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Weekly Anime Discussion - You bet your ass there's spoilers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Linkachu, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

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    It's back and bolder than ever!

    ... or something :p

    Here you can discuss the Pokemon Anime series week to week, Japanese or English dubbed. If you're only following the English dub of the series beware of spoilers - because there's sure to be lots of 'em. Nobody is required to use spoiler tags in this thread.

    So, have fun discussing the show. :)

    I'm currently several episodes behind, so I have nothing to add as of yet. Until my usual fansubbers catch up with the Grand Festival I'm definitely not reading this thread. Some of the latest episode pictures on Serebii look interesting, tho, and apparently Ash has obtained a brand new Pokemon...? This intrigues me greatly, but I shall wait to find out what it is! ... Or at the very least, try to avoid spoilers. Not always possible. XD
  2. Well, I haven't yet watched today's episode, "Yes in Dee Dee, it's Dawn!" (ENGLISH DUBBER HERE) but I will get to watching it later and post my thoughts on it!

    I like to follow just tiny spoilers on the Japanese Anime, like what the episode is called, so I know what is destined to happen. Like, the next two episodes in Japan are Ash battling Nando, and Ash battling Conway in the Sinnoh League! But...it said in the little spoiler (two weeks from now episode, btw) that Conway beat Paul...I don't know, that's just me >_>
  3. Mhm, I can tell you that it's a *u*l*v*...Oh, and what I don't get is that Ash only takes four pokemon to the Sinnoh League! WTH?! Pikachu and Staraptor are his only Sinnoh Pokemon he takes...and two of his previous ones...

    Okay, maybe I do a little bit more research than just looking at the Japanese Episode title...And you said spoilers are expected so...

    He takes Pikachu, Staraptor, Heracross and Quilava! >_>
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    Excuse me, Professor. But what you did right there is double posting. Use the modify button next time. Handing out a warning - make sure to read the forum rules before making anymore posts
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  5. Just saw the Nando vs Ash match.

    I didn't really think much of the match until Kricketune and Heracross's epic final battle. Firstly, Ash started the match off with his 'heart of the cards' principles and didn't really think the match through (Staraptor and Quilava against Armaldo. Really, Ash? I thought you finally knew better.) Secondly, the animation quality for the battle seemed, slightly below standard. Ash and Nando's gestures looked more animated by comparison. Fortunately, the last match was pretty cool. Way to go, Heracross, for learning Sleep Talk. And that last bit where he uses Megahorn to utterly destroy the field was just awesome. Oh, and Kricketune using Fury Cutter made it look pretty badass as well.

    Oh, and also there's this.

    I dunno if the writers decided 'what the hell, let's put a haxxor person in this league' or if this is some kind of Isshu foreshadowing (Zoroark's Illusion Ability comes to mind.) Its kind of amusing how no one really cares about it but Barry though.

    Can't wait to see what Paul does to the schmuck.

    and finally


    New Outtro feels out of place, I think. While Pokemon has done something like this once (first outtro for the Hoenn Saga) It just feels really different compared to the last 2 EDs which were mostly silly and adorable. (The Notch-Eared Pichu Song and Which one is it?~)
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    [me=Linkachu]hasn't watched the 8th gym battle yet or the league matches and thus skips RX's post since she noticed mention of Ash battles.[/me]

    Soz, RX. XD

    But yeah, Grand Festival time. Just finished watching it last night and hot damn... What an amazing set of episodes!

    All of the battles were great, but the final matches between Zoe and Nando and Zoe and Dawn were simply incredible. Aerical Ace, Psychic energy-winged Leafia was frelling EPIC. No other words for it. I was spazzing out while I watched, which I later did again when Piplup and Togekiss combined Peck and Sky Attack. Holy hell, Batman. Just <333333.

