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Private/Closed [Under Construction] Outcasts(Official Reboot)—Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cloudswift, Dec 2, 2017.


    (I meant one year later as in "Happy Birthday, Outcasts!")

    In case you're new to Outcasts, let me outline the premises: people with powers have been springing up completely out of nowhere, and the government doesn't trust them one little bit. They've been sending people to remote locations in order to remove them from society so they don't "accidentally" hurt someone. You are in the second batch of people. Can you survive the harsh environment and not get killed by your fellow freaks?

    All Pokecharms roleplay rules apply.
    You can have more than one power, but I'm capping it off at two.
    No OP characters. You can't just blow the side off of a mountain with no ill effects.
    Romance is allowed, but keep it PG-13.
    Please don't go around slaughtering people just for the sake of slaughtering people.



    Name: Ashley Sparks
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Power(s): Pyrokinesis and Air Manipulation
    Appearance: Ashley has bright red hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a light blue hoodie(closed over a darker blue tee-shirt), jeans, and blue sneakers.
    @__Black_Cat__ @Stormursa @Jagson @The Protato @Dave Strider
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  2. I'M BAAAAAAACK *cousin Kyle intensifies*
    Name: Dasken Lauphage
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Fragokinesis (manipulation and generation of explosions) and Calokinesis (Manipulation and Generation of Heat)
    Appearance: 6' exactly, tall and thin, yet well-built; broad shoulders; brown, shaggy hair - often a tuft over his right eye; copper-colored glasses; wears grey sweatpants with 4 pockets, various logo'd t-shirts, and sometimes a dark grey hoodie with detailed dragon art on the front; larger hands than normal; simple black slip-on shoes; when not wearing glasses, harsh, deep bags under his eyes are more visible.
  3. After awhile of learning about his abilities, Dasken found that it was really hard for him to get cold. After further investigation and months of training, he found out he could also use Calokinesis.
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  4. Name: Gaia Drake
    Gender: male
    Power(s): electrokinesis and chronokinesis (his time manipulation doesn't last long,it's mainly used for quick bursts,otherwise Gaia will get a headache and won't be able to use his chronokinesis )
    Appearance: he has dark green spiked hair,he wears white goggles with red lenses,he has a dark green hoodie with a white bolt on it,and he had black jeans,with one green eye and one red eye
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  5. Question cloud how many characters can we have
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  6. Bios:
    : Lyric Mays
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Power(s): able to make glyphs that do diffrent things and make crystals
    Appearance: long black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, a black tribal tatto that wraps around her right arm. Wears a leather jacket usually, t-shirts and shorts, running shoes. Always has a sharp hunting knife on her
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  7. Everyone's accepted~

    And to answer your question, @Jagson, you can have as many characters as you think you can handle.

    EDIT: It's come to my attention that there may have been some confusion when I said "One year later". I just meant that Outcasts is officially a year old.
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  8. You see, Outcasts began before my time, and when I tried to join when I became part of the site, it died... So i was involved in a lot of reboots. But i’m gonna get into this one early on.

    : Quickdraw
    Age: 25ish
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): He has a sudden understanding of almost any weapon he can touch. He understands how it works, its function, and becomes quite well at using it. He has increased physical strength, durability and speed, to make him seemingly a great soilder for war.
    Appearance: Quickdraw is a tall man, standing at 6’3” who casts a shadow of mysteriousness. He wears a large brim dark brown cowboy hat, with black felt around the base of it. He wears a ragged bandana around his neck, which he brings to cover his mouth and nose, a lot. His face is thin and he has a ragged beard under it. His eyes are a sharp blue, and his skin is well tanned. He wears a brown leather jacket with a black tight undershirt, and navy blue jeans. He also has a pair of dark brown cowboy boots on.

    Name: Kevin Mills
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Cloning. However the cloning drains his stamina. They can move things, and if destroyed disappear in a puff of smoke. However the more he makes, drains his stamina. So he sticks to two or three normally.
    Appearance: Kevin is a lean boy standing at 5’11” and has peachy skin. His eyes are a light green, and his hair is spiky and black. He wears a green and black horizontally striped t-shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers.
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  9. Name: Joshua Moreland
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Telekinesis and able to heal people. If he uses telekinesis to frequently it will cause nose bleeds and loss of consciousness the same can be said about healing but on a more extreme level
    Appearance Short blonde hair with bright blue eyes, He wears a green t shirt and pants with a pair of nikee shoes. He stands at 5'11 and is a little on the heavy side

    Name: Brandon Moreland
    Age: 28
    gender male
    Powers: cellular regeneration and lightning. While he is able to heal himself it will take a varied amount of minutes/hours to heal depending on the wound.
    Apperance: Somewhat long blonde hair with green eyes, He wear's a black shirt and pants with a pair a vans, he stands at 6'2 and is slim.

    and yes for those of you who have been involved in other outcasts rps. Brandon is not going to be a bad guy in this version.
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  10. Well, I'd pretty much dropped out of everything Pokecharms, but I can't so no to Cloud, so I suppose I'll have to make a comeback. For this, at least.

