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Would you rather

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Milkyway, Jan 2, 2017.

    wyr... have super speed but you are only able to run backwards
    or have super speed but you aren't able to stop until you run into something
  2. I'd rather have to crash into something...

    Would you rather...

    Get eaten by a caterpie or crushed by a wailmer

    (Caterpie would have to eat you down to the bone)
  3. I would rather get eaten by caterpie

    Would you rather have to Die and your bestest friend lives or stay alive and your bestest friend dies.
  4. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Mother of Meltans

    I'd rather die. Dying is easy.
    There's a fork in the road in a place that you've never seen before. Would you rather go left or right?
  5. Right, right is the right road.

    If you were a Pokemon trainer, and you could either catch Mewtwo or Mew, who would you catch?
  6. Mew
    Would you rather get kicked in the face or back.
  7. Back? *~*

    Would you rather eat a bidoof or a magikarp?
  8. Magikarp? (I think)
    Would you rather eat mouldy cheese or mouldy ham.
  9. Oh god... Mouldy cheese •_•

    Would you rather eat rotten flesh or... An Eevee

    (Me: Rotten Flesh and then lots of medicine)
  10. Eevee, Don't judge I hate those little furballs...

    Would you rather Be Buried Alive or Be Burned Alive
  11. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Mother of Meltans

    Buried alive. Lack of oxygen makes you sleepy.
    I'd just pass out and eventually die whilst unconscious.
    Would you rather specialize in biology or chemistry?
  12. Chemistry, I'd make bombs..

    Would you rather be married to a Bisexual Person or a Homosexual Person?
  13. Bisexual; I'm no homo.

    Would you rather...
    Make fun of Arceus or Make fun of Girantina?
  14. Either they don't exist...

    Would you rather hump an electric fence (get the reference?) Or Be Humped to Death
  15. Depends on how many volts the fence can produce.

    Would you rather...
    Kick me in the crouch or Rip my arms out?
  16. Kick I don't wanna Injure other Peeps

    Would you rather drive an Amphibious Car or drive a Jet Plane
  17. VaccineKitty

    VaccineKitty Mother of Meltans

    Holy shit, gimme the jet! =D ♥
    Would you rather drive a sports car or a motorcycle?
  18. Sports car
    Would you rather watch mlp or cringey deviantart arts.
  19. Mlp
    Would you rather live with a curse that doesnt allow you to touch people or a curse that stops you from looking in the mirror
  20. Mirror

    Would you rather kill an Arceus or a Mewtwo
  21. Mewto
    Would you rather live in pokemon or digimon?
    WYR... only listen to Pokémon theme songs or only listen to songs from the Muppets
  23. MUPPETS DA DADA DAAAAAA XD what am I doing

    WYR get your ass kicked by Snake eyes or Get your ass kicked by Neo..
  24. Who are they. But ill randomly say neo
    Would you rather be called a twat for your whole life or have school for your whole life.
  25. I have being called a twat

    Would you rather be shot in the hand or shot in the foot.
  26. Hand
    Would you rather have to kill your mom or dad.
  27. Mom

    Would you rather lots of money or lots of time
  28. lots of money
    would you rather drink a bottle or vinegar or eat 10 supplies of marmite on its own.
  29. Eat marmite

    Would you rather have super powers or be rich.
  30. lots of money
    would you rather drink a bottle or vinegar or eat 10 supplies of marmite on its own.
  31. Vinegar

    Would you rather have a fast car or a car that's easy to drive.
  32. What just happened? O.o

    A car that is easy to drive

    Would you rather eat a rat or eat a roach.
  33. a roach since they are little and might be easier to quickly eat.
    Would you rather slap a shark or a master kickboxer kangaroo.
  34. slap a master boxer kangaroo
    would you rather lick a sea urchin or lick a tarantula hawk. (2nd worst sting in the insect kingdom.)
  35. Sea Urchin I guess... XD
    Would you rather have the BRAINS like TAILS or the SPEED and edge like SONIC?
  36. Speed like Sonic. I'd be a ninja!

    Would you rather have to watch a eight hour documentary about paint drying (straight), or have your fingernails on one hand plucked.
  37. An eight-hour documentary would be better than injuring my lucky hands XD
    Would you rather listen to NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP for 20 HOURS STRAIGHT, or watch an INCINEROAR and a DECIDUEYE KISS privately in your BASEMENT???
  38. Listen to Never Gonna Give you up. That's like a dream come true.

    Would you rather lick a fire hydrant after a dog used it, or the road after a parade?
    #118 Ry_Burst, Feb 3, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  39. Fire hydrant, not all of it would be "wet".

    Would ya rather punch a gyarados in the face,or face a sharpedo?
  40. A Gyarados.
    Would you rather wear pj's to school or walk bare-Flores to school.

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