    The flow of the episodes was really enjoyable, too, from the character develop of Jessie to Dawn's mommy's little insight into how Dawn had developed over the course of the saga. I was kinda sad to see Dawn and Jessie's battle shafted because of it, but it still worked out fine. By that point I was just dying to see the finals. :p

    Zoe won, but I couldn't see her not winning. She's quite possibly the best coordinator the series has ever seen. Call it cheap or call it natural talent, I don't care. It was all for the plot, and I loved her. Dawn tried, but she truly wasn't as good as Zoe. :X

    So wheee... Grand Festival. Fun stuff. Now, onward to the Sinnoh League! 8D
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    What is this bullshit.

    A legendary fucking PokeMon being used by a trainer?

    In an official league battle?

    ... Yeah, the series totally flipped the fuck out.
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  8. It seems like Ash isn't using some of his strongest Pokemon this time.

    No Sceptile or Swellow, or Charizard and the other Kanto starters. Its almost like Ash is setting himself up for a loss.
  9. Or y'know, the writers are trying to deviate from the norm and not use the same Pokemon over and over again. Quite frankly, there is no real ground to say which of Ash's Pokemon is the most powerful. If you're gonna base it on experience and time in the series, take a good look at Pikachu, who still cannot defeat an entire gym by himself. It's called character development. I can imagine a lot of people who would dislike the series if Ash used his so-called 'Trump Cards' every time he gets into the Pokemon League.
  10. I have to agree about chracter development, but Ash would probably do the smart thing and save heavy hitters for stronger opponents (and we'll more than likely get to see an ausome battle between Ash's Infernape and Paul's Electivire, if not Torterra vs Torterra). Though I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up using Infernape or Charizard against Darkrai (if it isn't really Zoroark being used by Karen, which I think it is). So yeah, pokemon like those will more than likely be used in more challenging, er, challenges. But I think they should use more Noctowl and Quilava, those are fan favorites if not either evolve Buizel or Gible during the LEague, which probably won't happen.

    Edit: I may need to reconsider my theory on Karen, as this person looks similar, but looks like a guy to me.
  11. I notice Ash is using very few Kanto/Hoenn Pokemon this league. Obviously this is because DP and HGSS means the Sinnoh/Johto teams are going to get more focus.

    Ash's Hoenn team was one of his best developed teams of the series, and of course the Kanto trio were always viewed as Ash's trump cards. Feels strange to see Ash's two best teams ignored, and for the sake of the Johto team.
  12. I understand this is like four days late. But too bad! :|

    Pokemon DP Anime Discussion: Episode 1-something or other, Flint Sparks the Fire!

    I feel this episode showed some needed backstory on our what-seemed-to-be-a-veteran Volkner dude. I liked it because Flint was present, as well as my favorite Gym Leader Volkner. Also, we got some insight on how Flint and Volkner made their Bromance. I enjoyed the episode.

    Clean animation, Deep, touching moments and some childish dialogue (I just hate how Pokemon is STILL geared for like 7 year olds even though the character's ages should have something to do with the age target. Also, in Isshu, it had BETTER be more for preteens in dialogue, because those protagonists are like 18 >_<)

    What did you guys think of the anime? Ash's Infernape isn't very strong, apparently >_>

    *Spoiler, but too bad!* Apparently, Ash isn't the only one that has/had a Pikachu with Volt Tackle :p WHAT NOW ASH?! :o
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  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Considering all that's occurred throughout the Sinnoh saga, I'd say that his most recent team of Pokemon is just as developed - if not moreso - than any teams he's had previously. Infernape has power and speed, Torterra is a powerhouse and tank, Buizel kicks asses and takes names on a regular basis, Staraptor easily matches Swellow, Gible is a silly goof but no moreso than Snorunt was, and ... Pikachu is Pikachu. Honestly, I really don't understand where people get this notion that his previous teams were stronger. They certainly weren't.

    But I digress... I think the writers just wanted to shake things up in general, but I honestly don't think it's solely due to HGSS. To me it seems like the Pokemon who are receiving a stronger focus now (namely Quilava, who's evolution was a bloody dream come true) are simply the ones who needed it. Noctowl also has the whole "ooo SHINY!" thing going on, and it's fun to show it off with new Gen 4 attacks.

