having an ace in the hole.

    Once I get to the first gym, then maybe I'll show off what Im talking about.
  28. After catching the small poison type, Ken walked back up to the berry bush and carefully picked a few of them, making sure to watch out for any other pokemon out of view nearby. “Alright that should be enough.” Ken looked up at the darkening sky. “Well, Let’s start heading back.” But before they managed to take two steps, a cry came from behind a bush.

    Ken went to investigate and found a Pidove with a purple needle sticking in its body. It has a light purple blush on it’s face. “Darn, that battle did end up affecting other pokemon who were not involved.” He went to grab another Pecha Berry from hisbberry pot. “I had to use more Pecha Berry in day then I usually use in a week.” He placed the berry down in front of the bird pokemon along with an Oran Berry he just picked. “Eat these, they will make you feel better.”

    Ken waited until he saw the Pidove begin eating the berries and was sure it would end up alright before beginning to head back into the city.
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  29. "So you're saying we didn't kill its mother?"

    The info-receptionist had broken out into a cold sweat, explaining the facts of nature to the newbie trainer before her.

    "No, wild Cubone always seem to mysteriously lose their mothers. You've done nothing wrong. Would you still like to leave that Cubone with us?"

    The Pokemon world was an odd place, and Ellen now realized that as she met a large variety of creatures she never would've dreamed of in Canalave.

    "Um, no. I'll keep taking care of it, thank you."

    Leaving the front desk, she pulled out Rhyhorn's Pokemon.

    "Rhyhorn...rhyhorn...so what should I name you, big fella?"
  30. Running into the city hall with his pokemon still out and following him, Ken saw Ellen near the info desk. “Oh hey there’s Ellen.” Running up to her, he saw that she was holding up a pokeball. “Hey Ellen, did you catch any new pokemon back on the route? I see you have a Cubone with you.” He pulled out a Pokémon of his own. “I also caught something, come on out Nidoran.” Ken threw the pokeball containing the once aggressive poison type pokemon who now looked a lot calmer sitting in a docile position in front of them.

    “There we go, calmed down now?” He scratched the Nidoran behind the ear which made the pokemon let out a light purr. “Good girl.”
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  31. Ellen watched, with rapt interest mind you, as Ken attempted to poison himself again.

    Her Pokedex had this to say;

    『Nidoran, the Poison Pin Pokemon.
    Nidoran♀ has barbs that secrete a powerful poison.
    They are thought to have developed as protection
    for this small-bodied Pokémon.
    When enraged,
    it releases a horrible toxin from its horn.』

    Touching such a Pokemon with your bare hands seemed...ill-advised. However, the mild-mannered Pokemon was cute, quite a bit cuter than what she'd caught.

    "Well, come on out, Rhyhorn."

    The bulky Rhino-Pokemon lumbered in the City Hall, startling a few other people due to its larger size.
  32. At the sight of Rhyhorn, Ken's eyes flared up with interest. "Whoa you caught a Rhyhorn? I always wanted to have one, they're really cool species of pokemon and I heard people in Kalos race on them for sport." Ken continued to ramble.

    "Its great that you caught one, they're very powerful and also have many utilities."
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  33. Rhyhorn was indeed, as Ken had said, a pokemon with many powerful abilities. However, all she wanted was a ride around the region. Nothing massively fancy. And more importantly, "Are you sure that's safe?"

    She leered at the way Ken stroked the Nidoran, having apparently forgotten that it'd poisoned him a mere 10 minutes ago.
  34. Ken wasn’t sure what Ellen was referring to when she asked whether it was safe at first but understood when seeing her glance at Nidoran. “Oh it’s fine, as long as I don’t touch the horn where the poison is concentrated I won’t be poisoned.” He stood up and returned the pokemon back into its pokeball.

    He look towards the exit door of the city hall and notice the dark sky. “It sure is getting late, I should get checked into the pokemon Center for the night.” He said to himself.
  35. "Right..."

    Well, if she heard about a sudden death tomorrow, then she wouldn't need to wonder who it was.

