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Private/Closed Geminos: ~Threads of Uncertainty~ (Role Play Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kyuukestu, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. It was late into the night; Ellen had just finished reading the annals of route 1 and the succeeding Aquamarine City. She'd taken to reading by lamplight as she imagined the light would bleed over and disturb her neighbors should she use the much brighter room lights. She pulled the lamp switch, and the room blinked into dim darkness.

    She could still navigate by the glow of moonlight, and she charted a path to her bed. The plush sheets felt like 100 Poke against her legs; well worth her money.

    "Cordelia, get ready for bed."


    She heard a responding call from outside the room and then the clatter of glasses; Cordelia was raiding the fridge again.

    Rolling her eyes, Ellen began her own preparations for bed. She disrobed, and soon, all her clothes were neatly packed away. She would need to see about getting them washed.

    She strode across the room, wrapping a towel around her body as she milled for the bathroom.

    "Cordelia~ Bathtime!"

    The Mawile was behind her momentarily, scampering across the carpeted floor. Food stained her paws and both jaws. She had, evidently, had her fill. Ellen sighed at the mess she'd made, not only of herself but of the carpeting.

    "Common, let's get you cleaned up."

    Switch on the heated water, Ellen got to work, bathing Cordelia and then herself. Soon enough the duo were in bed, wrapped snug under the sheets. Sleep came quickly, Cordelia's figure nested under her arms was enough to replicate the slight comfort of home.


    Ellen had risen early today, wanting to get in some breakfast before she departed. She had some French toast and a side of scrambled Chansey eggs. While she ate, she'd taken note of a faint rumor that had shuffled along with the tables. Perking her ears, she listened to the women at another table.

    "Did you hear about the murder?"

    "Oh yes! It was so vicious!"

    "I heard it was a man. Do you know how he died?"

    "Well, I can't be certain. The officers haven't made a statement about it, but I heard he was killed by his own Pokemon!"

    """Oh my..."""

    Ellen froze, her fork clattering against the plates as she dropped it.

    'Dear lord Arceus, Ken is dead...'
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  2. Walking out of a brightly lit public bathroom, Ken yawned while shielding his eyes due to the bright light. “They could have made the lights a bit darker.” Moving his hand to flip the light switch, Ken felt a bit of pain on the palm of his right hand and flinched. He brought his hand over and looked at it. At the sight, his mouth morphed into a wide O shape while his eyes stayed neutral. The palm of the hand was a bit swollen and was coloured a bit purple. “Oh, I guess I never really treated this.”

    Making his way back to his bag, Ken grabbed his half eaten Pecha berry from before and squeezed some of its juice on his wound before eating the rest. He then grabbed some bandages that was laying around and wrapped it up. “I’ll need to be more careful for next time.” Ken crawled back into his bed and went back to sleep.


    The next morning, Ken retrieved his pokemon and was enjoying a nice breakfast composed of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages when a news report caught his attention. “...Last night a man was found dead with a slash wounds across his body, the police said as witness said he was attacked by his onw pokemon...”

    “Killed by his own pokemon? That’s pretty sad.”

    Finishing his meal, Ken quickly began to move out and towards the exit to route 1. “I don’t know where Ellen will be so might as well wait at the place I’m sure to meet her at. Well, better not keep a lady waiting.” He began moving with a light jog.
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  3. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Adam had spent the night in the closest Pokemon center resting and getting accustomed to the region. He put his normal clothes back on and called for Korei which caused him to reappear. The ghost Pokemon doesn't actually sleep by natural means since it doesn't need to so it instead watches over his trainer during the night. Some people might be disturbed by this but it actually makes Adam feel safe since if anything bad happens to him Korei will let him know.

    The trainer then headed downstairs and ate breakfast which the Pokemon Center had supplied for. Adam had liked to wake up early since not that many people were around around that hour so he could enjoy a moment of peace. After eating his meal he thanked Nurse Joy for the hospitality provided to him and left the building.

