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The Wondrous Weed-Pit (Requests are OPEN)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Weeds, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Welcome to my sprite thread, even though the name is lame and I totally sat here too long trying to come up with a pun that would include my username~

    As of now I take requests. Some basic request rules are:
    • Only stuff that you've seen in this thread (i.e no Christmas sprites, but Fusemon are ok)
    • No trainer sprites. I don't think I can manage them yet ^^; Requests for trainer sprites are now open as well ^^
    • Please comment on my work before requesting. If you don't your request will be ignored.
    • Only one request per person at a time.
    • If you post here asking when your request will be done I will ignore the request. I don't like to be rushed :X
    That was a lot more rules than I'd expected D: I look like a really stern person now... :.<


    This is an alternate outfit for Flint, one of the Sinnoh Elite Four. I'm happy with how he turned out, even though he was supposed to be on a snowboard. That proved to be beyond my spriting skills.

    So, I would like to have some comments please :) And please be civil and follow all the rules of Pokecharms while posting.
  2. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Wow! Really cool, man ;D.

    But some comments, in the order you posted the sprites:
    1)Noctowl is the final stage of Generation II "Early Bird" (y' know, the birds you find on the beggining of each game). So, you forgot him.

    2)The eyes are veeeeery strange :o. I know they are from that fossil (what was his name again?) but they make this fusion extreeeeeemely strange. Also, to make it less like Toxicroak, try changing his hand, and removes the "strange thing where his chin is supposed to be"(I don't really knows that thing name).

    3)Hmmmm... Well, it's not a bad idea, but it doesn't look like a Pokémon. It looks like a poor drawed thing done by a kindergarten kid (but I know you picked up parts from koffing and tentacruel, and scratched the part you hold it), but to make it better you just need to add more parts. No sprite will look good by picking parts of only two different pokémon, unless the intention was to be a literal fusion. But the idea is cool, I even think I'll also work on a umbrella fakemon too.

    4)Crazy. Reeeaaally crazy.

    5)Well, it really is what you described, though I don't think any spriter here could do any better.

    6)Well, you should improve the shading of his collar, and since his not on a snowboard, try changing his arms. It's awkward :o. Also, it doesn't look like Flint without that smile of his.
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    It looks more like a Pokemon than those Ice Creams Gen V has thrown at us. Just watch your criticism style, there's a fine line between constructive criticism and being unnecessarily rude.


    I really like Derpbird, he made me smile. You fuse things together quite nicely, the lines on Derpbird all flow into each other perfectly. The only tiny mistake I can see is on Neokiller, who has a stray black pixel under his foot.
  4. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Thanks guys! Always makes one happy to get comments :)

    That must've accidentally come along while I was moving him around. Might want to edit that. Also if you zoom in you can actually find lots of stray pixels on all of them |D But since you really can't see them as they are I didn't bother editing them.

    I deliberately left out Noctowl, since I consider Pidgey to be the "Early Bird" of Johto. After all, Hoothoot only appears at night.

    I found some old stuff on our home computer, so I might post that later this week. (Most of it is pretty crap, but still...)
  5. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Magpie, I know that was cruel, but I said it the less cruel way I could. I never lies, I always tells the blunt truth, not because of somekind of honor, but because I'm really incapable of telling a lie.

    Weeds, if that's the case okay. Also, please, don't think I was criticizing you, it was just a comment. It passed in my mind that maybe you left it out deliberately.
  6. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Wow! I've been waiting for a derp umbrella Pokemon! Great job!
  7. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Wow Weeds this thread is fantastic!
    That first Pokemon Fusion of Swellow, Pidgeot and Staraptor has been done extremely well and I can tell you worked hard on it~
    Everything about it looks great~

    I really like Neokiller a lot :>
    He just has that... kind of futuristic sleekness about him that I can't help but adore ♥
    Personally, I think the eye you've equipped him with suits him wonderfully; it matches that sly grin on his chops and made me smile too!

    Derpbird... what else can I say but #win!

