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Ask to Join Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Conquest

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Generation Sect, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Cairun Illix stood at the base of a sandy path amongst the grass, the dark-skinned Egyptian boy accompanied by his two everpresent bodyguards. They both were huge, in matching suits with shades. Cairun himself adjusted the purple tie of his dark blue suit, his black hair slicked back in two spikes at the back sides. He looked to the boat emerging through the mist, his eyes a strange shade of gold, giving a strange feeling of lifelessness. He took a small, golden coin out of his pocket. Under his breath he spoke. "May the Fates have mercy on me." He flipped the coin, putting his other hand over it as it landed in his outstretched palm. He cautiously lifted his hand up, to see the Heads symbol. The Millennium symbol. "Good."

    Seth thought about the whole thing, as everybody disembarked from the boat. Guards. Suspicion was this island's name obviously. But hey, this is a tournament, and that meant something. As he walked off, that Cairun kid gave a speech. Apparently his family are reclusive billionaires. Now that's a oxymoron. He decided on the boat to save his jokes for someone who appreciated them, namely himself. "So, you all know why your here so let's skip the theatrics and get to the point. This island is the arena for this tournament. The duelists who collect 10 Coins will be able to head to the spire atop the mountain." He pointed to a peak jutting out from the trees, with a regal stone spire spiralling out from it. "If you have no coins, well you might as well leave. So it's a good thing I brought enough for you all." The bodyguards moved over to a metal crate, opening it up. "Queue up for your Duel Disks and Coins. Each of you will start with 4 coins. I know, it seems generous. What can I say, I'm a generously guy. Your duel disk has been customised for you, and will be how you duel. Just wait till you see what we've got in them. You'll be surprised." He looked around to the silent crowd, looking frustrated. "C'mon, line up. I don't want to be here all day." Isaac was second in line, receiving his duel disk and coins. His duel disk was black with white accents. He stepped out to see the duelist before him. "Aren't you that Peter Pustice guy? Posh family, won the regionals?" The white haired teen turned around. "Yes. But I don't appreciate the posh sentiment too much. I guess it's time to head off. I saw you duel on the regionals, and it was simply spiffing, so I'll save a duel like that for later. We can agree on a headstart truce, no?" Seth struggled to process what he said. "Uh... okay then. I'm just gonna go north over into the mountain area." Pustice nodded his head. "Well, I'll be going west to the forest. It's a shame, but i'm afraid we can't chat for long. Advantage overtakes courtesy in a tournament. No time to work with others." Seth grinned. "Hey, you know what they say. No man is an island." There was an awkward silence, the wind blowing past. "Geddit. Island. See, it's appropriate because the saying means..." He seemed lost as he noticed that Pustice had just turned around and walked away. He looked down. "Heh. Island."
  2. Zenix got off the boat and took a deep breath as he got off. He heard the speech that Cairun made. He smiled as he was excited to be here. He knows that he's going to do well because he built his deck with his heart. He saw people line up and quickly got a good spot in line. Zenix got his duel disk and coins. He was admiring his duel disk. It was a standard KC duel disk, but instead of blue it was red. He likes it since his favorite color is red. Zenix looks around deciding where to go first.
  3. Ravyn took a deep breath before disembarking the boat. The speech given by Cairun was interesting to her, but she was slightly annoyed by the buzzing of the crowd during the speech. She got in line to recieve her Coins and Duel Disk. When she got to the front, she showed her papers to prove she was actually a part of the tournament. She was given four coins and a Kaiba Corp Duel Disk, but it was black with dark blue accents. She stepped out of line and put it on her left arm. It fit perfectly. They didn't spare any expense for this, did they? She thought as she inserted her Deck into the Duel Disk. The crowd was starting to dwindle, so she could hear individual conversations.
    "Do you think my Deck is good enough?"
    "My Dragon Deck is unbeatable!"
    "Duelists all over the world are here. I can't wait!"
    She looked towards the spire and smiled to herself. I'll make it there, just wait.
  4. Zenix put his duel disk on his left arm and admired it. 'Awesome,' he thought to himself. He took out his deck and looked at his Silent Magician LV8 on the front of his deck. He smiles and inserts the deck into his duel disk. As he was walking, he thought about where to go first, until he bumped into someone (Ravyn). "Oh, sorry about that," he said to the girl.
  5. Ravyn turned around to see a boy with dark hair and a burgendy hoodie. "Oh, it's fine. I wasn't paying that much attention." She saw the red Duel Disk on his arm. She was interested in what cards it had inserted in the Deck slot. "So, what's your Deck like?"
  6. Zenix brought up his left arm with his duel disk. "My deck?" he said, "Well my is mostly Spellcaster related cards." He put lowered his arm as he finished talking. "What's your deck like?" Zenix asked.
  7. The crew member banged in the door. "Um excuse me, Ryker Slade, we've arrived to the island," he said through the door. Ryker Slade woke up with a start. "You mean I could be missing it!?" He shouted from inside the room. Before the crewman could anwser the young duelist burst out of the room, and ran towards the boat's exit.

