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Your first Pokemon Game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Munchy Lax, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. I bought Emerald a couple of years ago. (I can't remember :O)

    I love the game and I still love it. I've beaten it too many times, though.
  2. Pokemon Ruby was my first game and I just fell in love with Hoenn. I am getting emrald soon!
  3. My first ever Pokemon game was Pokemon XD, Gale of Darkness. I got it for Christmas at around 8 years old.

    However, I actually started with the handheld games at 11 years old with Pokemon Diamond. I got the game on my birthday about a year after it came out. It took me a year to finish it (because I was stuck on the E4 -.-).

    However, I first became aquainted with Pokemon at 3 years old, when my Mom would read stuff to me so I could fall asleep. One day, she read me a Pokemon entry for a 1st Gen manual that we got the year prior, and I was eternally fascinated with these virtual creatures called Pocket Monsters.

    I now have those two games and Pokemon HeartGold, and am planning to get Pokemon White for my 14th Birthday. Cheers!
  4. My first game was leafgreen. I chose charmander, and nicknamed him 'Char'. I remember I was in the 1st grade, and a bunch of kids in my class had the game. They used to beat me daily... 8 years later I am the only girl in my class that plays pokemon, and I have gotten much better.
  5. Ked


    My first game was Leaf Green~

    I got it for my birthday (I was either five or six), a few days after I got my Gameboy.
    I got a Bublbasaur and he was my Oswald, until I restarted.

    Then, I got a Squirtle and named him Bobo.

    Finally, after being completely poor and stuck on Lorelie for the second time, I started again, this time doing the Nuzlocke Challenge.
    In my current run, the one mentioned above, I started with a Charmander, who is now a Charmeleon. She is named Calii.

    Now, Lorelie shall face my wrath >:D
  6. I no what u meen! My first game was pokemon pearl. Bless my little piplup :'(
  7. My first was Platinum (I wanted Soul Silver though D:)
  8. Mine was Sapphire which looking back at it makes me think of how much better I've gotten
  9. For me, it was FireRed. I was outside playing with my friends, and one of them was playing it....and failing miserably out at cerulean because he couldn't beat his rival...so I took over and eventually obliterated him. After that my friend allowed me to borrow the game, and eventually since I had helped him get something down at an arcade I earned the right to keep it for good. But the first time I truely started my own game was Emerald. I also got that from a good friend who didn't want it anymore, and he had the guide book, the translations, the whole shi-bang. I loved Emerald, but I eventually gave it to a good buddy of mine.
  10. Pokemon Silver

    Got it on our way down to Florida when I was like 5 or 6 years old (Don't really recall)
    It was originally my sister's. She got it along with a special addition gameboy (Which still works perfectly) featuring a pichu and a pikachu on the cover. I wanted to play it so badly, considering I loved pokemon since before she got the game, but she never allowed me. I remember back when we would wait to pick her up at the end of the school day, I'd be in my seat, playing the game repetively with out saving, and watch several times as her Quilava would evolve before she got in the car. XD

    She eventually gave it to me when she grew out of pokemon.

    My first pokemon game I bought with my money was pokemon Crystal. So much more fun than silver, considering you can get Lugia, Ho-Oh, and some animated sprites :3
  11. You can get both Lugia and Ho-Oh in Gold and Silver.
  12. My first game was Diamond. I can still remember the first Pokemon I caught as well and it was a Bidoof.
  13. The first game I got was pearl. I chose a chimchar and did a solo run with him. All my HM slaves were traded so the first pokemon I caught was a bagon.
  14. The first game I got was Emerald, though I didn't get around to buying it until Diamond and Pearl were out. My little sister and I share it now, though she plays it a lot more than me now because I recently fell in love with HeartGold.
  15. First game I ever got? Definitely Sapphire Version. I chose Torchic, and the first Pokémon I caught was a Whismur. Good times.
  16. My first pokemon game was leaf green and i lost it for about 5 or more years but on a not long ago trip i found it in one of my old jackets :D and i had a level 72 charizard and i didnt even beat the elite 4 yet
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  17. My first one was Pokémon Gold Version. I wasn't very old but I think I was quite good at it.
  18. My first pokemon game was actually my first game ever. I can't remember what age I was (fail). It was Pokemon Crystal Version, and I knew nothing about video games and couldn't even find a way outside my house -_-'
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  19. SJ


    Yellow, on release day (even though it was only a few days before my birthday!). I was pretty much bed-bound that entire year, and played obsessively. Pikachu, Haunter, Kangaskahn, Dodrio, Dragonite, Articuno. Kangaskahn and Dodrio are still about lv. 30 - 40ish, as they dropped off usefulness towards the end, but I still kept them with me. They eventually went to Gold, and in a mad rush to save my entire pre-2006 collection from battery death, made it to a permanent home on my PC through a ritual using a doohick obtained from the bowels of the internet.

    Today, their PokéSav 'clones' languish in a box on diamond due to now being utterly out-classed. And the original Gold .Sav backed up on three harddrives, two phones and an R4.