    He decided to make his way towards the Aquarium which he had decided to visit the previous day but forgot to since he was helping out Ken. All of a sudden an Ekans appeared before him, which he wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Korei pointing it out. It looked hostile and Adam didn't want to have his Gastly fight it since he was weak to Dark-type moves like Bite.

    Hmm... let's try that Stunky. Maybe it can show me what it can do.

    He took out the Pokeball that had the Pokemon he had caught the previous day and sent Stunky out. However when he did so the Ekans stopped looking hostile and became friendly. The Dark-type Pokemon of Adam also reacted friendly to the snake Pokemon.

    "Do you two... know each other?" The two Poison-types gave a nod-like gesture to the Trainer and he realized that the Ekans had come back to retrieve his friend.

    Oh... hmm should I keep Stunky? It seems happier living its previous city life than how it could possibly be if it stayed with me. I think... I think it's for the best if I leave it with Ekans.

    "Hey, Stunky," Adam said causing the Pokemon to face its trainer. "You want to be with your buddy, right? Go ahead. I don't wanna force you to do anything you don't want to do." The Dark-type nodded, understanding that it was released and went back into an alleyway with the Ekans like it appeared when Adam caught it.
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  4. **********The Next Day*********
    Devin had woken up early, though not by his own accord as Terra insisted he get up with the usual routine of hers; in this case, jumping on his chest over and over again until Devin had no choice but to get up.

    "Geeze girl, you give a guy no time to sleep huh?"


    Devin rolled his eyes, but rubbed his partner's head affectionately as he worked his way up and got preparing some breakfast for Terra before he went to wash himself with a morning shower. Once that was done, he would freshen up before he changed to a fresh pair of clothes as he packed his old ones in the bag before he left his room ready to set out proper.

    Then the mumblings were heard. Seems there was a story of a guy who got killed last night, and now the gossip passed around. Apparently the guy was mauled by his own Pokemon, which raised far too many questions than frankly Devin had any comfort in learning more of.

    Devin would just, try to avoid it. Though this made him nervous. Terra was his partner since he was young, they had years to form a bond. Would he be able to make one with new Pokemon here in this region? He lacked those benefits out here but if he was gonna be the trainer he dreamed to be he'd simply have to try and forge those bounds however he could. He just had to trust himself and worry about it when it came up.

    For now, he'd set out for Route 1.
  5. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    It was a long night, several hijinks ensued. The noisy antics of Levi and his pokemon alongside Wynaut, who’s curiosity got the best of him. But after it all, Newt woke up to the day light beaming him in the face. Rubbing his eyes and emerging from his sleeping bag, he yawned, Dunsparce mimicked this by emerging from the ground and doing the same. Well...time to start the day.

    Rising up, he heard something rustling in the bushes. He swerved his head to see what it was. Moments went by...not a peep from the bushes. He shrugged it off and got out of his sleeping bag, stretching. Unbeknownst to him, a pair of eyes scanned him. Watching. Waiting.

    “Levi? Are you up?” He asked. “I’m ready to get going...”
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  6. “Am now...” Levi grumbled, flipping over in his sleeping bag and accidentally waking Rigel up in the process.

    “Alright...let’s get ready...um...Elekid?” Levi’s mind switched tracks rather quickly as his gaze locked onto Elekid, who was in the exact same position he had been the night before.

    “Keeping guard, huh?” The novice researcher asked whilst kneeling down next to his new electric partner.

    “Ele...” Elekid grumbled, not willing to admit he had been watching out for the group.

    “I appreciate it, really. But you need to get some rest.” With that, Levi returned Elekid to his Pokeball and proceeded to pack up his sleeping bag.


    The fire pit made a satisfying hiss as Levi stomped out the last of the embers, signifying it was time to leave.

    “Alright, next stop-huh?” Levi cut his statement short, catching site of a bush rustling gently out of the corner of his eye, “...hm. Probably my imagination. Anyways, on to Aquamarine City!”
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  7. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    As Rowan was nearing the inn, Mantì pointed put a wild Eevee that was asleep. So using his "expert" sneaking skills, the young man tip-toed over to the Evolution Pokémon and lightly tapped it with the capture button on his Pokéball. Opening out his palms, it shook once, twice, then a third time, before confirming its capture.

