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Open Warriors: Desolation Island Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by An0maly, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Note that you may make as many NPC's (non player characters) as you like, but I'll only allow 3 OC characters. Making NPC's is actually very helpful to me, as the more you make, the less I have to. I'd like to have enough cats, NPC or otherwise, so that I can fully populate the island.

    To see a full list of Character sonas, go here!

    RP is here

    Here are the basic facts that you should know:

    My clan system is intuitive, and based off of the fundamentals set in place by the books, but it's got a couple twists that make it that much more fun and complex. Each of the four clans have their own economies, with imports and exports. The clans use cart-esque items called Timbers to haul supplies.


    Each of the four clans have their own economy. Ashclan, for example is kind of a boom town. They're a big, bustling clan, but on the inside, they need some improvement. Think Oppressive Theocracy.

    Three of the Four clans have a religion, but they vary greatly. Ashclan, which is a theocracy, ends up depriving the unfortunate cats and increasing the wealth of the rulers of the clan by taking small things from them over time. They believe in a cruel, distorted version on Streamclan’s God.

    Ashclan is based inside of a very small dormant volcano, so it's easy to access with the Timbers. They mainly export lava rocks, which surprisingly have many medical uses.

    At the beginning of this RP, Ashclan is directly allied with Gladeclan, unaffiliated with Caveclan, and are enemies of Streamclan. They trade with everyone except for Streamclan.


    Gladeclan is a scientific clan, and can be called a Technocracy, which gives the governmental power to those who are proficient in the nessacary trade. For the most part, everyone in the clan is happy with their government.

    Gladeclan believes that when a cat dies, they simply cease to exist, and also that they are ruled by a quartet of gods which embody the different fields of science used by Gladeclan: Anatomy, Herbalism, Astronomy, and Physics. (If I’m missing anything important, let me know.)

    Gladeclan sits around, on and between two large knolls in the middle of a lush and beautiful willow forest. This forest is known for its beauty, especially at night. (Think of the classic “moonlit forest” cliche.) They export herbal concoctions used for healing, and other practical scientific items.

    At the beginning of this RP, Gladeclan is directly allied with Ashclan.They actively trade with Streamclan, and are unaffiliated with Caveclan, but they are open to negotiations. They also trade with Ashclan.


    Streamclan is a very simple, down-to-earth clan, which is perhaps the closest to the original Thunder, River, Shadow and Wind. Technically they’re a unitary state, which is the same thing as said original clans.

    Streamclan believes in what they call “The One True God.” They believe in the Afterlife, unlike Gladeclan, and they also call it Starclan. They call their God Holystar. Holystar is supposedly a sovereign god, possessing ultimate power. Streamclan missionaries can often be found in other clan camps, spreading the teachings of the “True Almighty, Holystar.”

    Streamclan is directly below the mountain that Caveclan sits on, and they’re based around the large mountain stream coming from Caveclan’s camp. This stream runs throughout the whole island and eventually feeds into the ocean. Streamclan cats are wily and clever, so they have devised a way to put their Timbers on water, like rafts, so that they can trade with Gladeclan, which is downriver. Streamclan exports gravel, with which their two trading partners use for different things. They also export cattails and other river flora, which can be used for bedding.

    At the beginning of this RP, Streamclan is on trading terms with Caveclan and Gladeclan, but is overtly hostile towards Ashclan.


    Caveclan is a small mountain clan with no big government. They leave their citizens alone for the most part. The cats are taught in such a way that there should be no fresh kill pile, and that everyone should keep what they hunt. Exception goes for kits, queens and elders, of course.

    Caveclan is, for the most part, agnostic. Essentially, they believe that the existence of the celestial cannot be proven, but refuse to take a side on the matter.

    Caveclan is atop the mountain parallel to Ashclan, but it is, of course, based in a cave. Stalactites hang from the ceilings, and several inner chamber encompass the camp, which is where the cats sleep. They export stalactites that were broken off of the ceiling of their caves, which can be used as weapons, or, if shaped right, as basic tools.

    Caveclan trades with Streamclan, but aside from that, they are completely neutral.

    RP thread will be posted here as soon as it's made.

    This is the Sign-Up Board. Please don't feel overwhelmed!


