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Ask to Join Geminos: ~Threads of Uncertainty~ (Role Play Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kyuukestu, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Old Sinnoh folktales spoke of the relationship between people and Pokemon. They told of a menagerie of relationships: friends & foes, predator & prey, and oddly enough, husband & wife.

    As Ellen closed her tome of myths she gazed over the ship’s railings, the Port City of Seafare zoomed in on the horizon. Even from a distance, she could tell the city thrummed with life.

    ‘Oh! The view must be beautiful at night.’

    She could already imagine it; the oceanfront dyed the color of the city; towers scraping the skies; their glass planes glowing with the faint hue of neon lights. The bustle reminded her of Jubilife City.

    As the ship cruised into the dock, Ellen made her way to the unloading point. The boat was anchored to shore and the gates flew open.

    Moving along with the throng of people, Ellen took her first steps onto the shores of Geminos. She’d done a bit of research and knew the Geminos region was run by a coalition of Rangers, Officer Jennys, League, and other Officials. They were stationed in the City Hall and, hopefully, could provide her some directional assistance...assuming she could find City Hall.

    When each direction looked just as good as the next, she left the choice to chance.

    Unholstering the Pokeball at her waist, she gave it a toss. The Pokeball spun, popping open in a flash of red light. The light fell to her left and so too did her partner Pokemon, Mawile.

    “Left... Well then, shall we, Cordelia?”

    With that, she set off.


    Ability: Intimidate

    • Astonish
    • Fairy Wind
    • Taunt
    • Growl
    • Fire Fang
    • Poison Fang


    Geez, so impatient, the lot of you ~w~

    @Shen: King of the Mist
    @Retro Master
    @Grand Master Koop
    @Mystic Zander

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  2. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    Newt stirred, the left section of his headphones snug around his left ear while the right section was firmly on his partner, Dunsparces right. A cd Player Newt held played the music that had calmed them and made the trip more soothing than the waters they crossed did. A comfort. But as the sun began to fill in the storage room, Newt opened his eyes, brushing aside a white strand of hair.

    “Sparcy...we’re here.”

    Dunsparce groaned, waking up, giving a big yawn as it removes itself from between the headphones. Newt stored the device away in his bag and opened the door to the deck of the ship. Seeing others on the deck, he mentally sighed and snuck off to a more isolated section of the ship. Arceus forbid he’d meet someone and had to...interact.

    Looking around at the new region, it seemed nice, very well kept and luxurious. Dunsparce floated up with it’s stubby wings and rested on the bars.

    “Well...I guess we can see what it’s all about hm...?”

    “Sparce!” Dunsparce panted eagerly, it’s twin tounges hanging out.

    Newt gave a soft smile as he elected to leave the ship as it reached land. Not wanting to get stuck in the crowd of people, he carefully climbed on the bars, dangling his body down. Dunsparce gripped his backpack with his mouth and gently let the boy down to the dock, beating the crowd there. Newt put his hood on and stuck his hands in his pockets, Dunsparce coiling around his neck as he walked.
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  3. “Hey Geb look, I can see the docks. We’re almost there. Geb?” A young man wearing a fancy hat spoke out as he stood next to the railings on the deck of the ship he was on. The boy was named Kenjiro Kane. He was speaking to his partner, Geb the Squirtle, who seemed to have disappeared. “Hey Geb! Where did you go?” He called out before hearing a splash in the water near him. Ken peeked his head over the guardrails and looked down into the sea as he noticed a small figured who seemed to be swimming to the docks. “Huh, seems like he couldn’t wait to take a dip.” Ken thought it himself with a slight chuckle.

    After his ship docked onto the port town. Ken wasted no time and walked off the cruiser. He was met with his Squirtle who was still a bit wet from his swim. “I see you’re pretty excited about this as well. This is the first region we’re traveling on our own after so I understand the feeling.” Geb responded to his trainer with a nod. “Well let’s get going then, there’s no telling what we’ll see in this brand new unfamiliar environment.” Ken said as he began walking, Geb following him.
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  4. “The Geminos Region....” A young chestnut haired boy muttered to himself whilst leaning over the front of the ships railing, his sheer excitement causing him to slip forward over the edge. Thankfully, his descent was stopped by an unknown force.

    “Woah!- Thanks Rigel.” The boy shouted, glancing back at the small Trapinch which had quickly clamped down on the leg of his pants to stop the young trainer from falling overboard.

    “Pinch~” Rigel responded quietly, giving his trainer a look that screamed ‘I told you so’.

