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Open Boku No Hero Academia RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. In a world where 80% of the Earth's population manifested powers called Quirks, many people who aspires to become heroes look for places to hone their skills and become proper Super Heroes. There is one place all aspiring heroes wishes to enter to learn to be heroes, U.A High! A school where they are taught each and every day in multiple departments - Heroics being the most popular.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    1- Follow Pokecharms rules
    2- the usual, no one liners and such
    3- Shippings is allowed but nothing too mature
    4- Use Grammar and punctuations
    5- Don't be over powered
    6- Have fun

    Quirk Weakness:
    Costume: (optional):
  2. Name: Asami Natsuko
    Age: 15 (Or whatever the starting ages for our OCs will be)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Rather tall for her age (5'11), usually a head above other girls & guys her age with a athletic build. Strong, but streamline. Body is covered with green, fish like hide that covers their body and has some visible gills on the sides of her neck, along with a long shark-like tail, dorsal phin and sharp teeth. Has blue eyes, along with long blue hair. Wears a grey t-shirt underneath a black jacket with a hoodie & an opening on the back for her dorsal phin along with a pair of blue jeans. When not wearing the standard U.A. uniform.
    Personality: Normally a rather shy, reclusive girl. Due to teasing about her appearance from bullies through her school life, is rather insecure about herself and faces doubts. However, she tries to be nice and friendly to everyone; willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Has a natural impulse to help others, and a constant desire to try and prove herself as more than the cruel words her tormentors have given her. This clashes with her normally shy personality and fear of general social settings. Also has a fear of cats.
    Quirk: Freaky Fish (Mutant). Gives the user the traits of various sharks. These traits include the ability to breath underwater through gills along with a body covered by fish hide that grants her an abrasive skin quality. The ability to swim at high speeds due to a dorsal fin on her back along with a tail that can cat as a baseball bat. General lighter and more agile body due to cartilage instead of hardened bone skeletal structure. The ability to sense the faint electrical pulses released by living creatures as they move. A row of sharp teeth that are able to regrow if damaged or broken. An enhanced sense of smell that can pick up a drop of blood from long distances. And a hardened skull that simulates that of a hammerhead shark and used for ramming into things.
    Quirk Weakness: All of Asami's capabilities are more limited on dry land than in the ocean and she must keep herself hydrated at all times of risk being a dried up husk and left vulnerable.
    Backstory: Daughter of pro-hero Octivilia and a sailor. One day she saw her mother save some people by the coastline which proved to be the spark to light her heroic fire as she desired to follow in her footsteps and become a pro hero. Was often teased for her appearance through grade school by a trio of bullies who also happened to be led by an aspiring heroes himself which proved to be a shot to her self-confidence and caused her to develop deep insecurities, but her desire to help people outweighed that and she pressed on hoping for things to change on her heroic path.
    Costume: Wears a purple singlet with a silver "M" symbol on the chest, and also wears a pair of blue gloves and matching colored boots. The suit allows Asami to suck up water into her body like a sponge that either allows herself to remain hydrated or store or water.
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  3. Ughhhhh, @Godjacob Whyyyyy!?!?!?! I was gonna use Melusine for this...

    Well, guess we can have two fishy girls.
    Name: Melusine Isalyne
    Age: 14
    Year/Grade: 9
    Gender: Female


    Melusine has jet-black, silky hair, and yellow-amber colored eyes. Her hair styled into a large braided composed of 9 smaller braids. Her pupils are usually round but frequently narrow into vertical slits with any flare in her mood or exertion of her power. Under her pupils a splash of freckles decorates her face. She garbed in a yellow shoulder-less faux blouse with long, flared sleeves. The blouse in decorated with black scaly stripes. In addition, she totes a pair lace-insert ink-black bell bottom pants which exposes her calf. Melusine wears white, heeled. open-toed boots with slightly sharpened heels. Her nails (toes included) and in pristine condition since she takes meticulous care of them as they’re her primary weapon for close-combat. She has a black and yellow scarf patterned similarly to a Faint-Banded sea snake. Finally, adorning her ears are a pair of silver, serpentine, pin-on earrings. Her body is slim and flexible to an absurd degree. Her tongue is forked, and she can taste/smell the air, attributed to her reptilian heritage. She carries two pouches of water on her at all times, one which is tied around her waist, and a second larger pouch that loops around her neck like a hoop. The second pouch is concealed under her scarf and helps regulate her temperature.


    Melusine is a vivacious young woman of rather flirty nature. Being partially reptilian she’s a fan of warmth and sunlight which reflects in her rather perky personality. She’s, to put it nicely, a food connoisseur, and to put it bluntly, a complete glutton that she can devour many times her own weight in one sitting.

