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CoroCoro Reveals More New Pokémon & Alola Forms

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    This month's edition of CoroCoro has leaked and brought with it the reveal of some new Pokémon and new Alola Forms for existing Pokémon. Thanks to this issue we've also learnt about Team Skull, who are the evil team that you must defeat in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

    Yowashi solo form.png Yowashi Swarm form.png
    First up for new Pokémon we have Yowashi, who is a new Water Pokémon that has two different forms. The first form is known as its solo form, while it also has a swarm form where its appearance changes to that of a big fish.

    Nuikoguma pokemon.png
    Next up we have Nuikoguma, who is the pre-evolved form of Bewear. Nuikoguma is a Normal / Fighting Pokémon.

    Sunaba pokemon.png Shirodesuna pokemon.png
    Finally for new Pokémon we have Sunabā and Shirodesuna. Both Pokémon are Ghost / Ground types and look like sand castles of sorts. Shirodesuna is the evolved form of Sunabā.

    As mentioned earlier some new Alola form Pokémon have also been revealed.

    Meowth Alola form.png
    First up we have a Alola form Meowth, who is a Dark Pokémon rather than Meowth's usual Normal typing.

    Alola Marowak form.png
    Finally for Alola forms, we have the new Alolan Marowak, who is a Fire / Ghost type now instead of the usual Ground typing.

    Team Skull image.jpg
    Last up the final scan showed off some of the members of Team Skull, the evil team present in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The image also confirms that next month's edition of CoroCoro will reveal the evolved form of Rockruff.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Aug 9, 2016.

    1. TundraZap
    2. SilvallyTamer
      I like it all, the Team Skull thing is more like a Gang than a huge organization.
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    3. King Miles
      King Miles
      Well I actually wanted it to be like team magma and team Aqua like if u picked Pokemon Sun The Team Would be called Team Solar and if you pick Moon you would have Team Eclipse
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    4. Aura
      ... I'm kind of starting to resent these Alola forms a lot more now. They made Meowth grey. Whoop de do that is soooo creative guyz oh ma gawd I'm blown away. I mean, yeah it makes sense that Pokemon would evolve differently depending on where they are in the world, but its just so easy and cheap in terms of design that its making me less excited for these games because it comes across as them not giving a damn. I'm just... I'm just disappointed, that's all.

      Gotta say I really like Yowashi though, especially the school form. Hopefully its not too gimmicky because I'd love to use this one.
      Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
    5. Geochampion
      oh my gosh im really hype to watch the new trailer of this news
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    6. NonAnalogue
      Team Skull, you say?
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    7. Unexpected Dai
      Unexpected Dai
      This reveal really makes me hope that the Rumored alolan Nidoking and Nidoqueen are real
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    8. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      I absolutely dig the schooling fish Pokemon. The basic form is unassuming enough (much like most schooling fish in real life are) and then the massive terrifying fish-but-not-quite-made-of-multiple-fish form with the multiple glowing blue eyes? Yes. I love how they took an actual animal behaviour into a next logical step. Shame the thing is pure water-type, but what can we do.

      The sandcastle 'mon simply screams Earthbound design-ways (and that amuses me greatly) and I quite appreciate the fact that Ghost-Rider Marowak seems to evoke the traditional Polynesian fire-poi-twirling dance (they really have been doing a lot of Hawaiian/Polynesian related things with the creatures in this gen and I appreciate it quite a bit) - although the fact it's more slender compared to the original while still having the same skull shape/size makes it look really malproportioned in official art. Maybe it'd look better in-game. I hope so, anyway.

      Little to say about smug-bishie-eyed-grey Meowth, really. I wonder if Alolan-Persian would be some kind of awesome black pantherine creature as a result though. That one's been a long time coming, really.
    9. Steel Seth
      Steel Seth
      I have to say " Team Skull" OoOooOOH HiDe your CHILDREN.
      I do like the Alolan Marowak looks pretty awesome.
      I am very hyped to see what evolved form of Rockruff will be.

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    10. Curtkid
      Holy crap, that Fire/ Ghost-type Marowak looks amazing, though I am curious about the typing. I mean, I can understand the Fire-type because it's supposed to be a fire dancer, but how does the Aloha Region allow Ghost-typing to come into it? Hopefully the Pokedex entry will shed some light on this.