    “I know, I know. I’ll keep a level head.” The boy responded, scooping his partner up as the ship began to dock.
    “But look...this awesome!” He added as the duo took in the site of several massive buildings speckled throughout the skyline.
    “This is exactly the kind of fresh start we needed.”
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  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Adam was dozing off in his beach chair he had set up on the boat to see if he would get a tan and mostly relax until he heard a familiar voice.
    "Gast, Gast!"
    The young man took off his sunglasses and stood up to see what all the fuss is about. He soon found out it was since they had nearly reached their destination. He put back on his normal clothes and got ready for the ship to reach the dock. He grabbed his fedora to make sure it didn't fall as the boat stopped its voyage.

    Adam was able to pass through the bustling lines to get to the land and eventually got past the gates into the region.
    "Geminos, huh. Sure feels a lot different compared to Kanto. Well let's get going, Korei, as amazing as this city looks we're not going to be living here or anything. This is supposed to be a journey after all, so let's hope there's many more great scenery like this one."
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  6. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Geminos, huh?

    For once, Rowan had closed his laptop to take a look at the new region. He was previously watching the Pokemon League Battle in Alola, his home region. He was too young to actually win the league, he couldn't even clear a trial. To combat this, he moved to a new region that didn't impose the obscure and in his opinion, stupid difficulty of the trials.

    "We're here. C'mon Mantì, we're gonna rock this region," As he made his bold claim, a Fomantis got up from her seat, climbed up onto her trainer, and firmly rested on his shoulder. Once he was finished packing his things, he thanked the sailor and got off the boat.

    Now on solid ground, he took the time to look around the region once more. He sauntered over to a sign titling the place as "Seafare City".

    "So that's where I am. Seafare City..." He let the name repeat in his mind several times before turning away from the sign, "Now all I have to do is find a good professor and I should be on my way to the Big Leauge," Once again stating his goal to himself, Rowan proceeded to search for a Pokemon laboratory.
  7. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Newt walked from the dock, Dunsparce still around the back of his neck. He peered up at the light house, tilting his head on the sight. He admired such beautiful imagery, if only things back ‘home’ were kept in such condition without requiring a vast city. He began to walk around the city...literally. We walked outside the perimeter of said city, not wanting to get involved with the commingling crowds of society. Instead, he elected to sit by a sturdy tree that lay just within eyesight of the boat.

    “The water is nice here.” Newt said softly, reaching a hand out from shore to dip in the water. “Wonder what else this place has to offer? What would you think, Sparcy?”
  8. Look. Doesn't matter if it is the Geminos Region or the Kanto Region or Galafudge Region, you need to take this seriously! You'll never be champion if you don't focus all your effort onto it. This isn't a game, if you want to be the best you can't let these silly pastimes of fancy distract you. Now go out there and show everyone what you are made of!

    That had been the last conversation Devin had with his father before he set out for the Geminos Region. And while he had mostly been able to avoid lingering back to that thought for the bulk of the trip his mind could not fully escape it either. While that was a more pleasant conversation than per standard between them it still had not been encouraging that that had been the last thing he said to his son.

    Something that had been picked up by Terra, his partner Rockruff who had kept close to her partner as he laid along the railing overlooking the horizon. She would pet along his leg which was enough to snap him out of the memory as he smiled and bent down to pet her head.

    Soon enough, land could be seen ahead as the ship moved to the docks. Devin would sling his backpack, which contained some supplies as well as some....other key items, as he slung it over his shoulders while Terra climbed up to his right shoulder as they walked to the loading way and before long made their way to the coastal city.

    Finally, his own Pokemon journey was ready to begin.
  9. Sandra gazed across the deep blue sea, a huge smile plastered on her face. "Hello ocean! Wave back at me!" She shouted towards the ocean, causing some Tentacool to look up at her. She didn't mind being on open sea, she's lived near the ocean for all her life and she was sure that she would spend the rest of her life near the coast. Astraea stood near its trainer, showing a lot of emotion for its standards. The Staryu was flashing its core and getting replies from other Staryu out there in the sea.

    "Already making friends huh? Clever girl." Sandra said as she pat Astraea's back. She didn't know everything about her Staryu, the core was a big mystery to her. Staryu could regenerate limbs as long as it was intact and it flashed at will. She'd worry about that later though, as the boat arrived at its destination. "Let's go Astraea, our journey will finally begin." The girl exclaimed as she recalled her Pokémon, Astraea wasn't the biggest fan of land anyway.

