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Would you rather

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Milkyway, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. wear pjs
    Would you rather go into a time machine or a different dimension machine.
  2. Time Machine
    Would you rather click THE RED BUTTON or not
  3. Not.
    Would you rather attempt to to breath in the smell of the koffings gas or small your most smelliest shoes that you havent washed or cleaned in years.
  4. Errr you are suppose to say a would you rather question. I'll continue
    Would you rather live in Kanto or Johto
  5. Kanto?
    Would you rather be rich but fat or be buff but poor.
  6. Buff but poor I could become the under god of boxing

    Would your rather be batman or be superman
  7. Batman
    Would you rather be a wizard or a lumberjack.
  8. Wiz-biz Wiz-biz Wiz-biz Wiz-biz

    Would your rather smell a weezing for eternity or have no arms or legs
  9. Smell a Weezing. Might get used to the smell after a while If that happens
    Would you rather punch an enemy or kick an enemy.
  10. I'd rather kick an enemy
    Would you rather have your starter pokemon be shiny or infected with pokerus?
  11. Shiny
    Would you rather be beautiful or cool.
  12. Cool
    Would you rather be unable to speak or never use technology again?
  13. Never use technology again (I love my voice)
    Would you rather be blind or deaf.
  14. Deaf
    would you rather live in the arctic or a volcano.
  15. Arctic
    Would you rather become a Torkoal or an Avalugg
  16. Torkoal.
    Would you rather Umbreon Or Espeon?
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  17. Umbreon
    would you rather be Gengar or Clefable?
  18. Gengar
    Would you rather get squished by a Bewear or eaten by an Araquanid?
  19. Squished by a bewear

    Would you rather be shocked by a Pikachu or been badly burnt by a torkoal?
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  20. Shocked.
    Would you rather get cut by Kartana or eaten by Guzzlord?
  21. errr. I wont mind of the katana can cut my NAILS!(Lel
    Would you rather be a Scrafty or Gothitelle.
  22. Scrafty. I don't like Gothitelle tbh.
    Would you rather lose to Ash's Kalos team or Red's team?
  23. Ash's Kalos team
    Would you rather be a mega evolution or a different alolan form Pokémon.
  24. Mega Evolution. I wish there were more of dem.
    Would you rather be part of Team Rocket or Galactic?
  25. team rocket
    Would you rather get eaten by a Snorlax or get bit by an Arbok.
  26. bitten by an arbok (i might survive)
    Would you rather only tell the truth or only be able to tell lies
  27. tell the truth
    Would you rather get a Nintendo switch or a iPhone S5.
  28. IDK
    Would you rather eat chicken or beef for the rest of your life?
  29. mmm.... Chicken
    Would you rather wish that unhealthy food was healthy or healthy food taste like unhealthy food.
  30. Unheathly food was healthy.

    Would you rather pop a party popper of light a sparkler?
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  31. pop a party pooper
    Would you rather wish that school had Ps4's and Xbox 1's or if school had iPhone 7's and samsungs 7.
  32. iPhone 7s and samsung 7

    Would you rather be a robot or a dog
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  33. a dog

    would you rather be a Gallade or Gardevoir?
  34. Gallade
    would you rather be a aeroplane or a Bat.
  35. depends on the bat...
    if bat as in the animal then bat
    if bat as in baseball then aeroplane
    Would you rather always get a hit in baseball but every hit is a single OR
    Rarely ever get a hit but every hit you get turns out to become a home run?
  36. Rather home run if chance
    Would you rather eat cheese or drink milk.
  37. Eat cheese (i don't like milk)
    Would you rather be able to time travel in increments of 10 years or be able to freeze time but you still age while time is frozen
  38. Freeze time.
    Would you rather only be able to use Grass types or Water types in Pokemon?
  39. Water types
    would you rather get a 3ds or a 2ds

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