    Now... Looking at the episodes: I'm loving them to pieces. All of the BG music is bloody awesome, and when "Mezase Pokemon Master" came on in the most recent episode I could've died of squee. It was all just so perfect. Yay for Gible finally blowing something up that isn't Piplup! The next set of episodes look like they'll be frelling epic, too. Can't wait to see 'em. ^^

    (Also, random thought that hit me when watching the OP. If this mystery trainer ends up having an Entei and Lucario as well, I'm gonna die of foreshadowing goodness. Doubt it will happen, but yeah...)
  14. (Also, random thought that hit me when watching the OP. If this mystery trainer ends up having an Entei and Lucario as well, I'm gonna die of foreshadowing goodness. Doubt it will happen, but yeah...)

    Ah yes, the pain of randomness. What do Entei and Lucario have to do with Darkrai?

    Anyway, I liked this week's episode. Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore. A little more mature dialogue, sort of. And I liked the animation sequences. Everything was nice, even though it sucks we have to wait another...7-11 episodes(?) for Ash's battle. Well, let's enjoy the Grand Festival Saga in a little while.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Like I said, watch the Japanese opening. Then you'll see.

    Again, I highly doubt there's any connection with that battling sequence. It'd just be amusing if there were. :)
  16. Well, might as well talk about episode that recently aired in Japan, episode 654. I was waiting for the conclusion of Ash and Paul's rivalry since the beginning, but even though the battle so far was good, It didn't go the way I thought it would. For one, even though the battle is just starting, half of Paul's team aren't the original six that Ash had to deal with.

    Paul's normal team: Torterra, Glyscor, Honchkrow, Weavile, Electivire, and Magmortar.

    And here's the team we've seen so far:

    Aggron, Gastrodon, and Drapion.
    I know the battle isn't nearly over yet, but I hope that we get to see a fight with Ash's Infernape and Paul's Electivre. I'm pretty sure we all knew the battle was going to happen, so if they just replace Paul's whole team for this fight, I'll be extremely PO'd.

    My thought to how it will play out: I think Ash will win this time, then get crushed by the dude with the Darkrai, who turns out to be a Zoroark (at least I think), and sometime after that, Paul, Barry, Dawn, and Ash and Brock will all part ways, which leads Ash and Brock back to Kanto.

    However, judging by the new episode titles, I'm guessing Brock has another "Prof. Ivy" moment. Personally, as rabid as the nostalgia fans are, I don't think it'll last long. Still though, it's some of the first (if not last) character development we've seen for Brock/Takeshi in a while.
  17. On a side note, Ash's Gliscor is frelling HUGE! o_o Whatever it's been doing with the old dude it got left with must've been pretty intense. Perfected Giga Impact looks rather awesome~

    Pretty sweet match so far~ Ash's managed to take down 2/6 Pokemon on Paul's team, at the cost of revealing nearly his entire party to Paul. Next Week: Paul's epic counterattack. That Drapion of his looks to be Toxic spamming Ash's poor team into submission. Also loving ho he trolls Ash by using Counter Shield and Water Aura Sphere. It was just ffffawesomesauce.
  18. So it seems like Brock is finally leaving for good this time.

    Brock has been horrible in the DP arc, so I'm glad to see him go to salvage any dignity the character has left. If there's one character over the course of the anime who has become a shallow empty shell of its former self (aside from Misty, I guess), you need to look no further than Brock.
  19. I don't care if he's a broken shell, he wouldn't be if it wasn't for him having no character development after day 2. Don't leave us Brock! I'll never accept any possibility of Dento taking your flirt-with-Jenny/Joy gag and you shouldn't either! My only comfort is the fact that nothing is confirmed yet.
  20. Okay, let's discuss episode 655 (and also predictions for 656).

    Now, here's what's happened so far: (also, decided no to use spoiler tags. Read the title people!)

