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Would you rather

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Milkyway, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. It is really simular to the actual game but in a forum way
    So this is how my way goes
    so someone starts by saying a would you rather question
    for example:
    would your rather Eat your socks or put the socks in your nose for 1 minute
    the person below them says whatever option and says a would you rather question and goes on
  2. I'll start would you rather fart in public or burp in public.
  3. I would rather burp
    Would you rather get electrified or get frozen.
  4. I'll rather by electrified
    Would you rather eat a cactus or smell dirty socks.
  5. Smell smelly socks (Trying to eat a cactus will be very dangerous, luckily they only got cactus in arena 2)
    Would you rather eat mouldy cheese or mouldy pie.
  6. Mouldy Cheese? Bleurgh
    Would you rather slam your head to a door or fail a backflip and land on your head.
  7. Slam my head to a door
    Would you rather drink alcohol or go to jail.
  8. Errr... Drink a teaspoon of alcohol?
    Would you rather watch cringy photos/ or Deviantart.
  9. Devianart.... I have an old deviantart that i quit called DanielGPIDV
    Would you rather eat a coconut (unopened) or would you put a fork in a plug socket.
  10. (I am happy you bros are liking this)
    I will rather put a fork in an electric socket
    would you rather sware to your parents or slap your parents.
  11. I rather aware
    Would you rather sleep with your mum or sleep with your dad.
  12. I would rather sleep with my mum
    Would you rather poop in the bath or poop in a swimming pool.
  13. Poop in a swimming pool(I did it once when I was young)
    Would you rather call @Milkyway smelly or put this thread in their signature so more people would want to join.
  14. Obviously I will put it in my sig
    Would you rather sleep outside in the daylight or would you rather sleep inside in the dark.
  15. I would rather sleep in the Dark.
    Would you rather have to do jumping jacks for 3 hours straight *NO BREAKS* or become sick for exactly a month *But medicine doesn't help*
  16. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    Sick. I'd take being sick for a month over the amount of muscle cramp that would come my way from the jumping jacks. >_<
    Would you rather eat a whole jar of mayo or a whole jar of mustard on its own?
  17. ugh... i hate BOTH... i'll take the mustard.
    Would you rather be a dog or a cat?
  18. Cat
    Would you rather do parkour or breakdance.
  19. Breakdance. i can't parkour...
    Would you rather Swim for a hour or run for a hour
  20. Run for a hour
    Would you rather watch Garry's mod for 1 hour or did down and listen to the Pokemon go song (cringy.)
  21. Pokemon Go song. Watched it... and it was kinda cool?
    Would you rather watch SING or Moana?
  22. Sing.... (I love britians for talent)
    Would you rather be British or American.
  23. Definitely British. No offense to any Americans here.
    Would you rather rub your entire body with poison Ivy or squirt lemon juice into your eyeballs?
  24. I'll rather by itchy than losing my eyeballs
    Would you rather get hacked or get killed.
  25. Definetly hacked.
    Would you rather be blind but have echo location or be deaf but have amazing vision?
  26. Deaf and have amazing vision. I couldn't stand to be blind

    Would you rather end all war, or end world hunger?
  27. End world hunger
    Would you rather like my post or give me a follow. (Lol ).
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  28. welp, i already followed you. so that.
    Would you rather eat dirt or sand?
  29. Sand
    Would you rather 20 pushups or do 100 star jumps.
  30. WTF are star jumps? i shall take the pushups
    Would you rather have lots of friends but be poor or have no friends but be rich?
  31. No friends but be rich because I will buy friends
    Would you rather have no arms or no legs.
  32. No arms. "A-Arms? Who needs arms when you have legs like these?" Mettaton, 20XX
    would you rather choose Charmander or Squirtle?
  33. Charmander
    Would you rather choose Scrafty or Bisharp.
  34. SCRAFTY!
    WOULD YOU RATHER play pokemon Sun or Moon
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  35. Moon obviously.
    Would you rather have a fist fight his a Machamp or a dance-off-to-the-death with Oricurio.
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  36. (HOW DARE YOU)
    Oricorio. i have a better chance of living.
    Would you rather see what's under a Mimikyu's cloth or Work for Pallossand (AKA BE POSSESSED)
  37. See what's under Mimikyu's cloth.

    Would you rather a Shiny male Salandit, or a Shiny male Combee?
  38. Shiny Male Combee. (I would be in so much pain if it was Salandit, idc about Combee)
    Would you rather Choose Litten or Rowlet?
  39. Litten. (2nd choice. Screw Rowlet)
    Would you rather Nebby get in the bag or Ash's Pikachu get in the Pokeball?
  40. (HOW DARE YOU)
    WOULD YOU RATHER Eat Toast or Cereal.

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