    Cardinal: Acts as Leader.
    1. Azurestar (@Sun and Moon)

    Bishop: There are several, they each act like deputies.
    1. Blackmoon (@UmbreonEevee)
    2. Greywing (@Mr.Glaceon)

    Followers: Followers answer directly to the Cardinal, but the Cardinal may choose to delegate amounts of leadership of the Followers to the Bishops.
    1. Dovefeather (@UmbreonEevee)
    2. Branchleaf (@Sun and Moon)

    Healer: Medicine Cat(s).
    1. Sourtail (@Dootletail)

    Citizens: Hold no power, nor responsibility to hunt, yet some do. Only in times of war will citizens be required to do something. Oppressed by hierarchy. Includes queens, kits, and elder. (Please specify via Bio. i.e. Standard, Queen, Kit, Elder.)
    ∞ amount

    Thralls: Slaves, drafted by Bishops at birth. Thralls are required to haul the Timbers, and are supervised by Followers at all times. When not hauling timbers, they’re doing odd jobs around camp or territory. They have virtually no privacy and are Thralls for life. Not required to fight.
    ∞ amount


    Head-Anatomy: Acts as leader of anatomy research. (i.e. dissecting dead bodies) Works until death.

    Anatomy-Research: Work directly under Head of Anatomy. Works until death.

    Head-Herbalism: Acts as leader of medicinal and herbal research. (i.e. foraging for and mixing medicine) Works until death.
    1. Briarleaf (@Princess Lila)

    Herbalism-Research: Works directly under Head of Herbalism. Works until death.
    1. Nagashy (@LunarSilvally)

    Head-Astronomy: Acts as leader of astronomical research. (i.e. mapping the stars, reading the stars, etc.) Works until death.
    1. Shadowheart (@LunarSilvally)

    Astronomy-Research: Works directly under Head of Astronomy. Works until death.

    Head-Physics: Acts as leader of physical science and research of the like. (i.e. discovering laws of motion, density, etc.) Works until death.

    Physics-Research: Works directly under Head of Physics. Works until death.
    1. Fanglistener (@LunarSilvally)

    Providers: Provides for scientists. Works until death.
    ∞ amount.

    Kits: Drafted to be Provider or Scientist at 6 moons.
    ∞ amount.


    Leader: Leads clan, represents clan.
    1. Halfstar (@Cloudswift)

    Medicine Cat: Responsible for foraging for medicinal herbs. Heals injured or sick cats.

    Missionaries: Responsible to spread the word of the “True Almighty, Holystar” to other clans.
    ∞ amount.
    1. Lochwind (@An0maly)
    2. Deerhop (@An0maly)

    Providers: Provide for the clan. Will also fight in times of need.
    ∞ amount.
    1. Whiteheart (NPC)

    Populace: Kits, Elders, Queens, or anyone who is not a Provider, Leader, or Medicine Cat. Note that cats without proper excuse to be a part of the populace are generally frowned upon by the clan.
    ∞ amount.


    Representative: Leads the clan when needed.

    Healer: Act as community doctors.

    Populace: Everyone else. Will fight as needed.
    ∞ amount.
    1. Shimmerkit (@Joy~)
    2. Puddlekit (@Joy~)
    3. Rainheart (NPC)

    Here’s the template you should use in creating your character:
    (Opt.) = optional

    Name: Standard naming system
    Age: Moons

    Rank/Position: Dependent upon the clan, as certain clans have ranks unique to them.

    (Opt.) Relations:
    (Opt.) Mate/Crush:
    (Opt.) Kits:


    Strengths: Should equal amount of weaknesses.
    Weaknesses: Should equal amount of strengths.

    Good Luck!
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  2. Name: Dovefeather
    Age: 12 Moons
    Gender: She-cat

    Clan: Ashclan
    Rank/Position: Follower
    Relations: Blackmoon (Bishop in charge of her when the Cardinal is not), Sourtail (Friend)
    Mate/Crush: N/A
    Kits: N/A