    Well that was...surprisingly effective.

    With that Rowan went into the City Hall, once again holding up the rear of Devin and Sandra. Thusly, he was able to sleep peacfully with half of a full party.


    Rowan woke up to the sight of his Fomantis in the process of its photosynthesis. He hated to interrupt this rather important process, unfourtunately, he had to put Mantì in her Pokèball if the Alolan trainer were to be going anywhere. Unpleasant as it was, Rowan did the deed and could now be free to make his way to route 1. On his way, he spotted a familiar face: Devin, and so he jogged over to his acquaintence in hopes of striking up conversation.

    "Sup Devin," Rowan playfully opened, "We waiting for Sandra or no?"
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  8. Ellen shook her head. She didn't like Ken that much, but she didn't want him to die. If only he'd listened to her earlier if only he'd been less reckless. Then maybe, just maybe, he'd still be alive. She sighed, breaking into a slight jog and keeping her head down.

    'I need to get away from this town...'

    She hadn't really been paying attention to where she was going, and thus didn't notice when she slammed into a person who was lurking near the entrance of route 1. Ellen stumbled backward, falling on her rump.

    "Ow...hey, sorry about that are you oka—"

    As she raised her head to look at the person she'd crashed into, she noticed who other than Ken.

    "Eeek! but you're dead!"

    She scrambled backwards, quickly gathering up her belongings which she'd dropped and then bolting for route 1. In her haste, she hadn't noticed when she'd accidentally swapped Rhyhorn's Pokeball with Nidorans. However, despite her heels she maintained a surprising speed and was several meters away, and gaining, in a matter of seconds.
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  9. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “Yeah...there.” Newt spike less than enthusiastically.

    If he were to be honest, he was anxious about the entire gym thing. He was in no rush. Yesterday it felt like it would be forever until the gym came, and now that they were setting off to it the reality began to set in. Before he could go too deep into his line of thought, Dunsparce hoped up on him, curling around the back of his neck.


    “R-right...let’s get a move on...!”


    *Huff* *Puff*

    Another trainer ran through the forest, a rustling of bushes all around him. He couldn’t stop. If he did, *It* would get him. His partner Bidoof, appearing damaged from battle tried to keep up the heat that it could.

    “Come on bud...we are almost there...!”


    “Oh no...it’s almost here!” The trainer cried. “Come on buddy!”

    Bidoof tripped, wounds on its arms and legs made it difficult to traverse the forest floor so easily. Suddenly, a dark shadowing Pokémon approached, the sound getting much louder. Red piercing eyes shot back at the trainer as the pokemon gripped Bidoof. It’s several arms gripped the brown pokemon as it’s mouth bit into it’s neck.

    “No!!!” The trainer cried.

    The pokemon proceeded to drink bidoof’s fluids. The pokemon cried in agony before it became motionless, the large dark pokemon flinging the spent Bidoof aside like it was nothing. Tears whelled up in the trainers eyes as his partner was tossed aside. There was nothing to be done...nothing but save himself.
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  10. *huff huff*

    After a short run, Ellen had finally calmed herself. Maybe she'd jumped the gun assuming that the Ken she'd seen was a ghost. Taking a step back, maybe she'd jumped the gun assuming Ken was the only person who was so at odds with life and their own Pokemon. Maybe she needed to just relax for a bit and continue on her journey. Whatever it was, all that was now behind her. Next stop, Aquamarine city.

    Speaking of Aquamarine city, that was also the location of the first gym. However, before she got in a gym battle, Ellen did want to test herself against another trainer. Luckily, she noticed a pair of trainers who seemed en-route to Aquamarine city themselves. She noted a few Pokemon among them, but couldn't quite identify them.

    Raising her Poketch, she directed it at the stubby brown one, and the electronic voice spouted;

    Trapinch, the Sand Ant Pokemon.
    Its jaws are strong enough to crush rocks,
    but so heavy that it can't get up if it flips over.
    Sandile seize those moments as their chance.