    *modified for typo (ye gods I hate them!)
  20. my first pokemon game was pokemon red on gameboy
  21. Crystal was my first. I was 5 nd we were moving nd i didnt want 2 so it was like a bribe XD
    Cyndaquil was my first i loved it my favorite then typhlosion i luvz it.... Then my bro released it >_< nd i gav the game to him (but i still primarly played it)
    R.I.P. Typhlosion i luvz u
  22. My first Pokemon game was Yellow. I loved it so much. I was stuck on the champion, so I stopped playing it for a while. When I wanted to start playing it again, I found out my mom had sold it in our garage sale. I still haven't forgiven her for that...and it was nine years ago. ;-; Years later, it's still my favorite Pokemon game out of all of them.
  23. The 1st Pokemon, which I've ever caught was a Radittat in Pokemon Red Version
  24. Well I remember my first one it was a new one but don't blame me my brother didn't even tell me about pokemon so I was 7 that my birthday my brother or mom gave it to me it was POKeMON Platinum I loved it but I was a idiot and I used my freakin' POKeball on a combee instead of giratina blame me all you want it is my fault.Years later when I retryed and I was 8 this kid called Carlos stole my DS and WITH MY POKEMON PLATINUM!!!One more year I was still 8 then on christmas the most wonderful thing hapened I got a new DS with POKeMON Soul Silver!!! I loved it more than Platinum!!!I got so far on it,and my partner is... GIVE IT UP FOR..... LUGIA!!! LVL 100!!!!!(Shiny Shadow)Well k don't blame me cause...I can't insert my lugia's picture anyways the reason why I couldn't sniff Carlos out is cause he moved out in the nick of time!So if you are out there carlos here is a little present!!!*Moons you* and *Stabs you* >:( so that is my first pokemon game.(sorry for the whole story I just wanted to tell you)
  25. First game was Japanese Pokemon Gold with a English patch but it was on a GBC cartridge together with ~30 games. I got it from my friend together with GameBoy Color and picked Chikorita. Later I found out the SCARY THING: IT COULDN'T SAVE </3 :'(. That's when I got interested in Roms.

    R.I.P. my dear Chikorita, Hoothoot, Mareep and Wooper. You will always be remembered.
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  26. Ah, memories....*sigh* My first was blue version. I felt like such a noob tho, It was one of my first RPG's. But its thanks to pokemon that I know how to play them. ^_^ I first picked Squirtle, well because it was blue version. lol later tho I went back and played again and picked charmander. Now whenever I pick a starter I pick fire types, except Diamond. Piplup was just too cute to resist. X3 lol
  27. my first game was Gold i played and played never finished it though i either lost it or sold it but i started with all three started though (At diff times of course) that and the anime got me totaly hooked and i was 8 at the time
  28. My first pokemon game was non-save file pokemon firered(Made in china >:()
    And ruby
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  29. Oh my, my...My very first Pokemon game was yellow version. My dad got it for me when I was 5. In fact, I believe that was my very first gameboy game in general. Sweet memories...Of my ignorance XD. I ran through that whole game using nothing but my Pikachu. I think I might have cried when I got to Celadon and found out I couldn't evolve him to a Raichu, cause that was my fav at the time. Then I couldn't figure out why I was failing so badly at the elite four, I thought Thunder would destroy anything. Hehe, I kinda miss those days :D.
  30. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Red, and I've been playing ever since.... I guess that would make me a Pokemon Veteran, I'll start up a topic called that... ;D
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  31. the very first one i played was blue when i was nine. my brother get blue and yellow for Christmas and he wouldn't lemme play yellow but the first one i owned was ruby. man it makes me think of how far i come, good times :'(
  32. Poke'mon Silver Version was my VERY FIRST game EVER actually. I LOVED it I swear I wouldn't ever put the game down.
  33. I never owned my own Pokemon game until the release of Crystal version. Before then, I'd spent all my time playing on my cousin's Red version.
  34. my first game was silver version
  35. i started with saffire, i borrowed it from a freind when i was 9, every one loved it so i didn't want to feel left out ::)! didn't like the starters... so i chose treecko then replaced it with a skitty!!!! still love them!!! :-* :-* :-* Now have ,pearl, platinum,leafgreen,soulsilver and am getting black or white(haven't decided) for my birthday in 2 weeks!
  36. stealing ur ds..now thats low!!! >:( if i ever see him i'll get him 4 ya!
  37. Mine was pokemon pearl I know I was late but now all I play is Silver (not soul silver)
  38. first game : leaf green ..
    1st pokemon : squirtel
  39. Well, in 2005 I was introduced to it, my friend got me hooked on Emerald, so I asked my mom to get me a GBA for my birthday, she did. she asked what game I wanted for it and I simply said "anything Pokemon". Later she came back and with that she got me Pokemon Crystal.
  40. sapphire, I liked it because I saw a kid playing it when I was in kindergarten ;D
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