    Seafare City felt like a mixture of Goldenrod City and Olivine City, and Sandra could totally dig it. The skyline was a sight to behold and the smell of the sea was always nice to have. But where on earth was she supposed to go? "I need a map or something." She muttered as she opened her Pokégear and opened the Town Map card. Zooming in on Seafare City, she found that there was a city hall here. If there was any place she could get some info and directons, it would be the city hall. Her mind made up, Sandra walked into the city and decided to turn left. She had a map and it never hurt to get to know your surroundings.
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  10. Devin's first order of business was simple, if he was gonna be a Pokemon Trainer worth much he needed a Pokedex which would prove to be an invaluable asset when searching for a potential team and companions. Not to mention allow him to register for the Geminos Region's Pokemon League. Though he had to remind himself that was but one step, and the real qualification was through Gym Badges.

    Besides, if he found that stuff out he'd be able to help with the second half of his regional "prep" so he went to where it seemed most natural for him. And with Terra on his shoulder he walked right over to the one building that seemed distinct no matter what region you went to...the Pokemon Center.

    "Hello, welcome to the Seafom City Pokemon Center. My name is Nurse Joy how may I help you~?" Nurse Joy said, as outside of the style of her uniform she appeared a mirror to the other ones that appeared scattered across the Pokemon world. Devin paid that no mind as really he seemed nervous as despite his vast goals he was never the best at speaking to new people. Still, she had asked him what he wanted of her and he needed to say something so he took a deep breath and decided to just go for it. How bad could it be.

    "W-well uh, I was kinda wording if you can help me point out where I can find balls....P-pokeballs! Pokeballs a-and a Pokedex t-that is what I meant!" Devin said with a blush, as the akward pause as he fumbled his words left awkward implications as a passerby and her Eevee seemed to stare as if wondering what he just said. Nurse Joy blinked a bit before she assumed an awkward smile with the subtlest of sweat drops.

    "It's okay. I understand. You will find what you need at City Hall. At the heart of the city you cannot miss it. I wish you well on your travels." Nurse Joy said genuinely as Devin nodded and left as Terra glanced at her flustered partner providing whatever support she could.

    Stupid stupid stupid! This is why you can't talk to people unless you have it on...
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  11. Following his decent off the boat, Ken and Geb started their touring of Seafare city. There was a lot to see, the port city looked to be very busy with all the ships who were docking and leaving as well as the multitude of people of various professions moving around. Even with all that is to see, Ken was unsure where he should be going at the moment. “Hmm, I really don’t know where to go right now. Darn it, should have downloaded a map to this place on my Pokegear before coming.” He mumbled to himself.

    While Ken had his internal debate, Geb saw something interesting, a walking trash bag. “Squirtle.” He called out to his trainer while pointing at the pokemon. Ken turned towards where Geb was pointing at when he heard his pokemon’s call. “Whoa, is that a Trubbish? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real one before.”

    Ken and Geb then began following the Trubbish as it walked to who knows where, completely forgetting what he was thinking of before.
  12. Sandra walked around the city, looking around at the architecture of the city. It was a gorgeous city, with buildings in architectures that she didn't know even existed. And according to her Pokégear, the City Hall was nearby as well, today couldn't go wrong, could it? She closed the Town Map card and called her mom to let her know that she arrived safely. "Hey mom, I made it! I am in Seafare now, are you proud of me?" She asked the woman on the other side of the phone call, neither knew that both were smiling widely.

    "That's amazing dear! Keep an eye on yourself okay? And don't forget to let Astraea get used to land, you might need her one day."

    "I won't forget mom, trust me. I gotta go now, bye!" She hung up the phone and released Astraea, who immediately fell over and blinked its core at Sandra. "Sorry, but you have to learn how to walk one day." She said with a smile as she continued her trip, but slowed down considerably to let the Staryu catch up.
  13. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    Newt’s eyes began to grow heavier as he sat upon the base of the tree. The shade and the quiet often did this to him. Woken by the sound of rumbling. He looked to his left, seeing Dunsparce drill itself a hole into the ground within seconds. It then sat there, content in the hole it made with only it’s head sticking out. Newt smiled at him.

    “Looks like your settling in huh...?”



    He wish it could always be like this. Soothing breeze, nice ocean view, not a person within a hundred feet of him, and everything was happy. He was content. ...of course fate had other ideas.


    A cheery voice exlaimed from next to him. He jumped, as a female pokèmart employee stood next to him, carrying a basket filled with purple squeaky bottles.

    “Would you like to try one of our one of a kind potions? They are made right in this region! Buy now and it’ll be 60% off a whole dozen!”

    Newt frowned at the sight of her. “...go away.”

    She seemed shocked. “E-Excuse me?”

    “Go away.” He repeated with a frown.