    "You have some time," he called out, but it was all in vain, as the boy had already gone too far ahead. He exited the boat and dashed over to barely hear the rich jerk's speach. "I wish I had as much money as this yahoo, and then I wouldn't have to win this tournament," he mumbled, before getting line to collect his stuff. His disk was white with back edges, and looked pretty sweet.
  8. Ravyn held up her newly aquired Duel Disk. "Mine's an archetype called the 'Mechabyss' monsters. They're all Machine-type monsters. Maybe we could Duel later? Oh, and I didn't catch your name. Mine's Ravyn. Ravyn Cybara."
  9. Zenix nodded at Ravyn's idea. "Yeah, I would love to duel with you," he said with a smile, "My name is Zenix. Zenix Larse." He stuck his hand out for a handshake. "Well, good luck to both of us."
  10. She took his hand and gave a firm handshake. "Nice to meet you. Good luck to the both of us. Goodbye!" She started to walk away. She noted that she would never talk to someone like that unless it involved games.
  11. "Bye!" Zenix said and walked away. He walked around looking for someone to duel. Suddenly a random duelist came up to him and challenged. Zenix accepted and they wagered one coin. The duel went on for a while and Zenix won it with still having 2500 life points. The duelist gave Zenix the coin and walked away feeling sad. "Alright! I already won my first duel," he said while looking at the coin he won.
  12. Allen took a deep breathe as he stepped of the boat, happy that he was no longer surrounded by strangers. He listened carefully to the speech, not wanting to miss any rules. He reserved his coins and walked past many duelist that already started dueling. He was so caught up in watch the duels he bumped into someone (Ryker). "I..I...I'm so s..sorry." Allen said in a quick panic.
  13. Seth had finally started getting serious. He had watched some of the duels that had happened, but something made him wonder if maybe he should go back to the woods instead and duel Pustice. That would surely surprise him. Seth wondered what was wrong with him anyway. At least Cairun didn't have a stick up his butt. Ha. He used Plant monsters. Sticks. Seth saw a cliff edge, the coast along the east. Just off the cliffs were two large stones, formed almost like perfect pillars opposite each other, two duelists on top of them. He ran over to watch. "How did they even get there? Bit crazy."

