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Your first Pokemon Game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Munchy Lax, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Everyone starts somewhere, and that also goes for Pokemon games. so heres where you talk about them. Mine is Emerald, when I was seven years old. I fell in love with it, and thats what brought me to the rest of the Pokemon games, TGC, and this website.
  2. My first game was not a main series game. It was PMD EoT. I just loved the idea of being a Pokemon. But my first main series game was Platinum. It was love at first sight... I liked the gym line-up (Except Gardenia. HATE HER.) And the storyline was quite interesting.
  3. My first pokemon game was Pokemon Crystal version when I was 8. I bought because it because some kid at school was playing it. I felt so stupid because I said, "They have pokemon games?" :o . After I bought I completely fell in love with the game plot XD.
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  4. mine was firered i know its a later game but it was good now i have got diamond and getting pokemon white
  5. Well, Silver was my first game, and my first Pokemon was Cyndaquil ^^ I remember that Christmas, where I was 5, and had gotten RBY and GS. It was magical. It wazsn't exactly what I was expecting, but thats what made it fun ^^ Plus, the old/modernish colors looked so good on Cyndaquil, too. I mean, he had That black and yellow colors that just made me excited just to play the game :)

    Plus, it also helped me with some "little kid" issues too. All guys have thought that girls were icky at some point in life, right? Well, I picked Cyndaquil (after my second run, cuz the first run I stupidly released him XP), and When it finally turned into a Typhlosion, I noticed that "he" was a "she"! I didn't care though, as she did get me through that far, which also helped me get over my feelings regaurding real life girls. THank you Pokemon SIlver, and my friend Typhlosion, R.I.P. :)
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  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    My first PokeMon game - and in fact, the way I got into PokeMon to begin with - was Red. At the time, all that we really knew about PokeMon over here was the anime (which was still in the Indigo arc back then) - and that was so badly animated and atrociously dubbed that I hated it. In a quest for further information (because I was honestly trying to figure out what the eff was the appeal) I found out that the series' roots lie in video games, and I got my claws on a ROM of Red, figuring I'll try giving it a whirl.

    First thing I found out was that it was an RPG.
    Second thing I found out was that I was up at 4 AM trying to get through the teleporter puzzles in Silph Co.
    Third thing I found out was that I pretty much became a fan of PokeMon overnight.

    It certainly took me some time to figure out the subtleties behind PokeMon, judging by my very first team, which was probably the n00biest team I've ever had. Seriously. Four of its members were Charizard, Pidgeot, Aerodactyl and Lapras, with multiple moves of the same type... yeah. In retrospect I wonder just how the hell I got through the Elite Four. Probably magic or some shit.

    But anyway, yes. PokeMon Red. It's what got me into the series and that triggered a whole chain of events that led partially to what I am now.
  7. My first ever Pokemon game was Pokemon LeafGreen.
    I feel kind of...noobie about it being as you all were in the Pokemon Red and Yellow,etc. kind of age..but.. I really did love that game.
    My brother kept restarting his FireRed from about 3mins in every time because he wanted the perfect game.
    (He had been the PokeGeek since he was four and had Red and Silver)
    But I simply picked my first Pokemon, and carried on through there.
    I still have that game and those Pokemon and I love it to bits! ^^
  8. Pokemon Red was my first video game ever actually. ^^ Changed my life. I can't even remember what my team was, I just remember that I started with Bulbasaur. I read the little manual cover to cover.
  9. Mine was PMD Blue that was an epic game for me! I didnt actually get my first real main rpg one until '07 christman I got pearl, since then I have collected, Ranger, PMD Darkness, Emerald and HG
  10. Much like Stell, I also started out with the first Gen. I believe my first game was actually Yellow, though, but it promptly had me hooked on the series. Not to mention having bought SS two days ago brought back the nogalista of having a pokemon follow your character around. ^_^ Since Yellow, I've collected all the pokemon games aside from the N64/Wii ones, and Pokemon Trozei. Needless to say, they're still entertaining.
  11. My first game was Blue version, when I was 6 or 7-ish. One of the clearest memories I have from those days is sitting on the couch, Gameboy in hand, as I decided to go with Charmander. I think I named it something relatively dumb. But, dumb names or not, I became hooked pretty fast. And since then, I've been a fan. Hell, I went through an entire European vacation indicating when I was hungry/thirsty/tired/bored by shouting various forms of "Pikaaa" at my poor mother. I still don't know quite how they put up with me on that trip.
  12. Hehehe, I can totally imagine
    You: Hey Mum
    Mum: Yes darling
    You: Pika! (Whats for dinner)
    Mum: *sigh* Get back in the pokeball
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Mine was Emerald BEST GAME EVER! :D
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  14. Heh,heh. I know how you feel. I still like to say "MUNCH!" sometimes in the middle of a conversation. :p
  15. My first game was Pokemon Yellow version for the old Gameboys when i was 4
  16. Mine was Ruby. I was 10 i bought it at the store not even knowing what it was now im addicted to it
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  17. My first game was Pokemon Yellow and I liked the colours the plot and the way
    you had Pikachu following you