    He gave her a resting glare, giving her an unwelcomed feeling in the pit of her stomach. She nearly clumsily tripped over herself turning away, giving a half hearted wave before making a brisk pace back to the town. Newt sighed. Hopefully no one else will show up...
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  14. Seafare City. A place full of captivating sights, massive buildings, and many time consuming activities... yet, all Levi was able to focus on, was the lone boy sitting just a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of the Seafare docking port.

    “Perhaps...he could be of some use.” Levi rationalized as he found himself approaching the random boy with unknown intent, when in reality he simply had a habit of connecting with the quietest and most reserved individuals.

    “Hey there,” Levi shouted as he approached, hoping to make his presence known. He gave a small smile as he continued, “I just arrived in the city, and was wondering if you had a map I could glance at. Or perhaps you could point me in the direction of where to pick one up.” As the boy asked his question, he couldn’t help but take note of the small Dunsparce coiled around the strangers neck. It was such a cool pokemon.

    “...pin...” Rigel cried quietly, cowering behind Levi as the two approached the stranger. It was interested, but far to nervous to show it.
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  15. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Hopefully no one else will show up...

    “Hey there.”

    Newt’s eyebrow twitched a little as the silence and solitude was broken yet again by another human being. So...just asking about a map? Okay... he planned cleverly.

    “In town...way over there.” He pointed.

    In truth, he just wanted to point him away from him so that he would leave him alone, but he wouldn’t tell that to his face. Dunsparce meanwhile cocked his head at Rigel, emerging from the ground and shaking off the dirt, panting like a dog
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  16. Levi arched an eyebrow at the boys reply, not to clear on the advice.

    “Over...where? Know the name of the establishment?” He questioned, cracking a small grin at the sight of Dunsparce’s behavior.

    “You’ve got a Dunsparce!” The chestnut haired boy shouted, unexpectedly switching the conversations track.
    “That’s such a cool pokemon. Not a lot of people capture these little guys. It’s nice to see a trainer with one by his side.”

    “Trrraaa...” Rigel whimpered, taking a step back as the Dunsparce locked eyes with it.

    “Hey, it’s okay bud. It’s not gonna hurt you.” Levi added, noting his partner was even more nervous than usual due to being in a new place.
  17. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “Uhm...” He didn’t think that far ahead. “Near the center of town I guess-“

    He was interrupted by levi’s Sudden geeking out over his companion Dunsparce, which made the white haired boy jump. He was about to tell him to leave before he began complimenting Dunsparce and that many trainers don’t have him. Newt didn’t really know what to say...what do people say when they are complimented? He had to think fast.

    “Oh...uh...yeah.” How original. Say more! “I mean, I guess most people don’t have the patience to find them. You need to be pretty quiet and understand them. Most don’t find them in their lives because they just don’t have the right nature...”

    What am I doing? I wanted him to go didn’t I?

    Dunsparce slithered forward a bit, cocking his head at trapinch again. His panting got more frequent as his back arched and wings buzzed like an insect.

    “Sparce Sparce!” It waggled excitedly.

    Dunsparce never saw a trapinch before, and come to think of it, neither did Newt. Heliked at the orange creature, taking a shining to its behavior as a reflection of his own. ...but before I do that...

    “And who is that?”
  18. “Yeah, I’ve read all about them, but never seen one in person. You must be quite the patient trainer to have captured one.” Levi noted, a glimmer still shining in his eyes as Dunsparce approached.

    “It’s actually approaching...!!!!” The boys excitement was hard to contain. He loved meeting new Pokémon, especially less common ones such as this.

    “Pinpin!” Rigel cried nervously, unsure how to react to the Dunsparce making advances.

    “Rigel...” Levi spoke quietly, dropping to one knee so he could pet his partner’s head, “Pokemon are your friends. There’s no need to be nervous.” He added, allowing Rigel waddle it’s way onto Levi’s shoulder. The young explorers ears perked up at the white haired boys interest in Rigel.

    “This is my partner in crime. Rigel the Trapinch....sorry...he’s quite shy around new people. But he’s the toughest little guy you’ll ever meet.”
  19. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    A brief flush of pink encroached upon Newt’s face upon the compliment he revived from Levi. He shook his head, warding the discoloration away. Instead of touching that rather...embarrassing subject, he focused upon Dunsparce, who insisted in trying to play with trapinch.

    “So he’s shy huh...?” He nodded understandingly. “It makes sense. There’s dangerous Pokémon out there, dangerous people, annoying people, or just people. Blabbering on about the newest trend of clothes of some kind and-oh.”

    It had come to his attention that he was focusing on the people part too long. He cleared his throat and pointed down to trapinch.