    Paul's team: Aggron, Gastrodon, Drapion, Glalie, Ninjask, and Electivire

    Ash's team: Pikachu, Infernape,Torterra, Buizel, Staraptor, and GLyscor (bigger and badder than ever >:D)

    Paul: 2 left
    Ash: 3 left

    Now, Drapion has taken down Buizel, Staraptor, and even Torterra, which obviously make him one of Paul's major powerhouses. Not only that, because of some move he used, Ash's Glyscor and Infernape have been poisoned. Paul aslo apparently kept that Ninjask he captured a bit before he met Chimchar, which gave Glyscor a hard time, leaving teh mighty Infernape to take care of the job. Ash and Paul aslo let their Glalie and Pikachu brawl it out, and Pikachu (dunah :D) came out on top. Now, It's a battle between scorpions, Drapion and Glyscor.

    And now, predictions.

    Now, Glyscor may have gotten stronger (and definatelt larger), but he's been poisoned. Not only that, but Drapion is so strong, that he took down half of Ash's team. I think glyscor will lose inevidably, I mean, I'm rooting for the most epic scorpion to win as well, but let's face it, Drapion clearly has more strength left than Glyscor, plus he'll be slower thanks to poison. Fear not, because Ash still has the main underdogs right now, Infernape and Pikachu. Now, Even though Infernape is poisoned, I still think he can win. Unlike some of the others, he's got (can't even beleive I'm saying this) spirit, and a type advantage (ignoring Staraptor *close combat* and Torterra *earthquake*), not only that, he's also got amazing speed.

    Now, if Infernape wins, then we'll have the epic battle of the season, Infernape versus Electivire. Now, I'm sure that even the most loyal Pokemon ANime fan will admit, that the writers would be fricken stupid to not have this battle. Now, Paul could win this, that is, if he's done the smart thing by teaching Electivire Earthquake, however, my heart is set on Underdog Infernape to win, just to mentally bitchslap Paul for letting him go. However, we also have Infernape's poison to worry about. So, to conquer this, Ash should (probably won't, but still should) use his 2 lead advantage over Electivire. Now, Infernape may be poisoned, which will also make him tire more easily, but Ash's Pikachu has an advantage that could wear out Electivire while Infernape rests, and that is is practical, compact and versitile size. Pikachu is by far the fastest left, so Ash should wear out Electivire by trying to get him to play keep up. Now, if he has Earthquake, this could be trouble, but the producers probably won't think of it. Anyway, If Pikachu isn't strong enough to knock him out, Infernape should still be able to fight, with the added effect of Blaze. In this state, Infernape and Electivire would be on the same amount of tiredness, so if Paul spams Giga Impact, then this will also leave Electivire open to more attacks. Infernape can use a powerful smack to knock out Electivire, if not make him so tired that Pokachu can handle the rest.

    Now, despite my personal oppinion, if either Ash or Paul wins, they will have to face Takuto, the man with the Darkrai (who I'm still convinced is Zoroark in disguise) and if the series follows the same track as the other eps, whoever wins won't beat him. If Ash wins, we all know (and if you still think so, look back at all the other championships) that he'll lose eventually, and even if somehow he does, he'll not accept the title so they can continue the show. If Paul wins, all the more reason to let Ash continue.

    And that's my input on it. (realizes that he's done a lot of spoilers lately) And if you have a different theory, be my guest, this is just my thoughts. Now, just to be clear, I wasn't dissing Ash at all, just stating the obvious.

    Um, I hate to break it to you, but it's more than likely to happen. Look at the title for 658, "Pokemon Doctor Brock". If that isn't a major confirmation, I don't know what is.

    Now, judging by reactions like this, I'm guessing that maybe Brock will return if the newbies don't work out, but let's face it, this would probablt be the best way to have it. I will admit, besides Pikachu, Brock has been with us longer (except Team Rocket) than any other character, but that's just it. He's been around for so long, he's becoming dead weight, not only that, but really more of an annoyance to each episode with a skirt than he is comedy relief anymore. Granted that he should get a cameo episode, but I don't see him showing up as a main char again for a while. I'm not trying to flame you, but I'm simply stating my opinion, and probably many others' opinions.

