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Ask to Join Warrior Cats

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Splashfur, May 11, 2017.

  1. *Finally*
    Sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/warrior-cats-sign-ups.16301/
    When posting, at the top, say where you are and what time of day.
    Fourtrees, night. The Gathering.
    WindClan camp, day.

    No being a god (seriously injuring a cat with one blow or healing a rabbit scratch to the eyes in a second. Be realistic.)
    Warriors might know a bit about herbs, but not a lot of Medicine Cat stuff.

    ThunderClan camp, day.

    Mouseflower woke up and emerged from the Warrior's den. She stretched and padded over to the fresh-kill pile. She chose a vole and settled down beside the nettle patch to eat. The warm sun of greenleaf beat down and warmed her fur. She thought about taking Shinepaw out hunting.
  2. ThunderClan camp, day
    Dawnspots looked around the camp. She seemed to be deep in thought. Then, she saw Mouseflower. "Mouseflower, would you mind leading a patrol? You can choose whichever cats you'd like to come with you. I'll be leading a hunting patrol." she asked.
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  3. Twoleg house, day

    The morning sunlight came in through the window and hit Angel's face. The little kitten woke up and stretched as he got up. He was feeling a bit hungry, so he went to his bowl and ate some of his food pellets. After that, he moved to another bowl to drink some water.
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  4. ThunderClan Medicine Cat Den, Morning

    Leopardheart woke slowly. She stood up. The medicine cat stretched. She stretched. She looked outside her den. She smiled. The she-cat walked to her herbs. She started to sort the herbs.
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  5. Thunderclan Medicine Cat Den,Morning
    Stillpaw awoke,she held her head up weakly."Good morning,Leapordheart."She murmured as she got up and flexed her claws and stretched.The she-cat sat by Leapordheart,and started to help.
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  6. "Good morning, Stillpaw," Leopardheart replied. She smiled. Leopardheart finished sorting the herbs. She stepped back. Leopardheart looked at the lack of goldenrod. "Stillpaw, would you like to go find Goldenrod with me?" Leopardheart asked.
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  7. After drinking some water, Angel looked over to the open window and saw how the breeze was moving the curtains. He noticed his owners asleep and goes to the backyard as quiet as possible.
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  8. "Of course..."Stillpaw nodded,and walked out of the medicine cat den.
    Awhile later...
    Stillpaw had returned,she dropped the herbs carefully and looked up at Leapordheart."Anything else?"She asked,"I can sort them if you want to."
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  9. "No thank you," Leopardheart replied. She smiled. She sorted the herbs easily. Leopardheart started to mix some herbs.
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  10. Stillpaw dipped her head,"Okay,can I go hunt?"She asked all of a sudden."There's no real reason."She declared.
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  11. "Sure. Feel free to. Camp needs more fresh-kill anyway," Leopardheart replied. She smiled. The medicine cat chuckled. She got a mouse for herself.
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  12. Stillpaw smiled,"Thanks."She muttered and she turned her head and left the medicine cat den once more,today was a coolish warm day.Not the best,but satisfying enough for Stillpaw herself.
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  13. Angel was sitting in the backyard. He turned to the forest and started to remember the rumors of the forest being filled with wild and dangerous cats. He doesn't know how true those rumors are, but his curiosity started to increase.
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  14. ThunderClan camp, day

    "Okay, sure" Mouseflower said. "I'll take Shinepaw and another warrior." She finished her meal and padded over to the apprentice's den. "Shinepaw, we're going on a patrol."
  15. Angel stared at the forest longer than he thought and found himself sitting on the fence. 'Maybe a quick look wouldn't hurt,' he thought as he leaped on the other side of the fence. He figured that if the rumors are false, then it would be a great spot for him to play in. He proceeded to walk towards the forest.
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  16. ThunderClan camp, day
    "Thanks," she responded. She then walked in the medicine den.

    ThunderClan Medicine Den, Day
    "Hello, Leopardheart, how are you?" the cream colored she cat asked. "Where's Stillpaw?" Dawnspots asked.
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  17. Apprentice's Den, ThunderClan Camp, day

    Shinepaw yawned as the sun was shining above ThunderClan camp. He got up and was ready to go. "Alright then." Shinepaw took a big yawn and followed Mouseflower. His grey and white fur shined aganist the warm sun of greenleaf.
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  18. ThunderClan camp, day

    "All right, wait here for a moment. I'm gonna go get Cloudstorm." Mouseflower walks over to Cloudstorm. "Dawnspots wants me to lead a patrol. Want to come?"
  19. Leopardheart turned around. "She went hunting. Why?" Leopardheart asked. She looked at her deputy and tilted her head.
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  20. Forest,day/Camp,day
    Stillpaw had already caught a thrush,a vole,a rabbit,and a another vole.So she decided to go back,she dropped her kill in the fresh-kill pile.Which looked extremely small,there were going to have to be a lot of hunting patrols until it would get back to normal,Stillpaw thought,she turned around and started to walk to the medicine cat den.
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  21. Outside the forest, day