    “So uh...what makes him so tough?”
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  20. Levi merely nodded as Newt spoke, slowly coming to a conclusion.

    “He’s an extreme introvert...kinda like Rigel.” He noted, smiling softly at the similarities between his partner and this boy.

    “Can’t say I agree to much. The world is far to big and our lives are far to short to not take every chance we’ve got, despite the risk.” He replied warmly, not wanting to offend this new conversationalist with his opposing views.

    What makes him so tough?

    Levi smirked at the question, glancing over his shoulder at his now more settled partner.

    “Rigel, wanna show off a bit?”

    “Pinch!” Rigel replied, furiously shaking his head.

    “Aw come on. You love doing it when there aren’t people around.”

    “Trap!” He replied again, shaking it head.

    “Okay....I guess you don’t want a poffin after we eat dinner tonight.” Levi replied once more in an overly exaggerated tone of defeat.

    “Pinch?!?!” Rigels eye’s widened. This statement had clearly sparked a fire. Gone was the quivering little Trapinch, which was replaced by a spirit of fiery determination, and a surprisingly imposing stare.

    “S’what I thought.” Levi replied victoriously as Rigel hopped off his shoulder and cautiously approached a boulder sitting along the edge of the sidewalk.

    “Pinch.” Rigel mumbled whilst unhinging its massive jaw, before simply sinking its teeth completely through the stone as if it were warm butter. Said boulder now looked kinda like an apple with a massive bite missing from its side.


    Rigel chewed the rubble like it was soft candy, before opening its mouth once more to reveal the freshly powderized stone sitting just inside its imposing maw.

    “Rigel might be nervous, but his bite force is capable of crushing nearly anything.” Levi commented, a satisfied look slowly growing on his face.
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  21. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Despite the risk? Tell me that when you get burnt to a crisp my a marcargo... he thought to himself, thinking of just how to counter that argument. Right as he was about to speak these words, Levi changed subject, answering the Trapinch’s toughness question.

    He was taken aback as trapinch unhinged his jaw like a snake and SNAP! Bit a huge chunk out of boulder. He blinked twice, looking at the trapinch, then back at Levi, then back at trapinch.

    “Wow...uh...that’s impressive.” Newt said in lack of better words. “Wonder how it fits that much boulder in that little body...If you like, I could show you what’s dunsparce is capable of-“

    Before he said anything to Dunsparce, Dunsparce was rushing off to the remnants of the boulder. He flung himself back first at it, the drill tail whirring as it Embedded itself into the rock. Dunsparce managed to drill out a cozy hideaway within seconds, before resting there, twin touches hanging out.

    “Erm...that works. Good going.” Newt smiled.
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  22. Ellen walked along the road; white sand stretched from the wayside pavement down to the lapping blue waters. Seafoam frothed across the beachfront and Wingulls scattered in Cordelia’s wake. Ellen checked her wrist, scowling at her lack of foresight. The steel grey Poketch attached to her wrist displayed a digitized map of the Sinnoh region, detailing each town and the routes that ran between them. It was grand and all, but of no use in the Geminos Region.

    Ellen took a deep breath; the salty air then leaked in a frustrated sigh. She let her arms drop, albeit listlessly, to her side and took a gander at Cordelia.

    “At least one of us is having fun...”

    The steel type dashed through the surf, jaws gnashing as she playfully harassed the beach Pokemon. Seeing her partner so engrossed, Ellen decided now as good a time as any to take a short break.

    Her heels and stockings kept her off the sand. Any venture onto the beach would surely be a tragedy waiting to happen. An empty bench then provided the perfect spot for a quick rest and she sunk onto its wind-washed planks with yet another sigh.
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  23. So far so good...

    Despite the awkward interaction in the earlier exchange, Devin managed to get the info on where to find City Hall and more importantly he was able to to get back to a composed attitude as he walked down the sidewalk to the center of the city. Along the way, something caught Terra's attention as the Rockruff caught a curious scent and hopped off running over to the sidewalk across the street.

    "H-hey! Terra!" Devin asked shocked chasing after them as Terra managed to find the curious scent....a Staryu who seemed to be led by a girl as it walked on land. Devin arrived and picked up the nosy Rockruff as he quickly turned with a sheepish grin as he rubbed his head nervously.

    "S-sorry, she is a bit uh curious." Devin apologized on Terra's behalf to the girl and her Staryu.
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  24. “Woah, look at that drill bit go!” Levi exclaimed as Dunsparce dug a small nest into the rock.

    “See Rigel? You both like destroying rocks.” The Trapinch trainer informed his best friend, attempting to get the little guy warmed up.