    Yes he will be missed, and there won't be any other character like him, but thats good, we don't want someone mimicing him, we would want someone who has fresh material, a new gag (or hopefully not, IMO) for instance. Dento will probably be like Tracy, examining other Pokemon, but Dento will probably be checking alot of compatibilities between Trainers and Pokemon. Now, we all got over Misty leaving, and she was practically in the 1st episode, so we should be able to get over Brock.
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  21. Regarding Brock leaving, why does anyone care? He hasn't done much of anything for the last 8 years. Its as bad as Misty was in the Johto arc, and everyone used to complain about her.

    Both Misty and Brock were really handled badly in the anime. The writers wouldn't even have Misty appear in DP, probably because of how disliked and detested her character was in her later years. We all blamed Togepi for that.

    It seems like the writers consider Misty and Brock to be "filler" characters, only there to take up space in the group. It honestly didn't seem like they cared for either of them. The hate from the fandom towards the characters probably didn't help either, and what's probably kept Misty out of the series for the last decade.
  22. precita, you're the only one in this thread who seems to care, and mostly just so you can complain about how useless Brock is, which is a rather naive comment. Granted, Brock hasn't had as much character development as he had in the past, but it's not because people hate him. Need I remind you how apparently unpopular the Orange Islands Arc was because he wasn't in it? And as for Misty, people started disliking her because she received a drastic change in character, and even after all this time, she still has a solid fanbase and there are several people who would love to see her back.

    Back to the matter at hand, Brock is far from useless. He is quite possibly the most intelligent person in the series, or at least amongst Ash's travelling buddies. His ability to discern information on just about anything from Pokemon attacks to heat-seeking missiles has made him a necessary tool in providing the viewers with an exposition of the plot or the basic mechanics of Pokemon battling. He can also cook and is largely responsible for looking after Ash, May and Dawn's Pokemon, evidenced in several episodes that still do focus on him. It was even briefly shown what would happen if his younger, less experienced friends were left without him countless times. It was comical, but you can see just how important Brock is to the party.

    I can accept Brock leaving, and I don't particularly like him as much as any other character in the series, but it's frankly irritating for people to start trolling him or any subject with a lack of a more substantial argument.

    Besides, there are no real details that say Brock is retiring from the series for good. He wasn't seen during the premiere and in the promotional material for the Sinnoh saga, yet showed up one episode later. It's too soon to count him out so please just drop it.
  23. Ash finally beat Paul, Infernape, Gliscor and Pikachu were amazing. Loved the closing shot too. Seems like Paul is leaving the series, but that seemed likely anyhow.

    Next up, Ash Vs. Darkrai trainer.
  24. Yep. I was right. Thank you writers for letting me see Infernape win :'3 It was epic, And definately was one of the most anticipated battles of the series. Underdogs ftw! However, it seemed like Paul was actually happy to see how his former-teammate grew, which shows major character development. I will say, Paul was by far my favorite rival in the series, and my one regret is that we may never see him again.

    But, while on subject... Ash will probably leave after the next two or three eps, as since Takuto is on the scene, it seems pretty likely that he will win (points to Harrison, Tyson, and Richie).

    Now, for more spoilers... Apparently, a new character has come up for the BW series.


    Shooti is a character for the upcoming series, Pokemon Best Wishes. While traveling to take on the Isshu League, Shooti enjoys taking photographs of Pokémon that he sees. He is known to be a Pokémon Photographer.

    He does look different from the other guys, as he's actually blonde, but the camera thing seems a little too much like Snap/Todd. Oh well, at least he could be raccuring if not a rival.

    Just realized that Bulbapedia just covered it :-[

    Edit: @ RX: Wow, they look so new. But, the force is giving me weird vibes. Unbalance in the fanboy force, there is.