    Yay go go Pikachu! ;D

  18. xD haha i agree .
    My 1st was Pokemon FireRed Version and i started out with a Bulbasaur .
    The first pokemon i ever actually caught was a Weedle in the Viridian Forest.
  19. Yeah, Yellow was great. I loved walking around with Pikachu. IT WAS AWESOME!! :p
  20. I started with Pokemon Red, it was awesome. Although the Elite 4 was a tiny bit tough. :p
  21. As I've remembered..my very first Pokemon Game was the Firered Version like hitmonlee200 had...at first i thought that Pokemons are somewhat "mechanical-looking" type of Pokemon,but when I watch the original series and saw Pikachu in Ash's shoulders and eating food like humans, I said "whoa!!! Pokemons are like animals?!?" I know I sound very weird but that's the truth...I remembered the very first starter pokemon that I got in firered was Squirtle,because that time he was just my favorite,but as the game goes on and I've tried the three starters of kanto, I've realized that Bulbasaur was my "starter"(my somewhat a codename for the very first Pokemon you've choose before you go on a journey,like Misty and her Starmie, Brock and his Onix, and of course, Ash and Pikachu)and for me,Bulbasaur was my number one Pokemon always choosen on Kanto..because it seems that me and Bulbasaur are somewhat related to each other..yup that's that..and after the firered..I've obtained a Ruby version from my auntie(which is a teenager like us..confused??)because she haven't or rarely used it now..she give it to me as an early birthday present for me,which is good because my favorite Mud Fish Pokemon Mudkip was there!!!!! I then started to love Pokemon that I reached to the point where I buy Pokemon cards and collect a whole attache' case of it!!! I just love Pokemon!!
  22. I actually had four first games, Red, Yellow, Gold and Silver, I had bought them off my uncle who was getting out of enjoying the games but Gold was the first one I played through. It was a really enjoyable experience and somehow managed to get my friends into playing them and battling with me, The silver I had gotten I never restarted the game file. The pokemon there were already good and I had already trained my own team. I still have both of the games somewhere and they works but sadly no gameboy :-[
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  23. Yeah, I Hate how its so hard to find a normal Gameboy in stores now. Its SO FRUSTRATING! :(
  24. Mine was Fire Red.....I fell in love with charizard when it evolved and since then I have loved pokemon
  25. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I do believe mine was diamond it was also my second DS game! I loved it because the sinnoh pokedex was way too easy to complete!
  26. My first pokemon game was Pokemon Fire Red on Christmas '04, I was ten. I was always into pokemon but that was my first ever game. I remember, I chose Squirtle as my first pokemon ever (and its one of my favorites to this day) and I still remember the exact spot where I encountered my first wild Pokemon, Pidgey. Lol I'm 16 now and still remember that!! But anyway, then I got Sapphire (Treecko), Leaf Green (Charmander), Emerald (Torchic), then Crystal (Chikorita), Diamond (Piplup), Pearl (Chimchar, but never finished it), Platinum (Piplup). I hope to get Soul Silver soon because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to explore Johto again and Kanto. My starter will probably be Chikoitra again because thats my favorite Johto starter. Then for Black and White, I'm usually not a grass-type person unless if it's a starter but I might have to chose the grass type for the Isshu region because I normally LOVE LOVE LVOE water types but the water starter + its evolutions are kinda weird :/.
    So I'm currently at the Battle Frontier in Sinnoh, havent got any symbols yet but here is my team (no one probably cares but I'm just putting them out there for fun :p )
    Empoleon - lv 63
    Gallade - lv 59
    Staraptor - lv 54
    Jolteon - lv 54
    Rapidash - lv 53
    Mamoswine - lv 53
  27. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    The first Pokemon game that I got was Blue. I was pretty young and I can't for the life of me remember what I got it for, but all I remember was my Grandma visiting one night and giving it to me. Twas an epic night. At the time I didn't even have a Gameboy of my own, so I had to use my brothers. For my next birthday I received a Gambeboy Color and Pokemon Yellow.