    Appearance: Dovefeather is a Snow White she-cat with a long scar that stretches from the top of her neck all the way to her hind leg. She has a bright blue left eye with a bright yellow right eye. She is lean and lanky but she usually has a stern expression on her face
    Personality: Dovefeather has the appearance of someone you don’t want to mess with, always snapping at those who aren’t doing their work correctly. She has steeled herself against other cats, having gotten the scar that stretches along her lean from her own father. Although her she is mean on the outside, Dovefeather is actually very kind and helps those who struggle if they don’t know what to do. She always sneaks out at night to travel Ashclan territory and to find a place where she can put her barriers down
    Strengths: Very skilled fighter, agile, fast runner, doesn’t trust easily, knows her way around the territory
    Weaknesses: Doesn’t trust easily, has no more family left (her parents abandoned her and left her to die), she takes orders only from the Cardinal which usually creates a problem between her and the Bishops, does whatever she is told whenever she is told to do something by the Cardinal, only trusts the Cardinal
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  3. Sorry, I accidentally posted it lol
  4. Accepted!
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  5. 2 of my OC's.


    Name: Lochwind
    Age: 14 moons
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Streamclan
    Rank/Position: Missionary

    (Opt.) Relations: Deerhop (Best Friend)
    (Opt.) Mate/Crush: None yet.
    (Opt.) Kits: None yet.

    Appearance: Handsome grey tom with curious green eyes. Fur unblemished, Lochwind is somewhat of a charmer. (He's a Chartreux Mix.)
    Personality: Lochwind is quiet, serious and humble. Lochwind is somewhat of a flirt as well, and is very good at diffusing an awkward or unwanted situation. He's sensitive towards everyone, especially she-cats.

    Strengths: Kind personality, humorous, unique fighting style. Very pious.
    Weaknesses: Slightly below average intelligence, pitiful constitution, tends to give up when the going gets rough, below average hunter.


    Name: Deerhop
    Age: 13 moons
    Gender: Female

    Clan: Streamclan
    Rank/Position: Missionary

    (Opt.) Relations: Lochwind (Best Friend)
    (Opt.) Mate/Crush: Lochwind
    (Opt.) Kits: None yet.

    Appearance: Lanky brown cat with light brown eyes (She's an Abyssinian)
    Personality: Clever and protective of her friends. She likes Lochwind, and tends to be clingy around him. She hates other she-cats that might like Lochwind. (which is a lot.)

    Strengths: Smart, kind of a survivalist. Has a fight instinct, even though she's a missionary.
    Weaknesses: A mediocre hunter at best, Deerhop isn't a skilled fighter either. A little to quick to unsheathe her claws.
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  6. Thank you! :)
    May in add another cat?
  7. Absolutely. 3 OC's is the cap. You can make as many NPC's as you like. I'm going to combine this thread with the other one, because that's simpler.
  8. Name: Shimmerkit
    Age: 2 Moons
    Gender: She Cat

    Clan: Caveclan
    Rank/Position: Populace

    Relations: (assuming this means family) Rainheart (Mother)
    Mate/Crush: Puddlekit
    Kits: N/A

    Appearance: https://pokecharms.com/works/shimmerkit.27051/
    Personality: A happy bundle of Sunshine that is too young to worry of the troubles of the world.

    Strengths: Optimistic, Outgoing, Brave
    Weaknesses: Young/weak/small, Naive, Careless

    Name: Puddlekit
    Age: 2 Moons
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Caveclan
    Rank/Position: Populace

    Relations: Son of the Representative perhaps?
    Mate/Crush: Shimmerkit
    Kits: N/A

    Appearance: A cream colored kit with short fur and no markings. His eyes are a nice Hazel color and his nose/ears are a nice light pink.
    Personality: A fun seeking kit that has a surprisingly level head and is quite obedient in nature. He aims to be the Representative one day.

    Strengths: Level headed, Stable, Obedient
    Weaknesses: Meek, Gullible, Insecure

    :3 Hope i can join in the fun!
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  9. Both sonas are accepted! And by the way, relations means anyone notable. For example, my two OC's, Lochwind and Deerhop are best friends. They're logged as so in their respective Bio.
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  10. Would you like to create Rainheart and the representative, or would you like me to? Assuming both of the kits you just made are your OC's you can have at least one more OC. Of course, if you don't want to make either, I'd be happy to. :)
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  11. I Have an image for Rainheart but she's more of an npc. >https://pokecharms.com/works/rainheart.27112/ She's a bit rude/stuck up and attention seeking but she actually has good reason. Two of her kits and her mate all died (in different ways)
    As for The representative i'm totally cool with you making it, unless someone asks for it later :3
  12. Alrighty. If it wouldn't trouble you too much, then could you use the template and transfer your Rainheart info onto it? You can do it at your leisure, or, if you want, I can fill in the gaps for you. Your choice. :)
  13. K i'll do that.
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  14. Name: Rainheart
    Age: 20 Moons
    Gender: She Cat