    And I love that Axel sprite! His posture looks fantastic, as does his hair! I can't zoom in enough to check, but does h have those marks under each eye~?
    It still has been very well done! Do you plan on doing anymore of the Kingdom Hearts/2 line~?
    I'd sure love to see them!

    Excellent job Weeds!
  8. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Well, at first I would write "why this post have so few posts? Your sprites deserve more than that."

    But you can't expect more posts if you don't post new sprites. This thread will soon die if it keeps this rhythm. Rhythm zero.
  9. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Thank you everyone for your constructive criticism! Always makes me happy to see comments here! ^^

    Actually I have been thinking about doing some more of them. Only problem is that Sora's and Roxas's hairs scare me... :p

    But, right on time with Snetonobre's lovely little post, here is some new material for you guys!


    This one I'm very proud of. It is a revamp of Hitmonlee's Gold sprite. When I showed it to my brother beside the D/P Hitmonlee sprite, he asked me which one was the one I'd revamped. Personal victory! ^^


    This here is my attempt at lineless spriting. It's not too good, as it's one arm completely vanished :-\ But, I am working on another lineless at the moment, and it's looking much better.

    And, to celebrate myself beating Metroid Prime for the first time, here is a sprite of everyone's favorite female space bounty hunter;


    I'm pretty proud of this one as well. I give all credit to Tun's wonderful tutorial for helping manage this one. I think the hair is a bit off, but I can live with that ^^
    TRIVIA: If you zoom in on the Pokeball in her hand, you can see that it's based on a Metroid, with all the colors taken from Super Metroid.

    That's all fer now folks, but I'll be back soon with more interesting sprites for you guys!
  10. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Looking pretty good, your revamp is excellent, I always loved that posed too :p

    For the lineless, the trick would be to add a tad bit of shading and that would make that arm come back :p
  11. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    |Lineless Typhlosion~<333
    You're really spiffing at doing lineless' :>

    Hitmonlee's pose has been rvamped perfectly!!
    I showed it to my brother too, and he said "Is that the Pearl Hitmonlee?"
    (he got Diamond and is a little slow xD)
    I'm thoroughly impressed!

    Can't wait to see more of your sprites Weeds~<33
  12. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    My god that Hitmonlee is awesome. I thought it was a really really good scratch. Then I read the writing. Which just made it even more awesome, because it looks so... offical. 'specally in the shading.

    Weeds, I didn't even notice that the arm in that Typhlosion was missing until you pointed it out. It looks wonderful, and if that's your first go I can't wait to see what your second is!

    Neokiller is so cool. I want one! I think the thing that pulls it all together is those eyes. They make it less of a Toxicroak, and more of a Neokiller or whatever because of them.

    First time I saw your birds fusion I was like "Ooh Breloom must have been used!" Yeah well I was proven wrong... Its still awesome.

    Umbrella 'mon ^^
  13. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Thanks for the wonderful comments guys ^^ I approve of this positive response my sprites have been getting :D
    So, I finally have a virus protection system on my laptop, so I dared opening photobucket ^^; I've been around on the net without any protection, which is not very good :x

    So without further ado;

    BABOOM. I like this. The left horn looks a bit light because of all the black outline being removed, but that's no big deal.

    So, revamp of Gold Umbreon and devamp of Diamond ^^ The revamp isn't too good now that I look at it, The front leg is way too thick. But hey, that's how it was on the Gold one as well. I had to scratch the eye on it, cos the original looked a little awkward. The devamp, however I'm much more satisfied with. I had to scratch the eye again, but it turned out nice in my opinion.


    This one's pretty fun I think. It's a Golem trying to be an Electrode! :D It's basically just a recolor, but it was a tricky recolor D:< The white on top kinda looks like snow :>

    And now, for the apple of my eye;


    Now this one I'm really proud of. I love how it came out. Personally I think this is my best linenless so far. And I probably won't be producing anything this good anytime soon xD
  14. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Hello again peypolz! It's been a while, but now I'm back with quite a bunch of material.