    Next, she shifted over to the worm-thingy wrapped around the other boy's neck.

    『Dunsparce, the Land Snake Pokemon.
    When it sees a person, it digs a hole with its tail to make its escape.
    If you happen to find one, consider yourself lucky.』

    "Interesting...Oh! Forgive my manners, but, would you mind having a Pokemon battle with me?"

    She turned to who she assumed was the Trapinch's trainer as she spoke. From her readings last night, as well as the Type-checker on her Poketch, she knew that both Trapinch and her Rhyhorn were ground types. It seemed this would be the perfect opportunity to test out the new party member.
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  11. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader



    Newt turned around to face a rather curious woman. Great. Another one. He had little patience for her, as she put away the dex.

    “..Oh! Forgive my manners, but, would you mind having a Pokemon battle with me?"

    “No. Go away.” He said with a deadpanned expression
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  12. Levi tapped Newt on the shoulder as the white haired boy brushed this strange girls offer off so coldly.

    “Well actually...if you don’t wanna get involved that’s fine, but I wouldn’t mind a little battle.” The boys voice was quiet as he reasoned with his comrade, hoping this would not drive the potential challenger away.

    “I’m Levi of the Kanto Region, and I’ll accept your challenge.” He finally spoke up, giving his new opponent a small smile.
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  13. After arriving at the outskirts of route 1, Len knelt down and sent out his Squirtle. “While we wait for our companion, how about taking care of some gardening.” Pulling off his berry pots from his bag, Ken set them down in front of his pokemon. “Geb, a little water please.” Using the light stream of water coming from Geb’s mouth, Ken watered his berry bushes.

    While he was distracted by his task, he didn’t notice Ellen who had just arrived and was bumped by her. Nidoran’s pokeball rolled towards Ellen after it got loose from the collision. “Ow, sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” Looking up, Ken realized who it was that bumped into him. “Oh hey Elle-“ Before he could finish his sentence, Ellen suddenly ran away screaming. Confused, Ken got up and scratched his head. “Huh? What was that about?”

    Quickly putting away his berry pots and picking up what he thought was Nidoran’s pokeball, Ken began running into the route. “Come on, let’s go.”
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  14. Ellen was taken back at the abrupt, rude, response. However, as she turned to face Newt she noted... 'Oh, he's quite young. Must be going through puberty still.'

    She smiled lightly at the young boy but returned her gaze to Levi. "Well, Levi. Is that your younger brother? He's quite cute."

    Seeing though, as she'd come here for a battle, she decided it would be remiss of her to delay things any longer.

    "Ellen, from Sinnoh. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Rhyhorn, show me whatcha got!"

    She plucked the pokeball from her waist and gave it a toss, as the horned pokemon came out...smaller than she was expecting...and a bit more purple than she'd expected.

    "Eh? Who are you?"

    A nidoran..? Oh!

    She thought back to her earlier collision with Ken. She must've gotten their pokemon mixed up...though more importantly, it seemed Ken wasn't a ghost after all!
  15. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    The most absurd thing he has heard all day...which has been all of ten minutes, but regardless. Scowled at her and her snippy attitude while Levi brushed past him, expressing his wanting to battle.

    “I am not his little brother...” he hissed. “Newt. No relation.”

    He wasn’t much for pleasantries as he did not want to be pleasant with her. That simple.
  16. "Oh? Is that so? My apologies. I'm Ellen."

    Whatever the matter was, Newt, as he chose to name himself, seemed to have woken on the wrong side of the...ground. Taking stock of the surroundings, she could just make out the last vestiges of a camp-site...even though the town was within walking distance. The Geminos region was full of such strange people!

    "Well, Newt. Aren't you at least friends with Levi? Acquaintances maybe?"
  17. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    He held up his finger like he was about to say something, but paused.

    ...what are we?

    He didn’t actually know. Ground partners? Temporary friends? Guide and follower? Rivals? Strangers? Who was he to say? He barely knew the guy.

