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Your first Pokemon Game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Munchy Lax, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Pokemon Yellow, my first and favourite game.. I still have the cartridge with me.
  2. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Blue. it was my favorite game until I got LeafGreen, and so on (my favorite now is Pokemon Black). well it was my only game, so of course it was my favorite back then. I loved that game so much I used cheats, hacks, and just about everything else to get to be the best of my games. I had lots of Pokemon, including the invisible shiny Bulbasaur and another strange Pokemon called "----". I even had Missingno. and Charizard 'M. These days were about the happiest times of my life until I got the 'M cheat. I thought to myself, 'I have Charizard 'M and my game didn't freeze, so nothing's gonna happen'. I caught it with a Masterball and placed it in my PC. I was just going to retrieve it, when a message appeared: "Your game has been damaged, and cannot be continued. You must start a new game." I couldn't believe it. I had almost all the cheats and everything. And my Pokemon- I loved my Blastoise and Raichu. I couldn't give them up. But it was too late. From then on, I only used minor cheat codes.
  3. I forgot to tell my sapphire cart disappeared mysteriously some years ago TT_TT.

    When I played sapphire for the first time I didn't know how to pass the part on which you need to change the clock (at that time I didn't know English very well) and I was killing myself to find out how to do it. Finally a kid in school told me how to do it and I made it XD. My starter pokemon, sceptile, was lv.100 and I miss him TT.TT he was my first pokemon...
  4. First bought Silver when I was younger, don't even know why. I had a GBA at the time, and was totally used to playing in widescreen, looved it. Fond memories of training the Legendary Beasts at Silver Cave until they were mid-60s then taking on the E4 with them<3
    Them I bought Red, then Yellow. Red was a lot of fun, the music is classic too. Yellow was all right, but everything had some sort of tint to it, grinded my gears :V
    Got Ruby somehow..legitimately completed my Pokedex. I went to this daycamp during summer for years, and most people played Pokemon (even though it wasnt allowed because Satan or something religious xD)...last guy I got was Chimecho. Searched six hours for the guy :S
    Emerald. Got it at launch in a package from Nintendo Power that had a Deoxys t-shirt<3 too small now of course. Emerald was great.
    Then Diamond/Pearl, then Platinum.

    I gave up Pomemon for about two years </3..discovered I'd sold most of my games. Now I have my old Ruby, Emerald, Platinum, a new FireRed and SoulSilver. Gotta say, I love SS more than the original :3
  5. I technically didn't own it, but the first pokemon game I ever played was Red. :3 I was really little, too. No wonder I like Charizard so much. The first game I actually owned was Gold. I chose Chikorita.
  6. mine was emerald i was like six and i member i thought every pokemon was rare so i tried catchin every one i saw :p :-X
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  7. Wow I'm old, I remember playing and owning Pokemon Red (Original) for the big chunky gameboy when it first came out. It was brilliant and got me hooked on the franchise......until the 2nd gen came lol.
  8. My first game was emerald But it got glitched :-[
  9. 012


    My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Yellow and it was also my first fave Pokémon game. ♥
  10. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Mines was Pokemon sapphire, and I only bought it because it was the craze back then, and I started late.
    I remember spending hours on my gameboy advance.
  11. My first game was Diamond. I was obsessed with the anime when I was younger and only got into the games a few years ago. The first time played it, I couldn't find the entrance to the Spear Pillar, gave up, and restarted the whole thing. The second time I traded a bunch of rare (for Sinnoh) ones from a friend who had beat HeartGold. I lost it a bunch of times, but after a few years I managed to keep it for long enough at a time to beat the game. I'm still trying to complete my Pokedex, but it is currently lost ;_;
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Sapphire was mine for sure; I didn't even really know there were such things as Pokemon video games until I was in second grade, though I was pretty into the anime when I was 4-5. I was actually reintroduced to Pokemon because of a couple of plushies I found in the toy section of Walmart one day (Plusle and Minun) and got them~ A bit later, my friend showed me her new Gameboy Advanced and the Pokemon game she was playing, and I was so excited I ended up begging my parents to get me the game. And thus, I got Sapphire ♥

    Almost a week later I got FireRed as well, and when Emerald came out I got that. I still love the Hoenn games more than any of the others, especially Emerald, and I'll almost always be super biased for them~
  13. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    My Pokemon journey began with Blue on Christmas Day almost 16 years ago. Being my first videogame and the fact everything kinda looks the same in the Game Boy's monochrome it took me quite awhile to figure out how to get out of my house in Pallet Town. It took me a little while longer to figure out how to save. :'| But by the new year I got the hang of things and by the following year I was calling myself a Pokemon Master.
  14. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    I think it was Stadium & PKMN Snap...