    This is NOT a Chimchar-Mime Jr. fusion. It's a Chimchar cosplaying as a Mime Jr. If you look closely you see the flame-tail :> I like how it came out.


    I remember reading that someone thought Shiny Gallade looked like Mudkip. So I did this. That's all there is to say about it really xD


    More lineless! Scizor is my favorite Pokemon, so I figured I'd give a shot at a lineless one. I'm satisfied with it.


    More remakes! I was checking through my Gold Sprite Sheet, and I thought that this looked re-makable. I remember the spiral being troublesome, for some reason...


    This one came out really good. Revamp of Gold Vaporeon. I think this one is as good as the Hitmonlee one. I am very, very happy. ^^


    Here are Porzap and Oinkbuzz respectively :D I did Oinkbuzz first, I thought Grumpig recieved way too little love (and it totally does) and decided to do something with it. After making this, I just had to make a prevolution :) I think Oinkbuzz is more creative, but I like both :)


    This is for the Charms Christmas ornament thingymabober RX posted. It has nothing to do with Christmas but I'm extremely satisfied :3
  15. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Kyaa, Weeds!! ♥

    I love your latest work- the revamps are Gold~!! (Pun intended)
    I especially agree with you about Vaporeon- he looks simply FANTASTIC. You've done a super job, as well as on Poliwhirl, but Vaporeon pulls ahead in the revamp race for me :>

    My brother loves Scizor too! Sometimes it's hard to believe you aren't the same person ^//u//^
    The lineless looks so clean and well done and just... BLEH *love spammage*

    HOMIJEBUSWORD- Porzap. Awesome never looked so springy and pink. I love it! Oinkbuzz is cute too, but you've really outdone yourself with little Porzap!

    Nyaa, I am so gonna draw you fanart of him *//3//*

    Keep on spriting, Lovely Weeds!♥
    K xx
  16. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    You are my favourite type of weed (pun). Great artwork.
  17. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    ...I think pretty much everyone agrees on that xD

    The Gallpert/Swampade is my favourite, Weeds, but the others are very awesome as well<3 Porzap and Spoinkbuzz are great!~

    Keep it up, Weeds~

    *Smokes a joint 'cause he's allowed to as a Dutchie ;'D*
  18. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds

    Oh you guys~

    Kasumi, you have no idea how happy it makes me to read posts like that~ Thank you for making my day, seriously ^^ (and maybe I am your brother >:D You never know ;) )

    And thank you as well, Dark (or Tim, whatever you prefer to be called :> )! The Dutch joke just never gets old, does it? :D

    And so this post isn't completely pointless... I've been thinking about it and decided that I shall start taking requests! But only for stuff that you've seen in this thread, and no trainer sprites. I don't think I can manage them too well yet ^^;
  19. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds (Requests are OPEN)

    Why haven't I told you how super-fantastic these sprites are already~?

    The fusions are great, likewise the remakes. My favourite fusion would have to be the regional bird fusion. I ♥ the fringe, and the rest of the sprite is seamless in its combination. The same can be said for the other fusions, especially "porzap's" line. That pair are lovely~

    The lineless ampharos is done very well, nevermind that faint ear. Medicham comes in close second, but thats only because of my love of the mareep line.

    I would like to request one of these wonderful sprites. Could you please sprite a fusion of Empoleon and Ampharos? Thanks in advance, and keep up spriting~
  20. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds (Requests are OPEN)

    I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday! I'm back with some more work.

    Indie's request;


    Tadaah! It's not too bad, even though the are where the right wing joins with the body looks a little bad. Have you requested this somewhere else? I think I remember seeing an Ampharos-Empoleon fusion somewhere...


    This lil' beast was just made for fun. I like how he turned out ^^
  21. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds (Requests are OPEN)


    That Ampharos//Empoleon fusion is pure class! (oh dear what a bad selection of words ^^; )
    It looks very neat, I don't think that right wing joins badly at all :}

    The colours and fusion-ing of your second sprite are superb too! You've made it look like a a real Pokemon!
    D'aww~ He'd certainly be on my team!