    “Tra...pinch.” Rigel replied as it walked back up to Levi, glancing back quickly at the Dunsparce, before giving Levi a pleading look.

    “Huh? Oh! I see...” The trainer replied cryptically, before plopping down into a criss-cross seated position.

    “Dunsparce like bitter foods like herbs and whatnot, yeah?” Levi questioned no one in particular as he began digging through his overstuffed backpack.
    After a brief moment of fumbling with his belongings, he finally revealed a small baggy containing strange pastries of various shapes and sizes.

    “Give this one a try.” Levi said whilst passing Rigel a small square poffin.

    Rigel slowly sauntered over to Dunsparce, dropping the poffin on the ground in front of him, before nudging it forward slightly to emphasize the offer.
    The poffin was deep brown and spongey. It’s crust was coated in remnants of an energy root which had been baked into the small treat for an added kick.

    Levi and Rigel both simply stood there, staring at Dunsparce with a matching look of enthusiasm and anticipation.
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  25. Ken and Geb continued to mindlessly follow the walking trash bag for what seemed to be a long time, they walked out of the busier urban area and were now following down a beachside road parallel to the ocean beside them.

    Ken stopped. “Yeah this is a fun pass time and all but I don’t think following this pokemon will bring us anywhere.” Following those words, Geb also stopped in his tracks and looked at his trainer who was now holding his Pokegear. “Geez, really wished I had prepared better.” Ken said to himself quietly, but his partner pokemon seemed to have something more interesting on his mind.

    “Squirtle Squirt.” Geb pointed at the seaside where there looked to be a pokemon dashing around having fun. “Oh you want to go Geb?” Ken’s question was instantly replied with a nod. Ken sighed. “Fine, go have some fun while o try to figure something out.” With that, Geb quickly dashed off towards the water. “Heh, he really is still very childish.”

    Ken then made his way next to the only other human present in the immediate vicinity. “Hey, hope you don’t mind us intruding. Is that your pokemon there?” Ken spoke with a small wave.
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  26. Ellen stretched; her heels landed in a pile as she kicked them off. She sighed once more as bliss melted away her frustration and cool ocean breeze massaged her slightly sore feet. Tension drained from her body, excitement and nerves, momentarily forgotten.

    She lifted her arms to eye-level and angled her thumb and index fingers together, forming a square frame. Tilting her head, she peered through the frame with a single eye. She focused the frame on Cordelia, following as the Mawile kicked up sand and surf, gleefully filling the air with cries of- “Maw— Mawile!”

    A smile cracked at her lips. Cordelia —Jewel of the Sea— she was just as pure as any gemstone. The only thing she was missing was...

    “Cordelia —Fairy Wind!”

    Surprised, but more than eager to follow orders, Cordelia leapt upward, “Maaaaa—”, and with exertion, whipped her jaws through the air, “—Wile!”

    A sparkling wind assaulted the water below her which splashed into the air, showering around Cordelia in a rainbow of fairy glitter.

    Ellen narrowed her eyes with pleasure, ‘now she sparkles just like any other gem.’

    Cordelia basked in the glow of the fairy wind, perfectly embodying her secondary typing. Almost vainly, the Mawile took a bow before— SPLAT.

    Ellen’s smile froze. A Magikarp Splashed from the water, abruptly slapping into Cordelia as both Pokemon went toppling into the water.

    Her expression soured when, as if to mock her, another person showed up.

    Mere moments later, Cordelia dragged herself from the water, the offending fish flapping helplessly in her hind-jaws. Both pokemon and trainer projected their Intimidate ability to its utmost, hitting the new arrival with an immediate stage 1 stat debuff.

    "Well, it's only polite to introduce yourself first, no?"
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  27. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Dunsparce looked to the left and right, from trainer to pokemon shuffling out of the rocks it snuggled in. It plopped down onto the grass ungracefully, looking at the poffin that was presented to it. After one look, it quickly snatched a bite. Chewing on it with it’s fangs, the snake bug seemed to really enjoy it, making pleasant hums from its mouth.

    “How...do you know so much about him?” Newt pondered. “From tastes, habits, rarity. Are you some kind of professor?”

    He was half joking, but he was honestly curious. Very few people were as knowledgeable as Levi, and very. VERY. Few people actually garnered interest from him. So he wanted to find the route of this interest, even though it couldn’t be fully explained from Newt’s mouth.