    Clan: CaveClan
    Rank/Position: NPC
    Mate/Crush: Lionstrike (dead)
    Kits: Shimmerkit, Arrowkit (Dead), Robinkit (Dead)

    Appearance: https://pokecharms.com/works/rainheart.27112/
    Personality: Over protective and arrogant, Rainheart probably isn't the best mother...

    Strengths: Quick (particularly good at climbing trees), Intelligent
    Weaknesses: Weak(strength wise), Coward
  15. Name: Briarleaf
    Age: 12 moons
    Gender: She cat

    Clan: Gladeclan
    Rank: Head-Herbalism

    Realations: None
    Mate/Crush: Fanglistener( crush)( has a little crush on him)
    Kits: None

    Appearance: Pretty brown tabby with forest green eyes
    Personality: Serious and strict but can be sweet and nice at times

    Strengths: Love, (Uh, idk anymore)
    Weakness: Putting to much pressure on herself, (Idk anymore :()

    Hopefully this is good
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  16. :D Accepted, both of you! I'll update the Sonas sheet and the board right now.
  17. Okay

    Name: Blackmoon
    Age: 14 Moons
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Ashclan
    Rank/Position: Bishop

    Relations: Dovefeather (Follower he has to deal with when she doesn’t follow other Bishops orders)
    Mate/Crush: Dovefeather (Crush)
    Kits: N/A

    Appearance: Blackmoon has pitch black fur with bright yellow eyes that have orange dotting the inside. He is quite muscular and sometimes looks frightening and he is lanky
    Personality: Blackmoon is very friendly, always looking to please others. He will always sacrifice everything he can to help someone or make them befriend him but that isn’t usually the case. He always tries his best to be as gentle as he can whenever he does anything. He is very bright and optimistic, always looking in the bright side

    Strengths: Blackmoon is graceful, agile, and extremely friendly
    Weaknesses: Extremely friendly, trusts too easily, doesn’t know what to do around she-cats that like him
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  19. My OC, both Dovefeather and Blackmoon are my OC’s
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  20. (I have three ocs I'll add here so here they are ^-^)

    Name: NagaShy
    Age: 15 moons
    Gender: She-cat

    Clan: GladeClan
    Rank/Position: Herbalism-Research

    (Opt.) Relations: ShadowHeart(Older Brother), FangListener(Second older brother)
    (Opt.) Mate/Crush: N/A
    (Opt.) Kits: N/A

    Appearance: Naga is a pure white she-cat with light blue eyes with her right one being blind with some of her fur covering it. She wears a light lavender scarf around neck with a cross necklace underneath with glasses upon her face(if this is not ok I'll remove it)

    Personality: Shy, Gentle, Purehearted

    Strengths: Able to control a difficult situation, Sharp hearing, Believes in calmness instead of anger
    Weaknesses: Her blind right eye

    Name: ShadowHeart
    Age: 16 moons
    Gender: Tom

    Clan: GladeClan
    Rank/Position: Head-Astronomy

    (Opt.) Relations: NagaShy(young sister), FangListener(young brother)(was born a couple of seconds after his brother Shadow)
    (Opt.) Mate/Crush: N/A
    (Opt.) Kits: N/A

    Appearance: Shadow is a pure black-gray tom with blue eyes

    Personality: Protective(of NagaShy), Brave, Gentle-hearted

    Strengths: Has intelligence, Allows others to speak their opinion, Excellent listener with other cats problems they may have
    Weaknesses: Has a soft spot for his young sister Naga

    Name: FangListener

    Age: 16 moons

    Gender: Tom

    Clan: GladeClan

    Rank/Position: Physics-Research

    (Opt.) Relations: ShadowHeart(Older Brother), NagaShy(Young sister)

    (Opt.) Mate/Crush: BriarLeaf(Crush)(though denies it completely)
    (Opt.) Kits: N/A