    Blue was, and still is, my most beloved Pokemon game to date. It's the only one that I have never deleted (although I still have my first SS run, but after I get White and transfer them I'll probably restart it for fun). I completed the whole Dex (Mew included) and the game still sits in a drawer in my room.

    Blue also made me fall in love with the Squirtle line, which I still love to this very day. :3
  28. I remember a couple weeks before christmas somewhere in the late 90s looking through a magazine to search for christmas presents and seen a gameboy color on there. I begged my mom to get me one and she said if i be good this year ill get it so i tried to be good (didnt turn out too well) and she still got it along with pokemon red that i asked for cause everyone had pokemon cards at school and got me into pokemon. So i played and started out with charmander cause hes my favorite pokemon and i remember when i got to pewter city i had a beedrill while looking through the booklet and playing at the same time, i knew for sure i liked this game
  29. *CoughRedCough* Ahem. But yeah, Red was my first game and my Charizard kicked absolute Blastoise butt! My Gameboy colour was Purple and the very first game I played in it was Red. My second game was crystal, and to this day I remember catching a butterfree in the Bug-Catching-Contest. Then a HUGE gap until I get Pearl. Empoleon = win. I luffles my Charizard.
  30. Lol my gameboy color was purple too. A see-thru purple.. But my next game after red was blue then silver and then crystal then diamond then ruby then firered and emerald
  31. Pokemon sliver was my first game, and soul sliver was most recent game i bought.
  32. My first ever Pokemon game was Pokemon Gold. I got it on my seventh birthday, I believe, and there was a file that already existed on it. The guy hadn't even gotten to Violet City, but he had a level 56 Typhlosion call Dr Dre that he probably got traded in.

    I went throught the game a few times, each time focusing on a different Pokemon. First I went through with Totodile, but I gave up when I couldn't figure out what to do after I beat Whitney. After that I went through focusing only on my Pidgeot, which kicked all kinds of ass. I forgot what happened to my Pokemon Gold, but I do miss it.
  33. My first pokemon game was pokemon mystery dungeon. I thought it was a great game so i tried emerald and loved it!
  34. Pokémon Red was the first I ever played but it was my older sister's. She complained enough to get my mom to buy me Pokémon Blue version, so Blue is my first ever owned. I love it even to this day and will continue to pop it in. :)
  35. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... o.o

    You make me feel so old! XD

    Anyways, my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Red. I bought Red launch day and my brother bought Blue (which he later gave to me so I could play both~). Considering that I was anticipating the North American release of the games months before they were actually released, it's safe to say that they weren't what got me interested in the series. That credit goes to Nintendo Power. ^^
  36. the first one i played was red but the first game i owned wass crystal
  37. My journey originally began in 1998 when I got Blue and played it non-stop for a month
    until I had a full party of lv.100's. I originally started with Bulbasuar, but somewhere along
    the way Wartortle became my favorite. When I later got Red I got my first Lv.100 Wartortle.
    I've restarted these games millions of times and I still believe there is nothing better than that
    feeling you get when you see the proffessor come up on the screen and you start your next journy...

    I continued on to get:
    Gold, Silver, Crystal,
    Ruby, Shapphire,
    FireRed, LeafGreen,
    Diamond, Pearl, Platinum,
    HeartGold and SoulSilver,
    and I'm looking forward to Black and White
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  38. My first was Ruby, followed by Silver, then Blue, then LeafGreen, then Emerald, then Diamond, then Pearl, then FireRed, then Platinum, then SoulSilver, then HeartGold.

    Or something like that.

    For most of them, my younger brother would get the opposite version. Now that he's an immature eighth grader, he won't admit that he likes Pokemon anymore. One day he'll be mature enough again to love Pokemon...
  39. My first game? Sapphire/Crystal. Got them on the same day.

    After that I got:
    Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, HG, FireRed and my friend would get the opposing version.

    I bought most of the non-series games, though. I begged mom to get me Trozei, but she was short on funds.
    After that, I used my Pocket Money to buy The Ranger Series, and all that good stuff.
    Good times, good times~
  40. The new Ranger game came out Monday, it's really fun!

    It's very...different from the other Ranger games... kind of. You still ruin your touch screen to catch Pokemon in the most fun capture system ever made, and there's the villains who are evil and whatnot. But there a few new mechanics... it's weird.

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