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Private/Closed [Under Construction] Outcasts(Official Reboot)—Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cloudswift, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Well, Ry brought this to my attention and I guess I should bring back Matt from the grave sooo...

    Name: Matt Bolt
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Visual Prowess (Same Sharingan, different day. Just not on level as original Outcasts), Electricity Manipulation (Powers go hand in hand)
    Appearance: Matt stand at a height of 5'11" and has an athletic build. He has blue eyes until activation of power, they turn red with three tomoe surrounding the pupil like usual. Matt has windswept dirty blonde hair and wears a generic gray pullover hoodie and black joggers along with black shoes.

    Uh, he can also use a sword if I am even able to have one at this point.
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  2. Well, I kind of feel like @DeprivedSpartan's character might wind up having one in his house somehow*COUGH DAVE STRIDER COUGH HACK* or something. A sword, I mean. Otherwise, I don't really see any problems with this, so accepted. I do have one question, though. By "visual prowess" do you mean he just has better eyesight than a normal human?
  3. It's pretty much the Sharingan from Naruto if you know what that is, if not I'll just quote fandom once again.

    "This power allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept. The user can also place the target in a 'hypnotized' state to render them useless or terrify them."

    There is also a second form of this optical manifestation but I'll get into that later once Matt unlocks it.
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  4. Sure, that'd make sense. Post away.
  5. Nah. Not interested in bringing back these characters. This is a reboot, after all. If I should re-use anyone, it should be Adam. But I'm not going to.
    Everyone who has a Broken Ring character, you can either choose to be on the party Blake is having Julian organize, or wait for your debut in the Broken Ring.
  6. I was referencing your old profile name and the character that it was named after. XD

    I haven't finished and kind of lost interest early on, but I feel like Shawn is kind of like a thirtysomething Dave with a Southern accent. I dunno.
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  7. I was thinking the same thing.
  8. Huh...so this is a thing...
  9. I am done with this. It's dead.
  10. So....I honestly dont know why this died. Its a shame really, this was the only superpower rp I ever really fought for.
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  11. I'm up for a revival tbh
  12. I dont wanna see another reboot thread created. I think if we wanted to start it up again, we should do it on this thread with @Cloudswift as the creator. But we need to do a complete overhaul, add more detail to oc sheets, create a more stable plot, change the rp to 'Ask to Join' so we can inspect rpers before accepting them. (Outcast is known for attracting 1-3 'bad' rpers per thread, this way we can filter those out). And doing a oc revamp probably wouldnt be a terrible idea.
  13. yeah. a plot like Outcast Reborn would be great, that's one of the Reboots that I was really into(and it didn't even die, it was forced closed by two idiots arguing because of their stubbornness)
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  14. It should also be a bit slower that way people who work long hours don't get overwhelmed by four to five pages showing up every time they finally catch up to it.
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  15. The only way it could work is if we have 4+ dedicated RPers. The reason these RPs die is because everyone gets bored after a few days. That’s leaves the 3 (max) people who really care to try and do what they can, but ultimately they can’t. The only way it can work is if everyone cares and works hard on it.
  16. I'm in ig what about the rest of y'all
  17. The last one I was apart of was a while ago but if you guys are starting up another one, I would also like to be apart of it.
  18. I'm game for another reboot
  19. Wow, guys, I really appreciate this. I agree that we should make it a little more difficult to get into, so we can have qualified people instead of people that are brand new to RPing as a whole and can't RP to save their lives. I only made it easier to get in because I was kind of being a pushover and didn't want to feel like I was being "mean" or something, but since it's this important to a lot of people, I'll do it. As for a plot, we'll have to decide that as well. I personally don't have any ideas, does anyone else?
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  20. Well for the plot we could go with my darkest timeline idea ( Runaways) if that works for you Ms. Swift.
  21. While I did read the thread you made, I'm a little confused. Would that be a kickoff arc or something? Like they run away and then hijinks/other arcs ensue?
  22. They're running away from the government or more precisely the task force. knowing that they're as good as dead if they're caught,
  23. Wee need others opinions before deciding anything.
  24. And we need at least the basic framework for a few 'story arcs' ahead of time so the rp doesnt die out. The government is like our big main boss who we encounter along the way, they adapt as we adapt and always remain a challenge/threat. But we need side bosses now, villains and such with good reason for appearing to help fill out the story. Perhaps a small character arc so each oc has a chance to shine.
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  25. Alrighty then! If @The Protato continues with Dasken, we'll also probably have an Ashley and Dasken thing again. I'm trying to give Ashley a more distinct personality, too, but that could be like a side thing, along with whatever other ships pop up along the way.
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  26. i feel like "Runaways" could be a good foundation to start on, and then just build on that.
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  27. So, just for clarification, are we making a new thread?
  28. Id prefer not to.

    Also, for powers....lets talk about that. Power scaling is VERY important to keep an rp consistent...that being said, if everyone is trying to act like the stronger warrior by simply increasing there power during fights, your doing it wrong. We need to limit our ocs at the start, all powers have faults and technicalities.
  29. But after a while, powers can get stronger. Power development goes along with character development. That said, you obviously can't Mary-Sue it up here.
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  30. If we’re going to do Jagson’s ‘Runaways’ as a start, does it start with all of our OCs together or is someone recruiting them? Ik the first started with them in a truck and the second was a prison I think and the third was a school. They were mostly together in the beginning of those but maybe this time our characters slowly start to meet up with each other while on the run. By the end of the first arc, most of our OCs would have met each other and they have to team up to defeat a certain villain, whoever that may be. Then after that, they decide to become a group. That’s just an idea I’m throwing out there. Feedback is welcome.
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  31. So @Cloudswift do you have any idea how you want this to start and what direction you may wanna take it in?
  32. I kinda want to start it off with what Jagson suggested, but I kind of got a vibe that we would all start in "groups" or something while the task force was chasing us until we met. Everyone cool with that?
  33. Wait though, instead of skipping ahead to when this is old news and we're sprawled out, what if this is right after the government revolt? We start out in large packs running away and slowly dwindle down to the fastest/strongest.

    That small handful could then group up once theyve made distance and 'special corps' are sent out to pick off the few who made it away.
  34. Cool, that sounds good!
  35. so, how are we gonna start? not gonna lie, I'm just a bit confused about the whole reboot of the reboot thing
  36. I wanna use the same thread and keep Cloudswift as the creator, but kind of do a 'reset' after making improvements to the rp as a whole.

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