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Open The Life Of A Pokemon Trainer!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Omega Rayqauza, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. ( omfg i realise how stuiped ive been XD tackle isnt fairy type sry ;-;)
  2. Hey told jay his name is lucifer. Hey lucifer you know what we should go our separate way
  3. Faye was lounging under a tree a grabbed a pen to fill out her for
    First, Boy or Girl: girl
    Great! Now what's your name: Faye
    Ok, now how about what you look like: Pink hoodie with sylveon on, jeans, pink converse.
    Nice, now what about the type of Pokemon you like: fairy types any of them
    "ha that was easy" she exclaimed while getting up "come on sylveon" sylveon got up and yawn then walked over. Then suddenly this random ran into her and she got up and shouted." watch it you could of me killed! argh! you got dirt all over my hoodie!" Then she stormed off
  4. "ha, That's probably your only cloths. My name is Jerry what's your name?" Jerry said while coming from the woods riding an arcanine.
  5. "faye" she said sternly "whats yours?"
  6. While jay and riolu went walking to the forest he ecounter a boy and girl trainer
  7. "who are you?" faye points at jay
  8. The name is jay and this my partner riolu and what your name
  9. " The names faye, this is sylveon.my father runs the gym here. I'm from kalos"
  10. Nice to meet you and by the way im from kalos too
  11. "Cool. so what pokemon you got?"
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  12. My partner riolu given by my grandpa
  13. "cool. got my eevee a few years ago from my dad I also got this swablu." faye reaches into her pocket and grabbed a pokeball and with a glowing read light a swablu comes out "swa!" announced landing gracefully on fayes shoulder. " he's not very strong yet since I caught him a few days ago so he normally stays in his pokeball."
  14. Hey fayes didnt mean to ask you this would you like to go to the labatory and find the professor
  15. In Littleroot Town Filling out form:
    Boy or Girl: Boy
    Name: Zakurai
    Looks: Brendan (Hoenn)
    Items: Super Potions x20, Great Balls x16, Stritris Berrys x10, and Mega Bracelet
    Pokemon (3) Sceptile, Blastoise, And Garchomp.
  16. Zakurai:Haha I got pokemon alread5 and im in Mossdeep City
  17. WTF Shadow Ho-Oh ... Shadow Lugia????
  18. ive got 2 pokemon rayquayquay and marshtomp
  19. Fayes and jay and turn around and saw a trainer running and screaming
  20. i wanna meet da proffessor
  21. is that me
  22. Ok faye you want to come
  23. :? Where am I. uhh my head ... What happened Hmmm Im is The IMITARI ISLANDS!!!!!!!
    I went from Hoenn - Zhery (Pokemon Light Platinum)
    Oh god why is the ocean black

    Oh Hi Derpquaza
  24. hey guys im being chased by a tyrunt!!! help!
  25. ok the tyrunts gone. phew
  26. Where you guys going
    My POKEMON !!!!!! ARE GONE
  27. falls over from being out of breath
  28. Derpquaza Wanna team go to the imitari Islands
  29. sylveon runs after tyrunt and sylveon uses moon blast on it. tyrunt faints and faye grinned
  30. (Zakurai sees Derpquaza)
  31. Hi Derpquaza can you get me out of hear
  32. Well that close and fayes thank for saving it
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