    Angel was outside of the forest and was inspecting it. 'Doesn't look that bad to me,' he thought as he walked closer to the forest. He spotted some bushes with flowers and went to go smell them. "Wow, they smell good," he said as he continued sniffing the flowers.
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  22. ThunderClan medicine den, day
    "Just asking, as your apprentice is usually here. Are you stocked up on herbs?" she asked. "I can help gather some during the patrols."
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  23. Stillpaw heard Dawnspots,"No,we're fine.But thank you."Stillpaw replied as she dipped her head,"But I do appreciate your offer."She added.
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  24. Day, Leaders Den

    It was a new day in the land of Thunderclan, and Briarstar was emerging from his den where he had just refreshed his nest. He tended not to like others, including apprentices doing work form him. He sighed, his eyes were darker than normal, his tail down, and his expression neutral. He was normally outgoing, but lately, his mood has been out of control. Dear Spottedgaze help me...
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  25. Thunderclan Camp,Day
    Stillpaw had noticed the leader had been acting a bit strange lately,she wanted to see if their was something that she could help him.So she walked out of the medicine cat den calmly and walked over to Briarstar and dipped her head."I've been seeing you've been acting not the way your normally are."Stillpaw meowed thoughtfully."Is there anything I can do to help you?"She asked.
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  26. Briarstar was startled from his thoughts as he looked at the young apprentice. He shook his head.
    "No, I will be alright, thank you Stillpaw." He forced a small grin to his face. "Now where is Dawnspots?" He padded further into the center of camp. He wanted to join a patrol, perhaps he could get all this off his mind.
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  27. ThundeClan camp, Day

    Dawnspots walked over to the fresh-kill pile. She picked a vole and started eating it.

    She wondered if Briarstar would come on a patrol. After Dawnspots finished her vole, she looked for Briarstar.
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  28. Leopardheart nodded. She began to mix some herbs. She looked as her apprentice walked away. She smiled, then went back to work.
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  29. Angel stopped smelling the flowers and looked a the entrance of the forest. As wind blew through his fur, making the bell on his ring, he thought for a bit on whether he should go further in. "Well, I made it this far, and no wild cats yet," he said to himself as he slowly proceeded to go into the forest.
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  30. Gentlepaw had been walking around the camp for some time, looking for any activity to join, possibly excepting a hunt. He continued to pad around, a particularly interesting bird catching his eye. Suddenly, Gentlepaw felt himself run into a considerably larger object, and had fur, like him. Gentlepaw immediately turned to see what, or more accurately, who he had walked into, and was horrified to see his mentor. Panicked, Gentlepaw bowed and began to frantically spout apologies, hoping to StarClan Briarstar would not be upset.
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  31. Briarstar jumped when a small little body bumped into him. He swiveled his head to look at the perpetrator. He relaxed when he noticed it being his apprentice.
    "Gentlepaw." He began, but when he started shooting at him apologies, he flicked his tail across the young cats ears. "It's alright young one." He purred softly. "Come on, lets join a hunting patrol before we are too late."
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  32. A wave of relief washed over Gentlepaw as Briarstar spoke, and then asked him to join a hunting patrol. "O-Of course, Briarstar." Gentlepaw replied, looking up at his mentor to lead the way.
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  33. Stillpaw walked away slowly as she jumped up of a sudden thought,she trotted over to the fresh-kill pile,and slowly picked a magpie and started to niddle it.
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  34. ThunderClan camp, day
    Dawnspots saw Briarstar with Gentlepaw. Maybe they would come on a patrol with me, she wondered.

    "Hello, Briarstar," she said, dipping her head, "Would you like to come on a patrol with me? Mouseflower is leading a hunting patrol."
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  35. Stillpaw sat up and wrapped her tail around herself,then,stood up and trotted over to the medicine cat den."Leapordheart,can I go collect herbs if we need any?"She called from the entrance.
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  36. The medicine turned to face the entrance. "We aren't low on much. But better be safe then sorry. Feel free to," Leopardheart replied to her apprentice. She was nodding while saying it.
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  37. Thunderclan Territory,Day
    Stillpaw smiled and dipped her head,she walked out of the camp a tiny bit
    fastly.Horsetail,lavender,and water mint.I'll get those.Stillpaw told herself as she got father into the forest.
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  38. Thunderclan camp, day

    CloudStorm smiled and answered sure.
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  39. ThunderClan camp, day

    Mouseflower smiled. "All right. Come on, we'll go with Shinepaw." Mouseflower leads Cloudstorm to the gorse tunnel and signals to Shinepaw with her ears to follow.
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  40. Forest, day

    Angel walked deeper into the forest and stopped to look back at the entrance. "So far, so good," he said and then continued to walk. He didn't want to walk too deep into the forest, but failed to keep track as he was admiring the forest. He then picked up the scent of another cat. 'What the?! Can it be?' he thought to himself. He looked from within the bushes and saw a cat mixed with white, orange and black. 'Wow! The rumors were true after all!" Angel thought to himself.
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