    Appearance: Fang is a grey-silver and white tom with blue-green eyes

    Personality: Protective(mostly of NagaShy), Excellent Listener, Sharp

    Strengths: Has a way of keeping everything in order with his sharpness, able to stop fights between cats easily
    Weaknesses: Has a soft spot for Nagashy

    There are my three all siblings to each other ^-^
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  21. Okay, Nagashy and Fanglistener are accepted, but Shadow isn't. he needs a suffix in his name. (i.e. Shadowclaw, Shadowstorm etc.) Other than that, your good to go.
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  22. Ok thanks didn't realize that I forgot about the suffix in his name
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  23. :)
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  24. Name: Greywing
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Ashclan
    Rank/Position: Bishop
    Appearance: Grey is, like his name represents, a dark grey colour with dark brown eyes. His left ear has a long cut through it from a battle, and his tail has a black mark on it in the shape of a wing.
    Personality: Greywing is quite stoic and never laughs. Often Grey speaks the truth and doesn't lie. He would tell even the worse truths without a second thought.
    Strengths: Fast, observant, decent fighter
    Weaknesses: no humor, bad hearing, over honest
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  25. Very good Bio! Accepted! Greywing embodies what I envisioned an Ashclan bishop.
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  26. Wait, hold up. @LunarSilvally, your OC's are too young to have the jobs that they do. Let me know if you want them to be kits, or if you'll change the age of them to be at least 15 moons.
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  27. The young geologist inside of me is boiling about the lack of said study of science not being included as an important field XD

    Name: Halfstar
    Age: 28 moons
    Gender: M

    Clan: Streamclan
    Rank/Position: Leader

    Relations: Undetermined
    Mate/Crush: Undetermined
    Kits: Undetermined

    Appearance: Black tom with a white half-circle marking on his head, white ears, paws, and flecks, and blue eyes.
    Personality: Halfstar is a tricky one. He will stay quiet at times and speak at times. Not many cats can figure him out.

    Strengths: Leading(duh), combat
    Weaknesses: Negotiations, fishing(dammit, the leader of STREAMclan ought to be able to fish, but no)

    I'll probably make more OCs later on, if there are more spots.
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  28. Oh sorry yes they are not kits they young adults so I'll change the moon ages
  29. Geology. . . interesting. I'll put some though into it. That would make sense, in a way. Maybe they warn Ashclan to leave their volcano, or something. Accepted, as well, and thanks for the idea.

    EDIT: Halfstar is a little too young. Something like 28 moons would work better. :D
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  30. Okay, we've reached 7 members. I'll only allow one more person in, so if you know anyone, invite them, because if they're interested then they've got limited time.
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  31. I'll edit that, then. Thank you! :)

    I know @ScribbleSplash has a Warriors OC that she's pretty proud of...Just figured I'd tag, in case.

    Edit: The age has been edited.
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  32. Duly noted.
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  33. Here’s an NPC

    Name: Whiteheart
    Age: 27 Moons
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Streamclan
    Rank/Position: Provider (NPC)

    Relations: Whitecheart knows everyone in the Clan
    Mate/Crush: N/A
    Kits: N/A

    Appearance: Whiteheart has a complete blue-grey pelt with a small white heart on his chest. He has white ears with a white tail, he has bright green eyes and lean and lanky body
    Personality: Whiteheart has a bright personality, his eyes always gleam brightly. He loves to help everyone and anyone, even if they aren’t of his Clan or if he doesn’t know them
    Strengths: He’s good at making friends, he has sharp eyes that catch just about everything
    Weakness: He trusts far too easily, he is terrible at fighting he also hates to fight
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  34. This sounds interesting! Is it alright if I ask a few questions?
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  35. Absolutely! :)
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  36. I'll update the Sonas page and the board right now.
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  37. If someone in Ashclan is a slave, do they have to have a traditional warrior name?
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  38. Good question. I'm going to say yes.
  39. Okay, so I've been looking at the boards, and I've decided to narrow things down a little bit. . . I'm going to cut down on clan spots so that I won't have to make so many NPC's.
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  40. Okay, but what if some people come later and they want to be a certain part in a Clan?
    Also, tagging some people
    @BlueMew392 @Dootletail
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