    Excellent work, Weeds! Your sprites look as good as ever- if not better and I can't wait for more!! ♥

    Kasumi xx
  22. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds (Requests are OPEN)

    Hee, Weeds, your new sprites are awesome~ I love Crocoron /Lairnaw best, although the Ampholeon/Empharos is very good as well<3

    Could I request a fusion of an Aggron and Blaziken? Sorry if that makes no sense at all, but I've always wanted to see a Blaziken in metal armor~
  23. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds (Requests are OPEN)


    The Amphy/Empoleon fusion is fantastic! Tis going in my sig right away >=D
    I haven't requested an Ampharos and Empoleon fusion anywhere else, and I can't recall seeing another one. But anyway, I love it totally ♥
    Your croconaw fusion is cool as well~. The colour scheme seems oddly fitting for Croconaw :3
  24. Re: The Sprite Field - Overgrown With Weeds (Requests are OPEN)

    Thank you y'all for your lovely comments ^^ I shall get crackin' on your request later today, Ds :3

    And actually, the second one is Lairon and Feraligatr, not Croconaw xD
  25. So. I haven't been around in this thread for a while. I blame it partially on my sickness around New Years, but also simply on artist's block. I just had no idea on what or how to do anything. But now I'm back!


    Personally, I hate this one. It's Dark's request. I just think it came out so bad. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't make it look at least a little good in any other way :X I tried scratching some armor on him but it just ended up looking terrible. It's just a recolor with the head armor now, but it was all I could do. I'm sorry :(


    This is a little something I made for kasumi, as thanks for the a) Christmas greeting, b) picture dedicated to me when I was sick, and c) the absolutely adorable Iroh picture she drew me. It still makes me smile when I open my Facebook and he's there instead of me :3 I thought it would go well with the other fusion she had in her sig. Thank you for being so happy and such a good friend ^^
  26. WEEDS IS BACK!! :///D
    *glomp tackles you*

    And he comes beariong the gifts- the gifts of great and amazing sprites! */// 0 ///*
    The Gengar/Espeon sprite is amazing! Uwaa!
    Thank you sooo mcuh Weeds! It is simply adorable and shall go in my sig right away! ://D

    And whaddya mean you don't like the Armoured Blaziken?!
    He's brilliant! He's not quite up to par with your Lairaligatr/Feraliron but he's still wonderful!

    Thank you again so much for my sprite! I love it <33
    *huggles lovingly*

    Kasumi xx
  27. I love it, Weeds<3

    Regardless of the lack of body armour, I find this sprite very cool~ The helmet makes him look very bad-ass!~

    The Gengeon/Espar is very well-made as well. I especially love the colours<3
  28. Thanks for the comments guys! It makes me really happy to see that you liked yours, kasumi, as you actually didn't request it or anything ^^ And it also makes me really happy to see you're happy with your request DS, as I wasn't too sure about it myself.

    And now, to present something special;


    The Grumpy Goo!

    He's a goo that auditioned for Sesame Street, but didn't make it. Apparently he was too scary and not fuzzy enough. That's why he's always grumpy. If you try to make him feel better he'll start swearing in Czech and throw pieces of himself at you. Don't go near him :X

    But even though the Grumpy Goo is grumpy, he is very special. Do you want to know why? Because he is MY FIRST TRANSPARENT SPRITE! Yes, I've finally downloaded GIMP so I can transparicize! Huzzah! If anyone wants an older sprite transparicized (which is totally a word) just PM me and I'll change it and replace the original with the transparent one.