    As a result of having spent years under the ‘nurture and care’ of the Star-Spirit Minelauva, Melusine has adopted a few of her foster-parent’s traits, such as a sense of nobility as well as the tendency to do as she pleases without concern for others or their opinions.

    Quirk: Hyrdra-fication (Mutant)

    Stemming from her bloodline as a Hydra, Melusine can manipulate water. She’s also inherited a few reptilian traits such as her slit-like eyes, forked tongue, short fangs, and dislike for cold temperatures. Other Hydra-like traits i.e. poisonous blood and bodily fluids have also manifested in her body. All her bodily fluids contain a weak paralytic venom which numbs the body, except for her blood which is lethal in large doses. The strong and potentially lethal paralytic venom is formed and stored in her main venom sack which rests in her abdomen where it diffuses into her bloodstream and to a lesser extent her other bodily fluids. It then pools in specific locations behind her extremities and fangs, which act as secondary venom sacks. However, it is so diluted by that point that it has lost most if not all its lethality. For a lethal dose of non-blood carried venom a person would have to ingest it in ludicrous amounts. Her power scales with the amount of water in the area, and her powers peak in Rivers, Oceans and Seas. However, while stronger she loses most of her finesse and is reduced to simply ‘throwing waves’. When fully immersed in water she can create replicas of herself (up to 9 in total including her original.)

    Note: Venoms by nature must be ingested or allowed into the bloodstream in some way. They cannot seep through the skin. Toxins that can be introduced into the bloodstream through the skin have a different name, generally known as poisons.

    Short List


    • Water Manipulation:
    Can Manipulate water.

    Weakness: Requires water to be already present. Manipulation does not extend to ice.

    • Venomous Bodily Fluids
    All her bodily fluids contain a possibly lethal paralytic venom, though it is only lethal in extremely large doses. The concentration of venom varies with the fluid. Her sweat has the lowest concentration of venom while her blood has the highest.

    Weakness: must be injected or otherwise consumed to take any effect.

    • Body Replication
    The Hydra is known for its many heads. Melusine can create 8 separate clones out of water (for a total of 9 bodies).

    Weakness: The bodies can only be maintained when Melusine has access to a large source of water e.g. River, Ocean, Lake etc.

    • Parallel Thought
    With multiple heads comes multiple brains, and the ability to think several things simultaneously.


    • Heat Vision
    Her freckles double as pit organs which can detect infrared light and thermic signatures.

    • Air Tasting
    Using her forked, serpentine tongue, she's able to do as a snake would and taste scents in the air.

    • Vibration Sensing
    As with many serpents, Melusine's scales are sensitive to vibrations coming along the ground.

    Melusine currently only has access to the abilities in blue.


    Melusine is a half-hydra attending school to learn how to control her powers. Ever since her birth, she’s been roaming the rivers and oceans of the world entering human society every summer to soak up the sun and enjoy herself at tanning beaches. By chance, she ran into the Celestial Star Spirit Minalauva who quickly took a liking to the younger girl and has since then been acting as a mentor and mother.

    Current Guardian:

    Minelauva (Adoptive Mother)

    Fighting Style:

    Melusine, battles in a while that can only be described as ‘serpentine’. With a degree of flexibility that directly questions the existence of her bones, she can ‘whip’ out at opponents and inflict them with her paralytic venom, which while too weak to paralyze anything except small rodents can induce a numbing effect reminiscent of hitting the funny bone. Melusine’s weapon of choice is a modifiable whip which can be extended and enhanced by applying a coating composed entirely of water. Since she can't create water from nothing, she can only use the amount available in the sounding air, plants, her pouch, the ground etc.
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  4. I am sorry...:(

    I can change it to somebody else. If you want to be the only fish student.
  5. nah, I'm not that petty ~w~

    Besides, its a good reason for some bonding.

