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A summer of change - a chance to see what you want!

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I've been a bit quiet lately, thanks in large part to the current workload on me concerning Pokecharms and its related endeavours (and also other stuff on top of that, like moving).

    But everything's moving along very well, and my plans for the summer would seem to be right on target for now.

    As you'll be aware, by now, coming up this summer is the launch of the brand new Pokedex (at last) as well as a massive relaunch of the Staff Showcase section and an update to the Trainer Card Maker (after nearly a year without any).

    But it doesn't end there. Right now I'm working on another huge project that will have a massive effect, not only on Pokecharms, but on the Pokemon Community as a whole. Unfortunately, I can't give you any more details right now - but I hope to have something to reveal within the next month, and a full launch shortly after.

    In the meantime, I open up the floor to you guys: What do you want to see on Pokecharms as part of its continuing development?

    Let me know in the comments, and you never know - you might just influence yet another area for the site's expansion.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Jul 14, 2009.

    1. Perfect-Chao
      i personally think that the site is fine the way it is, i have no problems with it, theonly thing i want to see is an improvement to the system that lets you know what posts are new and what isn't, for example say i go on Holiday and come back, it might tell me this news is a new post when it is weeks old, but then again That would be something t with the forum program you use right?

      BTW is this newproject to do with the hat?
    2. Stark
      I remember something about the Kyak Islands, when I first joined. I think it was a big PRP thing? I'd like to see that back, unless it was removed for a good reason or something.
    3. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Just to point out, I'm not really talking about forums features here. That's largely out of my control and down to whether SMF comes up with something themselves or a decent hack comes along...

      As for the Kyak Islands, you'll have to ask Rach. :p
    4. Prof. Cinders
      Prof. Cinders
      They'll be up again, as soon as I can work out a way for them to function independently of my constant input. (That is, I need to do a lot of work on it, so it's not going to happen anytime soon)
    5. Stark
      Aah. Ok, that explains a lot. Thanks you two :)
    6. Newprofile001
      Personally, the only thing I see that might need change is the Premier Pokeballs indicating a new post in a child board should be added to the image key at the bottom there. Otherwise, it's fine.
    7. lizardman974
      How about a section of the site dedicated to rumors and such on upcoming pokemon games and pokemon movies, etc., instead of having it jumbled into the news.
    8. LagerBoy
      Id like to see a better wi-fi battle organising system sort of thing. One where you can exchange friend codes quickly and easily and you could type in your time-zone so you dont end up getting codes from people in foreign countries. That is not bad at all but what if you get all Australian codes and you live in England without realising they were all Australian. I realise this can already be done on the forums i would just like a more efficient system of organizing them. Other than that everything is fine. Also i hope your staff showcase upgrade brings the sprite comics back like Spin Dash but i realise they require your time to do them.
    9. SoIHerdYaLiekAnime
      I'd just like something that could block ads by choice. Simple as that.
    10. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Without the ads, the site doesn't make any money. Without the money, the site doesn't exist.
    11. octillery lover
      octillery lover
      I would like pokecharms to have a trainer maker and like a small mini pokemon game that only members could play that involves the nemises generation pokemon.

      Octillery lover, ;D
    12. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      This should be interesting. Just remember that I have a strange taste, so bear with me if you find this idea is as random as something pulled from a dustbin raffle.

      I have a suggestion, based off of the advertising problem Jirachan brought out, a plan has been created by Brendan's-Unstoppable-Lip-Lord (a.k.a. the brain/B.U.L.L.) that could relieve some of the stress from advertisements, simply by making the advertisment better. Such as something simple like some sort of small animation to catch the eye. Or something a little more complicated, like making the text dance when you move the mouse cursor over it. Or you can go for gold by playing an entire anthem when you click on the advertisement window. And that's using only the text, who knows what the possibilities are with pictures and the like. Though the problem of permission from the advertisers would be some sort of problem, though that should be easy if they know when the client is doing something for them.

      This message has been sponsored by the Ultra-Powerful Car-Smashing Master Muffin
    13. 4evr_ninja
      i think the trainer card maker should use the nemisis gen pokemon
    14. ozmer
      No more made up pokemon on the home page!