    After eating the poffin, the Dunsparce waggled his tail, hopping around excitedly. It hopped over to trapinch, giving a long lick from its twin tounges onto the Desert pokemon
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  28. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    As of now, the pokemon trainer has been searching for a professor for 25 minutes. Due to his unfamiliarity with the geography of the Region, Rowan was essentially just walking in one large circle. His level of irritation was increasing, but he mitigated it by trying to ask for directions. His Fomanits jumped off her partners shoulder to indicate that she saw two other trainers nearby. Rowan nodded towards his Pokemon as he thought to approach them for directions, but as he got closer he made a crucial realization.

    They sound like they're having a good conversation. I should leave them be...

    Hands in pockets, Rowan turned around as he decided to change his route to the Pokemon center.
  29. “Tra?-“ Rigel was taken aback by this unexpected affection and froze, only to ease up as he realized it was simply a friendly gesture.
    “Pinch-“ Rigel exclaimed, giving Dunsparce the best smile that razor sharp mouth could manage.

    “Hehe...no, I’m no Professor. Just his intern.” Levi replied, tossing the bag of treats back into his backpack, before slinging it over his shoulder and climbing to his feet.

    “I’ve just been pretty fortunate to have the people in my life’s that I do. I come from a background involving quite a bit of Pokémon Research and whatnot, but I wasn’t really able to call my own shots. Sooo I came out here to make some of my own discoveries.” Levi brushed the dust off his pants, before finally looking back to the shy Dunsparce trainer.

    “I’m Levi. Nice to meet you.” He finished with a small grin, holding a hand out.
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  30. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Upon hearing the sound explanation from Levi about his past as a pokemon professor’s intern, he watched Levi holding a hand out, introducing himself with a grin. He hesitated for several seconds. This was before he carefully took the hand, a small smile growing on his face.

    “I’m Newt...nice to meet you too.”

    One of the few times he actually meant those words. It was actually nice meeting him. Seeing as Levi spoke about himself, and feeling the awkward tension about to rise if he didn’t think of a topic, he decided to give some information about himself.

    “I uh...come from the shinnoh. Big family, very loud. Everyone keeps telling me to be this, or that. I just wanted to get away for a while...find my own place and my own beat...you know?”
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  31. “I hear a lot of good things about Sinnoh, it’s a shame you had to leave due to family issues.” Levi replied, pulling back from the hand shake before sliding his sleeve up to peak at the watch hidden underneath.

    “So. You came out here to get away.” Levi spoke up once more, his eyes shifting from the watch to Newt.
    “In other words, you don’t actually know where to get a guide map, right?” He arched an eyebrow, a knowing smile replaced the simple grin from prior.
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  32. Upon the intimidating stare of the trainer and her pokemon casted on him and his partner, Ken couldn't stop himself from flinching a bit. "Oh well, of course. My name is Kenjiro Kane, but you can just call me Ken." The trainer introduced himself before taking a momentary pause from the conversation to cast a glance towards his Squirtle who, due to the sudden intimidate, tripped. "Hey Geb! Are you alright?" The Squirtle picked himself up then looked back a chirped before continuing his dash towards the sea. "I'll take that as a yes" Ken mumbled to himself.

    Ken took a look at Cordelia. "Ooh a Mawhile, I didn't get to see her that well when I was further away. I've only seen them a few times before. And Intimidate huh, I know the feeling of being hit by that. It's a really useful ability, good effect in a battle." He complemented, though it was more rambling. He then turned back towards Ellen. "So uh... I introduced myself, it should be your turn now."
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  33. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    “W-well...I mean!”

    He nailed it right on the head with his assumption. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head whilst laughing quietly. He hated to outright admit it verbally, instead just wanting context to speak for itself.

    “I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult though...just go where everyone else is crowding around.”
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  34. “Most of the crowd wondered off looking for directions as well I assume, and this is quite a big city. Besides, I can’t wonder around much longer with it being as late as it is.” And it was true. The sun had just begun kissing the building-filled skyline as there boat docked, and night was only a few hours away.

    “I should find a place for Rigel and I tonight, and I suggest you do the same.” Levi added, sliding a Pokeball from his pocket that encapsulated Rigel in a familiar red glow, before looking towards the street signs ahead.

    “Wanna stick with us for awhile? Wouldn’t hurt having an extra set of eyes to watch for signs.” He added, giving Newt another quick glance as he stepped up onto the sidewalk.
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  35. “Mawile...”

    Ellen shifted on the bench, propping up her legs across it while she off-handedly corrected Ken’s pronunciation. There was still a slight edge in her tone, but it was gradually fading. The girl closed her eyes, opening them again when her voice had returned to a neutral.