    What I mean by that is that if they do turn out to be new, something tells me that the fans will riot. However, they do seem to freshen up the place :)
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  25. [​IMG]

    I lol'd.

    They really are everywhere.​
  26. I wonder why it took them this long to redesign Joy/Jenny. It really feels like BW is going to be totally fresh.

    Since it seems Brock is leaving, and Misty is non-existent, this is the first time Ash will travel with two new travel companions. The show hasn't felt this fresh in ages.
  27. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's interesting that everyone is so sure that Brock will be leaving. I wouldn't count him out just yet. Afterall, he didn't show up in D/P for 3 episodes either - and all the promotional material for that focused heavily on Dawn and Shinji.

    I have a feeling this time we probably are seeing the last of Brock - but I still can't find any way I can unequivocally say he is definitely not in the new series, given past experience.
  28. He appeared in the second DP episode. You're thinking of Hoenn where he didn't appear till the fourth episode, when Ash caught Taillow.

    I think this time is because Dento looks like a very obvious Brock replacement, whereas back in DP there wasn't anyone like that. Dento is even a Gym leader and is knowledgeable about Pokemon, it's like Brock 2.0, even more than Tracey was.

    Also, when has Brock ever gotten a big episode as the second to last ep of the series? DP 190 is titled, "Doctor Brock," which seems highly likely its Brock's new career choice, which will separate him from Ash.

    Lastly, the writers clearly gave up on Brock this generation. Only 3 Pokemon the entire saga with no new captures/evo's at all? Brock got only about 7 or 8 episodes this entire arc where he did anything, the rest was all Ash/Dawn or Paul. They even broke the fourth wall in Movie 11, where Brock talks about how he's always left behind.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the writers regret bringing Brock into DP, to be honest. It seems Croagunk was the only good thing we really got out of his DP run.
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  29. Wow, I'm really hoping this is only a redesign for Jenny and Joy. I really liked their presence in the games. In short, I hope they don't break a tradition with Black and White.
  30. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Presence in... the games?

    Ok, Nurse Joy arguably is the same nurse you encounter in the games - although you'll never see it explicitly said so - but Officer Jenny only ever appeared in -one- game: Yellow.

    Bit hard to like the presence of something that was never really there...
  31. And...Ash loses, badly. He beats Darkrai but then loses to Latios. That guy is hax. WTF kind of trainer enters a tournament with a team of all legendaries?

    Pretty much a horrible way to close out DP. It honestly felt like Ash should have won this league, but no, they throw a trainer with legendaries at him just so he loses. I haven't felt this angry since Ash lost to Richie.

    Ash did not even use all his older Pokemon. Bayleef and Totodile did not even get a battle, nor did Glalie or Muk. What the hell, writers? Why even show those Pokemon and not use them?
  32. Well, I was right. Takuto wips Ash.... And as Precita put it... Badly... its like he just took oput a rifle and shot him. I mean, seriously, Takuto didn't desrve to win. Let's look at it this way, Legendaries may be extremely rare, and its wonderful to see them, but still, if you have to resort to using them in battle (Brandon and Takuto, fyi), then your not a trainer capable of training regular pokemon. Now, I find it impressive that he caught them, but still. I just don't like that he won by those terms.

    But yeah, Darkrai wipes out half of Ash's team (Torkoal, Gible, Swellow, Herracross, Sceptile, and Pikachu (hey, whatya know, all (for now) 4 gens :D)). Then, as if the guy wasn't a hacker before, he brings out Latios. WTF. At least Pikachu took it down with him, (Pikachu ftw!!!)

    So, only a few more eps until the final DP episode :'( (a moment of silence for Dawn and Brock............)
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  33. At least Brock's getting one last big episode. They never did that for Misty, she just suddenly left right after the league.

    Its rather odd how Brock was so much more important to the series than Misty was, when back in the older seasons it felt like the other way around, (because of Orange Islands), and now Brock was in the show for so many more years and episodes than she was.

