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Private/Closed [Under Construction] Outcasts(Official Reboot)—Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cloudswift, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Oh damn. It's been a while since this thread has been active! Heyyy would've got on sooner, but you know. Life and stuff. Anyways, i'm finally gonna be active again. Just like the old days.
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  2. well, cloud hasn't been online for 2 weeks
  3. Give her time. She's a busy gal.
  4. well cloud came back but seem to have gone again
  5. So... it definetly looks like this isn't getting a remake.
    It's definetly sad to see this long-running RP just... dieing.
  6. We tried to organize it more, but it just kind of died. I agree, it's sad to watch it go, especially as the creator of the RP. I'd be willing to try to make a new one, or someone else can, if we can get enough dedicated RPers. It's just that people tend to just leave and/or don't get alerts or something.
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  7. Well, at least, if it goes, I guess it ended on a good note. Like, people are (probably) still excited about this (I know I am.)
    It could've ended with people just giving up on the idea and going away, to never return, letting the thread rot due to inactivity. It could've gone better, for sure, but it could've also gone worse. I guess we should be happy, because everyone on this RP got some fun out of Outcasts, rebooting it a lot of times, trying to revive the idea.
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  8. Definitely. I made some really cool friends in this RP, and it helped me grow as a writer. Yeah, it does suck to see it go, but I'm glad I was in it while it lasted.
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