    I'm feeling all happy now :>

    It's my Dad!! : DD ♥
  30. I'm sorry your dad didn't make it into Sesame Street xD

    (now that I think about it I have no idea what the heck possessed me to make that :X)
  31. Ba ha ha! This is just so weird, and thus very funny. I do like the way you made its frown seem to go with the slide of the goo.
  32. Hey guys! Just finished some more spritework today! ^^


    I realised today how much I love revamps ^^ And the Eevee line's second Gen sprites are pretty well made, so they're pretty easy to work with ^^;

    Anyway, I think Jolteon came out better. Flareon isn't as complex as I'd like the sprite to be. The Gen IV one was, at least, really complex, so I'm not totally satisfied. But I must admit I'm happy with the shading on Flareon's fur. I actually used Paint's brush tool for that xD It worked out pretty well, methinks :>
  33. Kekekeke, both those lurvely little sprites are great :3. I agree, the gen two sprites of those two are good, but you revamping them made them look all the more fantastic~
  34. Amazing, Weeds!!

    Those revamps of Flareon and Jolteon are adoracle (EDIT: x//3) and bring back nostalgic memories of the games~
    They have been coloured as fantastic as ever; especially Flareon which I am especially impressed with, seeing as you coloured it's fur with that pesky Paint brush ://O

    Jolteon does look like a complex sprite- but you've utterly mastered it!
    He looks wonderful, and these revamps always make me grin and call on my brother to take a look and recall on the past<3

    I absolutely cannot wait to see more from you!!
    Uwaaa ♥
    Keep up the excellent work, buddy!

    Lots of love,
    Kasumi xx
  35. I agree with Kasumi Those revamps are Brillant!
    Also thanks this is my 100th post so now i am a PADAWAN! YaY!
  36. Thank you Indie, kasumi and Ghosty! I must say I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. It seems Espeon is the only one of the first five Eeveelutions I haven't done yet, so you might now what to expect in the future ;)


    This is a transparent version of the Xatu that actually scored runner-up in the last Sprite Contest along with Nim and Toastie's :O I'm very proud that I still managed to rank so well, and Rex's sprite, the winner, was absolutely amazing. Nevertheless I am very proud of this ranking :3

    And remember that requests are still open if you'd like one ;3 I might need some requests to get off my lazy butt and actually start doing something |D

    EDIT: Speaking of Espeons...


    I think this is my worst revamp so far. The tail was just... ugh. Diffucult. I'm not pleased with the tail at all. Otherwise it's all right, but definately not my best.

    ~Weeds ^^
  37. Here's a little something I whipped up before;


    's nothing special, I just felt like making a Gen V fusion, this is actually the first time I've used a Gen V sprite ^^
    As I said, nothing special, but I kinda like it anyway ^^
  38. I like those new arts, Weeds~

    Kasumi's Dad made me lol. Also, it's good that you can do transparent sprites now, Weeds~ I also like the three Reevamps (OLOL I'M SO GOOD AT WORD JOKES) , although I do agree that the Espeon's tail looks a bit awkward. In my opinion, it'd look better if the tail was slightly longer and thinner.

    Also, the Drillgoose/Zangburrow is very good!~ The arms look very good, and, of course, Zangoose are one of the few PokeMon that look good in every recolour, but I like this colour pallet especially.

    I'm taking that you're taking Gen V requests now as well? If not, please say so~

    Request: Fusemon of Daikenki and Swampert~
  39. Niiiii *///3///*
    Shiny Zangoose fusion sprite is shiny~ <33

    Totally agree with Soul-chan- his colourspretty much go with anything, but these ones I am also particularly fond of :,//D
    Why are you so good at fusions and revamps, kyuuu!~ >//3//<''

    Is it okay if I make a little Gengar realted request?~
    Could I have a fusion of Gengar and Banette, please?~

    Great work! Keep it up and cannot wait to see/hear more from you ://D
    Kasumi xxx
  40. Yaay requests! :D I shall get working on them tomorrow at the latest!

    Dark: Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the tail should be thinner at least. I might try and scratch a new tail for it later :3
    You're right about Zangoose's color palette, that's why I like Zangy's so much ^^
    Gen V requests are indeed fine from now on, I already have a few ideas for yours ^^

    Kasumi: Thank you! I must say I really like the black/red color palette as well :> (Black/orange is even better IMO, maybe I'll recolor it?)
    One Banengar, comin' right up ^^

    I shall commence work on your requests ASAP, need to finish my darn Physics first -.-;

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