    “I...what ARE we Levi?” Newt questioned him.
  18. "Oh dear..."

    Ellen took a step back, choosing to watch as the two had a...relationship crisis? More than friends, less than lovers, two boys on a path to self-discovery and— wait, wasn't Newt a bit too young for that?

    He didn't look as old as Levi did, that's for sure, and although Ellen was all for self-discovery, and she quite liked reading a good drama, she realized she might need to notify Officer Jenny if things took a turn for the...interesting.

    Well, maybe she could wait a while longer.
  19. Devin walked a bit with Terra by his side before the latter gave a friendly bark which alerted his attention as he glanced back to see Rowan had caught up with him. At which point he realized he kinda just...left the two of them without even saying goodbye which caused a sweat to drop as he felt some guilt he tried to mask as he rubbed his head sheepishly.

    "O-oh hey Rowan. Yeah that sounds good. Traveling with company could make one feel less alone." Devin admitted which caused Terra to scoff and turn her head in "disgust" as Devin glanced down and quickly sighed.

    "You know what I mean." Devin grumbled.
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  20. Walking by the tree lines, Ken, with Geb walking beside him, was staring off into space thinking about what he had just witnessed with Ellen. “I wonder what was up with her. She said something about how I was supposed to be dead... do you think she thought the person who died on the news was me?” He looked to his Squirtle, looking to see what he thought but the tiny turtle pokemon only gave a shrug in response. “I guess there’s no way to know unless we find her and ask her ourselves.”

    Looking off to the side, Ken saw a lone bush with some berries on it. “Oh hey another Berry bush.” Walking towards it, Ken aimed to grab a the fruits growing out of the shrub before hearing a crackling flame beside him. Turning to the side, Ken saw an Ember fly towards him as a Charmander jumped out of a bush. Ken bent back to avoid the flames. “Seriously, what’s with me and getting attacked by pokemon here.”
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  21. Levi simply stood there, somewhat entertained by the exchange. That is, until he was pulled back into the conversation by Newt’s unexpected question.

    “Oh um...I suppose we’re friends.” He replied nonchalantly, giving Newt another nudge with his elbow before turning to face Ellen once more.

    “Er...Ryhorn is kind of a strange nickname, but I’ll go with it.” He noted in a somewhat confused manner as Ellen revealed a Nidoran, rather than the expected target.

    “Pinch!” Rigel growled, taking a step towards Nidoran.

    “Woah woah, hold up buddy. I know your excited to show what you’ve got, but I have a promise to keep.” Levi explained whilst pulling Elekid’s Pokeball from his pocket.

    “Time to see if that big attitude is backed with some big power. Go, Elekid!” In a flash of red, Elekid arrived on the battlefield, taking a moment to register what exactly was going on.

    “Time for our first battle together. Ellen, you can have the first move.”

    “Eleee....!” Elekid lowered into a defensive stance, his adrenaline already flowing from sheer anticipation.
  22. The chance to have the first move was one she'd gladly take as she didn't actually know any of Nidoran's moves. She directed her Poketch at the Nidoran and scanned it quickly; Disable, Chip Away, Poison Sting, Double Kick, Tail Whip, Scratch...

    She could work with that.

    "Err, go on girl, use 『Poison Sting』 !"

    Ellen settled on a direct offensive, unsure of what most of these moves looked like in action. The Nidoran appeared quite confused, perhaps even somewhat reluctant, but it seemed to obey. With a soft cry is scattered a shower of toxic needles towards the Elekid.
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  23. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    He was half convinced by the nudge, but he wasn’t given much time to contemplate it before elekid was thrown out into battle alongside a nidoran. A battle had begun just like that. He’s in a hurry to fight...guess I can see if this would be in my best interest...

    Dunsparce meanwhile watched in anticipation as Nidoran hurled several toxic needles, engrosssed in it.


    Red eyes boomed in the darkness, a poochyena flalling down to the forest floor. The pokemon’s Intense gaze lay on the path ahead...the sound of battle amongst the otherwise forest...

