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CoroCoro Leaks: Three New Mega Pokémon Revealed

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The latest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has begun to leak and brought with it the reveal of three new Mega Pokémon as well as giving us a better look at Mega Kangaskhan!
    First off we now have the official artwork for Mega Kangaskhan and thus can have a better look at it. The scan also reveals Mega Gengar, who now seems to stand on all fours when attacking. It gains the ability Shadow Tag.

    The second scan reveals Mega Tyranitar and Mega Aggron. Mega Aggron is exclusive to Pokémon Y, becomes a pure Steel type, and gains the ability Filter. Mega Tyranitar is exclusive to Pokémon X and seems to keep its typing and ability of Sand Stream.

    CoroCoro is still being translated so there is a chance a few more details will be translated within the next few hours, so keep checking back!


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Oct 10, 2013.

    1. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Actually, Mega Gengar isn't so much 'standing on all fours' as it is literally emerging from its own shadow, as lore/dex entries describe it doing. Naturally, in that state it no longer levitates - instead gaining Shadow Tag as an ability. I'd imagine it must have gotten one hell of a boost in SOMETHING, otherwise it pretty much just traps itself directly into Earthquakes >>; Digging the new design though.

      Mega Aggron supposedly loses its secondary type becoming Pure Steel - but its ability changes to Filter. Kind of awkward, really. Doesn't look half as awesome as ordinary Aggron, though.

      Mega Tyranitar doesn't change much. Same ability, Same Type. But holy shit, look at the thing. It's frigging space godzilla. That's all there is to say on the matter.
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    2. Doubled
      Is it just me, or does Mega Tyranitar kind of look a bit reminiscent of his beta design? Could just be the belly color, but I digress. Mega Gengar is my favorite of the batch, and he just looks so menacinggggg :D

      Meanwhile, while I am a little confused about making Aggron a pure steal type, I'm seeing the benefits now. For one, no 4X fighting or ground type damage, and it loses neutral damage from grass types too (I think? I could be wrong here). He definitely looks like he'll focus more on defenses too, but I could be wrong here.
    3. PreuBen
      Out of the bunch I think that Mega Kangaskhan has the laziest design, in my opinion. I mean, only taking the baby Kangaskhan out of its mother's pouch seems lazy, but I do get what they were thinking with the double attack in battle. But overall, I do think that the designs are interesting and unexpected to say the least. I still can't believe that X and Y are only two days away!
    4. Teapot
      And yet for years people have been saying the baby is useless. Damned if you don't, damned if you do.
    5. pokemaniac bobby
      pokemaniac bobby
      i like the coolness of em all
    6. Magpie
      Mega Kangaskhan remains one of my favourite Mega Evolutions, and the official artwork makes me like her even more! I think it's an amazing idea and one fans have pretty much asked for since the original games.
    7. Linkachu
      Aye! I already loved the concept of it to begin with but the baby looks adorable in the official artwork. Hopefully we'll have a better quality version of the image soon too. ♥

      I was already previously aware of the three new mega forms from X&Y leaks but I hadn't seen images of Mega Tyranitar/Aggron yet. Mega Tyranitar and Mega Gengar's are pretty nifty but I'm neutral on Aggron's. While I don't dislike Mega Aggron, I think I agree with @StellarWind Elsydeon that I like the original design more. Designs aside though, glad to finally have these three officially revealed. :)
    8. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      So now we have version exclusive Megas, not just form but the MEgas themselves. I'm beginning to suspect that the Mega Stones will be tradeable between versions. I think it will be similar to how White Kyurem and Black Kyurem were version exclusive yet still attainable in each game. I think this may also subtly hint at Larvitar and Aron being version exclusives as well.
    9. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      I liked Mega Gengar when I saw it leaked a week ago or whenever, and I still like it after seeing its art. I want a Mega Aggron but I'm getting X :C plus I've tried like 100 times to get an Aggron and I always give up.

      My Tyranitar was already my best Pokemon, and now that it can go Mega I'll be unstoppable. Well except for the fact that it will probably be stuck on my other games 'cause I won't want to buy Pokebank. That might stop me.
    10. ShinyZekrom009
      I don't think this was really "lazy," just because it didn't undergo a big appearance change, like all the others. This was an entirely intentional good idea, and something unique and awesome that makes Mega Kangaskhan one of the best Mega Pokemon yet. Unleash baby Kanga!

      Mega Gengar is one of the leaked Pokemon I've seen already, but it's nice to see actual artwork, which increases my love for this Pokemon. This will be one to watch out for!

      Ah, now THESE two are entirely new to me. I don't particularly love either of their designs, and I like the original designs better; however, they aren't bad to me, just not great. I am glad to be getting something else good for Y Version, though. Mega Aggron, you shall be mine!

      Making Aggron a pure Steel Type with Mega Evolution initially confused me, but now I do see the benefits to that, so I'm accepting it. We'll see how well that goes, though.
    11. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Y'know, actually, according to Serebii, the Larvitar line is exclusive to Pokemon Y and the Aron line is exclusive to Pokemon X, so either the translation is off, Serebii is off, or the pokemon is found in one version and the mega stone is found in another. >> Which is twice as stupid.

      Edit: Apparently, the Twice Is Stupid option is actually the right one - Larvitar can only be found in Y, Aron can only be found in X... But Tyranitarite can only be found in X and Aggronite can only be found in Y.

      This is utter Bullshite. (uses it to Mega Evolve Bullsh into Mega Bullsh).
    12. The_Steel_Type_of_Guy
      I see what you did there :D

      Anyway, if what you say is true, then... I don't even know what to think of it. I mean, it's a VERY cheap move by GF, no matter how you look at it. It's almost as if they were saying "Since we don't make enough money with all our products we make so that you HAVE to buy both games. In other words, more profit for us!" It's just lame...

      Also, regarding these leaks, I was kinda expecting the starters' evos. The games come out tomorrow, after all.
    13. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Actually, what they're saying is what they have always said re: version exclusives. "Find friends who play a different version of the game and trade with them". Much as it feels like a cheap marketing scheme sometimes, Pokemon has always been in part about the social element and considering how easy the internet makes trading etc. now, you can't even really argue that it's all about BUY BOTH VERSIONS HURR DURR.

      (Not to mention Game Freak probably makes more money than the Vatican XP)

      Actually, certain other Pokemon HAVE been leaked with this new edition of CoroCoro. However it's been decided that we're not reporting those unless they get revealed on the official website or some other worldwide source. Other sites may have reported these, though, so.
    14. The_Steel_Type_of_Guy
      I totally agree with you. For those who don't want to be spoiled with all the new PKMNs, it's only natural.
    15. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Hooooooly smokes. Now I'm really glad I'm getting X instead of Y. Again, I could always trade, but I really like Mega Tyranitar--It's right up there with Mega Charizard X as far as pure coolness goes. I'm fairly neutral on Mega Aggron because I agree that regular Aggron looks better. Mega Gengar on the other hand is really nice. Shadow Tag appears to be a nice exchange for Levitate and depending on how the Gen VI metagame works out, could lead to it being banned...but seeing as some of these megas are supposed to be on part with legendaries, it isn't an exceptional feat.

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