    "I'm heading out tomorrow, no later than 9 am. Good Night."

    Returning Rhyhorn to its Pokeball, Ellen and Cordelia strolled out of the City Hall. They didn't head to the Pokemon Center but instead went straight to a hotel, paying 100 Poke to spend the night. She planned to spend the night in comfort while she read through the Guide to the Geminos region.
  36. “Alright, good night.”

    Ken waved to Ellen with a smile as she walked out. He stretched a bit. “Man, it’s great we ran into such a nice person on our first day here isn’t it guys?” Geb skipped happily at that comment agreeing with his trainer while 13, being less oblivious than his trainer and his first pokemon, stood around and scratched his head. “Well let’s get going now.”

    Checking into the pokemon center, Ken left his pokemon with Nurse Joy before climbing up to the sleeping quarters. He spent some time reading the travel guide he bought at the city hall while eating an Oran Berry before going to sleep.
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  37. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Newt was surprised to see trapinch try and take a bite out of Levi’s hair! He backed up a step, not taking his eye off the scene. When they began to play around, avoiding the jaws of the orange pokemon, one thought circled his mind. ...what a bunch of idiots...

    Even still, he couldn’t help but crack a smile. Something about this interaction, as meaningless as it was gave him comfort. That they didn’t claim to be perfect, as a lot of his family members would claim. They had flaws, and wanted to find who they were along this journey too. It made him feel at ease that they would be growing along with him. A sense of comradeship.

    Wynaut walked over to the fight, it’s wide smile never leaving is face. It approached elekid with a waffle and a wave of it’s ear.

    “Why not?”
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  38. Needless to say, after having drowned into the depths of seasickness during a majority of his time on the cruise, Tyler wasn’t in a state to be wandering aimlessly around the bustling city. Lights lit up Seafare as the nightlife was starting to pick up. Groups of people and pokémon flocked the streets. As much as Tyler would’ve enjoyed to hit up a nightclub or something, his goal was to find a pokémon center and recover first.

    “Hey Froakie, do you even know where we’re going?”


    The frog on his right shoulder shrugged as it gave a lazy reply. It seemed like they really were lost. An easy solution would be too simply ask someone for directions, which he did. Tyler saw a hooded man smoking something in an alley way and carelessly went up to him.

    “Yo, what you smoking? I was just wond— “

    Without warning, Tyler was forcibly pushed back into wall with one sharp scythe to his neck and another aimed at his chest. After regaining his senses, he could see it was a Scyther which had him in this position with the hooded man standing behind the pokémon. Taking a closer look, his attacker was a middle aged man with a look displaying malicious intent.

    ”I know you got the leaves! Hand ‘em over or Sharpy will cut up into tiny pieces and feed your ass to the Mightyena!”

    “Dude, did you seriously name it Sharpy?”

    “Shut the fuck up!”

    “Anyways, I don’t got leaves, shrooms, candies, or any of that shit on me right now. Check my pockets if you want. Also Froakie, can you like, do something?”

    Tyler, not so quietly, whispered that last part to his partner pokemon who was now casually watching on the floor beside them. The frog pokémon just seemed stare blankly, deep into the dark alley way, before blinking. It looked at Tyler before simply shrugging as if it didn’t care. An act which the thug took notice of.

    “Looks like your pokémon doesn’t give two shits about you. Sad. Now hand the stuff over or else...”


    “The fuck you say to me you little shit?!”

    “Wasn’t me.”

    He had heard the soft, nearly inaudible cry of something. A pokémon perhaps. Whatever the sound was, it was soon covered by loud sirens. Someone must’ve called the authorities. An act which Tyler was certain had just sent him to his grave.

    “To hell with this! Scyther kill him and let’s get out of here!”



    For a moment, Tyler thought he was dreaming. Whatever that thug was smoking must’ve gotten to him. After letting out a cry anguish(?), the Scyther hesitated for a moment before backing up. Freed up, Tyler managed to take a few breaths before witnessing what happened next.