    “Looks like we’ve found our next customer.” Said a mysterious voice alongside the pokemon, a snicker on their face
  24. “Alright Elekid, dodge and use Thunder Shock!”

    Elekid was quick to react, in fact, he was much quicker to react than expected. The small oval shaped Pokémon was surprisingly light on his feet, performing repeated side hops to dodge the spray of needles.

    “Ele...” Elekid revved up its arm once, taking a leap towards Nidoran.

    “Kiiid!” A frail yet fast bolt of lightning was shot directly at his target, closing the distance in mere moments.
  25. The electric shock knocked into Nidoran, sending the small Pokemon sprawling. The electric type was fast, and its moves even faster. That might pose a problem...that 『Thunder Shock』, in particular, looked like something she'd want to...

    "Nidoran, use 『Disable』! Then follow up with 『Tail Whip』!"

    The Nidoran flipped back onto her feet, eyes glowing faints as she released a pulse of formless psychic power. Then she whipped around and began to give the Elekid a waggle dance.
  26. “Ele?” Elekid glanced down at his hand, the last bit of electricity fizzling out as he did so.

    “Disable. So Thunder Shock is out the window.” Levi arched an eyebrow at the small inconvenience, taking a moment to think up a quick plan.
    This thought was cut short however, as Nidoran proceeded to use Tail Whip, a common yet versatile move.

    “Trying to chip away at our defense, huh? Not gonna happen! Elekid, use Barrier, then follow it up with Swift!”

    “Eleeee...” After a brief moment, Elekids body was encased in a veil of shimmering light that slowly dissipated, signifying an increase to defense, rather than a decrease.

    “Kidkidkid!” This somewhat beautiful display of energy was soon followed by a large wave of star-shaped blasts being hurdled towards Nidoran and the surrounding area.
    The attacks wide range and high speed would make it hard to dodge, essentially replacing the need for Thunder Shock.
  27. Oh! Those stars were pretty! But they did fly a bit low in trying to hit the Nidoran, only several inches in height. However, Ellen thought quickly and figured that she only really had one choice in move.

    "Use 『Double Kick』 to jump, then 『Poison Sting』!"

    She wasn't sure how that was going to work, and just in case, she herself ducked for cover. Her prudence was rewarded when as Nidoran's two feet smashed into the ground, the pokeman was sent spinning through the air —and presumably over the 『Swift』— turning the 『Poison Sting』 into a scatter-shot, most of which missed Elekid entirely, but a few of which peppered its surroundings.
  28. “Ah, nice use of Double Kick. Allow me to return the favor. Elekid, dodge with Quick Attack and use Swift once more!” Levi had to admit, he was getting rather excited by this battle, and he could tell Elekid felt the same.

    Elekid darted forward, leaving a trail of white light in his wake as his speed dramatically increased for a brief moment. In a flash, Elekid was now positioned directly under the airborne Nidoran.

    “Elekiiiid!” The small electric Pokémon cried, releasing a scatter shot of stars aimed to blitz Nidoran and the immediate area around it.
  29. Ellen bit her thumb, duly concerned about the sheer speed wielded by Levi's Elekid. The Pokemon seemed easily capable of running circles around Nidoran, and that was a problem. Nevertheless, Nidoran appeared to have one move designed to hit evasive opponents.

    "Nidoran 『Chip Away』!"

    Even as the stars closed in on Nidoran, exploding with bursts of sparkles, the Pokemon tensed up huddling down as she the stars battered against her rough skin. With a carefully observed strike of its own, it lurched forward using the explosive dust as a cover. The first thing to burst from the smoke was its venomous horn, seeking to puncture the Elekid with a well-placed strike.
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  30. As Tyler rolled out of bed, his mind was still at the tragic scene from the night before. Tyler knew he hadn’t been on any substances recently so him being high was out of the question. He vividly recalled the stream of dark red blood flowing out of the man after he had been stabbed by his own Pokémon.

    ”Did that shit really just happen, Froakie?”