    Name: Shawn Letcher
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Increased Strength and Reflexes
    Appearance: Shawn is a tall man, standing at around 6' 3", with a nicely toned form. He's not super muscular, but he's far from thin. His head is full of curls, deep brown eyes, and the mentality of someone who strives to lead. He was previously an Officer with a lot of promise until his abilities were discovered.
  11. Sweet.
    Now for the infamous question, since no one has asked yet, and this is the appropriate time to do so.
    When's the rp gettin' started?
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  12. Relatively soon, I do believe. I might start it tomorrow night, since I can't start it during the day(I'm not totally sure about that, though), and to give more people time to enter.
  13. I'm guessing we are aloud to use our old characters?
    I kinda wanna give my lil boy a revamp. I kinda messed him up last time.
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  14. That's alright, you do whatever. This is a reboot, after all. :p
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  15. Alrighty, here goes:
    name : Adrian song
    Gender: male
    Powers: energy and sound manipulation
    Appearance: red sweatshirt, Brown Hair, gray Shorts, Lightning Bolts tattoos On His Legs, 6'2"
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  16. Alright, accepted.
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  17. Name: Darcel (I forget his last name whoops)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Hmatokinesis (Blood bending) His powers include healing and general control of his own, and others blood. No Akki this time folks
    Appearance: He has shaggy dark hair, and light blue eyes. He wears a blue sweater, and black jeans. Covering his socks, are red high-top converse shoes. He's kinda short, only standing around 5'5. He has a thin body, an no real defined muscles. He pretty much just looks like a twelve year old still. He's also pretty pale, besides the light brown freckles decorated over his cheeks, nose, shoulders, and arms.

    : Nora Semi
    Age: 8 (Sorry for my lack of adults whelp)
    Gender: Female
    Power(s): Pathokinesis (She can control emotions)
    Appearance: She has light brown skin, and dark hair. She usually braids her hair, and intertwines flowers within it. She wears a long light teal colored dress, and black sneakers. She has bright brown eyes and rosy cheeks.

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  18. How many people before the actual rp? I'm quite curious. And none the less excited, for it's nearly the whole original cast.
  19. I don't know, but I'll be creating the thread later on tonight. Y'know, to give some more people a chance to sign up before the action begins and it gets a little more difficult to fit their characters into the story.
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  20. Name: Coal Thompson
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Power to control rocks and turn them into a weapon for his use.
    Appearance: Coal has Light brown hair with green eyes. Coal is pretty much short at the height of 5'6' and weights 120 pounds. He wears a Black suit and white top hat. On his feet are a pair of black socks with black tap dancing shoes.
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  21. I don't exactly think a suit would be the most practical of things to be wearing, but considering that they're essentially kidnapped from their homes/wherever they are at the moment, I'll accept it.
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  22. Actually, I have an important question about the rp.
    Is this an au? Hence some of the same outcasts, or some time later in the previous rp?
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  23. It's essentially a redo. Yes, there will be some of the same characters as in the first RP, and it does follow the main idea of the first one, but there will also be different characters and likely different story arcs.
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  24. Nice!
    I kinda disliked where the story was going in the last one, it feels nice to start fresh. ♥
  25. Are you going to start the RP
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  26. Yep! Give me a moment. It's gonna have a familiar introduction--those of you who were on the original thread hopefully know what I'm talking about. ;)
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  27. @Ry_Burst
    Sorry, dude. I wasn’t trying to undermine your post; we just posted at the same time.
    I feel kinda bad...
  28. *inhale*
    Y A A A A A A A A S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S

    Name: Odilon Evaristo
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): Aura Manipulation. His Life Energy takes on a silver hue.
    Appearance: Odilon has a medium build and stands at 5'10. He has jet black hair neatly slicked back and penetrating icy blue eyes. He has a long and lightweight battle axe with a bronze head and a long silver handle that hangs diagonally against his back. He usually wears a black sweatshirt, white trousers, and black sneakers.
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  29. Accepted! If you don't mind, could your character be one of the first batch? I'm going to respond to the RP, then create a character that's also part of that group.
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  30. yea, sure! i'll just have him silently sitting in the corner or smth : P
  31. Just follow my lead. ;P

    Name: Gavin Scott
    Age: 9
    Gender: M
    Power(s): Gavin can turn into animals. Smaller ones are more efficient for him, though.
    Appearance: Gavin has short, blonde hair that tends to stick up(not that he brushes it anyway). He wears an orange tee-shirt that's been dirtied up a fair bit, cargo pants, and green tennis shoes.
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  32. If he was part of the first group, he would be out in the wild. This is the second batch of outcasts.
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  33. oh, that's what you meant. aight, lemme edit that : P
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  34. Sorry if you were planning something else for the escape,I didn't know what else to type,and I had to include a time pun
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  35. Ah, two different opinions.
    I love making two characters completely different.
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  36. Np. I just made Dasken act indignant xD
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