      Also, maybe there could be a competitive battling index sort of like smogon.
    15. Yoshimitsu
      Why not? There's nothing wrong with Nem's pokemon being on the home page.
    16. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It's summer and that means that there's not only not a terrible amount of stuff going on (the occasional HG/SS update, being pretty much all the Pokemon world has to offer right now), but most of us are now either not available for great parts of the summer or are busy working throughout the summer and don't really have the time to be coming up with something to put up on a daily basis.

      You can either have Nem and Rain's hard, well thought-out, work that they're working to keep up on a fairly daily basis around their own schedules to give you guys a daily feature or nothing at all.

      It's a pretty simple choice...
    17. Linkachu
      What the Doc said. Nem isn't trying to make his Pokemon come off as Gen 5 wannabes, just his own creations shared via the website. As long as people actually read the posts properly, they'll quickly realize that. The same can be said for rumors and the like in standard news reports really. Charms will never claim something to be true that's merely a rumor, so if people read the posts through it's easy to distinguish which is fact and which is speculation.

      That said... if there was a way to categorize news updates into different subjects like we could before it'd help direct people towards the news they want from the archives. Not sure if that's possible, but I'll leave it out there for Alex to mull over...

      Anyways, I think this new project, the revamped staff showcase, and the PokeDex being back will pretty well fulfill everything I want to see added to the site (especially if we use this project in all the ways we discussed).

      The thing about Friend IDs is that both players need to exchange IDs and set up trades/battle times/dates for their usage to be effective, so an automated system would be rather ineffective. What good is having someone's ID if (a) they have no idea you do, and (b) they don't have the time or interest of trading/battling with you? Just like the concept behind Friend ID implies, I think direct exchanging and planning is the better way to go.
    18. Magpie
      Completely seconded. Anything I've wanted from 'Charms in the past is being done within the new project, so I'm rather excited and contented about the whole thing ^^

      And just for the record, I think Nem and Rain's project is a wonderful idea and addition to the site.

      It's also nice to have 'Charms green again. Much as I loved having the last background for a while, something about 'Charms being green just feels so right XD
    19. ozmer
      Why not? There's nothing wrong with Nem's pokemon being on the home page.
      They're a waste of space that could be used for more valuable news.
    20. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Frankly, the way I see it, this post was a waste of space that could be used for more valuable posts, but I don't see anyone else complaining. >>;

      Yes, we report PokeMon related news, among other things, but this isn't what 'Charms is all about. A huge part of 'Charms is the works of its staff and members - its distinction from other sites. The "Point" of the Nem Gen, which you apparently fail to see, is that it's a project of Nemesis and Rain's, made purely for the fun of it (no one has any delusions that any of these have any chance of being made into Real PokeMon - much like no other fanmade PokeMon by others!) - which gives us some unique, exclusive content.

      We're sorry if that does not settle with your definition of 'valuable' news - but frankly, this is our site, not yours. As such, we reserve the right to post what we find valuable according to our standards. If they don't match yours - sorry to say this but it is your own problem rather than ours. We can't please everyone.

      You are fully entitled to dislike the Nem Gen updates, but you are NOT entitled to call something that someone put a hard work and effort into a waste of space. No one's forcing you to read the Nem Gen entries and comment on them - you can simply skip over them and look for news you find more valuable, or alternately, go elsewhere in search of news. No one's forcing you to follow our news.
    21. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      A small thing, but somehow I keep feeling there's a lot of thing on the sidebar. There's the stuff about you, like your avvie and the total time you've spent logged on, the forum navigation thing, a few ads, a few search engines from Pokecharms stuffs to Bulbapedia stuffs, latest forum posts, and more Bulbapedia/Bulbanew stuffs. I was thinking that maybe we could put the Bulbapedia-related stuff on one sidebar and the Pokecharms stuff on another? Or something like that? Not a necessary change, and maybe more work than the ending benefit.

      Besides that, I really see everything else already here as pretty good, and the upcoming updates on the staff showcase and the Pokedex is all that I really want now besides the thing said in the previous paragraph.

      Also, for the record, I enjoy reading Nem and Rain's stuffs on the Nem Gen. It's quite interesting, and Rain's artworks turn out to look really awesome even though it's not Sugimori but stills. :3
    22. Swiny1262
      personally i like the nem gen. if people don't like it they might as well not look at the page.

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