    It was a simple question to his partner pokémon. The frog only returned a blank stare. Admittedly, they had seen similar scenes of violence back in Lumiose City. That still didn’t help him shake off this feeling of uneasiness. He shook his head before getting up to prepare for the day with the hope that guy was alright.

    About fifteen minutes later, Tyler was downstairs asking Nurse Joy for directions when Officer Jenny walked in. He cursed under his breath, fully believing she was their for him. It would seem he wasn’t safe just yet. Though he was innocent, Tyler did not want to waste the next few days trying to explain himself. So instead, he scurried out through the back of the Pokémon center and began making his way to the city hall.
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  31. Levi focused on the location Nidoran had previously been falling from, now not quite sure of its location due to the smoke cloud above the field.

    “Chip Away? Uh oh.” The chestnut haired boy barely had time to register the command before Nidoran came barreling out of the smoke, it’s lethal looking horn aimed to dig into Elekid.
    With no time to dodge, Levi opted to counter this attack with one of his own.

    “Dynamic Punch!” With that command, Elekid’s fist was cloaked in a burnt orange energy.

    “Elekid!” The battle fueled Pokémon shouted, meeting the side of Nidoran’s horn with a heavy right hook.
  32. Ellen held her breath as horn and hook collided, she couldn't see that clearly in the smoke, but she didn't need to. Nidoran came flying out of the smoke from the force of the dynamic punch. It staggered unsteadily, tottering in circles. It seemed...confused?

    "Nidoran, snap out of it, 『Tail Whip』!"

    The order seemed to be lost on the Pokemon, as it stumbled over its own feet and landed in a crumbled heap.
  33. As the thin wall of dust cleared, Elekid could be seen with a stoic look of determination on his face. The Pokémon’s arm was heavily cut up and already bruising, but other than that, all seemed well.

    “Nice Elekid, now le-huh?” Levi’s celebration was cut short as Elekid’s body went rigid, a faint purple glow emitting from his cheeks. Elekid had been poisoned.

    “Damn...we gotta end this.”

    Elekid attempted to shake off the effects of poison, focusing it’s sites on the downed Nidoran. Damn poison Pokemon always giving him trouble back when he was wild.

    “Alright Elekid, make sure it can’t get back up with Shock Wave!” With this final command, Elekid curled its body inwards, a crackle of lightning gathering between its horns.

    “Eleeee!” The battle damaged Pokémon shouted, releasing a large wave of electrical energy. If all went to plan, Confusion stacked on top of Paralysis would end this battle.
  34. "Quickly dodge with 『Double Kick』!"

    Nidoran seemed to regain its senses for a brief moment, its legs shining with power. Ellen's expression brightened, a short smile coming to her face, which was then flash-frozen as Nidoran swung, kicked itself right in the face, and was bombarded by the 『Shockwave』.

    "Nidoran! Cordelia, get her outta there!"

    Knowing the confused Nidoran stood a very high chance of stabbing and poisoning her, Ellen opted to send Cordelia, who's steel typing she knew was immune to the effects of toxins. The Mawile leaped from her side, rushing into the smoke. She came back second later, the fainted Nidoran in her arms.

    Ellen breathed a small sigh of relief and then turned to Levi; "Well Battled, it seems I've still got much to learn. Levi, was it? It won't be this easy to win next time."

  35. “Until we meet again.” Both Levi and Elekid stood tall, soaking in there first win as a duo.


    Then reality set back in, and Elekid was still poisoned.

    “Heyyyy, don’t worry bud. I got you covered.” Levi attempted to comfort his battle damaged Pokémon as he rummaged through his backpack, retrieving a berry and a potion, both of which he quickly used on Elekid.

    “That was amazing Elekid, really. I’m proud of you.”

    “Kid!” Elekid spun on his heel, facing away from Levi after being healed up. So what if this kid supported well with him? He was the one who did all the work anyways.

    “Still stubborn I see.”
  36. Ellen took note of the interaction between Elekid and Levi while she rummaged through her own bag for supplies. She pulled out a well-made Poffin, baked to perfection from a combination of Oran and Cheri Berries. Its flavors were mellow and its scent was fragrant. She waved the Poffin under Nidoran's nose, allowed the scent to waft over to the Pokemon. As the poison pin Pokemon awoke, she carefully fed it the Poffin.