    Melusine isn't even a fish .3. she's more like a sea snake.
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  6. Bios:
    Name: Kenny Kujoh
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: has short flat black hair with the bangs swiped above his right eye, not very tall or buff. Wear a red t-shirt under a black jacket, brown shorts and blue black shoes with blue tripes on the sides when not in uniform
    Personality: carefree and a bit lazy, doesn't social much and doesn't care about what others think of him. Is very kind. Has an interest in mutant Quirks.
    Quirk: Mimic: Able to morph himself into other people by ingesting a bit of their DNA into his body.
    Quirk Weakness: Does not copy Quirks unless its a mutant kind, carelessly changing between forms without stopping can cause energy drains. Can not morph anything that does not have his own DNA in it.
    Costume: (optional): Black skin tight shirt and pants with strand of his hair woven into it.
  7. Bios:
    Name: Cy iolru
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: short dark brown hair, about 5'7'' in height he lacks a strong physique. When not in School uniform he wears a simple Green jacket,a Jersey with the cities crest on it, Jeans and Black shoes. He doesnt care about looks so he really just throws on the nearest decent clothes
    Personality: He tries to be a helpful person in his daily life but understands some people dont like help so he often wont push himself into friend groups to avoid getting in the way of things
    Quirk: Power Multiplication
    -Cy can produce small balls of energy that upon contact are absorbed by whomever or whatever touches it. These orbs multiply the powers of others (example: if absorbed by a projectile quirk the projectile would increase in size, travel speed, force and explosive radius assuming it explodes on contact. feel free to make it your own kind of boost when you get one if you want).
    He currently has access to a x2 , x3, x4 and a x5 multiplier energy. 2 x2 energy multipliers will have the same physical strain as 1 x4 Multiplier
    Quirk Weakness:
    - Over use of his quirk causes no long term effects but he can pass out from exhaustion (note that in theory if there was a way to stop him from passing out he could produce a infinite number of orbs. His own stamina is not the source of the energy)
    - He does have access to a Power Divider however the energy is highly unstable (Positive and negative energy for simplicity's sake). It forms much faster than positive in his hands however he has no control over the quantity. When the negative energy is released it lets out a EMP like blast. anyone caught in this non-damaging blast will have limited use of their quirks for about 5-10 minutes with the exception of ones that effect the body shape because they cannot be cancelled out. It is dangerous for Cy to use this as he experiences major knock back with the blast due to opposite Energy's trying to push each other away like poles if magnets
    -Being a support quirk he has no special offensive attacks other than just punching, He cannot use his own Multiplier energy on himself making him near useless in single combat
    Costume: (optional): Cy hasn't decided yet
    (anything you feel needs changed let me know)
  8. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Name: Diamond Sigma



    Appearance:He has blue hair,blue eyes and always wears blue. In one word he is blue. He is really high but not fat.

    Personality:He is kind person and friendly. People dont like him too much because of his Quirk but he is really nice. He is not one who always fells in love but he is neither one with "cold" heart. He is smart too and doesnt like to fight unless he has to.If you are his friend dont be afraid because he is not traitor.

    His Quirk is that he turns his skin in diamonds when he wants to. As really young he learned to control it so didnt had too much isuess 'bout that only if he shows it himself. His Quirk is good if you are getting hit or something. It is really hard to break it almost immposibble. He cant get fall damage because of shell but he cant fly.

    Quirk Weakness:Main weakness is that if someone uses really great heat source he could melt him. His skin is really heavy so it is kind of hard to move. When he turns off his Quirk his normal skin becomes all red and he looks really weird.
    Costume: Has not too much costume only black pants with blue bolt on his right legging.
  9. accepted, but I must say the way to describe things is a bit odd
  10. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Sorry not from Usa or Uk
  11. Ah I see, that explains the weird english
  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Kagayo Itsuki
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Purple spiky hair with some heading down; yellow hoodie; black jeans and shorts; light blue eyes
    Personality: Easier to explain in me actually RPing since I don't have any special personality planned
    Quirk: Thunder Stream; can use blue lightning electrocute things which can hurt them by shocking or put things on fire, can also use the electricity to fly like a jetpack
    Quirk Weakness: Insulators such as strong wind, rubber, etc
    Costume: (optional): Will do later
  13. Are we waiting for more people to join or is someone missing?
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  14. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I don't know.. @SS-I Never you wanna join?
  15. Idk, do I? BNHA RP's die pretty quickly.
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  16. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I would like to start
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  17. Name: Katsuo 'Katsu' Isamu
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Messy chestnut brown hair that just reaches his eyebrows, fair skin, nearly six feet tall with a lean fighting build.
    Personality: Katsuo has a habit of making light of every situation, a witty remark or offhanded comment always primed and ready. Despite this, Katsuo is rather friendly if you give him no reason to 'entice you' as he'd put it. Thankfully, Katsuo has the intelligence and skill needed to back up his unfiltered words, ready to take on anyone who comes his way.
    Quirk: Titans Lungs (Mutation)- Katsuo's torso is made of highly durable, yet extremely elastic muscles, allowing him to expand his chest several times further, and compress it several times harder than a normal human. This mutation has various uses.

    -Enhanced Lung Capacity: Katsuo is capable of holding a single breath for several hours and still remain functional, proving the durability and stamina of his quirk.
    -Deep Inhale: While inhaling as hard as he can, Katsuo is able to drag objects from 15-20lbs in weight short distances.
    -Titans Breath: Katsuo's most basic and versatile offensive move, allowing him to blow concentrated shots at speeds close to 100mph. He can also fire wide ranged blasts but they only come out approximately half as strong as the concentrated ones.
    -Shock Absorption: Due to its elastic and very durable nature, Katsuo's torso is able to absorb most of the blunt force given out by physical attacks, making him highly resilient.