    Poor Misty got mishandled because of the inexperience of the writers back then, I guess they never really cared for her. Even going as far as to stop her cameos, purposely avoiding her, and making her into a non-entity. The DP saga was written in such a way to make it seem like she was a completely irrelevant and throwaway character. Jesus, the current writers really do hate Misty, I wonder if they're the same ones from the original seasons?
  34. Time to review episode 658.

    Well, this isn't the most action packed episode, but it definately showed tons of character development for Brock.

    Basically, Team Rocket is stalking the crew, as usual ::) when suddenly a pack of Tentacruel attack them. At first, they make it out okay, but then James finds a shiny bottle cap, which we all know he just adores, which makes the wild Pokemon go nuts. THey attack the ship, poisoning alot of the baby Pokemon on board. Brock does the smart thing, and throws the cap back into the sea.

    Now, its a team effort to save these critters, with Bunneary making ice packs, Infernape doing something, which I couldn't see, and Happiny helping her "daddy", as I like to see their relationship as. When the baby Pichu is just too weak to even take his medicine, Happiny evolves (and quite a dramatic evolution sequence, may I add) into Chansey, then uses soft boiled to heal all of the sick Pokemon.

    After this, apparently Brock decides he wants to become a Pokemon doctor, does his flirting thing with Nurse Joy, which causes Croagunk to Poison Jab his arse, and finally, the gang is about to make it to Twinleaf Town's shore, where Johana is waiting.

    Well, I think this pretty much nails the coffin shut about any thoughts of Brock returning next season. I mean, no offense to people who want him back, but if they brought him back this season, it would kinda make all of his character development go down the drain. So, Brock has only one episode left, along with Dawn. Judging by the previews, it looks to be a very heart touching episode.
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  35. Also, don't expect Brock to come back after BW ends.

    For one thing, BW is going to be 150-200 eps long like DP, unlike Orange Islands which was only 35 episodes. Also, this time Brock isn't anywhere as popular as he was back in 1999 when he was first replaced.

    Well it actually happened. Both Misty and Brock have been removed from the anime. It took a bit longer for Brock to finally go, but now both of Ash's original travel companions are long gone.

    The original trio really is dead for good.
  36. Well, here's the moment that some of us have been waiting/dreading/both for. THe final DP arc episode.

    Now, unlike some of the other seasons, this episode actually takes place in Dawn's hometown instead of Viridian or Pallet. Basically, Piplup is mad, I'm guessing, because he will miss his friends when they leave. After all, besides Dawn and her Pokemon, Ash, Brock, and their Pokemon are the only Pokemon that he/she (not sure) has ever traveled with. So he runs away. Team Rocket gets a message from some secretary, I'm guessing again, that is from their boss. Now, I'm guessing that he thinks they took down Hunter J and Team Galactic, which means they will get their promotion that we know is coming.

    Anyway, Piplup ran away, and Pikachu and Togekiss find him. THey both try to comfirt him, but Pikachu is also in need of comfirting. Suddenly (big surprise) Team Rocket traps all three in a net. However, Ash's Torterra saves the day with Leave Storm (or Razor leaf, I can't remember). Afterwards, Team Rocket's sent packin. Back at the house, the gang watch Flint try to take down Cynthia's Garchomp with his Infernape. Now, apparently, Ash had a day dream that he was fighting her instead. However, Like Lucian, FLint lost.

    Later, everyone parts ways. Dawn and Piplup are sad to say good-bye, but they have to. Brock and Ash get on the SS Anne and sail back to Kanto, where they separate at the cross roads to Pewter and Pallet. Finally, we see Ash and Pikachu overlooking a small town, and he has a bag. My guess is that he was looking over Kanako Town, which technically makes this the first time that Proffessor Oak or Delium wasn't in the last episode. What's in his bag? Probably his new get up. But then again, it could be Pallet Town and Ash is bringing something to his mom. Who knows?

    Edit: Never mind. It appears Brock bought it for him. And that has to be Pallet. The preview shows him getting off a plane, so it must be Pallet.

