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Open The Walking Pokemon: Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LittleGreenBean, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Sign up for main RP here.
    Main RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-walking-pokemon-a-zombie-rp.17463/
    To sign up, give a short bio on character (basic rundown of backstory, personality, appearance) and I will decide on whether you can join. Don't give away too much, we'll get to know your character better in the RP.
    My Bio:
    Bailey Charter is a 15-year old girl with a strange obsession with the zombies. She has a few other zombie nerd friends, but mostly is a loner. Her life changes when zombies begin to take over. She's easily excited, scared, and has a big heart.
    She usually wears a red t-shirt and a brown hunting jacket, pared with a belt to hold knives and her signature weapon. Bailey also wears dark red leggings and hunting boots. Her hair is a shoulder-length mint green hard to miss, along with average brown eyes.
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  2. Mikaela Strange, called as Mik, a girl of 14 years old with a family that had strong connections towards the 'Underworld'. Ever since she was young, she and her siblings were trained to be assassins, and Pokémon hunters. She was considered as the 'black sheep' of the family because of her dislike on killing Pokémon, her twin sister always suffer the brunt of her disobedience causing her to loath her family even more. Her goals are to get her sister out of there family's grasp and travel the world or at least have a normal life but this all changes.

    When the apocalypse came she was baffled and extremely confused but she knew one thing. The world has finally fallen under the rule of 'KILL or BE KILLED'. She has short and thinner structure than anyone in her age group which cause her to look like a young child instead of a pre-teen. She has long messy copper-like hair that will soon be cut down to chin-length, pale sharp eyes is amber in color, pale complexion, and black nailed polished. Her clothing changes but when she is outdoors, she usually wears two types of jackets a navy blue waterproof jacket and a turtleneck jacket, a black tee underneath, black shorts-skirt, flesh colored tights and black combat boots with the soles similar to Korrina's roller skates soles.
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  3. Alright, sounds good! Accepted! You can start posting whenever.
  4. One question can someone have two characters in the story?
  5. You can have multiple characters, but can only RP as one. Does that make sense?
  6. Sorry, this is a human-only RP.
  7. Human-only? So we can't use our Pokémon or do you mean that we can't be a Pokémon. I'm sorry for making this more complicated. I'll just stick to one character then.
  8. Are you new to this site?
  9. Yeah... I joined a few days ago
  10. Expected that, judging from your little knowledge of RPing terms.
    Well, make sure to read the rules.
  11. Aye, sir! So what does human-only mean? Gosh I'm such a noob.
  12. Certain roleplays are "human only" (you can only RP as a human), "Pokemon only" (You can only RP as a Pokemon), or "anything goes" (You can RP as humans or Pokemon).
    And it's okay. We've all been noobs.
  13. Name: Jane Snow
    Age: 15
    Appearance: blonde wavy hair tied in a side braid, blue-green eyes and olive skin with slight freckles on her cheeks. She owns a lot of black clothings and only a few of them as designs but most of the designs are logo's of gym badges found in every regions and are in white. Her usual outfit consist of a tight black cargo pants, black belted, black combat boots, black mesh top, black sweater hoodie and a black scarf with the logo of psychic type gym badges and are in white.
    Backstory: Her father owns a gun store for hunters hidden on the outskirts of Oreburgh City. Because of her father's status of being an unintentional helper of hunters, she was shun by others and was isolated in there house which is also the gun store. The fact of being shun and having a pseudo-criminal father didnt deter her on being kind and friendly towards others but it also didn't hide the fact that she had done minimum crimes with some could even be consider as major crimes.
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  14. Alright, if you add a personality, you're accepted.
    Note to future RPers who are joining this thread: Please don't list: Name: Age: Appearance; just make a short bio.
  15. (Very well)
    Personality: She's the introverted type, likes keeping things to herself and does not spoke up her own opinions only doing so if it was needed. Sometimes she does but it was a rarity, she has grown a love for guns because of her father's job. She does not like making an enemy, always making things neutral. She is also kind and does not hesitate to help. Most of the time she could act like a big sister.
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  16. (Oh my bad)
    Flaws: She's too trusting and sometimes does not know if an ally is truly an ally. She's only good with guns and does not know how to wield anything else, she is not that good with physical combat as well. More will be reveal in your story, if you do not mind.
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  17. Can we make it so all three of us are trapped in a Pokecenter?
    Just for a more interesting story. Zombies haven't overrun yet it yet, so maybe they were stealing from it.
    Also, this takes place in the future in an anime-kind of world, so Pokecenters have hotel rooms, cafes, and such.
    Maybe a few nurses are hiding in there, with a few zombie Pokemon.
  18. So in other words... we are trainers trapped in a generation seven Pokémon center trying to survive. Hey since there's only three of us, do we have to control NPCs?
  19. Yeah.
    There are three nurses, and we each control one of them. A "side OC".
    Until more people come around. Maybe someone else wants to be a nurse, if anyone else joins at least
  20. Here's my Bio, I guess?:
    Justice River is a 14 year old girl who is a particular video game nerd. She's played lots of video games involving zombies. However, when zombies begin to take over, she's confident she has the skills to get rid of them. She's easily scared, brave, and a bit awkward. She's also easy to trust and doesn't like to draw attention.
    Justice usually wears a blue jacket over a blue T-Shirt, and wears jeans (not ripped.) She usually carries her weapon of choice with her everywhere, which is a well-made wooden bow, along with a few of arrows, and a pocketknife just in case. She's bad at being a normal person. Her hair is long and is dyed purple. And her eyes are green.
    She caught a Joltik when she was younger.
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  21. Accepted!
    Go ahead and start posting.
  22. I just edited it. Is it ok if she has a Joltik?
  23. No problem.
    We need more Pokemon stuff, this is basically a reg zombie RP DX
  24. In that case I'll have to edit my character bio later. Sorry I have school today so I'll edit this after five hours, I think. See ya.
  25. It's OK, I go back to school in a few weeks, unfortunately.
  26. I have another question. When you said that we should make it as if we were trapped in a Pokémon center, does that mean your going to restart the whole rp?
  27. No, that makes no sense. We all just get trapped there for a few days or something.
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  28. Oh~ so it'll all be just a continuation where we were going on the same Pokémon center before getting trap there for a few days.
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  29. Posted. That took two hours.
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  30. Writers block sucks, I know.
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  31. Basically it was more the lenght of the post than writers block.
  32. Yeah, I'm trying to create a character and I've been working on it for like 3 hours. Schools starting in a few weeks and my sleep schedule is trash.
  33. That feeling when you wanted to write something really fancy but then you realize.....

    School is coming.
  34. I wish we still had coffee in the house, lol.
  35. The joltik hallucination thing is kinda weird and funny at the same time.
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  36. The slide idea makes me wanna go to the park and play, but it's 1 am :(
  37. It's 2 in the afternoon here and what the heck you have so much zombie proof bases I don't think we will get too much actions in this. No I was joking, the bases were cool though.
  38. I'm planning on having Bailey panic without her secret bases and make them useless.
  39. Now that's something. Hey why don't we just go to different regions to, I dunno, get survivors or some sort of info about the zombie. And aren't they supposed to be smart unlike those in the movies.

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