    Meanwhile, Cairun and his bodyguards entered the spire. He stopped short in front of the entrance, and turned. "You wait outside, got it?" The bodyguards took his orders instantly, with no reply. Cairun entered the spire, locking the heavy door behind him, and checking it again. He seemed as if about to fall, dragging himself to a wooden table and slamming himself onto it, attempting to grab onto a shelf attached to the wall to steady himself. "I knew I couldn't escape it forever." He took the coin out from his pocket, and stared at the symbol. The golden eye, looking directly into his. He steadied himself back up, and with his last effort, flipped the coin from his hand, quickly cupping his hand over the result as fast as he could. He feared to remove it, for he knew what the result would be, and he didn't want to have to be around for it. Luckily for him, he wouldn't be. He removed his hand, the coin showing the tails symbol. The symbol of two pointed eyes and a torn and stretched mouth, an evil grin. A similar evil smile spread across his face as a deep red overtook his pupils. "Hello world. I'm back." He spoke, a deep new tone echoing throughout the empty chamber.
  14. Ravyn watched a few Duel before participating in a Duel of her own. Her opponent used a Dragon deck. It was a pretty long Duel, but she won with 3300 Life Points remaining. She walked off with the one coin she won. She knew Archetypes were usually stronger than other Decks. She wondered if Archetypes would be the main thing used in competative in the future. Ravyn sat down where a few Duels were going on and decided to spectate for a while. As the summoned monsters showed up in hologram form, she thought to herself how lucky she was to be a part if this.
  15. Allen darted away from the man he bumpped to embarrassed to say anything else. "Hey you, wait up kid." Allen looked up to see a taller man with a duel disk and a smug look on his face, accompanied by two other duelist. "How about a duel runt?" "I...um..." Allen said nervously. "What are ya chicken?" The others added in, taunting him. "Fine...lets duel!"

    Allen let the duel drag on, not ending it just make the duelist understand it was hopeless. "What's wrong? Not having fun anymore? Guess I'll just end it then." Allen took the coin from the man that failed to even deal damage to him. "Who's next to visit halloween town?" Allen said staring at the other two. The three quickly ran off realizing they had biten off more than they could chew. Allen looked at the other duels happening with a little more confidence. Its just another tornament, I'll be fine.
  16. Zenix walked around and watched the duels that have been going. Even Ravyn's and Allen's duel. As he was looking for another person to duel, a duelist came up to him and challenged him. He accepted and they both started duelist. On the fifth turn, which was his turn, he drew a card and a smirk appeared on his face. "Alright!" he said, "I sacrifice my two monsters to summon my Dark Magician!" Both of his monsters disappeared and out came a red Dark Magician to replace them. "A RED Dark Magician?!" the duelist said in shock. Zenix used the spell card Thousand Knives to destroy his opponent's monster and had his Dark Magician to attack the duelist directly. That led to Zenix's victory and the duelist gave him a coin.
  17. "C'mon let's duel," Ryker said, challenging the kid. It was a seesaw duel, mainly because the fact the kid was dueling had a damage dealing deck.