    Now, even though I watched the episode in raw Japanese, and I have almost no clue what they said, I have to say, it was very moving. Had I not been an almost grown man, I might have cried. Plus, the fight scene between Infernape and Garchomp was epic! Even though it was very short, it was still so cool to see Flare Blitz and Dragon Rush collide like that.

    So... Goodbye Takeshi/Brock. Goodbye Hikari/Dawn. Hopefully they'll all see eachother again....

    Well, now we wait for the 23rd. It's also my birthday, so I'm hoping the first episode is good. So far, they've revealed that Zekrom, right off the bat, has taken Pikachu's electricity. Don't know how, but this may mean that Ash has a handycap for Isshu, which also explains how Shooti's Tsutaja was able to pwn Pikachu so hard into the wall. Anyway, it also looks as if either Shooti will be a friendly rival of sorts, or he could be a camera shooting Gary. Maybe Barry, but who knows...again. Also, judging from Dento's appearance at a gym, we can see that Mijumary is in battle. Now, this may not mean squat, but this may also be a clue that Ash captures Mijumaru :D

    Edit again: Hmm... Maybe I should review each episode as it airs. I'll try to stay tuned on the 23rd for the new BW episode.
  37. I'm honestly surprised Brock's goodbye was so poor. That's it? One last handshake and a 30 second goodbye?

    No flashback montage for Brock at all? I know he had most of DP190, but still, the guy was there for 620 episodes.

    Dawn's goodbye was handled well. So long DP.
  38. Best Wishes began!

    Pikachu gets weakened like at the start of every region. We see Oak/Delia accompany him to Isshu. Team Rocket are all serious now and Giovanni looks awesome. Shooti looks like a mix of Todd and Paul.

    What stood out to me the most when we were at Pallet in the beginning:

    Absolutely NO Misty and Tracey. Wow, the writers really do hate those two, don't they? Its like they're now trying to pretend Misty no longer exists. They've stopped all her appearances altogether and she hasn't appeared in nearly 300 episodes since the start of Battle Frontier.

    Also, TR seem to have left all the previous Pokemon behind...even Wobbufett.
  39. The first two episodes were quite interesting. I didn't understand much, but for the first time since Kanto, I'm actually liking this season :D But what I don't like is how Ash is acting like a noob when he throws a ball at both Iris and Shikijika. Your supposed to weaken them first XP But it does seem that they've brought back that humor that the show's been lacking since Hoenn, I fricken LoL'd when Pikachu Volt Tackles Ash (Touch Down!!!), and when they were attacked by those Mampato XD

    But yes, this season is definately packing more action. I just love how, even though Shooti just began, he handled Tsutaja. It looked like I was watching a Naruto fight XD (Tsutaja: Leaf Hurricane!!!!)

    But it also seems that Team Rocket got smarter too. Guess they weren't promoted for nothing, eh?

    Also, Stalker-maru ftw X3
  40. Poe


    Firstly. I agree with Doubled. Ash does seem to have changed back into his old "season one" self (not to mention that the new eyes and clothes makes him look younger...). =/ Actually, the whole generation five season seems to be a remake of the first one in many ways. Team Rocket for example is scary again (or at least you respect them far more than you used to do), and I love that! :D The old TR is back, and black! ^^ I just hope that this will not disappear after 2-3 episodes like it did in the first season... -.-
    Another thing similar to season one; Ash isn't travelling with a newbie anymore. It's a girl who already has a Pokemon, and appears to be (or be the daugher of) a gymleader. Sounds a bit like Misty, eh? ::) (however, Iris's hair is not to be compared to anything on this earth... =_=)

    Anyway, I like this season so far. ;D
    But my japanese is horrible, so I couldn't understand very much of what they said. :-\ For example, what is it with Pikachu? Shooti looked almost shocked and got really worked up when he saw Pikachu, and Iris also got very excited. Is it just because Pikachus are rare in Isshu, or is it something else...? 0-o
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