      Edit: WAIT! I just realized, the new Marowak is part Ghost-type right? What if THIS is what happens to a Cubones mother when she dies and can't find peace or refuses to move on? If that's the lore they're going with, then I am totally down for that.
      Last edited: Aug 10, 2016
    11. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc

      Did you notice the Team Skull guy's glasses?
    12. ✰MJ✰
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    13. OnePiecefan11
      I don't know about you guys, but I find the sand castle funny as hell. And Marowak's new form looks really cool.
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    14. topazwolf91
      i like it, but why did they make a FREAKING SANDCASTLE? I've been trying to be accepting of all the new pokemon, but this one is just unacceptable
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    15. Thieving Fox
      Thieving Fox
      Well, looks like I'm an idiot.
      I honestly thought the Pokedex leak might have been real.
      Well, whatever.
      I like the sand castle Pokemon, the baby one looks hilarious.
      The little fish guy looks cute, not sure about it's new form. I mean how it's going to perform in game, not looks.
      The new Alolan forms look neat, Meowth looks like Team Rocket's Meowth tried to be a goth and ended up realising his homosexuality.
      And no, I'm not being mean, Meowth has had SEVERAL.....
      interesting dreams about Giovannni.
      Marowak looks awesome, wondering how Cubone will look...
      And Team Skull certainly looks badass, I'm excited to see how their motives will play out in the story.
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    16. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      I like Mawowak. But why not cubone?

      2 min later.

      Oh so thats why he has a ghost typing.
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    17. SilvallyTamer
      That will probably be revealed soon, kind of like a possible Alolan Persian.
    18. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      Probally. Ill think if there was a Aloha Cubone, it will probally be a fire type.
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    19. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I'm loving the sandcastles and Alolan Marowak! All the new Pokemon are making it hard for me to choose my potential end-team ;w;
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    20. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      To be honest, I might ditch my starter, and have a team of Aloha Form Pokemon
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    21. Poke-Theorizing-101
      Who thinks Anime Team Skull will have a talking Alola form Meowth
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    22. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      Most likely not, jt I have a feeling Meowth is gonna fall for a Aloha Meowth
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    23. alolatrainer
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    24. Cloudswift
      Bewear's pre evolved form is a freaking dorable!!!! Marowak looks AMAZING!!! I want!!!!! Alola Meowth dissapointed me a little bit. :/ The sand castles were awesome though and the fish too.
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    25. SilvallyTamer
      I feel like Chatot will be part of Team Skull. XD
    26. Cloudswift
      lol i see where ur goin
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    27. NonAnalogue
      It's a ghost hiding in a sandcastle to get close to prey, which suggests it eats kids. It's continuing in a long line of ghost Pokemon hiding in things.
    28. Andrewski
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    29. Nidocool
      I see that they are still using drawings to introduce Trainers at the start of a battle. With the whole "non-chibi, full model" type overworld, I really hoped that we could see their models, like whenever you battle Lysandre, Archie, Maxie, or Steven.
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    30. Cloudswift
      lol so true
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    31. Il Fantasma
      Il Fantasma
      Am I the only one that's actually excited for the Bewear line? This pre-evo is adorable! ♥ ♥

      Also, Meowth kinda looks like a Ghastly fusion. It's neat!

      All these new Poke's, be it new forms or not, (including the sandcastles, even though that first evo looks super funny xD ) are hyping me up for these new games!
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    32. LokaMocha
      Alola Marowak :love:
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    33. Geochampion
      my oc character kai loulou's pokemon team are
      when the games is realease im gonna remake her team to the aloha form team
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    34. curly86
      You can see the models for the NPCs, they are also in the battle behind their pokemon. A great example of this is the E3 coverage of Sun and Moon, also go to serebii and look at the pre-release screenshots for the games.
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    35. SharkByte
      Honestly I could go on for hours as to how I may never get sun or moon regardless of wether I get a 2ds or not...but one reason is I despise most of the alola formes....now vulpix, ninetales and marrowack are cool...and I love the new ice typing for ninetales...can't wait to see how alola formes work competively....but Pokemon like bruxish and that executor forme.....no...just...no...I do like team skull however....as I probably mentioned before....(insert mystery dungeon meme here....)I freaking love the damn mystery dungeon series!
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    36. Jeydis
      Fingers crossed team skull are proper pirates and hooligans :D kinda like a mashup of team aqua and rocket.
    37. Hernan23Pro
      The time i seen Bewear's new image and readed the title i said ''A alolan pokemon with a alolan form?HOW YOU GET THE NORMAL ONE,SO?!?!?'' xD

      Meowth looks more than a female form that a Dark type :V

      Yowashi looks like tynamo so much O_O
      Last edited: Aug 10, 2016
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    38. topazwolf91
      i guess that makes it better (still don't like it much >=O)
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    39. BooBerry
      I'm super hyped of PKM: Sun and Moon since I was eagerly wanting to grab that BADASS MAROWAK in my team someday.
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