    "Okay," let's finish this," Ryker said drawing a card. The kid has two Solar Flare Dragoons out. Either he won the duel now, or he lost it. "I play the spell card Double Summon, which allows me to normal summon twice this turn. Now play Call of the Haunted, bringing back Queen's Knight form the grave." The field glowed with a light purple light and Queen's knight appeared once more. "Now I summon King's Knight. When he is summoned while Queen's knight is on the field, I can summon Jack's Knight. Now I get my extra summon, which I use to summon Gifford the Lightning. When he's summoned, by using three monsters, then I can automatically wipe out all monsters on the field." Ryker smiled as Gilford appeared, and swung his sword, wiping out the Solar Flare Dragons. "And the best part is, that I still have my regular attack! Lightning Slash!" Ryker won the duel, and collected his two coins from the kid. Ryker walked away, still smiling at his victory.
  18. Zenix decided to sit down and observe the duels that are going on. He stood up as he witnessed Ryker's duel and was amazed by it. Zenix decided to catch up to him. "Nice duel man," he said to Ryker.
  19. "Thanks," Ryker said noticing the other duelist. If I hadn't set Call of the Haunted when I did, his Hand of Desturction, wou;d've beaten me," he added with a laugh.
  20. "Yeah, you're right," Zenix said with a bit of a chuckle, "It was a close match. My name's Zenix. What's your name?" He extended his hand for a handshake.
  21. Allen saw one of the duelist that was watching his earlier duel, Maybe I should try and make some friends...Yeah! I can do this! Allen thought to himself as he approached him and the duelist he seemed to be in conversion with. Right as he was about to say 'Hi' his nerves got to him, causing him to freeze up and just stare at the two duelist. Crap...I can't do this.
  22. Zenix had a feeling that someone was watching him. He turned to see a boy (Allen) watching. "Hey, your the duelist I saw earlier," he said with a smile, "I'm Zenix. What's your name?"
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  23. Allen jumped when Zenix introduced himself as he just realized he was staring at him like a creep. "Oh....my n..name is Allen. N..nice to meet you." Allen said quietly, struggling to find what to say next. "Would you l..like to duel?" He said in a bit of a panic, more as a rushed thought rather as an actual request.
  24. Zenix noticed how shy Allen is and smiled. "Sure I would love to duel," he said, "And, there's no need to be shy. We're all duelist aren't we? So just relax and have a good time here."
  25. "Yeah...your right. Let's duel." Allen said with a smile, activating his duel disk. Allen could feel his nerves melt away in preparation of the duel. "Sense I challenged you, you can pick first or second. Oh, and are we anteing a coin?"
  26. "Let's duel!" Zenix said along with Allen and prepared his duel disk. "You can go first," he said, "Also, how about we wager one coin." He pulls out his five cards for his hand.
  27. "Let's duel!" Allen said drawing five cards and smiled. "Get ready to enter a world of Halloween, I activate the field spell Ghostrick Museum. And I set a monster and set one other card. I end my turn"
  28. Zenix was surprised as the field changed. He draws a card and smirks. "Well we won't be in this museum for long," he said, "I activate the spell card Mystical Space Typhoon, which I'll use to destroy your field spell." A tornado came out of Zenix's field and aimed at Allen's field spell.
  29. "Not so fast, I activate my trap card, Ghostrick Vanish!" The lights in the museum suddenly turned off and back on, with the rift in space nowhere to be seen. "My trap protect my face downs and Ghostrick for a turn from card effects." Allen smiled confidently.
  30. "Clever," Zenix said with a smile, "Now then, I discard my Witch of the Black Forest to special summon The Tricky. The Tricky can be special summoned from my hand if I discard a card. Now Tricky, attack his face down monster!" The Tricky proceeded to attack Allen's face down monster.
  31. The attack was set for the face down, but then was redirected to Allen life point in a direct attack. "Face down monsters can't be attack while my museum is in play, and now it activates forcing your monster into face down defense mode." Allen said as his life point were reduced to 2000.
  32. "So instead of attacking the monster, it attacks the duelist. Interesting," Zenix said as his Tricky went in face down, "I set one card face down and end my turn." The card appeared on the field and Zenix waited for Allen's next move.
  33. Allen drew a card from his deck and smiled. "I set a face down card and flip my monster Ghostrick Warwolf, who when flipped deals 300 damage to you, 100 for each set card."
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  34. Zenix's life points went down to 3700. He starts to get a bit concerned now. 'Because of that spell card, my defense are going to be useless. But if Allen does attack, his monster will flip back face down,' he thought to himself, 'Unless that face down card he put says otherwise.'
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  35. "Now that I control a ghostrick monster, I summon Ghostrick Skeleton. Now attack, first with Warwolf for 1400!" Allen said as the beast lunged a Zenix, straight over his set monster.
  36. Zenix got hit and his life points drop down to 2300. 'This is bad,' he thought to himself, 'These Ghostrick monsters are thougher than I thought.' He now waits for Allen's next move.
  37. Warwolf yawned as he flipped to face down defense mode, "Now Skeleton for 1200!" The reaper raised his scythe and charged at Zenix and tripped over his set monster, his scythe flying out of his hands and straight at Zenix.
  38. Zenix felt as if an actual scythe had sliced him. His life points dropped to 1100 now. "Wow, that was one heck of an attack there," Zenix said to Allen, waiting for his next move.
  39. The skeleton fell into a pile of bones as it returned to face-down defense mode. "I'm just getting started, I end my turn. Get some rest my friends." Allen said as he past over the turn to Zenix, I can wrap this up if I can survive this next turn.
  40. Zenix drew his card. "I flip back my Tricky and then I summon my Skilled White Magician," he said as his Tricky was flipped back and his Skilled White Magician appeared, "Now, Skilled White Magician attack!" The Skilled White Magician went on to attack Allen directly.

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