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Your first Pokemon Game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Munchy Lax, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. My first Pokemon game was the classic Pokemon Red, got it with a Game Boy Color, my first hand held console. I still remember my parents giving it to me on the train ride to Florida when I was eight. Funny enough, my parents told me they got me Digimon toy's to throw me off as to what they actually got me, hehe.....Needless to say, I was MUCH happier with what they actually got me.

    My first starter was of course a Charmander, and I actually thought it would stop obeying me when it evolved (due to the anime). I was pleasantly surprised when it still listened to me even after evolving into a Charizard. Man, now I'm feeling nostalgic.....
  2. it was pokemon firered. got it from some run-down yard sale, guy sold it for ten cents. there were a lot of little bugs, but i still loved it nonetheless. still have my original save file on it, along with my dear shiny sassy clefairy named moona. kinda strange cause it sounds like munna, who didn't even exist at the time. o.o
  3. It was Pokemon Blue, for sure.
    It might even be the first game I ever played.
    (I still don't know if it was Pokemon Blue or Super Mario Land 2)

    I still have two memories of the game.
    One where I'm surfing in Victory Road, and one where I was stuck in Cerulean city.

    I sometimes wonder where I left it...
  4. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Diamond. Later in my life my older cousin let me play on his Game boy, and I got to play Pokemon Red. It was so much different than Pokemon Diamond, but they were both really fun!!!
  5. The first ever Pokémon game I owned was Pearl. It was also the first time I played Pokémon and I freaking loved it! ♥
  6. Mine was Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver. As a kid, the second I saw that PokeWalker come with it, I was apparently sold. In fact, I still have that PokeWalker today. It's a childhood treasure. Anyway, I beat it. The entire thing, including the Kanto stuff when I was only 8. After that I decided to get the next line, Pokemon Platinum because of Piplup. The gym line was awesome except for freaking Gardina (Seriously! My Prinplup had pack, and I still lost twice!) That's when my whole Pokemon life sprouted, and thanks to the awesome game, I got to meet awesome people on this site.
  7. My first pokémon game was SoulSilver for the DS in I think 2009. I really liked the feature of the pokewalker and literally walked around my neighborhood with my pokemon. I started out with a totodile and you can see what I did in my series of "My Johto Adventures" Here is my party now:
    I just got into it again a few days ago. (I stopped playing when I got to the Elite 4 then beat them.) I beat all the gym leaders, including Blue, just a few days ago. I love that game very much. I have others such as side ones: Pokemon Trozei, and Pokemon Rangers (1st one). I also have Platinum, Black, Black 2, and X. My favorite pokemon of all is Dewott.
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  8. My first game was Pokemon black and white. I loved it so much and in Pokemon white I got a level 100 Embor! When I started playing Pokemon white again every Pokemon I faced I one shot killed with my Zekrom and Embor. I also got Pokemon conquest. And I can't wait to get Pokemon Omega Ruby! Groudon looks so cool!
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