    Quirk Weakness: Naturally, if he cant take a deep breath, his quirk is far less powerdul. If his quirk is overused, it can cause him to hyperventilate, inducing dizziness, shortness of breath, and potential loss of consciousnesses, the tank on his back is used to revitalize him if he overdoes it.
    Costume: (optional): He wears a tight but highly elastic short sleeve shirt, a pair of durable combat pants/boots, and a set of fingerless gloves with plated knuckles, all of which are matte-black in color. His forearms and shins are protected by thin plated armor, his eyes by a set goggles which are on his forehead unless his powers are active, and finally, a small oxygen tank resting in the middle of his back, a small holster attaching it to his heavy duty utility belt from the base, every item listed being a dirty bronze color, except for the oxygen tank, which is light grey with a clear tube attached to the side of it.
    Personality: Katsuo has a habit of making light of every situation, a witty remark or offhanded comment always primed and ready. Despite this, Katsuo is rather friendly if you give him no reason to 'entice you' as he'd put it. Thankfully, Katsuo has the intelligence and skill needed to back up his unfiltered words, ready to take on anyone who comes his way.
    Backstory: Katsuo has always felt like he had a lot to prove, what with him being a first generation quirk user, his quirkless relatives often piled his mind high with there future hopes and dreams of a family hero, one capable of making a real name for himself. Katsuo now had the chance, and spent every day trying to improve in hopes of making his family proud as the first high-ranking hero of the Isamu household.
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  18. They fall flat because the story pace slows as idea cease to trickle out, we need concepts for future arcs.

    Perhaps this is set in the not so distant future? Deku being a young pro making it to Number 1 quickly?

    So all/most current villains would be gone, no All For One, No Stain.

    Perhaps a League of Villains revamp?
    Maybe the entrance exams have finally changed to be less biased towards certain quirks?

    Or is this simply an alternate universe where One for All nor All for One exist?
    Oh, and are we going to need new teachers?
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  19. Yes
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  20. ....huh, perhaps I won't be joining this.

    Rohan, my man, you cant just go absolute bare minimum and make the skeleton of an rp and hope it works.
    Why do you think theses rps die so quickly? We need real effort.
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  21. I said yes because I agree we should be planning ahead in these RPs
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  22. @Rohan Kishibe So do you have any concepts in mind?

    Or does anyone else? Something to get the ball rolling.
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  23. Only idea I had was that it was a post series AU where Deku becomes the number one hero...but then goes missing, leaving the world without the security blanket known as One For All and a mystery to discover what happened on top of the usual BNHA story stuff.
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  24. That sounds really good
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  25. I'm also a fan of the concept, but Id like to wait and see if others have ideas to add onto it.

    Perhaps after some notes have been tossed back and forth we can construct a opening plot tomorrow?
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  26. Well, one thing about the concept (In my head) is that without Deku while he is missing crime would be on the rise given there would be no symbol to scare them back which would in turn drive for a greater need for the new heroes to take the sceen.

    Though it is general and vague at the moment.
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  27. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I like @Godjacob ideas
    But instead of Deku missing,would it be better that someone kills him?
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  28. I went with missing to add a sense of mystery to things. Plus it opens the idea to...whoever our villains are perhaps trying to get One For All for themselves or something. But if you guys think death works better we'll go with that.
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  29. My only real idea would involve a certain Hero and certain motives which are kinda Manga-only content and I don't really wanna spoil anyone's experience ~w~
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  30. I'm fine with any plot really.
    As for manga spoilers how deep onto the manga is the idea?
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  31. It's pretty deep, around chapter 180~90ish. It's not like an amazing idea or anything, but it would add more complexity to the story.
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  32. Okay yeah thats pretty deep.
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  33. Wait, what about the other heroes? Are they still around?
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  34. I would presume yes. I'd imagine that Bakugou or Todoroki would be the number 2 hero (you can pick who you want to be where) and other heroes try to fill the void but struggle without One for All around.
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  35. Todoroki and Bakugo would likely be the number 2 and 3 heroes respectively.
    Todoroki would be on the case attempting to find his comrade but...Bakugo may be a bit hesitant at searching Deku out, seeing this as a chance to shine.

    In this time of peril, a new League of Villains would likely spring into action, sort of an homage to the original, but likely completely different, motives and all.
  36. Zander's probably right on this one, the way they rank the heroes isn't totally on strength. People with comparable combat power would be ranked different by other, smaller factors such as Public appeal, and damage caused during cases. I think Bakugou might kinda flop in both those areas.
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