    “Very well. I’m Ellen, and this is Cordelia.”
  36. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    No. ...is what he wanted to say. It was so easy to deny wasn’t it? Want to go to a party tonight? No. Want to go to the city nearby? No. Want to be like us? No. So simple, two letters. But for some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to say those two easy little words at this moment.

    “Okay, just for now...”

    That had to do. No strings attached. No feeling bad if you left. He hated attachments and strings. Dunsparce fluttered up to his shoulder and perched there, and the boy gave shifty eyes to the area around him, sighing.

    “...where to...?”
  37. Realizing he pronounced Mawile incorrectly, Ken scratched the back of his head. “Yeah sorry about that.” He apologized. “Hmm, her voice sounded a bit irritated there, guess she did mind us showing up here.” He thought. “Though that edge seem to have disappeared now so that’s good.” He smiled. “Well it’s nice to meet you, you probably already saw my partner Geb, my Squirtle. Speaking of...”

    Ken then looked over to the seaside where Geb was playing. That was when he noticed something, Geb appeared to be standing in front of something in a protective manner while facing a Tentacool. On closer inspections, the thing Geb was protecting was a Clamperl. “Geb!” Ken shouted as he ran towards his partner.
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  38. Ellen perked an eyebrow as Ken bolted for the seashore. He was quite the persistence guy, or so Ellen figured. Most people would’ve taken a hint after her initial scowl and her intentional move of occupying the entire bench —clearly removing any place for him to sit. It was almost like he couldn’t take a hint...

    The sudden shift in focus away from her was unexpected, to say the least. A quick gloss of the beach revealed the situation; a Tentacool and Clamperl washed ashore by the tides. Adjusting her glasses, Ellen took a closer look.

    She could just make out the faint, dark, blush on the Clamperl’s inner pearl, and the logical connection was—

    “It’s poisoned...?”

    The ruthlessness of Tentacool & Tentacruel was legendary, almost as much as their ubiquitous appearance in every body of water. Having lived next to a large body of water for most of her life, she’d heard tales of the countless fishermen stung by Tentacool they’d accidentally hooked.

    That said, the fact that Ken was rushing towards the highly poisonous Pokemon did not bode well with her.

    “Hey— Wait! You!” She called for him to stop as he made a Bee-line for the seafood bonanza, “Arrgghhh! Cordelia, Fairy Wind!”

    Tossing aside the floundering fish, Cordelia once again wound up a Fairy Wind, the glittering stream of wind whirled passed Ken, kicking up a storm of sand that swept towards the Tentacool.
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  39. Ken ignored Ellen's call for him to stop and continued on his way to his partner pokemon. "Darn, Tentacools are known to be extremely ruthless to anyone who disturbs them. They are also very poisonous." Ken thought as he got closer to the scene. "Geb! Get out of there!" He commanded. The Squirtle glanced at its trainer before throwing the Clamperl behind him on its back then ducking into its shell right as the Tentacool shot a poison sting at it. "Use Withdraw!" At the command, Geb begun spinning in his shell and quicly spun away from his attacker.

    Ken stepped to the side when Cordelia's Fairy Wind blew past him, putting his arm up to block the sand blown upin its trail. At that moment, Geb arrived next to his trainer and set the Clamperl down as he exited out of his shell. Ken knelt down next to them. "A Clamperl, and its poisoned it seems." He remarked.

    The Tentacool was blown into the air by the Fairy Wind and visibly looked angry. It shot a few poison stings at Ken and Geb's location. "Geb, Bubbles!" Geb stepped in front of the injured Clam pokemon and his trainer and shot a barrage of bubbles, blocking the attack from the jellyfish pokemon.
  40. Ellen stood back, wary of the way the Tentacool sprayed its Poison Sting indiscriminately. Cordelia held no fear of the poison move, her steel typing granting immunity, but Ellen’s human-typing gave no such advantage. She looked scornfully at Ken, who’d now put his Squirtle in the precarious position of protecting not one liability, but two.

    ‘It’s no use...this guy’s gonna get himself killed.’

    Reaching under the bench, Ellen pulled out her heels, slowly slipping her legs into them. As far as she saw it, escape was the better option.

    “Cordelia, Fairy Wind! Give us a smokescreen.”

    Another sparkling deluge of wind-whipped sand into the air.

    “Grab Clamperl, we’re running!”

    Not forgetting to take her consolation prize, the Magikarp from earlier, Ellen made a bolt down the streets, moving as fast as her heels would allow. Cordelia pounced through the sand, snatching the Clamperl as scampering after Ellen. The Clamperl seemed comically large against the Mawile’s body, but her hind-jaws easily opened wide enough to keep it secured.

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