    “Did you not hear me Sharpy?! Use slash!”

    The mantis pokémon, gave it’s owner a confused look before following through with his command. It’s scythe glowed a bright white light before slashing at the thug. This was followed by the splattering of blood and a loud shout from the thug. Tyler could only watch as the thug crumpled to the ground, his hand attempting to cover the rather large gash on his chest area.

    “Well damn.”

    Both Tyler and the still somewhat confused Scyther shared a glance before they looked into the alleyway for this mysterious helper. There seemed to be nothing there. Unfortunately, finding his savior would have to wait as the nearby sounds indicated authorities had arrived. Tyler already had his hands up by the time he turned to face one of the officers and a Growlithe who strolled over towards them. Sharpy, not knowing how else to react, put it’s own scythes up.

    “Well, well, well. What have we here?”

    The officer asked in a surprisingly casual tone as he eyed the blood on the scythe of Sharpy before shifting his gaze to Tyler. Sensing it’s trainer might be in trouble, Froakie, quite literally, came to his side for once.

    “I can assure you officer that it’s not what it looks like.”

    “Trust me kid, I’d have a thousand donuts for every time someone has told me that line. Got a better explanation?”

    It took about a minute or two for Tyler to explain his story to the officer. From being seasick all the way to watching Sharpy cut the thug down. Tyler, however, did not mention the mysterious pokémon who seemed to confuse the Scyther. He felt somewhat bad for the mantis pokémon, as it just stood there, unable to defend itself. After his explanation, the officer took a moment to think before speaking.

    “Man assaulted by his own Pokémon. Can’t say I’m surprised. Looks like the fun is starting early tonight.”


    “In any case, you’re lucky Officer Jenny isn’t patrolling this area or else your tail would probably be sitting behind bars. Now skedaddle along kid.”

    Dumbfounded at the response, Tyler stood there comprehending what the officer had said. He’d expected to be taken for questioning or at least show some identification like a trainer card or something. This officer was just going to let him walk away.

    “Hey kid, you alright?”

    It wasn’t a surprise that his hesitation drew the attention of the officer once more. He could see subtle signs of suspicions begin to grow on the officer. Not wanting risk his luck any longer, Tyler squashed those concerns and tried to get out of there.

    “Uh no, I’m fine officer. Actually, I was just wondering if you can tell me how to get to the pokémon center...”

    After receiving precise directions from the officer, Tyler and Froakie quickly went on their way. He supposed if there was one thing to be grateful about for this situation was that his headache seem to have gone away. It felt great not having the urge to vomit anymore. However, that didn’t mean he was completely out of the woodworks yet. Hopefully the pokémon center would be able to help them out for the time being.
  39. Soon enough, the trio made it to what had to be City Hall as Devin nervously approached as he soon went to a reception desk and made it clear why they had come here.

    "Oh of course~! Identification please?" The receptionist asked as Devin handed his personal ID to her as the lady punched some stuff onto her computer which Devin could only make guesses at before she handed back his ID and presented him with an official Geminos Region Pokedex and six Pokeballs.

    "Here you go, do you desire to take part in the Geminos League?" The receptionist further asked as Devin gave a nod as his name was added for registration and an official seal was added to his Pokedex. Though this was more a token thing than anything, as the real qualification was though the Gym Badges. Either way he gave a thankful nod as the receptionist would make clear they had guests rooms if they desired to stay the night which Devin accepted as he walked with Terra to a room of their own; eager for their official journey to begin tomorrow.
  40. In the middle of Levi’s ‘battle’ with Rigel, he froze, with Rigel still hovering in his arms. A knowing grin now plastered across his face.

    “Heyyyy! Look at that! Newt’s actually smiling for once!” Levi let out a loud chuckle at this, glad to see his new comrade was finally starting to feel at ease.

    “Ele?” Elekid turned around, locking eyes with Wynaut.
    “Elekid! Kid!” The small electric Pokémon shouted, waving his hands about as an attempt to make Wynaut back up. He’d zapped this little blue bastard once before, and he’d do it again.

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