    My first game [handheld wise] that I owned of the series was Silver and Crystal.
    However previously to that, I borrowed a friends PKMN Yellow.
    Fair enough to say that I'm biased as hell beause Yellow/Crystal
    are my favourites out of the series even today. [/shot]
  15. my first game was Pokemon Emerald torchic all the way!
  16. Pokemon Crystal :)
  17. My first game? It was emerald. I received it as an apology gift (a kid had pushed me and i broke my knee, their parents made them give me their emerald game) when i was about seven or eight. I never beat it originally, but I did transfer my first starter ever, Geckie (gotta love little kid names), to my ORAS. back to where he started, eh?
  18. My first game that I legitimately played(AKA without my brothers yanking the ds out of my hands and playing it themselves) was Heartgold back in 2010. Yeah, I was a bit late.
  19. My first game was Pokemon Leaf Green, and I first played it when I was seven and my sister had the cartridge, but finally beat the game last year.
    So. Late.
  20. There's a funny story to that. Originally my first game was Pokémon Red back in 1997, though for some reason the game crashed whenever I tried to play it. My Dad tried taking it apart and fix the circuitry, but it didn't seem to work whatsoever. Somehow it managed to work years later, but because of that I had to switch and play Pokémon Blue instead. So, I guess you can say they were both my first game (in a way :?)
  21. My first game was Yellow. Been playing the games ever since! :D
  22. My first game was Diamond, that's good, I guess
  23. First Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Ruby Version. I started out with Torchic (who is my favorite starter Pokemon ever since I started playing Pokemon). When OR/AS was finally released, I picked up Omega Ruby and chose Torchic again because of nostalgia. xD GEN 3 FOR THE WIN!!
  24. My first game was Pkmn Diamond Version, i was seven years old, my rabbit died earlier that day and we were at my cousins house, he was putting some games on a game card for me and my little sister. I saw Pokemon games on it and i forgot how sad i was earlier that day and begun playing. The feels, choosing Piplup, not even knowing how to save, only training your starter and catching "cool'' pokemon on the first routes, admiring the nighttime. That was so awesome.Never finished the game though...
  25. Pokémon X
    Day: 10/27/2013
  26. Pokemon Sapphire. I might of been 6 or 7 years old and I chose Mudkip as a starter. I leik Mudkipz.
  27. My First, and still my favorite, was Pokemon Diamond. I was all hyped up because at six flags I got a stuffed Piplup, thinking it was a "normal" penguin at the time as a 6 year old. Then for show and tell someone came in and showed off his pokemon games, and I wanted one too! So my dad researched and he found Diamond and Pearl with Piplup as the water starter. I liked Diamonds better than pearls back then (besides everybody likes blue right?) so I bought it and my pokemon journey started!
  28. Congrats on the stuffed Piplup. (I didn't even know that they did Pokemon taxidermy. xD) Also, I am not a really big fan of blue. I LOVE the color Red. (I played Pokemon Ruby and chose Torchic.) I love fire, too, btw. I also got Pearl version a few weeks back and I can't really wait for a remake of Gen 4. (I had to reset Pearl because I couldn't get past the E4 and Champion with the team the previous owner had. HE/SHE HAD THE FRICKAN EVENT CELEBI!!!!! :( D: WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!?!?!?!?)
  29. My first Pokémon game was Emerald I've been a Pokémon fan since 2001 but that was the anime. I didn't know they were games, so I was 8 when I got my first Pokémon game I got Emerald for my 8th birthday and i've still got it now with the same team as I had 10 years ago. Man I feel old trainercard-Kieran.png
  30. I believe my first Pokemon game was FireRed on the Gameboy.
    I lost it when I was 9. I got Emerald after that. XD
  31. My first game was Black version. In some save files, I couldn't get through Chargestone Cave. LOL
  32. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Pokemon.. Yellow also red and blue (because I'm old..)
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  33. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    Mine was emerald it was what made me love Pokemon so much when I was 5-6 I saw these two kids in daycare battaling with kyoger and groudon at the time I didn't even know what pokemon was so seeing them battle was awesome to my little mine than for my 7th b-day I got it pokemon emerald LOVED it the sound is awesome love the legendary theme and I loved the pokenon still hate and can't beat Juan on a rom these day too bad my bro probably traded it
  34. My first Pokemon game was Gold and it has always been fav! It's nostalgic! Hahaha!
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  35. My first Pokemon game was Red. I borrowed it from a friend and started playing. He was really generous in loaning it because he caught all 150 Pokemon and let me save over it. Thankfully he had all 150 on his Blue cartridge.
  36. Did he get mew as well?
  37. My first game was red...i loved that game..it was very challenging for me but one of the best gaming experiences ever for me:)
  38. The first game I played was FireRed, one day my grandma found one near the bus stop outside the hotel where she worked, of course she didn't know what it was, brought it home for me. Sadly for me no way to play it, as I didn't have any system to play it on.
    About 2 months later, my uncle found a Nintendo DS with two games Mario 64 and Pokemon Ruby - at bank someone forgot it. When I got home, I put in FireRed and started playing.
    That's how I got started with Pokemon games. I was already a Pokemon fan, as I started with the anime.
  39. Sad to say, but technically my first Pokemon game was that black pokemon cartridge on playing Pokemon Cards besides playing the RPG Pokemon. In terms of the RPG, Pokemon Blue.

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