    "Good job girl, you did well."

    Nidoran had performed...about as well as it could've given the circumstances. She wasn't actually its trainer after all. This was already a bit more than she was expecting. As Nidoran engrossed itself in the Poffin, Ellen turned to Levi.

    "Maybe it would warm up to you a bit more if you gave it a nickname? For example, this little one...her name is..."

    Ellen froze, remembering that Nidoran didn't actually belong to her and it would be rather rude to name another's Pokemon. Though...she figured it might be fine. She gave a sly wink to Nidoran, before finishing up her sentence.

    "Her name is Aveta."
  37. A light snoring could be heard from Sandra's room, the inhabitant soundly asleep as her Pokémon watched over her. Not that people could see if Astraea was asleep or not, but that was besides the point. Beepbeep nudged its trainer, wanting her to wake up and start her journey with the two people it saw yesterday. "Mmmm, five more minutes...." She mumbled in her sleep as she turned around and continued her rest. Beepbeep was appalled, this was its new trainer? They would not be okay with that, and never would be. "Magnemite!" Firing off a Thundershock at its trainer, it turned around and looked at the clock on the wall. It was a clock with springs, so the Magnemite couldn't affect it with electromagnetic waves. It was 8:30 in the morning, and that was two hours later than it wanted it to be.

    "Ow!" Sandra jolted awake and glared at the Electric type. "What's this all about, you jerk?" Said jerk nodded its body at the clock and reality struck the Johtonian. "Where are Devin and Rowan? I overslept!" She sighed and looked up at the ceiling, noticing Astraea stuck on the ceiling. "Morning Astraea, glad to see you're still where I left you." In response to the greeting, the Staryu let go of the ceiling and crashed down on the bed. "One of these days you'll miss, and then you'll be sorry." Meanwhile, Beepbeep floated in one place and rolled its eye. Maybe he was better off in the wild.

    As Sandra went downstairs to grab some breakfast, rumors flew into her ears. Apparently someone died at the supposed hands of their own Pokémon! A shiver ran lazily down her spine as she grabbed some apples and bread before going outside, she got what she wanted from City Hall last night anyways. Astraea was getting used to walking on land and Beepbeep was incredibly eager to get a move on, so they balanced themselves out nicely. Beepbeep pushed Astraea to walk faster and get used to walking whilst Astraea forced Beepbeep to wait around and be patient. Sandra kept an eye on them, in case something went wrong and they began to fight. Soon enough she saw Devin and Rowan wait for her, and a wave of relief washed over her. "Here I am, sorry for making you wait! I tried my best to hurry!" She did take her time to brush her teeth, but her hair had to be ignored for today. Not that Beepbeep's little surprise did much good for her look anyway, it looked like a bomb went off or if she put a bird's nest on her head.
  38. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Rowan's expression shifted to that or bemusement when he saw Sandra's new "hairstyle". Regardless, he thought he make light of this little situation.

    "You know Sandra, I'll be frank with you. Your hair...really suits you, I like it!" He chuckled as he said it before making a slight hand motion, "Shall we proceed with today's encounters?"
  39. "Ha ha, very funny. Would you like your own personalised haircut? Just give the word and I'll let Beepbeep do their thing." Sandra scoffed as she threatened Rowan, although she made no attempt to try and fix her hair. Besides, she could see the fun in it when looking from his perspective. "Beepbeep's ambition to be a hairstylist aside, I am ready to start a new adventure. What about you Devin?"
  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Watching the battle reach it’s end, Newt was slightly cringing at its conclusion. It looked painful for everyone involved, especially Elekid who remained poisoned. Is THAT the appeal? It doesn’t look fun at all... Dunsparce however looked pretty invested in the fight, barking in joy as it concluded.

    He’s...into it? I never would have thought. Maybe getting in a battle himself would be enough to dissuade him.

    “So...battle’s over?”

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